Sand and Sheep

Monaco Bay Weyr - Cove Beach
The darkling black of the sand merges with the crystal blue of the water, creating a brilliant and playful blend of color that fluctuates by sunlight and moonlight. The cove spreads from the mouth of the river towards the ocean, mixing saltwater with fresh for an invigorating rush that is teeming with life.

« No, I don't think I'll let you throwing a little fit scare me to the other side of the beach. » Rhieyeth sounds more amused than anything at the brown's annoyance and flicks her tail yet again. « Oh? So there's someone after yours? » Lyria giggles in Vanessa's arms and keeps those arms wrapped tightly around the Junior…until there's mention of building sandcastles. "Oh! Let's build one for Grumpy!" Yes, she just called him Grumpy. The tiny girl hops down into the sound with a smile and tugs at Vanessa as if asking for help. "How /have/ I been able to manage without you around, Chi? I'd like to take those ears of yours and..and…" And twist them!

A breeze flows through Monaco Bay Weyr, bringing with it a crowd of people. One of those groups consists of a brown, green, gold, three riders and a tiny four turn old who's now playing in the sand. The sun may be beating down on the Weyr, but it's a pleasant warmth rather than one to hide from indoors.

« There is but she doesn't like him as much as she thought she did. Humans are so picky. » Ceresth flashes an image of a man a bit older than her Vanessa sporting a weaver knot. Vanessa is highly amused by the little girl's nick name of Chi. "Hey Grumpy…wanna help us or you gonna sit there and be grumpy all day?" she giggles as she joins Lyria in the sand. "I think we'll need…some water. I wonder where we could find some water…" she says speculatively as she glances around. Ceresth offers a whuff of warm air towards the girl and Vanessa shushes her life mate. "Shh…" not that Lyria heard the queen's remark anyway.

It's certainly warmer here than Xanadu! Some times more than others, and today… that breeze carries a second gold along with it, but she's not one of Monaco Bay's. Luraoth's formal introductions were already made when she arrived, but the Xanadu senior announces her presence with an extended brush of her mind accompanied by a soft melody of bells. « Are these the best sands? » Soriana's been lucky enough to have a meeting postponed, so she gets to come along. She takes a look at the dragons already here, then glances to Luraoth and smiles crookedly before taking a closer look at the people accompanying those dragons. Riders, and also… a kid. She grins a bit as she watches that, though as she gets closer she lifts her eyes to the adults. "Xanadu's duties to Monaco Bay and her queens," she greets, with a warm smile and a tip of her head to the one here.

"I can imagine all sorts of things that you'd like to do with my ears," Chi smirks over at Miyan, if he can't enjoy one game, might as well enjoy another. He lets out a mock sigh, casting his eyes down to the ground. "Alas, poor Miyan, my heart could never be yours, for it longs to be free." To Nessa and the child she holds there's a slightly disgusted look. "Nah, I think I'll stay over here and avoid contamination. You never know what those things carry. Even sharing the same bit of air could prove fatal. And then all would mourn my passing."

« Ah…I think I recognize that one. She's young, there's no need to make up her mind just yet. » Rhieyeth flicks her tail in amusement, but the green's attention soon moves to the second gold arriving. There's a shimmer of bells that meets the other's and beneath the sound the soft tap of a drum begins. « They are indeed, come to enjoy a day at the beach? » Lyria is far too busy playing to pay attention to the new rider. Instead, she's pointing down at the water. "There! I see water, I'll go get it!" And off she runs…with nothing to carry it. Miyan is at least paying attention though. "And Monaco Bay's duties to Xanadu and yours." She smiles softly at the other Weyr's senior. Look at how nice and mature she is. Almost mature enough to not shoot at glare at Chi…but she does in the end. "You'll get a sound whack one day, just you wait!" So frustrating!

The arrival of the out of weyr Gold brings Ceresth to her feet, her golden hide trembling slightly with excitement. Her mind reaches out with a rush of wind that has a hint of autumn leaves along it. « Of course these are the best sands. They feel oh so yummy on an itchy hide! » she informs Luraoth matter of factly. Towards the green she spins her head to look briefly. « She often changes her mind! However I chose well when I let Sindrieth catch me.» of course she'll say she chose that. Yup. Nessa gives a giggle towards the young girl thoraces off towards the water. Calling after her. "You'll need a bucket..or something!" to Chi she gives a steady look. "When I have my own kids I hope you don't think that of my daughter!" she hrmphs a bit before turning a dazzling smile to Soriana. "Greetings to Xanadu and her queens. All is well I hope?"

Chi waves a hand indifferently in the air, "I'll think what I want, as it is, it will be your daughter or son and not mine." Chi glances over towards the new goldrider, frowning slightly and brushing off his legs. "Well, so much for babe-watching, suppose I shall make my exit stage left while the going is good." He does shoot a grin over at Miyan, "I'm sure you just want to keep your feelings for me, subtle, Miyan, and I'm flattered, but my heart just doesn't go that freely. You might want to try someone a bit less flighty, eh?

Luraoth's bells increase the complexity of their pattern, following the rhythm set by Rhieyeth's drum. « I do not know if an entire day, but I think I shall enjoy it. » She laughs, a quick and chiming flurry as if Ceresth's wind makes the bells dance. « Xanadu's sands are also fine. » There's pride in her mindvoice, but still. « I think these are warmer. » Luraoth walks out across them, feeling the sand around her toes before she stretches out like a languid cat and lies down. Soriana grins as she watches the little girl run off, then returns her attention to the grownups. The very mature grownups, to whom she smiles nicely before nodding to Vanessa. "Oh, everything's fine. I'm just catching up on meetings - and apparently the people I'm meeting with have their own things to catch up on." She smiles wryly. Isn't that the way of things sometimes? Soriana gives Chi a smile for his frown. "Have a nice day," she offers, politely, as if she didn't get the implication that she's making it otherwise. She looks back to Ceresth, considering the gold for a moment, then looks back to Vanessa. "And things are going well here, I hope?"

« I'm sure you chose very well, darling. » Rhieyeth's voice is soft when she speaks to Monaco's junior, and there's the shimmering equivalent for a smile. "My hands! I can use my hands!" Lyria insists this before moving over to scoop some water in her hands and then dashing back to the group. By the time she's gotten there however, she seems to have spilled it all. "What I have for you is a stick to your backside, that is what." The Wingleader huffs lightly at the brown before sighing and looking down at Lyria. "If you'll excuse me for a moment, I think we'll go and get a bucket for her." And she'll wander off with the four turn old in tow, though they'll both be back soon!

Vanessa no longer has a four turn old to play with. Sadness. Standing she brushes herself off from any sand though it is really impossible to have no sand cling to bare legs. "Ooh yes, meetings. Such things are quid unavoidable!" she says cheerily. Chi is completely ignored for the moment as she turns full attention and manners to Soriana. "Welcome to our beaches then. Please do enjoy yourself while you visit."

Soriana laughs as she nods to Miyan. "Maybe a little shovel, too?" It's the traditional pairing for buckets when it comes to beachtime fun! And then… wait. There's no more small children! Whatever will they do on a beach without small children? Luraoth has an idea, which is stretching herself out until she looks like a sand-dune with legs and tail and neck all extended. Soriana looks back to Vanessa, and smiles. "Oh, yes. We have to steal moments of vacation when we can!" Like this one! So… enjoying herself? "I'm sure I will." Luraoth already is, for that matter. Soriana glances to her dragon and grins, then looks back to Vanessa. "It's been just about long enough since her latest eggs hatched that I don't groan at the thought of sand anymore." « This sand is warm and nice. »

Ceresth snorts irritably after brown and rider as they depart too soon for her liking. At least now she can stretch out where Ansonth was and that's just what she does. She works to make a deep wallow in the sand which brings a groan to Vanessa's lips. "You'll be sandy in the strangest places Cer…" she murmurs. Alas though this could be an age old argument between the pair that will never change. To Soriana she smiles shly. "Ceresth soon will be egg heavy and ready to camp on the sands as well." she admits. "It'll be her second clutch."so young!

But the sand is warm and nice! Why think about the future when there's the present to enjoy? …and this is why dragons and riders have those age-old arguments, and Soriana doesn't manage to entirely hide her smile for Vanessa's groan. She's not even trying when it comes to Luraoth, just letting the gold drape herself across those sands. "Congratulations," Soriana says to Vanessa with a warm smile, and looks out at the wallowing gold. Maybe she's looking for signs, dragonhealer that she is, but it's rather hard with Ceresth half buried in the sands, so she just laughs a little and looks back to Vanessa. "Luraoth's second was easier than her first. She had more of an idea what she wanted." Her smile is a reassuring one. "Does Ceresth take well to the sands?" Hopefully the answer is yes, if she's going to be a frequent riser!

R'en comes from the direction of the weyr proper, alone and carrying his usual satchel of whatever it is that he carries with him. No dragon accompanies him or even seeks to meet him on the beach, so who knows where Sindrieth is or what he's keeping himself occupied with. The bruise on his cheek is starting to turn greenish-yellow, which means it's nearly healed - and he looks as though he's just gotten off of duty in the infirmary as there's splotches of what looks like blood on his shirt. The moment he sees two golds, and two women on the beach, he looks as though he's about ready to turn around and head back the way he came with the way he pauses to think.

Poor R'en…two golds and their riders on the beach! Vanessa gives her sand wallowing queen a fond look before replying to Soriana. "I…think so. She did well enough with her very first clutch on the sands even though it was small at only 4 eggs. She informs me though that she'll know better this time exactly what she wants.." she offers a small shrug. "She's quite pleased though at the clutch daddy. He's been showering her with plenty of attention." speaking of which something makes her turn her head slightly to spy R'en coming up from the weyr proper. A bright smile and a wave sent his direction will no doubt ensure that he won't just turn around and go back the way he came for fear of being rude before an out of weyr goldie.

Are they golds? Or are they just shiny lumps of sand? …okay, yes, they are actually golds, and the two women talking are their riders. Soriana nods to Vanessa. "First clutches often are. And we're none of us going to have the same sorts as they had back during the passes!" She smiles, and it increases as she talks about the clutch's father. "Oh, that's good! It's always nice when they get along and the queen can rest easier for knowing she has help." And then Vanessa is waving to someone back behind her, and Soriana was expecting someone to return, so she turns to see and instead finds someone new arriving. Someone bruised, but while her eyes flit to take in R'en's cheek (it's a bit hard to miss), she just smiles and waves regardless.

R'en is pretty sure they're not lumps of shiny sand, especially since the sand is black and they're… starkly, not black. Whatever hope he had of disappearing the way he came is dashed when Vanessa spots him, though he is trying to keep his expression from betraying the fact that he might still like to. He takes in a deep breath and walks closer, trying to look as though he was intending to continue on his own volition anyways. "Hey, Vanessa.." He offers lightly, before giving Soriana a look over and giving her a salute and offers, "Monaco's duties." He doesn't complete the full saying, as she's sure to have heard it enough already, right? "I didn't mean to intrude, or anything. Am I intruding?" He sounds almost hopeful.

"Oh no, not at all!" Vanessa says with blissful unawareness on any hopefulness on his part of escaping. "You just missed Chi and Miyan though Miyan will be back shortly. With a bucket!" like that explains a lot. "This is Soriana and she's from Xanadu." "And this is R'en whose lifemate is Sindrieth." Vanessa does the introduction thing.

"And Xanadu's," Soriana replies to R'en. Because she's said it enough? Or maybe she just assumes he can fill in the blanks. She returns the salute, too, though it's a bit on the casual side. "I'm just here enjoying Monaco's beach." As well as their duties! « The sands are warm, » Luraoth says in case anydragon had missed that part. « We should get black ones, and they will be this warm. » Cause and effect, not always a draconic strength. Soriana smiles. "It's nice to meet you," she says to R'en. "That's Luraoth over there." She indicates the wrong-colored not-sand dune, who wiggles a wing.

R'en looks down at himself before sighing, "Sorry, wasn't really prepared to meet weyrleadership from another weyr or anything." He tries to tuck his shirt in a bit more so that the blood stains look a little less apparent. Looking over towards the other gold on the sand with Ceresth, and gives her a bit of a nod. "Just the beach, or are you going to go swimming too?" He asks, since none of those here seem like they're prepared to go in the water - but maybe that was his intention. "Thanks for the introduction Vanessa." He adds, and gives her a quick smile.

It took a little bit to find Lyria's bucket (and shovel!), but after doing so the matching mother-daughter pair are finding themselves back at the beach with Rhieyeth in tow of course. « Black sands…a bit similar to Ista, yes? It would be nice. » They at least seem intent on swimming. Both are still in their coral one pieces, Lyria's sports a hip ruffle while Miyan has a sarong tied around her waist. "I was afraid everyone might have left already." She smiles at the two women again and then offers the same expression to R'en. Lyria isn't half as composed. No…she runs right up to the group and holds up her shovel and bucket. "Sandcastles! I want to build two, two big enough for me to live in!"

Vanessa offers a quick smile of understanding and says in a quiet whisper towards him. "I don't think the dirty shirt will bother hr much!" in a louder voice she says. "Oh no…well..not swimming really. Ceresth was wanting a bath. Again." she says with fond annoyance. "Though I think she's gotten comfortable in the sands now…" she glances to the queen who is quite content to lay in her sand wallow. "Chi left.." there's a troubled frown etched in Vanessa's expression though. "He's /got/ to learn to get along with others!" she says unhappily before the young child brings her smile right back. "Two of them? And big enough to live in? I hope you make it big enough for your mum and Rhieyeth too right?"

"Oh, that's okay. I'm not here for formal meetings," Soriana says to R'en with a warm smile, then laughs. "Or, well, I am, but they got postponed." She shrugs. What can you do? "Swimming would have been nice, if I'd planned ahead for it. But, well. Not this time!" Soriana looks over to Ceresth, who does indeed look comfortable. "The sandier she gets, the more she'll enjoy-" aka need "-the bath?" From one gold to the other, Soriana's attention goes on to Luraoth, and she adds, "We might have to come back. I think she's enjoying herself." She looks over again to see Miyan and Lyria returning, and waves to Miyan before looking down at Lyria and grinning. "Two, huh?" she asks the little girl, glancing to Vanessa before returning her attention to the child to ask, "One for summer and one for winter?"

"Well, I came to go swimming." R'en decides, see - that's an excellent way to get out of a social situation, and not seem like he's just being a jerkface for doing so. "Sindrieth is off trying to train his flock of firelizards, so I had some time to waste after my shift." He says with a bit of a grin and a shrug of his shoulders. Miyan and the little girl are given a bit of a wave as well, though with the arrival of children seems to be his cue to abandon ship. "Chi, huh. He's been pretty reclusive lately." He muses, and then shifts a bit on his feet before taking a few more steps towards the water. "Well, nice seeing you guys. Enjoy the beach."

"Hmmm….Do you think they'll fit? I have to make the SUPER big, really really big!" Lyria nods excitedly to Vanessa before turning to Soriana and beginning to hop from one foot to the other in excitement. "Yes! Then we can camp all the time!" Her enthusiasm is accompanied by a laugh from Miyan. Rhieyeth on the other hand will simply settle down and enjoy the warmth of the sands. "Enjoy your swim, R'en." The greenie smiles at R'en and sends him a little wave before sighing a bit, "I'm sure that Chi is fine. He may be a bit difficult, but he isn't bad…I used to talk to him quite a bit more before he disappeared." A flicker of worry appears, but she pushes it away to instead smile at the others again.

Vanessa waves towards R'en as he heads towards the water. "We may join you later!" maybe. Depends on how long before Ceresth is finally ready for that bath. Soon enough her attention is pulled from the departing bronzer to the excited four turn old. "You'll need /lots/ and /lots/ of sand then to make it that big!" she challenges the young one. A brief flicker of her own worry haunts her blue eyes before fading away. It's nothing to worry about in front of company after all. "You are most certaintly welcome back whenever, of course." she says to Soriana. "If you like to star gaze then night time is perfect for that."

"The water does look nice," Soriana agrees to R'en and his most excellent excuse. The part about a flock of firelizards just makes her laugh, then shake her head slowly. "I bet these beaches are great for firelizard eggs, aren't they?" she muses, then waves to him as he departs. "Nice meeting you!" she says. She's pretending she doesn't hear the parts about Chi. Not her business what a brownrider at another Weyr has or hasn't done, though she's not perfect at the pretense and so there's a little bit of a concerned frown before the small child chases it away. Sandcastles! For summer and winter! She nods agreement to Vanessa. "Maybe you should start with just one room," she says, considering. "Or a little one, firelizard-sized! Then Rhieyeth can tell you what she thinks before you build the big one." She smiles to Vanessa and her offer. "Thank you. I'll certainly try! I think…" She hmms, thinking. "…did Zahleizjah end up here?"

"Do we have enough sand?" Lyria looks up at Vannessa with big eyes, but apparently the little girl is going to rise to the challenge. She claps her hands together and scoops up some sand in the bucket before turning to Soriana. "One room castle! Rhieyeth doesn't like fire lizards…she says they're very annoying and don't need homes." Not that Lyria seems to agree. In fact, she's pouting a little bit at that. "Will you help?" Miyan is already crouching down on the ground to gather some sand, "She did…she's in my wing actually, very sweet girl." The greenie smiles a bit and then nods over to Vannessa. "Though I think she and Vannessa know each other a bit better than I do."

Vanessa nods her head. "Oh yes! Zahl and I stood together for the clutch that Ceresth came from." her gaze sadness a bit. "She didn't impress though and I hope she doesn't dislike me because I did." quickly the shadow of a frown is chased away as she watches the excitable child rise to the challenge. "Of course I'll help." she too kneels down to help gather sand. "She's always up at night watching the stars. I think she even gave R'en a far viewer."

"Firelizards can be trouble if they don't behave themselves," Soriana says to Lyria, "But I think that if they're good firelizards, they can be nice instead of annoying." She glances up at Rhieyeth, and grins. "Maybe that just means the firelizards need a home that's far away from her!" Soriana laughs, then nods. "Okay, I'll help." But first, she nods to Miyan about Zahleizjah, then looks to Vanessa. Her lips curve in a crooked smile. "Me too. I mean, she stood with me too." There's an almost sad look for a moment, and then Soriana shakes her head. "Maybe her dragon's out there somewhere among those stars." She lowers herself to the sand, sitting back on her heels and trailing her fingers through the black grains.

"She's so sweet, I don't think she likes either of you any less. I do, however, think that she has a dragon waiting for her somewhere. It might be taking her a little longer to find hers…but I have a good feeling about that girl." Miyan smiles softly and continues to pile up the little stacks of stand. Rhieyeth lets out a little huff of air at Soriana's words, which…apparently means agreement. Those fire lizards best find their homes far far away from her. "Mom says I can't have any…but she gave me an ovine!" Because that is just such a completely normal thing to do.

"An ovine?" Vanessa pauses a moment in her sand collecting efforts to peer at the child as if to ensure she heard correctly. "What would you do with an ovine?"

Soriana smiles and nods her agreement to Miyan. "She still invites me to things sometimes, it's just been hard to make the timing work. I do hope to catch up with her soon, though." Once she's taken care of all the other things she has to do, that is. "If there wasn't something the dragons liked in her, they wouldn't keep searching her." That's matter of fact, and Soriana starts to mound some sand together, nodding to Lyria about those firelizards and… an ovine. "…huh. Maybe that's what we should do with that caprine."

"It's a pet! I haven't decided a name though…" Lyria declares the first statement proudly and the second a little dejectedly. "Ah, you've never met Wolly have you Vannessa? He's my ovine, but I thought he needed a friend." So she got a second ovine. Which…isn't exactly normal. "What's a ca-cap…caprine!" It takes her a moment to say the world, but the little girl pauses in her sand gathering to look up at Soriana with curious eyes. "Can you eat it?"

Vanessa keeps casting long looks towards the waters, perhaps hoping to catch a glimpse of R'en swimming. Her distraction is no doubt starting to show as she answers Lyria. "Oh that's nice…no I've not met Wolly. That's a good name though. Of course he needs a friend."

"…well, you can," Soriana says, and grins to Lyria. You can eat most anything, including sand, if you put your mind to it. "Caprines are sort of like ovines, but they're taller and less fluffy, and their horns aren't quite as curvy." Ovines (and caprines) are normally found in groups, right? So it makes perfect sense… ish. "My weyrmate has one, but we keep her with the weyr herds. Maybe when my son's older, she'll be his pet."

"Would you like to go and swim Vanessa?" Miyan no doubt notices the distraction and glances at the Junior with a soft smile. "Does he like caprines? I think I like caprices!" Not that Lyria has ever played with them, but apparently she likes the idea of these creatures. She's /probably/ seen them around somewhere and just doesn't know it though. "Your…weyrmate is the Weyrleader Ka'el, yes? He visited Monaco not too long ago. He's very kind. We talked a bit while I was waiting for my own weyrmate. Now that I've met the pair of you, I can say that you make a wonderful couple." Though if they aren't weyrmates, Miyan has put the proverbial foot in her mouth.

Vanessa jumps, startled as once more her attention has shifted from the sands to the waters. "I…maybe." she admits with a blush. "I don't want to be a bother to R'en though in case he wanted to be a lone." she says shyly. The conversation about weyrmates has her turning her attention again to the green and gold pair. "It must be really neat to have a weyrmate. Unless they snore. Then maybe not so much. Ceresth snores but it's cute."

"I think he will," Soriana answers Lyria, and laughs. "He's still a baby, not quite a turn old. But he likes looking at animals!" So, extrapolate out a few turns, add a dose of hope… and maybe. Soriana looks up to Miyan and grins, nodding to the name and then giving an abashed little laugh at the end. "Well… thank you," she says. Even if Miyan's only seen the two halves separately! "You should come see us sometime at Xanadu." In fact… "We'll be having a party for Skyler when he turns one." She grins. "Bring the whole family!" Though maybe not the ovines. She turns her attention to Vanessa, and smiles. "When weyrmates work out, it's like how it is with your dragon - someone you can rely on, someone who's there for you and who you're happy with. But… sometimes it's heartbreak and arguments. It's not easy, but for the right person, it's worth it."

"I don't think it would hurt to ask. That was always my problem, I was too afraid…but you'll regret it more if you just leave things be, even for something as simple as swimming together." Miyan smiles again before turning her gaze to Lyrai, who has gone all wide-eyed. "A BABY! Oh oh! I want to meet him, mommy can we go? Please? Please?" A daughter that likes children and animals. Either Miyan is very lucky or very unlucky. She laughs a little bit and pats Lyria's cheeks until she calms down. "If you really wouldn't mind it…we'd be happy to come for his turn day." Without the ovines! "J'yn and I had quite a few issues before we worked out. I…did quite a few things wrong, but despite all that everything else pales in comparison once you find the right one. Just as Soriana said, it's almost like how things are with your dragon."

Vanessa gives a firm nod as she decides something. "It'll be worth it..just the right person." she murmurs as she stands. "I think I'll go swimming then." a shy smile is cast to the pair. "I'll see you around." with a wave she heads towards the water. Despite not wearing a swimming outfit she's only clad in light shorts and a tank top so that works to swim in as well!

What about baby animals? Soriana grins at Lyria's excitement (it's like a window onto what Skyler might be like in a few turns), but looks up to Miyan for the answer. "We'd love to have you!" She grins. "It's… well, probably going to turn into a bit of a gather, all things considered." When the weyrleadership throws a party, that sometimes happens unless they work very carefully to keep it small. So, three more… are nothing at all to mind! …and this is the sort of thinking that leads to it being a bit of a gather, but Soriana's okay with that. She looks back to Vanessa as Miyan talks about weyrmates, and nods her agreement. "Ka'el and I had our fights too. Really though… there's no way to know whether it'll work short of trying." And it seems Vanessa is willing to try, so Soriana smiles to her as she waves. "Have fun!" she says. "It was nice seeing you… especially outside a meeting." And then Soriana returns her attention to the sandcastle already in progress.

"Have a wonderful swim, Vanessa!" Miyan calls out after the retreating Junior before turning her attention back to the woman that still remains. "Let us know as soon as you've picked a date and I'll be sure to bring this little monster then." And that's all Lyria needs to start hopping up and down excitedly. "Presents! I'll pick a present!" Tiny fingers start scooping up sand in a large pile, "This big! No…this big!" She piles it higher and higher until it's about half her size and then starts to fashion it into a castle sort of thing. And by that, it means she starts poking holes in it. "I can make him a sand castle!" Because this makes sense to a girl that's only four!

"I will," Soriana assures Miyan. "His turnday's in a month, and I think the actual day is free…" But with weyrleadership also come important meetings that are hard to skip out on, so she has to double-triple check that. "We'll get invites sent." …Luraoth, remind her to put that on her todo list, okay? Soriana laughs as she watches Lyria assemble her sand castle… present? "He might like that," she admits. "I don't know that it would stay a sand castle, but… he'd have fun?" Knocking things over is one of the very best games for babies.

"I think a sandcastle might be a bit too hard to take there Lyria…" Miyan laughs softly and shakes her head at the girl. Not that Lyria seems to be listening. "Daddy can take anything anywhere!" This is the proud declaration made as she continues to poke holes in the sand, and that leaves Miyan to provide an explanation. "He's the Wingleader for the transport wing here…which…" Should hopefully explain things. "I hope that your day remains free, I'm sure you'll put on a wonderful party!" Even Rhieyeth, who has been snoozing in the sands so far, seems to be interested in all this. "What's his name?" Another curious question coming from Lyria.

…just pour some glue in the sand, and… wait, no, this isn't something Soriana should be encouraging, and better yet, she manages not to! She just… grins, and nods to Miyan's explanation. "I've seen transport riders delivering live spiderclaws." So sandcastles? Not so hard! Luraoth lifts her head, peeking over curiously from her stretched semi-wallow. Soriana nods to Miyan. "That's our plan!" she says, then grins to Lyria. "His name is Skyler. He likes talking to people, but he doesn't know many words yet." …it's only talking if you stretch the definition, but.. close enough!

"Spiderclaws?" Lyria's eyes go wide and she looks from one woman to the other before letting out a proper squeal. "Ewwww! They bite and hurt! I don't like those one bit!" And as if to emphasize the fact, she pats the sandcastle down a few times with her not so mighty fists. "Skyler is a wonderful name," Miyan says with a smile. and her daughter is apparently in agreement be a use there are several nods from her. "Don't wotry, I can teach him!" Such high ambitions from such a young child!

Soriana attempts to hide her grin. She only partially succeeds. "But they're tasty." Luraoth croons her agreement, eyes flickering with hunger for a brief moment. Not because she actually is, just because of the thought. Mm, spiderclaws! "Especially if you boil them with herbs." At which point they're not going to be doing any biting, either. Skyler is… "Much better than Rover. Or Spot." Soriana grins crookedly, then more fully at Lyria's claim. "Can you? What are you going to teach him to say?" As if her son is a parrot. …actually, at his age, that's not entirely inaccurate.

"No! No no, so gross!" Lyria squeals again and looks between Soriana and Luraoth. A moment later she's standing up and hopping from one foot to the other, "They bite and look bad and so mean and ugly!" This is apparently her reasoning there. Even Miyan can't help but laugh at all of this, and eventually there's a slight headshake. "Much better than Rover." There's agreement, but Lyria seems to be taking over the conversation again. "I'll teach him…I'll teach him….how to say hello!"

Soriana really is doing her best to not laugh at Lyria, but the girl is making it difficult. So there's definitely a grin that escapes, and an entire moment or three before she actually says words. "I'll make sure to keep them away from you." Luraoth chirps. « I will eat them. » "…and Luraoth will help." That's more or less what she said, anyway. Soriana looks up at Miyan with an expression somewhere between amusement and foreboding. So this is what four turn olds are like, huh? Opinionated and… talkative? Because as soon as they've had a chance to comment on the names, it's back to Lyria again. "Hello is a good thing to say!" Two syllables, nice and easy. "Will you teach him goodbye, too?"

"Really?" Lyria looks from Soriana to Luraoth and then back again. "Won't let them bite me?" Because this is /very/ important. It might be the difference between going to Xanadu or not. Because in a girl that is four turns old? Her entire concept of Xanadu apparently seems to be SPIDERCLAWS! Miyan can't help but catch that look and smile in return. There might even be a quiet laugh that escapes her lips. This is what her baby is like at least…maybe Soriana and Ka'el will get lucky? "Should I? Saying bye is no fun though…but saying hello is!" Lyria stops her little hopping dance long enough to smile, "Okay maybe…see you later! How about that?"

Soriana nods somberly to Lyria. "I promise. We won't let any of them bite you." Luraoth croons, nodding her own, much larger, head. Not that there were likely to be any spiderclaws at the party - live or otherwise - before, but now it's going to be on purpose! Whether or not Miyan's laugh is actually reassuring, Soriana is back to a grin as she continues the conversation with Lyria. "But if you don't say goodbye, how can you say hello again?" …probably very easily, if you're four, but never mind that. "See you later?" Soriana hmms, considering that, then nods. "Okay, that works! And then you can say hello." …in (adult) theory, there would be time in between the 'seeya!' and the 'hi!'

"Good!" Lyria smiles enthusiastically, and if Soriana doesn't dodge the tiny girl will be lunging forward to try and give the recently met woman a tight hug. "You're like my dad, a hero!" Because this is how a little girl's logic works. She'll take a couple of steps backwards then and settle down in the sand while sweeping her legs back and forth…the bottom part of a snow angel? "Yes! Hello and then see you later and then hello again…when you go for work! He can say it then!" For such a little girl, she really is wordy. "The talking comes from her father's side." Miyan's amused interjection is all that comes from the woman because really…what else is there to say? Lyria is a natural conversation carrier!

Soriana doesn't dodge. She is not afraid of whatever it is that small children allegedly carry (probably because she's caught it from Skyler already), and so she not only accepts the hug from Lyria, she returns it. Heroically! …by which we mean with mild bemusement but genuine enjoyment. "Everyone can be heroes if they try hard to help others," she says. Because apparently she's turned into that person who has the uplifting moral messages. And Skyler - if Lyria has anything to say about it (and oh, does she have things to say!) will become a talkative baby. "He can say that! And then he can say hello to the nannies, too." There are so many people, and Skyler will greet them all. Soriana laughs to Miyan. "Skyler's got his father's smile, I think. Puts it to good use, too!"

Lyria apparently likes the sound of this moral message because she's suddenly puffing out her chest and putting both hands on her hips. "I want to be a hero too!" Yesterday she wanted to be a harper and about three hours ago she wanted to be a canine healer but that's besides the point…she's suddenly very inspired! "Oh oh…how about…good morning! And good night! And…" And Lyria has forgotten the most important thing of all, which she nows says as more of a squeal than anything, "I love you! I'll teach that!" Miyan can only sit there and look amused at all the going ons, "Sometimes you have to wonder what goes on in their little heads…and how they manage to be such a handful while also being absolutely charming."

That - among other reasons - is why they don't let four turn olds apprentice. Lifetime commitment nothing, most of them aren't ready to make an afternoon-long commitment. But oh, do they have enthusiasm, and Soriana smiles warmly. "Well then, you make sure to watch out for people who need help!" Lyria the hero! Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Good words… of which Lyria has a great many other examples, and Soriana glances to Miyan with that look again - yay possible futures? - before returning her gaze to Lyria and her message of… love. Soriana blinks, and then a grin settles onto her face. "That is a good one! And a very heroic thing to share." For Soriana's definitions of heroism, at least. Something has Luraoth lifting her head, as though she's listening, and a moment later Soriana gets that sort of an expression too. "…it's almost like they're listening to a bondmate that we've forgotten how to hear," she says to Miyan belatedly. Or maybe it's an entire fair of somethings, all flittering around and making chaos inside the heads of children. "But it's most certainly an adventure." Her gaze settles on Lyria again, though she's maybe more thinking about her own child as she says, "…and worth it." Luraoth chirps, and Soriana sighs. "And, it looks like my meeting-" the one that she planned ahead of time, anyway "-is ready, so I'd best be getting to that." She smiles. "It was nice to meet you!"

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