Surf and Turf

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.
Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.

A couple of candlemarks past midday and Kera has finished her duties for the day, and wasted no time testing out the new 'boots' that were suggested to her. Moncerath floats on the lake, her wings holding up on the water as Kera stands on the green's back. The still dragon suddenly propels into motion, her tail swishing to an fro, causing the pair to move forward. Kera balances, arms moving as needed to keep her upright. Her feet actually keep their place on the wet oily hide til the green begins to turn away from the rapidly approaching shoreline. While the water is still deep, Kera takes a knee before sliding down the green's side headfirst into the water.

Lunch at home is a rare occurrence. One that Ka'el takes advantage of whenever he can! So today, after having finished up with Galaxy, he found an hour or so in which nothing has been scheduled. So, home he's gone! And eaten food. And possibly taken a nap. But such luxuries don't last long, and the Weyrleader exits his coastal abode to head back towards the Caverns and administration hall. He doesn't get far though. He spies Moncerath out in the water and shields his eyes from the glare of the sun to watch her. Is that Kera on her back? Likely! His eyes squint as he watches the green glide through the lake with her rider balanced. A brow arches as he lowers his hand and slows his walk, grinning a little as the greenrider dives into surf. He slows even more as he nears the shoreline, watching for signs of her emergence.

Kera does eventually surface, not very far from where her dragonmate is is drifting along with with the current she generated. Blinking water from her eyes, squints around and notices how close they are to the shoreline, spotting a few figures scattered around the beach. Ooh, and there's Ka'el among them. Sending a wave shoreward as she wades back to the sand. Even though she's on the sand now, she sloshes squelches with each step as her odd little boots are filled with. A quick salute to the bronzerider "G'afternoon sir." She looks back around the beach and almost seems disappointed to not see the 'little man in charge', meaning Skyler.

Ka'el grins. There she is! He lifts an arm to wave at the greenrider once her head has popped up out of the water. He stands just out of reach of the foam as it rolls up on shore, waiting patiently as she moves towards him. His attention drops down though once she's out of the water, head slightly tipping as he eyes those boots on her feet. "Good afternoon, Kera," he answers before his eyes lift to hers again. "Dragon surfing, today?" he supposes with a faint yet amused looking smirk. "Generally, those who spend time with their lifemates in the lake tend to keep their boots on the shore," he notes with a brief glance down to those boots again. "..Are those a new style?" They certainly look a little different. And it's true, Ka'el does not have his little mini-me at his side today. The nannies have the luxury of keeping him today!

Kera gives up the search for Ka'el's clone and turns a sudden grinning nod from the bronzerider to the dragon bobbing along in the deeper water. "Yea actually." Peering back to Ka'el with a slightly perplexed expression, at his comment, then after looking to her feet, she chuckles "Oh, They were Soriana's marvelous suggestion. Sorta. They're dolphineer boots. She mentioned I should talk to a dolphineer, so I visited my mom." Shrugging as if everything suddenly became clear, Kera stretches first one leg back and up, water draining from the booty, then the other. "They keep good traction even on a freshly oiled hide."

"Dolphineer boots?" repeats Ka'el with another look to them, brows gently elevated. "Not a bad idea, actually. Granted, not too much standing happens on dragons, but I could see a great use for those come bathing time and, of course, oiling." A smirk for that. "The constant, never-ending battle of oiling a dragon who insists he be oiled far more often than any other dragon I've known." He laughs and shakes his head. "Is your mother a dolphineer?" he guesses after taking a moment to try to remember if she's told this to him before. "I do know she makes excellent cookies! She .. hasn't send you any lately by chance, has she?" he asks, brows lifted just slightly in a vague look of hope.

Kera nods, glancing once more to the flexible little boots then chuckles "Yea, expecially with no straps, I spent more time windmilling my arms and sliding into the water on my backside, right over Moncerath's side." She makes a swooshing motion with her hand a she visually tries to demonstrate her previous attempts. "They could very well come in more than handy for general scrubbing and oilings." Head dips forward agreeably "Yes sir, cookie lady is a dolphineer too. She has to do something in between batches of sweets." Not missing the hopeful look, she smiles "She did send another box on my turnday, but well, I was in a mood, and they didn't last very long. Sorry." A shrug is offered, but she doesn't seem /that/ appologetic over it. "I'll visit again soon though and won't leave to she makes a double batch. Sound fair?"

"You may be on to something there with those boots, Kera, especially for the Weyrlings! I wouldn't be too surprised if the Dolphincraft suddenly had an influx of orders for their specialized boots. They'll have you to thank for their increase of revenue." A grin from the Weyrleader now, and it stays on his face with the talk of cookies. Who wouldn't grin when the conversation turns to cookies? "I don't think I knew that about your mother. Her skills in baking I won't ever forget though. I don't blame you for having eaten the whole batch that was sent to you, even if your mood wasn't sour." He laughs at the promise she makes. "Sounds fair to me. And if she protests, then you'll just have to let her know that you're on a mission for me. Weyrleader's orders and all that," he says, playfully. "And, ah, that reminds me of something! I'm glad I've run in to you, actually. I have a request."

Kera seems momentarily surprised the idea may be expanded on, but it passes quick enough. A answering shake of her head to correct Ka'el on one point. "It should be the Weyrwoman who gets any thanks for filling their pockets. It was her suggestion for me to seek out a dolphineer afterall." Nodding now that credit has been placed where it belongs, Kera can't help but chuckle as he threatens Weyrleader's orders in order to get some fresh baked cookies from Rubicon. "Hmm, hopefully it won't come to that. Would be a shame to waste a Weyrleader order on a batch of cookies, when ya could get a cake out of it." An amused wink flashed to her friend before she nods at the topic change. "Sure, what do ya need sir?"

"She can definitely share the credit with you. In fact, she gets thanked and credited so often, she'd probably be happy for you to take all the credit, with just possibly an honorable mention of her name." Ka'el smirks and lightly gestures down the shore with his head in invitation for her to walk with him. He begins to do so, parallel to the water, his pace a slow and meandering one. "A cake. Hmmm, now that's tempting. Tempting enough that I may have to go with you whenever you visit," he says, grinning. "I ought to check in on Rubicon soon anyway, and … I've never met your folks. I'm good with parents," he says confidently. "Mothers love me." Most mothers. "And all this speak of visits and cookies from your ma reminded me that Skyler's turnday is in a few sevens. Soriana and I are planning a party, and I want to invite you." He lifts a hand, as if to stall argument. "I understand your duties to your craft may not grant you the time, but you're still invited. If you can't make it, we won't be offended."

Sydney is considerably more tan than he was the last time that he had bumped into the young woman. Following her departure and his brief conversation witht he weyrwoman Sydney had indulged himself. Indulged himself a great deal as a matter of fact. And upon polishing off the bottle of wine he had meant to give a certain redheaded werywoman, he had promptly and quite effectively passed out on the beach. When a person does this they tends to take a bit too much of Rukbat and consequently he burned. So along with a rather nasty hangover he had to deal with a burn on top of it. Thankfully though, it has turned into a tan and there are no lingering ill effects. He now makes his way along the shore, walking in a resonably straight line and from all apperances is sober. Looking ahead he spots Kera and another gentleman further on down the shoreline and begins to work his way toward him.

Kera steps along with Ka'el along the beach, her steps veering waterwards from time to time to splash cool water up on her warming skin. Casting a grin to Ka'el when his thoughts briefly turn towards decending on Rubicon to get a cake. The invitation to the little man's turnday party catches her off guard. Canting her head, she ounts off on her fingers quietly before shrugging "Wow, hard to imagine his turnday is sneaking up already. I'ld love to come!" She nods agreeably "I'll try to be there, even if I have to trade shifts." Grinning still, her head shakes slightly "Seems like just a couple sevendays ago you were bringing him out to meet people and nods…" Time does fly. As they meander on, she spots a figure walking there way, and has to do a double take to actually place him. He's not at all wobbley, and much tanner than she has seen him to be. Lifting a hand to wave to the man advancing. "JourneyHarper Sydney?" Her gaze narrows to squint against the glare "You seem…" She trails off before 'sober' slips out and she accidently insults the Harper.

Ka'el chuckles and leans towards her a little, as if he's getting ready to share a grand secret. "I'll give you some helpful advice about getting the time off. Let your shiftmaster know that you've been personally invited and both the Weyrleader and Senior Weyrwoman are hopeful that you'll come. And also give him the hint that if you don't come, I'll assume it'll be because you couldn't get the time off, and I'll be very disappointed to know that he couldn't find a way to give you at least a few candlemarks to make an appearance." He leans away after that, his grin still present. "I couldn't believe it either. Soriana and I were talking the other day, and it hit me then. An entire turn. It hasn't seemed so long, but … I see babies that are younger than him, smaller than him, and I realize how much he's grown. That walker thing you bought him really has helped him come along. He likes being set in it now, and I wouldn't be surprised if he masters walking by the end of this seven," he boasts confidently. His attention turns with hers though to an unfamiliar man. Unfamiliar to him anyway. Kera seems to know him. "Good afternoon," he greets.

To all apperances Sydney is sober. It's a very sad day when you find this man out and about without the strength and fortitude that alcohol allow, "Burned a bit, yes indeed my good lady." he replies to her assuming that was what she was going to comment on, "Alas I indulged a bit overly much and fell asleep on the beach shortly after you left on your errand." he says feeling the need to explain himself. The man walking at her side also garners some attention, his eyes spot the weyrleader knot and he can't help but grin. He's now had the pleasure of meeting the senior and the weyrleader. Will wonders never cease? "Good afternoon my good man." he says extending his hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Sydney. Just passing through your lovely weyr, and enjoying all it has to offer." Mostly the tavern. He then turns his head toward the healer, "It's also been a great pleasure getting to you know, my good lady, but I'm afraid this might be the last time we see each other. I'm going to be leaving in the next day or so for Ista to continue my adventure."

Kera steps seem to bounce a bit as Ka'el relays how well the little man is doing with the walker. "I'm glad he likes it, and that it actually seems to be helping." Tapping her chin thoughfully "I'll need to go shopping around for good turnday gift." Looking back to Sydney, she grins. Tan, yes, that works much better than what she was going to say. Kera nods agreeably, though winces a little hearing the 'fell asleep' on the beach. And considering the time of day it was, he may have resembled a spiderclaw for a time. Rather than inquire about if he had his burn tended, she when he mentions moving on to Ista, something about htat cause a chuckle to slip out of the greenhealer "Oh, I suggest you take to carrying a rope with you then. Never know when one may come in handy on those isles. You'll certainly find an adventure or two in that area. Maybe even an old ship crashed in the middle of one of the islands." No maybe to it, it's there somewhere, Kera just hasn't found it again. "Next time you find yourself back this way, we'll have to compare notes." Kera flashes a grin and looks back to Ka'el as he meets the wandering JourneyHarper

Fell asleep on the beach? That couldn't have been too comfortable! Or safe, if he did so in the middle of the day. Ka'el watches the man and smiles as he extends his hand to clasp the other's and give a firm shake. "Well met, Sydney. I'm Ka'el, Weyrleader of Xanadu and rider of bronze Kanekith. I'm glad that you'd had a moment to enjoy the Weyr in the midst of your journey," he says before releasing his hand. "And making friends along the way," he supposes with a glance to Kera as the two of them seem to know one another, at least as acquaintances. He falls quiet as the talk turns to Ista, his gaze shifting to Kera as she gives her advice. "Rope?" he says curiously, chuckling after. "Ista has grand beaches," he says, looking back to the man. "Black sands, if I remember correctly. And I believe the Weyr has a new Senior Weyrwoman. I have yet to meet her, but their last Senior was an interesting woman. Good luck in your travels."

Sydney is pleased enough to meet Ka'el, he seems to be the welcoming sort. He lets his hand fall when the weryleader drops it and smiles, "I had not heard that there had been a change, but I don't often hear such things so I'm a horrible person to go to for all the latest up to date news. I suppose its possible that I will meet her though if she is out and about." Certainly not opposed to meeting anyone at least once, "Luck?" he asks, "No sir. Luck is only for those who encounter the world unprepared. I'm always prepared." he says tapping the pocket of his pants that holds his flask. There is one last task that must be taken care of here before he can move on, and Kera will be the perfect one to carry it out, "I still have not bumped into Innes and I'd like to see her again before I go." he explains to the healer woman, "If for some reason I don't make it could you convey this message for me?" he asks, and assuming Kera will say yes he adds, "Just tell her this: I enjoyed our evening together and I look forward to another round when I return."

Kera cants her head to Ka'el when he questions her suggestion of a rope and nods "Yea, Was exploring one of the isles with N'talya a few turns back, and twisted my ankle when I fell out of that skeleton of a ship." Smirking at her own past mishap, her gaze goes back to Sydney. "That' why I think a rope is a good thing to have on hand when 'exploring'." She does nod agreeably with Ka'el added info about the area. At the favor Sydney ask, she blinks, flashing a quick glance to the bronzerider then the Harper. Nodding, her lips move quietly as she repeats the requested messege back to herself a couple of times, "I'll look for her this evening and make sure she gets the messege sir." And most likely more than a little bit of teasing her friend. Tis only fair considering how much delight Innes gets from teasing Kera over things.

The mystery of the rope has been solved! "At least a lesson was learned. And .. a lesson that could come from that is: "steer clear of skeleton ships"," he says, rubbing his chin gently. "So, Sydney, my advice to you is to stay away from skeleton ships or anything else that looks as if it may fall through at any given second." Words to live by! The traveler's thoughts on luck are regarded with a featherlight shrug. "I'll take it back then. Any unfortunate events that may happen can't be blamed on me," he laughs good-naturedly at that, though the man's request regarding Innes has him giving Kera a quizzical look. An evening together, eh? He smirks faintly in her direction, though will leave the teasing to her! Poor Innes has no clue what's coming. "In any case, well met and good travels to you. Kera," he looks to her now, "I'm afraid I must be heading back to the offices. Don't forget to request for time off for the party. Skyler would miss seeing you if you weren't there."

Sydney nods his head solemnly to the weryleader, "I shall avoid anything that looks like it is going to fall through at any moment. Wise, wise words." he says. He probably won't see much but the tavern and the area around the tavern most like, "It was very good to meet you sir. Very good indeed." Definitely a fellow of good humour to be sure, "Perhaps if I swing this way again I'll have time to take you to the tavern for a drink." he adds, always better when there are two or more going at it when he hears Ka'el is departing, "I suppose I'd best be on my way as well." he says first to Ka'el and then to Kera. His gaze stays on Kera, "Thank you my dear lady. I do appreciate it." He is of course clearly unaware that any teasing shall be sent the way of the red headed werywoman, but alas some things fly beneath awareness, "And again it was wonderful to get to meet you and know you a bit." and with that he continues to wander down the beach, reaching into his pocket he takes out his flask and takes a quick nip and is on his way. Sobriety be damned.

Kera grins and hops on the balls of her oddly booted feet over the teasing ammo Sydney has given her to use over Innes. Nodding enthusiastically "You're welcome. It was nice meeting and getting to know you as well JourneyHarper Sydney." Though Innes seems to have gotten to know the wanderer a bit more than others about the Weyr…interesting. Waving once more "Safe travels sir." A little giggle slips out as she murmurs to herself "Innes is most certainly on my list to track down now." She smirks and nods to Ka'el as he excuses himself "I will sir. Maybe I'll be able to bring an extra cake." Giving the Weyrleader a salute as he heads off, Kera tromps back into the water to swim with her dragonmate.

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