Panic at the Dis... Innovation Hall? (Calisiya is Searched)

Xanadu Weyr — Innovation Hall
The interior of the Innovation Hall facility is more spacious than it appears from the outside. It's also pretty much best described as orderly chaos. The rectangular shape of the building is taken up by a series of three sided stalls that line each of the walls. Eight in all each one is just big enough for several people to work in and are of different configurations; some having shelving and tables and some having a more open design that allows work from the floor up. In any case, the back of each work space is open to the main room to promote the common use of tools and the sharing of ideas. Two offices are on either side of the main entrance at the north and two more exits, seldom used, are located east and west in case a quick getaway is needed. The south end of the building features a very heavy door that is labled DANGER in very clear red lettering. Access is restricted but it's pretty well known that behind there are two more stalls for special and dangerous projects.
It's the middle of this place that makes it work! Shelves full of just about every kind of tool someone could imagine are strategically placed so that nobody has to walk farther than anyone else to get to them. Quite a lot of parts populate those shelves as well from new-fangled electronics to old fashioned gears and gizmos along with the raw materials to make them. Comfortable chairs, arranged in three sets of two each scatter the free space and a sofa is tucked neatly into a corner.
The decor is kept quite simple with floors of glossy, polished marble and walls of what appear to be wood panel. Appear to be. It's actually some synthetic thing the plastic craft has concocted up and shows under close inspection. Fabrics, decorations and the like (along with most things that don't need to be there that could potentially be set on fire) are kept to a minimum. Here and there, clever designs and schematics have been allowed to go up on the walls but those are generally removed fairly quickly.

The Innovation Hall is for the most part empty today; it being later on in the evening towards dinner time. All but one have gone off to be with family or to recreate. Calisiya is seated at a desk near to the main entryway with a stack of paperwork. And yet? She isn't paying attention to the papers at all; instead she is rubbing her temples with closed eyes and a look of mild frustration on her face.

"Y'know," A voice drawls to break the otherwise quiet stillness of the Hall at this hour. It won't be hard to match it though, given that Kiena is probably the only one standing near enough to Calisiya's post at the desk. "They've got plenty of sayings about working too hard. Shame I can't remember a single one…" The bluerider smirks, but there's a hint enough of amusement there too. Unusual greeting or not, she skips right along to pointing out the obvious. "Looks like I got here a little late." There's a shrug that follows her quick glance about her surroundings, before she fixes her with a look. Hello again.

"Huh?" Calisiya's head pops up as someone else enters; her customer service face falling down over her expression and eliminating anything hinting about what she's thinking or feeling. "Oh. Hi. Kiena, wasn't it? Mur'dah's mate?" And technically her sister in law of sorts; Weyrs are complicated and she's only met her once before anyway. And she's wearing the ring that she made! "Help yourself if you are looking to work; it's going to be awhile yet before I go out. Tons and tons and tons to do and a boy outside I'm going to kill if I run into."

Kiena's mouth quirks up into a half smile, half smirk. "That's right," she confirms and doesn't elaborate. Truthfully, she could have said another name as well but that would just overcomplicate things — well, any more than they already are. Given the whole technical sister in law spin too. Weyrs are strange! She might not have noticed the ring either. Not yet! "Thanks but… I'm mostly here for curiosity sake. Heard about it and kept getting too caught up in my work at the forges." She spreads her hands a bit. "Figured I'd take a chance and peek in today." Now she'll notice the paperwork and grimace. "Mhm. I can see that — wait, what's this about a boy? What'd he do?" The last is said with a bit of laughter in her voice. Ooh, do tell? Kiena loves stories like this.

Delicately; Calisiya rubs one eye with the tip of her finger and laughs. Warmly. "I'm not actually going to kill him but I'm afraid I'm going to have to give him a pretty stern talking to." The fatigue might actually be the work rather than the boy; despite what she says. "Rumor has it you do pretty good work there. If you ever think of something off base or new; come see me." She gestures around with a sweeping, all encompassing pass of her hand. The place seems to have everything tool wise and a place to do just about everything too. "Come when it's busy, though." She says with a wry grin. "Lot of interesting ideas here." Her grin fades; dissapears and reappears again as she formulates how to say what she wants. "Soriana has me teaching history classes . . and there is a twelve year old who's developed an embarassing crush on his teacher and a little while ago was singing songs at me from the forest."

"Good luck with that talk," Kiena says it in a way that makes it difficult to pinpoint if she's being sincere or sarcastic — or both. She'll give her a lingering look before taking a few steps away from the desk, her eyes sweeping to take in a better the look of the place. Could be she's wanting to glimpse those tools too. Some are probably quite familiar! "Didn't think rumour was already going around about my work. Haven't been Journeyman that long. So is that what this place is then?" She'll turn to glance back to Calisiya, intrigued. "A central hub for ideas between Crafts?" There's a flickering change to her expression as well, catching that fading grin. She doesn't remark on it, but she's watching her a little more carefully. "… definitely good luck to you on that one! Boys are stubborn. Try not to break his heart too badly?" Now she's undoubtedly teasing and shows it by grinning.

"Boys can be a little thick headed." Calisiya agrees. "But, so can girls? We can all be thick skulled once and awhile. The problem is? I don't want to make this one too upset. He's really; really bright. And I mean really bright. Clever, seems to have an inventor's potential in him. So I don't want to break his heart forever and make him swear off this stuff for good." Calisiya appears a little glum; nibbling on the end of a pencil and tapping the desk nervously with her left hand. "Trying to figure this out is interfering with my work today." She gives it up and puts the pencil down; settling for folding her hands and looking out the window as though some solution might come from on high. "I guess? It's not for just crafts though. If someone has a good idea, they run it by the weyr and if it's really good and they've done their homework we'll sponsor it in exchange for a cut of the end profits."

Kiena's laughter is light and she'll dip her head a bit in agreement. "Really? When you do look at it, both us girls and the boys can be just as bad as the other. How old did you say the boy was? Twelve?" She chuckles. "I don't think he'd swear off anything for good. He's… young, still. Has plenty of Turns to go yet before life jades him — if it ever does." Probably not the best advice but she's never been known to give the best of it. She sobers a bit when she catches that glum look again. "It's really eating at you, isn't it?" she gently prompts as she walks back towards the desk, careful not to stand anywhere near that paperwork. She's quietly thoughtful as she mulls over the explanation given, turning her head again to glance behind her. "Clever idea. Who came up with all of this?"

"It is." Calisiya says with a heaved sigh, the glum look staying put. Maybe even getting worse. "I'm his teacher; which means that it's my responsability to keep him interested in the program and the future. I joke about killing him, but I don't know how to handle this. I was hoping he'd grow out of it if I didn't draw any attention to it; but that doesn't seem to be helping either. I don't want to outright lie to him either." She laughs; very pleasantly which is a perfect dichotomy to the glum and almost whistfully sad look in her eyes. "They didn't cover this one at the hall." She lets herself be distracted by Kiena's prodding onto more pleasant subjects and puffs up with a little point of pride. "Soriana and I. It's exciting and strange at the same time standing in it. We started talking about it; maybe a turn and a bit ago?"

Kiena doesn't laugh this time. If anything, her expression is bordering on sympathetic. "It's not an easy place, to find yourself where you are. No, they don't cover it in the Hall, do they? Unwanted crushes… or your Apprentices almost frying off their good looks trying to show off for the ladies." Which is worst? Hard to tell. If asked, Kiena would not want to be in Calisiya's shoes. "It'll have to be honesty. Not… brutal, which is difficult to do. But he needs to know? And it doesn't have to be a terrible thing. He just needs to know there's — hmm, boundaries? Lines?" She'll roll one of her hands as she struggles to figure out what exactly she's trying to say before waving it dismissively. "You two?" Kiena's surprise is genuine and so is the impressed look. "So all this is your doing? Do you run it then, yourself?"

Calisiya takes up her pencil for a vigil again; nibbling on it when it is already pockmarked from an afternoon an evening of doing the same thing. "Ssh." She says to Kiena; abruptly holding up the pencil. "Don't say anything about frying anything here. You'll jinx the place. It was specifically made to be fireproof too. But /things/ can happen." She nods; nibbling furiously. Perhaps she was part beaver in another life. "I'll think of something. I just am trying to get it togeather first in my mind so if I have to say it suddenly I can. I kind of know how he feel too. Most of my life was that." The discussion of her accomplishments? That seems low priority. "There were others, but it started off with us. I don't run it single handedly, no. Soriana has me teaching part time and as much as I'd like to do this full time she keeps talking about something called work life balance."

Kiena quirks a brow but holds her hands up in a warding and apologetic way, palms out, before lowering them again. "Won't happen again," she drawls, amusement tinting her voice again. "I'll even stay away from the doors marked 'Danger'. Wouldn't want to cause trouble." Or an explosion. She can be as bad as her nephew sometimes, with trouble always finding her and weird things happening. Sobering, she'll grimace again. "Love is one of the trickiest emotions… to put it very lightly." She decides against giving her full opinion. Her interest in the Hall seems to be ever expanding — or is it in one of the creators that her focus lies? "Ahh, right. Work-life balance… good on her to bring it up. It's important! I'll assume if you took this on full time… it'd be a lot to handle." Is she far off the mark? And while they talk, if Calisiya happens to look towards the window again, she won't see the evening sky. There's blue there for certain but it's the wrong hue, leaning more towards cerulean like a summer sky would be in the day.

"It'd be a full time job in and of itself; on top of other jobs. Soriana's pretty insistant in managing my schedule for me and making sure I get enough time at home." Calisiya says. She's not bitter. Okay, so yes she is. But that's why Soriana is right. Calisiya would work herself to exhaustion to the detriment of herself if she wasn't properly managed. So it's a good thing that she is properly managed! "Anyway." Calisiya smiles a gentle but serious smile; wanting to change the subject away from the youth that is such a bee in her bonnet. If she does any more thinking about it she will kill him and that's not good for anyone? Or maybe it was the discussion of love? She at least refuses to discuss it more with a smile. "Again?" She looks quizzically at Kiena. "You blew up something or started a fire? I hadn't heard anything like that." She does see the flash of blue and waves a hand if he's looking.

"Too much of one thing is never good," Kiena remarks dryly and while she may be curious still, she does not pry further into Calisiya's life. Especially when there's the hint to changing subjects. She at least didn't miss it! Instead she'll aim for poking some fun at herself as she shrugs for the quizzical look she earns. "Smithcrafting is dangerous work? I've not started anything… here." Yet? She clears her throat and rubs one hand briefly up along the back of her neck. "Let's just say a small oversight on many levels might have once caused an explosion in Fort." Literally and figuratively. She smirks, "Tends to happen when some of the stuff you work with is chemical in nature. No amount of precautions and safety measures will keep accidents at bay forever." Catching the wave towards the window, Kiena will start a bit and then frown. "Probably best not to encourage him." she warns. Maybe it's too late? The window doesn't clear but there seems to be an air of impatience drifting through.

Is that a smile of thanks that Kiena gets? Probably. But Calisiya as a person smiles so much about evertyhing it might be a trick of the eye or an illusion. "Well, then. That's a story isn't it? Any publicity is good publicity right. Not everyone can be the smith that blew up a forge." She motions a little to her right with her left hand; away from the danger doors. But? She's smiling again when she does. "The chemicals are locked up, so you are probably safe. What were you doing? Acid etching?" She frowns when Kiena does. "Why not? I'd go outside and see him if he wants. They don't bother me any; I live with Isyriath remember."

Kiena won't frown at a smile (usually) and she'll return the one given to her, no matter what the meaning is behind it in this instance. "Eh, I wouldn't say blowing up another Weyr's forge as good publicity? Especially Fort. And having a record sheet of explosions under your belt often looks bad when you're a Smith," she points out and by the end of it she's grinning to take some of the edge off her tone. She'll chuckle about the being safe remark and shake her head, "Nah, acid etching was when my Apprentice nearly off'ed himself. Got me good in the process too." She'll lift her one hand to tap a few fingers against her left collar bone, tracing it back towards her shoulder and then up her neck and to push back some of her hair to show the side of her head where it remains closely shaved. There's no visible scaring. Not from Calisiya's distance. Kiena shrugs, letting her hand fall back to her side. "The explosion happened because someone in charge of Fort's forges didn't think to keep blasting powder out of the main area. … I think you can figure out where that's going?" she finishes dryly, while giving her a look. No further explanation required? Glancing back to the window and then to Calisiya, as if caught between a rock and a hard place. She laughs, but it sounds a little tense. "Right, I keep forgetting that. Well…" A hand is flicked at the paperwork. "…if it's not going to ruin your work? Then we can get this over and done with."

Calisiya has her hand over her mouth while Kiena tells her story; ostensibly to hide the chewing of her pencil but it's really to hide the horrified reaction that she has. "Mmhmm." She squeaks out, the publicity humor feeling like it was so far into the category of inappropriate that it makes her want to crawl into a hole. That is what keeps her from smelling what Kiena is getting at; she's busy thinking in her head that she should have said anything but the publicity thing. Anything but that. "I'm surprised you are standing here still; and Mur'dah isn't a window." She frowns; pausing. "Widow? Were you hurt worse than you show?" She shudders. "I hope nothing like that ever happens here; if someone gets hurt I won't be able to stand myself."

She shouldn't have to worry about digging any holes? Kiena took it all in good stride and even took some amusement from it! So Calisiya is safe, even if she's regretting it now for the tale she's earned. And whatever graphic imagery might be surfacing. Have pleasant dreams, tonight? "Guess I'm lucky in that way?" she muses and shakes her head. "Though I'm sure both you and Mur'dah share the same thoughts. I wasn't too badly burned. Mostly first degree, with the worst of it by my shoulder. The Apprentice got it bad… but it'll serve him right and maybe he'll learn not to be so cocky." Harsh, harsh lessons, in the Smithcraft. Realizing they're getting rather morbid in topic, she tries to lighten the mood and reassure Calisiya. "It probably won't, to be honest? It's rare these accidents happen. I've just the misfortune of having the few I'd ever have in my lifetime rather close together." Again, she'll look over her shoulder and back to her and now there is a slight grim look to her features despite the smile. "So, do you think you can step out for a bit? He's being persistent and I don't know if you want your windows and doors blocked all the rest of the evening."

Calisiya understands. "Harsh lessons are still valuable ones. Not just for him. Everyone around him that saw it will remember it and be more careful. Hopefully." She distantly stares at the paperwork until revulsion finds her face. "Nope." She says abruptly. "Not going to do this. I'm already here too late. Let's go." She stands and brushes her dress off; taking a minute to organize things in order for the next day. Some workaholics never stop! "Don't have another one in here; please. I don't want to have to explain to Mur'dah what happened to you." She floats towards the door, looking back at the pile as though it's calling her. "All right. After you." When Kiena leaves she'll lock the door to protect herself from the work that calls her so bad and follow out after her into the evening breeze.

"We can only hope," Kiena agrees with only a small amount of distraction. She tries to stifle the laugh for the look of revulsion the paperwork gets, only to fail. "I hate it too, when it piles up like that. Used to drive me crazy, when I was Weyrsecond. Luckily my Craft doesn't call for too much of it. Try not to worry… it'll be there in the morning?" Like that's supposed to be some form of comfort? Another laugh, as she steps towards the doors while Calisiya prepares to follow. "Promise. I'm in no rush to experience any more unfortunate accidents… be it victim or witness." While she says it in jest, she means it too. Stepping outside, she'll glance sidelong to her while she locks the door, a frown creasing her brow. Has she not figured out the ruse, yet? She's used to them figuring it out by now. Not that it matters in the end! If there'd been any continuing of their conversation, there's no reply from Kiena's end, because she's been all but nudged aside so that Ujinath can loom all the closer. He's stepped back at least, his body turned well away from the Hall itself so all that Calisiya will be facing is most of his lowered head and the intensity of his stare. It's piercing, the way he studies her. Some would say it borders on rudeness… but Ujinath has never been one to pay attention to social manners. And it's over and done in a matter of seconds. He'll cooly study her and then rumble low in his throat as he backs off, his head dipping to fix a brief stare on his rider and huff at her. Almost like a 'I told you so' before he gives them both plenty of space. Has Calisiya clued in now?

Calisiya is feeling jovial as she seperates herself from the stuff; turning slowly to face Ujinath after she gets the door locked and the key secured around her neck. Stuff gets lost all the time and that's about the only way that she can trust herself to keep it safe. When she looks up, the smile on her face vanishes and she slips back against the door behind Kiena. Now that's an unusual reaction, isn't it? So is the going deathly pale. She's pale already and it looks like that she's about to faint. She swallows two or three times; waving her hand before she can articulate and squeaks out: "You'd better tell me what's going on. With words."
Calisiya doesn't appear ungrateful if she does understand; both hands are stretched out towards Ujinath. Apologetically? But there is shock; shock and more than a little fear.

Kiena wasn't entirely prepared to be used as a shield and she would have reassured Calisiya that it's alright (is it?) if it wasn't for how pale she looked. Instinctively, she'll reach to grasp her by the arm, just in case she does end up fainting on her. That'll be one for the records? Giving her time to recover just enough to speak, she'll take a small half step to face Calisiya. Her hand remains where it is, though it won't be gripping her nearly as firmly now. Ujinath only watches on in silence from where he's gone to rest, sentinel like, some ways off. The only sign that he's noticed Calisiya's gesture is the quick nod of his head, viewable from over Kiena's shoulder. It's alright. No offence taken. "He's Searched you." Kiena goes right for the utmost blunt answer possible. Why sugar coat it? Normally she'd be all smiles and laughter right about now but though she does smile, it's only to offer reassurance. Her brows are knit in concern, given the shock Calisiya is displaying. So she tries to make her next words gentler but there really is no way around it. "Which means you can Stand, as a Candidate, for Luraoth and Draukaith's clutch, if you choose to."

What Kiena can't know? What everyone can't know except for Calisiya and the other one involved at the moment? This has been a subject of what ifs for months. So many conversations at three and four in the morning. What will happen if…. exactly this happens? Plans have been made; plans have been made again; discussed to death and talked about again and again. The tension in Calisiya's home since the Luraoth and Draukaith's flight has been something that could be cut with a knife. Everyone waiting; watching and.. hoping? But was everyone in that house hoping for the same thing? Some hoping? Others dreading it? And now she has her answer to what's going to happen (for the moment) instead of everyone walking on egg shells.

She doesn't actually faint. No. Calisiya stays on her feet but it's a mighty waver that she does and she'll have to get her arm around Kiena's shoulders to stay there. She makes herself breathe for half a minute before she can come up with an answer and by then she's almost normal. She even gets a smile out. "I will." She says, firmly. "But I need a favor from you two. A special one; one that might not be the most traditional. Don't tell anyone until tomorrow; okay? I'm going to need some time to explain this to Nerri and it's already late. I'll report to the barracks by noon tomorrow? Will that work?" The look of hope on her face is matched by the fear in her eyes this will not in fact be acceptable.

Oh what they don't know! It's probably for the best. Kiena might have a small, small idea of what this could mean. Why else was she so hesitant? And why is she doing her best to mask a few expressions under a veil of concern? Not that that is faked. She really IS concerned, especially when Calisiya wavers. She'll feel the bluerider supporting her, as well as a few low spoken and muttered words: "Easy. Take it easy." Weren't they just talking about accidents and mishaps? Fainting Candidate-to-be is not on Kiena's agenda of 'things I'd like to experience in my lifetime'. Even when Calisiya appears to have recovered, she'll be slow to ease her grip on her, out of worry she may relapse. Eventually though she'll lower her arm and step back, giving her her space again. "A favour?" That earns a curious and frowned look. That's also a new one! Letting her finish, Kiena is quiet and thoughtful for a long, long stretch of time (it's really just under a minute). Will she start to worry, with the way the bluerider is hesitating? "It'll be fine." Kiena confirms, backing that statement up with a reassuring smile. "Just no later than noon tomorrow, promise?" What she doesn't say out loud is that she already expects enough grief over this turn of events — and for various reasons.

Calisiya does take it easy; until the world stops swimming and the adrenaline begins to leave her. She can do this; everyone's talked about it. Her household is prepared. Everyone was prepared for it, right? Except for her. When her factor is accepted she reaches out to attempt catch Kiena in a double armed bear hug of sorts and squeeze her; before stepping back. "Thank you." She says; honestly. The trepidation does not show. "That was a shock; but I'm not ungrateful and I'm not unaware of what it means. Thank you for having faith in me." The last bit? To Ujinath with a hesitant smile. "Noon tomorrow." She says to Kiena. "Promise. But I'd better go get this done before Nerri sleeps and Marel comes home."

Another unexpected? Bear hugs. Kiena takes it in stride, chuckling once she can breath again. She may even give a little hug in return before Calisiya steps back. "Never took it as you being ungrateful? It's a lot to take in all at once. We understand." She'll include Ujinath in on that as well. There's another smile, a warm one despite any worrying on Kiena's part. "Go on home, then. We won't keep you here." She's already beginning to slowly edge away, planning to make an escape of her own. "Congrats as well! I'm sure you'll do fine. Say hello to them, will you?" More so Nerri, as she suspects Marel might not be entirely thrilled with her when the news is shared.

Calisiya still looks something like a little shell shocked. "Thank you." She says again; for what the third time? "I'm on my way." She slows down; peering at Kiena for about ten seconds. "Are you sure?" She questions; smiling. But something about the smile isn't real, it's the one that Calisiya uses when she doesn't know what else to do. Sure enough though, she's off heading for home as quick as she can.

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