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Xanadu Weyr — Hidden Coastal "Nightclub"
It's one of those 'invite only' places, a word-of-mouth kind of private "establishment" found along the expanse of cliffside coastline that Xanadu boasts. The entrance is high up and accessed by cliffside stairs, whereas the venue inside expands over various 'floors' within (and below). The largest is the dancefloor and entertainment platforms, with the bar and seating around it second. Last are the various 'nooks' scattered about; some are more open and for larger groups. Others are smaller, more removed from the music and dancing — a little something for everyone. This isn't your standard tavern or bar; it's a meeting place of eclectic tastes, few rules and no focus on who is who.

DISCLAIMER: language, mild innuendo and suggestive themes

Ahh, summer! Where the nights are warmer, longer and present so many opportunities for those who can find the best of them. Ru'ien has a growing repertoire of 'things' to occupy his time — a crucial necessity when the first signs of proddiness descend. He's well into it now, though Kihatsuth is likely not to fly for several days yet (yes, she takes her time, much to her rider's dismay). With a night "off" and the restlessness at a near fever pitch, the greenrider is making good on some of his knowledge of a few hidden nightlife gems. But where is the fun in going alone? Craving company, he manages to coax Kihatstuth into bespeaking Koth to relay his 'invitation' to a certain fellow greenrider and clutchsibling. Come out and play? Ru'ien will wait by the rendezvous point, decked out in tonight's summer night outfit of choice — sleeveless grey-blue above the knees-length dress, a wide black belt with various off-spaced buckles, semi-sheer black tights, heeled boots and a mid-sleeved jacket. Not to mention his hair, mostly left unbound, save for rows of braiding along one side, just a touch of makeup and simple accessories. No knot, no stitch of identifying insignia.

From there, it's on to their coastal cave venue and who needs to start the night off with conversation!? Why not get right to the dancing for a few rounds, then drinks, which can be enjoyed in one of the off-to-the-side nooks! Ru'ien will, of course, choose the one that looks to have a nest-like esthetic with all the throw pillows and cushions. He even arranges himself with no lack of grace among them to the furthest corner, drink still held steady in one hand. "Worth it, so far?" he muses with a throaty chuckle following to match the broad, slanted smirk he's been boasting most of the night, peering sidelong over to his company.

Koth is closer, any day now, but not tonight. Hopefully not tonight. V'ro wouldn't be that irresponsible. Probably. She's close enough that clothes are annoying, but not more annoying than being restless and bored. And so V'ro is here to burn off as much energy as possible with his favorite greenrider. In contrast to Ru'ien's darker outfit, V'ro is wearing a loose mesh crop top in white with a wide neckline and short sleeves, black and white patterned silky shorts with loose legs that fall a little above mid thigh, and strappy sandals that wrap a couple of inches above his ankles. His hair is mostly just its natural curls, with just enough product to make sure they stay presentable.

In their claimed nook, after enough dancing to get their blood properly pumping, V'ro sprawls across some free pillows with a content sigh. He takes a drink before answering, "More than worth it, beautiful. I'd probably have died if I had to figure out how to entertain myself tonight." So dramatic. But he must expect his fellow greenrider to understand.

Ru’ien wouldn’t judge if Koth chose that night to rise. He’d probably cheer V’ro on (what’s awkward about that?), laugh riotously and then find some way to get his own enjoyment out of having the night usurped; likely by picking off one of the losing contenders. Why the hell not, right? Ru’ien can, at least, sympathize with how clothes are annoying, but the restlessness and boredom is by far the worst. Did they cover that on the way here? Probably. When he wasn’t busy fussing over showering compliments on V’ro’s outfit choice!

“I’m glad that I saved you from certain death! Such a terrible way to go out.” Ru’ien quips back with a curved smirk, settling deeper into the pillows and with his drink lifting to his lips. So dramatic! But he’s eating it up~ “You sure you got it in you to keep up to me, tonight?” It’s as much a tease as it is a challenge, as he peers sidelong to the younger greenrider.

V'ro, no doubt, vehemently agreed that they're both absolutely gorgeous (and that hair, Ru!) because that's the kind of guy he is. "Almost as bad as needing a good fuck and only having your own pair of hands." Look, no one's ever accused V'ro of being mincing words, and he's certainly not going to start while Koth is proddy. "So long as you can keep up with me, I think we'll be just fine," he says, lifting his glass in that 'damned straight' sort of way before taking another drink.

Ru’ien laughs in a low throated, rolling way to the lack of mincing words — it’s something in V’ro he’s come to enjoy, proddy or not. “That is the worst,” he laments in pure humor and some dash of genuine honesty. Who hasn’t been there? His tilted smirk and narrowed eyes say as much! He sinks deeper into his lounging position, his free hand now not-so idly stroking the edge of a nearby pillow. “Is that a challenge? We gonna make a fun wager out of it?” he muses, likely trying to reach with the tip of one of his boots to playfully nudge at one of V’ro’s legs — if he can reach. Even before there’s a chance to answer, he’s clicking his tongue in mild disappointment. “Shame there aren’t any poles here.”

The rest of V'ro's drink is knocked back so he can set his glass aside and stretch out into a more carelessly languid sprawl. He laughs at the nudge of Ru'ien's boot against his leg, because obviously it's a challenge, even if the stakes are not very serious. "How dare you bring us somewhere that you can't put on a show," he teases the other greenrider. "I'm confident you'll make it up to me, though." V'ro, so gracious.

“Maybe I was trying to be nice for once and give you the advantage to upstage me!” Ru’ien quips back, equally teasing, to V’ro in an easy back and forth exchange. A brow quirks, “You might have too much confidence in me, V’ro, darling~” he muses, a touch sing song in the last as his free hand now lifts to lightly fan himself. Damn this running hot! —curse you Kiha— It doesn’t stop him from smirking fox-like. “Just what kind of favors would you be looking to call up?” he purrs.

"Let's not pretend I don't want the show." Just so everyone's on the same page here while V'ro is being even more honest than usual about everything that goes on inside that head of his. "What exactly is on the table here? I have a pretty vivid imagination." He bites his lower lip and wiggles his well-groomed eyebrows suggestively at the other greenrider.

Ru’ien’s grin broadens while he laughs low in his throat, eyes narrowing over the rim of his glass as he indulges in more of his drink. The way he runs his tongue over his lips afterwards is nothing but purposely exaggerated. “You want an invite then?” To the next show. “Been getting better, now that I got someone to teach me. I could teach you~” Keeping up so far, V’ro? He’s prone to running his mouth too, when the restlessness plaguing him has no other outlet. Ru’ien makes a faux-dismayed noise, a slight pout for that play of expressions from the other greenrider. Not fair! “Well that makes two of us, doesn’t it?” he purrs, evasively for the sake of the game. “Humor me! What do you think could possibly be on the table?”

"Yes." V'ro, emphatically, would like an invite to Ru'ien's next show. Maybe also to take lessons from the other greenrider? That's less clear cut. Either way, Ru'ien has the curly-haired man's full attention. V'ro hisses at this non-answer, but sure, he's willing to humor him. Green eyes rake over Ru'ien's lengthy form while his imagination runs wild, but they shift back to that pretty face when he suggests, "Less clothes, more touching?"

Who needs clear cut in conversations like this? He’ll take that ‘yes’ and do with it whatever inspires him first! More important is his reaction to the hissing V’ro gives him. It brings another one of those arrogant, knowing smirks from Ru’ien; made worse perhaps with the trace of fingertips over his lower lip. It’s no accident how sensual the gesture is! He laughs low and sultry, playing at a faux pout again. Is he that predictable, V’ro!? “Mhm, you’re not wrong! It’d be one option I’d consider~” he admits, without shame and his own slow raking glance over the other greenrider’s frame. “Could give a private show. Y’know what I’m getting at?” Ru’ien’s mouth curves all the more sharply, eyes narrowed despite the bright look to them. “Might be only my clothes that become less.”

The way V'ro watches Ru'ien, clear green eyes focused so very intently on the other man like he's some adorable but dangerous animal that he really wants to touch but isn't sure that he should. "I, uh," starts V'ro, swallowing and clearing his throat before continuing, "I think I'd like that." He might have complaints about clothes in whatever future moment might happen, but he certainly doesn't right now. "Maybe coming out wasn't such a great idea." If only because of barriers it creates.

Don’t worry, V’ro! Ru’ien doesn’t bite (much). He’s giving his own intently focused look to the other greenrider, sharp gaze not missing much of the other’s reactions. Drinking it all up, really! There’s a scoff to match that look, followed up without skipping a beat with the broadest smirk yet. He’ll move to lean towards V’ro, head tilting against his waiting hand where his elbow is now propped against the back of the cushioned bench. Some of those pillows remain between them, but precious few and Ru’ien’s other hand is busy tracing the seams of one of them —suggestively—. “Well, well…” he purrs, along with rich, low chuckle. “You surprise me!” And he likes it! It’s written as clear as day all over him. “And given me something to think about~” He doesn’t withdraw, even when that last comment brings a mildly perplexed look. “Why not?” he asks, expression morphing to a more apropos neutral state, if not edged with a hint of concern. “Too far?” he adds, in a gentle way that is quite the contrast to his behavior thus far — only because it may be genuine.

"I've surprised you?" V'ro sounds a little incredulous about that, albeit with a laugh. He'd probably ask what Ru'ien has to think about, but the other greenrider's questions earn priority. "No!" Emphatic. "No, not at all. I can't even think what too far would look like with you." He's clearly even trying to imagine it for a few moments before he realizes he didn't answer the initial question. "I just… there are things I'd like to do that we probably shouldn't do here." That's all. But here they are! At least until V'ro is shifting to push himself back onto his feet. "I need another drink. Do you need another drink?"

Ru’ien’s grin is back for that little taste of incredulousness and laughter from V’ro. “I can be surprised, y’know,” he teases back, blue eyes narrowing in renewed focus of deepening intrigue. There’s a flicker of relief in his expression, the way his lips move to be pulled briefly under his teeth as his grin morphs to a curved smirk. “Oh, I’ve my limits too,” he remarks, amused. Let your imagination run wild, V’ro! “They’re just probably up here!” He’ll raise one hand up and up, even if it has him stretching to make the point (maybe on purpose — like the view?). Oh, but just don’t go dropping sentences like that one! NOT FAIR. Ru’ien can’t help but laugh all the same, once he’s done staring outright. “Damn." he breathes, "Really?” Really, really? His gaze will track him as he pushes himself to his feet and he’s only seconds behind him. “Don’t need to ask me twice~ What’ll the poison be?” he asks, while his hands smooth over his clothes —a little too sensually—-.

Whether that stretching is to make a point or make a view, it's not helping V'ro gain even an ounce of composure. But that's the point, right? V'ro seems surprised when Ru'ien is following him to his feet and he rounds back toward the other greenrider like he's just been asked a very serious question that requires very serious consideration. And thinking, let alone making decisions, is not his strongest skill just now. "You?" he wonders as though he might not have meant to say it out loud. He realizes he has said it out loud, though, and adds quickly, "Not poison! You're gorgeous. I just mean—" He pauses, takes a breath, let's it out, and turns again in the direction to get that drink he needs. "Never mind. Think I'd drink anything so long as it's strong enough at this rate."

Thinking and decisions are probably never Ru’ien’s strengths (he’s getting better at it, honest) and while he initially bounced to his feet in V’ro’s wake, he’ll soon lean back against the edge of the wall to their little nook. His whole posture is amused arrogance, a quiet burning smugness as he stares at him, barely able to contain the face-splitting grin that threatens. “Me?” he purrs, sultry-sweet and the compliment is met with a little scoff. Oh you~ But wait, hold up! Never mind? Ru’ien blinks, “I’m not offended? I’m flattered, actually!” he muses, pushing off from the wall to attempt to forestall the younger greenrider. Without realizing, he may have reached out to grab V’ro’s arm; he could succeed or his fingers may graze elsewhere to wrist or hand if he misses the mark. “They’ve got some of the good stuff here,” If he knows how to ask. “But we’ve still got some dancing to do too! I’m not done here yet~” Sounds an awful lot like ‘not done with you’, but without the threat.

V'ro's reflexes aren't exactly at their peak right now between what he's already had to drink and that lazy, restless lump of a proddy green rolling around in his head. Granted, even if that weren't the case, he wouldn't resist Ru'ien catching his arm, and he stops to look back at the other greenrider. More dancing? It does seem to take a moment for V'ro to think through whatever sets the wheels turning, but he flickers a smile and says, "I'd like that. I like everything we do together." So far, at least. That's less of a line and more of a relevant assurance that Ru'ien doesn't have to be done with V'ro anytime soon, so far as he's concerned.

“Well,” Ru’en’s grin broadens, caught between something playful and genuine. “Isn’t that a relief! Because so do I.” What’s keeping them, then, from enjoying the night? His posture shifts, hand now dropping away to slip behind V’ro as he loosely gathers him to his side. The gesture doesn’t even need to make contact for the effectiveness, as he certainly takes that assurance and runs with it! “Come on! This round is on me~” he offers, all while guiding them back into the main throng of patrons to edge their way towards the bar. Indulge in a few more drinks, in their company and, as promised, dancing — and who cares what hour of the night it’ll be?

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