Surprise Mindhealing

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Things are relatively calm in the infirmary this afternoon. Kera is currently tending to a weyrbrats skinned knee. She smiles and distracts the little boy with jokes as she cleans and disinfects the scrape. After bandaging the knee, she helps him off the little table and sends him on his way with only a little limp that will go away. She goes about cleaning up the mess that was made before writing the little report about the boy's small injury.

c-rus makes his way into the infirmary. The graduation was certainly an event to behold. Certainly the class must have worked very hard, even if it was for something that Cyrus questions the utility of. You have to admire dedication in all its forms even if its something of questionable utility. He surveys the room and right off spots Kera taking care of what looks to be a fairly minor injury. She is certainly capable of taking care of something that easy. He moves on over to the desk and takes a seat

Kera finishes working up her report and gives it a quick scan as she moves towards the filing cabinets. On her way across the cavern, she spots Cyrus settling behind his desk and brightens as she changes direction and starts his way. "G'afternoon Jrmn Cyrus." She tries go give him a few minutes to scan any new reports that have piled up on his desk since his last shift "Things have been very quiet and calm this morning. Thankfully."

"Good afternoon to you as well Kera." he says with grin on his face. He didn't think that the infirmary would be too busy today. After major events things tend to be quiet for awhile before picking up again. Everyone is probably still just basking in the glory of being done, "Did I miss anything exciting after the graduation?"

Kera smiles at Cyrus as she moves to stand by the desk, shifting so that her weight leans against it just a bit. Mention of the graduation has the apprentice wincing just a little and sorta looking around the infirnary, anywhere but at the Journeyman. With a hint of a shrug "Well, there was lots of dancing afterwards. And some drinking." She doesn't fess up to being one of those drinking. The mug just appeared in her hand, who was she to argue with drinking a few toast to the new riders. "Everyone seemed to be having a right fine time the other night. That's for sure."

Cyrus knows that parties can get to be more than a little bit crazy at times. Hopefully everyone had a good time and didn't hurt themselves or anyone else. If they had chances are they would have heard about it so we can assume that things are going well enough, "So no hangovers wandering around the infirmary then?" he asks. Not that there is anything you can do to cure a hangover beyond just allowing the person time to get better and rest a bit. Hopeuflly noone had anything important to do the next day.

Kera gives an amused shake of her head "I think anyone that did have hangover's, were not much in the mood of going out an dabout around the Weyr. It sure wasn't on my 'Really want to do' list when I was nursing my head and backside the next morning." Kera gives a little embarrassed smile and glances back down to the report in her hand briefly. "What about yourself? I lost track of you after the ceremony. Did you enjoy yourself?"

Cyrus wouldn't say that he really enjoyed himself in the sense that he went to a party and had a good time. Parties are only really great fun if you know everyone and when you don't know anyone, you're the guy that is always going around introducing yourself and saying congrats and all that, but it did give him a better understanding of his new home and that is a fun thing, "Oh I managed." he says with a grin, "The real fun will begin when we get to start taking a look at all these folks and seeing what we can do to be of assitance. I've had a chance to read through more of the files and I think there are a few folks that I want to meet."

Kera nods agreeably to Cyrus's comments. When he mentions a grouping of people he wishes to meet with, Kera fumbles in her waist pouch til she tugs out her little notebook and pen. Peering back to Cyrus "Which folks would that be sir. I can send a messege to them or go find them for you personally if you wish." She chuckles a bit "A couple may ignore a bit of delivered paper, but would be much harder to ignore an apprentice that is gonna annoy them til they come to the infirmary." She flashes an amused grin to Cyrus.

Cyrus had notes somewhere on his desk. Nice bits of curmpled up paper. Cyrus never was one for organization or taking great notes. He much prefers to go with the flow of things and just wing it. He opens a drawer and grins as he spots what he wants, theres the list. On the paper is a list of a few names, also a shopping list and more than a few doodles. There it is! "I think first and foremost on the list is a person named Mur'dah. I noticed his name appears often in the files and I figure that this is a young man I should have a chat with."

Kera watches Cyrus as he rifles through the unorganized mess cluttering his desk. Frowning at the floor, she crouches down and grabs a couple of balled up crumbles of paper, and tosses them in the little waste basket that was 'missed' earlier. The name at the top of Cyrus's list does not surprise her. In fact she lowers her head and coughs, to cover the slight blush to creeps across her face. "Um, yes, well. I can go find him for you now if you like. He burned his weyr down so I may take a few minutes tracking him down." She scribbles Mur'dah name down and peers to Cyrus. "Was there anyone else you wanted me to set an appointment for sir?"

Cyrus hadn't really heard that gem of news. He burned down his weyr. Yep this is most certainly a gent that is in need of a conversation…or two, or even more. He nods his head as he puts his list back in the drawer and shuts it, "I think he is a great place to start. We should find him if he isn't busy. I'd like to start introducing myself around anwyay. No one is going to remember I was at the graduation." Especially if they had too much fun partying aftewards he thinks to himself.

Kera nods and flicks through the pages in her hand. "Alright, I'll just go file this report on that little boy's injury and go find that weyrl..I mean rider for you sir." Moving across the cavern, she tugs open one of the file cabinet drawers and puts the report in the right spot. That done, she turns and wiggles her fingers towards Cyrus. "Will be back as soon as I find Rider Mur'dah." she rushes out of the infirmary and is gone about twenty minutes before she appears back in the infirmary. "I don't think it's anything really serious. He just wishes to meet with you and speak one on one. You do sorta have a large infirmary file Mur'dah." She flashes the rider an amsued grin as she leads him to Cyrus's desk.

Cyrus took the opportunity of Kera being gone to do what he does best. Just sit and think. He is leaning back in his chair with his feet up on the desk, with his hands folded nicely behind his head and his eyes closed. It might look to all the world like he is napping but he isn't. As goofy as he may appear at times he always has a plan or something that he is working on. In this case he is sitting back and thinking about everythin that he read in Mur'dah's file. Mur'dah has made several visits to the infirmary recently and most of the time for fairly interesting reasons. It will be fascinating and fantastic to meet him.

Mur'dah walks in a bit behind Kera, frowning slightly and running fingers through damp hair. "Yeah, but…it wasn't /all/ my fault," he's heard to say as he looks around and then nods once he's approached the desk. "Healer. Heard you wanted to see me?"

Kera cast a curious frown over her shoulder. "What's not all your fault? You're infirmary file?" Not really understanding she looks to Cyrus when they get to his desk "Jrmn Cyrus, this is Rider Mur'dah." She points to the largest of files on the side of the Weyrhealer's desk. As if he hasn't already read it. Probably twice. Once she's introduced Cyrus to his patient, Kera steps back and hovers nearby waiting til she's needed.

Cyrus opens his eyes when he hears them come back into the infirmary and smiles. Yes! This is going to be a great deal of fun. He doesn't really move but does put out his hand in greeting for Mur'dah, "Welcome to the infirmary. I'm Cyrus. Its good to meet you." he says with a wide smile. Half wondering if the weyr has been told his specialty. This has to feel a bit like being called to the principals office, but thats not the point. The point is to be helpful.

Mur'dah nods at Kera, "Yeah, my infirmary file. Not all my fault," he says, grin crooked. Extending his hand, he gives the Healer's a firm hand shake. "Well met, Cyrus. Mur'dah, brown Kalsuoth's. How can I help you?"

Kera snorts in amusement at Mur'dah's comment about his file. Introductions are passed around and Kera peers to Mur'dah in confusions. Help Cyrus? That's not how this works. Mur'dah is the one in need of help. His very extensive files says so. The apprentice steps out of sight briefly before coming back into sight, placing a chair across from Cyrus's desk for the rider to sit.

Oh thats right. He has a dragon too. That is going to take some getting used too. Cyrus can't say he's overly fond of the beasts but when you are assigned to a weyr you might as well get used to them, "Well I have been looking through your file and I have to say its really got some interesting things in there. The incident with the mushrooms was particularly interesting. I have to say that must have been one heck of a party." Not the most mentally healthy of parties, but you can't deny that he has style, "I called you down because I think it might benefit you to have a chat with me from time to time. My speciality is mind healing and I've noticed that you might need it." says Cyrus.

Mur'dah pulls up a chair to sit down, and he laughs - at first. "Yeah, that was…quite the accidental party. We're all fine though. And I learned not to burn things when I can't identify them." Grin. But then it falters. "Mind…healing? You…wait." Now he's frowning, brows furrowed. "I'm not crazy!" That's what they all say.

Kera listens to Cyrus and Mur'dah and frowns as Mur'dah seems to take this meeting defensively. With a shake of her head, she steps forward and clears her throat. "No one is saying that Mur'dah. But, you did take a nasty hit to the head recently. That lump was nearly as big as a firelizard egg." She chuckles and tries to lighten the mood.

Cyrus puts his feet down off the desk and leans forward a bit. Now is time for work after all. He glances over to Kera and nods in agreement, "Indeed. I never said that you were crazy. I just thought you might have a few things that you needed to get off your chest is all. You seem to flirt with danger a bit. Usually there is a reason or two for it. Might even be more if they manage to get to them, "If anyone is crazy here its me." he says with a grin.

Mur'dah glances at Kera and then back at Cyrus, still looking rather defensive. "I'm fine," he says firmly. "And it's not my fault. The mushrooms, the thing falling on my head…those were all accidents. I don't flirt with danger. My sister - my /mother/ - won't let me."

Kera arches a brow at Mur'dah's refusals but remains quiet. But rather than stand there being useless, the apprentice crouches down and starts tossing bits of crumpled paper in the wastebasket. Seems Cyrus might have very bad aim. If any aiming is involved at all. Once the floor is clear, the apprentice keeps herself busy with other menial tasks that need doing nearby.

Cyrus nods and is half tempted to ask the boy about his mother. But chooses instead to do something a bit more productive, "Ok then. Danger seems to find you. Has that always been the case? Or just since you got a dragon?" It could be the dragons fault. After all having a dragon does change a person. Might be a perfect place to study that here.

Mur'dah blinks a little bit, looking around like a trapped wherry? Really? He's…really here talking to a mind healer? Faranth help him if Ka'el gets wind of this. "Uh, always, yeah…"

Kera can't help but listen as she starts tidying up the file cabinet. She starts reorganizing the files , hopefully they will stay where they should be this time. Pausing and peering over her shoulder to Mur'dah. He's always been accident prone? There has to be an entire cabinet full of just his file somewhere round here. Should make an interesting read if she can find it. Her attention slips between the two at the desk and she tries to observe how Cyrus works.

Cyrus will never put files back in the right order, or probably even keep good files at all. So Kera has job security. There will be pleanty of files to reorganize and notes to be kept with him around, "Always huh. Ok. Why do you think that is?" he asks, "And you can be sure that we won't be spreading rumors about you with your friends. I'm not a gonna do that." Confidentiality is important after all. Who would talk to a mind healer if they thought they would spread it around.

Mur'dah glances over at Kera again, and then back to Cyrus. "Uh. I don't know." He's not the best patient. He doesn't like to talk about feelings and stuff, so…yeah. He's no good at this, that much is clear.

Kera sees Mur'dah glance her way and she frowns at his next words. Turning her attention quickly back to the files, she shakes her head but shrugs it off. That is until she tug out a balled up scrap of paper from the bottom of the cabinet drawer. Smoothing it flatish, a quick scan and she looks back to Cyrus with an arched brow before setting a recipe of some type aside and continuing to flip through the files tabs. Pulling out some and moving them to differant slots.

Cyrus has had worse patients, Mur'dah will be easy in the end he just doens't know it yet. There is always an easy way to get them to open up. He watches as Mur'dah glances over to Kera and then back to himself. There is his in, "Kera why don't you come over here and have a seat." He then turns his attention back to Mur'dah, "Lets start with something simple then. Maybe you can talk to Kera. You didn't have any trouble talking to her about your feelings a short while ago. She has to learn about mind healing so its a great way for her to start."

Mur'dah blinks, looking startled when Cyrus invites Kera over. "What? But she poured perfume on me, she's cra-" No, he'd better not say /that/. He looks at the young woman and squirms. "That was…my head was all messed up. I don't even know her that well…"

Kera turns her head quickly to Cyrus instructions and gives him a wideeyed, caught in the line of fire expression. Taking a few extra seconds closing the file cabinet drawer just so, she finally grabs a stool tucked under the side table and sets it at the corner of the desk. Blushing deeply as she sits and listens to Cyrus's reminder of Mur'dah's prior visit she fidgets with her tunic hem. The apprentice flashes a frown and narrows her eyes at Mur'dah when he starts to say.. that 'she's crazy'. With a slight hufff, she goes back to inspecting her fingernails. Nope, no dirt under there.

Cyrus waves away the concerns of Mur'dah, "Girls do that sort of thing all the time. It doesn't mean they are crazy it just means they are girls." he says in response, "Besides sometimes we get a really clear vision of what is going on when we are in that sort of state. Maybe subconciously you feel really comfortable with her and will be able to tell her your feelings about all the changes that have taken place in your life lately. I'm not saying that you love her I'm just saying that you are comfortable subconciously is all."

Mur'dah blinks at Kera, and then looks at Cyrus. And laughs. It's mean, and he looks regretful a moment later. "Uh. No. I don't…I've never felt comfortable around her." Squirm. "I mean, she's fine and all, but…no, she's not one of my closest friends…"

Kera blushes even more when it seems that Mur'dah is laughing… at her. Scrutinizing the hem of her tunic as if inspecting it for flaws, her eyes dart between Cyrus and Mur'dah briefly before sighing "I appologized for dousing you with perfume when we first met. Beyond that, I really am unsure what I've done to irritate you so much Mur'dah. But, again, I'm sorry a doused you with perfume." Shells, the apprentice even went and spent two sevenday's marks to buy all the weyrlings peace offerings.

Cyrus thinks that this meeting is going to be good and useful, "She doens't have to be one of your close friends for you to be comfortable. Why don't you begin by talking about what it is like to be a dragon rider. Tell her about that.." he says to Mur'dah while he glances over to Kera, "Now its your job to listen and not worry to much about what is being said. We are here to see if we can help him not worry about being friends, or whatever might have happened in the past."

Mur'dah looks at Kera and shakes his head. "You haven't irritated me. I'm…you're…just another person. I don't really feel strongly one way or the other. I don't dislike you. But we're not best friends." Surely she agrees with that, right? Looking back at Cyrus, Mur'dah squirms. "Tell her…am…am I being /practiced/ on?" He is /very/ uncomfortable with all of this.

[DTU/Project] Luraoth senses that Kalsuoth's old growth forest extends tendrils towards the gold's mind, gentle and seeking. If she's asleep or at rest, the brown will withdraw, but if she's awake, he will speak. « Mine is…asking for someone to give him something to do. Urgently. »

Kera peers up to Mur'dah and gives an agreeable nod. Cyrus's comments has her sitting a bit straighter and she offers a smile to the Jrmn before turning her attention back to Mur'dah a hint of a headshake at his question. "Not at all Mur'dah. Jrmn Cyrus wished to make an appointment with you after reading through your file." A lifted bow is sent to the Weyrhealer before she turns her gaze back to Mur'dah.

[DTU/Project] Kalsuoth senses that Luraoth 's thoughts return to Kalsuoth as a flowing stream, the water's surface rippling pale gold. « There are dolphins playing in the lake. » The stream flows down to the edge of the larger water. « If you and yours do not come soon, they will be gone. »

"Yes. You are being practiced on. Everyone has to start somewhere. And since you are both new at this I figured you could help each other out. You both are new to your jobs, and probably have alot in common." He told him he was crazy after all. Cyrus did warn him.

[DTU/Project] Luraoth senses that Kalsuoth perks up at that, because that is something /he/ wants to see. « It needs to be more urgent than that. More… » there's a pause for the right word, « like an order from the weyrwoman. »

Mur'dah squirms again, glancing at Kera and then at Cyrus. And for the moment he doesn't say anything.

Kera blinks up to Cyrus when it seems she was wrong and they are /both/ being practiced on. Peering to Mur'dah with a small shrug, she reaches down for her little notebook nad scribbles down a couple of things before turning her attention back to Cyrus.

Cyrus can see that they will need a bit more coaxing before they are willing to take part. Thats ok. Sometimes people need a bit of a kick in the pants before they are willing to get rolling, "I have all day, and Kera I'm assuming wants to pass her apprenticeship. And Mur'dah I'm assuming you wouldn't want me to tell your mother that you aren't following through with healers orders." Leverage is good.

Mur'dah squirms again, eying the Healer with a little frown. "Well, ah…I don't…I don't know. Don't think she'd want me talking about things I wasn't comfortable talking about, either…"

[DTU/Project] Kalsuoth senses that Luraoth's lake shifts back into an exploring stream. « They will soon swim away. » How much more urgent can it get? Important… well, no. And it's not an order, either. Her thoughts twine back, considering. « Mine can give yours paperwork. It is an important thing, and she has some that must be done today. » Done by Mur'dah? Not in the slightest. But it's urgent!

[DTU/Project] Kalsuoth projects to Luraoth . o O ( Perfect. Thank you! )

[DTU/Project] Kalsuoth senses that Luraoth drifts away to a still and sun-warmed lake. « You are welcome. »

Kera cants her head over to Mur'dah and offers a little smile "I went to the hall to learn how to help people feel better Mur'dah. Sometimes that's helping with more than cuts and broken bones." She shifts on the stool, turning more towards the rider. "And if it will put you at ease. I promise to not speak of anything that is said unless it is to Jrman Cyrus." Kera nods her head to both at that.

There we go problem solved. At least one of them is rolling now. Cyrus just sits back and grins, "I'm sure that your mother would want whatever is good for you Mur'dah. Most mothers do. Unless of course you are saying you have a problem with your mother. If so we can bring her in too and do some family work." Couldn't hurt really, "Maybe even bring in your dragon."

Mur'dah's eyes suddenly unfocus and he stands. "Ah. I'm sorry to cut this short, but Kalsuoth has just told me that Soriana needs my help with something. You know, the new weyrwoman." Important business! "But, I'm sure we'll…yeah…we'll do this some other time, okay? Great. Thanks." All the while he's inching towards the door, and by the time he's done talking he's at the exit. And then he's gone, darting out as quickly as he can.

Kera turns a questioning gaze to Cyrus then back to Mur'dah as he starts making excuses and then he's rushing for the exit it seems. With a little shake of her head,s he sighs and looks back to Cyrus. Unsure how to proceed, she taps her pen against her notebook a few times "Well, that could have been worse I think."

Cyrus isn't concerned in the least. He didn't really expect much from this first meeting and so when the rider makes his way toward the door he isn't at all surprised, but once Cyrus gets them they are got and there is no escape. He'll be back. Oh yes. He will be back and one way or another they will help him with whatever is going on, "It could have been much worse. Nice job." he says to Kera. She actually did a bit better than he thought she would, she's decent under pressure. Thats a good sign.

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