Bump in the Fog

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

The fog has rolled in today, leaving the world shrouded by mist. Soriana's come out to the beach anyhow. Alone, unusually enough; she gave her friends the slip after breakfast when they went to their apprenticeships and came here by herself. Well, not quite by herself. She does have Inkfoot, curled up in her lap as she sits on a boulder at the water's edge and listens to the gentle lapping of the waves while staring out into… grey. Lots and lots of grey. It's getting on toward noon now, and the fragments of sunlight through the clouds catch at the fog and try to eat it away, without much success of yet.

As if Soriana could ever truely get away anywhere alone without one of her friends showing up! Idrissa has some time to herself it seems an is out on the beach. She paused long enough to take her boots off and rolls her jeans up to about her knees. Asher is off running down to the waters edge, the overgown puppy bouncing around through the waves that crash upon the shore, a few barks escaping him in the process. So much for it being quiet!

The figure of a small dragon wanders through the fog, pausing every few moments in her trek to puff out a breath of warm air and watch it swirl the fog in front of her. As she moves through the fog, it whirls and dances around her dark green body. Upon the young green's back is none other than her rider, shoulders a bit slumped as the fog just doesn't seem to want to burn off today. "We're never gonna get our flying lesson in if this fog doesn't go away." The voice of Jessi, talking to her green Siruohkoth wafts through the fog as the greenling complains of the foggy weather.

Soriana turns her head to the sound of barking and splashing, then glances up to the sky. Lack of sun says… well, not much, but she supposes it is getting on toward lunchtime, isn't it? She managed that being alone thing for, oh, a good couple hours! Next time she'll just have to try harder. Maybe… out in the middle of the sea, or atop the clocktower. Or… ooh! She could hide out in the laundry room, nobody would ever go looking there. Only problem is, then she'd have to do laundry! So much for that idea. She sighs, and turns around on the rock only to see not one, not two, but three figures! One of which is very hard to miss, being many times the size of the others. After a moment, Sori starts sliding the sleepy Inkfoot into his pouch. He dooks in vague protest, but doesn't actually wake up.

Idrissa crouches down next to the water while Asher is busy running around through it splashing it all around and generaly have a good time it would seem. Rissa grins as she watches her canine run around, the voice is caught and she looks around blinking until she catches sight of a dragon. She stands up brushing her hands upon her jeans as she goes. "Hello!" Is offered towards the dragon and rider in the process. As for Soriana she hasn't caught sight of her friend yet it seems, as Sori doesn't want to be found anyway!

Aisuohkoth slows to a stop as she approaches the girl and her canine, green dragon gives a brief warble of greeting to both canine and his handler. Jessi takes this opportunity to unbuckle herself and slide off of the green's back to land lightly in the sand. "Hello." The young woman offers. "Lovely weather we're having, huh?" She asks sarcastically. At the familiar dook of the tunnelcat, Jessi tries to peer through the grayness to find the cause.

Soriana is just a funny shaped bump on a boulder, that's right. Okay, now she's getting up, so she's a funny shaped bump walking up along the beach. Still. After a few more steps, she becomes a funny shaped bump looming through the fog, and even a funny shaped bump that's waving as Jessi dismounts with the grace practice brings. "Could be worse," she says of the weather.

Idrissa humms faintly to herself as she moves on through the fog heading onwards towards the moving boulder and smiles to Jessi and Aisuohkoth. "Hello Jessi, Aisuohkoth." Her head lifted and her fingers wiggle in a wave, an then she hears Soriana. "Hey Sori." A sligh glances up towards the sky. "Could be snowing.. I'll take the fog." Asher continues to play in the water, splashsplashsplash!

Jessi nods, leaning briefly against Aisuohkoth, who seems surprisingly tame today, "Yeah, but at least with snow we can still fly. We're supposed to have our first flight together today, but I don't think we're gonna get it if this fog doesn't burn off." The young woman sighs briefly. "And Aisu and I were so looking forward to finally being able to get up off the ground."

"Hey, Rissa," says Sori back, then nods to Jessi… before pausing with a hmm. "Thought dragons were good at seein' in fog, though. I know Toral is, better'n me anyway…" After a moment, she answers her own question. "I guess maybe they wouldn't want to let you for the first time, though." But, really. Aisuohkoth would totally have it handled! "Maybe later? I think there's more gaps in the clouds now than before…"

Jessi nods, "Aye, since it's our first time for mounted flight, I doubt they'll let us do it in the fog. Hopefully it'll burn off this afternoon." She gives Idrissa a smile as Asher plays in the water. "I figured maybe I could distract Aisuohkoth by letting her fish a bit, but she's actually not interested in fishing right now, all she wants to do is fly. Guess I could have her practice her take offs and landings, though she's already pretty good with those." The woman says proudly. And Aisuohkoth could totally handle flying in the fog, but Jessi doesn't want to get into trouble again just yet.

Soriana nods, considering on it. "Has she tried fishing from the air yet?" Hey, combine two interests, maybe that'll work! Though… to really do that right, Aisuohkoth would want to be over pretty deep water with big fish, much further than she should be getting without a Jessi on her back… and a more experienced rider accompanying her. Well, oops. Moving on! "Or, uhm…" Of course, now would be the time for her thoughts to go blank on alternatives.

Jessi considers that option. "Don't think we can do that, though it sounds like she'd enjoy it. The Weyrlingmasters are still keeping an eye on us all because of what we did a few months ago, guess we're considered troublemakers." She giggles, it amuses her a bit.

Soriana laughs, with a glance toward the weyrling grounds… not that she can really see them, in the fog. But, hey, that means no weyrlingmasters seeing them, either! "I heard all about that," she says with a grin. "It's not just Weyrlings, either. They started looking at /everyone/ going out even /near/ the woods a whole lot harder after that." Poor Sori, having her explorations curtailed! She doesn't seem too heartbroken about it, though.

Jessi does blush briefly, "We really weren't supposed to be out there that long, we were supposed to be back at the weyr before we were missed, but Aisuohkoth was enjoying herself so much I couldn't bare to pull her away. And it wasn't like I had never been in the forest before." She shrugs, bunch of overprotective weyrlingmasters or something.

Well, of course! Everything was perfectly under control and Jessi and Aisuohkoth would have been fine. Soriana nods with the understanding of a fourteen-year-old for how those silly overprotective adults are. "Yeah, I bet she was." Sori grins, and glances up to the dragon as she adds, "Bet it tasted better, too."

Jessi grins, "She says the stuff in the pens isn't real food and that wild meat tastes much better than domestic." Aisuohkoth warbles in confirmation. "She's the best hunter in the group anyway I think, we had it all under coontrol." Says the 22 turn old who really should know better.

Soriana laughs, and nods. "Toral mostly hunts too, him and Inkfoot." Fortunately for her, firelizards grow far faster than dragons… and there's nobody except her to worry about her brown when he goes diving after small critters. Which of course he'll catch easily, because he's just awesome like that and would never get hurt. Sori considers a bit. "Definitely for her size, I think. I mean… Volenth's kinda cheating, 'cause he's so big, he has the reach to make up for being imprecise. Aisuohkoth's got more skills." She nods decisively.

Idrissa soon returns after having to wade in after a certain dog, Asher is at the moment following at her side as he didn't have a choice in the matter. "Dogs should know how to swimg..you just sink." Is grumbled to the dog whom looks rather happy with himself. Both owner and dog are dripping wet now and once back near Sori, Rissa lets go of Asher's collar and goes about trying to squeeze water out from her shirt.

Jessi grins proudly at the compliment to her green. "She's a natural born huntress, moves just like those jungle felines from Eastern Weyr." Yeah, she's not bragging it's just the truth. Aisuohkoth finally decides to wander towards the water, watching Asher and Idrissa curiously. Jessi giggles a little. "Rissa, you're all wet." She teases pkayfully.

Definitely truth. Sori grins up at the green dragon, and nods. "I wanna see one of those, sometime. But… from dragonback. In flight." She's not /stupid/, after all! She trails a bit to meet up with Idrissa and Asher, and grins. "Just couldn't wait, huh? Gotta get ready your report for Kale?" It's tease-Rissa-o'clock!

Idrissa eyes herself after the comment from Jessi. "So I am!" She grins a moment and then glances over to Asher whom is creeping back towards the water, though mostly towards a certain green dragon. "Asher, you go back in that water an your in toruble!" As if Rissa would do anything. Hearing Soriana she peers over at her friend. "Suppose not. Wait, what report?" She questions as she tries to recall if she is suppose to tell Kale something.

Jessi watches as Aisuohkoth gets quickly bored of the water. "Well, what do you want from me? Okay okay, we'll go check." Aisuohkoth, looking rather pouty for a dragon, is moving back towards the weyrling grounds. "I guess I have to go bug the weyrlingmaster about flying, or else Aisu will pout all afternoon. I will see you later Sori and Rissa." And with a wave, the greenling is headed after her dragon, rushing to catch up.

Soriana nods to Jessi. "Good luck!" she says. "Seeya, Jessi! You'll get there, Aisuohkoth!" She waves to the departing weyrling pair, then turns back to Idrissa who has forgotten important things like… "The report!" Y'know, that one! Wait, what? "On the condition of the water and suitability for swimming. Can't expect him to figure it out for himself… it'd be like watching Asher flail, only worse." She grins, as she increases the odds of Kale walking up behind her… and it's not like she could see him in the midday fog, anyway. Why, he could be behind her this very moment! Come ooooon, dramatic timing!

Idrissa waves after Jessi and Aisuohkoth. "Later!" She peers at Soriana curiously and smirks at that. "Oh har har. As for the water conditions its just fine for swiming." This grumbled while she pulls her shirt up some more and works on squeezing out more water. Her hair managed to not get soaked at least but still manages to fall across her face from her have to drag Asher out from the waves. Asher being a large steel gray colored dog that is just making his way back over to where the girls are. "I think Kale can at least swim, Asher just sinks. Maybe his to big?" She gives up trying to get more water out from her shirt and tugs it back down, not like she was baring much to start with.

Kale is not directly behind Soriana, but curiously enough someone else is. A youth who has been at Xanadu for some time but neither of those present are likely to have seen before except in passing. He seems to be on his way somewhere, walking along the beach and his shadow will be thrown over Soriana by the sun. He halts, color rising to his face at even a slightly little bit of bared anything. In fact, his color rises to the point a bared /arm/ might be enough to make him stare. Either way, he coughs gently to announce his presence. "Um, hi." He says in a quiet voice. "Don't think I've seen you around before? I'll, uh, just keep on moseying…"

"Good job, 'pprentice water-tester! We'll make a journeyman of you yet!" Soriana grins broadly to Idrissa, then pffs. "Oh, sure Kale /says/ he can swim, but -" Whoa! There's a voice behind her! Not Kale, no, but… she turns around, and gives him an inspection from head to toe and back up to head again. "Hi," she echoes. Didn't she see him from across the caverns at a meal sometime last week? Yeah, that sounds about right. Well, in any case, she doesn't /know/ him, per se, so she sticks out a hand. See? She's getting better about introductions. "I'm Soriana."

Idrissa smirks as she hears Soriana. "Well.. I suppose if I ever get kicked outa the stables I'll have somethin' to fall back on." She pauses, her bright gaze drifting towards the voice and her eyes just widen. A flush runs across her cheeks and she clears her throat. "Um…hi…" Is offered with a soft tone and she folds her arms in front of her seeing how well she is rather wet. Asher lifts his head a bark escaping the large dog, his tail wagging about before the large dog is troting over to check on the new guy! An while Soriana is good about introductions Rissa is a bit quiter it seems, shy her?.. Why yes, yes she is.

Harlin is used to whers and the like, and a big dog apparently doesn't scare him. Perhaps he's just good at reading canine language, for the wagging tail would indicate that there isn't anything overtly hostile about him. The burly youth drops to one knee and holds out his hand to greet the incoming animal, meaning to go so far as to rub his ears. He's still flushed in the face and /still/ watching Idrissa though. "Uh, hi." He says to her. "You're um. Kind of all wet." It's not exactly the brightest observation of his life. Then he remembers Soriana's hand and takes it briefly. "…Harlin."

Well, if Idrissa's going to go and be shy, Soriana will just have to pick up her share of the introductions! She grins at Harlin's reaction to the canine, not seeming to mind the briefness of the handshake. "That's Asher," she informs him. "He's Idrissa's." She waves a hand to indicate the other girl. See? All introduced now.

Asher leans forward and sniffs out at the offered hand, a slobbery lick soon given to the offered hand! The dog is also wet as Harlin can find when giving the dog a pet. Idrissa ums softly and chews on her lip, her bright green gaze flicking around while she nods a moment as Soriana goes about introducing herself and Asher it seems. "I had to pull Asher outa the water.." Her reasoning for being all wet. "Um, nice to meet cha." A faint friendlyish yet still shy smile seen. She is friendly, just shy!

Harlin seems to have to think about this, distracted by the friendly dog. "Oh, whatever the reason I'm not going to argue with the result. Best lookin' thing I've seen all day." One corner of his mouth quirks in a half smile, just to make it ambiguous as to if he is teasing or serious. "Seems like a right enough fella." Then back to Soriana his head turns. "I suppose I'm interrupting, I'll be on my way here in a second. Always was taught to say hello to people and pet nice dogs when you have a chance. It's a recepie for a good day."

"Oh, well…" says Soriana, and shrugs. "We were just… talking, I guess." Really, what were they doing here? She knows what /she/ was doing - sitting on a rock and brooding in the fog - but then there was Idrissa, and Jessi, and now she's not really in a brooding sort of mood anymore. She'd shake a fist at Rissa for that, but… meh. She's not feeling emo enough for fist-shakes. Instead, she responds to Harlin. "Seems like a pretty good recipe, that. Where're you headed?"

Idrissa isn't to sure what to say at Harlin's comments, she just peers at him, her cheeks flush a bit more though and she ahs softly not seeming to sure what to say. "Well he is a good dog." She offers softly. It's not like she knows that Sori was out here brooding and being emoish! Asher settles to his haunches, tail thumping against the ground while he wruffs out softly, enjoying what attention he happens to be given. Rissa eyes her clothing and pulls her shirt down a bit more as if making sure it hasn't moved, as if shirts do that.

Harlin tilts his head as Idrissa gives him her silent peering. "Hey, not trying to make you feel that way. Just callin' a spade a spade." He beams a little bit at both of them. "I'm actually headed to polish some rocks down the beach. I should probably get to that. It was nice meeting you both." He pats the dog one more time, and shoves his hands into his pockets and begins to stride off, and will soon be out of sight!
Polishing rocks. Well, that's certainly a thing! Soriana goes huh, then nods. "Okay. Have fun!" Since, well, to judge from his expression, that seems to be the sort of thing he thinks is enjoyable? Boys're weird, and fond of inanimate objects. She looks back to Idrissa after Harlin's departed, and gives a bit of a shrug!

Idrissa ahs softly and nods, a faint smile seen. "Ya I know." Is offered to his comment. Polish stones? A curious glance is offered back to Soriana and she shrugs a moment. "Later." Is said while Harlin is moving off. Asher lets out a few barks but stays put near the girls as the other takes his leave.

Soriana stares after the teen disappearing in the fog, then shakes her head as she looks back to Idrissa. "He seems okay," she says, then goes on. "You want to go get some lunch? I haven't eaten yet." Gashp! "If you've got time, that is." Busy apprentices with their apprentice-stuff… unlike her, with her… lack of anything.

Idrissa shrugs a moment. "I guess so." She peers at herself again and ehs softly while giving her damp hair a good shake. "Lunch sounds good actually. Something warm to drink too." The water is warm enough to swim in but once out in the air it is a little coolish! "Though I'm thinking changing my clothes is a good idea before I get someone else oolging at me." Not that Harlin was really oolging but still! "Come on Asher, lets go get something to eat." When one says 'eating' that means food and Asher is bouncing to his paws already heading back towards the steps that lead up from the beach.

Oogly googly! Soriana laughs, and nods. "Okay. Better get Asher dried off too, or you might get the Look when he drips all over something." As, of course, he would do, because he's a troublemaker like that. As well as being a very smart canine! One who understands many, many words. Like food… eat… treat… and other common synonyms for omnomnom, many but not all of which rhyme with meat. Sori heads after the dog, on up the steps!

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Idrissa is gone for a short while, finding dry clothing and making sure Asher was dry enough before entering into the cave for food stuffs! She is wearing a short sleeved tshirt and vest along with jeans and boots, her hair pulled back save for a few curls falling across her face. Asher moves on towards a normal spot near the fireplace, which may or may not be lit but he likes it there! Rissa peers around for Sori to see if her friend already went through the line for foods or not.

Soriana totally has food. She wasn't going to just wait around in hunger! She's not /that/ fond of Rissa. When she sees the other girl, she gives a wave! She's got a plate with cheesed greens, a couple biscuits, and some sausages… and not one, but two mugs of hot cider!

Idrissa smiles and waves back to Soriana, she points towards the kitchen and is off to get herself some food. Which she is able to get in and get out rather quickly it seems! Soon enough she is moving over to the table where Soriana is carrying a plate with justa bout the same as her friend save some fruit as well. There is also a plate with two cookies on it and she sets the plates down upon the table and sits down. With a grin she offers Sori a cookie. "Lookie what I got."

"You mean, what I got!" retorts Sori as she yoinks the cookie… then passes over one of the mugs of cider to make it a fair exchange. That done, she takes a bite of biscuit with sausage drips, and grins. "So what've you been up to lately, anyway? Y'seem like you've been pretty busy."

Idrissa grins and nods while taking hold of the cider. "Thanks!" Is offered while she takes a long sip from her mug. "Well, been busy with the runners. Chief was a bit under the weather so I've been making sure to give him plenty of attention." She shrugs slightly and she looks over to Sori. "Been wondering where you've been hiding."

Soriana nods as Idrissa explains about the runners. It's a very unsurprising explanation, to be honest. Quite possibly the least surprising explanation ever. "I haven't been hiding," she says, after which she takes a few bites of cheesy greens while considering on things, then a sip of cider. "Just been reading, watching the weyrlings… that sorta thing, and taking Inkfoot after the tunnelsnakes, some. There's more'f them, with spring."

Idrissa ohs and peers over at Soriana curiously a moment. "Well…I went looking for you an stuff." She's quiet for a moment. "Maybe I didn't look hard enough." She scrtaches at her neck a few moments. "I'm gona have to bother you more I guess." This said with an amused tone.

"It's a big Weyr," says Soriana, and smiles a bit. "Maybe I was down in the stores or something. Like I said, tunnelsnakes… and it's kinda fun exploring the back tunnels, anyhow. Something to do when we still can't go out in the woods really." Those pesky renegades! Or felines. Or whatever it is that's being deadly dangerous according to the boring adults.

Idrissa nods lsightly while peering over at Soriana curiously. Normally Sori finds /her/ so she ponders this. "So you and Inkfoot catching lots of tunnelsnakes I take it?"

Soriana has her eyes in the skies! Or, currently, her eyes in the wherever it is Toral's gotten himself off to. Possibly still the skies. Or maybe she's just got it easy, because if she just goes to the stables, she'll find Idrissa there at least half the time. She grins at the question, and nods. "If he caught any more, he'd be completely round from eating them all."

Idrissa laughs and nods at this while chewing on a bite of food. "His a good little hunter then an't he?" She questions with an amused tone. There is a pause an she pats her pockets before pulling out a small package and offers it to Soriana. A smile seen. "I was trying to give this to ya for days now." Someone remember her friends turning day after all.

A good hunter who's currently sleeping the day away in his pouch, but yes. Soriana nods. "Sure is," she says, and takes a bite of sausage before… oh. Food is swallowed, and a hand is wiped down on her pants. "Y'shouldn't have." Not that she doesn't take the present!

Idrissa grins a moment. "Ya well.. I wanted to." She offers softly while taking a bite of fruit while eyeing her friend as she waits for her to open it! Within the box can be found a marble upon a thick cord much like Rissa has. Its multi colored with blue, green and gold and seems to sparkle and glitter when light hits it.

Soriana argues no further! Instead, she opens the box to find… is that a shiny thing? She lifts it up out of the box to discover it is, in fact, a shiny thing! A multicolored sparkly shiny. "Oh… thank you!" she says, and leans over to hug Rissa sidewise.

Idrissa chews on her lip a moment rather hoping that Sori likes it, well not like she has even really gotten someone a gift save her brother..but does that count? She smiles and then meeps at the hug before smiling and gives Sori a hug back. "Your welcome! I'm glad you like it." She ums softly and hehs a moment. "I'll admit I was sorta worried you might not like it."

Soriana laughs, and dangles the marble around her neck without further delay. "Whyever wouldn't I like it?" she asks in a practical sort of tone. "It's pretty! And where'd you get it, anyway? Was there another trader by that I didn't see?"

Idrissa smiles an ums. "Well I dono." She offers while peering at her friend rather glad she likes it! "Yup, stopped by before your turning day an since you wasn't around I got it." She can be sneaky!

Soriana grins, and nods. "Well, thank you!" she says. Did she already say that? Oh well, she can say it again! Also hug Rissa again, which she does. "I'll just have to see if I can find something for you! Yours is comin' up soon, after all." She grins.

Idrissa blushes slightly and gives Soriana another hug. "I'm really glad that you like it." She peers at her friend an oys softly. "I guess it is.. I wasn't even thinking about it." She makes a face at the thought.

Soriana laughs a little, and tilts her head. "Course it is. So what's wrong about that?" she says, having ignored her own. Doublewhatnow? "Maybe we'll get you a runner of your very own." Oooor maybe not, but hey. Idrissa certainly would appreciate it.

Idrissa chuckles and shrugs, a smile seen. "Never done much on it." She offers softly. In fact after everything with her family moving to the colthold it wasn't really brought up again. She lets her fingers grip at her green marble like stone at her neck. A grin seen. "A runner huh? Show off!"

Soriana laughs. "Nothin' but the best!" she says, and grins. "Nah, but really. Should do something fun for it. Kale's gone all party planner, we'll make him do a practice round."

Idrissa smiels and shakes her head. "Naw its alright. Really.." She offers softly. "I bet Kale could fall back on being a party planner if being a smithy doesn't work out." This said while she grins.

After all, Kale has the amazing ability to… write down words like games in his notebook! Soriana laughs. "Yeah, maybe. I'll believe it when I see it." And hear it, eat it, play it… she shakes her head, grinning. "We'll figure something." About Kale's beach party or Idrissa's? Who knows? She resumes her eating of dinner! Also conversation. Another evening about the caverns.

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