Making A List

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

It's early evening at Xanadu, when a annoying squeaky sounds seems to get louder and announces Kera's arrival through the cavern entrance. She pushes a strudy trolley ahead of her, one of the wheels is no doubt to blame for the annoying squeak. Several covered trays occupy the trolley shelves and thge apprentice begins distributing them among the differant patients checked into the infirmary today. The apprentice spends a couple of minutes with each patient, getting them settled comfortably and tucking into their meals, before grabbing up the last tray she had made up and goes in search of the Weyrhealer.

c-rus has been sitting at his desk working through the files that are now scattered most everywhere on his desk. He is slowly building a list of people that he wants to see when he is able to grab them. The list includes names like Soriana, Ka'el, Mur'dah (again) and a couple others. This place is full of all sorts of interesting people and its going to be very interesting to meet them all, and see what he can do for them.

Kera hums softly as she strolls along the hall, quieting when she arrives at the open door. "Journeyman Cyrus, have you had dinner yet sir?" She steps in, and her gaze starts looking around for somewhere to set the tray. Frowning a bit at the clutter, she just smiles at the scattered files. She's not nosey, but Kera can't help but take note of some of the names sprinkling the pages. It was the apprentice herself that wrote out some of the reports the Weyrhealer is going through.

And Kera did such a wonderful job creating very complete reports. They have brought him up to speed on what most inhabitants of the weyr are doing. He looks up to Kera and smiles as she asks him about dinner. He should probably get something, "No I haven't." he says as he puts down the files and looks around, "I take it that everyone else is already fed and set for the evening?" he asks.

Kera snorts in amusement and chuckles "I figured as much." Still looking for a place to set the tray, she just resorts to placing it in front of the Weyrhealer, covering whatever is scattered across the desk surface. "I've just seen to the last one sir. In half a candlemark, I'll begin collecting their trays." Nudging a few bulky things with her fingers so the tray can lay flat, she nods "The cook sent you grilled yellowtail netted fresh this morning." The apprentice gives a cheeky wink "And I grabbed one of the bubbly pies off the cooling wrack. So dig in sir."

Cyrus is pleased to find food in front of him all of a sudden. How can you get any better service than that. You weren't even thinking about food and then all of a sudden a person showed up with some. Awesome. He looks at the food and finds it to be very good. You can't go wrong with pie and yellowtail. He smiles to the apprentice, "You are a life saver." he proclaims to her. In truth he probably would have been fine, but its really nice of her to think about him like that, "Been up to anything exciting today?" he asks as he ponders what to dig into first.

Kera chuckles at Cyrus's proclamation, giving a shake of her head. "Hardly sir. Purely motiviated by selfishness, I assure you. Afterall, a hungry Weyrhealer is a grumpy one….And no one wants that." Kera giggles and sets about aligning files more neatly, restacking where needed. Noticing a pile on the corner she gestures to them "Are ya done with those? I'll refile them if so." It's unfortunate for Cyrus that his apprentice is a bit of a neat freak, and all the scattered files are making her fidgety.

Cyrus is the opposite of a neat freak when it comes to things like this. Obviously when it comes to hygeine for himself and the patients certainly that is a number one priority, but messy files are pretty low on the scale of importance. He never really loses them, he just misplaces them from time to time. He never really did get high marks when his supervisors talked about organization, "I suppose you are right. Though I can't say I get grumpy too often." Most of the time he likes to have a good time and enjoy life, but there are a few occasions where she might see him growly. He takes a bite of the fish and smiles. Its very good, "Yes. Those can go back I suppose."

Kera nods and takes the the little stack and turns towards the cabinets. "Thankfully not /too/ often." There is amusement in her voice is obvious even though she faces the files. tugging open the heavy drawers, she starts flicking through the tabs. "Thankfully there hasn't been much excitement. Though I'm sure you were woken up with the rest of the Weyr when Soriana's young queen rose." Slipping a file in the proper place, she moves on towards the next and shakes her head "I can't think of anything else." Glancing over her shoulder "How about yourself? Finding your way around alright? I had to use a map when I was first posted. And still got lost."

Cyrus sleeps like a rock and so he didn't really hear anything about that, though he certainly heard about it later. Dragons! Just something he is going to have to learn to live with while he lives here. He's never met one, though that streak is likely to come to an end soon enough, "I missed out." he says as he takes another bite of the fish, "I've been doing fine getting around so far. I haven't really been to too many places around the Weyr, but I'm getting there slowly but surely, "Things have been quiet. I'm going to see if I can grab Mur'dah again soon though."

Kera smiles and turns back to her task, slipping a couple of folders in place before pushing the drawer closed. That done, she moves to settle in the spare chair, sitting for a few minutes and getting off her feet. Lifting her brow at the mention of Mur'dah, "Do you have a list you want to make appointments with? I can make sure they know you want to see them." Tugging a clump of hair behind her ear, the apprentice adds. "Will you be wanting me to sit on on Rider Mur'dah's appointment? He didn't seem to be comfortable with me there."

Cyrus ponder the question as he works through the remaining fish. There is a part of him that says he should probably try to talk to Mur'dah by himself next time just to see if the result is different, but there is another part of him that says consistency is good and why mess with it. Mur'dah obviously did feel uncomfortable, but he is probably going to feel uncomfortable no matter what. It might acutally help him connect with Kera a bit, which clearly needs to happen since there is obviously some trouble between them, "I haven't made up my mind yet." he says with a shrug, "Not everyone is going to be comfortable all the time. Sometimes we have to make people a bit uncomfortable in the moment so that they can be more comfortable going forward."

Kera eyes the older healer thoughtfully before finally shrugging. She'll learn whatever hidden lesson he is plotting when it happens and not a moment sooner. "Have you met Rider Ers'lan yet? He's the Galaxy Wingleader. The search and rescue wing had a few new additions to their ranks after graduation. Apprentice M'kal among them. He was searched and impressed before I was posted here. But he's still an apprentice in the Hall." She pauses as she seemed to have gotten off her original track. "Anyway, I just thought you might like to meet Rider Ers'lan."

Cyrus has many lessons hidden and otherwise which he will try to impart to his young apprentice. He'll do his best to explain when necessary and just wing it the rest of the time, "I haven't really met all that many people." he response. It is interesting that there is another apprentice in the hall though. He is going to have to make it a point to meet him. Especially since in a very real way he is responsible for whatever work he does here, "I will make it a point to meet him as soon as I can." he says with a grin as he gets up from his desk taking tray with the pie on it with him. You can't leave pie behind, "I think I'm going to turn in. Thank you for being so thoughtful. I appreciate it and I will see you tomorrow no doubt."

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