Sneaky and Blushy

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Lunch time! An Idrissa is actually sitting at a table with a plate of food before her, looks like cheesbune, meatrolls, some veggies and fruit, along with a mug of cider. Asher is settled down next to her chewing away upon a meatroll that he was given and looking rather happy with his treat. In all its a rather quiet sort of day, people coming and going for the lunch time rush. Not that Rissa is paying attention as she is reading over a book, which seems to be something about firelizards. For once not a book on runners!

Mmm, lunch! Speaking of firelizards, a certain brown glides across the room, then comes in for a landing at Rissa's table. Soriana has also made an appearance to the caverns, but there's enough of a crowd that she's currently busy with that getting-food part and rather distracted!

Idrissa blinks and peers over at Toral, a grin seen before she pulls off a bit from a meatroll and offers it to the brown lizard. "Hey Toral, hungrey?" Well of course she would offer food to the firelizard, doesn't she always? Rissa figures Sori is around an will join them at the table at some point.

Toral chirps, and leans forward to accept the bit of food graciously. Hungry? Firelizards? Never. Not them! Well, actually, he's probably not all that hungry, or he'd be a lot less gracious, but still. After some waiting, Soriana does in fact make an appearance. She's got herself a spicy stew sort of thing, and some bread to go with it, which she sets on the table before flomping herself down. "Apparently," she declares, "There's renegades going to kill us all in our sleep. If the place doesn't explode first, which it may well. Also, the storms are going to be bad this season, /and/ it's looking like a drought."

Idrissa peers over at Soriana curiously a moment as she chews on a bite of a meatroll. "Wait.. What are you talking about?" She looks utterly confused while eyeing her friend. "When did you find all this out?"
"I had laundry for chores this morning. With the old ladies." Sori shakes her head. "When they weren't complaining about their joints, they were predicting doom for us all." She tears off a bit of bread more vigorously than may actually be needed, and dips it in the soup. After eating that, she adds, more contemplatively, "Sometimes, they did both at once."

Idrissa ahs at this, seeming a bit unsure what to say before just shaking her head. "Well, isn't that lovely. So we're going to al die and have no water at the same time. Nice.."

Soriana takes another bread-dipped bite, and nods. "Oh, yes. We're going to die three times over, and our bones will bake in the drought before getting washed out to sea by the floods. Or something."

Idrissa makes a face at this and just peers at Soriana. "I really hope I don't do that when I'm there age.. Or.. maybe they do it for a reason? To scare all the kids or something." Well it is a thought! She takes another bite of meatroll and offers another to Asher whom slurps it up.

"Hah. Nah, they weren't even talking to me, mostly. 'Cept when they were saying what a nice girl I seemed and I should find a nice boy and…" Soriana hmphs, and rends and gnaws more bread, then pauses between bites. "Because, y'know, in between the explosions and droughts there'd /totally/ be time for babies." She smirks, just a little.

Idrissa smirks at this while she swallows a bite and peers over at Soriana. "Well totally.. Plenty of time for such things." A slight nod is seen at this. "We totally need to make a rule about not doing then when we get there age."

Soriana nods firmly. "We," she declares, "-will remain sane and reasonable people." Unlike all the generations that have gone before, yes. She reaches out a hand for the fist-bump of promising. "They're just so, so… ugh!" She shakes her head. "What've you been up to?"

Idrissa grins and nods while giving her friend a fist-bump back. "Indeed! We shall stay totally sane of coruse." This said while she grin. As to what she has been doing a slight shrug is seen. " know me. Working over at the stable with the runners." As if that isn't a surprize!

Soriana laughs, and nods. So shocking, not. She eats more of her spicy stew, and hmms. "We should go out for a ride, sometime. Dunno where, but… we should!" Old biddies complaining aside, there's still the less-nebulous dangers of, well, renegades and wild felines. Meh. Even so, she can't stay put forever!

Idrissa nods slightly at this. "That would be nice actually. I haven't gotten a chance to do any real riding save for around the paddock." She ponders while chewing on a bite of fruit. "What you think about a ride on the beach? It's warm enough and I know a few of the runners really like water."

Soriana considers, and nods. "That could work," she says. A few more bites of stew, and then she's wiping the last bits out of the bowl with pieces of her bread. "Better find ones that're okay around the dragons, too. There's almost always a few down there bathing or sunning."

"True.. But there are some that wouldn't mind them. Unless there getting chased.." Idrissa says with a faint frown at the thought. "Maybe.. Not on the beach then."

Soriana laughs. "Nah, some'f them should be okay. I mean, some of them get nervey, sure, but I'm pretty sure some of them start thinking of dragons like just big rocks, after a while. At least, as long as they don't actually seem 'em hunting."

Idrissa blinks at this and laughs out a moment. "Big rocks huh?" She questions while grinning. "Well that is one way to look at it."

Soriana grins, and shrugs. "Hey, it's true," she says, then steals a piece of Idrissa's fruit now that she's done with her stew.

Idrissa laughs out softly and nods, an amused look clearly seen. "So what, is Toral a little rock then?" She questions while peering over at the firelizard playful like.

Toral peeks up from where he's curled himself on the table, and chirps. Soriana, on the other hand, laughs. "A pebble. Must be." She reaches over to give the firelizard a scritch, and he croons.

Idrissa grins and can't help but giggle a moment. "A pebble.. Alright sure." She shakes her head a moment an finshes the last piece of apple off her plate. "How about the next sunny day we go about doing the beach ride then?"

Soriana grins, and scritches her sleek, warm pebble of a firelizard before nodding. "Yeah, okay. Sounds like a plan!"

Idrissa grins and nods. "Alright, great." She offers happly. "I was thinking about trying to get Kale into riding.. It was rather amusing when I had him up on a runner in the paddock. I think he was worried about breaking something if he fell."

Soriana laughs. "Kale? Really? I'd've thought he'd be fine with it. I mean… he's from Black Rock, right? That's pretty much just a farming hold."

Idrissa grins and nods. "Well that's what I thought too." She shakes her head. "He thinks the runner is gone buck him off and send him flying or something. But I got him up on it anyway. Though I was sitting up there to so that may be why."

Soriana grins, and shakes her head. "Okay, yes, some runners might, but that doesn't mean they're /all/ gonna do that. So you're thinking we should get him some more lessons, huh?"

Idrissa nods and chuckles. "Of course some might, but I wouldn't go about putting him on one that would do such a thing." She works with plenty of them so she knows a /few/ things. "An I think he needs more lessons indeed."

Soriana laughs. "Well, of course not," she agrees, and grins, leaning back a bit. "He really doesn't know. Huh." She shakes her head, still just amazed by that. Mikal was one thing, but Kale? "Course he does, or how else will we go riding together?"

Idrissa grins and nods. "Indeed. So I think I'm gona try to get him some more lessons before the beach ride and maybe he'll want to come along." Well it is an idea. An they have to do things together right? Of course!

Soriana grins, and nods. "Maybe even get him up on a runner by himself, huh?" She gets up, and gathers together some plates to take them back to the kitchen.

Idrissa grins and ods at this. "Well that is the idea!" She offers with an amused tone before sipping at her mug of cider while she peers around the room which has gotten rather quiet it seems.

Well, of course it's gotten quiet! Everyone gone and had lunch and is getting back to work. Soriana returns to the table, and glances down at Idrissa's book. "What'cha reading that for?"

Idrissa hums at the question and pulls the book over to her and smirks. "Wel.. Why not?" She questions with a curious tone while peering at the book. "Suppose I'm just curious about firelizards." Not that she has most likely read everything dealing with runners within the Weyr arleady.

Soriana shrugs a bit, for there's really no reason why not, then laughs. "Well, okay." She gives Toral another scritch or three, and he chirrs and stretches. "Anyway, y'wanna do something?"
What to do!.. Idrissa ahs softly at the thought while glancing around and then looks back to Soriana. "I have no idea.. I got a rest day from the stables so.."

Soriana grins. "So you should /definitely/ do something, or you'll just go lurking back there anyhow and then what's the point?" She strokes her firelizard again, considering on what do do.
Idrissa smirks faintly. "I think you know me too well.." Because YES she would go lurking back there without a problem! "Well.. What do you normally do when I'm not hanging around you?" She questions with a grin.

Hey, wait? What's this with turning the question back on her? Soriana grins, and waves a hand vaguely. "Oh, y'know. Wander around, take Inkfoot hunting, read stuff, play games. All the usual things."
Idrissa grins slightly, yes she did turn it back to Sori for an answer! "What sorta games do you play?.. An.. By yourself?"

"Well, no, not by myself." Sori gives Idrissa a 'really?' sort of look before she goes on. "Like capture stone, or kickball now that it's, y'know, not frozen… or thread and dragon, or other games like that."
Idrissa grins slightly and shrugs. "Well I was just wondering!" She points out with a laugh. She lets her fingers tap against the table a few times. "Well.. Wana try and get a game of kickball going?"

"Playin' by yourself isn't a game," declares Soriana. And no finding exceptions to prove her wrong, for she's already up and ready to be away! "Yeah, s'worth a try," she says. A mental nudge to Toral has him fluttering from table over to the mantel for the rest of his nap, and Sori grins.

Idrissa rolls her eyes while she stands up. "Come on Asher.. An I know that. How do I know what you do when I'm at the stables? For all I know you do that stuff.. Or something.." Totally.. Asher lets out a yawn and shifts up onto his paws, shaking himself out before going to following after the two, though rather slowly.

It is at this juncture that the not-especially-bright-but-strong shape of Harlin materializes near to Soriana just as though he'd been summoned. It's pure coincidence of course, but his eyes are confused. "What's… this about playin' with…by yourself?" He asks, directly. No sense of tact this one, especially as he turns to follow along with the other two.

Soriana laughs to Idrissa. "Y'got a point there! I could be doing /anything/. Wild adventures across Pern and back! Why-" Where did Harlin come from? Boy's got a talent for showing up just at the interesting part of conversations. Or, at least, the interesting out of context part. "Games," she informs him, "Are to be played with company, not by yourself."

Idrissa huffs as she hears Soriana. "Oh.. Funny.. Maybe I need to not stay at the stables so much then." She blinks and peers at Harlin curiously, a soft ah escapes her. "Hi.." Is offerd, a curious glance sent towards Sori that seems to say 'where did he come fomr?!?' She looks back to Harlin. "We're gona go try and get a kickball game going.. Did you want to come with?" At least she isn't in dripping wet clothing today! Asher lets out a bark and is moving on over to Harlin, his tail wagging about.

Harlin scratches Asher under the chin cheerfully briefly; turning his head to peer at Idrissa. "Well, talkin' about playing with yourself and spending a lot of time alone does kinda make someone who only heard a little bit of the talk wonder, you know." He then makes quotations in the air with his fingers. "Or playing games, whatever you want to call it." His wide grin indicates that he's just poking fun though. "Sure, I'll come along."

Has not Sori been saying that to Rissa for, oh, EVER? She isn't sure whether to roll her eyes or grin, so she does both. Though she has no idea where he came from! Le shrug. As for his comments… well! "Sneakin' around and listenin' to other people's conversations will give you /plenty/ to wonder about! And I'm sure you're just drawin' conclusions from your own vaaaast experience on the matter." Hah! Sothere. With that, she sweeps herself along the stairs and outside, leaving the others to trail along in her wake, or not.

Idrissa blinks while peering at Harlin a few moments, she opens her mouth about to say something but seems a bit lost for words. Though Sori always knows what to say! "What say said!" She offers while moving on past Harlin and following after Soriana. Asher wruffs out at the attention before following after the girls, the puppy bouncing along before running past them to go sniff about.

Harlin waves his hand in a dismissive manner at Sori with a 'bah' statement. "Oh, please. I was born a boy. That means no matter how poor I might ever be, I'll always have something to play with at least." He then just grins at Idrissa. She's fun, he can stun her into silence easily. This might turn out to become a habit. Either way, he wanders after them both cheerfully.

Harlin most certainly was, and still is, a boy! Soriana does not deign to dignify that with a response, because it's just a true sad fact. Or maybe she's just out of earshot? Hah, not so likely. To the clearing with her! (and them!)

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

Idrissa ahs fiantly as she hears Harlin, an unlike Soriana she doesn't play like she didn't hear that. A faint glance is casted back towards Harlin and she just eyes him a moment before shaking her head. Once out in the clearing she doesn't think anymore about it though. "I wonder where we can find a kickball." Asher is off watering some bushes along the edge of the clearing.

Harlin has his hands in his pockets by the time that he has caught up to the other two. "Hmm." He offers, apparently content enough to change the subject. For the moment at least! "So, you two decided to play kickball… without a ball?" He makes a mock exxagerated look of covering his face. "Hold on." Then he dissapears in the direction of the dorms — only to return some minutes later with a ball, giving them a good two or three minutes without him.

Okay, so maybe it's not a nice sunny day, but it could be worse. It's a partly cloudy day that's a bit more on the warm side than the cool side. It'll do. She's about to answer Idrissa, when Harlin does… and she rolls her eyes. "It's not like there aren't plenty around in the nursery and stuff, if you sneak in and grab one." Sneaking only required if you want to avoid contact with the small children and their caretakers. She goes over and leans back against one of the cliffsides, waiting.

Idrissa looks up at the sky and pulls her vest around her a moment before smirking as she hears Harlin. "We.. Ya what Soriana says..again.." She takes in a faint breath and soon shrugs. Asher bounces back over carrying a stick and drops it at Riss'a feet. A soft chuckle escapes her and she leans down picking up the stick and gives it a shake before tossing it a good many feet off which sends Asher chasing after it.

Harlin eventually returns, with said kickball. He's tossing it to himself as he wanders up to the two. "You don't say much, huh?" He asks to Idrissa. "It's kinda a pity." He then tosses the ball to Soriana, since she seems to be in charge for the most part. Belatedly answering her question, he grins. "I only sneak when I'm eavesdropping."

Soriana leans back and watches Idrissa play fetch with Asher until Harlin returns, then catches the ball tossed to her, standing up from the wall again. She lets Idrissa deal with that one comment herself, but does halfway grin at Harlin's other comment. "Yeah, I bet. Just so you can get all the juicy tidbits." The ball is tossed to her other hand, then down to her knee and bumped up again.

Idrissa glances to Harlin at the comment of her not talking much, a slight shrug is seen while she takes the stick from Asher once he bring it back to her. "I have plenty to say when I want to. Anwhy is it a pity?" She says before giving the stick a good toss which has Asher chasing after it once more. Rissa is shy and has plenty of reason for not talking. In fact she doesn't really talk to many save for Soriana and Kale at this point, or well the runners but do they really count? Once Sori hashold of the ball she turns her attention over to her friend.

Harlin shrugs his overbroad-for-his-age shoulders. "You seem to have interesting things to say, and it's fun to tease you. Blush real good and all. I hate it when interestin' people don't talk, seems like it robs everyone else of their company." He grins just a little bit; and shrugs at Soriana. "Maybe. I find out lots about what is going on that way. Nobody tells me nothin' so I gotta go looking for it."

"Ah, Rissa'll talk sooner or later," says Soriana. After Harlin's comment, she adds a grin. "Hey, maybe it's just her way of making sure you don't go stealing away her secrets. Can't overhear what's not said. Catch." That last is as she tosses the ball in his direction.

Idrissa finds herself glancing over to Harlin as hi comments, blinking a moment. "I blush real good?.." She looks to Soriana as if to see what her friend says on the whole thing. Though she does grin slightly hearing Soriana and soon nods. "Don't want to let everyone know my secrets after all." Because everyone is just dying to know how to make runners happy with apple and carrot bits right?

Harlin is actually pretty nimble; redirecting the incoming ball with his knee towards Idrissa. "And on to you." He says, then continues with his conversation. "You do." He confirms, even though she wasn't asking him. "And I suppose. I'll just have to eavesdrop them out."

Well, Rissa sure isn't charming the boys with her smooth words! Must be the blushes. Or something. When Soriana is silently questioned, she just shrugs a bit. Since when is she qualified to answer questions like that? But, hey, there's a ball in motion, so that's good. She spreads out a bit, making a rough triangle with the other two. "Well, we'd better get some of your secrets, too. Just to keep things even."

Idrissa didn't know she was charming anyone with her blushing, or words for that matter! At the comment from Harlin she actually blushes a moment though her attention is on the ball as it heading towards her. She shifts watching the ball an is able to catch it rather easily. Well working with runners leaves a person more moveable then some might think. The ball is tossed up into the air a few times and she brings a knee up to bounce it before giving it a kick back towards Soriana before the ball hits the ground. "Good luck there." Is sent towards Harlin on him eavesdroping any secrets from her.

Harlin grins even more. "Easiest way to be immune to that is have no secrets. I'm boring. Don't bother keeping things to myself more often than not." A quick lateral movement and he attempts to intercept the ball before it gets to Soriana. "Anyway, I already know the secret of what you like to do in your spare time. I'm sure lots more will come out before too much longer!"

Such deep secrets! These things are kept hidden far away beneath - hey, Harlin's trying to intercept! Soriana clearly can't let him get away with this, and she launches forward to see if she can get her foot, knee, something in there to bop it back to Idrissa. Of course, Harlin is both taller and broader in the shoulders than she is, so this getting around him thing may prove rather challenging. Doesn't mean she's not gonna try! "Dull as an unpolished rock!" she taunts him.

Idrissa watches as Harlin goes to try and get the ball, and she shifts forward moving from the right and then the left before Harlin is nearly blocking her view of whom might have the ball or not! "Oh sure.. You know some things are fine to keep to yourself.. Don't have to go let everyone know what your doing. An who goes an polishes rocks on a beach anyway?"

Harlin gives Idrissa an extra special grin, and tries to foil Sorianna from getting the ball by tickling her sides. Purely a dirty pool move that isn't meant to be construed as making a pass at her at all — he just wants the ball! "A minecrafter?" He answers Idrissa. Regardless as to weather or not his attempt to foil her is successful, Harlin is divested of the ball either by Soriana or by simple dropping it.

Hands are moving toward her to… tickle? Wrestle? Soriana doesn't find out, 'cause she doesn't let them get that far. In the aftermath of certain trouble with a renegade, she managed to finagle her way into a defense class. It seemed like a good idea at the time! Admittedly, she hasn't gotten far - but given that dodging is one of the first things they teach, dodge she does! Harlin's fingers don't do more than brush her as she leans and veers away, darting back a few steps as the ball dribbles down from his hands and rolls… back toward Rissa. "Minecraft, check! Point to us." In the grand game of secrets, that is.

Idrissa ahs softly at the mincraft comment. "Alright.. So you like to polish stones..on a beach.." She shakes her head and the grins as she moves to the side following the ball, comes around it slight and stops it with her foot. The ball is bounced into the air from a quick footed movement and she lets it bounce upon her head a moment and then back to one knee then back to the ground. Whom would have thought the beascraft apprentice would know how to play fairly good ball? She moves to the side taking the ball with her, a few movements of her feet sending the ball rolling a few feet as she waits to see about passing the ball back to Soriana.

Harlin seems to be hardly bothered by his lack of success, he is far more annoyed that the ball has been taken away. "Hardly a secret!" He says. "Point withdrawn!" He indicates the pickaxe insignia on his belt buckle. He's waiting now to see what Idrissa does.

Soriana laughs, putting a bit more distance between herself and Harlin. She's open, see, she's open! "Just 'cause you don't /defend/ your secrets properly…" she retorts. Just like he didn't defend the ball when he had it, and now the two of them have it instead! …for now.

Idrissa chuckles and shakes her head while getting the ball another bounce upon her knee and then sends it flying towards Soriana once more. "Still.. You have to admit polishing stones on a beach sounds sorta strange even for a minecrafter. An't you all normally digging stuff up?"

Harlin is entirely content to let Soriana catch the ball this time; stepping back to put some distance in between them as he waits to see where it goes next. "All sorts of different types of miners, and if you had to sit and polish rocks, would you rather do it underground or on the beach?" It's a somewhat rhetorical question for he continues along anyway. "What do -you- two do? I think I overheard something about stables from the blushing one, but what about you?" He indicates Soriana.

Soriana catches the tossed ball - without interference, even - and takes it away! Okay, not far away, just a few steps as she gives it a toss from hand to hand. At Harlin's question (the non-rhetorical one), she shrugs. "Nothing," she says, and attempts to distract him from the topic by giving the ball a drop and kick in his direction.

Idrissa smirks as she hears Harlin. "Hey… I got a name, don't gotta call me 'the blushing one'." She points out. "Unless you want me to call you the 'sneaking one'." A faint huff escapes her even. She waches as Soriana gets the ball. "An I'm a beastcraft apprentice. I work with the runners." Well its on a secret so no reason to /not/ tell him.

Harlin shrugs once again, and beams at Idrissa. "I'll just call ya blushy, and you can call me sneaky then. Deal." Wait, had she even made that proposal at all? He handwaves at her though. "I knew that, that much is pretty obvious and I…" He shows himself to be pretty quick on the uptake too, just because he's probably used to dodging falling rocks and all. He catches it fairly easily, and looping it around his back in a fient, sends it hurtling towards Idrissa. "… doing nothin' must get pretty boring."

Falling rocks, flying balls, same thing. Sori's not surprised to see Harlin catch and toss the ball again, and she keeps an eye on it as she listens to Sneaky and Blushy argue. Er, that is… "Yeah, well. I find the finest nothings to do. You got nothing on my nothing." Or… something like that.

Idrissa ahs a moment and just peers at Harlin. "Wait..what..?" Is questioned with an unsure tone. "Hey I didn.." Oh dear there is a ball hurling at her! For a moment it looks like she'll miss it and then she jumps up catching it and a faint yay escapes her. Though while she caught the ball she doesn't make the landing to well and stumbles falling backwards in the process and ows once hitting the ground. She gives her head a good shake before pushing herself back up onto her feet. "Really, Idrissa, or Rissa is just fine.."

Harlin apparently feels like something like an asshole or the like because he is already crossing to where the girl fell with a concerned look on his face. In fact, he is bending over her… and then she pops up. Whereupon he makes a show of stretching like that was what he had in mind in the first place. "Yeah, I can't stand doing nothing. Always bored." Looking uncomfortable now, he gestures. "I gotta go do some work and all." And with that, he suddenly dissapears.

"Yeah, well," says Soriana, and shrugs. She doesn't really do nothing, of course - there's plenty of small somethings that occupy her day - but unlike the other two, and indeed many their age, she has no apprenticeship to call her own. She's sorta frownyface about that as she trots over to check on Idrissa… who manages to right herself, so, hey no harm done. Harlin's given a bit of a nod as he makes his excuse. "Ok. Seeya, I guess."

Idrissa is fine! Heck she has fallen off many runners and only had brusies to prove it. She peers at Harlin curiously. "Ah.. Alright. See you later or somethin'." Her gaze follows after Harlin and she looks back to Soriana. "Did we say something wrong?.." She's never had anyone disappear so quickly like this guy can. Its like POOF an gone!

Soriana picks up the ball that tumbled Idrissa down, and gives it a toss. "Prob'ly he's gotta go spy on someone." Yeah, on account of that's totally what he does all the time. Right. She shrugs a bit. "Nah, I don't think it was anything you said." Not that Rissa said all /that/ much, anyways! Sori grins. "But, hey, if you really want him back, you could get your shirt wet again…"

Idrissa smirks while eyeing Soriana. "Could just get your shirt wet and see if he comes back." She points out with a soft huff escaping her while she eyes her tshirt a moment, not wet but it has a grass stain on it from her trying to grab the ball. "Ya, most likely sneak 'round." She'll have to remember that he likes to do that..

Soriana shakes her head. "Nah, see, that'd be totally different. Not nearly so effective!" And why not? Has she tested it? No she has not! She has merely declared it, while bouncing the ball around between her hands and her knee. "He's kinda a weird one, anyway." Look who's talking. At least he's got an apprenticeship and such! Ah, well, enough of that for now. She tosses the ball over to Idrissa again!

Idrissa ahs a moment and ponders this while catching the ball. "Wait..why would it be more effective with me, then you?" She questions while tossing the ball up into the air a few times. "Well, maybe a bit weird but not that bad." She smirks. "Better then Mikal hanging around and being all rude and stuff."
Never mind, Idrissa. You just never mind why. Soriana grins knowingly, but provides no answers. "Oh? You'd rather have him oogling you than Mikal bein' a brat?" she asks. "Talkin' about his personal toys?" The grin widens. "Maybe you want him to share those toys of his, huh? More of 'em than just that ooooone ball. Issat it?"

Idrissa mouth drops open as she looks at Soriana watching her friend with horror, as if she just sprouted another head or something. An needless to say Rissa has NO clue what to say to that, though she is blushing at the thoughts. These weyr born kids are so..strange.. "No I wouldn't rather him oogling at me then Mikal being a brat.. An I don't /want/ to know anything about his -toys-.." Speaking of toys, that ball is tossed towards Sori. At least she finally said something!

Pff! Never mind the weyrbrats, what is /up/ with these holdbred kids? So easy to shock. Though… Soriana has to admit, it is rather fun! Blushy, indeed! She grins wide and catches the thrown ball - Haaaaarlin's ball - and waggles it between her palms, back and forth. "Oh, don't you? I'm sure he'd looove to show you…"

"Soriana.. really come on.." Idrissa says while frowning a moment. "An I bet he wouldn't.. Even if he did I don't want to -know-." An yes she is still blushing. Sori always knows what things to say to push her buttons it seems. Yes perhaps Blushy is a good nickname for Rissa, not that she would admit it.

"Ohhh?" goes Soriana, and tosses the ball up in the air a time or two, before delivering a one-two strike! Part one: A nice easy toss of the ball toward Idrissa. Part two: "You'd rather know Kale's, huh?"

Idrissa is about to catch the ball up until Soriana's comments about Kale. She blinks and looks to Soriana wideeyed and is hit in the head with the ball, *thunk*. "Wait.. WHY would you even bring Kale up now?" She then looks around for the ball while rubbing at her head.

The ball goes rolling merrily away along the hard-packed earth, and Soriana laughs as she goes chasing after it while Idrissa perfects her wide-eyed stunned look. "Maybe 'cause… of how you look at him? And how you went out stargazing with him? Are you gonna tell me, if you hadn't gotten found, /nothing/ woulda happened? The two of you… alone… on the beach. Snuggled up under the blankets together?"

Idrissa frowns as she hears Soriana and watches her go after the ball. "What, his our friend.." She pauses at the part of the beach is brought up. "We wasn't snugglung under the blankets on the beach Soriana. An no nothing was gona happen. We was watching the stars." An tickling one another but that doesn't matter, right? "An don't tell me you /don't/ give him the looks. I recall the way you looked at him when you two was dancing."

Seriously? No snuggling? Sori would totally have snuggled him. Yeah, well, Idrissa's probably just lying to go with her blush. That's okay, Sori knows her friend is like that. She also knows that 'watching the stars' is one of the leading excuses for… ahem. Snuggling. Extended, up-close-and-personal… snuggling. So, she just grins, and that grin doesn't even falter when Idrissa tries to turn the tables on her. Operative word: tries. "Well of course I do. He's cute." Dun dun dun! The word is out. "And he's fun." Also true, but Sori's not done yet, oh no. "I'd do him."

Idrissa tried and failed with a capital F.. Like this isn't a surpized, when one tries to one up Soriana failure is sure to follow. Ok, so perhaps Rissa would have snuggled with Kale if it wasn't for a certain brown rider to happen upon the scene. An she is sill blushing so that will most likely prove to Soriana the truth about the snuggling bit for the beach. Rissa's bright green gaze just widens as she hears Soriana. Oh sure Sori has said plenty of things to surprize her sine the two met but this? This takes the cake. "Um…" Really what is she suppose to say to that. "…he is sorta cute.." Though it comes out as a faint whispering squeak, an Sori may not even hear it.

Something something cute? Is that what Idrissa said? Must be. Soriana nods, grinning. It's true! He is. So that's fine and fabulous, and her vast secondhand experience of listening to gossipy weyrfolk and knowing the mechanical facts from, well, her mother having bred runners, is enough to make her quite the authority on the subject. Or maybe it's the being fourteen that does that for her. Either way, her lack of personal practical experience is completely irrelevant! She's just been going slow because Kale's holdbred and shy about such things, that's it. She gives the ball another toss, then tucks it under her arm. Time for a casual change of subject! "I'm gonna go put this away. Be right back!" She turns, and heads off toward the dorms.

Idrissa lets her arms fold in front of her while she peers at Soriana curiously a few moments. She ahs a moment while her friend is the one to run off now. "Alright..Um I'll be here I guess." Is said, an she shrugs slightly. About now Asher has wandered back over to her and she looks down at the canine, a soft sigh escapes her. "Sometimes I think I'm crazy." Well as she is talking to a canine so maybe she is?

The ball, having been played with, is tucked away once more. A few minutes later, Soriana also returns, to find Idrissa in conversation with her canine. Maybe he'll give her some good advice? At least he's not likely to make her blush - well, unless he finds a nice lady dog, and… moving on! Sori grins to girl and dog. "Didja ever get that harness for him? Maybe we could start him training…

Idrissa gives Asher's head a soft scritch and glances over to Soriana. "Ya I got a harnes for him. Been working with him some with it an what not." She offers with a smile and nods. "Ya.. Sure come on. Can go grab the harnes from the stable and work with him an stuff." This said while she starts to wander off, Asher following at her side.

Soriana grins, and nods. "Yeah, sounds fun." Just 'cause it's a rest day for Idrissa doesn't mean it should be for Asher! Besides, with the number of treats he probably gets while training, she suspects the canine doesn't mind in the slightest. Off she goes with the pair of them!

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