Pawsitively Purrsuasive

Xanadu Weyr - Main Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.
The cliff looms imposingly on two sides. Toward the southwest, a spire stretches up to high above where the everpresent watchdragon sits on a lonely peak with Xanadu's Starstones. A massive rocky spur extends to the north, curved slightly to hold the clearing and pocked with doors and windows.
The hatching arena and Dragonhealers' Annex sit to the southeast, built together into a single complex that takes up a large portion of the perimeter beneath its domed roof. To the southwest, wide steps lead up to the caverns, and almost directly south is the entrance to the Infirmary. Nestled between the infirmary and the main caverns there's a human-sized archway with frequent traffic - it leads to the Wanderin' Wherry Tavern.
Tucked near the arch, just off to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Wildflower Boutique'. Windows have been cut along the cliff in various places along the cliff. Those of the administrative offices are placed to have the best view of Xanadu's airspace - to the southwest, over the entrance to the caverns and the infirmary. Others mark the dormitories and those of lucky residents, while toward the northern edge of that spur cluster the windows and entrances to the crafters' complex.
The rest of the Weyr lies to the north and east - a broad road that leads through the meadow and the trees of the forest beyond. At the far northern edge of the clearing, just inside the perimeter kept clear of trees, a clocktower sits and proudly displays the hour.

There's snow absolutely everywhere - great big piles of it up to your eyeballs, excepting where wide walkways and dragon landing zones have been cleared for weyr business to resume - but for once, Esiae doesn't have the time or energy to complain about it. The goldrider is striding importantly out of the caverns, wearing her usual 'speak to me and I'll shank you' face she adopts when things like dragons breaking the hatching arena happen, but the effect is completely and utterly ruined by the literal parade of kittens erupting behind her, spouting plaintive little mews as they run as fast as nubby legs will go to keep up with her. Brown eyes rolling, shoulders slumping, the goldrider stops and turns to face the ten or eleven little darlings, who all stumble and trip over each other as they come to a stop at her feet. "Go hooome," she says, as though they'll understand her, hand not clutching wads of paperwork shaking with emphasis. "I so don't have the time for this right now." Someone rescue her!

Here we come to save the day…it's Gerazal and Nikita, bundled up against the cold, but still looking very fashionable. Gerazal is sporting a fur lined wher hide jacket with matching gloves and a knit stocking cap and scarf. Nikita's got on a pink and white snow suit to protect her from the cold with a knit hat, scarf and mittens. They are just headed out of the Cavern when Nikita spots the kittens first. "Kitties!" The three year old explains as she trundles on over towards them and Gerazal follow along behind. He gives a lazy salute to the Weyrwoman, "Good day…that's quiet a little pack you got there." Nikita is overjoyed as she sits right down amongst the kittens and proceeds to take off her mittens to start to pet them.

Janaya is coming toward the caverns, herself, out from somewhere across the fields. It's kind of hard to tell from where, given all this snow. She might have burrowed herself out from underneath the earth for all anyone knows, too short to be seen until she rounds the corner and emerges to the sight of a displeased junior weyrwoman and… kittens! "Awww!" she says, putting gloved hands together as she watches the little furry creatures tumble against each other and mewl. She giggles as she sees Nikita dive right in to play with them. "So cute."

Who needs rescuing? Two more arrive, drawn more for the crowd at first. Ezsrisa and Eliana (or Ezzie and Ellie for short) are out and about and judging from how caked with snow Ezzie's winter outfit is, she at least has been playing not long ago. Probably with some of the weyrbrat boys her age, while Ellie just lurks on the edges or quietly plays with some of the less boisterous children. Neither their mother or foster-mother are anywhere around. At ten Turns each, they have been allowed some freedom. So they'll edge their way closer, with Ezzie leading and being the first to exclaim: "They're so TINY!" Eee!

Darsce has no problem with troublesome sorts of expressions, prone to wearing them herself without warning (and some would say, reason). Today she's wearing the sweetest of expressions (equally as dangerous so beware!) as she moves gingerly along the shovelled path from her cottage in the meadow towards the caverns. You'd think spiked heels on her boots would help, but no. Those are unhelpful - totally skidding here as she tries to stop her headlong trip towards the caverns. No one has heard her say anything other than, "No egg-laying in my caverns!" as the dust to the hatching arena settled. As for kittens, she gaks visibly at Esiae. "Preferably over yonder." Her fingernails flash in the light as they wave-shoo suggesting the stables. Iceblue eyes all but impale Gerazal for his enthusiasm, then sweep Janaya, Ezsrisa and Eliana as tinted lips twitch in a tiny smile. "Or… with you - as long as you keep them away from me." Mind not the purring gold firelizard on her shoulder singing the parade a love song - she's ignoring it.

Apparently, Esiae did not count on making a scene, judging by her face. Poor little Nikita is quickly swarmed, to put it politely, surrounded by a chorus of tiny, curious mewls and even tinier, curious paws. "You're telling me," the junior huffs towards Gerazal, returning his salute with a nod. "Dunno where they even came from. Suddenly they were just there… meowing…," she mumbles aggrievedly. Quick brown eyes lift when Janaya comes around the corner, followed eventually by Ellie and Ezzie, one side of Esi's mouth flicking up in a smile as she offers the girls a wave. "They're something," is said, jury still out on their cuteness. Tiny though, they are that, only just big enough to be away from their mother. "They're nice though. Don't bite much, if you wanna pet them." And perhaps lure a few away from Nikita before she becomes Cat Mountain. It looks for a second like Esiae might flee, but Darsce's skidding arrival keeps her in place, if only to eye the Headwoman. Yeah. She saw that. "Don't you ever wear sensible shoes?," is asked along with an indulgent smirk and headshake, likely already knowing the answer. "Tried leaving 'em," is said in response to the barn-pointing. "Here we are." Sigh. Maybe if people take them, though, they'll leave her for good. Wheels are turning in her head.

Nikita smiles at Ezzie and Ellie, "Hello!" Gerazal smiles as he moves to kneel down behind Nikita, "Remember you want to be gentle with them." He says as he reaches out to scratch the head of one of the kittens in Nikita's lap. He reaches down to help keep Nikita from getting swamped by the kittens and he offers one to Ezzie and Ellie, "Here why don't you hold these two." Nikita is happy to be overwhelmed as she can't pet enough of them, "Can we keep them all Daddy." Gerazal's eyes go wide and he shakes his head, "No not all of them. How about you pick out your favor one and I'll pick out my favor one and we'll get one for mommy. If that's all right with the Weyrwoman we don't want to steal her kittens." He gives a polite nod to Darsce as he catches her icy glare at him and he spots JanaYa, "Hello Janaya. Yes they are. How are you set for warm clothes?"

Janaya glances to Ellie and Ezzie with a smile and a small wiggle of her fingers before looking back to those kittens. Esiae's exasperation draws a giggle from her. "And something else, too?" she suggests with a grin, though the amusement ebbs a little as she muses, "I wonder where their mother went." They may not be utterly tiny, but… shouldn't they still have mama somewhere nearby? Janaya glances toward Darsce for a moment, then back to those kittens, pondering them with a slight frown despite their cuteness. Utterly adorable, yes! (According to her.) A problem… also yes, apparently. Hrm. Gerazal's greeting of her draws her attention away from those kittens. "Oh, hi!" Her smile returns, bright and cheerful. "I'm good… oh, except for I got a hole in one of my winter socks, maybe later you can show me how to fix it."

Woah, whah! They can pet them? Neither Ezzie or Ellie need to be told twice! The girls descend on the kittens, tugging off their mittens in order to properly stroke the tiny balls of fur. "Aren't they cold? Won't they get sick?" Ellie chimes in, glancing up to the adults. Maybe she should toss in some sort of proper greeting but the girl is distracted by KITTENS. She can be forgiven, right? Ezzie meanwhile has knelt down, oblivious of the snow and scooped up one kitten into her lap to be fawned over. "So they don't belong to no body?" she asks to no one in particular. Her expression brightens with a broad grin. "Cuz if they don't, can we have 'em?" Suddenly Gerazal is handing her another one, which she takes and Ellie holds the other. Both girls smile to Nikita. "Hello!"

Kera has finished her errands and is making her way back to the edge of the forest when a large gathering makes her feet curious. Detouring, she recognizes some of the group from across the distance, but it's not til she gets closer that she starts to make everyone out. Canting her head to the curious scene and the furry mountain that turns out to be Nikita, Kera chuckles at the scene. Riders and weyrbrats alike are being stalked by tiny furry terrorist. Well, that's how she'll tell the story later in any case. Rather than greet everyone by name, she simply salutes or dips a respectful nod to those around the chaos "Hello everyone."

"Of course I do," is Darsce's drawled response to the junior weyrwoman, while pivoting one toe so she can tilt a critical look at her own footwear. Her expression is satisfied and by the grin she shoots Esiae, her sense of fashion is also. Clearly she thinks these are sensible. Note, she says not a word about impaling anyone's a- butt, nope! Her eyes drift to Nikita and she shudders at the seething mass of furry cuteness. "Riiiiight," is her mused response to "here we are". She'll just try to edge past (giving them a wide berth) while asking, "How about a cage? Or rope?" Clearly she doesn't know felines, does she. And while Gerazal gets an approving nod for helping clear two of the kittens, her expression is mixed for Ellie and Ezzie. After all, she visits the weyrbarn they live in. "It beats the caverns, buuuut… does Mur'dah even like kittens?" Note the shifty-eyed expression of hope as she all but encourages the pair to take on parenthood without their mother's permission. "Hello," she greets both Janaya and Kera simultaneously. "If you find her please send her to see the beastcrafters to fix… this…" Her hand flicks at the kitten-pile with another shudder.

"Please, do. Help yourself. They need good homes, I ain't it," Esiae says, relieved and pleased when Gerazal and Nikita select three and spirit them away. "Most animals hate me, so these ones must be outta their minds," is said towards Janaya with a bemused chuckle as one of the little things buttwiggles and launches itself at her feet. As for their mother, "No idea. Walked around half the weyr this morning, hoping I'd find a momma feline, or someone'd recognize 'em, or that they'd remember where they belonged and scarper, but no such luck. Just made them almost get lost in a snowbank, and then I felt terrible." Not their fault they misguidedly latched onto someone who's bad with animals, after all. "Nah, ain't cold anymore. They were snoozing in a pile in front of a hearth only a minute ago. Thought I could escape," she says towards Eliana for her concern. "All the more reason for you lot to take 'em, though, right? Keep 'em from getting kittysniffles?" An encouraging motion is made towards Ezzie, and them all, by extension. Ignore the Darsce behind the curtain! Her mouth opens, perhaps to comment further on Janaya's clothing situation, or exclaim surprise as to the girls' parentage, but suddenly Kera is there! Esiae flicks her a wave and a return nod. "Hey there! Want a kitten?" She's desperate! Desperate and giggling at Darsce. "Riiiight," she drawls about those boots, imitating her tone because sometimes it's healthy to get what you dish out. "Well, push comes to shove, I bet you could use them as icepicks, at least," she teases, brows bobbing with amusement. "Besides, I'm pretty sure that's not how felines work."

"Maybe you could pick one and make a fresh start with it?" Janaya suggests to Esiae. "Since these do seem to like you…" She smiles as she watches the younger girls take to those kittens… and possibly even take some kittens! She looks up to Kera and smiles, waving hello to the rider, then goodbye to Gerazal and Nikita as they head off with hands full of fluff. Her gaze drifts back to the kittens - fewer of them now - and she nods to Esiae about the lack of a mother for these kittens before looking up to Darsce again with an expression of sweet innocence at the headwoman's suggestion about that. "You mean the caverns' pest-catchers aren't part of your staff?"

Kittysniffles!? That all but seals the deal for Eliana. Some of them are definitely coming with them! Ezzie, however, is far more bold in her answers and while most wouldn't dare challenge Darsce, the girl does. Full scale ten Turn old attitude! "Yeah, he does!" she boasts in mention of Mur'dah. "And my mum too! They're kittens!" Who can't love kittens? She's so oblivious to Esiae's dislike and even the Headwoman's! She'll hold her two kittens closer, while Ellie doesn't seem ready to give up her lone kitten either. "Hello!" they both chime to Kera, at ease with the greenrider. Both girls begin to stand, kittens now being tucked into their jackets. Clearly they're not taking 'no' for an answer and it'll be their parents headache to deal with later.

Kera makes her way closer, careful to avoid stepping on anything that pounces her way. A chuckle slips out of the greeny from the fluffy cuteness, and she flashes a smile to everyone gathered around. A nod given to Gerazal and wiggling fingers to Nikita as the two head back to warmth with their new furry masters. Shaking her head at the discussion N'talya will be having soon, her attention takes in Darsce's boots when they are mention. Brow arches as she shakes her head "I'ld break something for sure if I tried moving in those. And that's not even taking the snow and ice into acount. You're a brave woman Darsce." Smiling, she waves to the twins. "Hi Ellie, Ezzie, you taking all these kittens home?" She winks goodnaturedly to Esiae and considers the furballs scrambling about as she crouches down. "They are rather cute aren't they." She holds her hand out to try catching the attention of one or two. Janaya gets a curious look, then glances around briefly as if looking for some evidence, then back to Janaya. "How many more runs did you make?"

"Gre-aaat. Take four apiece?" Darsce says deadpan to Ezzie. Seven down and three left to go? As for the mama cat getting out of Dodge, her under-the-breath cynical wisecrack to both Esiae and Janaya is "She's too smart to be found." Whiiiich effectively nixes the idea of spaying the correct productive feline now doesn't it? Not that Darsce is brooding on that, no. Becaaause that finger flick of hers seems to have given the humming gold firelizard on her shoulder the idea that she is welcome!!!! to greet the kittens. She launches from shoulder to kitten-swarm in a flash and wriggles her delighted self amongst the soft furry ones and chirrups sweetly to them. Hello new best friend!! Which one of you will I cuddle with first? As for Darsce, what to gak at first? The cat hair sprouting from the heath rug to be cleaned, the ice damage to her lovely heels or her firelizard asking for her own pet? Because she can assign a drudge to clean the rug, boots can be replaced and she'll just let Sugar have her kitten romp and then come home without one. " Darsce stares at Janaya in utter horror. We have cavern pests??" See the headwoman. See the headwoman hyper-ventilate. What was that about brave, Kera?

"I will if you will," Esiae shoots right back, twitching one eyebrow up at Janaya with a crooked grin. It's a trap! "It's true, though. I'd be happy to donate one or two to the caverns as members of your housekeeping staff," she adds, brown eyes sparkling over at Darsce as she mimics the girl's saccharine tone. "Could swear I saw a VTOL infestation starting up in the storage room the other day. Seems as if we could use a responsible feline to keep them at bay." Twinkle~. As for the remaining kittens, they go scattering when Sugar suddenly lands amongst them, back paws skitterskitterskittering before gaining purchase. One goes flying behind Janaya, another all but climbs Kera's arm in the hopes of escaping, and another two fall over Esi's boots and end up half-tunneled into the snowbank behind the junior weyrwoman. Hopefully those in Ezzie's and Ellie's arms don't react too badly, as in the end, only one remains on the ground, a pretty little silver tabby whose tail is puffed, make no doubt, pale green eyes staring over at the firelizard as though it's the second coming of Faranth but… really… the gold doesn't look that scary. Right? The little thing even steps closer, the better sniff at Sugar, tiny whiskers pushed forwards. Purr? "Shells. They didn't scratch any of you, right?" Winces are given to Kera and the twins in particular as two sets of eyes peek out from around her heels. Is it safe?!?!

Janaya grins wide to Kera. "Three. Would've done more, only I ripped my sock on the last one 'cause it got caught on the edge. I'm okay, though! And it was still awesome." As her grin would seem to confirm. It's a moment before she adds, as an unimportant detail that she still realizes might be desired… "It's out at my dad's weyr, I'll bring it back tonight." Esiae's 'trap' just makes her grin. "Deal." Well that was easy. (The hard part starts immediately upon taking ownership of the kittens!) As for those cavern pests… Janaya nods to Esiae's observation about those VTOLs, then looks back to Darsce and shrugs. "There's probably others," she says, her tone ever-so matter of fact. "There could be pillbugs tracked in on boots to live under the carpets, corpse-flies flying in to eat kitchen scraps and breeding behind the drain, tunnelsnakes burrowing back in the stores, spiderclaws climbing up the water intake for the springs, the hookworms that swim up to eat them if they get cooked and start rotting, termites in the firewood stacks, sheep mites in the pillow stuffing…" She's not done, but she does have to breathe, so there's a pause, and that's when the kittens panic and Janaya's train of infestation thought is derailed to go look for that one that went… behind her? She thought she felt it go by…

Ezzie is safe, as the kittens she 'claimed' are tucked into her jacket and only return there to cower and hide. "Nah, we'll take three! One for me, one for Ellie and one for Keruthien! So it's fair." Sagenod. See? She's SMART. She'll beam at Darsce for her cleverness, only to turn sharply as her sister cries out and almost drops the kitten she was holding. Her arms are protected by her jacket, but her hands are bare and get a good scratch or two. Ezzie will snatch up that third and tuck it with its siblings in her jacket, while Ellie begins to tear up, lip quivering and reaching that 'I'm about to lose my /mind/' stage. "Oh don't be such a baby!" Ezzie scoffs with a roll of her eyes while her sister keeps the waterworks going. She grabs Ellie's hand, which ends up being the injured one and sets the girl to further wailing before she corrects her mistake. "Come on!" Tug-tug! Excuse them as Ezzie goes to drag her wuss of a sister away. "Thank you for the kittens, weyrwoman! Bye Darsce! Bye everyone!" One whom she doesn't even know! Off they go, disappearing down the paths that will lead them to the weyrbarn they call home.

Kera looks to Darsce with skeptism. Surely the woman doesn't mean for everyone to take four kitten's each. That would call for an addition to her cottage, maybe. A quick nod to Janaya, grinning at some little secret as one of the little furrballs tickles her fingers with whiskers. As another apporaches, she holds out the other hand and starts gently scritching around ears. The little queen swooping down to scatter the litter gives Kera two little furry armcuffs, clinging with twenty claws each to her jacket covered arms. "Whoa." Thankfully for the thick hide, she can't feel the sharp talons. A smile and wave to the twins as they hurry home with their kittens "Bye Eliie, Ezzie." Standing back up, she tries to calm the litlte furrballs while observing the lizard charm a kitten on the ground. Kera looks to Darsce, the healer seeming to edge away from the headwoman, she can't tell if the woman is hyperventilating or gearing up to rip someone a new one. "It can't be that bad. Everywhere gets spinner webs that sneak in sometimes, but.." She trails off and glances to Janaya and Esiae before starting to backpeddle. These kittens need homes, and what better place than the kitchens "Then again, sometimes people are lazy and only half way do their jobs." And yes, Kera and her two little kittens are sidestepping away from Darsce as she says that.

Sugar peeps forlornly at the terrified skittering kittens. She's been abandoned! Sadness knows no bounds. But wait, there is one left - oh joy! With an answering purr to the silver tabby, she sprawls belly-flat in the snow to look less scary, the tip of her tail wriggling to entice it closer. Sure she means it, Kera. "Take two for the Jailbird - they're small. And they can whiz on his rugs-" Ezzie and Ellie are given an absent sort of wave goodbye because that casual "it's true enough" of Esiae's has gone and grabbed ALL of the headwoman's attention. It draws yet another gak forth. Iceblue eyes fix upon Janaya and the girl is awarded a droll, really-now look. Vtols she can believe, but shards, it's the middle of winter. A horde of pests now? Riiight. Too bad she doesn't take that seriously? She might be in for an unpleasant surprise later! "I was just in the kitchens earlier," she says mildly. But not the storerooms, apparently! Nevertheless, come spring when warm weather draws clouds of vermin forth, she'll be doubling inspections of - everywhere! "Gah - no, that won't be necessary," she says quickly of feline-hunters in the caverns. "You or Innes can just… explode something, uh, poisonous," she goes on with feigned unconcern. And with muttered, "I'll just go…" And off she heads, her menacing stalk diminished by her reeling over the icy snow. Mind not those screams, if you hear them, that'll be Darsce's under-performing assistants being fed to the flesh-eating Vtols.

Esiae only nods solemnly as Janaya's list goes on, going so far as to pull her paperwork out from under her arm and consult it like a doctor verifying a diagnosis. "Not to mention avians nesting wherever they feel like - we don't want to have an incident like Monaco, do we? - and scatids trying to escape the weather… I don't think we can afford not to have one around," the goldrider agrees with a grave air, eyes twinkling over at Kera as she adds to the growing list of reasons why Darsce's probably going to be the one lighting Xanadu on fire in the end, somehow beating out both pyromaniac weyrwomen at their own game. She almost looks put out when the idea is shot down, but, well, she's been giving permission to explode something. "You'd let us do that to your precious caverns?" Noone ever gives her permission. Faranthmas has come early! Her mirth does settle a bit when Ellie's eyes well up, but before Esi can offer assistance, the twins are headed off home. "Take care, let me know if you need anything!," she calls after them since they are doing her a favor, making off with the kittens. Darsce is waved off when she departs a moment later, tongue clicking at the Headwoman's slipping (honestly, woman, there's such a thing as cute boots that aren't stilettos!), but eventually her gaze shifts back to Kera as Janaya goes about seeking out the wayward kitten. "She's gonna kill someone," Esi trills cheerfully with a knowing look for the greenrider. "I'm gonna make sure I'm good and busy at the hatching sands for the rest of the day. If you wanna hide with me, I'm sure I can put you to work." Cough. That silver tabby's happy to cuddle with Sugar in the meantime, and if Dar finds her back in her weyrbarn at the end of the day, wellll…

Kera grins a few seconds as she joins the cavern kitten campaign with Janaya and Esiae. Managing to wrestle the little kittens into her warm jacket and snickering a bit to Darsce's command to 'take two' "Yes ma'am." Nevermind the fact that those would be /her/ rugs needing cleaned too. Observing the Sugar scooch onto her belly and coax the kitty closer "Awwww." Glancing up, she darts glances around "What?! I don't care how grumpy someone is, that's just adorable!" A chin gesture to the display of intense cuteness. Kera lowers her head, but continues chuckling softly at the banter between everyone, til Darsce stalks off. "LAter Darsce." Is called out after the headwoman and hse looks back to the others "I would not want to be on duty anywhere near the caverns this evening for anything." Not with Darsce looking for something amiss. "I'll take care of these two, if someone comes looking for them, send them my way weyrwoman." A quick nod to Esiae and wave to Janaya. "You both have fun. And get warm soon." With a smile, she's tromping off through the snow towards the edge of the forest.

Cute? Darsce doesn't do cute. She'll go for killer heels instead. Truth be told, neither weyrwoman need her permission to explode anything. However, given vermin, she's unlikely to complain about it, either. As for Sugar, should that silver tabby permit, she'll headstoke its flank with hers, chirr and encourage it closer until she can twine, tumble and finally drape herself in kitty fur (oohlala). It's likely that they will wind up at the cottage of Darsce and Jethaniel where later the frazzled and exhausted headwoman will find Dariel has already engineered auto-feeding and auto-litter disposal contraptions while his father observes their son's efforts with intent interest and shining pride. Who can say no to that?

Gerazal and Nikita come back out with their kittens. Gerazal has managed to wrangle some cloth up, not to hard for a weaver and has wrapped the kittens up like little burritos to help keep them arm. He's carrying two of them and Nikita's carrying one. The kittens are all sleeping after drinking a big bowl of milk. Gerazal spots Esiae and he looks around, "Get rid of all your kittens?"

Even Esiae has to agree - it is cute, the sweet little gold flit snuggling up, then around, then under the kitten, who looks utterly confused at being worn as a fur coat, but doesn't seem to protesteth too much. Which. Is probably a good thing, considering she's off to live with the firelizard. Still snickering to herself, the junior nods as Kera makes like a tree, grinning crookedly. "Not for all the marks in the world. I will definitely let you know, but the way I figure, if someone hasn't come around by now…" She shrugs. "Clear skies!" No sooner has the greenrider gone than Gerazal and Nikita return, a much more relaxed Esi grinning at their little cocooned kittens. "Nah, there's still these ones," she says, thumb jerking back over her shoulder at the pair that's taken to wrestling with one another, now that the firelizard threat has passed, "but I think I know just the person to pawn them off on." Her expression is absolutely mischievous. Someone had better look out. "Any ideas on names yet?" Because, well, she's curious.

Nikita smiles, "Daddy named his Boots and mine is named Patches. Only Mommy's has no name." Gerazal chuckles, "Nikita helped with the names. I just hope that Vincy likes them." That being said a bronze firelizard pops in between and he chirrups at Gerazal as he swoops around. "Ah there is the trouble maker now. Oh who are you going to give them to." He asks as Nikita rocks the kitten she has in her arms.

"Those're lovely names," Esiae says, eyes scrunched up in a grin for Nikita. Yep, definitely much fonder of the felines now that they aren't her problem! "Very fitting for them." There is, indeed, a curious look for the mention of Vincy - Vincy who? - but before she can even ask the firelizard appears. "Ah, well, too late. No take-backsies," the goldrider jokes, eyeing the bronze flit. "A long-time friend, and his… well, daughter, I think. She'd love a little kitten, though I might have to hang onto 'em a bit until her flit gets a little bigger." Or maybe not. Azchel's more capable than some adults she knows. "Regardless, they'll be well-placed and far from me." Or so she thinks.

From the entrance to the Caverns, N'talya steps slowly out, spotting Gerazal and Nikita, she smiles and stands aside watching the pair for a short while. A small smile crossing her face.

"Thanks, well if she has adult help it shouldn't be any problem. Nikita is gonna help take care of the kittens. Right Nikita?" Gerazal asks and the the little girl nods, "Yep gonna be a big help. Mommy! Look what we got…Kitties!" She holds up her kitten and Gerazal turns towards N'talya, "Hey…we got you one too."

"Yeah, she has a foster family here. Don't imagine they'll be too impressed with me - letting her get a flit and then giving her a firelizard - but…" Esiae shrugs a bit nonchalantly, like the ire of foster parents is hardly a concern. "Faced worse than that." Brown eyes scrunch of Nikita's agreement, a crooked grin flashing across her features, but when the little girl greets her mother Esiae's gaze flicks over to N'talya, smile going a little sheepish. "Hi there!"

N'talya smiles to Nikita and says, "Kitties? Where did you get kittes from you little imp." she smiles as she walks up to her daughter and gives her a little hug, "I swear you are going to end up a beast crafter, first bunnies now this." she looks up to Esiae and smiles, "Hello Ma'am."

Gerazal nods, "Yes we finally got those bunnies settled. Well apparently a pack of wild kittens were stalking our weyrwoman here and we helped her by taking three off her hands. We got one for you." He holds out the grey and black tiger striped kitten, "He doesn't have a name yet. THe other one is Boots, the black one with white paws, and the calico one that Nikita has is named Patches."

"Yeaaah, I'll totally take the blame for that one," Esiae says, scratching the back of her neck and continuing to be sheepish. "Bunch of kind folks - them included - rescued me. There were eleven of them, can you believe? Wouldn't leave me alone." And now she's down to two, which is a totally manageable number to pawn off on someone else. One blonde eyebrow raises for the talk of bunnies, but before the junior can reply, she's interrupted by a wingleader, who mumbles something low and urgently about Innes and the hatching sands and alas, it seems her time is up. "Well, anyways, thank you again. I really appreciate you looking after them. And hey, if she does become a beastcrafter, she'll make a great one! First-hand experience," Esi laughs, offering the trio a wave before stooping to pick up the two kittens left at her feet and heading off after the wingleader to hopefully prevent more chaos.

There is more log after this, please add it if you have it. <3

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