That Numbing Feeling

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

It's still fairly early this evening, not yet night, but Soriana has already had a very long day, one that started before dawn. The fact she spent some of it sleeping… didn't really help. Not coming as it did, after Luraoth rose through the skies with Rukbat and gave strange dreams to Xanadu's peacefully-sleeping residents and a chase to her suitors. Perhaps it's the tiredness that gives her eyes a distant look as she enters the infirmary. She's wearing rumpled clothes, trousers and a shirt whose scoop neck fails to hide a bruise on her shoulder. Maybe her hair, combed through with her fingers and hanging loose, will manage that. Or maybe it won't. Either way, her head's held high as she arrives.

Having completed most of her duties for the day, Kera is currently setting up sanitized instrument trays so they will be at the ready when needed. Humming to herself as she works, the imfirmary is relatively calm right now. The soft snoring of several patients drift down the hallway as they rest and recover from their ailments. Finishing her task, the apprentice closes the drawer the tray rest in and tugs off her sterile gloves with a *snap*. Tossing them in the basket, the girl starts making her rounds to peek in on the patients when she spots the Junior Weyrwoman. Smiling, she turns her steps towards the front of the infirmary and wiggles her fingers in greetng. Her smile fades as she takes in Soriana's bruised and rumpled condition. "Well, I would say G'evening Soriana, but by the look of you, it hasn't been all that good." She gestures towards the nearest seat. "Come get off your feet for a few minutes."

c-rus makes his way into the main hallway. He had been checking on a patient in one of the rooms, but had heard Kera greet someone and so he comes out to see what exactly is going on. It appears that someone has had a very rough day. Goodness only knows what could have caused that. He makes his way toward Kera and the stranger and offers the pair of them a smile, "You look more than a little worse for wear." he says to Sori and adds, "Which makes you in exactly the right place. What can we do for you?" Obviously they will take a look at the bruise and see about that, but first its best to see just what exactly they are dealing with here.

Maybe Soriana should have changed before she came here. It would have been easier to make… but her weyr's out by the coast. Not so far, except she didn't much feel like taking the walk. Not after that. Now, though… she's beginning to second-guess that decision. Oh well, fastest way out is through. So… she gives a small and tired smile to the apprentice. "Hi, Kera." (So what if the smile doesn't really reach her eyes?) "I'll be fine." She waves off the mention of the chair, then glances to the unfamiliar Cyrus. The smile's a little forced. "Just here to pick up a jar of numbweed." It's almost a real smile as she adds, "Human-strength."

Kera eyes Soriana, looking her over for a more serious injury. Not seeing anything obvious, her gaze slips back over her shoulder when she hears Cyrus. Her normal smile has been replaced by a hint of worry for her friend. "Journeyman Cyrus, this is Junior Weyrwoman Soriana." Stepping out of the way, and giving a quick little headbob, Kera scuttles out of the reception area and vanishes from sight into the Journeyman's office. Returning a few, looong seconds later, Kera is holding out Soriana's file to the Weyrhealer with a little grin. "She was on one of the files you had pulled to meet with soon."

Oh goodie! Ask and you shall recieve. Though this wasn't how he wanted to meet with her for the first time. He had hoped that it would be under better circumstances. Soriana looks rather out of it and certainly banged up. He doesn't think that numbweed is going to be the only solution to whatever Soriana is going through, "It really is nice to meet you Soriana. I had hoped to meet with you soon, but I wasn't thinking you would be walking into my infirmary today. We will get you healed up and on your way." he says as he takes the file from Kera, though he doesn't really even need it. He had just read it recently and knows everything in it. Now its time to get to know the person behind the file.

All that's visible, for the moment, is that bruise. Oh, there's a slight stiffness to Soriana's movements, and she certainly looks worn, but… no obvious gashes or broken bones or anything like that. And she certainly came here under her own power! …and of her own volition, too. Her gaze falls on the journeyman, and she nods. "Hello, Cyrus. It's nice to meet you." Though… hmm. Hasn't she heard that name before? She feels like maybe she has, but she's not really thinking her fastest right now. Kera's return itself doesn't draw much attention, but the file… that gets a curious look before her gaze returns to Cyrus. "Oh?" He wanted to meet with her. That's… interesting, and begs the question, "What for?"

The introductions are made, the file is in hand, and Kera is moving to the front desk to grab up her notebook briefly before her steps move towards one of the medicine storage cabinets. Rummaging in there a moment she grabs a small corked jar and returns to where the others are. Setting the little pot of requested numbweed on the corner of the desk within Cyrus's reach, the apprentice grins and plops down on a nearby stool, observing and taking notes as needed.

Someone better be taking notes because it won't be Cyrus. At least not at this point in the conversation. It's far more important to him to be able to connect with his patient and get to know her, "Because this file, as excellent as it is, can't really help me get to know you. And I plan on meeting everyone here eventually. That and you do play a part in some of the more interesting stories that I've read in the files. Your class has been unique." he says with a grin. She can count herself lucky though. She wans't first on the list. That was Mur'dah. Ka'el is also on the list as are many of her former classmates, "All part of being new and wanting to get to know everyone that I'm going to be working with." Numbweed he can probably give so long as she isn't too liberal with it, but thats for down the road aways, "Other than the numbweed is there anything that we can do for you?"

Soriana's attention stays on Cyrus, for the moment. She doesn't have enough to spare to watch him and Kera both. "I suppose the files might be missing some details," she acknowledges with a slight nod, though her part in those interesting stories brings a small frown to her face. "I'm sure every group has something unique about it," she says, and slides the smile back into place. A glance to Kera, then back to Cyrus. "I think the numbweed will do it for today."

Kera does scribble down a few things for the file notes, but not very much. Her attention slips between the two before finally settling on her friend and offering an encouraging smile. Well, she hopes it's encouraging, With how her friend looks, she tries not to look worried. After a moment she pipes in. "Are you sure you are well Soriana? I can see bruised and boobooed from here." She gestures with her pen towards the bruises on the Junior Weyrwoman's shoulder.

Cyrus is pondering what exactly he should do with her. He is half tempted to keep her for observation. She certainly looks like she could use a place to rest out of the way and a clean set of clothes. The infirmary certainly can provide those things for her, "Of that I have little doubt." he says in regards to her comment about every group being a little unique. This group has been /very/ unique though. He shifts his weight from one foot to the other as he thinks. Kera speaking up causes him to look over toward the apprentice. She is correct of course, its obvious that Soriana is in semi rough shape, "Kera why don't you go get a room ready and a clean set of clothes…" Just to be safe and prepared.

Yep. Soriana definitely should have gone and changed first. Next time… … …okay so not going to think about that now. She frowns, not really at Kera so much as at her thoughts, and gives her head a small shake. "I'm not going to wear one of those gowns." Because seriously no, and it must be serious, because she's forgotten to keep her smile up. "Nothing more than the bruises," she says to Kera with an attempt to be reassuring. The smile would've helped with that, wouldn't it? Oh well.

Kera glances to Cyrus with an agreeable nod as she rises from her seat. Canting her head at Soriana, she doesn't seem very convinced by her friend's. "I'll see to a room then I can see if Rider Ka'el could maybe bring you something you would prefer wearing?" Why would she assume the bronzerider would do that? Hmm. Giving the Weyrhealer a nod, Kera wanders down the hallway and moves into one of the open rooms. A few minutes later, she returns, gaze peering between the two. "I prepped a room…" Her amused gaze goes to Soriana. "…and placed a gown on teh end of the bed, just in case. "Shall I send a messege for your things?" Kera waits to see what final judgement will be as she tucks her notebook under her arm.

Cyrus can certainly understand how she might not like to wear one of the gowns. They aren't all that popular, but at least they are clean and thats a good start for this situation. He isn't just here to care for the bodies of these people but their minds as well, and he strongly suspects that the mind of this one is in need of a bit of healing as well, "Here is what I'm thinking Soriana. I'm thinking that you've obviously had a rough day with stuff that you aren't ready to talk about yet, and that you probably need a place to rest and do a bit of healing. I think I'd like to keep you overnight for observation. Out of an abundance of caution…" he says with a smile, "…and then tomorrow we can talk about whatever you want to talk about and go from there." Kera seems to know more about this situation than he does, "If you would prefer that I'm sure we can send for him?"

At Ka'el's name, Soriana's frown deepens, and there's a moment of silence before she gives her head a brisk shake to Kera's suggestion. "No." Where's that numbweed? She should have just gone by the Annex and gotten dragon-strength. She returns her attention to Cyrus, and as he speaks, a smile (or is it a grimace?) settles on her face. "No, I don't think so. If you would like to do a physical examination - for your files - you may." She glances to Kera. "I'll even wear the gown for it." And then Soriana returns her gaze to Cyrus. "But then, I'll be putting my clothes back on," these clothes, right here, that she's wearing, "and going back to my weyr." The smile gets firmer, or maybe more brittle. "So, would you like to give me the numbweed before or after the exam?"

Kera lifts a curious brow at Soriana's reaction to her suggestion and frowns a little before simply nodding and holding her hands up to show she won't persue the issue. The apprentice obviously isn't up to speed on what's going on with the Junior Weyrwoman. Falling silent, Kera turns her attention back to the Journeyman after the queenrider's insistance to return to her weyr one way or the other.

Cyrus can certainly tell that this is a strong willed individual. And one thing the residents of this weyr are going to learn is that he doesn't do anything 'just for the files'. The files are a necessary evil for those who can't be in his head when they have to treat someone, "I don't think we need to do a physical examination Soriana. I trust you if you say its just the bruises. But you've had a rough time of it." And he suspects what has happened but would be terribly rude if he said it, "I think that you should reconsider. We'll give you the numbweed regardless, but you need to have a safe place to rest. And I think you want to be alone right now. We can give that to you here."

"Thank you for the offer," Soriana says to Cyrus. The smile stays on, this time, though it takes effort to do so. Maybe a bit of gritted teeth as he talks about her 'rough time'? Maybe. "But, no. I'm going back to my weyr tonight." She tilts her head slightly. "I'll be quite safe there. And I'll be sure to rest." Kera's perplexity is noted, but… Soriana has neither the energy nor the desire to explain things right now. Shards, she doesn't even know what to explain… so… it'll have to go unanswered. For now.

Kera glances down the notebook, pen gently scratching across the page as notes on the current meeting are made, dated, and her initials in the corner. That done she sets it on the corner of Cyrus's desk for him lookover and sign when he is ready. A coughing fit from one of the older patients checkin in draws the apprentice's attention and she starts away. Pausing quickly to offers the queenrider a little smile. "I've a restday tomorrow Soriana. Maybe we can go to that tree cafe if you're up for it." Wiggling her fingers to her friend, the apprentice slips out of the office to go look in on the coughing patient.

Cyrus is half tempted to make that an order. Outside she might be a junior weyr woman, but inside the infirmary the weyr healer has sway, but he also doesn't see much point in pulling rank at this point in time. It wouldn't solve anything. she probably wouldn't bet better off here than she would be at home, and it would serve his future relationship with her better. This really wasn't how he wanted to meet her, but you often don't get much choice in matters like that, "Ok then. We'll give you the numbweed and let you be on your way, but I would like you to come back in a day or two after you've had time to rest or if there are any changes." Meanwhile he formulates the plan that he will send Kera to find Ka'el. He strongly suspects his involvement in this and doubtless he needs some help too.

"I'll check my schedule," Soriana says with a nod to Kera. It's not a yes or a no, because thing one, she doesn't honestly remember (know? has it changed?) her schedule at this point, and thing two, she doesn't know yet if she'll want to. But… the smile's a little less forced, for that part of things, and then Soriana returns her attention to Cyrus. It's probably a good thing he doesn't try to force her to stay, yes. She'd leave anyhow, whether she bothered to fill out the 'against medical advice' form or not, and there would probably be some long meetings discussing the exact role of healers in a weyr and their privileges… and Soriana would get a headache, and she really doesn't need one of those on top of everything else. But! He doesn't, so she can be pleasant. Soriana nods, extending her hand for the numbweed. "I'll be sure to come back if there are problems." Like running out of anaesthetic.

Cyrus would probably just get bored and skip the meetings like he has skipped so many others. Cyrus is largely unconcerned about what others think of him, and always has been. It's probably nearly miraculous that has made it as far as he has in passing his own apprenticeship. What he does focus on though is his work. He will always do what he thinks is in the best interest of his patients regardless of what others might say or do. Unless they can prove to him that they have knowledge that surpasses his own in healing…then he might listen, "Soriana you can always come back here. Always. Don't just wait for things to get bad. This place isn't just for healing the body. If you ever need to talk you are welcome to stop by any time." He isn't saying she's crazy, just that she's been through alot and might need some support. Thats all.

Soriana keeps her hand extended, waiting for that numbweed. Being told she'll be given it is all very good, but she'd like to actually get the stuff! Words… don't take away the pain. Not the pain from bruises, anyhow, and it doesn't seem like these words are doing much for any other pain. But then, the smile's fixed in place, which likely makes it hard to tell. "Thank you for the offer," she says. "I'll keep it in mind." Oh yeah. That's why Soriana recognizes the name. Mur'dah told her about him. How he wanted to ask prying questions. Well, he can be here, and if she needs that… for some reason… so will she. For now, she just wants to get her numbweed and get out of here.

Kera returns to the main area a short time later, the apprentice merely offers a nod and pleasant smile before going on abotu ehr business. Which at the moment is updating the patient's chart that she just tended to. A quick glance at the clock and she marks the time in the coughing patient's file. That done she heads back towards the Weyrhealer's desk. "Do either of you need anything else?"

Cyrus the one and only! Yes. He has seen Mur'dah, and he will be seeing him again. By hook or by crook. He has to admire her persistance. He walks over toward the desk and gives her the jar of numbweed (human strength) and smiles. Yep. He is nosey. Thats his job. He expects to see her shoot off now, just like Mur'dah did, "It was really nice to meet you Soriana and I have no doubt we will meet again. Hopefully under more pleasant circumstances."

And so, Soriana has what she came for. Her fingers curl around the jar carefully, and… she still smiles. Just because she's got what she wanted is no reason to let the smile slip. "It was nice to meet you too, Cyrus." Her hand lowers, holding the jar. "I'm sure I'll see you around the Weyr." As opposed to in the infirmary? Maybe. She nods, then glances to Kera. "I'm fine," she says to the apprentice. (She's got her numbweed now!) "I'll let you know about tomorrow." A moment's hesitation, and then- "Drop by my office, if I don't get back to you." Because, well. If she truly can't handle people tomorrow… she just won't be in her office. So far, though… Soriana is managing, and so after a smile to both of the healers, she says, "Have a good night," and turns to head out at a nice easy walk.

Kera smiles at the invitation to come see the Junior Weyrwoman at her office. "Take care Soriana." Giving her friend a little wave, before beginning to straighten up the files scattered across the desk. There are only a couple this time, taking up the ones that seem to be done with, she files them away. No doubt the Journeyman is busy scattering more files while his apprentice's back is turned.

Cyrus watches Soriana go and ponders for a moment or two. Yes there are some folks in need around the weyr this evening and he is going to do the best he can to be helpful. Not one to be passive he waits until Soriana is out of hearing distance and turns over to Kera, "Tomorrow I think I want to see Ka'el in here." It's not difficult to put two and two together here. He would imagine that Ka'el is probably in just as much need as Soriana if not more so, and also less likely to show up at the infirmary of his own volition.

Kera glances over her shoulder and nods. "Yes sir." Another glance given the way Soriana went. Shaking it off as /not her business/, the apprentice rifles through some drawers til finding the correct form she needs. As she starts to fill it out "I'll make sure he gets the messege, even if I have to nail the slip to his door." Kera chuckles at that.

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