Kyriel is Searched!

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level
Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separated from the multicolored red and white sands by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher than the previous, and they are broken up into sections by three sets of staircases. Between the first and second section, a glass wall descends to separate the observers from the heat of the sands. Air is kept in motion through a set of fans, and so these seats are quieter and cooler than the rest… though the noise and heat of the sands is still present.
Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony overhead connects to the glass wall. Vents for cooling run along the bottom of it, and the ledge provides a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
The sand below is variegated in hue, individual grains of red and white that have a pinkish hue when seen from across the circle of the hatching grounds but - up close over that railing - are clearly two varieties mingled.

Summer isn't the best time for prolonged visits to the Sands, but at least most weyrfolk can leave when it might become too much! Kyriel's not here to rub proverbial salt in any proverbial wounds, however - he's here because he's bored curious and has the time this early morning to come see the new clutch. Could he, should he, just strut right out there? Nah. He'll settle for going right up to the railing … and maybe leaning on it more than one should. Slouching, even! Completely relaxed and somewhere lost in his own thoughts. —a perfect target–

It would probably be a whole hell of a lot more impressive a feat if Leirith weren't the size of… well… Leirith, BUT SHE IS. All of that sneaking she thinks she's doing probably isn't as sneaky as she'd like, but WHEN HAVE YOU EVER KNOWN THIS DRAGON TO BE DETERRED ABOUT ANYTHING? That's right, you haven't. Still, maybe if she dims her mind and, for just a moment, keeps all those thunderously tumultuous bass and drums to her damn self inside of her damn head, NOBODY WILL NOTICE HER APPROACH. Hopefully Kyriel is more entranced with the eggs than the dragon sheself because HERE SHE COMES, a not-so-sneaky sneaky sneak slithering along egg-ridden (OKAY THERE'S ONLY SIX BUT LET A QUEEN DREAM) sands to suddenly POP UP right in front of Kyriel and — BOMPF — SMACK HER FACE into that divider that keeps him very safe from that tongue clearly attempting to blep him. « MINE'S MINE. WHY ARE YOU ALL OF THE WAY UP THERE BEING DISAPPOINTING WHEN YOU COULD BE ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE BEING DISAPPOINTING? YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT LOOKS MUCH MORE LIKE BADASSERY WHEN YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY MINE AND MY XERMILTOTH'S FUTURE PROGENY. » Is she laughing? She's laughing, and there's no way to turn down that sound that she blares indiscriminately right into his skull. WUBWUBWUB. Thankfully, his mama is nearby, because suddenly Risali is also there, this time somewhere near Kyriel's elbow to THUMP her fist on the glass and watch as Leirith isn't AT ALL AFFECTED by her ineffectual fists and their even less effectual attack. "Is this monstrosity bothering you, baby?" He's old enough to have escaped those nicknames, but Risali just wouldn't be Risali if she let him outgrow it. "Leirith, get your tongue off the glass. You're smearing it." « NO. » WELL, SHE TRIED. RIGHT?

Growing up with the life Kyriel's had? He's learned a few things! Important life lessons such as: How to Play Along 101, 201 and, this mornings 301 class - placating a queen dragon's -ego- dreams. These shenanigans are probably as expected by this point. HE DID NOT COME HERE UNPREPARED! Does he jolt in surprise? Yes, but that's just to play along and listen, he's probably very likely enjoying it; even if he's rolling his eyes and doing the 'not impressed' teenaged thing. Can't be TOO invested, right? "If I wanted to hear about being a disappointment Leirith, I'd go find-" Who? WHO KYRIEL? The one apparently just -summoned- arrived? Kyriel flinches, not because he was almost caught saying something he'd (kind of) regret but more for that bass rattling his skull. "No," That might also be a 'yes' but said with love and despite the long suffering look he flashes her for the nickname. He's also trying not to snicker at his mother's FAILURE to stop Leirith from licking the glass. "… Didn't think she'd resort to that if she caught me looking." Sorry, not sorry! See that shrug? Not his fault (it's half his fault).

"Kyriel," comes with the adoring-and-yet long suffering patience only mothers manage to perfect when it comes to speaking with their children. "Leirith doesn't need a reason to resort to anything." HAVE YOU MET HER? Leirith seems to agree with this sentiment, a cacophony of more sound and the faint hints of carnival treats bleeding into their minds as she, without preamble, continues to blep the glass. PERHAPS SHE LEARNED THIS FROM XERMILTOTH AN AGE AGO AND ONLY FORGOT IT LONG ENOUGH TO ENJOY DISCOVERING IT AGAIN. « I DON'T BELIEVE YOU WERE DONE TALKING, LITTLE MINION. WHO WOULD YOU GO AND FIND? » Is she trying to get him in trouble? Probably. Leirith also finds it hilarious when people fall into their own traps and is only too happy to lead them to them in the most UPBEAT, CHEERFUL, IMPOSSIBLY UNDAUNTED WAY SHE KNOWS HOW. Still, Risali is also rolling her eyes and then fixing them back onto Kyriel, going up on the tips of her toes and reaching, reaching, reaching so that she can muse some of his hair and breathe out, "Faranth, you're tall like your dad. Could one of you have taken after me? I feel like I spend half my damn time looking up and being towered over. Why are you out here?" SHE'S A MOM, LET HER BE (and that might be a hint of mischief in her smile, as if she's trying to harass Kyriel with all the hair-musing affection most teenagers come to protest in their WISE OLD AGES). « THROW HIM OVER THE GLASS. I WILL SQUISH HIM DOWN TO THE SIZE OF DISAPPOINTMENT FOR YOU. » They can all ignore that little comment. Risali does, anyway.

Oops, looks like someone wasn't paying attention to class notes! Kyriel just brushes that off, all dismissive smirk and indifference. He's not arguing with her! And he's really trying hard not to even look at Leirith, despite the continued sound rattling about in his head. It's the tongue! He'll laugh and he might not stop because it's just ridiculous (again, with love). "What…? Oh, I don't remember." DEFLECTION! Who's the sneaky one now? NUH HUH, Kyriel's not going to fall into that trap! She's going to have to try harder! He's stubborn (surprise, surprise?) and he'll dig his heels in and DENY EVERYTHING. Up and up Risali reaches and Kyriel doesn't evade the obvious; he'll suffer through it… this time. She'll just have to deal with a sigh that's half scoffed. "You might still be lucky?" He's referencing his younger siblings of course! Why is he out here? He stares down at her, brows furrowing in thought for a heartbeat in a way that is not unlike a certain bronzerider. "I always come to see the eggs," he stops himself just before saying 'mom', realizes he did it and maybe there's a twinge of visible guilt. He goes on to add, even if he has to interject over a CERTAIN loud suggestion (also wisely ignored). "Had nothing else to do this morning," Truth? Lies? It's more likely a half-truth, he probably DOES have stuff he could be doing but is procrastinating. "So…" His hands spread outwards. Here he is!

Kyriel stops just shy of saying 'mom' and Risali's brows rise, as if she too heard the word clipped and omitted from the sentence even if she, after a lingering look, chooses not to comment on it. Instead, Risali is looking away from her son and out to… well… nothing. Her vision is blocked by the sight of her obnoxiously boxy queen making a nuisance out of herself. Give her a beat, two, five, and then the Weyrwoman is pulling herself up onto the railing, reaching out for just a moment to press her hand against the glass (which immediately reins Leirith in enough for the gold to bonk her nose against it, as if she might affectionately nuzzle her rider through the glass), and then Risali is turning back to face Kyriel, sitting on the railing this time as she does. It does two things: puts her up a little higher, but also allows her to sit. "Mhm," is how she chooses to respond, finding mental footing to start down the path of conversation again. "Well, Reverie doesn't look like she has a chance in hell of getting very tall, so I think just the women in our family are cursed." A beat, and then she's jerking her chin towards the Leirith-blocked-glass as if to indicate that her next question is insinuating the eggs sitting out baking. "What do you think?" Since he came ALL THE WAY OUT HERE WITH NOTHING ELSE TO DO BUT SEE THEM. Leirith snorts, as if this question is ridiculous. « HE THINKS THEY ARE BADASS OF COURSE. THERE'S NO OTHER THOUGHT POSSIBLE WHEN ONE LAYS THEIR EYES UPON THEM. » Risali elbows the glass (gently) this time and Leirith laughs, actually yielding and moving away so that she can pretend to keep herself busy by checking on all SIX OF HER FUTURE CHILDREN.

Is that relief? It's definitely a hint of some, when Risali allows Kyriel's transgression to slide without comment. He's been hot and cold lately with being openly affectionate to much of the adults of his blended family members; younger siblings, cousins, etc do not apply. IT'S COMPLICATED, OK? He's probably making it more complicated then it needs to be but Kyriel's young. It comes with the territory! "She's right," he admits, while pretending he's assuming that she cannot hear him. Risali can glimpse the crooked, boyish grin he makes no effort to hide! And if she's going to sit like that, he's going to too! Because it's a damn good idea and … maybe that's his way of apologizing for lamely pretending that they're not mother and son less someone (gasp!) witness it! Like half the Weyr doesn't already know. "They are badass looking!" Kyriel probably says something similar each clutch! "Looks like everything is good?" Normal — or normal for these particular clutch parents. He's probably just as relieved in that moment that Risali isn't taking the chance to pry ask why he isn't off doing something, anything, else.

"Don't tell her that," comes on a faux whisper, as if she ABSOLUTELY MEANS LEIRITH TO OVERHEAR because she absolutely does. "She's going to be insufferable about it." « I AM ALWAYS INSUFFERABLE AND ALWAYS DISAPPOINTING. IT IS WHAT I DO, MINION. I SUFFERABLE AND I DISAPPOINT AND THEN I'M RIGHT. » Because of course she is, because of course Kyriel thinks that her eggs are badass because of course they are. AS IF THERE WAS ANY OTHER OPTION FOR THEM. Leirith is a badass. Xermiltoth is a badass. The only possible outcome of their fallen tryst is a plethora of badasses, and while she is being smug about it, Risali is watching Kyriel join her on the railing and then huffing a soft laugh. "Alright, alright. Her head is big enough, Kyrie. And yes, the dragonhealers said they all look okay. We just need to let them harden up so that Leirith can get on with inviting everybody down to look at what she's done." A beat, two, three, and then Risali is tipping sideways into Kyriel to very gently bump him with her shoulder before leaning away. "Are you okay?" it's a soft question, one that comes with the kind of maternal concern that will never go away, not even after Kyriel has found somebody to love him and maybe start the beginnings of a family with. "You don't have to tell me, of course." But she's here to listen if he needs to talk.

"No promises," Kyriel smirks, as he offers both joking humor and a sliver of honesty. Has he purposely incited Leirith before? There's a very big chance of all signs pointing to 'yes'! He was a kid, still kind of a kid and likely did some questionable things in his younger Turns; one of which might have been 'what would happen if…?' when it came to the gold. Did he suffer consequences? Perhaps, perhaps. Perhaps a great many did and maybe he's only sorry for a small quarter of it! He nods without comment on Risali's filling him in on the eggs, only truly turning his head to look at her again when she bumps his shoulder. Her soft question brings a puzzled look to his features that is immediately wiped away by an obvious one; uncertainty. As though he'd been caught flat footed on something he wasn't even aware might've been lurking somewhere; his head is probably still echoing from all that bass and noise still! "It's nothing." Which means it's everything and nothing, so not an outright lie to his mother's face. He just can't pinpoint an exact issue; there's a few tumbling around in there. Some she knows well, others not so much and things Kyriel hasn't even remotely touched on and might yet still come to bite him in the ass at the most inconvenient moments! Such is the life of one his age. "Is it weird that I came to see the eggs or something?" IS HE GETTING TO OLD?!

Little chit. Risali doesn't comment on it, just gives him a look that would be alarming if not for the hint of a smile on her lips when she finally tears her eyes away. It's when Kyriel says, 'Nothing' that her attention returns, grey eyes jumping to his face, seeking something she possibly never finds because the smile she gives him after is a little too weighted, a little too sad, a little too understanding. "Alright," comes soft, as if she is willing to accept his answer but doesn't believe him. "But I'm here if you need to talk." About anything. As for it being weird to come and see the eggs, well… Risali leans back, looking onto the sands with a tilt of her head before righting herself and rolling one shoulder in a half shrug. It's not so much dismissive as it is a manifestation of her quandary. "No." It's not weird at all. She'll allow him to pretend like everything is normal if that's what works for him. "Do you want to get a closer look at them?" The eggs, she means.

"I know you are," Kyriel's tone and the way it is exhaled, carries a hint of exasperation, but it's not borne of frustration; it's just him expressing a truth, if a little rough around the edges. He's not about to sweep her up into a hug, either but he does tilt a look her way that suggests he IS grateful she is there and thankful too. Gone are the Turns that he'd run to her or any trusted family member over every little thing; he's probably got it in his head that he's old (ha!) enough now to start tackling the majority of his "problems" himself … at first, anyways. "Right now?" Kyriel darts a look over his shoulder, before looking back at her in a way that is almost adorably puzzled. Give him a second, two, three… and realization clicks! Or the assumption that has him leaping right into conclusions. "You mean… as a Candidate?" It might have come up in conversation once or half a dozen times over the Turns; largely innocent questioning, to any who would entertain it. Later, perhaps more awkward or weighed by emotions and deeper complexities when he was within the earliest age brackets to seriously consider it! Maybe, a certain someone spooked him from that decision for a few more Turns or it was just fate that led to the here and now.

Well now Kyriel has done it. Leirith has forgone pretending to tend her eggs to — BOMPF — bump her whole face right back into the glass again, giddy and exuberant exaltation that knows no boundaries and crosses every single line. « DO IT MINION. DO IT. DO IT. » "Alright, alright well, now you've done it. Yes, Kyriel, as a candidate. You'll need this," she breathes, producing a white knot from her jacket. "Just don't tell your dad because I'm pretty sure he'll never speak to me again and I kind of like the sound of his voice." IT'S A JOKE. Probably. Maybe. Maybe it's half a joke but that's besides the point. If K'vir is angry with her, they can talk about it later as adults and deal with their problems in the same way Kyriel suddenly seems intent to deal with his: on their own. Risali extends that aforementioned white knot between them, something tentative and hesitant in her posture as if afraid of how Kyriel will react to the offer between them. "And remember, baby. You can always say no." « BUT THAT WOULD BE VERY DISAPPOINTING. » "It wouldn't," Risali says, with conviction. "She only loves you too much to admit that she's terrified you'll turn down the most precious gift she can offer to you, but it's okay if you want to say no."

The ONLY regret Kyriel's going to have is the fact that he reflexively elbowed the glass in an attempt to do so to LEIRITH - and well, his hissed cursing probably says enough. He'll shake out his arm, grimacing and without apology for his language or the muttered comment of: "Let him be mad, then! He'll get over it." Oh, such confidence! Such disregard. SUCH ASSUMPTIONS! K'vir will definitely have feels about this; anger might not be among it. Fear is more like it or, at the very least, very real concern … because that's just how he rolls. WHO KNOWS! Kyriel won't hesitate. She offers the knot and he takes it and now it's just a waiting game to see if he actually goes through with it to the end. Plenty of what ifs~ He doesn't look too conflicted, still holding on to it even as Risali reminds and reassures him that he could say no. "I want this," Kyriel's states in full confidence and even straightens his posture for emphasis; it's moderately effective. It's maybe a challenge, too, to see if Risali's going to push a little, right now, right here. NO DISAPPOINTMENT THIS TIME, LEIRITH! "I was hoping maybe one of them," A dragon, he means, in this tangental side-step of open admission, "would but I still want a shot at it." Not that he's ungrateful for it coming from her - that'll mean something. It already means a lot to him!

Risali watches Kyriel for a long moment, quiet pride in her expression, a joy that comes with a sadness because she remembers the little boy who ran to her with every hurt, those tiny hands that trusted her so implicitly to keep him safe when the world was too dark. Now he's a man, one who is taking leaps to be independent — from her, from K'vir, from D'lei — and straightening his back as if Risali would try to talk him out of this. But there's a soft laugh that escapes her, one burdened with too much emotion, buckling under so much even as she tries desperately to keep it together because no matter how big Kyriel gets, he will always be her baby; he will always be the first one who made her a mother, the first little life who taught her as much as she taught him and weathered her every misstep with a grace she never found as an adult. "Kyriel," comes too soft, because Risali doesn't trust her voice, "She did ask you." And it's true. Leirith is the one who asked the question despite the fact that it channeled through her rider. There's a bloom of dancers and feathers in Kyriel's mind, a warmth that only expands with carnival lights and all those secret parts of herself she hides from the rest of the world. Here she is different; here her voice is quiet but no less giddy. « I have always found you worthy, Kyriel. And now I hope one of mine will see the same thing that I see in you. » And then she's gone, leaving Risali to that smile that's too wide and too painful and threatening tears, the same one she dismisses with another exhaled laugh and a tilt of her head towards the exit of the arena where he'll find the barracks. "You should go let the Weyrlingmasters know and they'll get you settled in. Congratulations, Kyrie. I love you. You're going to be great." A beat, and then, "And goodluck."

They had to know a day like this would come, eventually! Whether or not his path would be leading to this but, at the very least, towards independence. Kyriel is very promptly corrected from two sources at once; it's probably as overwhelming as the sudden onslaught of feelings. Which have him unable to make direct eye contact with Risali - but he's not as strong as he bluffs or imagines himself to be. So he'll express it all and hide at the same time … by hugging her. A quick, fiercely tight, hug where he doesn't linger too long. "Thank you," he manages to say that much, clearly wants to say more but he's got to -run- leave before things get real awkward and emotional. That might happen later, regardless, but preferably without an audience - or it might not. Kyriel might hit the ground running and not stop! "I hope so." Brief, that moment of vulnerability too. Hope. He'll pull himself together, give her a broad smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes but still holds genuine gleefulness. "I'll go and find the Weyrlingmaster now." he repeats, as though it's more his idea than just him going by her suggestion (and definitely taking an exit when presented with one). He's already begun to drift away at this point, readied to hurry off but he'll pause and, with a warmer expression, add: "Love you too, mom." And then? He's gone~ HURRYING RIGHT ON OUT OF THERE.

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