Was it Something I Said?

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

Evening in the Barracks means a break from the day's lessons while the Weyrlings eat, bathe, see to their personal needs of mending clothes or writing letters home - any number of things they've not had time to do during the day. While the Barracks are semi-empty, they are never completely so. Some of the newer pairs are our for a late walk on the Grounds or the Beach, while some of the more exhausted pairs are already settled for the night and sleeping soundly. Here and there Weyrlings bend to the task of making riding straps, caring for the hide of their lifemates or simply relax and converse. Into this picture of tranquility come Thea, followed by Seryth, who croons a sweet, but muted greeting to the nearest of the young dragons.

Faraeth perks up when Seryth enters and gives a soft croon as well while M'nol works carefully rubbing the numbweed into the brown's damaged muscle. He turns slowly so as not to hur Faraeth and grins, "Feeling better, Thea?" Faraeth gives a soft rumble and noses the boy towards the gold rider. Making M'nol grimmace slightly as the brown seems to always nudge the same point.

Among those taking the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep, is R'owan. He rests with his back against his bronze's side, his eyes closed, and his breathing heavy. Now and again, he mutters something unintelligable in his sleep, but otherwise he seems as if he could sleep through an earthquake without waking. Nyunath, on the other hand, seems to be awake. The young dragon seems to realize just how much rest his rider has been missing, so he doesn't bother to wake him even though his mind slowly begins to queue up questions to ask when the boy rouses. Seryth's arrival, however, gives the young bronze another target for his endless curiousity. He rumbles a quiet greeting, « Can we see the weyr yet? When can we fly? What do clouds feel like? Do you get wet when you fly through them? When will it stop snowing? » Poor Seryth having to hear the string of quick drumbeats with each question that follows.

Thea steps closer to where M'nol is, finding an unoccupied couch she perches at the edge of it. Her face has lost little of the shadow that has been there since in Hatching. "Better now that I'm out of the Infirmary." There's still a bit of discontent in her tone. "Was just over-tired, they said." She looks towards R'owan, a small smile tugs at her lips, but doesn't really quite seem to reach her eyes. "They're wearing you guys out, huh?" There's a look around the room, "Brings back a lot of memories being in here." For a few moments she just sits, perhaps lost in thought from her days in here, perhaps thinking other things as several fleeting emotions flit over her face. Listlessly, "So what did you guys do today?" Seryth chuffs at Faraeth and Nyunath, lowering herself to the floor and curling to be comfortable, her eyes whirling a dimmed green.

Nyunath and Faraeth sense that Seryth speaks with a brisk patter of rain on water that laughs at the many questions «You will see the Weyr in time, perhaps when your lifemate awakes. But flying, that will have to wait until you are much bigger. » The sound of a gentle wind, the kind that brings rain in Spring brushes the next thought, «It is a soft feeling, a breath of cool snow, but lighter. Sometimes you get wet, other times only damp, like after you've partly dried off after your bath. »

M'nol grins, "Yeah. Gets tiring fast b'tween th' exercise an' th' classes. An' Farry here's still mad that he can' work as hard 'cause of his wing." He snorts, setting the numbweed aside and leaning against Faraeth's bulk himself, "Never though' I'd fin' work tha' was harder'n draggin' ore around all day." He sighs, wriggling to get himself settled just right in Faraeth's elbow, "I'm glad they let ya outta th' infirmary. It can be hard enough t' find time t' bathe, let alone wander around the Weyr visitin' people." He chuckles at some unspoken comment by Faraeth.

Seryth and Nyunath sense that Faraeth sighs, with a touch of slightly threadbare red velvet and a hint of lilac scent, « Why can't we fly now? I mean besides that he won't let me even exercise hard. I want to fly first like mom. I don't see why we can't at least do little jump-flights. »

Nyunath seems quite content with the answers he's receiving from the gold dragon, more and more beginning to trust her view on the world more so than some others he's asked questions of. Unfortunately, there's one question that the gold can't answer, and it causes the dragon to reach over and nudge at R'owan with his nose. "Huh, wha?" Blink. Ro' opens his eyes and sits up suddenly, looking around with a dazed expression. Then, comprehension shows on his face and he grabs up a scrubbing brush and jar of oil as if he were moving automatically. Robotically. "An itch. You had to wake me up for a sharding itch?" He mutters, and starts to scrub at the bronze's back, oblivious of the others until Nyunath croons softly and brings his attention back to reality. "Oh, hey Thea, Seryth." He manages to put on a half-smile, but it's tired and still a little ornery.

Seryth and Faraeth sense that Nyunath rumbles a set of drumbeats like distant thunder, curious and relentless. « I wish to fly in the clouds. » He claims, but without the intensity of the brown's insistance. « I will wait. » A twittering of flutes plays above the heartbeat of the dragon's thoughts.

"It's just a different kind of tired. You'll get accustomed to it eventually." Thea says it sympathetically, with a wistful smile and a fond look towards Seryth before the unhappy mutter from R'owan causes her to swing round in mild surprise. For a beat she watches, mildly chiding her friend, "As well Nyunath should have, Ro." She smiles to take any sting from the words, "You are, after all, the only one he has in this world." Her head turns back to eye Faraeth assessing the brown, a slight nod at something unspoken relayed from Seryth. "Tell him that you're being firm with his excercise now so he will fly stong when the time comes." Seryth cocks her head, first to whuffle at Faraeth, then watching Nyunath's oiling, crooning a soft encouragement to both young dragons.

Nyunath and Faraeth sense that Seryth laughs, the sound of happy drops falling on a pond, «If you flew now, you would never fly high when you grow up.» The sound of a distant rumble of thunder barely audible within far off clouds, «Be patient, like your brother Nyunath. » With a sigh of wind between rocky crags, stirring a clinging fog the thought is added after a pause «Mine says you are to listen to your lifemate about your wing - he knows the right of it. »

M'nol strokes the brown's pointy nose, "You need t' let it heal firs' if ya wanta fly with me when we're older." He nods, yawning huge, "Yeah, at leas' th' rocks 'n' ore don' move mid-lug." He chuckles, patting the brown's nose, "Not that I mind that much." He glances over as Nyunath wakes Ro, and gives the poor boy a tired smile he might not notice, "How's he doin', Ro?"

R'owan's tired eyes squint a little towards Thea, and for a moment it seems that he might actually be angry about her chiding. Then, as is quite usual for the boy, his face breaks into a tired, boyish smile. "I know that. I just wish that he would let his only one in the world get some sleep." Working at the patch of skin, he stiffles back a yawn and then tosses the brush down into a bucket next to the couch without even a second thought. He dips a small rag into the oil and then starts to rub it in, working it well into the hide. "He's sleeping better these days, though. Figure I might get a full nights rest within the next month or so. Here's hoping." He laughs just once, and then reaches over to scratch at the bronze's eyeridges.

Seryth and Faraeth sense that Nyunath let contentment flutter through his mind with a trill of notes that dies away into the steady drumbeats. Then, the notes come to an abrupt stop. Realization. When they return, it's another question. « Why can firelizards fly when they are young, and we cannot? It seems… unfair. » Staccato, the notes seem irritated at the injustice.

Nyunath and Seryth sense that Faraeth feel the caress of the light velvet, « I'm in competition with Nyunath to fly first. I cannot allow myself to become complacent. I will wait until I am bigger and well, but I will fly before the bronze one. »

Seryth and Faraeth sense that Nyunath rumbles a quick and loud, the drumbeats accentuated by a loud banging like a harper drum in the distance. « You most certainly will not. I am bigger. I shall fly first. » Determination flashes in the lower octave of his voice. « I do not injure myself. »

"It's a difficult time," Thea addresses both boys at once, looking a little tired herself as she says it. R'owan gets a sympathetic glance before she points out, "Sleep. It's highly overrated." Her attempt at humor comes out in more of a wry manner. With a hint of apology in her tone she murmurs, "I wish Riders wouldn't berate their lifemates for doing what they ought. It… isn't quite fair to them." She rises smoothly steps towards Nyunath, reaching gentle fingers towards the spot, flashing a questioning look at her friend before touching the bronze. "May I?" There's a moment while her fingers brush the area and she's bending close to look at the hide. "Hmm, no cracking, no thinning. You're taking wonderful care of him, Ro." She includes M'nol in her words of praise as well, "You're doing great in the tug-of-war between minds with Faraeth, I hear."

M'nol grins, but gives Thea an odd look, "Tug-of-War? He's only wanted to do something I wouldn't let him do a few times." He chuckles, yawning again, but before the thought of sleep could even enter his mind, Faraeth nudges him and he gives an exasperated sigh, "I just oiled you!" He grumbles a little, but there's no malice in it, then moves to oil the area he'd recently applied the numbweed to. "I never thought I'd be greatful to my siblings for waking me up at random times in the night jus' t' mess with me…"

Nyunath and Faraeth sense that Seryth bubbles a liquid sound, water over rocks, «When you fly it will be the most wonderful thing! Better than warm herdbeast, better than oiling.» She pauses, a shower just past, leaving the words cool, refreshing, « You do not fly as firelizards do, for you are not firelizards. You are cousins. Different.» She breathes the peace of a mountain night, sweet scented with fresh rain and just-opened flowers, « Be at peace brothers. Be patient. Your time will come. »

Seryth senses that Faraeth feel the silk and velvet touch grow stronger, stiffer, brighter, « I will fly first. Nyunath may be bigger, but I am the biggest brown here. » There is a wistful sigh and a sense of longing, « Why couldn't we be more like them at fly younger? »

R'owan's mouth tightens a little bit, but he resists the urge to snap at the Weyrwoman, knowing full well that it wouldn't be quite fair. "I'll have to try harder to behave myself, then." He grumbles to himself, moving the rag away from the spot once it's thoroughly oiled. He takes one deep, long breath, and when his eyes open again, there's Thea asking to touch his dragon. "Uh, sure." He shrugs, still too tired to argue with too much, leaning slightly against the bronze's shoulder. "Mmmhmm." He nods to her inspection, glancing over at the dragon just once before back at her. "Don't let him fool you. He's pampered quite well, thank-you-verymuch." A smirk settles on his face even as he has to rub some sand free from one eye.

Seryth and Faraeth sense that Nyunath has already forgotten about the itch that made him rouse his rider, the drumbeats of his musical mind seeming to consider Faraeth for a moment. « If you fly first, it will only be because I allow you that honor. » He seems to leave it at that, letting the idea fester with a little basal tooting of a woodwind lingering in his thoughts.

Thea's lips curve in a hint of a smile at M'nol, "Mt word for it. When you stand up to your lifemate when they want something they shouldn't have." For a moment the boy's grumbling causes a flash of anger in her eyes, R'owan's hard look causes her to bite her words back. Sudden tears form in the green of her eyes, she quickly turns her head away from them to hide it. She steps away from Nyunath with a soft pat. For a moment she is silent, then in a voice gone husky she says, "Adjusting to your lifemates can be hard sometimes. I know there's many wishing they had the chance for such a challenge."

Nyunath and Faraeth sense that Seryth has lost the laughter of the rains, a rising wind wraps the words, « I must fly Little Ones. We search for one mine seeks.» The words come from within a fog, darkening with lowering clouds upon a valley once serene, now desolate « Gaurd your lifemates well, little ones, they break easily. » Her presence withdraws from the two younger dragons with a soft caress, a wisp of the icy clouds from far above.

M'nol nods, "Ahhh, yeah… that…" He looks off to the side, avoiding that particular topic of discussion, then grins, "I think all o' us are doin' our best. 'Specially since Viv seems t' be better now." He gives Nyunath a sidelong glance as Faraeth relays the message, but doesn't say anything against it, instead patting Faraeth's eyeridges, "Zevida said that the Weyrling master picks who flies first, Farry."

Seryth and Nyunath sense that Faraeth touched by velvet retreating, « I will fly first. » There's no question in his tone. « Fly well, not-mom. I hope you find your quarry. »

R'owan's face softens, but only slightly, sighing to himself as the Weyrwoman steps away. "That's not what I meant, Thea and you know it." He runs a hand through his tussled hair and then lets his head hang forward a bit. Nyunath's head turns and lightly settles itself between the two of them, as if he were intent on making sure neither moved. He whuffles, moving a wing to nudge his rider. Ro' lifts his head again, and nods slightly. "Listen. I wouldn't trade Nyunath for the world. I'm just tired. I'm sorry for snapping at him, and for being gruff." His voice still sounds a bit gruff, bit it's obvious that he's trying very hard to apologize. "And I'm sorry I hurt you, or annoyed you, or bothered you or whatever it is I did. Really." His own eyes seem momentarily pained, but as Nyunath passes on Seryth's message, he only sighs and lowers his head again. Nyunath croons to his rider, nudging up under the boy's chin.

Thea slides M'nol a look and she nods, "Glad to hear she's better." And by the look on her face she really is. R'owan's words and tone have her turning a brief, unreadable look toward her friend. Her mouth opens to retort, then Nyunath's head is there and she's paused in stepping away. "I didn't think you would, Ro." She says it very quietly. "I know you are tired, R'owan, but hearing the two of you snap and grumble at them…they're just babies, after all. It just… got to me." She swallows hard, "I think, well, you're changing, I just need to accept that-" She stops her explanation mid-sentence, raises a hand to rub at her eyes, "I… look, I forgive you Ro. It's not really you." Her voice is weary, devoid of emotion and a hand waves to indicate she can't find the words.

M'nol gives Thea a sad look, but does his best to hide it, knowing full-well why she's sad and not wanting to make her sadder, so he focuses his attention on Ro instead, "Y'know, if you need a good sleep you could always ask Nyunath to bespead Faraeth or one of the others for oiling for an afternoon. If we're already up it wouldn't be much to add an' sleep is pretty important." Faraeth nudges M'nol softly, thankfully on a different part of his arm, and the boy nods, then moves, offering to give Thea a hug if it would help.

R'owan's head stays bowed for the time being, either from exhaustion of from some inability to deal with whatever emotions he's struggling to control for his dragon's sake. "I'm sorry." He says under his breath, lightly stroking the concerned bronze's nose as he tries to force himself to lift his gaze. "It's fine M'nol, really. I'm just grouchy when I wake up." He seems to frown to himself though, glancing at Thea before sighing to himself. "I'm still me. Haven't changed." But he leaves it at that, and just starts to absently rub the oil-rag into his dragon's hide.

Thea listens to M'nol, casting a questioning glance towards R'owan to see how he will respond to the other Weyrling's offer. She nods at the two with approval, murmuring, "That's a great thought, work as a unit." At M'nol's offer she holds up a hand, palm out to forestall that hug. "I'll be fine." Her face says otherwise, but she does offer him a crooked smile in silent thanks. She blinks bewilderment at R'owan, "I've upset you. I didn't mean to. What did I do?"

M'nol nods, at least thinking he understands why Thea doesn't want a hug, "Okay, Thea." He spares a grin for Thea's approval of his idea, but doesn't say anything, thinking instead. He goes quiet for a moment, his eyes unfocused, clearly communicating with his dragon. He settles again into the oversized brown's front paws, "I know they're just babies… but… they certainly grow faster than human babies… I jus' wish it was a bit faster in terms o' self-care."

The hard part about being exhausted is that often times it makes emotions seem to amplify themselves, even the ones you'd rather not be feeling at any point in time. "It's fine." R'owan tries to dismiss the Weyrwoman's worry, looking up and forcing a tired smile onto his face. "You've got enough to worry about. Don't mind me." . o O Just another stupid bronzer, he thinks to himself. Nyunath, on the other hand, doesn't seem intent to leave it that way. So he quietly sneaks behind his rider's back, and mind, and drums quietly towards Seryth.

Seryth senses that Nyunath « He worries. He does not wish to disappoint your rider. He did not mean to say bad things. He is mine. I am his. We are strongest together. He worries for yours. He cares. He does not wish her more upset. »

Nyunath senses that Seryth sighs a rain-damp breath through wet fir trees, the pine scent redolent in her words, « Mine is proud of yours, but confused. He used to talk to her. He has put a wall up and she is sad about that. » A pause comes with the sense that the proper words she needs are hard to find, « She is fading in me. »

"They do grow fast. And it's a lot of work." Thea agrees with M'nol. There's an admiring glance for the strong young dragons, "You're both taking excellent care of them." She repeats it emphatically, before another puzzled glance at R'owan, "You seem different to me, Ro." His brushoff of her concerns has her frowning, and she says more sharply than she intends, "Just because I have other worries doesn't mean I'd abandon my friends like Enkav- Her lips clamp together and she pivots on one foot, "I won't bother you anymore, then." As she moves Seryth's head intercepts her, barring her way, bringing the weyrwoman up short and earning herself a glare "What?"

M'nol grins again, still sleepily, when Thea praises the care of the dragons. He bites his lip, keeping from saying anything of Kav was hard for both of them. After all, Kav was the first friend he really met in the Weyr. He gives Ro a sidelong glance, but stays silent. Clearly this was a conversation they needed to have and he was only a bystander… again…

The motion of the rag stops short as R'owan looks up, casting his stormy gray eyes at the Weyrwoman. "You seem different to me, too." He says in a somewhat saddened voice. He pushes himself to his feet, only wincing slightly at the sharp tone in her voice. "Thea…" He starts, and then runs a hand through his hair, shaking his head. "I'm still here. I still care about you. I know that to you it's not the same thing. I'm just a kid. Or maybe I've been upgraded to stupid bronzerider. I don't know anymore." He takes a step towards her, and just shrugs his shoulders. "I hate seeing you sad, and I don't want you worrying over me and Nyunath to make it worse. I promise I'll do my best to take good care of him. I just wish…" He trails off, apparently no longer able to find the words he wants to say.

Thea turns her head when R'owan speaks, casting a sidelong glance of her own at M'nol in apology for having to hear all this, "I really should let you get some sleep." The footsteps behind her have her turning to face R'owan, blinking a few times to see him clearly. She grits her teeth for a moment, then manages, "I am.. different, Ro. I'm sorry I can't change that, I wish I could." She chooses to use his words, "'Worrying' over all of you-," One hand sweeps to include the barracks in general, "-it's my job. It's what keeps me going. Please don't take it away from me." Her head tilts in utter puzzlement with his other words, "Upgraded to a what? What is this 'stupid brinzerider' thing?"

Faraeth stretches his neck over M'nol, Agate, Bloodstone, Tourmaline, and Jasper curling up sleepily around the brown as well. M'nol gives Thea a lopsided grin, trying to show he understands, but what she sees is hard to know. To Nyunath Faraeth sends the soft flutter of velvet.

R'owan opens his mouth, about to try and protest, to say something, but nothing comes out of his mouth. "Fine." He says simply, continuing to stand there as if without much will to get himself to move. As he turns to walk back towards his dragon, he pauses and just looks sideways at Thea. "A stupid bronzerider. Guess right now, it means a stupid kid who's helpless to do much other than stick his own foot in his mouth." He toes at the ground, seeming a little embarassed to say the next words out of his mouth. "I wish I had something I could say to make things better. To make you smile again. But I don't know what to do. So I'll just do my best to be a good rider, okay? I'll do the best I can." Still tired, the boy takes the few steps back towards his dragon, reaching out a comforting hand to stroke the eyeridges of the worried bronze.

The snuggling between firelizard, boy and dragon has Thea smiling down in amusement at the couch she's standing by, "You all look so comfy together, M'nol. One big happy family." That short word from R'owan has her head swiftly lifting to blink at him in hurt surprise, "I didn't mean it like you're irresp-" She sighs, one hand rubbing in fatigue at her face. When the hand comes down there is a bit of spark back in her eyes, "I think we need to get something cleared up right now. One, I don't think you're a kid, Shards, Ro. And it isn't because you're as tall as I am. Or taller, likely." There's a wry half-smile at that, "It isn't the Turns that makes the man, Ro." She pauses, the look on her face says she hopes he gets her meaning. "Two, I don't think you're stupid. I never have." Her voice softens, "You'll be a fine Rider, Ro. But right now you're a Weyrling and Ranking Riders will be checking on you from time to time. I am one of them and I want you to know, I mean no offense when I do it." His other words cause a look of pain to flash across her face, again her hand lifts to rub it away, "I don't expect you to say or do anything, Ro. It isn't something that anyone can help me with. If I could find him-" She turns to go, musing aloud, "I should stay away, perhaps."

keziah slips into the barracks with Alosynth behind her. The green at least is fairly clean, though there is the distinctive small of wet grass clinging to her. Along with with some blades as well> Keziah herself is quite damp looking as well though she doesn't seem the least upset, in fact she's smiling. As she notes Thea, she tilts her head a little and leans a bit into Alosynth and then heads to their couch and cot. Alosynth snuffles at the couch and then snorts a little before settling herself down onto in boneless fasion. Keziah herself snags towel and draps it across Alosynth and then settles herself behind the forearm.
R'owan raises one eyebrow, seeming a little bit surprised at the statement that she doesn't see him as a kid. Perhaps he's been hanging around Keziah too long and had developed a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to that. "I know you don't mean offense." He says simply, looking up over his bronze's eyeridges. "Like I said, I promise I'll do better." He nods once, although the weariness still lingers in his eyes. "And I won't say anything else about that either." It's clear he's referring to Enkavir as he raises a hand. "Thea…" He watches as she turns to go, and then sighs. "Don't stay away." He says, almost as if that might be his final word on the matter. Slumping down against his bronze, he leans his head back again. He lifts one hand in greeting as Keziah comes by with her dragon, but then closes his eyes once more, perhaps trying to go back to sleep.

Thea doesn't turn around, she does pause and listen to R'owan, nods and then continues out of the Barracks, whispering a quiet, "Night M'nol," as she passes his bunk. Sends a little wave Keziah's way and a brief smile. Seryth croons a soft note to the ones awake, rises slowly, turns and pads out after her Rider.

Keziah coughs a little as she stands back from the hug and the runs her hands through her hair. It's obvious Kezi doesn't often do the hug thing. "Well, she'd appreciate it I'm sure." she murmurs and then heads for her couch after giving out a few more to those still awake. "I agree about Thea but I uh, I don't really know what to do or say to her."
M'nol nods solemnly, "Neither do I… I wish I did… I think it's like when my father's brother died in th' cave in… Ma said only time coul' heal tha' wound. At leas' we can be pretty sure Enk's not dead, just…" he pauses, looking for the right word, "just exploring…"

Keziah gives a nod "Yeah, mother's said much the same to me on occasion." she frowns a little. "I just, I never like feeling helpless. Ego on my part I know, but I just wish there was something we could do to help ease the pain or to perhaps occupy her mind so she doesn't have time to think about it."

M'nol shrugs, allowing Faraeth to lay his neck across his lap, "She seems t' focus on a few things that take her mind off it… us… Seryth… maybe we should ask Niva or…" He trails off, knowing he's grasping at straws, then perks, "Maybe she should visit her family or something. Be away from the formality of the Weyr for a while."

Keziah hmms a little "I think we keep reminder her of him though." she notes quietly. "No, it's gotta be something.. something. I dunno. Some project or something she needs to be involved in. Something that takes up her time and leaves her to tired to think at night." She shrugs a little "Suppose you could ask Niva." she murmurs a little. Not seeming to think too much will come of that.

M'nol shakes his head, "She's been workin' herself t' death as it is. She ended up in th' infirmary from too little sleep." He sighs again, "As much as I miss Enk, I dunno wha' I'd do if somethin' happened t' Thea. 'Sides miss her lots, anyway. If I didn' think she'd kill us fer it, I'd suggest puttin' her in a fellis sleep for a few days."

Keziah blinks and glances at M'nol "I missed hearing about that." she frowns some and then grins "Spike a drink. Just nevr let on who it was that did it." she notes. "She would likely kill ya, but maybe she needs it." she shakes her "Though, you'ld need someone to get it for ya. Perhaps Niva, but" she then shakes her head and doesn't finish that sentence. "Maybe one of the healers would have some suggestions."

M'nol nods slowly, "Perhaps. I jus' don' want her t' start hatin' me. Maybe I should get Sigam to do it. He's worried abou' her too an' he'd have a better chance of sneakin' it inta something." The gears are grinding now. There might even be a little smoke, "Fellis, then lock her in her weyr until she's slept properly…"

Keziah is nodding and then she shakes her head "No, wouldn't be good probably. Not with a dragon. Especially a gold dragon." she murmurs "Not with a gold dragon who's just flown." she murmurs softly. "Would not likely be good." She shakes her head a little 'I think maybe I'll sleep on it. Perhaps I'll think of something."

M'nol nods, yawning hugely, "Yeah, tha's prob'ly a good idea. Don' wanna do anything rash…" He trails off, slipping into a sleep.

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