An Accident

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Hooray for spring! After another trip to Keroon, a hard afternoon of bargaining, it was with ease that a runner left with her for the return trip to Xanadu. However, it was not the coveted bay, as she was told it was already spoken for, but rather with one that she was assured came from an equally amazing bloodline. However, it seems that not all is exactly right, for Nicca is settled in the infirmary now, looking rather worse for the wear, leaves lingering from the previous fall stuck in her hair, while a damp towel is pressed to the side of her face.

Hooray, indeed, for spring. Because while for some it brings a new pet, for others it brings more work and the joy of having to interview a local holder about a suspected feline attack. In the end the story came to nothing, and O'ric's trip home suddenly became far more interesting as a frantic firelizard screeched panic at him. His own little female, growing like a weed, remained calm and serene around his neck, but Destiny's panic was enough to unsettle Oceleth and have the pairing rushing for the weyr. He reaches the infirmary at a run, not even bothering to slow down any to look like he's not worried, he is worried. The only image Oceleth was able to understand from Destiny was blood and that alone is not a good thing. "Nic?" Instant shushing from a healer, who then points in the right direction.

Nicca sits there, eyes trying to follow the finger of the Healer checking her over, though she blinks a few times, and after a few more little tests, the woman is sighing exasperatedly, muttering something about a concussion, and stalking off. Nicca meanwhile, is left to look sheepish, towel going back to her face as O'ric appears, hunching her shoulders a little bit, shifting a bandaged leg on the cot, and giving him a little smile. "O'ric.." She calls out to him, loudly as she dares.

O'ric breathes again as she speaks, moving across quickly to wrap her in a hug and to heck with towel, healers, everything. "I thought you were dead." Logic may eb slightly lacking, but at least the relief he now feels is obvious, "Destiny freaked Oceleth out, he panicked at me, we came back. Never seen him fly so fast. What happened?" Letting go with one hand he gently brushes the hair away from her face, fingers cosing over her hand intent on taking the towel away.

Nicca squeaks a little bit, hugging him hurriedly back, shifting awkwardly to make some space for him, though her leg is left sticking out. "Not dead. That runner might be, though, when I get back out there.." She murmurs softly, and shakes her head, frowning just a little. "Tell him I'm okay?" She asks worriedly, slowly dropping the towel to reveal a cut over her cheekbone and an already darkening bruise. "It took off, when I was half-mounted.."

"Which one? The new one?" O'ric frowns at that, taking a moment's silence to pass on the goings on inside. Those closest to the bowl would be able to see a shadow stop for a moment, then disappear slowly, the brown moving to rest somewhere and wait. "He's fine." O'ric adds quietly, frown mixing with a little pity as he looks at teh damage. "It's not too bad., don't think you're going to have an interesting scar to tell people about." It's supposed to make her feel better, or at least it's an attempt to. "Think something scared it?"

"The new one… I knew I should have argued more for that mare.." Nicca mutters a little bit, shaking her head, though the motion quickly has her squeezing her eyes shut and freezing, one hand touching fingers to her lips lightly. After a moment, she opens her eyes to blink back up at him, eyes sort of distant as she does so. "I'm just glad I wasn't all the way up.." She offers, with a soft sigh as she tries to lean awkwardly against him. "Maybe. I.. didn't see anything by the time I got up, though. Sharding thing took off, though I guess one of the grooms caught it."

Infirmary or not O'ric bumps his way onto the bed, feet on the covers, keeping Nicca near. "Must have been something, they wouldn't have sold you one that wasn't broken. They said they were all pretty calm. Might have been a dragon even, I guess they're not exactly brough up around them."

Nicca reaches a hand to rest it lightly on his knee, looking rather pathetic as she settles the cool damp cloth back over her cheek with a sigh. "They'd better not have.." She murmurs softly, restraining the urge to shake her head after the last time. "I.. I don't know. I'm not sure I want it, anymore, though. You should take it back." She says in a little squeak, the fall apparently having put her more than a little off riding.

O'ric shakes his head quickly, "They won't have, and I won't take it back. For a start Leth could never lift it. It probably just got spooked by something, could be anything, don't write it off just yet. It nice in every other way, right? Just a little jumpy."

"Maybe they just gave the wrong one. I mean, I'm sure they have a whole number of runners that color.." Nicca sulks a little bit as O'ric tells her he won't take it back. "I don't want it anymore, though." She repeats her earlier sentiment, without looking up at him. "You can have it." Aww, a gift!

O'ric laughs, he actually laughs, probably because on other occassions he would have been slapped but this one seems safe. "What would I do with a runner? I've got enough problems with two firelizards and a dragon. I'll help you look after it, but there's no way I'm taking it off your hands. Anyway…." He never adds the anyway, just gives her a look that's supposed to be meaningful, "Not the best person to be around runners."

He's probably right - slapping would take too much effort, and require too much movement of her head which seems to be bothering her more and more. "I don't know. Maybe Oceleth could have a snack." She huffs a little bit, folding her arms over her chest, all stubborn, slowly looking up at him. Blinking, slowly, a few times at him, her mouth opens and closes, seemingly unable to form the thought she wants until giving in. "Clearly I'm not either."

"I think runner comes under the same category as fish." O'ric pauses, then clarifies, "Not food." Carefully he gives her a squeeze, moving his feet as they're slapped by a passing healer, "Sure you are, just it's a new runner so it might take a while to get used to being at the Weyr."

"I barely had her out of the stables.." Nicca protests again. "Maybe they meant it for someone else. Get a really spooky runner." She tries to come up with some sort of other excuse, clearly having been caught up in the prospect of conspiracy theories. As he moves his feet, she sulks a little, moving closer to him, wincing as the bandages shift on her leg. "Fish is food." She protests after a moment.

O'ric chuckles and shakes his head, "You try explaining that to him, he sulks if I even think about eating one. Fish are friends, not food." By rights there should be an eyeroll at the end of that statement, not the goofy smile that he has for a brief moment. "When do you think they're going to let you go? You probably won't be allowed to stay on your own, right?"

"I.." And Nicca, already brain addled, looks rather confused at Oceleth's statement, but has no idea what to say about it. She looks at him, even more confused by the goofy smile, before she nudges him gently. "She said I could go now.. but you just got here.. But someone.. Yeah.. She wants someone to keep an eye on me." She blushes a little.

O'ric lifts his free hand to brush her hair well away from her forehead and drop a kiss there instead. "I'll need to tidy up, otherwise you'll be falling over things." No offer, just pure assumption, "Unless you want me to drop you off at your mother's for a while? Though I'll be running away quickly if you go there so she doesn't try to make me match."

Nicca leans gently against his hand as he brushes her hair away, smiling a little bit. "I've fallen enough, to last me a while, Oz." She jokes a little bit, and then reaches up to squeeze his hand in agreement. "I'd rather be with you.." She admits softly. "You'll have to be careful with me, though.." She teases him. "I'm already broken."

O'ric laughs again, taking a risk and bumping gently with his shoulder, "I'm pretty sure I can keep my hands to myself if I really need to. Bigger problem is how to get you there. I guess I could carry you, but you'd probably never firgive me if I dropped you. Leth would be a bit… um… rocky. Could fit you with wheels maybe?"

Nicca pushes gently back against him as she pokes at him. "You just have to watch out for my leg.. Make sure you don't pin it." She sticks her tongue out at him, slouching against him a little. "Just help me walk, and we'll make it… My right leg is fine." She pinches him at the comment about wheels. "Hey.."

O'ric squeaks slightly as she pinches, batting at her hand, "You'd look cute with wheels!" He pauses, then adds grinning, "To be fair, you look cute with a bruise so wheels wouldn't be much of a stretch." He doesn't seem in too much of a hurry to leave just yet, sitting on the bed quite happily, "Ready to move or do you want to lie here for a while yet?"

"Go.. I think, before they change their mind.. Or come kick you out." She says with a little poke, scooting towards the end of the bed, though she can't go too far on her own. A pause, and she glances back at him, voice dropping softly. "You.. You're in a really good mood."

O'ric gets to his feet and moves round to help her up, though her comment makes him pause and consider. "I guess. Must be that whole finding out you're not dead thing, panic's gone away and I'm just left with happy, or something."

Nicca reaches, resting her hands on his arms as she moves to slide down, bracing herself against him as she smiles a little. "Who'd of guessed it.. You would miss me.." She teases him gently, awkwardly trying to stand on the tiptoes of her uninjured leg to give him a kiss, leaning against him more completely as she does so for support, to make their way to O'ric's hut.

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