Surprise Visit

Ista Weyr - Southern Bowl
Compared to that of other weyrs, Ista's bowl is small, and incomplete - northwards, one wall was blown clear away several millennia ago, leaving the view clear towards the plateau, the jungles, and the ocean beyond. Somewhat elliptical, the breadth of the bowl seems to run northwest to southeast, the bustling epicenter of the weyr being here, towards the southwest. Several large entrances have been dug into the sidess - northeast are the hatching grounds and south the living caverns, these being the two largest caverns in the weyr. To the east, a smaller entrance leads in to the ground weyrs - the ledges of these line the bowl wall above, often filled with dragons of gold or bronze; westward is yet another ledge, but with a staircase built into the wall, allowing access to the Sable Sands. The infirmary is located nearby, towards the southwest.

It is early afternoon at Ista weyr and residents head this way and that, going about there afternoon tasks. Along the southern Bowl N'talya stands near to her young green, laughing softly at something her lifemate obviously has just said to her, "Yes Ala I am sure you are right.."

Having gotten a ride from one of the Xanadu riders that was coming to Ista, Kera is wandering around the clearing, looking lost as she fights with the jacket that refuses to stay tucked under her arm. Her gaze travels about til she spots a dragon and rider. Since the rider's back is too her, she walks up to the pair unknowingly. "Excuse me, would you happen to know where I can find Weyrling N'talya?" This asked to the rider's back of coarse.

Hearing a voice she had not expected, and not having expected any visitors yet, N'talya spins and blinks "Kera!?" she smiles brightly as she spots her friend. Alamith turns her head with a curious warble and croons looking at the new person.

When the rider spins around, Kera steps back suddenly not expecting such a startling reaction to her question. Blinking she looks the rider up and down before focusing on the face again and grin. "You've changed a bit, I didn't even recognize you." Her gaze slips to the crooning green, and she gives a polite dip of her head to the young dragon. "I thought I'ld surprise you with a visit and meet your dragonmate."

N'talya giggles and sys, "I don't know how much I have changed really but yeah.." she looks up to Alamith whom takes that moment to give Kera's head a nuzzle and croons pleasantly. Laughing N'talya says, "Alamith says it is a pleasure to meet you."

Kera stiffens when the young green approaches and gives her a head nuzzle. Relaxing a bit, she's unsure how to respond and simply holds out her hand as her father coached her to do as a child. "Alamith." She test the name once before smiling "It's nice to meet you as well Alamith." Peering back to N'talya "How are you liking Ista?"

N'talya smiles and says softly, "It is amazing here, everyone seems to be so nice." she says, "I do miss you all though.. All my friends at Xanadu.."

Kera glances around and works to shove the borrowed jacket back under her arm where it keeps trying to slip from. "That reminds me, your Journey wished me to say hi to and he hopes you are getting on well." Kera smiles. "And the weyrlings.. Well, they aren't anymore I guess. Since they graduated a few days ago. Full fledged riders now."

N'talya smiles and says, "If you see them around can you say congratulations for me." she beams over to you and says, "It is great to see you, I am so glad you came over..

Kera nods with an agreeable smile. "I will. I think a couple of them consider me a friend. I won't speak for Mur'dah though. He probably thinks I'm…" She makes a circular gestures towards her head as if she say she might be crazy before chuckling and shrugging it off. Looking between rider and young dragon "I'm not keeping you both from any duties am I?" She frowns a little and starts muttering "Guess I should have mentioned I would try to visit instead of just dropping in withot warning." A quick shake of her head and she appears to turn her attention back to N'talya.

N'talya giggles and says softly, "Not at all, our lessons where this morning, we are actually free this afternoon." she smiles and reaches to try and take her friends hand and says, "I really like the suprise, I am just glad you got here when we are free to spend some time with you."

Kera gives Na'talya's hand a little squeeze and looks to the young green. "I was able to get some free candlemarks til my night shift starts, so took the chance ya would be around."Gesturing with her free hand "So what lessons have you been working on recently?"

N'talya smiles and says, "Alamith has been working in her flying solo, trying to get ready for our first time going up together. It will be sometime soon." she looks up to Alamith fondly, befor looking back to Kera. So you have a few candlemarks? What would you like to do? I could show you Ista's famous beaches maybe?"

Kera grins around with an easygoing shrug. "I've never been here before so you know where the intresting points are better than me." She gestures toward's Natalya. "Lead the way Weyrling N'talya!" The apprentice chuckles to her friend and quickly makes a grab for the jacket that slips ouf from under her arm.

N'talya smiles and says, "The beach it is then." she giggles and motions Kera to follow her toards the northen bowl, "I cant wait for you to see, the water here is so beautiful.

Kera nods with a smile as she follows N'talya and her dragonmate along, being careful to give Alamith plenty of space. No need to tempt fate and get smushed by accident is there? "Did you meet the local dolphins?"

N'talya says, "I have met a couple, I haven't had any time to get to know them though.." she says, "It has been really busy, I had no idea what it was like for the others until Alamith chose me.." she looks up to Alamith who moves along ahead of the pair happilly as her lifemate chats with her friend..

Ista Weyr - Main Beach
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the lush and verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their color into the wide ocean, the beach is nothing short of striking. The heat of Rukbat reaches into these sands by day, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, spilling down from the plateau, a small waterfall empties into a catching pool that runs off toward the sea through a furrow of dark sand and pebbles.

N'talya smiles as she leads you out onto the black sands beachs and looks back to you for your reaction, Alamith bounds out to find a sunny spot to sprawl out into.

Kera nods "That's understandable. Ya got all that dragon to tend to now." She watches the dragon ahead of them "Her coloring is pretty." As they appraoch the beachm the young healer blinks at the dark sand. "Now that is something ya don't see every day." Unless you live at Ista of coarse.

N'talya smiles and says softly, "It isn't is it." she smiles softly and says, "Isn't the water beautiful though." looking out at the azure expance before them, stoping she looks to kera and says, "Oh I didn't think….did you bring a suit with you?

Kera shakes her head "Nah, wasn't thinking about swimming when I was borrowing thick pants from the stores." She chuckles. "I am however wearing my shorts still. We can follow your dragonmate's example and get some sun while I fill you in a bit on what's been happening at Xanadu." That's not gossipping. Merely keeping her friend informed.

N'talya smiles and nods, "Alright sounds good to me." she smiles and glances over to Alamith, moving to sit up against the green, "Ala here is a bit of a sunworshiper, she doesn't want to go inside at all if the sun is still up.

Kera chuckles "Then it's lucky she's in a good place for it." After they arrive near the sandy wallow the green made, Kera starts tugging one of her boots off. Hopping in place a time or two, she loses her balances and flops on her side, but the boot /is/ off now. Sitting up and starting on the other boot "That was graceful." the apprentice jokes at herself.

N'talya chuckles and says softly, "Are you ok kera?" as she flops over sitting up more straight and says , "You gotta be careful.."

"'M good. Just clumsy in sand." Laughing at herself she is soon bootless getting some sun on her bare legs as she props herself up with her hands. "So, who do ya wanna hear about first?"

N'talya giggles and says, "Tell me about yourself and what you have been up to?" she smiles, "You ever get onto that obstical course?" she smiles looking over to you.

Kera chuckles at the reminder and shakes her head "Not yet. But now that it's spring again, I got my sights set on it." Wiggling her toes a bit in the black grains she shrugs. "Not much to tell really. Study and infirmary duties. Oh, I did get to go dress shopping with the Weyrwomen.. Thea and Soriana. That was fun." She looks towards the water a moment "There's a new Weyrhealer. And well, one of the other apprentice's that was on duty before my shift misplaced some paperwork. And because of that, I tried to check in the newly posted Jrmn healer as a patient. That was embarrassing."

N'talya giggles and says, "Well at least you where being efficient when you first met him." she smiles, "And you got to go shopping with Werywoman Thea and Sorianna, I bet that was alot of fun.

Kera nods, "It was. Even had a snack before we went back." Reaching down to brush sand from the tops of her feet. And Jrmn Cyrus took it all in good stride. Even complemented my way of handling 'difficult' patients." She snorts "See, he wasn't exactly forthcoming with who he was or why he was there. So you can understand my confusion." Kera giggles a little and ponders "Let's see, what else.. The graduation. And the dancing.." She blushes a little "And Mur'dah in the dunking booth."

N'talya smiles and says softly, "That sounds like it was alot of fun." noting the blush, "So did you dunk Mur'dah." watching her closely.

Kera blinks over to N'talya and blushes a little bit more and grins with a shrug "I may have tried…about four or five times." She snerks "But he was cheating somehow, had to have been. he just wouldn't go in the water. It was Idrissa that got the lucky shot and sent him splashing."

N'talya giggles and bit and smiles, "So who did you dance with." she asks casually leaning back on her arms in the sand, Alamith watching the pair curiously.

Kera didn't expect that one, and peers back towards the waves with a little headshake. "No one. I just sorta roamed around the gather tents. Some of the vendors had some really nice stuff. Not that I could afford it." She glazes right over the fact that no one asked her to dance.

N'talya frowns slighlty at that and says, "Well that isn't right." reading between the line, "If I had been there I would have danced with you." the excitable young green rider exclaims.

Kera shrugs as if not really bother that no one asked her to dance. "Maybe next turnday gather." She gives her friend a cheeky wink "It was fun watching Mur'dah climb out of the tank though." After a mischevious giggle and assume an innocent expression as if she's only thinking happy fluffy thought.

N'talya giggles and says, "Oh I am sure it was, I mean after he got you in trouble for pouring purfume on him, I am sure he smelt better after it..

Kera cants her head to N'talya and shakes her head in confusion. "He didn't get me in trouble. It was the shopkeep who reported the incedent to the Steward. It was sorta out of his hands really." She grins "He did smell better in my opinion though. His problem is that he is very cute and he knows it."

N'talya giggles and nods, "People can get big heads when they know they are good looking really." she smiles and looks up to the sky, "So no other news, no boyfriend over there yet?"

Kera thinks a moment "Well, Soriana and Ka'el had to put me to bed after the gather. See, there was this mug of really nice tasting drink. And then it was empty. Then it wasn't…then Ka'el stole it I think." She laughs and shakes her head "Hard to remember everything. I do recall waking up when some sat down on my hip, then I ended up on the floor." With a dramatic sigh "Seems Soriana put me in the wrong cot." Kera can't help but laugh over that one.

N'talya giggles and says, "You have to be careful about the drink it can get to you really bad. i am not allowed any here for now." she smiles to Alamith and says, "For her sake, for a while longer at least.."

Kera nods agreeably and looks to the young green. "I don't know much about dragons, but if she's flying soon you'll bother be up and about right?" She waits a moment then ask "What ya gonna do then? When your graduation comes around and all?"

N'talya says, "Graduation is way off still but yeah we will be flying together soon, short distance stuff at first." she smiles happilly, "As for after.. um I think I am going to try and work with the search and rescue wing, See if I can get Echo to join us over here and continue my Dolphineer training as well.

Kera blinks over to N'talya and grins "If you could get Echo here, then you can search by air and sea." Nodding to herself she seems pleased "I'm glad you seem happy." Enjoying the sun and sea air a moment she goes on "I guess I should be meeting up with my ride back. He was very set on 'three candlemarks and not a moment longer'." She mimics the nasally voice of her transport rider and giggle as she start tugging the thick hide pants on, then her boots "Do you have any notes or messege for anyone back home?"

N'talya says, "Let my journeyman know that I am ok here and just that bit about congratulations to Soriana and the other I guess riders now."

Kera nods and stomps her boot into place before standing. She moves as if to give Na'talya a quick hug. "Was nice seeing you again N'talya." Peering to the young green "Nice to meet you Alamith." Turning back to her her friend "I'll tell them all you said hi, and speak with your Jrmn." Wiggling her fingers to the pair. "You two take care of each other." And with that, Kera is retracing her path from where she was dropped off to meet her ride home.

N'talya smiles and says, "We will, and as soon as we are allowed we will definately come visit you.

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