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Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

Rukbat is beginning to set in the distance, her light filtering brightly still through the windows of the battacks. In the middle of the room, Faraeth stands, wings fully extended, while M'nol checks and double-checks his dimensions, "Sit still… I want these to turn out good, Farry." Faraeth stamps his foot impatiently, « But I wanna fly! » M'nol chuckles, "I'll let you fly once I get these pieces cut… now hold still.

Crunch…crack…slobber…crunch. "Do you have to eat that so loudly?" Keziah asks as she glances over at Alosynth who is currently enjoying the femur of a herdbeast. She has one end caught under her forefeet and then other end up in the backs of her teeth. The green looks over at Keziah as a bit of drool just drips down and hits the couch with a splat. There's a blinking of the dragons eyes and then she shifts and then goes back to chewing on it. A little more quietly, more gnawing now. "Thank you." Keziah states and then glances down at her studies and promptly closes her material. "No more." She looks over towards M'nol and Faraeth and watches them "Hows the straps coming?"

M'nol motions to his cot where the example strap sits next to a reasonable facsimile on the pre-marked strap, but there isn't a third there… at least not yet. Instead, his cot is spread with several different colors of normal cloth and thread. Some of them are cut in vaguely draconic shapes while some are still rough. There are enough colors there to conceivably cover the entire range of the weyrlings. "They're goin' okay. I'm jus' tryin' t' do too much at once… Stay *still*, Farry!" Faraeth gives an exasperated whuff, but does stand still for the next few moments until M'nol pats him gently, "Okay, y' can go play now, Farry." The he moves to his cot, contemplating, the cloth options, then picking one distinctive brown piece, holds it up, "D'ya think this is a good 'pproximation of Faraeth's color?"

Nyunath is standing near his couch, going through various wing exercises even without the prompting of his rider. He's got it in his big bronze head that the more he works the muscles, the better he'll be able to complete flight lessons. « What is yours doing? » He questions of the brown. R'owan, with one of his fingers balled up in a bandage probably from sticking himself with one of the big needles used for threading straps, starts trying to arrange the strips next to each other. "Nyu, can you come 'ere for a second. Need to see how this fits." The bronze steps forward and stands, still shifting his wings. "And cut that out. You'll overwork yourself and I'll get in trouble." With a whuffle, the dragon stops, holding still except for the excited twitching of his tail.

Keziah blinks a little as she looks at the cloth. "Uh…" she looks like she's been caught off guard and then she ohs "That project you need the wool for, right?" she asks and then hmms a little at the fabric "Yeah, I think that'll work. It certainly is pretty close." she notes and and then winces as the Alosnth goes back to crunching. She doesn't see a problem with the sound and it's so much nice to not just gnaw on it. Alosynth pauses a moment as she looks at two of her siblings. But she's silent for the moment.

Faraeth shifts back to his couch, settling in comfortably. The velvet sways gently in the wind, « He makes a present for Seryth's. I do not understand, but I help. » M'nol grins, "Yeah, the wool's over there," He indicates the box R'owan had given him stuffed under his cot and poorly camouflaged with shirts. He glances to Ro, then around the mostly empty barracks, "What'd ya do to your hand, Ro? That has t' hurt." He grins, "Thanks, Kez," He settles into the only corner of the cot not coated in sewing supplies and begins carefully tracing a pattern on the brown cloth.

Throwing the set of straps over the bronze's shoulders, R'owan seems to measure out just how much more needs to be attached to the length to get it around his torso. "Two, maybe three more. Should leave some extra for you to grow into." He muses to himself, seeming thoughtful as he scratches his head with his uninjured hand. « I grow quickly. » "That you do." He nods absentmindedly, and then seems to perk a bit as his name is called. "Huh? Oh." He looks down, and then shakes his head, a smirk forming on his face. "Nyunath nudged me when I was working on the straps. Nothing major. He just figured I needed a finger-peircing." « I did not. » The bronze's mind thumps sharply, this sent to all the weyrlings rather than just his rider. He snorts, and then lowers his head looking ashamed. "It's okay. It'll heal." He reassures the bronze before looking over at M'nol's project. "So, what exactly are you constructing there?"

Alosynth stops chewing again on her bone «Did you really make him hurt himself? Did you feel it?» she asks all curious like and earns a look from Keziah. Keziah then glances over at Ro "That had to hurt. A needle that size. Ouch. It's not festering any is it?" she asks with a touch of concern in her voice.

M'nol cringes, "Ouch… did it go all the way through or only part way?" Faraeth rumbles quietly, « I'm sure he didn't mean to, Alosynth. None of us mean to hurt ours. » M'nol blinks, then "Oh, right… I haven' had a chance t' tell you guys without a Weyrling master lookin' over our shoulders." He digs around a bit and comes up with what looks like a deflated Alosynth with no wings, "I'm in cahoots with Jessamin ta make plushies o' th' weyrlings and Seryth for Thea. Thought it might cheer her up."

R'owan rolls his eyes, waving the hand at them as if feeling a little overwhelmed by the concern. "Just broke the skin, nothing major. Sheesh." « It was an accident. » Nyunath's voice is low, this time only projecting to the dragons rather than the group at alrge. The drumbeats go quiet as he seems to brood for his mistake. "It's -fine-." Ro' says, patting the bronze once more and forcing his big head up as he passes. Walking closer to M'nol's little project, he glances at it curiously, head tilting. "Heh." He looks a little embarassed. "I gave her one of the bronze firelizard plushes from in the caverns just after that argument. So I guess she likes them."

Keziah is silent as she listens to the talk about Thea and leans up against Alosynth. The green is still curious « But did you feel it too?» She asks and then there's a look from Kezi "Don't even think about asking me to poke myself to see if you can experiance. Think about it. I'm happy, you're happy. I'm sad, you're sad." the green looks thoughful and then sits back to contemplate that. Keziah looks over to Ro "Sorry bout that."

M'nol nods, "Tha's good. Coulda been worse then." Silk and velvet gently caress Nyu, « Accidents happen. He still lives and isn't mad. » M'nol grins, wriggling his finger in the faux-alosynth's next, making her nod enthusiastically, "I thought she might and that it'd be fun for me. Jessa's helping with the wings so they'll stick out an' such."

« No. But it hurt me to hurt him. » The bronze dragon admits, lowering his head again until it nearly touches the ground. "Kez, can you ask Alosynth to lighten up a bit, please?" R'owan's face is concerned, glancing over his shoulder at his dragon who seems to have lost a bit of color since the incident. "He's beating himself up enough about it." With a sigh, the boy reaches out and tries to touch the deflated green dragon's nose. "They are aweful cute though, M'nol. I'm sure she'll love them." Nyunath lowers himself to the ground, straps still laying over himself, and creels softly.

Keziah looks over at Alosynth and the green sits there silently and then she lays her head down upon her bone, no longer chewing on it. Again, she seems thoughful as opposed to being upset at being admonished and then the soft gentle wisps of fur trickle out towards Nyunath « I did not mean to cause you undue stress. I shall try to watch my curiousness. » Keziah hmms a little and then nods as she pulls back out her study material. Might as well work on them again. She can't help but grin at the makings of the stuffed green. "Very cute."

Faraeth turns his whirling eyes on Nyunath, but before he can 'say' anything, Agate, Bloodstone, and Tourmaline fly over to Nyunath and begin nuzzling his eyeridges and head. M'nol chuckles at their behavior, "I think they like him…" He sets the faux-Alosynth aside, and pulls out a selection of brown-bronze cloth, holding it out to Ro, "Any preferences… metallics are hard to find. I'm almos' glad no one impressed a gold this time 'round. Bu' I'm afraid t' stuff 'em 'fore I've seen wha' Jessa's done with the wings." He pulls out a pair of shears and begins carefully extracting the matched sides and belly from the brown cloth. Snipping very carefully.

For a brief moment, the scene of his rider sitting, working on straps plays out. Then the nudge from one bronze nose that causes his hand to slip. « Curious is fine. » Nyunath rumbles, but it's more like distant thunder than his normal rhythmic voice. "I'm fine, Nyu. Really." The dragon's tail thumps once and R'owan just sighs to himself, rolling his eyes. The bronze's head lifts a little at the firelizard attention though, seeming to brighten a bit in mood as he croons towards them. « Little friends. » "Huh?" Dragged away again from the tumult of his dragon's thoughts, Ro' looks at the cloth strips. "This one's pretty close. If you do this one for the body, andt hen just do a strip of brown on the back, I think that'd be good for a mini Nyunath." He nods once, and sets the cloth down.

Alosynth keeps silent on the subject and turns her attention to the little stuffed things. « How will those be us? » she asks and Keziah smiles "It's a representation, like a picture, but one you can look at from all sides. The green ponders that and then slips off the couch, grabs the bone and then heads over for Nyunath. «Would you like it? I didn't eat all the marrow. »

Faraeth gives a draconic chuckle, « If he doesn't want it, I'll take it. » The flits continue to scritch and rub the bronze's eyeridges, cirruping happily to eachother as they do so. M'nol chuckles, "Yes, Alosynth… they'll be three-dimensional pictures of all of you." He gratefully takes the cloth from Ro, rolling the two colors up together, "Thanks. It's always a little bit easier when the rider picks the colors."

Nyunath's mind perks up a little bit, looking at the bone and at the green curiously. Slowly, very carefully he reaches out to accept the bone. « My thanks, dear lady. » His drumbeats are steady again, polite, a fluttering of woodwinds above the steady beats. "Well, I'm glad to be of help." R'owan nods once, and then looks at the hollowed out dragon plush. "If you need more stuffing, let me know. I've got a friend who works down in the storerooms." He thumbs over his shoulder, in a random direction that's probably in far the opposite direction of the stores. "I heard that Jess got a weaver knot, though. Is that true?" He asks, showing obvious interest in the members of their former candidate class.

Alosynth chuffs lightly at being called a lady « Just being a friend.» Comes the soft gentle rumble and then she slips back over towards her couch, though not without first looking towards Faraeth «I'll save one from you from my next kill?» Keziah chuckles softly and runs her hands across the greens side as she slips back onto her couch. "I heard that as well, though I've not been able to catch up with her lately.

Faraeth rumbles, « I can get my own. Mine prefers I not bring food home. » He's not angry, merely jovial, silk and velvet wrapping, gently caressing. M'nol grins big, teeth showing, "Gee, thanks Ro. It means a lot t' get all th' help I can on these. An' yeah, Jessa got accepted as a weaver's 'pprentice. I ran inta her jus' after she got th' knot. She's so happy 'bout it tha' she's not even sad she didn' impress."

@emit Nyunath simply rumbles his thanks, his muzzle making a clacking noise as he begins to gnaw on the bone quite happily. He doesn't even seem to mind the firelizards, playing out some happy trill of flutes with bass drum accompaniment for them in his mind. "I'm sure she'll get her chance. The way those lizards of hers flock to her, I've no doubt there's a dragon waiting out there for her." Especially after having impressed himself, it's much easier to make such statements about others. "Wish I could help more, but it's bad enough trying to do straps with one finger down." He smirks a bit, shoving his hands into his pockets.

Keziah gives a nod "she's still young and all, she's plenty of time, and she's only been on the sands a couple of times, correct?" she hmms a little "I can testify to the fact that sometimes it can take awhile." she notes and lays her head on Alosynth. The green is chuffing lightly at Faraenth « I like getting my own as well. So much nicer than cold pieces cut up. »

Faraeth whuffs softly, the silk and velvet standing strong, « Yes. Hot is much better than cold. » Agate, Bloodstone, and Tourmaline give a happy chorus and re-double their efforts when Nyunath begins to 'sing' for them. M'nol nods, "I understan' Ro, an' I wouldn' want ya t' get more hurt. Betcha it'll heal in a couple o' days an' y'll forget it even happened." He nods for Kez, "Oh, yeah. I know she's got a partner out there somewhere. Jus' wasn' there this time. I'm just glad she's found somethin' t' do that'll keep her happy until she gets her next chance. Wouldn' want yet another former candidate resortin' ta booze and run-" He cuts himself off… ooops, sore topic…

Reaching up his good hand, R'owan runs it through his hair and nods a bit. Having impressed his second time standing, and his first time 'round as a candidate, he simply can't understand what Jess might be going through - or what Keziah had gone through for that matter. "It doesn't hurt that much, really. Just caught me off-guard." He keeps his jovial smile on his face, at least until mention of boozing candidates and the half-phrased comment from M'nol. « Who is this one that mine keeps thinking of? » The bronze flashes an image of Enkavir across to the other two, seeming confused. « He hurt Seryth's rider? » The drumbeats increase with growing anger. "Easy Nyu." Ro' sighs.

Keziah frowns a little at the brief mention of drinking and running off. She doesn't comment on that either. No. Not a good idea. Alosynth lifts her head up and glances over towards Nyunath even as Keziah does. In an attempt to change the subject "Bet you'll pay closer attention to the needles though now, won't ya?

Faraeth yawns hugely and M'nol sets his sewing aside for the moment, carefully concealing it with a few blankets, before he slides down to lie with Faraeth on the dragon-couch. Silk and Velvet reach out to Nyunath, « Tired now… He left. Many are sad, not just Seryth's. Mine hopes he will return. Any more is for yours to say, mine says. » M'nol yawns hugely as well, "Sorry guys… I tend to sleep when he sleeps anymore. Hopefully we'll have a fun lesson today instead of more names…" With that the exhausted boy slips into yet another quiet slumber.

R'owan quietly watches as both brown and rider fall to sleep, perhaps inwardly wishing that he could do the same. Still, his injured hand has him a bit slow working on his straps. "I try. These hands weren't made for sewing, or leather work." He raises them up, wrapped finger and all, before walking back over towards the bronze. « I will think on it. » Nyunath's steady mind considers, and then draws the thought away as he crunches down on the end of the bone. "I should get back to work." No rest for the weary.

Keziah gives a nod to M'nol "Yay, something aside from names or politics would be nice." she murmurs softly. She looks up and then gets an impish look on her face "And what were your hands made for? Hmm?" she asks and then grins brightly "That was bad of me. Just look at it this way, after these, you can pay someone to make them like Vivian." she notes. Alosynth whuffles Keziah lightly « Will you make or buy mine later? » Keziah hmms "I dunno. Depends on what I feel like and what sort of time we have. If I go to the crafter wing, likely plenty of time. If another, well maybe not so much time. Alosynth looks thoughful «We can my straps, I would like to be doing things. »

"Runners and reigns and carrying packages." R'owan quips back quickly, looking over his shoulder as he reaches up to pull the half-formed riding straps off of his dragon's shoulders. Nyunath seems momentarily oblivious to the movement, his tongue seeking out the marrow inside the bone. "But I don't think I'd end up buying straps. Wouldn't feel right about it." He shrugs, and lays the long strip of leather out as he searches for the next piece to go in line. « You will make them best. »

Keziah chuckles at Ro's reply and then sighs at the homework they have "I should get back to studying this stuff. Though I almost wonder why we bother learning about Ista." she grumbles a little and then oofs as Alosynth nudges her lightly.

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