Proddy Painted Portraits

Xanadu Weyr - Averil's Studio
The walls of this room are painted in a rich shade of cream, the sort of color that reflects the light and casts a warm golden glow. While the majority of the floor is left bare, there is a plush rug arranged atop a raised platform on the far side of the room. To either side of the platform rests both a velvet chaise and a high-backed chair for models to use. To the left of the platform tall shelves host a number of props and potential costumes, along with a wide array of soft fabrics in varying degrees of sheerness for drapery. To the right of the platform the wall is taken up, floor to ceiling with shelves bearing numerous art supplies. Near the door, lanterns, glow baskets and a variety of lights are neatly piled for the creation of shadow and light. Directly opposite the platform, standing to the left of another door, stands an easel, ready and waiting to be used.

There may be a good chunk of time that elapsed since he last crossed paths with Averil, but Ru'ien's had time to think (dangerous, for a man like him)! He shared his musings to appropriate ears and was eventually convinced — or was already committed long before, but it made for good conversation, okay? Next step was sending word to the young artist, along with his concepts and ideas. It must have been received well, if that's to explain why the greenrider was waiting in the heat of a summer evening; he would have been by earlier, but there were priorities. Once he makes the connected meetup with Averil, Ru'ien will be eager to follow him wherever they're needed to go! Likely happy to chat or settle for a companionable (and casual) silence. Nothing appears amiss with him, if one can overlook his eclectic outfit of choice; a loose fitting, black front, shoulder sleeved top with a white-sheer back that hangs lower, bold red light fabric leggings, black sheer gartered tights over top and small heeled black shoes. Is he even wearing shorts under that top's hemline!? Hair has been left unbound for the most part, save for a few braids along one side; it's a look, for sure! There's a slight flush to his skin, but that could be excused on the heat, right? Right.

Avi is excited. While he always has work to be done, it’s a rare day that he has the opportunity to do a portrait. Book covers and illustrations are all well and good— they pay the bills and keep him comfortably fed with enough coin to buy extras!— but it's been a while since he's had a live model. He's excited, but then the artist is an excitable creature by nature. Fortunately, he's also ample enough warning that his studio is tidier then it might normally be. In this case that only means that there are not puddles of paint smeared across the floor and his more typical chaotic tendencies have been stowed away on shelves and tables. Having met up with Ru'ien, he'd managed to contain some of the energy for which he is known. At least enough to get verbal niceties out of the way before leading the way to the studio. And, while the outfit is definitely given the attention it deserves? The fact that he's opted to wear a gauzy white dress with broad lace sleeves and fanciful black print and a white wicker cowboy hat, and strappy sandals, himself speaks of his comfort level with the greenrider as a subject. "I wasn't sure what kind of pose you would prefer," he explains as he throws open the studio door and steps back for Ru'ien to enter first. "But I found a really fancy high back chair and a velvet chaise in stores, just in case." Once the greenrider has entered, he follows him inside, pushing the door closed behind them. "I've got sweet tea and fruit, in case you are peckish," he adds as he pads into the room and comes to a halt on the edge of the platform. "Depending on what you've settled on for a portrait, I have a number of costumes and accessories you can pick from and… Well, lots of stuff, as you can see."

Oh, there were compliments galore for the outfit Averil has chosen! Ru’ien doesn’t mince on the genuine words of positivity for the artist’s tastes. He probably even jokes about wanting to steal that hat! “I tried to think of a few poses but just couldn’t make up my mind? And I’ve no idea what makes a good portrait pose,” he admits, with a crooked smile as he steps through the threshold of the doorway. “Hmm, I’m liking the sound of the velvet chaise, if I’m honest!” They may both come to regret that choice later. “Might go for some of that fruit and tea in a bit? And your own supply of costumes, huh? Let’s see…” He turns to face the assortment, only to stare at it; his expression shifts, tongue briefly playing over his lips as if just presented with unlimited temptation. Just as abruptly and with an innocent grin, he faces Averil. Nothing amiss here! Nothing at all. “On second thought? I am a very indecisive person, Avi and I just had an idea! Why don’t,” He pauses, just for a breath, to point with a manicured finger (listen, he went a little above here) for effect. “You pick a few? After all, I seem to approve greatly of your tastes.”

"I thought you would," Avi admits with a wry smile. "Lounging seems to be way more your style. Although, there is something to be said for a good sprawl in a chair, leg over the arm…" Fortunately, he sees nothing amiss with the oogling of his costume supplies and even smiles broadly at the suggestion. "I can do that. But first we have to settle on the sort of pose you'll want. That is generally determined by who the painting is for. For instance," he provides. "You generally don't gift a nude to your parents. But you might to your lover, or for yourself? Not," he adds quickly. "That I am advocating for a nude study, but you know… there are /options/." Pursing his lips, he tilts his head as he studies Ru'ien for a long moment, before nodding his head. "Even if it is was a professional portrait, I wouldn't want to put you in anything to serious." That would be to out of character in his opinion. Stepping over to the racks and shelves of clothes, he thumbs through them while waiting to get a better idea of what Ru'ien wants. Course, he can't help adding. "If I were styling you, I would go with this corset," he states as he whips a black jacard underbust corset off the rack. "Maybe over a shirt like this," he adds as he pulls a flowing pirate style white silk shirt with poofy sleeves. "And just a bit of scarlet silk, sheer enough to be risque without being too much, draped artfully over your hips." Whipping a length of the aforementioned silk off the shelf, he tosses it over one shoulder before turning to face Ru'ien. "Depending, of course, on you are looking for."

Ru’ien tilts his head, thoughtful but his smirk mischievous. “Lounging brings up a lot of potential,” he remarks off hand, taking a moment again to let his gaze wander across so much fabric. Did that flush to his cheeks just darken a little? “Didn’t think it would be this hard and with so much pre-planning! I’m more of a ‘in the moment’ soul, y’know? Can’t we work on poses once we get the rest settled?” He blinks, then laughs low and richly. “Jays! Their expressions would be priceless but no, the nude is not for family.” A lover? He seems to mull over that. “Perhaps. For now, I think it will be for me~” Yes, he has an ego. Did no one notice? Stepping closer, he will immediately reach for the corset. His fingers brush over the shape of it, the fabric with something akin focused wonder. “Will this restrict movement?” he asks, while holding it against himself. The shirt is given a dismissive expression, even if he finds himself trailing one hand over the silky feel. Not the shirt! “Can it just be the corset?” he muses, eyes flaring slightly and narrowing at the appearance of the scarlet silk. Oh now, what’s this? Never mind it’s over Averil’s shoulder, he’s going in to touch it! “Definitely this.”

"Not even a little bit," Avi promises as he passes the length of silk to Ru'ien. "The corset, I mean. It's and underbust, meant more for… Well… Being seen then being supported." Given a light clearing of his throat, he nods quickly at the mention of just the corset. "It can be whatever you want, Ru'ien," he assures. He's not at all shy about nudity. Slipping the shirt back on the rack, he presses the corset into Ru'ien's hands as well as the fabric, tugging a curtain out from the wall to give a bit of privacy. "Go ahead and change while I set up the easel. When you're ready, arrange yourself on the chaise however you like." As he speaks, he moves to push the chaise into the center of the platform, drawing out a rich black velvet curtain to drape over the wall behind it. "Try to settle on something that won't have you straining right away. I sketch quickly, but…."

“An underbust…” Ru’ien begins to echo, while his hands mime the shape over his own chest, when it clicks. He snickers under his breath. “Seen rather than support!” he practically hums with amusement, delighted. Neither is he shy on nudity, taking the corset as it’s pressed back into his hands. “You’re going to learn that giving me such a long leash never goes well!” Is it a bluff or truth? Might be somewhere in the middle! He’s already unfastening the belt he’s wearing by the time Averil pulls the curtain out. It should be a quick task, but Ru’ien becomes absorbed again in the transfer and exchange in fabrics! There’s also the issue of the corset — he’s never worn one in his life. “How in Faranth’s name does this damned thing settle?” he can be heard muttering, before poking his head out from around the curtain’s edge. “Avi, dear? A little help?” Don’t fret, he’s still partially dressed~ The leggings are gone, but he’s put the sheer thigh high stockings back on.

Avi can't help laughing as it finally clicks with Ru'ien what he means, his smile bright and easy as he moves back to the easel to set out charcoals, paper and a broad canvas that has already been primed. It is the call that has him stepping away, not so much as batting a lash as he steps back around the curtain and shifts the corset so it is in the proper position. "It takes some practice to get in and out of them alone," he assures as he makes a few minor adjustments. "Hold it in place and I'll cinch it up for you." Once Ru'ien is holding it steady, he goes about the business of lacing the garment, pulling it snug enough to stay in position, but not so tight that it will be uncomfortable too quickly. "Long leashes," he points out in matter of fact tones. "Are important when it comes to portraits. At least, they should be if you want to really capture your subject properly on canvas. There," he adds as he steps back and checks the fit and position. "Perfect." And the moment that Ru'ien indicates he's good, Avi is slipping back out, moving over to the easel to carefully tape sheets of paper on the borders of the canvas. "Whenever you are ready, the chaise has been adjusted on the platform."

Laughter is what Ru’ien aims for! There is a look of relief when Averil comes past the curtain to help him and he’ll stand as still as his restlessness will allow. “Tell me about it! And this one looked easy,” he remarks, all while he holds it in place (just ignore that his fingers keep subtly touching the fabric). Once it’s cinched and snuggly fitted, Ru’ien takes an experimental deep breath and a little twist and shift in position. Huh! There’s a slow grin, whether to the realization that he is liking this new discovery or to Averil’s comment — it’s likely both. “I’ll trust your expertise,” he muses and as the young artist backs up, Ru’ien cannot resist a moment to preen. Yes, this is definitely something of his element! “Just a moment!” he sing songs lightly, gathering the red silk up and letting it pool through his fingers even as he strides out to the chaise. There’s a wink flashed to Averil, as he goes to settle himself, momentarily distracted by the fabric of the seating. Or maybe he’s just examining the shape? Sure, we’ll go with that —and not texture obsession—! “Do the stockings work?” Ru’ien has kept them on. While he waits on that opinion, he’ll finally drape himself along the chaise, choosing a rather provocative lounging position. He hasn’t settled in quite yet, still leaning forwards slightly to pluck at the red silk about his hips, lips pursed in amused indecision. High? Higher?

It is Averil's J.O.B. to be observant with his models and while he has noticed the fidgety behavior and excessive touching? He assumes it is all just part of who Ru'ien is and not at all odd. Eccentric? Assuredly. But that is not an unwelcome thing. Still, he's watching as he steps behind the easel, a flashing smile offered regarding the stockings. "Stockings /always/ work, Ru'ien," he notes with the utter sincerity of the utterly convinced. Still, his lips are pursed as he watches for a few more moments before noting. "There is nothing wrong with showing as much as /you/ want to show. The painting is for you, and ultimately, you should be able to see what you want to see. Take all the time you need to settle on what you like best." In the meantime, a stick of charcoal is gathered up, a number of quick, but strikingly detailed sketches rendered on the paper affixed to his easel of Ru'ien's face from varying angels. "As for the corset? I /told/ you they are wonderful. You really need to go Frida's Fripperies." In the wake of the comment, the charcoal sweeps across the paper, capturing various moments in Ru'ien's movements.

“You and I are in agreement then!” Ru’ien chimes in with the broadest grin yet, in relation to how stockings always work. A brow quirks and that grin soon tilts into a more mischievous smirk. “That right? Full creative freedom. I like that! I like that a lot.” he admits in lowered tones, finally settling on one pose. He holds surprisingly still, until he merely can’t because of other influences causing a surge in his restlessness. Averil may end up with several quick study sketches, at this rate! So far, though, Ru’ien proves capable of holding long enough for some detail to be worked in — at the worst, one hand may continuously move in small, idle movements or a foot or leg may shift in tiny increments. “Well, after this delightful sample? I’m really going to have to find the time to go. Maybe once Kihatsuth has flown. No sense risking it! Not even for corsets.” He makes it sound like he was considering it too! Bad Ru’ien. With a deep rolling chuckle, he moves again and despite the flush to his skin from running hot, is completely in his element now; his next pose is far more provocative, even in his expression.

Fortunately, Averil has done a lot of live studies with children and animals. He's used to getting quick sketches of the desired pose and then the details he'll need to pull it all together, later. Fortunately, Ru'ien holds his more provocative pose long enough for the diminutive artist to get his layout without stress. "How do you feel about the fabric being sheer," he asks pointedly. "I can paint it to be less transparent, if you prefer. But you don't strike me as the sort to be overly modest." Which, from his smile is not a bad thing at all. "I don't mind either way," he adds quickly. "You're well enough endowed that it will be complimentary either way." Which is always a relief when it comes to more provocative artwork. "Flown? Is she going somewh- /Oh/," he breaths. "I didn't think of that." Of course, he had no way of knowing, at all, so the apology is entirely pointless, but still. Without missing a beat, he sets down the charcoal and moves the sweet tea and fruit close enough to Ru'ien that it is easily accessible without having to get up. It's the expression on the greenrider's face that has him running back to the easel, his expression intent as he captures the curve of lip and the lidded eyes in a few quick strokes. "I really hope you don't mind 'Comehither' cause that look is perfect, particularly with the flush," he breathes as he reaches for more paper to cover the easel.

“You’d be right~” Ru’ien muses with an impish grin for Averil’s on the mark comment on his lack of modesty. “Sheer sounds fun and who am I to argue with an artist’s vision? Do as you will!” Really, half of this for him? Is the experience of it. He’s bound to love whatever image Avi eventually creates! If he could see, he’d probably comment on the sketches too. There is a low, deep laugh for the young man’s ‘complimentary’ comment, to which his grin deepens to something more mischievous and toothy. “Flatterer.” he all but purrs, all playfulness despite the toeing line. There’s a wink that follows, which suggests that Ru’ien is taking it as a ‘you say that to everyone’ before leaving it be. He’ll wait as the pieces come together, snickering as he flicks his hand with a lazy index-pointed finger. “Now you got it~” he confirms with a light click of his tongue. Yes, he’s proddy. Harmless (okay, maybe debatable), but proddy! His eyes light up a little as the fruit is brought within reach, though he’ll adjust only as much as is necessary to reach. Plucking one piece, he’ll briefly explore the shape of it with his fingertips before eating it; an act that he somehow makes sensual (on purpose) without devolving into lewdness. Don’t mind him! —he’s just an ass— “I pride myself on my expressions!” Ru’ien is delighted by the enthusiasm shown by Averil. “Ahh, that.” The flushing. “Side effect of Kihatsuth’s growing influence on me. Won’t be able to adjust it much.” Will that be a problem?

"It works," Averil notes in reference to the flushing. Chewing the corner of his lip, his gaze sweeps over the sketches adorning his easel, his chin rising and falling in an absent nod as he works on mixing paints in order to add color samples to each of the sketches. While he might not need those right /now/, he'll need them later when he's working without a model. "Some people freeze up when they know you are painting them," he admits as the dabs of paint are carefully doted on each page. And, while he falls silent to focus on what he is doing, it does not take terribly long before he's stepping back to glance between renderings and subject with a sharp gaze. "Alright. I think we're ready," is murmured as he steps back in and starts blocking out areas on the canvas in pale sweeps of color. "How long does it last," he asks out of the blue. In the wake of the question, he glances around the edge of the canvas, his expression curious as he regards Ru'ien for a moment. "And for future reference, if /any/ painter puts off doing a portrait because you are in the midst of a cycle that is a part of you? They are not worth your time." That he ends the statement with a delicately indignant sniff is something he just can't help.

“Do they?” Ru’ien muses, half curious as he settles again into the chaise, resting more on one hip; the image of ‘lounging’ with seductive flare and clearly well into his element now. “That’s a shame! What an unusual thing to freeze up over.” No judgement, just intrigue as he can’t quite wrap his head around it — he of little shame. “Am I free to move or do you need me still?” Are they about to move on to the real challenge —for him—? His restlessness has ebbed for now, but his hands continue to do their subtle busy-work of just constantly touching. Little strokes, smaller caresses, over any surface he can effortlessly reach. Including himself, though the sheer silk and corset get the most attention. “Varies, I think? She’s only gone three times so far since maturing.” They’re a young pair! “This’ll be the fourth. She tends to drag it out, until the finale~” he remarks with an amused purred note. Clearly, he has no issue discussing this openly; some riders would find it private. Not Ru’ien! The statement is met with a broad smirk, but it’s the indignant sniff that sets him to laughing low and heartily. “You sure you’re not weyrbred somewhere deep down?” he teases.

"You're free to move a little bit," Avi assures as he glances up from color blocking. "Try to stay on the chaise, though." And, while his gaze is still on Ru'ien, it's clear that he's seeing beyond the immediate details into the deeper sweeps of color he's building up on the canvas."Most people.. Well," he allows. "I should generalize. A lot of people tend to get self conscious and shy. Or alternately, they go way too far in trying to force an image they want to project. They calm down after a while, but usually take a bit. Slowly… SLOWLY, details are taking shape, being built up as Averil's gaze flicks from the canvas to the rider and back amidst a flurry of brush strokes. "Fourth?" He's clearly surprised at that and it shows as his gaze sweeps back over to the couch. "But you seem to be comfortable and relaxed with it all. Not," he adds quickly. "That you shouldn't absolutely be relaxed. I just.. I guess.." Pausing a beat, he focuses on the painting, switching out the broader brush for one with a finer tip. He's thinking though, clearly given the fact that his head bobs in a nod to whatever it is he is thinking. In the end, he ends up flashing a smile toward Ru'ien, pale grey eyes crinkling at the corners. "I don't see how anyone could be judgemental," he admits. "You're clearly comfortable and free with your life. Who wouldn't appreciate something like that." Of course, he's smart enough to realize that Ru'ien might not be as content with life as he acts, but that is not his business and he knows it. And then there is the thought that he's not sure if these things are alright to talk about that has him quiet for a bit. Until, at least, the realization that Ru'ien would likely not answer anything he doesn't want to answer is acknowledged.

“Might be easier said than done!” Ru’ien quips, jokingly cryptic, on staying on the chaise. So far, so good, but he is being sufficiently distracted by his surroundings, his hands preoccupied enough and the conversations. “I suppose you’ve got a point there.” he muses after a brief lapse of thought. He smirks broadly for the surprise Averil shows, not at all ruffled by the reaction. “Don’t buy into the stereotype that flights are some big scary thing — though it’s very much to each their own? I was nervous the first time, mostly because of the unknowns of what I’d be experiencing before the flight.” He flicks a hand dismissively to the unspoken rest of that; he leaves it to Avi to decide just how experienced he has to be not to get flustered or the least bit bent out of shape concerning sex (spoiler: he’s not, but his nature has him overly confident and self assured). “Once I got the gist of it, it wasn’t so scary.” His shoulders lift in a small shrug, his smirk now suggesting that he knows it’s not the same for all but he’s enough of an arrogant ass to sometimes dismiss that. Ru’ien chuckles for the last statement from Averil, lips curving into more of a secretive smile as he flashes a wink to the young artist. Masks are a very nifty thing and Ru’ien wears many, as reflected in Kihatsuth’s personality to the extreme — but he wears them to show people the good, fun, unflappable confident side. The real Ru’ien is far more complex and, in his opinion, a downer in most social circles. So people outside of his deeper levels of trust get this image of him and very little else.

"I don't know that I think it sounds scary," Avi admits after a few moments of thought. Rather then continue that statement, though, he steps away from the easel, moving over to the shelves piled high with accessories. And while it is impossible to see what he is doing? A few moments later, he is heading for the couch with a jewelry box in his hands. Now, it would be logical to think that he's going to offer jewelry. Instead, he upends the box next to Ru'ien letting rings and hairpins and necklaces and all manner of touchable things spill out within easy reach. "That should keep you entertained for a little bit," he notes with a merry wink before heading back to the painting. "It's not that I think it's scary," he continues as he picks up his brush and returns to work. "It's more the thought of having no control over who ends up in your bed. Or, you know, wherever you happen to be at the time." That? That is not a thought he finds particularly comfortable. "Sex doesn't scare me," he admits as he starts mixing the darker shades to start adding detail. "Sex is like painting, you add enough color and it's going to work out. It's the bits that come after that worry me."

Let it be said that Ru’ien rarely turns away at temptation and when Averil up ends that box of —pretties— jewelry, he’s immediately upon the offering. Given his Craft, his selection is swift for the pieces that immediately draw on his taste or just pure intrigue for design. “You just have a trove of surprises in here, don’t you?” he muses, glancing sidelong to the young artist as he returns to his work. Ru’ien is definitely preoccupied now, slipping on the few rings that fit his fingers and admiring the look of his now laden hands. “Usually you got time to get your ass to the ground weyrs they got for those sort of things,” he points out, a touch distracted. “As for that control over who?” His spreads his now well-ringed hands helplessly. “Everyone’s got their approach to it. For me it was never an issue and I make the best of the situation.” He grins a little at that, before tilting his head in a silently inquiring manner. “Oh?” Do go on, Avi! You have his attention.

A flush immediately stains Avi's cheeks at the teasing, pale eyes remaining firmly on the canvas despite the grin that dances on his lips. "I am small, but mysterious," he assures. Course, the statement is immediately followed with a quiet laugh and rueful shake of his head. "It did scare me," he admits as settles back in to working at blocking in shadow and light. "Mostly because.. Well, I mean, young people can be weird and judgemental. I met someone, though, very 'butch', very holdbred." There is no chance that he doesn't glance up at that, his lips twitching in a pleased smile as he watches Ru'ien with distracted with the jewelry. He doesn't linger long, though, before getting right back to work. This time, he blocks in a few of the rings on the greenrider's hands, appreciating the fact that they seem to reflect Ru'ien's personality. "I've made a point to collect a lot of bits and bobs, and costumes, of course," he explains. "I was did a boudoir painting of a Lady Holder dressed in nothing but feathers and pearls. And no," he adds with a flashing wink. "I will not say who."

“Mhm,” Ru’ien’s agreement on the ‘small and mysterious’ assessment is almost immediate, followed by an amused: “Those are the one’s you gotta watch out for the most too!” Which he completes with a suggestive smirk sent Averil’s way. “Young as in kids? Kids are just cruel in general until they either learn to be better or grow up to be the next generation of assholes.” he remarks casually, not bothering to censor his opinion. “You’ll learn to weed out the ignorant ones, Avi. And did you? Holdbred! Talk about a gem in the proverbial haystack.” He has no idea how close that strikes, despite being a twist on two different sayings that doesn’t quite mesh right. Does he care? Not really. “Good for you!” he chimes in, instead, with all genuine tones and a grin to match. Ru’ien will nod in understanding as the explanation is given about all the baubles and accessories, though he can’t help but laugh for the last. “Fine! Keep your secrets! But I’ll have you know I don’t find it surprising, at all that there’s a potentially long list of Blooded clientele for this sort of thing~ Seems right up their closeted alley for secret hush-hush things.” Is he referencing politics and rumours? Maybe.

Avi can't help laughing at the analogy, his smile growing broad and more then a little pleased. "Haystack is right on the money," he assures. "He's a beastcrafter, very hands on, very… /very/." And just because he feels it is necessary, he adds another, "Very." Before chuckling at the last. "I want to say you'd be shocked. But well, you're you and I suspect very little actually shocks you." Which is a commendable trait from the glimmer of admiration in his eyes. "I'm learning to be more careful about who I surround myself with," he admits as he steps back and regards the blocking he's done. "Shiloh, that's the beastcrafter, is different though. He likes me for me, dresses and all. Alright," he finally decides. "I just want to sketch out a few quick details and you're fine to either stay, or go, as you please." Snagging his sketchbook, he drags a stool close to the platform and starts working on feature studies; lips, eyes, the arch and movement of brow.

Ru’ien chuckles low and deep in his throat for Averil’s comment on his current partner. He smirks, a touch arrogant, which should be plenty of answer on whether or not he’s easily shocked (spoiler: he isn’t, but loves to play at it!). “Good!” he remarks at last, with no teasing air. “Surrounding yourself with those who support you as you are is a good step! Not always easy but you’ll get it.” He seems fairly confident in something easier said than done! “Sounds like he’s a keeper, then!” Ru’ien muses with a delighted half-smirk, half smile for the young artist and even with the offer to stay or go, the only movement he does first is to stretch out cat-like. When he shifts and settles again, he’s more on one hip with his back (and backside) facing Avi, stretched out languidly as he lazily reaches for more of that fruit — at least once he’s done admiring the bowl with the trace of his fingers! “That was quick~” he chimes in, amused. “Feel free to sketch all you want.” Ru’ien, clearly, is very much on board and completely warmed to the modelling aspect!

"A lot of artists have their models sit for hours at a time," Averil admits with only the occasional upward glance from his sketch pad. "I try to avoid doing that as much as possible. Course, the languid posture and sultry gazes earn a fair amount of attention and a LOT of scratching of charcoal on paper. "I block out the pose and the light and do as many sketches of details as I can. For me, it feels like I get a better insight into my model that way. Like this," he affords as he twists the sketchpad around and shows Ru'ien a detailed rendering of his hand as it languidly reaches for the fruit. "See the way your fingers drape, the subtle twist of wrist? It's never as graceful when people are trying to pose. Or this," he adds as he flips a page and displays a rendering of Ru'ien's torso arched in the midst of a stretch. "You couldn't comfortably hold a pose like that for very long, but it's perfect. I'm also using this one," he adds as he turns the page again and shows a detail of Ru'ien's eyes and lips. "See how your eyes are all half-lidded with that knowing-inviting glint? The curve of lip that is almost, but not entirely a smirk? It's perfect for you, I think." Of course, he'll change it if Ru'ien would prefer, but these are the moments he, personally, picked out.

Ru’ien pulls a bit of a face for the thought of having to sit still for hours at a time — and that isn’t wholly his proddiness talking! “Yeah, I don’t think holding long poses would be my thing either? Do artists like models for anything quick?” he asks, genuinely curious even though he lacks any sense of proper terms. He perks up as the sketchpad is twisted in his way and he will immediately shift to lean as forwards as he can. “Oh, will you look at that~” he purrs, in obvious awe that is as self-centred as it is admiring of the skill put in thus far. “You’ve a knack of capturing the little things, don’t you?” he adds, while his gaze roves over that torso sketch and follows the change of pages to stare at the expressions on paper. “Oh wow.” he breathes, obviously enamoured with what he sees. “It’s perfect!” Clearly, no argument! With an appreciative click of his tongue, he’ll settle back into the chaise. “You’ve clearly got skills! How’d you even come about to realizing this is what you wanted to do?”

"I do," Avi admits. And almost immediately he slants a faux chiding glance up to the greenrider and tsks. "You are so naughty." Smiling broadly, he flips back to the torso sketch, gesturing with the charcoal above the page. "For men, these are the sexiest muscles in the body. The rectus abdominis, /I/ did not name it," he adds with a laugh. "Details are /everything/," he admits before returning to alternating between watching Ru'ien and adding finer detail notes on the pages. It is the last that has him smiling softly as he works. "I've always loved to draw," he admits. "Being little was really hard as a kid. Children are.. Well, they're just mean and boys? More so. Drawing was the easiest way of not being shoo'd outside to 'play' with them. I think I am just lucky that I was naturally good at it," he admits. "The Nannies decision to send me to Harper Hall had as much to do with protecting me from the bullies as my skill, though. But," he adds on a happier note. "I get to do what I love most in the world." So there is that. "Are you from here? Xanadu, I mean."

“I am!” Ru’ien has no shame in admitting his naughtier side, though he’ll soon lapse into a briefly focused interest on Averil’s demonstration. He gives a little snickered breath over the origin of the name, but his amusement is for something else entirely. “It’s a bit of a mouthful,” he muses. “And who said abs are the sexiest? I mean, don’t get me wrong, they are wonderful to look at but sexiest? Hmm.” Ru’ien’s not convinced on that! Not that he’s focused too much on the topic and more on his hands as he slips the rings off and goes back to casually admiring the other jewelry pieces. “I think that’s the key to a lot in life, y’know? Doing what you love most. Keeping to stuff that makes you happy!” He flourishes a hand, as if half dismissing that topic in favour of stretching out again; he might be approaching a restless spell that won’t let him linger much longer on that chaise. “Yup! Born ’n raised here, for the most part. Parents are both riders, nothing terribly exciting…”

Avi is all too happy to take advantage of Ru'ien's animation to get as many sketches as he possibly can. "So you had all this handled long before you impressed, I guess?" Curious, but also unwilling to pry too much, he pushes to his feet and heads back to the easel to adjust his color blocking as he ponders. "How.. How did you become a blacksmith, though? If I had had to guess at a craft for you, I would have /surely/ picked tailor, or harper." Still, the fact that the oh-so-flamboyant Ru'ien is a blacksmith just tickles him to pieces. Falling silent for a beat, or two, he steps back from the easel and nods. "Alright, I have everything I need. It'll be a few days before the painting is finished— I have to wait for the oils to dry before going back at it, again. But I will send you word as soon as it is finished?"

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.” Ru’ien remarks a touch cryptically, only to tilt his head at a sly angle as he taps his finger against the side of his nose. “A man has to have a few secrets, Avi~” he muses. Which means that the young artist won’t gain further answers for his inquiry — and the greenrider doesn’t seem the least bit ruffled! There’s a low chuckle that follows, “Don’t have the patience for Weavercraft and Harper? Well, I’ve discovered I do enjoy to dance but that isn’t truly their purview and my tastes are far from the status quo expected.” He will stretch out his legs first as Averil prompts him on the timeframe, nodding his understanding and approval. Next comes another lazy cat-like stretch of his back and then he’s sliding to his feet (don’t worry, he’ll keep that silk reasonably in place). “Works for me! I’ll be looking forwards to it.” he muses, with another one of his smirks and winks. Then it’s off to —reluctantly— change back into his clothes.

Never let it be said that Avi will poke where poking is unwanted. Instead, he affords a quiet smile, grey eyes crinkling at the corners. Tucking his paint brush behind his ear, he laughs quietly as he adjusts the sketches taped around the canvas. "Tejra mentioned something about the two of you working on an aerial performance," he admits. "I'm keen to see how that turns out." With Ru'ien moving off to change, he gathers up the fruit and juice, and tidies up while waiting. "It shouldn't take very long," he promises. "Of course, your welcome to come peek if the urge strikes."

And let it be said that Ru’ien appreciates not having his secrets pried at or hounded for — it’s a sure fire way to gain points with him! “I’ll let you know if we ever perfect it enough to perform to the public eye,” he muses, from over his shoulder before disappearing for good to change. Not that it keeps him from talking even then. “What and ruin the fun of the surprise and anticipation? I think I can manage!” Besides, he’ll be sufficiently “distracted” in the coming days, given Kihatsuth’s impending ‘condition’. It doesn’t take him long before he’s stepping out again, hands smoothing and fussing over his outfit and then next to his hair. “As much as I hate to cut this lovely time short, I need to be on my way.” That restlessness is probably building, fuelling his desire to be moving to the next thing. “This has been great, Avi! And I can’t wait to see the results~”

"Of course," Avi notes in reference to the last. "I'll send you word just as soon as it is finished. Or have it delivered." He's not fussed about that, it will get to Ru'ien one way or another. And while it is probably polite to walk his client to the door? Avi is back at the easel, a smile tracing over his lips as he waggles one paint loaded brush in farewell. "Thank you for being so easy to work with and have fun!" Fun? Well, there is no reason that Ru'ien shouldn't have fun with proddy. Whatever the case, the artist goes right back to work, busily going through the myriad sketches to add more detailed blocking to the canvas in front of him.

Fun is definitely part of Ru'ien's daily routine! Too much work and seriousness make a dull boy person, after all! There's a broad grin and a tip of his hand in a mock salute and wave. Once he's got himself properly in order and everything settled as it should be (it takes longer than one thinks, especially when he fixates on a few textured details here and there), he'll head to the door. Not without a parting: "And if you ever need someone for practice? I'll happily model for you~" He means it too. Nude, clothed, somewhere in between? Ru'ien's up for it! "Clear skies, Avi!" Cheerfully given as a farewell, he's out the door in the next breath and off to terrorize entertain whoever is next on his list (spoiler: he has no list, it's just whichever poor fool catches his intrigue, RIP them).

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