"We're Not in Xanadu Anymore"

Ista Weyr - Prison Cell (This is part of an Istan TP)

Separated by a stone wall from the barracks, way at the back, with only a narrow archway as the exit in and out, is the prison cells of Ista Weyr. The cavern can be clammy when it gets really crowded or cool on otherwise empty days with its location deep in the mountain. The prisons are all made of thick metal bars fitted deep into the natural rock of the Weyr, deep and impossible to remove, and then separated by more bars in between to make for individual cells. Each cell is then decorated with a half-filled straw mattress on a low wooden pallet for a cot and a chamber pot hidden under it for the occupant's use.

Thea sleeps on her pallet facing the cell door, curled on her side and breathing quietly, dark hair spills across her cheek. Her eyes flicker in slight movements and every now and then she utters a quiet moan. As she begins to stir slightly, a tear slides out from under her dark lashes, her hand reaches to pat beside her, but rather than her own warm bed, her fingers touch the cold stone floor and her eyes flutter open. It takes a moment for the shadowed look to clear from her eyes, to be replaced by first confusion, then sharp awareness. As she sits stiffly, her hair slides off of her cheek, revealing a purplish bruise on one cheekbone. She wipes her eyes, looks around carefully.

The sound of a chamber pot scraping across the floor can be heard, almost echoing through the cells as K'nan finishes up with early morning business. Her attention drifts over to the woman who is just waking up. She settles herself back on the pallet and seems likely less uncomfortable than Thea. Course, she's not been manhandled and bruised either. For all intents and purposes she seems to almost act as if she's in more of a hostel than a prison. "You look as if you'ld not slept so well." she notes as she tilts her head questioningly.

"Morning." The stiff, clipped word comes from the next cell over, Sigam's dark eyes seeming almost black with the sleep-deprived bags under his eyes. "Or at least, the sun's up, so I think that's what it is." His gaze twitches from it's place on the wall to peer over at Thea, concern and understanding there. "You look like hell," quoths Mr. Tact, a wry smile on his face as he considers her bruise. He's probably heard the noises she's made in her sleep, but it's the physical aspects he focuses on. "I know, pot to kettle." One hand reaches up to smooth his own hair, which has been fretted with to the point of almost standing on ends as he reclines against the bars he shares with Thea's cell. "Who could sleep well here?," is Sig's response for K'nan, shooting the woman a curious look.

D'son is sound asleep still. There's some straw caught in his hair but otherwise, incongruously, Xanadu's Weyrleader seems to be sleeping really darned well. Snoring even! Could be it's the first uninterrupted, full sleep he's gotten in a while? At any rate. D'son snores.

Thea turns her head only when the voice speaks, giving what little privacy to her prison mate she can in such a place as this. She regards the woman steadily for a moment before speaking. Her smile is faint, "Mmm." She agrees dryly, "But it's not really due to the lavish accommodations, I assure you. More force of habit." Sigam's voice turns her attention his way, at his words her lips curve in a smile of amusement, and she winces as her cheek moves with it, but she can't resist a little teasing as she eyes his hair and unshaven face, "I think being jailed agrees with you, you're looking fab." Her eyes flicker towards D'son, then back to the woman. "Been here long?"

K'nan looks around again "Not so bad here." she remarks "Keeps the weather off, I like that." she continues and then she smiles at Sigan "How could I not sleep well? Beds be dry, food, though a little plain is good. Beats some of the stew I've made for myself." she remarks and then frowns a little as some though or another clouds her eyes and then she's smiling again and listening to Thea "A little, not long. Glad it's not so dusty here." she looks around some and then frowns as if noting someone's missing "Guess he was better at hide and go seek." she murmurs absently and then is glancing at the bruising on the woman. "That doesn't look good. Maybe you should have that looked too."

All the talking seems to disturb D'son's slumber and he rolls over making a quiet sound. "No, Ma, five more minutes," he protests, clearly /not/ fully awake yet. A bit of poking up straw jabs him in the cheek and the young weyrleader's eyes snap open. "/Ow!/" he exclaims and blinks a couple of time, sits up rubbing at his face. "Huh." He looks around owlishly and masks a yawn with his hand, then rolls his head from side to side and stretches. "Hey Thea. Hey Sigam. You guys okay?" the bronzerider asks groggily and stands to move towards the bars that block him from the others. There's a friendly grin even if sleepy-eyed for K'nan. "What're you in for?"

Sigam gives an impressive tongue click, wrist rising and then letting it to go limp so his hand drapes in an 'oh you!' gesture. "You're just saying that," he drawls with a hint of a lisp even as he rearranges his hands to scrub over his face. "Shardssss. I need klaaaah," comes the whine, and as a fresh bout of noises comes from the straw on the other side of the cell, Sigam shoots D'son a withering look. It fades quickly to something akin to resignation, as it likely has all night, before he waves a hand. "Hey. I'm fine, just couldn't sleep. You?" He wriggles a little uncomfortably against the bars, attention going back to K'nan again. "Point, but some of us like privacy. And can cook." A sulky chin is rested on Sig's forearms.

Thea snorts at Sigam, rolling her eyes just a bit before looking back at K'nan. "I'll be fine, thanks." Thea answers the woman absently, but not unkindly. Her fingers ignore the area on her cheek as they comb and smooth her long hair in to a semblance of order, her eyes idly roving the interior of the room. She stretches, standing to pace the cell, her movements stiff. After a few minutes of walking she's had enough of that fun so she walks to the shared wall of bars and slides down to sit on the floor beside Sigam, her legs curled under her. D'son's waking has her grinning just a wee bit, an expression she hides in a cough as his eyes open. "I'm all right," she answers D'son. "Feeling rested?" Is that a smirk on her face? Maybe a small one. But she is curious about K'nan's answer, so she's got to pay attention to the woman and her eyes swing back that way.

D'son scrubs a hand through his hair, comes up with straw and blinks at it for a moment or two. "Huh," he says and looks up across at Thea. "Um, yeah actually. I mean, not like it's cozy home in the hills in here, but at least it's quiet?" Oblivious Dels. He shoots Sigam an apologetic look. "Sorry you slept badly. Hopefully we won't be stuck in here for long," Xanadu's Weyrleader says optimistically. "So, in for poking around," he decides from what K'nan just said. "Who's Phaili?"

Slackjawed. Like. Give K'nan an award, because for the first time in a long time, the Dragonhealer can do nothing but stare at the woman. "Socks," he finally parrots oh-so-intelligently, head tilting very far to one side. The bluerider has earned 'crazy flit lady' status in his mind, if the look in his eyes is anything to judge by. "It's okay," is his eventual reply to D'son, tearing his eyes away from sock-girl to look at the Weyrleader. "I always have trouble sleeping in new places the first time. I'm weird like that." He's eyeing K'nan cautiously again, but a hand does reach back through the bars towards Thea as she takes a seat on the other side. "Thea, we aren't in Xanadu anymore," he quips quietly, glad D'son's asking all the right questions.

Thea listens to K'nan with growing interest. It helps relieve the boredom? Though how one could be bored with a straw-cluttered Weyrleader and a hair-on-end Dragonhealer is a mystery yet to be solved. She opens he mouth to ask, but D'son beats her to it, she merely nods encouragement to K'nan, a baffled smile offered to the woman. "I'm sorry you're in here." And she is too, but likely not for K'nan's sake. She rotates her neck, reaching a hand up to rub at the back of it, grimacing. She shoots D'son an amused glance, "Wasn't all that quiet in my quarters." Sigam's hand comes though the bars and she jumps at the touch, half-smiling and rolling her eyes. "You think?"

K'nan looks sympathetically at Sigam "Can be hard, used to be hard, you get used to new places when everyplace is a new place." she notes cheerfully "Better with friends though? Right? You all are friends. Always god of friends to stick together." she nods looking pleased at that. A glance back at D'son "Oh, Phaili? He's my mate, we've been together." a pause as she things "Some twenty some turns now. Been a long time." she notes as she smiles softly "He's assuradly me other half. I dunno what I'd do without him. I do miss curling up next to him. Keeps me warm at night." A smile for Thea "Oh, it's not so bad here, except they wouldn't let Phaili stay with me. But he's fine. He can lay about ont he beach, swim and he's not lacking for food. They be nice here."

"So you… travel. A lot." It's not a question coming from Sigam, but his brow is furrowed, gaze curious. With a glance back at Thea and over at D'son, he nods his head slowly. "Yeah, we're friends. Otherwise I'd be making a lot more of a ruckus than I am now." A mischevious glint is in his eyes, perhaps remembering past experiences. Something else K'nan's said catches his attention before he can explain further. "Lay about the beach. What, isn't he trying to levy to get you out or anything? I mean, if you've been in here a while…" He shakes his head, obviously not understanding this woman at all. But maybe it's just 'cause he's tired and severely lacking in the klah department.

"Couldn't they just, you know, have Ellamariseth to inhibit your Phaili and keep you here? I mean, you are on an island. Not like you can get away." Thea's face shows just what she thinks about a Weyr keeping a Rider locked away from her lifemate. The jailor is more in the insane department than anyone in here. Her head tilts curiously at K'nan, "How many days have you been in here anyway?" She glances back at D'son and then Sigam, but doesn't answer the observation, although her lips quirk in a wry smirk at Sigam's comment. "Don't hold back on our account." She stretches her legs out in front of her, wriggling her feet idly, casting a look at the window. "Shells time goes slowly here in Ista." Smirk.

There's a soft tap on the door, then Shorynia enters carrying a tray with a pitcher of water and a few slices of bread on it. Her two flits, one on each shoulder, emit an annerving hiss towards the prisoners. Shory taps each lightly, managing somehow to not drop the tray, "Be nice you two. Just 'cause the lady in the caverns *said* to be mean doesn't mean we have to be." She grins prettily for the visitors, "I was sent with water and bread for you. Who's thirstiest?"

K'nan blinks at Sigam "Oh no. Phaili wouldn't be any good at that. Though the Harper said he wanted to represent me and all. Seemed a little confused though, the poor fella." she glances at Thea and blinks "Oh, I'm prefectly all right here." she reassures. "The Harper said I would be better here." there's a touch of sadness "I do miss Phaili, but he is with me So it's not too bad. But I think the Harper was worried about my treasure. I dunno for sure. He didn't like me calling it treasure, but it is." A look at Sigam. "Oh a ruckus, that would be ever so much fun. But not much here and I fear the pots wouldn't do well if they got broken." She looks up at the young girl and smiles. "See, I told you they look after us." she says brightly "I'd love some water please." she hmms a little at Thea "It goes slowly? I suppose it does, it can be monotonous, but not so bad now with new friends to talk too. I don't think it's been too long. Couple days maybe. I forget."

"What kind of treasure, did you say?," Sigam asks suspiciously, eyes scrunching a bit as he gazes at K'nan. Silence falls over him for a second as one plus one collides in his head to make two. Several emotions flicker through his eyes - anger, vexation, sadness - but curiosity always killed the cat, and that's what he settles on. "You said you had socks and ribbons. You look a little old to be wearing ribbons." But maybe that's just him. A /look/ is given to Thea then, a smug smile hiking up the corners of his lips. "Last time I sang lewd ballads, you gave me a hard time. Sure you want me to start up again." The appearing Shorynia puts him on alert, back stiffening, but she's only a girl, he reminds himself, not a guard or a jailor. "That'd be nice," he says to her, but doesn't make a move to start pawing out of the bars at it. "Time has a funny way of doing that. Especially at Ista." He nods to K'nan's words, but still regards her with an ounce of suspicion.

Thea listens to K'nan, her lips pressing into a thin line, her brows lower. "Who's caring for your lifemate's hide?" She flashes a look at D'son and Sigam, muttering under her breath, "I don't like this. It's not right." She turns her head ever so slightly and raises one finger to tap on the temple facing away from K'nan. "It doesn't seem quite fair to me, them keeping you away from your lifemate. Poor dragon." Her eyes go hazy for a few minutes and she visibly relaxes, deliberately letting the tension go and stops her frowning. "I'm fine, I am. No, just talking, it's ok. Seryth." She explains to Sigam and D'son. Sigam's mention of lewd ballads has her snickering, and she points out, "Well, you were wearing a kilt then. And you were drunk. And sitting right beside me. Barring booze and kilts, a reprise might be nice?" As Shorynia enters she waits until after K'nan speaks, pushes herself up off the floor and walks to the cell door and smiles at the girl, "After the lady, I would too please."

Shorynia glances between K'nan and Thea for a moment before asking, "Aren't you both ladies? Well, since you seemed to be deferring," she indicates Thea, "I'll start over here." She walks towards K'nan, fills the rider's cup, and hands her two pieces of bread, then moves down the line doing the same, speaking generally as she does so, "Sorry I couldn't bring klah. They said something about you maybe using hot klah to injur yourselves. Doesn't make much sense to me, though. Being trapped's hard enough without being trapped and hurt." She bustles down the line, then looks back at them, "Are you all riders?"

K'nan can't help but grin at Sigam "Oh, the ribbons aren't for me. They're for the littles. Phaili just loves the littles and they love him." there's a pause and then a smile "He says he's good. His hide is fine, he's plenty looking out for him." she replies and then there's a look of interest in her eyes. "A kilt? Really?" she asks as she looks sigam over. "Bet you looked fine in one. And did you wear one proper? With nothin' underneath?" she asks "I remember this old song in the database at landing. Talked about a scotsman in a kilt and how he had a ribbon tied around his spar. I've always wanted the opportunity to try that, just to see and all. But it never came up." She goes silent for a little as the water and bread comes through and then looks over at Sigam. "It's my little treasure." she murmurs "Black and green and silky, I just love caressing through the softness." She sighs a little "I wish I could remember." A look back over at Shorynia "Yes?" a look around and then a "No?"

"I don't like it either, but it's not like we can do anything at the moment." Spying Thea's distant look, and flicking a glance over at Shorynia, Sigam frowns and does his own bout of inward thinking, eyes turning a dull shade of brown as his eyelids hood. Pop! comes a noise from above, and a visibly upset little blue appears from between, diving down towards Sigam to loop his cold body around the Dragonhealer's neck. "Ach, you're freezing," he murmurs, nuzzling Calelir's face. Little paws scrabble at his beard scruff and Sig shakes his head. "Doesn't make sense for me either, but thanks anyways," he says, standing to accept his own rations. The bread he tears into pieces and begins feeding to Cal, smiling absently over at Thea. "How's Seryth?" The grin deepens into something fiercly amused. "You liked it," he accuses, a low burr in his voice. "Yes, a kilt," he directs more loudly to K'nan. "And apparently, I did. Don't remember much of it, really - I wasn't sober - but when I woke up all I had was the kilt." He doesn't seem intent on mentioning the other piece of fabric, cough. "A ribbon tied around hi— You know what, nevermind," he says with a laugh. "I'll think of something to sing." Her comment about the treasure leaves him confused, but to Shorynia, he gives a "No. I'm a Dragonhealer. They're riders though." A gesture for everyone else.

Thea just inclines her head towards K'nan as to whether they are both ladies. Kinda obvious it is, so she doesn't bother going there. At Shorynia's question, she declines to answer whether she is a Rider or not. That Healer's knot is still on her shoulder after all, although looking a bit dusty and dim by now. She waits patiently beside the bars as Shorynia makes her way to her, reaching just her fingers through the bars slowly for the water. "You'll have to be following orders," Thea says quietly to the girl, "But I can assure you, any injuries inflicted will not be by our hands." She gestures to the purple mark spreading across her cheekbone, while eyeing the bread with a faint smile and a bit of a twinkle in her pale green eyes, "Didn't happen to hide something in your pocket to go with that did you?" The exchange between K'nan and Sigam about kilts has her rolling her eyes. Sigam's accusation draws an emphatic, "I did NOT!" A mild glare from Thea to her pal the dragonhealer over there for emphasis. When Sigam points her out as a Rider, she smiles convincingly to Shorynia, "Honestly now. Can ya really believe a man who wears a -kilt-?"

Shorynia chuckles at the strange antics of the prisoners and whispers conspiratorially back to Thea, "I did indeed." She sets the now empty tray to the said and digs several well-wrapped meatrolls out of her pockets, "I don't know how long they'll last, but doesn't seem right to me to look people up without proper food." She hands them quickly through the bars to Thea, trusting her to make sure everyone gets some, then steps back, "Can't say I've ever seen a man in a kilt before." She eyes Sigam up and down, "Wonder if he'd oblige once your names are cleared."

K'nan looks very thankful for the meatrolls "Ahh thank you my dear." she looks around at the others. "See, I told you they were nice here." she replies as she savors the taste "I never could get the handle of making these. Wish I could." She smiles a little at Sigam "Oh a song would be wonderful. I don't really have the voice for singing. But I can do a decent croaking I've been told." she hmms a little "A dragonhealer. Do you know a, oh what was his name. Tham, no Tamburr, or no wait Tamison, thats what it was. He was so great with my Phaili. I don't think he'd ever have flown again, least thats what I was told. I was lucky." she frowns though and then goes silent as she nibbles on the meatroll.

D'son has been distracted for a while now. When he surfaces, he blinks around a bit, but actually looks more awake. "Sorry - what was that?" he says, maybe not realizing just how much time went by. "Inimeth says the beach is just as good as ever. Heh. Go figure. He's not worried at all, hanging out with all of his friends here." He blinks across the way though at K'nan. "Did you say you had a name too?" he asks with a wry grin. "Sorry, was — um … busy."
Sigam can't help but laugh at Thea's outburst, eyes twinkling. "Then why are you blushing? Isn't she blushing?," he teases, regardless of whether she is or not. "'Sides, that's not what Rhasmir said." A lopsided grin comes with the statement - she knows as well as he does that the trader in question remembers even less of that night than the Dragonhealer. "I keep forgetting you're a healer and not one of them. Forgive me," he says wryly with a roll of his eyes, but when Shorynia gives him a once-over, he smiles wickedly, leaning fowards on the bars with one forearm. "For a cup of klah, I'd do just about anything," he intones with an arched eyebrow, but the act is over quickly as he draws away, continuing to stuff the mouth of his flit. "I don't have much of a voice either, miss, but when you get bored enough, you try anything," he says modestly. "Tamison? I may have heard of him. Hard to be sure, names start to blur after a couple of years, but yanno. I'm glad he could help your dragon out." A nod is given to the 'returning' D'son, and perhaps a smile, but if he's got a comment to make about the beaches, he keeps it to himself.

If Thea wasn't blushing before, she certainly is now! "Rhasm-!" She grimaces a face at Sigam before thinking and winces once again as her cheek moves. She accepts the meatrolls with a softly appreciative, "Oh, thank you!" Balancing them awkwardly with one hand, gripping the cup carefully in her other hand. "Get him drunk enough and he just might." She can't help but smirk over at the dragonhealer before innocently suggesting to Shorynia, "If you don't want to wait, perhaps you might smuggle him in a bottle of joy-juice and a short skirt?" She passes K'nan hers, then heads over towards the bars that separates them and offers the men their share. "Has Inimeth been in contact with folks from his home?" She asks it quietly as she passes the Weyrleader his meatroll. "Singing. At least you two would have a captive audience?"

Shorynia tilts her head to the side, "A kilt's a skirt? Why would he want to wear it then? It seems a mite silly to me." She reaches into another pocket of her jacket and pulls out a small paper package, handing it to Thea she motions to Sigam's flit, "It's pretty fresh. I can get a new emergency pack for mine." The blue Tipsy manages to roll off her shoulder, she begins to reach to catch him, but he disappears /between/ reappearing near Calelir and chittering a happy greeting from the rotund drunkard. Shory giggles, watching his antics for a moment before continuing, "Wine'd be easier than klah. Especially if you're willing to settle for Tillek." She glances slide-long at Sigam, "Tillek work for you?"

K'nan comes out of her frown and watches the by-play smiling almost like a caregiver or something watching her young charges. There's a glance over at D'son "Aren't they just the cutest?" she asks with a smile and then there's a blink "My name? No, I don't think I ever did." She hmms a little and then smiles "K'nan." she states brightly "Of well. Hm Nowhere really anymore." she murmurs and then shrugs. A look up "Tillek? Oh I do love how those just bite on the tongue. Wake you up they do."

D'son takes a meatroll and noshes with good appetite. "In contact with who?" he asks Thea, brows quirking a little. "I mean he's been gadding about all morning. It's just the way he is. If you mean Kilaueth? Sure. He never really stops talking. He's very sociable." He quirks a look between the goldrider, K'nan and Sigam and takes another hefty bite of meatroll. No singing from Dels. Swallowing. "K'nan. Well-met. And nowhere?"

Sigam gives Thea a look that makes all of his smugness plain before he glances over at Shorynia. "What did you think a kilt was? It's a man-skirt," he explains, using his hands to gesture about where it comes down to. "I was in it and naught else. Was a good time. I think. And I guess people wear it for fun. It wasn't mine to begin with, but I think I've inherited it now." His face scrunches up to show just what he thinks about /that/. "You'd… really smuggle wine?," he asks almost disbelievingly, leveling a mild glare over at Thea, accompanied by an immature flick of his tongue. "Tillek is good," he agrees, still not believing she'll do it. Calelir cheeps pleasantly towards Tipsy, wings flapping so he can do an airborne dance around the other blue. Hello! Sig eyes the pack Shorynia's passed to Thea, but only for a second, as K'nan's said something much more interesting. "Nowhere?," he echoes D'son.

"It seems silly to me too," Thea drawls to Shorynia, accepting the packet with a questioning look that clears as the girl indicates Sigam's Calelir. She paces back to hand it to Sigam with a little -look- for his man-skirt comment that says 'yeah, right.' She just sinks down with a sigh to sit on the floor, leaning her head back against the bars that separate the two cells. "Was really joking about the wine, miss," Thea says. "Don't want you to get in trouble." She offers K'nan a little smile, "K'nan, I'm glad to meet you." She doesn't mention her own name, and declines to question the woman since the other two are doing a fine job of it. She doesn't ask D'son any more questions about Xanadu for the time being.

Shorynia glances at Thea, then gives Sigam a calculating look. How *would* he look without a shirt on? Dragonhealers tended to have good tone in their muscles. She grins, "I'm Shorynia. An' yeah, I'll get you a pitcher of Tillek if you promise to show me your man-skirt some time." She gives him a wink, most likely thinking something completely different than he is. She nods to Thea, "Thanks for worrying, but with all the hustle and bustle around here with the quakes and all, a skin of Tillek wouldn't be missed at all."

K'nan finishes off her meatroll and is happly sucking the juices off her fingers. "Yup, nowhere. Or whereever I want. Sometimes north, sometimes south, depending on where things take us." she notes with a shrug and then wipes her fingers off. At the mention of the quakes K'nan frowns a little and then it's gone. "Shorynia, that's a pretty name." she murmurs as she looks over at the girl and then smiles to Thea "I'm glad you're glad. I don't think the Harper was glad to meet me, though he was nice enough. And He. He wasn't really happy with me a lot, but He's young and noisy, and not real bright, gave him some good ideas but He really should have thought things through."

D'son munches away on his meatroll, listening to the conversation swirl around him, though it's K'nan he's most focused on. "Really? No home Weyr? That's really weird," Dels says, then promptly blushes a little. "I mean um — not weird. But um. Interesting. Uh. Unusual." He looks faintly perplexed by the rest of what K'nan has to say. "I think I missed something. What harper?"

Sigam takes the proferred packet, returning Thea's look with a challenging arch of his eyebrow, but when she doesn't say anything, he smirks and flicks his gaze to Shorynia. "It is a nice name. I'm Sig," he says for the benefit of Shor and K'nan, unsure if it had been said before. A smile grows on his face as he returns the wink, "Name the time and place, dollface." A ridiculous bob of his eyebrows is given as he pulls open the packet, offering Calelir a little more to eat. The blue swoops to take it from his hands before arching back up towards the ceiling again. "Yeah, it might go unnoticed, but us being exceptionally cheery and toasty might tip them off a bit," he laughs, head shaking. Another puzzled look is lofted K'nan's way, but he doesn't seem as if he's going to comment yet.

Thea grimaces at Shorynia's assurances stolen wine wouldn't be noticed, "Wonderful." It's as full of self-chagrin as it could be. She just -had- to give her the idea, didn't she? She looks towards K'nan frowning slightly as most of what the woman says goes right over her head. Idly, as if it doesn't really matter to her, she asks, "Who is 'us' besides you and your blue? No family?" She's apparently bored enough to join the questioning. Sigam gets a look askance for the flirting, "Not to mention they'll smell your booze-breath stinkin' up the place." Wince. "Get drunk, go ahead, but don't come crying to me next day you're all embarrassed." She points to the far end of her cell, "I'll sleeping and sitting way over there tomorrow when you're gagging up your indulgences into your chamber pot." She's a happy little camper, isn't she?

Shorynia grins askance, "True… but I could probably bring you guys a cup each without getting you drunk or me in trouble." She contemplates both that and Sigam's offer for a moment, "I'll see what I can arrange tonight," She shifts her attention to Sigam, "And Sig, I'll send a flit once your free. Wouldn't be good to been seen fraternizing with the 'enemy'." The air quotes around enemy are well and truly pronounced. She clearly thinks the prisoners are just there by misunderstanding. She glances at them for a moment, "What were you guys doing to get arrested, anyway?"

K'nan gives a nod "Oh yes, he came in with the guards." she looks thoughtful "No children, sadness there, no wife, no weyrmate even." she puzzles through her thoughts a little and then ohs "Kadan, from Harper Hall." she states finally. "That's who he said he was." she looks over at the others and then there's a blink at Thea. "Family?" she frowns a little and starts picking at a loose string on her bed. "Family." she murmurs again as she chews on her lower lip and then it seems almost forgotten "Us though? Oh! You mean Him. I dunno know his name. He liked the sparkly things, worse than a flit I would think. Dunno why. Useless things usally. But he did find marks. Shouldn't have taken the marks. That's what did this I'm sure. People don't like marks taken even if they aren't there." A look at D'son and then sighs "None no more. Used too. Used to be Western." there's a pause and then a shake of her head "That's not right. Not anymore." she frowns a little "Left Western. X'an wouldn't let me take him with me. Had to leave him behind." she's muttering under her breath this last bit and then there's an outburst "Eastern. That's where I was." in a more normal tone "But not no more. No more of Eastern, now everywhere or nowhere. No importance. Sometimes up there too" she points to the skies "Shouldn't be on Deluge, no longer of Deluge, but it's nice up there." A look at Shorynia "The Harper said here'd be safer." she answers.

D'son licks some crumbs off of his thumb and grins over at Shorynia. "Thanks for the food," he tells her simply. The long explanation of 'nowhere' though makes his brows creep upward. "Wow. Really all over the place," is the nicest he can come with on short notice. Back to Shorynia. "Misunderstanding," he says firmly about the arrest. "Wrong place, wrong time. We thought there might still be some people trapped at one of the collapsed holds. But we're from Xanadu and weren't supposed to be there. So here we are."

When Shorynia mentions only bringing a cup of wine, Sigam shoots a look over at Thea as if to say, 'There, see?' Towards the the girl he gives a lopsided smile, eyes shuttered a bit. "Ah, yes, that would look terrible on your record, wouldn't it," he chuckles, pleased by her air quotes somewhere deep down inside. At least someone believed them! "You do that. I'll just hope Rhas doesn't ask for his kilt back in the meanwhile." Another sly look is given before something Thea's said has him wincing and backing down. "I guess my friend has made her opinion on the booze idea clear, Shorynia. Alas, it would have been fun." The words are teasing but quieter than before as he leans back against the bars, watching K'nan with something akin to awe. Sparkly things? Western, Eastern, Harpers? It was enough to make his head spin. His jaw works up and down as he tries to find something to say. Nothing seems forthcoming, so instead he adds to D'son's answer by saying, "We're in for tearing. A man. Apart. Rrrrrr." He bares his teeth and shakes his head in a comical impression of a dog before rolling his eyes. "Honestly."

Thea laughs outright at Shorynia's air quotes, sliding a look towards D'son. She'll let him answer this one. There's obvious relief on her face as 'wineskin' is reduced to 'a few mugs'. She eyes Sigam right back, smiles sweetly and flaps a hand, "Drink, drink. I don't really care. Just… don't want to witness the effects." She just listens in a sort of dazed fashion to K'nan, muttering over her shoulder to the pair behind her, "Shoulda had Alric here, not some Harper without a clue." She's not happy about the treatment of K'nan, that's clear. She just nods to what D'son says about why they are here, then her brow lifts as Sigam adds his own obviously false version. She just gapes slightly at the dragonhealer's little growl, eyes flickering from his bared teeth back to his face, "Y'sure you haven't been drinkin' already?"

Shorynia eyes first Sigam, then Thea, "Wrong place, huh?" She'd long since given up trying to understand K'nan's series of lilting expressions. Then she grins, "I'll get you a couple cups of wine to share." She winks again, "Maybe if this 'rhas' does take it back, he'll let you borrow it for an excursion." She does give Sigam a side-long glance for his dog impression, then bursts into a fit of giggles, "You're funny, ya know that?"

K'nan stares openly at Sigam "You tore a man apart? Really? With your bare hands? What was it like? Was it messing? Was it hard? Did you say 'That, was a mans head.'?" Her eyes are wide, almost like a littles at a spooky story. Seems she sorta missed the tongue in cheek part. Or maybe she did and is just going along with it? Course as Thea talks about the harper she shakes her head "Oh, he was good. Very polite and well-spoken. The guards were nice too, not too talkative though, course they were a little upset, but that maybe because of the green. She did set fire to the forest and they were all worried and all." she frowns thoughfully.

D'son looks around at the others, blows out a breath and nods. "Yeah. Shouldn't have been here, technically. But you know, can't stand b y when a place is in need. And for me, here is home. My family's still here, my weyrmate. I just —" he breaks off, shakes his head. "Anyway. Weyrs should stan by each other," the Xanadu weyrleader says with conviction, then blinks at K'nan a few times. "Bloodthhirsty?"

"I can hold my alcohol," Sigam speaks mirthfully, lips twisted upwards at Thea's flippant remarks. "Especially wine. It's the whisky I get in trouble with." He shakes his finger in indication that it makes him rather loopy indeed. "Cups of wine it is, then, just be sure you don't get caught. Wouldn't want you to get stuck in here." He pauses for a moment and eventually settles to smirking. "Oh, he'd let me borrow it, but only after rubbing it in my face. 'See, Siggy,'" he imitates the trader's accent, "'An' you called it a wee man-skirt, but i' brough' in th' girls, di'n' it?'" The Dragonhealer shakes his head and laughs quietly. K'nan's detailed questioning of the nonexitant man-attack sets Sigam back on his heels for a moment, hands raising into the air in a 'whoa now!' manner. "No no, not really! Shards, then we'd actually deserve to be here. D'son's in the right, we were only here to help - I've family too. I was just teasing… Though. I do imagine it'd make quite a mess, what with all the torn arteries and that." He seems to seriously contemplate this for a moment before shooting a grin towards the giggling Shorynia. "Thank you. It's not often my sense of humor gets appreciated." A pointed look is aimed at Thea, but the grin for the goldrider is sincere, at least.

Thea groans at Shorynia, "Please. Don't encourage him." It's a weary request, almost thrown out there like the proverbial bone that she's hoping one of them will fall upon. She just blinks at K'nan's macabre questions to Sigam, rolling her eyes at him with a 'you see?' kind of look. "Ever wonder why I don't take you seriously?" He tries to amends, but he 's erasing his fix almost as soon as the words leave his mouth. "I give up!" Thea mutters, drawing her legs up and dropping her forehead on her knees.
Shorynia smiles winningly at Sigam, "Not a problem, Sig. You're an interesting character." She doesn't so much frown at Thea as stare, contemplating, "Are you okay, miss? You don't look very well." She smiles for D'son as well, not quite so much so as for Sigam, but a smile none-the-less, "I'm sure it'll all work out, I mean you were only here to help."

K'nan blinks at D'son "No, I don't want blood, doesn't taste so good. Even when cooked." she notes and then falls silent for a bit, just listening to the others talk and then there's a quiet voice from her direction "Weyrs should be there for each other. Not attacking each other. It's not right." and that seems to be all she says for te time being and goes back to picking at the string on her pallet.

"Hope so," D'son tells Shorynia with another smile and a brief, thoughtful expression as his eyes go vague again. Then he's starting to laugh, head slowly lowering to thunk against metal bars. "Yeah, not into blood myself," he says seriously enough. "And really not into anyone attacking anyone else."

"I don't know when you got so high and mighty," Sigam says, an edge of annoyance finally wandering into his tone. His eyes flash a rather hurt gaze towards Thea, but he's quick to recompose. No sense showing weakness in front of the 'enemy.' "Interesting doesn't begin to describe me, honey. I'm a walking gather." It's an obviously egotistical and teasing remark, his humor back, though his arms cross over his chest uncomfortably. Apparently, his friend's disapproval has made him a little uneasy. "It's not right, but it's what happens," the Dragonhealer comments towards K'nan quietly. "Usually you can count on disasters to bring weyrs back together, but at other times, it just hammers the wedge further in between the two. I really wish it wasn't the case - I love Ista - but… The politics are enough to drive even the most stalwart man wild sometimes." Philosophy waning, Sig smirks over at D'son, a chuckle rising in his throat, as if remembering advice he'd given to the Weyrleader a couple days previous. Something about a weyrwoman and a crossbow…

Thea lifts her head at Shorynia's question, "Hmm? I'm fine, just tired." And she does look it, too. K'nan's words about blood have a bit of the color draining from her face, leaving the bruise to stand out in vivid purple on whitened skin. She's wearing Healer colors today, apparently. Thea swallows, clears her thoat, "K'nan. Weyrs are not attacking each other, but they aren't talking and oyu're right. They should be." Her chin tilts, "I am not from here, but I have a friend here." She says it firmly, almost defiantly for some reason of her own that she doesn't explain to the others. "We should stand by one another." Her eyes swing back towards Shorynia, and she asks, "Can you =find out how the people of Ista Hold are? Let us know they are getting by alright?" She turns to glance at Sigam when he starts speaking, noting that hurt look he sends her way. She doesn't look too happy about it herself, but doesn't say anything, just sighs dropping her head back on her knees.

Shorynia nods, a little sadly, but a nod none-the-less, "I'll try to find out for you. If you tell me your friend's name when I come back this evening I'll try to ask after them personally." She eyes the bruise on Thea's cheek with a sad, chagrinned look, "That shouldn't've happened… I may tell Ysa about it." He flits give a paired trill and she glances back out the door, "I should go, they'll be expecting me back in the kitchens. I'll try to bring more food and water later, in addition to the wine," she gives Sigam a wink, "I, at least, will wish Xanadu's queens the best." Then she bustles off, hiking up her skirts and taking off in a run once she's outside of the prison building.

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