I'll give You Grouchy

This scene takes place in several places: Somewhere on the coast of the Southern Sea - Coastal Road - Siebith's Weyrbarn

The days are dragging by with no sign of the Vega Run, although searching is still going on. There isn't as much time given to it as there ought to be with Weyr duties and rest needed. Days off have been given over to it completely, however and thus the fatigue and stress of worry mounts for both Thea and D'had. While the twins need attention, Thea understands that their father must seek his missing family and thus she fills the need for him without complaint, keeping silent any thoughts about their need for him - he already knows they do! All of this is beginning to affect the twins too, the both of them becoming irritable. It's understandable that nerves are beginning to fray…

This day is like so many others. Drills and hold visits are finished, paperwork is either put off or finished, depending on whose it is and D'had is off searching. Thea has for some reason been left behind and none too pleased about it, but some task has kept her. Finding herself free, dinner prepared in the Weyrbarn for later and nannies engaged to watch the twins should they be late, the junior sets out to join the search. She chooses not to have Seryth bespeak Siebith lest they be told to keep to the Weyr and the only coordinates are the ones they had last time they joined, which was some days ago. Thus, when the pair pop out from Between they are alone.

D'had has spent much of his time searching. Too much perhaps. Thus it’s as he's out again that the realization dawns on him, again, that the family he's left back at the weyr… well they're just as important as the part he's searching for. It's that thought that finds him and Siebith back at the weyr mere moments after Thea's departure.

Thea doesn't really know where they are, but at least she knows how to get them home, which is a plus, right? And she really didn't expect to find D'had and Siebith right here, perhaps hoping to catch up or meet up with him somewhere along the way. But while she's here, perhaps she might see something tired eyes missed. And so she directs Seryth to fly along that unknown coastline in the direction they flew last time, keeping Rukbat to her back as before, she heads east.

Unlike Thea, D'had was expecting to find someone, but rather he's met with an empty weyrbarn. "Thea?" he calls after a quick glance around the space finds no one. Perhaps she's in the bedroom, upstairs. But with no answer even after a minute or so.. That's when Siebith bespeaks Seryth. « He wishes to know if yours is in her office. » the blue's waves bring the words.

It's not bad, this flying. Wind in her hair, wide skies above, turquoise sea below. Lulled by the serenity, absorbed by the search, Thea is brought back to the present by Seryth's questioning her how she'd like to respond to the blue's question. What follows is simple misunderstanding as Thea assumes the question comes from somewhere ahead of them. Seryth's answer is not long in coming, sunshot rain pattering upon Siebith's waves in a cheerful dance, « We are not. We were held up at Ressac Sea Hold, but we are headed your way. » There's satisfaction in the queen's tone, well pleased with this flying, the day and in what she's doing. There's silence from her then, time passes as the afternoon begins to wane and yet the pair do not reappear in front of that weyrbarn.

Siebith relays the message and assures that he's passed it along. D'had settles onto the couch. If she's going to be back soon, he's going to catch a quick nap while the place is empty. Tired. Beyond that really by now, but he's still not ready to admit that to her. When he wakes hours later… he hasn't been woken by her and neither is she there which is enough for him to panic. He knows well enough by now how she works. That worry comes through in the rush of waves from Siebith. Where are they!? The Weyrsecond double checking their weyr least she just left him to sleep.

Meanwhile Seryth and Thea fly on, pushing it so as to catch up to the pair they are certain are surely ahead of them somewhere. Both pair of eyes scan the sea, the shoreline and the skies ahead for a glimpse of ship, flotsam or a winging blue. Siebith's panicked question breaks in at the same moment that Thea utters a cry of surprise and directs Seryth to dive towards those shores below - she's spotted something! Her fear that it is the wreckage of the Vega Run roils with the thoughts of what might be found there and combines with the incoming as Seryth passes along Siebith's message full-force. The answer sent back is less than coherent, those emotions picked up by the queen: They don't know really but there's a blur of coast below with a tangle of something that is rushing at them as though they were falling and then a more clear image sent of their last position in the sky.

D'had's panic only grows as that image is shared, rushing outside to throw straps hastily back onto the waiting blue. The pair take off even before the Weyrsecond is completely secure on his lifemate's neckridges. Going between in such an instance, not always the best idea, but they make it, coming out on the other side and into a dive.

There's barely enough time to land and dismount, Thea having thrown off the flight straps and tumbled down in her haste to see, perhaps brace D'had for what might be there. She's thinking the worst scenario, of course. What can be seen from above is the beach with gold safely landed, a small pile of loose boards and rope (that couldn't possibly be the Vega Run upon closer inspection) and Thea just stepping away from her lifemate. Perhaps alerted to Siebith's appearance from Between by Seryth, Thea pauses to wait, watching them land.

Siebith dives in a tight spiral, pulling up at the last minute before sweeping in to land beside the gold. D'had is off in a flash, perhaps even moving to dismount before the landing is complete. "What's wrong? Why are you here?" For someone who doesn't talk much if at all lately there's a rush of questions from the man as he hurries to Thea's side. "You're not hurt?" he assesses, more question that certainty as he gives her a close look over.

"I'm fine," Thea assures, and indeed his inspection will note that although her face is a bit pale and she looks a bit shaken, she is fine. Her expression is more grave than it might normally be considering the events of the past month, but she's unhurt. His haste has her confused, so she's slow to answer, peering up at him with a slight frown, "No, I'm not hurt. What ever is the matter with you and Siebith?" She draws a breath to add, a gesture at the junk behind her, "We saw that and…" Her lame explanation trails off as she catches his mood.

D'had just stares. She has to ask what's up with them? "You were going to be there." And she wasn't! "You're here. Before she sent…" he shakes his head, a hand flipping towards Seryth. The part before the coordinates for between. Even as its said however he folds her into a hug. Sending a glance over towards the 'wreckage' they'd seen.

There? Where? Wait, what? He's not making any sense, Thea opens her mouth to answer, "Mrffgh!" That's what the reply she tries to make sounds like, muffled in his shoulder at that unexpected hug, her arms hesitate before wrapping around him absently patting as one would a distraught child. When she can get her face free to draw a breath, "I told you I was coming." Really, what is all the alarm about now? That's the unspoken tone to that statement. But yeah, knowing she shouldn't have landed, she breathes an apology, "I'm sorry, Donn. I thought there might be bodies and…" Lame! It's lame and she knows it.

D'had kisses her cheek as he lets her go. "And you didn't show up," he replies just as distraught. He shakes his head for her apology. "It's fine," he replies. "Just… don't scare me like that." Not that he's said exactly what it was she did to do so, but then he expects she should know. "What are you doing out here anyway?"

He expects Thea to know, but she doesn't, not really. "Well, yes, we tried to catch up, but…" He kisses her and lets her go, but she is slow to drop her arms. Worried now, she shrugs, giving him a close look, concern in the pale green of her eyes as she scans his face, noting the signs of recent sleep and mistaking it for simple fatigue. His repeat of the question why is she here draws a bit of alarm, so her response is sharper than she means, her brow furrowed in concern as she regards him. "Helping you search for the Vega Run. Donn, what is the matter with you?"

D'had shakes his head. "Catch up?" he repeats clearly lacking in any form of idea as to what she might mean by that. "I was at the weyr…" There wasn't any catching up to do. "He said you'd been held up on one of your visits…" Hold visits that, but he's still confused as to where she was if not there. "You were on your way and…" And it was hours before he'd heard anything more.

"At the Weyr." Gulp. "All this time?" Oh, it all makes sense now! And by the expression on Thea's face, she expects he won't be happy when she explains. "I was at Ressac earlier, yes. It went longer than planned." There's likely more to the story there, but she jumps to, "We came home and got ready to come to you. We must have just missed you, I guess." There's a guilty look on her face, but no further explanation as to why she didn't have Seryth bespeak him first, "No wonder you were worried. I'm sorry, Donn."

D'had nods, peering at her as she questions and then explains. No, he's not exactly happy, but neither is he mad. "Its okay," he gives in without the argument that could very well insue. No, that will wait a moment. "Ya were jus' tryin' ta help, coulda told me though." Then he wouldn't have had to worry so much when she wasn't there when he woke. It looks as if he might be about to say something more, but instead he just pulls her into a hug again.

The expected anger doesn't materialize, a fact which is in and of itself alarming. He's not been himself for so long! Thea's arms tighten around her weyrmate, returning his hug before she leans back to eye him again. While there's no arguing from him, her response just might be considered such. There's a spark of the rebellious in her answer, "If I had, you'd just have told me to stay home!" She's heard that often enough. "You're wearing yourself out and all the while telling me you'll be fine." And then her expression is one of revelation. "Donn!" She's positively beaming her jubilation. "I can fix this. Seryth and I, we can go back and warn them!"

"-I- was home," D'had snaps back. "And I am fine." Exhausted most nights, yes, but fine. Dark eyes narrow at that thought, her excitement about it is liable to be short-lived however. "Thea!" It’s like he's chiding one of the twins for something they know better than getting into. Her shoulders given a shake as he admonishes her for the thought, then holding her at arm's length so he can give her that stern look of his. "Don't you even think it."

"Yes, but if you -hadn't- been home you'd have told me to stay there." Thea insists stubbornly, the color rising in her cheeks, "And-no-you-are-not-fine, Mr. I Can Do This All By Myself!" She's not a screamer, so her voice lowers, if anything, but the intensity increases. One hand flings out in agitation as she disagrees, "You're so tired that you're not yourself, you're listless and.. and… you give in about everything!" Okay, she misses amorous, but who would have thought she'd miss grouchy? She lifts her chin to give him a defiant stare, the shake doing little to dissuade her intent, "If I could prevent it?"

If she wants grouchy, she's certainly managed to find it. "It's not worth the risk," he replies, turning to stalk off down the beach. "I can and I will." Do it by himself apparently. "Maybe I would have, but I'd rather you angry than -dead-!"

Thea would rather see him like this than lost inside himself, apparently though she's not trying to goad him on purpose. When he lets go of her shoulders, she's not expecting it, reels a bit to regain her footing on the sand. As he turns away her frustration mounts, "Why?! You're going to kill yourself the way you're going!" He goes Between dead tired almost daily, which is almost as dangerous, a fact not lost on her. If he's walking away, her voice is following, "What if they're d-" She can't finish the word, but surely he knows what she's thinking. "I could keep it from happening, jump back before the wave…"

"I know my limits woman," D'had replies sharply as he turns back to glare at her. "They aren't!" Of that he's certain if only because there's no proof yet otherwise. That said he turns back, continuing his path the meet up with Siebith. Upon reaching the blue he swings up into place, his lifemate hesitating on whether to take off yet or not. "Now go HOME!"

Perhaps goaded by his walking off on her, but certainly by his stubborn refusal to give consideration to her reasoning about his health and refusal to get help from S&R, Thea blurts rashly, "You can't stop me! I know how to do it. I went Between times once before and-" Oops! That wasn't meant to slip out. She ignores the frustrated tears, dashing them angrily away with the back of her hand as she stands there making no move to go anywhere. She doesn't quite stamp her foot, but she might as well have. "NO!" Then more quietly, "I'm going to follow those footprints and see where they go." Even though it's almost dark.

D'had wouldn't have heard that if Siebith had listened and taken off when he told him too. But he didn't and he did. The Weyrsecond is slipping down and closing the space between himself and his weyrmate with long strides. "/Never/ again," he says, stressing the word. "Promise me," he continues, having taken hold of her shoulders. As for those footprints. "Its too late. We'll look tomorrow." If he decides to let her help come morning.

Thea remains unmoving, even when D'had is sliding down and headed her way. She braces herself, chin lifting unconsciously as his hands close over her shoulders. She gave in without a fight about the flying sweeps long ago but this is different. She remains stubbornly silent, lips pressed together. She's not arguing about the footprints, but neither is she making that promise. "I can do it!"

"I. Don't. Care." D'had says, punctuating each word as it’s said. "You /aren't/ going to." If he has anything to say about it that is. "We're going home," he adds, dark eyes remaining steady on hers. He's not going to take no for an answer. Not now.

Thea glares back at him, hearing him, but whether she's giving in is questionable. The silence is stretches save for the lapping of waves on the shore and her ragged breathing as she meets his look as steadily as his own. Under his hands her shoulders are tense. "But Donn-" Still braced to argue, she's got her feet planted firmly. Home? He might just have to throw her over his shoulder to get her there.

Oh, don't worry, he's more than ready to do just that. As she protests he shifts to scoop her up. "Home," he repeats sternly. "Now." Whether she likes it or not seems to be the case as he's set on trying to bring her back to the waiting Siebith right along with him and take her there himself.

Seryth finds this all so amusing, her mental chuckle sent to her blue friend over there. She was along for that Between Times ride, knows how it almost, but luckily didn't end. If D'had thinks he's going to have an easy time of it with Thea however, he's mistaken. He does manage to scoop her up, but as that night long ago, she writhes in his arms, flailing her protest, although there's no boot-whapping going on. No, those are still on her feet. "Would you just listen to me-"

"No," D'had grunts in reply as he struggles to get her into place and ready to go. Siebith returns his amusement, but there's concern from him too, about that proposed jump between. It’s not something they should do as far as he's concerned as well. "We're going home."

Thea finds herself atop Siebith and Seryth finds herself glared at for both that amusement - she heard that chuckle - and for not intervening. Seryth taking sides against her??? Unbelievable! She tries to forestall him in buckling her in, her fingers wrapping around his wrists to hold his hands away from fastening the clamps. "Donn, really, I can-" This is harder than it would seem - he's strong and she's getting out of breath. "If you would just-"

"No," D'had repeats. He's not going to listen to her crazy ideas about timing it. She can protest all she wants but it would seem those protests are going to fall on deaf ears. He might not have an easy time of buckling her in, but he's going to try his best and with her in front of him… Well it wouldn't be the first time that the blue is taking to the skies without his rider's straps fastened.

Thea isn't one to give up easily and thus she's letting go of wrists to undo what he does, the buckles falling to dangle uselessly. Her surmising is that he won't take off without her being buckled safely in. They're eye to eye with her trying to catch his gaze preoccupied though he is anyway. "Just wait-" She can't argue this with him back home where someone could overhear. He's not listening, which has her more determined.

Under normal circumstances, D'had might wait until she was safely secured, but he'd already given Siebith the go ahead when he thought he was almost there. The fact that Thea's undoing what he'd managed to finish… well she's the one who's going to have to live with that. "I told you, we're going home."

Siebith's launch doesn't exactly catch Thea by surprise, but the force of it does throw her back towards D'had and she grabs for him instinctively, hopefully they both don't roll right off the back of the blue and onto the beach. The flight home sees her protesting verbally the whole way, spluttering and growling about stubborn men and saving the world all by themselves and never listening to anyone.

D'had is more than used to taking off as such. He has himself braced for it. Of course knowing it's coming helps with that too. He leans with the additional weight of Thea thrown somewhat unexpectedly against him, but they manage. She might have something to say the whole way, but he's not acknowledging any of it, nor does he warn her before they make the jump between. Their arrival back at the weyr have Siebith slowly circling to land and D'had dismounting a second after he's touched down leaving Thea to dismount herself.

Between brings a brief silence but when they emerge, Thea is mid sentence, "-and if that isn't foolhardy, stubborn and hardheaded-" sputter-mutter-mutter and so on all the way to the ground where she slides down without waiting for him to help her. Striding over to yank Seryth's straps off and coil them up so the gold can rest. She may be determined, but she's not stupid. They've been flying for hours and they're both too tired to attempt something as dangerous as timing it right now. She marches into the house with a set to her jaw but silent now.

D'had sets to removing Siebith's straps as soon as he's down. A glare tossed towards his weyrmate as he does so, but he says nothing more. Heading inside he goes to hang said straps before turning to head back the way he came. So now where's he going?

Probably to the cupboard to get that bottle of D'son's best whiskey? Thea won't stop him if that's where he's going, moving to the kitchen to dish up that food, her lips in a flat, unhappy line, she's not pressing the argument that she wouldn't feel so desperate if he wasn't wearing himself out.

No, it’s not for the cupboard where that's saved, it’s back outside. But without straps certainly he can't be going anywhere terribly far. Then again, with him it’s hard to say for certain.

Well, he knows where to find the food if and when he gets hungry and Thea really does love D’had enough not to put it away cold and leave him to have to reheat. She lets him go without trying to fuss at him further and it's not until the door shuts that she leaves her own dinner in favor of throwing herself down on their bed to give vent to a storm of tears with no one there to hear the sounds she makes.

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