Things That Might Explode

Xanadu Weyr - Innovation Hall

The interior of the Innovation Hall facility is more spacious than it appears from the outside. It's also pretty much best described as orderly chaos. The rectangular shape of the building is taken up by a series of three sided stalls that line each of the walls. Eight in all each one is just big enough for several people to work in and are of different configurations; some having shelving and tables and some having a more open design that allows work from the floor up. In any case, the back of each work space is open to the main room to promote the common use of tools and the sharing of ideas. Two offices are on either side of the main entrance at the north and two more exits, seldom used, are located east and west in case a quick getaway is needed. The south end of the building features a very heavy door that is labled DANGER in very clear red lettering. Access is restricted but it's pretty well known that behind there are two more stalls for special and dangerous projects.
It's the middle of this place that makes it work! Shelves full of just about every kind of tool someone could imagine are strategically placed so that nobody has to walk farther than anyone else to get to them. Quite a lot of parts populate those shelves as well from new-fangled electronics to old fashioned gears and gizmos along with the raw materials to make them. Comfortable chairs, arranged in three sets of two each scatter the free space and a sofa is tucked neatly into a corner.
The decor is kept quite simple with floors of glossy, polished marble and walls of what appear to be wood panel. Appear to be. It's actually some synthetic thing the plastic craft has concocted up and shows under close inspection. Fabrics, decorations and the like (along with most things that don't need to be there that could potentially be set on fire) are kept to a minimum. Here and there, clever designs and schematics have been allowed to go up on the walls but those are generally removed fairly quickly.

Innovation Hall: where new things get made. Except, the glamour of invention aside… sometimes, it's the place where documents get studied and doodled in the margins of as people wait for that shipment of whatever to come in. Especially in the afternoon, when lunch sits heavy on the stomach and inhibits the brain. There are still some people actually working on projects, of course. That table off in the corner? There is soldering going on there, as the smell that's only mostly taken out by the ventilation system makes apparent. And that one person near the door? She is definitely writing furiously into her notebook, so there must be some kind of inspiration happening. And then… there's D'lei. He's sitting at one of the more comfortable chairs, with a sheaf of papers in his hand bound with binder-clips into a make-shift book, and he's… if not actually reading that page somewhere in the middle, at least staring at it as he scritches the blue firelizard draped along the arm of his chair.

This Hall is one of the last places K'vir usually haunts. While his 'curse' for finding trouble among Crafts, tech or just dangerous materials seems to have phased out, he just, by habit, keeps a distance. This is the guy who, as a kid, indirectly caused Fort's smithy to blow up. Luckily the bronzerider isn't here to dabble (despite Zekath's insistence that he at least peek at a few schematics for things) or meddle. Not with projects! Just with people. Specifically? A person. And it's D'lei's lucky day! He'll be honed in on the moment K'vir gains his bearings once he's through the doors. The others are work are pointedly ignored after a brief curious look as he makes his way to where D'lei is currently sitting and not-reading those papers. "… dull material for study?" To his credit, he had many other greetings running through his head at that moment, but he'll go for dry humour and… some semblance of politeness.

And let's be clear, this is the place where all the untested things that might show up even without a cursed touch are currently being worked on. Explosions are a Very Real Possibility… though at least that does mean that they have good fire extinguishers and the like. You can barely even see the scorch marks from last time! Everything is fiiiine. Well. In that sense, anyhow. D'lei frowns as he makes another attempt to decipher his documents, his fingers pausing in their petting of the firelizard. So if it… hmm? What's this? A distraction, that's what. Oh good. There's a sense of relief as he looks up, a wry half smile. "Somewhere in here, there's an explanation of why we can't use standard bolts on the satellites. Or so I've been told, anyhow." He turns the page so K'vir can see, though… let's be honest, it's badly-typeset monospace that's only barely comprehensible if you did study technology. Without that knowledge, it's more like a glance into the infirmary for lost keyboards than anything else. But hey, maybe the confusing document will at least give D'lei a chance to look over K'vir.

Nope! K'vir is just going to stand RIGHT where he is and not go digging about! Even if Zekath is mentally grumbling at him about schematics and having things to tinker on. Calibrations and all! Just… no explosions. K'vir's had his fill of those in his lifetime, ok? "… huh. Sounds," Boring and complicated! "Interesting. You're a tech crafter, then? Or were, mostly…?" A flick of his hand to the knot D'lei may be wearing or ideally were it would be if it's absent. He may come to regret that K'vir is here as a form of distraction. Sure, it SEEMS all innocent enough, doesn't it? Tilting his head, he'll attempt to parse some of what's written but only ends up grimacing and chuckling a little. "Yeah, that's… really not my thing." He did pause long enough to peek at the information that D'lei should get a good enough look. K'vir is still young, not even twenty and has that lean, athletic look to him that promises of something more despite him reaching the end of his overall growth; he'll fill out yet. His hair is on the longer side, a tussled mess of wavy black curls and while he appears simple, there's a sharpness to his blue eyes. Tech is just not his strength! He's dressed in casual clothing, giving little away of himself save for the Wingrider knot on his shoulder and the bronze ribbon threaded through.

"Heh. Something like," D'lei agrees, with a nod along the way. He speaks semi-fluent 'what people say with their faces instead of the words that come out because they're being polite', after all! "I did tech, yeah." Though he doesn't seem to have the knot to prove it on him; in fact, at the moment, he's no knot at all. "And Deluge wing… fixing the weather satellites." A vague gesture overhead. "Mostly, I'm trying to track down whether we actually have to keep doing something that takes us twice as much time as the simple way. One of those things we'd never have time to do with normal duties, but… well." Is that a smile, or a wince? "Not like I'm on the normal duty roster right now." He sets the sheaf of papers down, and leans back a bit in his chair. "So." Amber eyes remain steady on K'vir, his expression… curious in his eyes and affable in the shape of mouth. "Have a seat, if you want?" He gestures to the nearest of the comfy chairs.

"It sounds like a lot of complicated work for something so simple as a… bolt, was it? I guess it's not just a matter of going to nag one of the Smithcrafters about and calling it done," K'vir's comments tread a fine line between seriousness and dry humour and when D'lei offers up a seat, the young bronzerider will take it. He settles in it, appearing relaxed but there's a subtle tension about him and if D'lei is half as clever to see beyond what few guards K'vir has in place? Oh, he'll scent out something is up! "Deluge Wing…" It takes him a moment (or he's pretending it does), but recognition on that title jars something in that head of his. "… You're the transferred bronzerider, from Monaco Bay, then?" K'vid already knew this, of course, but he's hedging his way around to something. A feeble attempt, perhaps, at keeping the awkward at bay.

"It's the part where we've got to send it to space, really," D'lei replies with a bit of a laugh. "That whole… vacuum and the possibility of veering off course and entering the atmosphere in a fiery ball of doom." Y'know, minor details like that! Nothing major, only doom! Like… oh… transferred bronzeriders. From Monaco Bay. NOTHING MAJOR. It's just… the context that makes it something bigger. D'lei nods, his attention remaining on K'vir even if he also looks all casual to first glance… but really, you don't keep that much of your focus on someone if you don't think something is up. "Yeah," he answers. "D'lei, with bronze Garouth." And, just in case there was any doubt - or maybe just to be honest about the facts of the matter here - he quirks the corner of his mouth and adds, "Currently with Pulsar." Expectant look to K'vir, because introductions are a social endeavour with a mutual component, aka: Your Turn!

K'vir's interest peeks now. Fiery doom, you say? "Sounds… rather dangerous." YOU DON'T SAY! Do tell more? Or not, as they start to circle around to other topics. He's not outright staring at D'lei, but it's becoming obvious enough that he already knew who he was and is just going through the song and dance of typical social introductions. He's harmless! Perfectly harmless. Now that he has him confirmed for the right person (really, the transfer bit would've been enough), he offers a small, but slightly strained, smile. "Guess it's far too late for the whole 'welcome to Xanadu' spiel, huh?" Yeah, he knew who you were, D'lei but thanks for playing along! "So I heard." About Pulsar. "Rough deal. I thought they'd hold me back, when I was in Igen, but they didn't. I was real young, when I Impressed. Instead I was just punted into whatever Wing had "appropriate" tasks until I could prove I could handle S&R or whatever…" Shrug of his shoulders. WHY is he telling him this? No explanation, but he at least politely yields who he is. "I'm K'vir. Bronze Zekath's rider."

"I mean, usually it burns up before it hits anyone," So no worries, honest! The fiery death only costs thousands of marks, that's all. No trouble at all, or at least… nothing to worry about now. D'lei hs other things to concern himself. Like K'vir! He hehs, a curve of one corner of his mouth that's… subdued, perhaps? Which is not really all that shocking, given the strain behind K'vir's own smile, but still. It's there… more or less. "I mean, I haven't left yet. So it might still count?" A shrug, because the welcomes (or not) are not actually the most important thing here. They're just words being used to stave off the uncomfortable descent into those important things! D'lei huhs as he listens to K'vir's explanation of his own start, then nods. "Better than being held back, I guess… but still, it's got to suck to know they're humoring you." A frown there, albeit a quite transient one. "Garouth's almost the opposite, because he should have known better but… didn't." Is his bronze listening in? Maybe. If he is, he's at least keeping quiet enough to not distract D'lei with his commentary, letting the rider put his focus on… K'vir, is it. There's not surprise, exactly, but there's still a reaction, like a dog that's been sniffing around and has found The Scent. D'lei nods, and - matter of fact and with a small but affable smile - he adds on, "And Risali's boyfriend."

As the "circling" continues, despite K'vir actually sitting at this point, the previous conversations are left to fall to the wayside. D'lei may never get that proper welcome after all, but maybe the joke was part of it. As for being humoured, he'll lift a hand up to tilt it in a so-so way. "I hated it at first because I didn't get it. I do now…" Kind of. "I think your situation sucks a little more than mine, to be honest. Garouth or no," Being the cause? K'vir doesn't know D'lei's full story or what caused him to be transferred and redo weyrlinghood but he'll assume it was something bad. It has to be, right? He's not so oblivious to catch on to that reaction either and there may be just a tiny bit of puffing up from him; not out of anger, but more out of pride. Ego. Which he thankfully doesn't go strutting it out. "Yeah, I am that too." Not to rub it in his face (or maybe, wasn't that the whole point?). Whatever drew K'vir here, he's obviously doing some hard rethinking. Which may explain the twitch of his lips to a slightly more genuine smirk. "And you're her friend." Question and statement both. Have fun with that loaded one, D'lei!

"Heh," D'lei says about the relative suck of their situations. "You may be right." He glances away, out across the hall (and the abstract sense of Xanadu beyond it) before looking back to K'vir. "Still. Maybe these things will work out for the best." He's talking about the re-doing of weyrlinghood, probably. Though maybe it'd be just as applicable a hope for the next part of their conversation, as they get to the meat of the matter they've been sniffing around. D'lei smiles as he regards K'vir, a soft expression around his eyes and a slight curve of his mouth. Risali's boyfriend! And D'lei… nods, this time quite readily and without any stir of concern or disagreement. "Yeah," he says, amber eyes steady on K'vir and that soft smile remaining in place as he repeats the words in his own voice. "I'm Risali's friend."

"Never know, right?" About things working out. K'vir is ever the optimist or he's simply subtly projecting his hope that D'lei will leave someday. Which is terribly unkind and not right and he knows it, but he's trying to be nice here. He made a promise, after all and so far, D'lei has done nothing to make him break it. "A good friend, right?" Another loaded question. Which he follows up by something unexpected. Potentially not wholly planned but it comes to mind and he's speaking the words before he's even fully aware of what he's doing. "She holding up okay?" Blinking, he then clears his throat a bit and shifts, uncomfortable, in his chair for a moment. "I mean… Training is hard and I can't…" Be there? Interfere? Both?

"Not until it happens, anyhow," D'lei says with lips quirked toward one side. The future is a mystery! Shells, even the present's a mystery sometimes, when it's sufficiently far away (or against the rules) and so one can't actually be there to see for oneself. The older bronzer's mouth returns to a more central position, not quite so smiling because this is serious business. Friendship is important! And so is exactly what kind and how good. D'lei nods, his expression a serious and earnest one. He are good friend. He are there! As K'vir… can't be, and there's a blink followed by an expression of sympathy, his hand lifting from the arm of the chair and reaching partway toward K'vir before it stops. "She's tough," he answers, with a tug of one side of his mouth. "And that's good, because she's got… a lot to deal with." D'lei frowns, just a little. "Sucks when you can't be there. For both of you, I mean…" A smile, just as small as the frown. "She misses you. And she's going to be okay, I think, but…" Frown again. "It's not even the training. It's the adapting. To Leirith, to her life now. To what it all means."

K'vir doesn't exactly smack D'lei's hand away, but there's a moment where the bronzerider sort of leans back; just a bit, but enough. It's uncertainty that fuels that, unsure of the motives and realizing too late that it's nothing bad. He doesn't know him, though and so the gesture is just awkwardly incomplete. He's at least enough sense in that head to look sheepish and somewhat grateful regardless. The honest answer from D'lei has K'vir relaxing, a visible drop of his shoulders and a quiet, but audible sigh. "Yeah, I thought maybe that'd be it." The adapting. "Zekath met Leirith once and so do I. He's not quite sure what to make of her. It's…" Tough all around? He's on the cusp of saying one thing, but ends up shaking that off with a slight movement of his head and licking his lips as he again changes his mind on the fly. Blinking, his gaze turns to look up at D'lei a moment. "It's good that she can have someone there, to help." Why does that sound like an apology? Or a vague 'thank you', even.

D'lei lowers his hand back again to the chair, with a semi-apologetic half-smile. They can just pretend neither side of that one happened, okay? Good. Moving on! He listens to K'vir, with a nod - an amused quirk for Leirith and another nod… then a small laugh. "She's not exactly the sort to make friends easily, is she?" he muses, a fond smile to go with the words. "I mean, she's great, don't get me wrong, but she's…" Pick your words carefully, D'lei! "…intense." Still that fond smile. "So is Leirith. I don't blame Zekath one bit, I mean… sometimes I'm amazed Garouth is as patient as he is with her." A wry tug of lips, and then… a softer smile. "She'd make it either way," Tough Risa! "But I'm glad I can help."

Never happened, nope! They can have a complete redo sometime, if they don't end up being frenemies or something. So far, so good? K'vir certainly doesn't seem to be anywhere near the desire to throttle D'lei. He can't help but laugh a little too and shake his head, "No. No she doesn't but if you can get over the shrieking and all, she's a good person." No mistaking the admiration there or the amount that he cares for Risali. Deeply! It shows through briefly, before he's blinking it back and reigning in his expression. He doesn't seem offended by D'lei's choice of words either. Rather, K'vir agrees but it's the sort of agreement as one might take a compliment. "Yeah, she is intense. Fierce, even!" Temperamental, others would say. And probably less kinder things. Not him! "She has a reason for it." Even if he hasn't pinpointed it yet. It'll be several more years before he even gets a glimpse of that understanding. "So…" And it's back to awkwardness! It settles down between them, almost immediately, with K'vir's faltering and the obviousness that he has more he wants to say but has no… gentle or polite way to put it.

D'lei grins as he nods his agreement there. Risali is most definitely a good person! …shrieking and all. It's just part of the full Risa package. (And apparently only available in that bundle, nothing sold separately!) But with reason? "Probably a whole bundle of them." Because really, when are things so simple as to have just one cause? D'lei's grin is is a fond one, though. SO FIERCE. TINY LIONESS. And… oh look, they're back to awkward. D'lei's grin turns to a wry smile for that 'so'. "It's okay if you kind of hate me," he says. "I mean, I'd rather you didn't. But I get it. I'm there, you're not. You want to be… but you can't. And… there I am."

Who would only want half of the Risali package, anyhow? Not K'vir! He committed to the full deal, here and well before things got all serious and complicated. Now he's being called out and while the awkwardness doesn't entirely lift, enough of it is gone for him to scoff lightly and look down a moment. GUILTY as… charged? "Don't hate you," he mutters. Okay, the tiny part of him that's still jealous might be? So that's a half truth. "Jealousy is an ugly thing, though." And D'lei laid it out so well. Exhaling heavily, he'll lift a hand to rub it sheepishly along the back of his neck; it's a nervous habit of his, a sign of fidgeting before the hand is lowered and he's sitting up straighter again. He'll go back to staring at the other bronzerider too, but only to make eye contact. Better than talking to the floor! And a little more respectable, honestly. "And I think I was being… completely unfair." To him. Definitely to Risali but he'll only admit that to her.

Admittedly, it is possible to get the shrieking without any of the rest of it. Not that anyone actually wants just that side of Risali, but THEY CERTAINLY GET IT. Not entirely unlike how D'lei shifts expressions with a tug of his lips at K'vir's glance down, a sort of satisfaction even amidst the awkwardness. Called it. Okay, called not-it(-anymore), but still. He found a piece, and he nods for the muttered kinda-truth before… letting out a small sigh, expression just sympathy now as his gaze shifts aside, moving into the land of memory for a moment. "Sure is," he agrees quietly. "That stuff'll mess you up if you let it." A wince, of sorts, and then he's looking back to K'vir again, bringing his eyes to meet the other bronzerider's own. It is better than the floor! At least, sometimes. When the person involved is of higher quality than that floor… and the floors around here are pretty nice. Relatively new, kept swept and polished… all those good things. Even so, D'lei meets K'vir's gaze, with a tilt of his head that's… maybe not surprised, exactly - not in the context of that muttered denial - but is definitely curious. "Yeah?" he asks, an invitation to say more about this possible unfairness.

"Kind of learned that the hard way," K'vir admits with a smirk that teeters on the verge of being more of a bitter sort of grimace. "Let it," Jealousy. "Get it's hooks into me a bit and… just about ruined everything. Might've, still." There's a shrug of his shoulders to that admission. He's not so naive in life to think that, apologies given and all he'd done to undo what was said, that it won't leave a mark. A wound, perhaps. Small, perhaps insignificant in time, but still there and cause by him. His eyes narrow for that invitation and for a moment his lips press to a thinner line. D'lei is almost denied further explanation, but if he's patient, K'vir will eventually sort through his thoughts and decide to continue to be nice ("nice") to the other bronzerider. "Yeah." THERE'S YOUR EXPLANATION! No, seriously… K'vir exhales and runs the back of his thumb along his jaw. How to put this in words and NOT seem like a complete ass? "I let my insecurities from jealousy speak for me. Might've said some stuff to Risali that was uncalled for and unfair. I'm… not here to take you from her or insist you stay away. I'm not that kind of guy," Usually. "It wasn't fair of me either to judge you before even knowing you. Won't lie, still not sure if I do like you, or trust you." Have some open honesty, D'lei! Minus the maliciousness. "But I don't hate you. And you… are making Risali happy, during a difficult time. So." There.

D'lei… nods, ever so slightly, because he saw some of the other side of where those hooks tugged. There's a sideways twist of his lips, the faint echo of some bitter taste that lingers in the considering of it… or perhaps his own thoughts instead of K'vir's; what he has done from jealousy that… "May yet work out, though." Optimism! Got to have some of that to balance out the potential of being doomed forever and ever. D'lei waits for the explanation - or lack of one, which wouldn't exactly surprise him either. YEAH is a fine answer to YEAH?. It's symmetric! TOTALLY FAIR. BALANCED. ALL THAT. But while K'vir doesn't really seem sure he's going to say more, he also doesn't look sure he won't, and so… D'lei waits just a little more, and gets rewarded ("rewarded") with further explanation. He winces, then nods, then… almost a grimace, but it's followed by a nod. "Makes sense, though," he offers after a moment. "I show up, we're all over each other, and…" He sighs, looking down and to the side. "It isn't fair, really." A small shake of his head, and he looks back up to K'vir. "Look." There's an intensity to his amber eyes, a sort of stare as if by that he can prove the truth of the words that come out of his mouth. "If I told you I wasn't attracted to Risali, that would be a lie, so I won't. But I will tell you that I am her friend, and I'm not going to do anything she doesn't want. Right now? She wants a friend. She needs a friend, so that's what I am… and it's all I am. She doesn't need another boyfriend, because she's got you."

K'vir does grimace this time and tilts his head a bit in the vaguest of nods. Yup, D'lei summed it up nicely once again! He's going to start getting spoiled, not having to explain himself in detail! Or maybe that's helping things! And why he hasn't either bristled defensively or clammed up tight and gone behind a shield. "Yeah and I'm not proud of it." His jealously, born of what he saw (too little, too much or not enough?) and left to fester and his inexperience with it, leading him to false accusations. He's been jealous before but not jealous when tied to love. K'vir will meet that intensive look from D'lei, blue eyes meeting amber and while the honest admission to his attraction has his eyes narrowing, he doesn't go shoving it in the other bronzerider's face. It's obvious it's difficult for a heartbeat for him to accept it, but K'vir proves he can be a little more mature than his age and take it as it is. So while he'd begun to tense, he soon relaxes again and with a low, sighed chuckle. "She's one hell of a woman and I'd be an idiot if I didn't think others wouldn't be attracted to her. Can't go fighting everyone who so much as checks her out… And I don't want to be that guy." Possessive to insane degrees. The idea of it makes him grimace again in distance, a slight roll of his shoulders to hide the muted shiver. Ugh, no. "And like I said, I realize now that she needs a friend. I am her friend too, and her boyfriend, but I can't be there, for her, right now." Stupid rules. "Was meaning it when I said it's good that she has you." Even if he's still unsure about D'lei. That'll come in time, really. The trust.

As long as somebody explains what's going on, that still counts, right? They can have an open conversation where shrugs and awkward words get interpreted into full statements. D'lei makes a slight grimace at the jealousy and lack of pride, and nods. He gets it! Oh, does he get it. Not that… he's going to talk about that, right now. This is not about HIS issues. NOPE. That can be left for the future. Something to look forward to, right? For now… okay, D'lei does talk about himself a bit. Or at least, his opinions of Risali. And he is under no illusions that K'vir is going to like it, but it's true and so he (feels he) should say it and get it out there. If he's lucky he'll avoid getting into a brawl over it! …and… he is lucky, because K'vir is smart enough to realize that Risali is awesome. D'lei nods, with a little bit of relief for that reaction, then nods again. "Yeah. I can be there for her now. You can't…" He lets that trail off, with a faint grimace. How different things could be, if… no, when. "It won't last forever." Encouragement! Such as it is. "Besides." A crooked smile. "Risali's quite capable of doing her own fighting. Whether or not it's a terrible idea."

Should nothing happen to throw everything off the tracks, there's a good chance of a bromance of sorts between these two! K'vir really is a decent guy. Poor D'lei just got a rougher start than most! He's not looking to get to know the bronzerider THAT well yet, but in future crossings? Perhaps. For now, they have something in common to discuss and hash out, without really revealing too much of themselves in the process. "You can be there for her afterwards, too." It's not an offer or suggestion, just merely a statement of the truth. Another moment of K'vir attempting this maturity thing beyond the age he really is. He shakes his head. "It will be forever. I'd also be an idiot for not knowing the bonds that can happen in weyrlinghood. Strong ones, not-so strong ones." Friends, not friends. His expression becomes a little strained, as he digs into older memories. "And what happens when one of those are severed." From his tone, he mean permanently; death permanently. That was probably not a healthy experience for a psyche as young as his at the time. It's shaken off, that memory, just in time for him to scoff again and this time he does grin, mood lifting. "She is fierce," They covered that, didn't they? "And she will fight. So you've seen that side of her! Risali's a strong, willful woman but not always…" Everyone has their weaknesses, right?

"I will," D'lei agrees to K'vir about his being there in the future. It's another statement; a fact, something he doesn't need K'vir's permission for… but the fact that the younger rider realizes it is a relief, because it means they don't need to have an argument about it. One fewer dispute, and they'll all be the happier for it. A tilt of D'lei's head as K'vir goes on, and then… an ah, followed by a wince. "I'm sorry," he says, an expression of sympathy, and… oh, there's the twitch of his fingers, even if they don't actually leave the chair this time. "I didn't mean me and Risali, though." That? Yeah, he's expecting a forever or at least a 'til-death-do-us-part. "I know… well. I know how weyrlinghood can leave you feeling about someone." He looks down, away, and there's a shine to his eyes if it's glimpsed before he's staring at the floor and flexing a hand into a fist of Nope for those feels. "But you won't have to keep away." Please to ignore any tremor to his voice, because that's what he is attempting to do. "You'll get the full force of your Risali again." A slightly tighter curl of his fist, forcing it into enough of an interrupt on his head to change tracks. Risali. They are talking about Risali. Fierce Risali, willful fighter Risali… "She's kind." D'lei says it looking to the floor, then looks up to K'vir again with a smile. "Doesn't make her any less strong."

K'vir isn't blind; he may not entirely see/ the change in D'lei but he's empathic enough to sense //something has changed in the bronzerider. Something too private to discuss now and so, apparently, he leaves him be in that regard. He'll revisit it, soon enough. "No, kindness is not a weakness." he agrees whole heartedly. Then, sensing a chance, he shifts to the edge of his seat and rises to stand. This is where pleasantries are exchanged and farewells given, right? Only it doesn't quite go that route. A half-breath pause, a moment of indecisive hesitation and then K'vir is stepping forwards… half to D'lei, half in preparation to walk past him but he halts. He stops, right at the bronzerider's side, to reach and clasp his hand to the other's shoulder. It's a gesture of sympathy, like the aborted one before but there's understanding there too. He knows D'lei is holding fast to something, just as he has his own secrets. That doesn't mean he cannot acknowledge it. "Thanks, D'lei. For the talk." And the honesty. Even if it brought up some less than pleasant things. Another time, perhaps! His hand will draw back, and he'll nod, if not respectfully, in his farewell. "I'll let you get back to your… uh… light reading?" Now his humour returns, in a crooked smirk. Have fun with that?

So many feelings. Things would be so much simpler if it weren't for those feelings… but they'd also be so very… flat. Dull. Empty, without the passions that may also lead to anger or sorrow. But even so… D'lei nods to K'vir, then follows him with his gaze as the younger bronzerider steps closer and… offers him kindness, with the touch to his shoulder that D'lei accepts, responds to with a crooked smile that welcomes it even if he's still not going to talk about why or what or… any of the rest of it. Not now, anyway. Maybe at some point they'll have another discussion where the two of them talk more about each other instead of Risali, but for today? "Yeah. You too," D'lei answers. "I'm glad you came by." For that totally incidental visit to a place full of things K'vir might have accidentally exploded if his ancient curse decided to act up again. D'lei's own crooked smile increases as he responds to humour in kind. "It's only light in the section on solar panels. But thanks." Again. Because he just appreciates the well wishes, really. For his reading, and also (and more importantly)… for all the rest of it.

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