No pregnancy is not a prerequisite for Standing(Dannissin is Searched)

Fort Weyr-Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

DTU/Project] Daejienth senses that Szetamirath's mind is a kaleidescope of color and lights, the swelling of an orchestra following the dancing hues as they swirl about your thoughts. « Good evening, » she greets; there is a gentle amusement, and a hint of affection - the same she might show any who has pleased her by siring a strong clutch. « Mine wishes yours to know that the final hatchling has finally been hatched. »

[DTU/Project] Szetamirath senses that Daejienth's mindtouch is light and airy, a web of words that surround your mind. « It is a pleasant evening here! » Whereever here may be. There's still more than a touch of pride for he was quite fond of the babies he helped make. « I will pass on that message from yours. » There's a moment pause then confusion swirls. « There was an egg that hadn't hatched yet? »

[DTU/Project] Daejienth senses that Szetamirath's amusement deepens, golden light gilding the stage as the audience laughs from beyond the shadows that edge the theater of her mind. No canned laughter this, it is genuine and warm, kind rather than mocking. « Not ours, dear, » she replies, her tone kindly. « Theirs. Humans take much longer to hatch their young than we do; a peculiarity of the breed. » She pauses, the lights dimming, curtains rustling, before the stage lights brighten once more. « Mine wonders if perhaps she forgot to mention it. She gets distracted by shiny things. » And what is shinier than Szetamirath?

It's not long before dinner and the living cavern is already starting to fill up. With her duties today having kept her in the kitchens, Dannisin has finally managed to escape and is quickly filling a plate with stew and bread, fully intending on eating quickly and running getting away before she can be dragged back into more 'women's work'. The red headed young woman walks with purpose, balancing her plate in one hand and a mug of klah in the other, to a nearly empty table to set a few choice bits of meat to the side even as she's sitting down. Nothing to see here. Just a skinny young woman scowling at anyone that gets too close.

[DTU/Project] Szetamirath senses that Daejienth gives another pause before relieve floods his mindvoice. « Ah good! We have good strong babies. » No late hatching babies for him. « Though it appears that my Zach is a little confused. He did not know he had a hatchling growing. It is hatched? » He sounds excited. « I have never seen a human hatchling. What does it look like? »

Za'ariah has arrived at Fort weyr in good time it seems. Zach is still young enough to be ruled by his stomach. So whatever work detail brought him here to begin with will have to wait. "I said…….eat…then…." Partial conversation is heard as he walks backwards into the caverns. Clearly his attention is elsewhere. His eyes unfocus as further conversation happens between him and presumably his lifemate. Heaving a heavy sigh he turns around to see where he's walking. Which is right into the empty table that a skinny, young, scowling woman has sat down at. KERBLAM. He runs full force into it. OOps?

The impact of a foreign rider colliding with the table causes the saucy, soupy mess on Dannisin's plate to slosh over the edge and onto the table. For a moment, the redhead freezes, eyes wide as she stares at the mess, but it only lasts a moment. She makes a disgruntled sound at the back of her throat and turns the full force of her glare on the visitor, "Watch where you're going, huh." Great. Now she has to clean up a puddle of gravy. And no firelizard to take care of it for her. She grumbles under her breath, "Of course he's not around when I actually need him…"

Za'ariah doesn't notice the saucy mess nor the disgruntled sound. "Human hatchling?!" his voice is a rising screech. "Wait wait…" but he finally figures out why he hurts. Since he did just slam into the table. Ouch. Blinking back to the present and the room in front of him he blinks down at Dannisin. His eyes focus then narrow. "Would you forget to tell someone that you were having their baby??" he demands. So much for hello and all that.

Dannissin blinks at the unexpected question, seeming to forget, for a moment, to be all scowly, "Uh… No, I wouldn't forget." If she didn't tell someone she was going to be having their baby, it would be a conscious choice, thank you very much! "Why? Did you just find out you got someone pregnant?" She snorts and rolls her eyes, "Sounds typical." Boo men, apparently?

Za'ariah all but pounces on the choice of words given. "So you wouldn't forget? You'd just not tell him?" now he's a little scowly but not too bad cause he's not naturally scowl-like. Huffing a sigh he straddles a nearby chair backwards. Cause bronzeriders are supposed to do that right? "Typical?? I've never gotten anyone pregnant before." that he knows of. "And…and. Hmph!" that's all he's got evidently as he rests his arms on the back of the chair before him.

[DTU/Project] Daejienth senses that Szetamirath chuckles again. « Very strong, very big now. Our babies will be stars, like me. Like you, » she adds almost absently; she knows it's necessary to be generous with one's adoring fans. « Mine often forgets to tell people things. Ah - never? I have seen many; mine often has hatchlings when I do. » Briefly, gilded in gold and cradled in the spotlight like a soloist is a flickering image of a tiny human baby feeding at its mother's breast. The way it is wrapped obscures any hint of gender.

One shoulder rises in a shrug, "I guess it depends on the man." Dannisin's voice softens a little, though she eyes the bronzerider almost warily, "You think you haven't, anyway." She turns her attention back to her dinner just in time for the firelizard who's absence she had just been lamenting to appear and perch on her head with a hopeful cheep. "Oi!" Freckled arms wave over her head to shoo the pest off, "Where have you been?" The wrinkly looking little bronze warbles and settles on the table between her and the rider, bumping the top of his head against her arm in what appears to be an apology. She sighs, her voice softening, "Oh, alright. I forgive you." She strokes a finger down his neck before pointing to the mess on the table, "Go on. Clean it up, then I'll give you some meat." Dark green eyes glance back over at the visitor, "Why ask me, anyway?" Why not ask someone back where he came from?

Za'ariah hmphs again, his attention wavering it seems again. Light colored eyes peer towards the now forgiven blue who is cleaning up the mess. "That's a mess." he points out. Thank you captain obvious? "Well I dunno…you're a girl. And right here?'' Now he blushes faintly with a duck of his head. "It's supper time? There fresh food out yet?'' Now he lifts his head to look around the cavern. "I didn't eat before leaving home." which he /still/ hasn't said where home is.
Dannissin rolls her eyes so hard it looks like it probably hurts, "Yeah, it is." A mess. That he caused. She gives him a suspicious look, "Uh huh…" Imagine that. She's a girl and she lives at Fort Weyr, land of no technology, "I'm only here temporarily." A temporary that's lasted turns already. The question about food earns a flat look, "It's always fresh." Or fresh enough, anyway, "Do you really think they'd let food just sit out until it got old? Here?" He might not have said where home is, but neither has she. Or even given a name.

Za'ariah scoffs a bit. What exactly? Your guess is as good as mine. Pushing out of his chair he departs her with no other word utters. There's food to be had. He spends several minutes making his selection. Or making his selection and having a little chat with his bronze. Since there is some mumbling to be heard. It might seem that Dannissin is off the hook from talking to some unknown bronzerider but no! It's not to be. With several large bites taken out of the sandwich he's put together with a mishmash of seemingly random foods, he returns. "You know where the infirmary is?" he mumbles around a mouthful of food. "Got stuff to deliver from Xanadu." a pause then a puzzled look. "Actually could you show me where it is?"

[DTU/Project] Szetamirath senses that Daejienth doesn't reply immediately. There's, no doubt, some serious conversation between him and his rider. « I will visit our babies soon. Make sure they are learning well! » He's big on learning and young ones. « Mine has no hatchlings. I suppose this makes his first! He will want to see him soon. » cause naturally either the dragon or rider think it must be a boy. The image is studied intently, his mind voice humming with pleasure. « So small. He will get much bigger like our hatchlings, right? »

Ah… Blissfully alone, but for her own much smaller bronze who is busy licking up spilled gravy. Dannisin finally gets to eat her own dinner only to be interupted again. Sigh… "Yeah. It's just that way." She gestures vaguely, hoping to get rid of the pesky bronzerider only to have her hopes dashed when he asks to be shown the way. Sigh… Her spoon is set down firmly on the table and she pushes away from her slowly congealing meal with a look of irritation on her face, "Can you wait until I've finished eating, or is it urgent?"

Za'ariah honestly isn't the best with reading expressions on peoples faces. Or emotions. So he misses her irritated look completely. "I don't smell anything!" he mumbles out of no where. " could be urgent. I mean it's medical supplies." he offers what he hopes is a winning smile. Only take a minute." he sets his own plate of food down. A promise he'll still be there. With her. When they return to eating. "Please? I just got to get the boxes unloaded from my bronze. And you could really help by carrying a box or three."

[DTU/Project] Szetamirath projects to Daejienth « |There's a moment of silence, as if Szetamirath is holding a swift consultation with her stage manager. The lights dim and the orchestra swells as if to mask the murmurs behind the curtain. Then the lights rise once more, and the orchestra eases back to something softer, sweeter. « Of course, » comes the gold's mild reply, a hint of effervescent laughter echoing up from the audience. « Mine would welcome yours, and ours would enjoy seeing their sire. » Not that they'd even know him - but dragons being dragons, they would probably enjoy meeting him anyway. »

Emerald eyes close and Dannisin sighs in resignation as she stands, "Fine." She opens her eyes again to give her firelizard a hard look, "Wrinkle, stay. And don't eat off my plate." Maybe he'll actually listen this time? Probably not… "Come on. Let's get this over with." With that, she leads the way toward the bowl, "Get the boxes first so we can get it over with."

Za'ariah arches a brow. "He'll listen?" a shrug. He spins on his heels and follows the girl out into the bowl.

Daejienth is right THERE at the entrance. "Back. Off. Daeji." grumbles Zach. A step or two is begrudgingly taken before a bronze head swivels to STARE at Dannissin. Then a deep sniff. *Sniiiiiiiiiif*

"He listens sometimes." Dannisin sounds a little defensive talking about her firelizard's behavior, shivering just a little as she walks out into the winter evening without a coat. Only to come face to face with a bronze dragon sniffing at her, "Uh…" She blinks, looking startled for a moment before her expression settles back into her typical scowl, "Does he often sniff at people?"

"Noooooo." drawls out Za'ariah. "Daejienth. Behave." but the bronze doesn't want to behave. Another deep inhaling sniff is taken then a whuff of warm air blows back Dannissin's hair. "He…likes you?" Zach has no idea what his dragon is doing so more conversation happens. "Oh! He says your…wait…what?" Zach stares at the bronze with several blinks.

"… Why would he like me?" Dannissin has done everything she can to make herself as unlikable as possible, after all. She shoots the young bronzerider a wary sort of look, "He says I'm what?" Her voice is flat, like she's waiting to be insulted or something.

You say, “Acceptable." comes the absent reply. Za'ariah gives a long look to Dannissin. "Why wouldn't he like you? You don't look ugly or anything." as if that makes any difference. "What's your name?”

"No, but I'm nobody." Danni obviously doesn't trust whatever is happening right now, "I'm nobody from nowhere. No one likes me." She makes sure of that! "… Acceptable, huh?" She straightens, chin lifting defiantly, "Dannissin." It sounds like a name, at least, "And you really shouldn't go around telling women that they're 'not ugly' like that. It's rude."

"Everyone is somebody." Zach says with a furrowed brow. "Regardless, you are acceptable. And I think you should say yes." wait. Say yes to what? He's not asked any questions. "After all the dragons see what is inside you you know." several blinks and he realizes he's not doing a good job of making any sense. "Well Dannissin from Nowhere. Or from Fort…" a hand waves aimless around them. Fort is not anywhere. "Wait? Should I tell them they are ugly if they are not?" her last comment completely derails him.

"Say yes to what?" Just spit it out already! Dannissin glowers between dragon and rider, arms folder over her chest and one hip cocked impatiently, "Yeah, I've heard that…" About dragons seeing what's inside. She shakes her head, "No, I'm not from Fort." She just lives her, for now. Until she moves on. She blinks, throwing her hands up and letting her head fall back with a frustrated groan, "Don't say the word 'ugly' at all!" For Faranth's sake, man. Get a clue! "Are you always so scatterbrained?"

"But it's just a word. And lots of things can be ugly." he's not scatterbrained. Much. "Don't glower." he notes. "It makes your face ugly." haha. He said it again. "ANYWAY." he says in a rush. "Accept to stand. For the clutch." a pause. "At Xanadu. Would you like to stand for the clutch? Daeji here thinks you're not ugly and would make pretty babies." he blushes. "I mean he says I um…you wanna or not?"

Dannissin narrows her eyes and just glares. A glare that is wiped away into surprise as she blinks rapidly when she's asked to Stand, "I… what?" She looks back up at Daejienth before redirecting her attention to his rider, "He wants me to stand- WHAT?!" She takes a step back, "Pretty babies?! What does that-" She shakes her head quickly, "Okay. Wait a minute here. What do babies have to do with a clutch at Xanadu!? I'm not looking for-" She swallows, glancing back at the bronze, "I don't understand…" Her voice is small and she sounds almost vulnerable, "I thought-" She thought that candidates weren't allowed to get pregnant! "Is that a requirement to stand at Xanadu?"

Za'ariah can't blush any more than he already is. One could likely feel the HEAT RADIATING off his face. You could fry an egg on his forehead from the heat of this blush. "Stand. Yes. Babies…no no no. NO!" he says quickly and then loudly. "I meant he thinks the not yet born dragons will be pretty babies. And you might get one of them. You know. As a lifemate." this may qualify up there in the most awkward searches of all times. Clearing his throat several times he tries to regain composure. Taking two steps back he watches warily. In case she's gonna smack him or something. "I, Za'ariah of Xanadu, officially ask you Dannssin of Fort or nowhere, to Stand at Xanadu. Will you accept and return with me to live at Xanadu in the barracks?"

Dannissin is quiet for a long time. Her expression is still mistrustful and wary, her arms folded back over her chest. Finally, sounding as though she doesn't really believe him, she speaks, "Pretty dragon babies." Uh huh… Sure. She sighs, glancing back toward the living caverns and her poor neglected meal, which is probably being devoured by her wrinkly little firelizard as they speak, "Alright. As long as no one expects me to pop out any babies while I'm there." She'll be extra on guard about that! "I guess I we should get this stuff into the infirmary and I should go pack." At least she doesn't have much stuff.

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