Welcomed Remedies

Xanadu Weyr - Craft Complex
The large area has been separated into a variety of smaller sitting areas, couches and chairs organized into rings and squares, tables set where they can be used easily. A few desks for studying are pushed against one wall, while another has a variety of doors spaced along side it, opening into private quarters for the ranking crafters posted at the weyr. A set of double doors opens to the general apprentice dorms, and a long hallway stretches outwards, providing access to the various workshops.

It's a quiet afternoon in the crafter's cavern. For those who have exceptional hearing, the echos of still sleeping apprentice's might be heard from beyond the dorms door. However Kera was never one to sleep too late, even if she isn't her normal cheery self. The apprentice is seated at one of the low coffee tables, on a pillow on the floor. She seems to have the table pulled close to her as if to wedge her back against the couch. There is a book open in front of her, a notebook beside it. A mug of klah rest within reach as Kera rest her chin on her palm. Her eyes are closed and she remins still for a while.

Ka'el has never had much reason to venture into the craft complex, if not solely for recreational purposes. Strumming the guitars in the harper's hall or attending a class in the technology workshop, just cuz. This afternoon though, the new rider has a mission. He carries with him what could be considered a thermos. A capped mug filled with something or another in one hand while the other has a small carryout type bag. He seems in a good enough mood, which is to say he doesn't appear surly or too contemplative despite the amount of things he could be surly contemplating. Nope. It's just regular Ka'el that arrives, looking less fancy than he did the previous night. Back to regular clothes, with his added knot! He looks around and is heading for the dormitories but then. Eureka! He spies Kera sitting here on the floor. Smirking vaguely, he redirects his walk to her. "Afternoon, sunshine."

Who has the nerve to sound so chipper! Cracking her eyes open slowly, her head rolls slowly one way then the other as if to work a sore muscle in her neck. Her fingers lift a couple inches from the table and wiggles them in greeting. "Was that your stomping I heard echoing through the cavern?" The apprentice gives a little smirk and then dips her head in greeting. "G'afternoon Rider Ka'el." She gives a cheeky wink and chuckles before wincing and sighing a little. "Thank you by the way. I remember you and Soriana helping me last night." The girl flicks her hand towards the couch then extra mugs on the nearby tray "There is klah in the pot there if ya want some."

Ka'el set his capped mug on the table and plops the bag down next to it. "Probably," he replies of the stomping. "I was doing so extra hard to make sure you heard me coming. Didn't want to startle you." He grins and waves off the offer of the klah as he settles himself on the floor on the opposite side of the table of her, resting on his knees. He glances to her book and grins. "Book open. You're up. You're already doin' loads better than I imagined. Would've come by sooner but figured you might've slept in." Hopefully she did! At her thanks, he smiles. "No need to thank me, but you're welcome. I'd want someone lookin' after me if I was in your shoes." He tips his head a little. "Have you eaten?"

Kera reaches up to scrub her hands across her face and gives her head a little shake as she tries to rouse herself a bit. "I probably would have slept later than I did, but someone woke me trying to sit on my hip. The next thing I knew I was on my backside on the floor." A weak but amused chuckle is given. At the mention of food, a headshake is given "Not yet. Thought I would see how this klah settled." That said she pulls the mug to her and eyes it briefly before taking a slow sip. Giving the rider a considering gaze she hmms softly to herself and smiles "Thanks for coming to check on me. That something you didn't have to do, but I do appreciate it." A cheery dip of her head is given to her friend. "Soriana is doing well this morning I hope? And yourself it seems from the look of you."

Ka'el laughs as the image brought to his mind. Poor hungover Kera, dropped to the floor! "Ah, I don't miss dormitory life at all," he says in reminisce, head shaking as he holds onto that grin. At the mentioning of not having food though, he nods and reaches over for that little bag be brought. Opening it up, he reaches in and pulls out a piece of toasted bread loaf. "Here. Best thing to eat after a night've drinking," he says knowingly, offering it to her. "Whether you think you want it or not, eat it. You've gotta eat something solid or your stomach's really going to turn on you. And if that klah doesn't work," he taps his finger on his thermos. "Brought a tried and true remedy to settle the worse of stomachs." He breaks off a piece of that toast for himself. "Soriana is well, yes. And I hardly had just one mug of ale the whole night. S'probably the least I drank at any gather, ever." Again, he waves off her thanks.

Kera eyes the mentioned bag warily til Ka'el produces a some toasted bread. Leaning forward to give the food a sniff, she reaches and plucks a chunk off the loaf. "Well, if you insist." she replies with a grin and tears off a smaller bit to plop in her mouth. A sip of her klah follows. Thinking for a moment she shrugs "I don't remember what was in my mug, but it sure tasted good. Didn't think I had more than a full mug though. Maybe a mug and a half?" Shaking if off as unimportant. "Won't be doing that again." Peering to Ka'el after tearing off another bite, she chews a moment before asking. "So, was that dunking tank jammed up last night? Or did Mur'dah find a way to rig it so he wouldn't fall in?" She flashes a smirk as she jokes about the gather.

Ka'el grins. "Well, you're small," he points out. "Young. A mug and a half was probably a lot if you hadn't drank much before. You chose a good night for it, though. We wouldnt've let anything happen to you," he says, smile warm for a moment. Content that she's eating the bread, he leaves the rest for her, popping his torn piece into his mouth to chew and swallow. "This is ginger tea," he says, tapping his mug. "I don't make much, but nobody can mess up tea too badly. I'll leave it here for you. If you start feelin' queasy, sip on this," he lectures. "It's sweetened already, but you can sweeten if more if you like." He watches her, making sure she's getting all of that. The mentioning of the dunking booth has him grinning though. Good times! "With Mur'dah, you never know. I bet he had his firelizard jam it up," he snickers. "It was sort've suspect that no one could dunk him, huh?" He laughs, then gently presses his palm upon the table top. "I don't mean to keep you long. Just wanted to check and see how you were doing. M'glad you came to the graduation. You're openin' up more."

Kera chuckles and nods agreeably about the tank. Peering up and glances to teh ginger tea and smiles "Thanks again, you really didn't need to go through all the trouble." Smirking to the book she snorts "And you're not keeping me from studying. I just can't find the interest to turn the page yet." Turning gaze back to the rider "I bet you've been busy all morning, with new duties and such." The comment about her opening up a bita shrug "I try, but sometimes things backfire, sorta."

Ka'el smirks a little and shakes his head. "You'd think, but I haven't seen Ers'lan at all. He wasn't at the graduation, and I hadn't heard anything from Galaxy yet so… I'm using the days til he summons us as rest days. Figure I won't get too many've them. I've spent most've my morning in the forge, and I'll probably be there most of the day. Work out or somethin' after, til dinner." A habit from weyrlinghood that he doesn't intend to drop, especially considering his new wing. "Backfire how? You seemed to do well last night. My brother liked you." Then again, Kei'lan likes nearly everyone. "He had to fly out today. He does messaging and transport."

Kera nods as Ka'el list his morning but does seem curious about something said. "Is that normal? For a Wingleader to not appear for a graduation?" Plopping another bite of bread, she finishes the last sips of klah and refills with the ginger tea Ka'el brought. Not wishing to rehash all her misadventures with a slight hangover, she blinks at mention of the rider's brother. "You're brother? He's the one who had you ia a headlock yes?" Thinking a bit on the past evening's events "Wasn't he the one who shoved that mug in my hand to start with?" Kera lifts a not quite accusing brow with an amused smirk.

Ka'el lightly shakes his head. "I dunno," he answers honestly. "This was the first graduation I'd ever been to. I'd..think they'd want to be there. Maybe something came up." Not that Ers'lan is known as being the most seen face around Xanadu, especially lately. But who knows what's going on with that. Ka'el certainly doesn't! "Aaand yeah, that was him. The one tryin' to pull my head off," he says with a grin, rubbing at the back of his neck. Brothers. Geeze! "And yeah, it was probably him that gave you the drink in the first place. Soo…blame everything on him!" He laughs. "Do you have any brothers or sisters?"

Kera chuckles as she listens about Ka'el's brother and nods. "I'll be sure to remember that. Blame everything on your brother and never accept mugs from him. Check." She sips the tea and nods appreciatively "OH, tasty." A quick shake of her head at the question of siblings, though she can't help but chuckle at a similar conversation. "No, no brothers and sisters to speak of. So pretty much I'm a spoiled brat. Or was til I went to the hall. Still a brat though according to my parents."

Ka'el smiles a little broader as the tea is sipped and deemed drinkable. Even better, it's deemed good! Good, because if there was ever anyone who could find a way to mess up tea, it'd be Ka'el, whose kitchen prowess stops at the grill. "Good. Remember, take it slow. And keep up with the bread. After a while, you'll be back to your old self in now time and you'll want to raid the caverns." He rocks backward a bit, wondering what it'd be like to have no brothers at all. None! "Lucky you. I have five. I've never known a quiet day in my life til I came here." He smirks then begins to stand up. "I don't think you're too much've a brat. I've met worse than you," he admits, chuckling. "I'm going to leave that with you. I'll come for the mug .. eventually." Apparently, it isn't his favorite one or anything! "If you need somethin', let me know, huh? I feel responsible for nursin' you back to health."

Kera snorts over her mug gives an amused roll of her eyes towards the dform and back to Ka'el "And I've not had a quiet day since I went to the hall." Taking another sip she waves off Ka'el concern with chuckle "Not at all, tis your brother's fault remember?" Wiggling her fingerts "Thanks again Ka'el, give my best to Soriana please."

Ka'el snaps his fingers. "That's right. 'Blame Kei'lan'. I nearly forgot!" Ka'el laughs as he waves a hand to her. "Welcome, Kera. Good day to you, an' I'll let Soriana know you're doing well." A smile, and the crafter turned rider strides out of the hall and off towards the forges.

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