(Continued from Weyrling Graduation)

Zi'on does his clapping and whistling for the graduated riders. But he's not making a scene… for once in his life. A lot of the ex-weyrlings already looked nervous. And he didn't want to make things worse. "Congrats to all!" And now, it was time to partake in the food and drink! Time to party like before they were candidates, right? Now that the ceremony is over, Zi'on disperses with the crowd to take advantage of Xanadu's… hospitality.

Marel has a tremulous smile for Soriana, more to do with what Mur'dah is insisting they have to face than any hesitance on her part, and then she's hefting the box and envelope in her arms, twisting to angle a long look in the direction of Thea and N'shen that oh-so-clearly says help for a fraction of a second. She looks away almost as soon as she's peered over towards them, forcibly blanking her expression into something far more steely. "Okay," she agrees with her twin. "Let's get this sorted." As though it's a task assigned to them. "But then you and M'kal might have to carry me home later, because I might be getting very, very quietly drunk." Is she joking? Too soon to tell.

Idrissa smiles and claps along with the rest. She then looks to the ones that are near her. "See we all made it.. Fingers and toes and everything else, nothing lost." Yay for that! Just most likely an unlove for mushrooms for a while. She looks to Marel curiously and ponders on that, but can't come up with a good answer so just keeps it to herself.

Mur'dah blinks at his sister in alarm, lowering his head to whisper something to her before he's leading her off. What doom are they facing? Talking to their father. Dun dun DUN.

Mur'dah mutters to Marel, "… either… be… Mare…."

Soriana isn't trying to listen in - really she isn't - but she hears juuust enough that she can't help but murmur a, "Good luck," in Mur'dah and Marel's direction before reaching for Ka'el's arm. "So, Galaxy Wingrider Ka'el," she says as she places her smile firmly on her face. "I think your brother might need to congratulate you in person before he goes hoarse from trying to shout across the meadow."

As the ceremony seems to come to an end, Jrmn Cyrus slips among the crowd to mingle and Kera starts wondering among the differant booths that vendors have set up. She'll let the new riders have first dibs on the tastiest dishes while she gets distracted with a little wrack of pretty necklaces.

"I might just let'm shout.." remarks Ka'el with a smug smirk towards his brother, who is still shouting something incomprehensible now that the whole crowd has started talking. His eyes drift to the departing Mur'dah and Marel, apparently having missed something. Or maybe they're just heading towards festive times! The party's just getting started. "Congrats!" he calls in their wake. "Mur'dah, we'll have a pint together before the night's done! And Marel, save a dance for me!" Speaking of dances.. Attention turns back to Soriana. "Junior Weyrwoman Soriana? Will you come with me to shut my brother up?"

"That depends on what he has to say," Marel answers Mur'dah plain enough for anyone to hear, walking just a little behind him despite her 'girl who can handle anything' act. She hefts the box again and reaches for his hand, glancing wildly about when she hears Ka'el's voice. "I will!" she promises, once she's located him, voice lifting above the growing noise of the crowd. As for the next little while? She'll be brave and speak to her father as best she can manage. She won't be letting go of her brother's hand any time soon.

Mur'dah doesn't let go of her hand either as they talk to the man who sired them. In his mind, 'father' is long gone to drink. The conversation is brief, and when Mur'dah and Marel move away from D'had, the pair head for the food and drink tables to compose themselves. Finally, though, Mur'dah joins the party again, with a mug of something and a plate of other somethings.

Marel bargains with the Vendor, and after a short while, hands over marks in return for Silver Ivy Circlet.

N'shen watches the twins go off as he leads Thea to the dance floor and his expression tightens briefly. However, he doesn't step in - he's long since accepted that the only parent he has worth worrying about is the one currently at his side. Tilting his head down to look at Thea, his expression softens and he murmurs, very softly, "I love you, mama."

Idrissa waves after Marel and Mur'dah. "See you two later." She doesn't ask where about they are going, must be something important after all. A glance is sent to Soriana, perhaps about to say something but she pauses as Ka'el asked Soriana to go see his bother. "I'll.. Catch up with you all later." Or something, yup.

"Oh, but think of the Harpers," Soriana says with a little shake of her head. Having to play over such shouting! So, really, this is all for their benefit. It's bettering weyr/craft relations. So! "I will indeed," she tells Ka'el, and heads off with him to shut Kei'lan u- er. To say hello! She waves to Idrissa as she goes, and nods. "See you later! Enjoy the party, okay?" Don't go running off to hide… okay?

Mur'dah drifts over towards Idrissa, standing beside her. "So, fellow Comet…terian. How're you?" he asks, giving her a little smile.

Kera looks through a few of the booths before her steps lead her back towards the food tables. Figuring the rush on the tables should have passed, the apprentice gets in line, which is moving quite quickly, and gets herself a little. Not bothering with any tables, she weaves her way through the crowd and settles in a spot of shade on the grass to enjoy her snack.

Lucky for Ka'el, Soriana, and friends, Kei'lan is already halfway to where they are. Nothing's going to keep him from … doing exactly what he's doing now. ATTACKHUG! "Brother!" *snarfle!* <- This is the sound one makes when being attack hugged by a sibling. Ka'el is promptly squeezed to death while an amused Xanthius hangs back, sipping wine. "Watch the suit, please. That took an entire day to put together…" he muses lazily. Ka'el is released breathlessly, and up next? Soriana. "Weyrwoman, junior!" And another squish-hug! If there's one thing Kei'lan isn't shy about, it's hugging people. Anyone else needing one? Mur'dah? Idrissa? M'kal? Don't get too close, else you'll get one whether you want it or not! "Congratulations! How does it feel? Are you wrought with grief and overcome with joy at the same time?"

Idrissa would rather just go and hide.. Easier that way for her. She watches quietly after Soriana and Ka'el, a smile seen as she nods. "You guys have fun too." Hearing Mur'dah she looks over to him. "I'm alright, what about yourself?" There is a pause. "Sort of strange with it all over and done."

Mur'dah follows her gaze after Soriana and Ka'el, and he frowns slightly, leaning over to murmur something to her. "I'm…alright. A bit at a loss, really. Kind of strange since I'm still living in the barracks." Wry grin and little laugh. "Going to miss it though," he says, almost too soft for anyone but Idrissa to hear. "Going to miss it a lot."

Mur'dah mutters to Idrissa, "… okay?…"

M'kal has been peering about the entire time to see if he can spy his parents in the crowds. Though N'shen's lingering look on his as he is passed his knot and badge does cause a brief moment of concern. But then there are his parents so some time is spent with them before he meanders back to the rest of the weyr…now graduated group with a chagrined but happy smile in place.

Soriana watches, amused, as Ka'el gets THE HUG. She laughs to Xanthius, and nods. "I did hear you picked that out for him. It looks good," she tells the weaver, and then… it's her turn to be hugged! This is just fine by her, and she hugs Kei'lan back warmly. "Something like that!" she agrees. "I think the joy, rapture, and desolation sort of average out to being happy, in the end." When they aren't being an aerobatic flight between all three at once! Her grin softens a little. "I'm glad you could make it." Unsaid: So at least someone from Ka'el's family is here.

Idrissa smiles and nods to Mur'dah. "Yeah.. I'm going to miss stuff too." Not everything but still. There is a pause at that and she shakes her head. "I'm fine, honest.. Other things now." Other things that she will not talk about, not now at least. "You want to go grab a drink, find some food?" Because right now this greenrider wants a drink.

"Picked out?" Xanthius arches a blonde brow. "Oh, no no my dear. Xanthius does not 'pick out' clothing… Ah, well, I suppose that's not quite the whole truth," he says, brown eyes lifting in thought. "I do pick out. Rather well, in fact. But this masterpiece was made by these skilled hands." The hand that isn't cupping a wine glass is lifted and gazed at as if it were made of pure gold while a smile curves his thin lips. "It is good to see, Soriana. Congratulations to you and.." he glances around her as she's hug-attacked, brows lifting in surprise as the one he expected to be there..isn't. "Oh. Well, then congratulations to you, junior weyrwoman. And you," he claps a hand on Ka'el's shoulder, "should allow me to dress you more often." He grins before floating away into the crowd to mingle and schmooze.

Kei'lan, after thoroughly squeezing all the air of out Soriana, releases her. "Sounds about right! Oh, they'll settle with time, all of those jumbled feelings, they will. And I wouldnt've missed this for the world." A fond look is given to Ka'el before the bluerider snaps his fingers. "Before too much inebriation happens, I've to find your Wingleader to the Comet wing. But you! Miss Weyrwoman, shall save me a dance, will you?" He grins brightly.

Angelique mingles in the crowds, perhaps even getting a bit to eat at the tables but soon enough A'dar is there looking for her. He wants to get her back to Fort so she approaches Ka'el with a warm smile. "Congratulations on graduation! I'm going to head back to Fort…I'll come visit though soon. Or of course you can come to Fort. Since you're a guaranteed ride." a grin.

Mur'dah lifts his drink and his food, but gives Idrissa a smile. "I'm good, but sure, I'll walk with you. What other things?" He's going to ask, of course! Glancing around as they move, he grins at a few folks, and motions to M'kal to join them since Marel's off somewhere else for the moment.

Idrissa shakes her head slightly to the 'other' things. "It's alright.." Other words she's rather not talk about it, so stop asking it seems. "Come on M'kal." She calls out with a smile to the bluerider. Once at the drink and food table she goes about finding a drink.

"In that case, well made!" Soriana replies to Xanthius smoothly. He's going to have to accept that there's a compliment there, regardless of how much he argues with its presentation! …but then, Xanthius has always been very particular about presentation, and soon enough Soriana doesn't have the breath to argue with him. There's a "Thanks!" gasped out somehow to his congratulations, and then she's squished and crushed and mauled by Kei'lan. As he finally lets her go, she inhales (finally!) and laughs. "I'm sure," she agrees with a nod, and grins. "I certainly will. Fl'ynn…" Hmm. Where might the wingleader be? "Follow the new wingriders?" Like a trail of breadcrumbs! …moving breadcrumbs.

Zahleizjah is late, as usual, and figures it will come a surprise to many that she's even appeared at all. Today is a special day, and she values the importance of celebrations and accomplishments, so the Starcrafter has pulled herself from self-condemned late nights and through the crowds in the meadow to seek out some of her long lost friends, small gifts in tow. M'kal, Soriana, Mur'dah, Ka'el and Idrissa are spotted and the raven haired lass works her way towards them, slinking through the groups towards the food and drinks table, a great place for mingling indeed.

Ka'el turns to Angelique as she emerges from the crowd, beaming and showing her his knew knot. "Hey thanks! Aw, you've to go already? Well .. ha, you're right. It isn't as if you're more than a blink away now, huh?" Ah, to be able to visit friends without having a pesky AWLM tag along or seek permission from! He gathers her into a hug, appreciative that she did take the time to cross the sea to share in the moment. "Oh! Also, this is Soriana. Sori, Angelique, from Fort. And my brother, Kei'lan. And Xanthius, a friend, over there." Quick introductions are made before the Fortian leaves and his brother gets to far off in search of Fl'ynn. This leaves Ka'el and Soriana, and the bronze rider soon grins, poking at Soriana's arm. "Look who it is.." He points. A Zah! "A ghost from turns past!"

Mur'dah eyes Idrissa, but the brownrider (!) is not so thick as to recognize her 'I don't want to talk about it' face. So he just follows after her, meandering around until, "Zah!" He grins at the girl, offering her a half hug, since both hands are full.

M'kal grins at the group as he moves to join 'em. "Did someone say drinks? Nothing with bugs on the bottom please." it's really his only requirement. As for food he'll eat anything that doesn't move basically. He's an easy stomach to fill honestly. "What other things?" he only hear the tail end so he honestly has no idea! He'll go off with Mur'dah and Idrissa though to food. "Heya Zahl!" he greets his friend warmly.

Idrissa catches that look from Mur'dah. "Later.. Alright?" This is questioned softly, a soft smile seen. Her gaze turns over to the others and she waves to Zahl. "Hello Zahl!" Is called out with a happy tone. "Yup I said drinks. Come get on M'kal."

People! So many people. "Hi, nice to meet you!" Soriana says to Angelique with a smile, and then… blink. Why, so it is! She waves to Zaheleizjah, grinning, then glances back to Ka'el. "And it's still light out, too." So! Better say hello while she's got the chance… if they can manage it in the party chaos!

Zahleizjah blushes profusely, knowing she's been spotted and well.. kinda called out for her elusiveness. She smoothes it over with a smile, throwing hands up and saying "Ka'el!! Congratulations old friend.. it's been ages and yes, I'm sure the night has paled me much! How are you?" Is asked rather nonchalantly before suavely reaching in to meet the half hug as she says "Mur'dah.. so good to see you.. you guys look.. great! All grown up and stuff!" Her side pouch is pulled around and she digs in, grabbing an assortment of pendants fused with small gems and sparkly cromcoal. As greeting are made she holds out the gifts and says "So good to see you all.." Wandering from Mur'dah towards M'kal and Idrissa to say "Hello.. missed you guys.. these are for you and congratulations.." Then towards Ka'el and Sori for a similar interaction, hugs offered to all.

Mur'dah nods, "Later," he agrees with a little smile in return. Looking at Zah, he blinks in surprise and takes the gift, though a bit awkwardly with his hands still full of stuff. "Wow. These are great, thank you so much! How've you been?"

Idrissa sips at her mug that she had filled with something, ale maybe? Possible, either way a slight cough escaping her at the taste and she eyes her mug a moment. Her attention is back to Zahle at the talk of gifts? She blushes a moment and sets her mug down before taking hold of the gift. "It's lovely Zahle.. Thank you." This said with a warm smile to the girl. "I'm glad you got to come." She gives her a hug back.

Ka'el's eyes follow a platter of desserts that passes by his nose. Ooooh, sweets! Was that … cake, he saw? KAKE? "Hey Lei!" he says brightly, returning her hug easily when she's near. "Missed you too! You.." got gifts? Aww. He takes a pendant with a grateful look. "You didn't have to do that..thanks. <3 But hey, did you see that? There were only two lemon squares left. Two, already. My first duty under Galaxy wing? Secure the perimeter and bring lemon squares home safely!" Dramatic pause. "I'm goin' in." Wish him luck! Tie a yellow ribbon for him! A swift kiss to the cheek of the newest weyrwoman. Please, hold your tears! He's off to war! A battle for lemon squares which he'll hopefully bring back when he returns.

M'kal is surprised by the appearance of a gift in his hand from Zahl's hand. "You didn't need…." he grins goofily. "All grown up indeed!" As if! He will hug Zahl quickly if she lets it before he turns to grab a drink and….it's war! "Hoy, wing mate! Need assistance procuring those lemon squares??"

"I'm pretty sure I haven't grown six inches since yesterday," Soriana says with a laugh as she returns Zahleizjah's hug. "But I haven't actually checked." So… who knows? She blinks at the gift. So many presents! How will she hold them all? "Thank you," she tells the starcrafter. "It's as bright as the night sky!" And then… wait. Where's Ka'el going? …to get lemon squares. Got it! She salutes the brave warrior headed off to a date with destiny. "Come back with those lemon squares or…" Hmm. "…something else tasty!"

Zahleizjah smiles and bows towards Mur'dah then Idrissa "It's nothing, really." she says of long hanging pendants with polished chains. "I've been.. busy. Senior apprentice is surprisingly a lot of work. How about you?" Squeezes are shared with Ka'el, settling in momentarily to the reminiscing that being called Lei stirs. She'll turn towards Rissa with a warm, genuine, smile and say "That's very sweet of you.." hugging her tightly and adding "Me too.. it's really good to see you all.. and I know I didn't have to, but you guys have come so far, you deserve it. It's really the least I could do.." is said as she returns M'kal's hug and then Soriana's with a "You're welcome.. I'm so glad you.. you all like them.." before grabbing a drink herself.

Mur'dah gulps down his drink and sets his plate aside along with his gifts from the weyr, while he pulls Zahl's pendant on over his head. "Who wants to dance?"

"Aye, M'kal!" Ka'el calls to his new wingmate, gesturing left. "I saw a platter that'a way!" Did he hear him? Maybe! It's loud. There are a lot of people here. A lot of cake eating people! Ka'el is still on his mission. Will he ever return….alive? And with cake? Perhaps his newfound pendant will bring him luck! "Lemon squares! Go for the gold!" Or yellow, in this case. Actually, go for anything sweet. They shall not fail in this mission!

"Ahoy!" Yes, M'kal hears. After slipping on his own lucky pendant he gives a nod of farewell to those he stands near and he goes in! Cover 'em, he's going to hit them at the flank. There's weaving. There's zigging and most of all there's some zags…will he get to the table in time?

Idrissa smiles to Zahl and nods. "Thank you.. An of course we like them. Why wouldn't we?" She questions before watching as Ka'el and M'kal are after lemon squares? There is a smirk seen and she shakes her head slightly. It is amusing..

Soriana leaves the questing to the Galaxy riders, instead returning her attention to those nearby. She glances to Mur'dah at his suggestion of a dance, and… hmm. Soriana tilts her head back to Zahleizjah. Well? Does anyone want to dance? "I'll be up for one later. Once I'm sure there's nobody else going to come charge across the floor and knock everyone down along the way."

Kera quietly eats her snack in the shade, chuckling occassionally at a few overly excited brats all scrambling for a sweet treat without getting caught. Once her meal is finished, she brushes off her hands and gets to her feet. Smoothing excess wrinkles from her new dress, the apprentice depostis her dish in the tub set out for that purpose. Surveying the meadow, spotting a large group of the /former/ weyrlings she knows, the girl makes her way to them. "Hello everyone. Congratulations to you all."

Zahleizjah avoids lemon square missions chuckling as Ka'el and M'kal go at it for the tasty treats. A shy glance is sent towards Idrissa as one corner of her lips go upwards and the other turns down, shoulders emphasizing her rethinking of the literal context in which her comment was received. "I mean umm.. didn't think ya wouldn't, just I dunno.." A change of subject is needed. Perfect! Dancing! Wait, a second.. "I'd be up for one.. join us Idrissa?" she blurts, a nervous smile towards Kera's greeting.

"A threesome? Awesome!" Mur'dah says with a wide grin, offering one hand to Zahleizjah and another to Idrissa. "Let's go!"

Time has passed. MINUTES even before Ka'el is seen again, masterfully weaving in and out of people..getting stopped and congratulated. Grinning. Shaking hands. Hugging. And then, back to the mission! Snatch! Snatch! He's got 'em! Return to home back. Repeat, return to base! And he does get back, it's not only with lemon square, but with cookies as well! "Mission accomplished. Where's my comrade?" No man left behind! He extends the treats to Sori, Kera, and whoever else may want one. "Have a cookie," he offers to Kera in thanks to her congratulations. "And I'll daaaance with ya Muurrrr'daaah," he says, batting lashes at the guy. Aw, he already has a girl to dance with? Ka'el would've made an excellent partner *snerk*

"Hey Kera!" Soriana says as the healer apprentice comes over, and nods to the congratulations. "Thanks!" She gives an up and down glance, and grins. "You look good." Soriana glances out to check on the food foray's progress, then returns her attention to laugh at Mur'dah's response. "Have fun!" she says to the three of them, and then… oh! Hey! The foray returned. Lemon square? Don't mind if she does. But… "You didn't lose him, did you?" Poor M'kal. (Maybe.)

M'kal is here…wait no..there. Here! Hi! He stands on tiptoes but..but…so many people between him and tables. More words to congratulation him. Some hugs too. It's a jungle out there. War is hell. But! Merely moments after Ka'el escapes, M'kal is there too with a platter of…meat rolls. "Huh…these looked different when I grabbed the plate." he ponders how this could have happened!

Kera smiles to the group, nodding to each in turn. Not recognizing a few she wiggles her fingers in a sorta wave. "Hi there. Nice to meet you." She doesn't repeat her own name, would be silly since Soriana just said it." Plucking a cookie from a bunch that suddenly appear "Thanks Ka'el. Though I guess it's rider Ka'el now." She grins and slips her gaze to the young queenrider "And Junior Weyrwoman Soriana."

Idrissa at the talk of dancing, a soft ah esacpes her while she peers after the ones that are going. "I don't know.." Though at the hand from Mur'dah just hanging there she smile a moment and soon takes it to follow after them. "You both twisted my arm I suppose." This said as she laughs.

Zahleizjah is imploding at the moment, embarrassment consuming the reserved Starcrafter in the form of tomato splotches of red across her cheeks. Freckles and tan, or not, she is beet red, choking on any words that attempt to take form. Phew! A relieved look is sent towards Ka'el; he's.. not joking.. right?? Idrissa in on board, and before she knows it the three of them are set to boogie on the dancefloor, good thing Zahl is kinda slinky anyway.

"I .. I couldnt've lost him," says Ka'el with widened eyes. "He flanked me. To the left. Or .. was it to the right?" … "M'KAAA- oh. There he is." He brightens when M'kal comes back into view. Not a fallen comrade after all! And he comes with .. meatrolls? "Mmmm..not quite the dessert I was thinkin'.." he says, eyeing the platter. "But hey, food's food. I like meatrolls!" He takes the last lemon square for himself, and with his free hand, snags a meatroll. Dinner and dessert, don't mind of he does! "Still, just Ka'el," he says to Kera with a smile. "You look nice, by the way. Pretty dress." As for dancing, it'll have to wait til he's done chomping!

The M'kal returns! But… what's this? Soriana puts up her hand in (badly) faked shock. "M'kal! Those aren't sweets. You really have grown up." She grins playfully, then turns to look at Kera and shakes her head. "Oh no it isn't." …didn't Soriana hear what N'shen and Thea said to her? She glances to Ka'el, and smiles slightly as she continues with her own version. "I'm still just Soriana, junior weyrwoman or not." A pause. "Unless, I suppose, if you're announcing me at an official event, but in that case you should probably get a harper to do it anyhow."

"Get SOUP!" That was from Mur'dah, hollered back at his clutchmates as he takes the ladies onto the floor for some odd sort of trio dance.

M'kal offers a shrug and sets down the platter for all to share. Snagging one he bites into it with relish. "Mmmm." his eyes roll back in glee. "Soo good!" Soriana's remark about being grown up gets M'kal sticking his tongue out at her ( after the bite of food is swallowed) just to prove the point that he is not indeed grown up. Not yet! "All the girls looked good today." he comments.

Trio dancing, it is the new inthing you know? Soon everyone will be doing it or somesuch. Idrissa smiles to Zahl and leans over to give her arm a pat. "It's just a dance. Nothing wrong with that." She is trying to comfort another in doing something in public like dancing? Strange world!

Kera grins and nibbles on her cookie as she listens to the newly knotted riders. A little dip of her head given to Ka'el and M'kal "Thank you, Soriana helped me pick it out." She gestures to her friend's new dress "I thought she was gonna pick that pink one she tried on but we couldn't convince her to get it." Glancing around as Mur'dah seems to be dragging away two woman to dance, she cants her head and peeks to those still seated "He didn't hit his head again did he?"

Ka'el nods in agreement with M'kal. "Yeah, they did. Prettiest one's right here," said with a thumbjerk to Soriana, the gesture accompied with a smirk. And what was that about a pink dress? A brow is quirked at Kera before he outright laughs. "Her in pink? I don't think any've us'll live to see the day. Unless like, Ierne or Ista demands pink be worn on their next diplomatic visit or somethin'." He grins and oh! Point! "M'kal! Dare you to sit in that," he says, zeroing in on the dunking booth. "Or do ya need a drink in you first?"

Zahleizjah is both encouraged and shocked by the events occurring as she nods to Idrissa and flashes a smile, hips and shoulders starting to wiggle from side to side in a sort of wiry, gyrating kind of way. "Of course.. I umm wait, you dance?" She asks of her formerly equally reticent friend, grabbing one of Mur'dah's and offering one to Idrissa as they start to form a small trio on the floor amongst the few other people who've taken to dancing. Apparently, more drinks need be served! Liquid courage Zahl thinks to herself as eyes wander from time to time.

Mur'dah lifts both of his arms, offering the ladies a chance to spin, grinning. "Why not?" HEY. He has finally got what he's always wanted. Two girls at once. Take THAT, Ka'el. Nyah.

M'kal finishes his meat roll, wiping his fingers on a napkin which once he's done with he's unsure what to do with so it goes in his pocket. "Huh?" his gaze follows Ka'el's point to the dunking booth. "Yeah? Sure, why not. You think you can hit it eh?" he grins as he strides over to the dunking booth.

M'kal sits down on the dunking tank!

Idrissa looks amused as she hears Zahle, a slight shake of her head is seen. "Well.. Actually.. Not really.." Don't remind her of that! A soft laugh escapes her as she is spinned. Well that is a new one.

…and it's a very mature tongue-sticking-out, Soriana is sure! She grins wide to M'kal in response, then looks over to Kera and… laughs. "Oh, no. For all the nice things you said about that one," to try to convince Sori, "I'm surprised you didn't come home with it." She grins, and arches a brow. "Or did you double back? Should I go check your closet?" Her tone is light and teasing, just relaxing and having fun. The work won't start until tomorrow! For now… ooh, dunking tank? She snags a meatroll (does that mean she's grown up?) and wanders over that way to watch.

Kera laughs a bit as Ka'el and M'kal move towards the dunking booth and turns her attention back towards Soriana with a little shrug "I thought about it. But I could only get one so…" Her steps meander along with the queenrider towards the booth to watch though she stands out of splash range.

Ka'el throws a ball at the dunking tank's target, and hits! The seat under M'kal gives way. Sploosh!

Meatroll has been eaten. So has that lemon square. It was just a small piece! And now Ka'el snags a drink on his way to the dunking booth. "Sittin' preety M'kal? Ready? I have great aim, you know!" Maybe. Or maybe he's just a lot of talk! Either way it's fun and he lines up, make a huge show of removing his jacket, aiming and winding up, and then.. throw! There goes the ball and….it's a hit! He lifts up his mug in triumph. "Whoo!"

M'kal doesn't even have time to taunt his fellow Galaxy rider for all too quickly once he's just barely settled into the seat he splashes. "Ommpggurlgleargh!" is spluttered by the blue rider as he comes up for air. "Really?!" is all he can say.

Zahleizjah lets out a slight sigh of relief, feeling the comfort of all these familiar faces, well mostly, and the reassurance of Idrissa's soft laugh. "I guess that makes two of us.." she confirms with a giggle and wiggle, some hip shaking and shoulder shimmying. Maybe she's not too bad at this, actually? More laugher emits as she watches the dunk tank debauchery unfold, saying to those nearest "This really is a lovely time.. glad I could catch you guys on such a special day! We had a lotta fun during Candidacy.. I'm hoping we all see more of each other in the days to come.."

Soriana laughs to Kera. "Oh, well. There will be other chances, I'm sure!" She grins, watching the tank as M'kal settles over it and… splashes into it! "Nice throw!" she says to Ka'el. Hopefully there's some towels nearby?

Mur'dah lets the dance end and he grins, bowing at his partners. "Ladies. Thank you so much," he says, before he's laughing at the vanishing M'kal. "It was great to see you here, Zahleizjah. We've missed you," he says, offering her a proper hug.

Down goes M'kal! Ka'el laughs as he runs up to check on him, leaning against the plastic of the booth. "Hey, make sure you breathe! Can't drown before our first day on the job, man." He grins and slaps the flat of his hand upon the plastic. "Want another go? Soriana or Kera can throw this time!" He's generous like that. But notice how he's not volunteering himself to sit up there just yet. Nope. He's in a suit! Hearing Zahleizjah, or perhaps seeing her exit the dance floor, he waves to her. "Bye Lei! Don't be a stranger, huh? We'll see ya!" At this point, Kei'lan returns to the group near the tank and merrily watches on.

M'kal shakes his head, no doubt sending a spray of water towards Ka'el. "Naw…I'm good for now!" getting himself out of the tank he does indeed spend some time looking for towels.

Idrissa smiles to Zahle and nods. "See, not that bad!" She offers back with an amused tone while they dance in that strange trio-dance! A soft aww escapes her as Zahle is needing to leave? "Aww.. Well you best come vist us soon.. or else!" Or else what? Who knows!

Kera smiles when her fellow healer drops into the tank "Oh, bad luck M'kal." Amused by Ka'el's taunting of his friend, she glances to Soriana "Hmm. Maybe when the next gather happens." That in response to getting another dress sometime. Ka'el's words catch her attention "I'll try a throw. Get on up there Ka'el. I owe you for those sandals."

Ka'el and M'kal are Galaxy riders now! They're the ones who're supposed to save people from drowning, so it's definitely no good if they do it themselves. Fortunately, someone's thought ahead, and there's a few towels stacked near the back of the tank… also, it's a nice day! Soriana grins to M'kal, then eyes Ka'el with a why-don't-you … wait. Xanthius would kill… someone. She doesn't know who, but there would be a body. Is he anywhere nearby? She looks around to see, and instead her gaze falls on Zahleizjah coming off the dance floor, and she gives a wave! Yay so many friends. Back to Kera again, and… "It'll be there." And so very pink. "Waiting for you."

Zahleizjah curtseys to Mur'dah's bow, giggling and shedding a few layers in the process. Head tilts and she responds with a grin "Why thank you sir.. and likewise. My current project is nearly done so I'll be sure to find you all during the upcoming free time." A good 'and proper' hug is shared with the gent a then a big squeeze for Idrissa with a head nod in agreement "You're right. Sadly, I gotta get back to duty, but promise a visit and even dance practice soon maybe?" Is said half jokingly. She'll make her way towards Ka'el, Sori, Kera and the waterlogged M'kal "Sooner rather than later guys.. and congrats once again.. good to see you all." Another quick head nod for the healer whom she doesn't know very well.

Mur'dah sees Zahleizjah off with a smile, and then he looks to Idrissa, before his gaze wanders to the dunk tank. "Ooooh, ME NEXT!" Is he seven?

Mur'dah sits down on the dunking tank!

"I would be killed if I got this," Ka'el gestures to himself, or rather to to two pieces left of the three piece suit he's wearing, "wet. I could strip to my skivvies…but…" he smirks, then laughs, jumping back from the splash. Wait, did someone say strip and skivvies? Cue Jnelle. Did someone say suit and wet? Cue Xanthius! .. who gives him a looook. But oh, Ka'el is saved as Mur'dah climbs on board. "Oh, sorry! Too slow. Next time, maybe," he says, looking theatrically apologetic as he meanders out of the splash zone. "Go ahead. Dunk'm, Kera!"

Obviously in order to save people they must know how it feels to be wet. Perhaps. Aha, towel spied it's grabbed and first things first and that's the hair and face. Finally emerging from under the towel, M'kal watches with amusement as Mur'dah now sits up there. This'll be fun!

Idrissa chuckles and grins after Mur'dah, a shake of her head is seen while she wanders over to settle down upon a seat near about where the otehrs are. She'll just watch.. An stay dry! She finds her mug of drink and takes a sip from it. Another slight bitter cough escaping her at the taste.

Kera nods agreeably to Soriana and eyes Ka'el as he seems to procrastinate long enough for someone else to get in the booth "Uh huh." Never the less, she steps forward as Mur'dah settles into place over the water. Grabbing a ball, she tries to aim before pulling her arm back and then hurling the ball forward…hopefully towards the target.

Kera throws a ball at the dunking tank's target, but it bounces off and lands in the pool.

Mur'dah laughs. "Ha! You missed!" Heckling is part of being in The Chair.

M'kal arches a brow as the first shot goes…wild. We'll call it a bit outside. Draping the towel over his neck he steps over to grab a ball too. Hey look….it's the brother of his girlfriend. Watch out!

"You'll just have to try it sometime when you aren't wearing the suit, then," Soriana says to Ka'el teasingly. After all, this tank is prooobably kept in the storerooms the rest of the turn. She grins, watching as Kera makes her throw, and oohs. Bad bounce! "Better luck next time?" Like maybe for M'kal? Galaxy riders should have good aim! The better to knock out rampaging wild beasts.

In an extreme show of grace and maturity, Kera stick her tongue out at Mur'dah then step out of the way for someone else to try. Seeing it's M'kal she snorts and gestures over her shoulder to the tank "Put him in the water pleassssssseeee."

Ka'el hmms. "Yeah I'll be sure to pull it out on my next turnday," vows Ka'el with a sage (not so sage) nod to Soriana. Xanthius, happy that his masterpiece is not going to be ruined by a dunking booth, melts back into the shadow. "Alright M'kal!" he calls over to him, cheering him on. "Show'm what you've got! And Kera, I felt it. It was the /wind/ that took your ball. The wind!" He laughs, taking a drink.

M'kal throws a ball at the dunking tank's target, but it bounces off the rim.

Every time there's a miss, take a drink! If they hit… someone goes in the drink!

Mur'dah says "M'kal! I hope you have better aim when you kiss my sister!"

Ooh burn!

M'kal snatches the ball but his hands are still wet. Oh noes! It goes way off the mark and Mur'dah's taunts draw a smirk and he picks up one more ball to try once more. "I don't kiss and tell!"

M'kal throws a ball at the dunking tank's target, but it bounces off and lands in the pool.

Mur'dah just laughs, kicking water out at the audience. "C'moooooon!"

"Hey, watch it or we won't have any balls left!" Soriana says with a laugh as she watches another one fall into the pool. "Someone will have to dive in just to get them back!" Or be dunked in, if they can manage it! …and apparently it's her turn to try, because she steps up and gives a ball a little toss in her hand before throwing it at the target!

Soriana throws a ball at the dunking tank's target, but it's off center. Mur'dah wobbles, but doesn't fall.

Mur'dah starts to hum and sing rude things from his little pedistal. "There once was a goldrider named Sori…"

Kera shakes her head and glance a to Ka'el with a look that says alot. As M'kal misses a couple of times, she frowns, eyeing Mur'dah then the target. "He /Broke/ it." She stalks over closer to the target and starts flinging balls at it a few times to see if it works or not. Hope ya have a floaty Mur'dah.

Kera throws a ball at the dunking tank's target, but it's too high.
Kera throws a ball at the dunking tank's target, but it bounces off and lands in the pool.
Kera throws a ball at the dunking tank's target, but it bounces off the rim.
Kera throws a ball at the dunking tank's target, but it's too low.

It's a free for all! Nobody can dunk Mur'dah. Nobody! "Grab the balls!" … Snerk. HA! Balls. No matter how old one gets, the word 'balls' will /always/ be funny! Ka'el indeed grabs one though and cackles towards the newest member of Comet wing. "Heads up!" He doesn't want to his Kera with his flying ball .. which goes flying like, right now. To the target! Hopefully.

Ka'el throws a ball at the dunking tank's target, but it bounces off and lands in the pool.

Ka'el laments! "The sun! It was in my eye!" … Wait, it's evening, right? "The moon! It was in my eye!"

Idrissa hums softly as she watches and soon is up for a go. Everyone else has tired right? "I'll give it a go." This said as she move son over to pick up said ball. It is tossed once while she waits for ka'el to go and then she throws it with all her might..

Idrissa throws a ball at the dunking tank's target, and hits! The seat under Mur'dah gives way. Sploosh!

Mur'dah looks down at Kera and laughs, splashing water in her direction. "Stop i-GAH!" Splash, down he goes. FINALLY. "Idrissa, you're my hero! I was getting so bored with all your sucky aim."

Soriana almost got it! But… no. Not quite. And not quite, and not quite, and she laughs as she watches, nudging Kera away from her cheating ways and watching Mur'dah in his… probably cheating ways… until… SPLASH! "There! It's not broken!" She grins.

Idrissa grins and chuckles while nodding. "Welcome Mur'dah!" She offers with an amused tone while giving her hands a brushing off. Yup she did that.. see!
M'kal cheers Idrissa. "Whoo!" he finds himself a drink as well as a full plate of food. This done he moves to sit down somewhere and inhale…eat sedately.

Kera hears the heads up and drops into a crouch, covering her head a moment before attempting to peer around when Soriana nudges her. When it's safe to do so, she does indeed look around and slips out of the way with a little chuckle. Making her way over to the balls table, she grabs up two and turns towards the target, getting a bit closer than her last throw. Too late, Idrissa got the annoying rider off the ledge. "Yea, Thank you Idrissa." The apprentice smirks towards the other rider.

Mur'dah climbs out of the tank and grabs a towel, rubbing off his hair vigorously with a crooked grin. "That was awesome."

"Finally." Ka'el smirks as Mur'dah goes down with a splash. Splash! Mur'dah's voodoo has run out! "Was startin' to wonder what hex you put on everybody, Comet," he says with a good-natured grin as the brownrider climbs out. He pauses, doing a mental check on Kanekith. All's good! Still being fawned over by kids and uncles, so the bronze is a happy guy. He glances up to the sky with a broad grin before promptly being caught in a headlock by his pesky and sneaky sibling. "Riders! Have you all made a toast?" he asks jovially, keeping a struggling Ka'el hostage beneath an arm.

"I'd need a drink, first!" Soriana calls to Kei'lan. Which… is not exactly a hint, but it's not exactly not a hint, either. If someone did want to press a glass into her hand, that is! Otherwise, she'll just have to go and get one herself. Also not help Ka'el, because she doesn't. See what happens when your date likes your family? (Well. Parts of said family.)

Ka'el struggles. "Sori.." She's going to leave him like this? Help! Somebody. Anybody? Kei'lan has had turns of practice headlocking people, especially this particular person, and so he expertly keeps Ka'el under control while ushering the riders to get a drink. "Ale, wine, water! Whatever strikes your fancy, get a glass! My dear brother already has his," he says, grinning. "And you must give a toast, all of you. Riders and friends alike," he says with a noted look to Kera. "Because this is the beginning a new adventure for all of you. Paths will split after this day, but you have today. This moment belongs to all of you, every one. So what do hope for? What makes you grateful? I'll begin." Ahem! He raises his glass, and at the same time lets Ka'el up, draping that once constricting arm over his shoulder. "A toast to Xanadu! For caring for my brother, and giving him all of you as friends."

Idrissa has her mug of whatever, ale sure it is ale right? She listens in on the toast, a curious glance sent towards the others before she looks back to the brothers. Friends.. There is a slight pause in thought but she soon lifts her mug. Still no words come, a faint smile is seen though.

Kera edges away from the drippy riders, not wanting to mess up her new dress, but clearly remains near the group. Smirking at Ka'el's predicament, she simple grins and watches the brothers tussel. When the toast is announced the apprentice looks around and sudenly find a mug of something being pushed into her hand. With a quick sniff and crinkle of her nose at the smell of the brew, she shrugs and lifts the mug "Congratulations!"

Content to sit where he is and eat and drink as well, M'kal chats animately with J'myn, who to his surprise joined the diplomatic wing.

Kei'lan… should have been a harper. Soriana smiles, going over to get herself a mug of ale. It's from Fort, apparently. Huh. She doesn't remember seeing that on the planned menu… oh well! Definitely not important at the moment, as she heads back over to listen to Kei. Xanadu and friends? Yeah, she'll raise a glass to that. So she does, and keeps it lifted as she thinks for a moment. Friends. Diverging paths. A future that holds… who knows? "To friendship, and… to coming together." A wry smile. "No matter how far away our adventures may take us."

Jnelle has gotten something fruity and light and sweet to toast with. Hey, she's a wey- no .. a rider too! "A toast to Galaxy wing and my new wing rider brothers!" A cheery grin is given both to Ka'el and M'kal. "Oh! And Reina. You too, honey!" she adds. "And thank you, all of you, that have been so kind to me since being Searched. It's difficult being on a new weyr, far from home!" Sniff sniff!

M'kal lifts his glass in toast to Jnelle. "Here's to sticking together." in work. In fun they can all stick together!

Now that he's out of a choke hold, Ka'el lightly shoves his sibling, but it's done with a grin and his eyes soon turn to the toasters. Kei'lan. Then Sori, who gets a lingering, thoughtful look. To friendship. Eyes flit momentarily to Idrissa but linger not, moving to Jnelle, who earns a smirk. "To Galaxy!" he says in return to her, grinning crookedly. He nods to M'kal's addition. And himself? "…To growing together," he says. "..And to partyin' til dawn!" He'll drink to that!

Kera nods to the differant words spoken by each then takes a little drink of the mystery brew in her mug. After the fruity taste hits her tongue, she takes a few more sips. Seeing a couple people she knows slip away to enjoy other parts of the gather festivities, the apprentice wiggles her fingers to them as they depart. Looking back towards the group, she takes a couple more sips and giggles for no reason before asking. "I suppose you'll all be more busy now huh?"

Soriana smiles to Jnelle's toast, and keeps her mug held up, then nods to M'kal. Her gaze continues on to Ka'el, and she smiles at the growing toast… and outright laughs at the other part. Hey, now that they're full riders, nobody can tell them not to, right? …well. Except their wingleaders, who'll probably be by at some point to tell them about their new duty schedule and when they'll be doing what patrols and all the rest of it. But, y'know, aside from that. Just because there's consequences doesn't mean they can't do it. "To all of us, and all we'll do!" And… she sips. Toasted!

Idrissa that slight look from Ka'el is seen, and how quickly it is pulled away. She looks to her mug a moment and and soon sips from it. She sets her mug down and stretches a bit. "I'll be back in a bit.." Well she's done for the night. Or at least here, she has this need to go for a walk on the beach and that is where she is going to be heading to meet up with her dragon. "I'll see you all later."

M'kal's yawn threatens to crack his head in half. Getting to his feet he hugs everyone in his mind. "I love you guys…but I'm still wet and now tired. I'm going to bed." Indeed from across the meadow Xeosoth can be seen landing upon his ledge and disappearing.

"Amazing." Kei'lan exhales a somewhat shaky breath. Emotional much? It's his brother's graduation, of coure he is! "Wonderful, all of you. Drink up!" Guzzleguzzle. "Congratulations, all of you!" And, being the hugger that he is, he goes around the big circle and gives all a quick hug, saving the biggest for Ka'el himself. "I'll leave you to it, brother. Thanks for lettin' me crash. If you need me out tonight, give me a kick or something. I'll find a place." He grins, winking knowingly. This /is/ graduation. They're all young and are consuming alcohol. Things happen! He heads out to mingle, which he does rather easily.

Ka'el smirks, pauses…then, er..nods to his sibling. "See you, Kei." He smiles to his friends, answering Kera. "Maybe. Probably…we'll see. Ers'lan's my wingleader. M'sure he doesn't like too much idleness." Friends are leaving now, and he nods to them. Mostly M'kal. A little to Idrissa. "Bed? Not alone though, huh?" A teasing grin and wave. "Night, M'kal."

M'kal's grin is impish to Ka'el's teasing grin. Just where /is/ Marel. Perhaps she went to his weyr already??!

Kera nods agreeably to Ka'el. "I think the new Weyrhealer may make a few changes, so maybe we'll actually have a few tasks with Galaxy wing sometime." The girl gives a shrug and takes another drink from the really good tasting drink. When her fellow healer slips away, she waves "G'night M'kal." Another teeny tiny little sip and then she's waving her nearly empty mug to Idrissa's retreating form.

Soriana grins, and returns Kei'lan's hug. She'll find him for that dance later, too! Probably. Unless something else comes up, but she's at least intending on it. She glances to Kera, and laughs a little. "Busy with different things, I suppose. I'm not sure if it's going to be more or less, exactly…" A shrug. "I suppose we'll all find out." She waves to M'kal with a grin and Idrissa with a look of mild concern - one that's followed up by a glance to Ka'el before she shakes her head and lets the thought go… for now, at least. She listens to the discussion of Galaxy, and nods to Kera. "Makes sense to get the healers used to working with dragons before there's a crisis."

"Yeah," Ka'el agrees, "that makes sense." Pause. "Wait, there's a new Weyrhealer? That's cool. Knock on wood," which he indeed pauses to do on the nearest tabletop, "I don't frequent the infirmary all that much, so .. I never knew there wasn't one. Or that the old one left. Or whatever it is that has us gettin' a new one." He grins. "…Shards. I can't believe this is graduation and I'm sittin' here talking about Galaxy as a member of it." He looks towards Soriana, lips quirking. "And you, junior weyrwoman…lemme see your knot."

Kera turning back to her friends, her stance seems to do an odd little wobble before she is steady again. A quick nod is given "Oh yes. That's just it, he was well on the 'old' side and wanted to relax more. His replacement arrived a few days ago." Kera frowns and rolls her eyes up to the darkening sky. "It was humilating. There was a mix-up in the paper work. Though I think another apprentice mixed it up on purpose." A hint of a shrug is given and she goes on after a quick sip. "Anyway, this man comes in, and I try to check him in. It was just a really embarrassing way to meet your new boss." Fowning into her mug, she tips it over and gives the empty thing an annoyed shake "Well, this mug is obviously defective."

"There's worse ones," Soriana says with a slight smile to Kera's tale of misadventure and woe. "You could have given him senna." The smile widens, and then she looks over to Ka'el. Well… before he can have a look at her knot, Soriana wants a look at it herself. She takes it and holds it in her hand, considering it. It really is remarkably fancy. A huge step up from the basic one of senior weyrling. There's like… loops and twines and… things. It's a fancier knot than the ones worn by some people twice her age. How in Faranth's egg is she supposed to deserve this? Just because she and Luraoth survived weyrlinghood? She nearly frowns, but she manages to hold it back and keep a positive look on her face as she extends the knot to Ka'el. "Here."

"And this fellow's the opposite of old?" Ka'el assumes, smirking a little. "Hopefully I never have to meet him." Going to the infirmary usually isn't a pleasant visit! He listens to the tale of how she met her new boss though, and he looks amused by it. "Well, that just shows him that you're thorough with your job! A person comes in, you check them in, no ifs ands or buts." His amusement continues at her confusion over her empty mug, but he turns to peer at Soriana's knot, once she hands it over. It is fancy. Fancier than any knot he's ever worn. And fancier than knots he's seen grown wingleaders wear! Woah. He turns it over in his hand, then back around again, handing it back. "Don't let anyone steal it," he advises before stepping towards Kera and plucking her mug from her hand. "This mug is not defective. In fact, you're doing it injustice by keeping it empty! So I'll just refill this for ya.." says as he meanders off to do that. Mwuaha. Drunk Kera, comin' up!

Kera flashes a silly grin to Soriana when she gets a look at the girl's new knots. Eyeing it a moment she seems to burst out in a fit of giggles before spitting out "You are gonna need to put a counter-weight on the other shoulder so you don't tip over." She reaches up to Soriana's shoulder as if to try pushing her over with one finger before blinking at the suddenly empty fingers of her other hand. Oh! Ka'el took her mug. Well okay then. When his words filter through she laughs. "If it's empty, then something is wrong with it!" Pfft! Obviously! "Thank you!" She calls to his back.

"That's why they had me doing firestone drills, I suppose," Soriana says to Kera with a small smile. No, not the ones with firebreathing - those she did with a flamethrower instead - the ones where she was hauling around a fifty pound sack of the stuff. At least it seems to have worked, because she doesn't fall down when poked. Her gaze returns to Ka'el, and… oh, what a crooked smile she has now. Good advice, that. Not the sort of thing one might think to come up with, normally, but … well. "Good advice." (Has anyone seen Darsce yet?) Soriana nods to Ka'el before setting her knot (so fancy!) in place on her shoulder. Once it's settled there, she looks back up to Kera, who seems… rather happy. In an.. excessive sort of way. Are healer apprentices allowed to get drunk? Probably not. "So how's he been? Other than that." Like… is he a stickler for rules?

Hm, what was it that she was drinking? Ka'el's not sure, but she's a girl, so he refills her mug with a drink that would be considered girly. Sweet and alcoholic. Can't go wrong! "Here. I fixed it," he says when he returns to the two of them, offering the newly filled much back to the apprentice. Can apprentices get drunk? Probably not. But she's in good hands! Plus, it's graduation night. Maybe the ol' bosses will be lenient! Maybe. In any case, Ka'el is certainly the supplier in this situation, and the bad influence at that. "Are you havin' fun? Oh, I forgot to warn you, Soriana. If ever you want to play a game with her? Don't. She cheats. She was kickin' balls at my dragon!" Gasp!

Kera chuckles to Soriana and nods, probably a few couple more times she she intended to. "Ahh, so they knew ya would be tipped over if ya didn't strengthen up huh?" A giggle slips out before she continues. "Journeyman Cyrus seems easy enough to work with so far. He's not as old as the former Weyrhealer though. But still really old. He looks somewhere in his mid twenties, maybe even older than that." Oh yea, he's downright ancient alright. Well at least compared to someone in their midteens. "He's been spending alot of time looking through charts, files and adjusting to his new home. He was here a little bit…" Oh look! Ka'el's back with another mugfull of that really good drink. "Mmm." She takes a quick sip and smiles "Thank you. Don't know what this is, but it's good." She goes to take another drink and nearly chokes on it with Ka'el's next words. After herr coughing fit ends she manages to yell. "You big liar! You cheated and you know it." She looks to Soriana "He had to kick the ball between two barrels. I had to kick the ball AROOOOUNNND.." She gestures towards the ground in a circle with her hand in an exaggerated manner. "… that big huge dragon of his… how is that fair! And he kept changing the rules too. And he owes me new sandals too." She nods as if that decides the point and lifts her full mug up.

Soriana nods to Kera about the weyr's new healer. She's interested, after all! Even if she hopes not to show up there as a patient. "He's a journeyman, after all," she says to his advanced age. "Bound to have some experience." Or else they wouldn't have sent him here! Probably. Then Ka'el is back with a mug - which, whatever it is, isn't strong enough for Sori to smell the alcohol on, or she might be making some comments about whether it's really wise to get the apprentice any drunker - and a complaint. "Is that so?" Soriana asks with an arch of her brow to Ka'el, then turns her gaze to Kera to hear the other side of the story. Being fair and balanced! That's part of what being a junior weyrwoman is all about. So… since she's got the knot and all… better listen. At least this particular conflict is not a terribly serious one. "Well… I'm sure you both have your points," she says. Calm! Reasonable. All that. Also, smiling. "But…" She looks to Ka'el, her lips quirked teasingly. "I'm sorry. I'm afraid I have to rule that you retroactively lost the game."

"Liar? Me!" Ka'el's eyes go wide and he looks incredibly innocent… which is usually the sign that he's incredibly guilty. "Cheat? You offend me, Kera!" he says, not looking at offended as he says this. "It was a fair game. We used what resources we had. Kanekith was a resource. It wouldn't be fair to use my own dragon for my goal!" He pauses there, finding it hard not to laugh at her grandiose gesture of how big Kanekith is and how difficult it was getting the ball around him. "And I /clearly/ said that the rules were to be made as we go! It wasn't my fault they were rules in my favor." He grins, then laughs, then .. whaaaat's at Soriana. Gawk! "Lost? I…" He clutches at his chest, stunned. "I never lose. I object!" Where's his lawyer? He tosses a grin to Kera. "You can keep holdin' your breath for those sandals."

Kera looks smugly to Ka'el after Soriana's final judgement. She nods very enthusiactically before snorting and rolling her eyes at Ka'el continued fibbing. "My mom used to say that every time you told a fib, a firelizard dies…" Shaking her head with a sad sigh she peers into her mug "I bet you destroyed whole clutches." For such a solemn statement, she ends up giggling into her mug, then sipping from. Lifting a brow to Ka'el "You'll place them sooner or later. Eventually you will just so I'll stop reminding you." Kera nods sagely at that and flashes a silly grin to both riders as she weebles a bit, then a wobble or two before she steadies, mostly.

Soriana nods gravely. Well, gravely except for the teasing quirk of her lips. "You did. The rules-" that were being made up as they went along "-clearly demonstrate it." She shakes her head to Ka'el. "I'm sorry it had to come to this. You'll have to serve time on community service." And then she turns her look at Kera. "Hmm? Oh, no. There's no punitive damages! Or, uh, punitive sandals." Are those sandals you use to beat someone? "But, you did win." A hollow victory! "Now, if you can provide proof of those dead firelizards…"

Dead firelizards? Community service? Ka'el makes a face of horror at both prospects. "The poor firelizards. .. Luckily for them, I haven't told any lies, so I have no deaths on my conscience!" He's clean! But as for that community service. "..Can it be counted as time spent due to weyrlinghood?" he asks with a hopeful look. Please, oh pleeease? He puppy dog eyes her and juts out his lower lip just a little. How can she say now to this face? At the news of the sandals though, his woeful act is dropped to make room for triumph. "Ha!" he says, pointing at Kera. "No sandals!" He grins, though pauses, seeing her sway. Smoothly, he meanders to her side, uses one arm to steady her around the waist while the other attempts to pluck that drink from her hand. "I think that's enough of that for a night. What do you say, Sori?"

Kera tilts her head a bit and grins to Soriana, she just shrugs it off, for now. Slipping on an expression of mock horror at the bronzeriders latest fibs "OH, those poor little lizards! Never had a chance to find good homes. Oh the horror!" The apprentice finally cracks into a wide grin, "You still cheat." This to Ka'el of coarse before snickering into her mug, which gets less full with each sip. When it's plucked from her hand, she makes a couple of clumsy grabs for it "Hey. I'm not done with that. I'm still testing that mug for defectiveness. Give that back!" Bring Soriana into it will ya. Hmm. Peering to her other friend she huffs and stomps her foot, maybe she smushes Ka'el toes in the process."Make him give it back Soriana."

Soriana pretends to consider on Ka'el's plea. Long deliberations! …and wobbly Keras. Right then, that brings her deliberations to a close. "That, plus escort duties tonight," and no, Sori doesn't mean of herself, "and we'll call it good." Because, hey. Y'know what Kera doesn't need? … Besides the rest of her drink. She definitely doesn't need that. Soriana takes the mug after Ka'el's gotten it, and nods to Kera. "Of course. We've got to test it thoroughly. Right this way!" And she attempts to lure the apprentice along to… the water cask! Where alcoholic-type drinks can be emptied out and replaced with dull, boring, rehydrating water. Because that thing Kera doesn't need is … a hangover tomorrow.

Ka'el holds that drink up high and out of reach as Kera tries to claim it back. "Nope, an' nope," he says with a grin to her. She's not getting it back! Soriana, on the other hand, may have it and he easily relinquishes it to her. Now all he has is Kera in his arm, and he apparently has been charged with escort duty. "I make a fine escort," said to Soriana haughtily. "That's hardly a punishment. In fact, s'probably a reward to anyone who gets escorted by me!" A smirk, and as she walks, he follows, keeping Kera within his grasp just in case she has any thoughts of not following along on her own. Oh look, water! "That's exactly what you need now. Drink up, Kera. You'll thank us in the mornin' when your brain isn't tryin' to jump out of your skull."

The indignanty! Both her friends, turn into bullies stealing drinks from little apprentice's. As Soriana joins the cheater's side, huffs and gives a little hop, trying to retrieve her stolen mug "G'your own." is muttered while she's in motion. Landing awkwardly, it's a good thing Ka'el is /escorting/ her at the moment, as she stumbles but manages to stay upright. "Ya don haf to drag me ya big bully." Kera goes to pout but ends up giggling as she makes a surprise attempt for her mug with a little hop. *BONZAI*

Whose side is Soriana on, anyhow? She smirks to Ka'el. "Well then. Consider it her prize for beating you!" Which makes it punishment for Ka'el, right? Imagine it, him having lost something, anything. She does what she can to bring Kera along, though that final lunge takes her by surprise. As it turns out, though, Soriana's got far better reflexes than Kera right now. This is a good thing, because Kera's lurch for the mug… well, it probably still wouldn't have gotten the mug if Soriana didn't move, but it would have sent Kera careening right into that cask of water. And if she wanted that, she could have gone for the dunk tank earlier! "Hey now!" Soriana goes as she does the 'don't crash' thing, arms reaching out for a catch. The contents of the mug? Yeah, they're kinda getting dumped on the ground. Possibly also on Sori and Kera. Whups? But at least Soriana's had that practice with sacks of firestone. An apprentice can't be that much heavier!

"I'm not dragging," insists Ka'el. "I don't think I could walk any slower than what I'm doin' right now!" … Well, he could, but he's exaggerating. He steps carefully, but then she lunges! The little sneak. "Woah, hey!"

Kera's surprise pounce merely accomplishes in the apprentice rebounding back into her escort. Thankfully she didn't get anything spilled on her new dress. "Oops." that's followed buy a little giggle that grows into a full blown gigglefit. "Shorry." Whether she's talking to Soriana or Ka'el is either of their guesses. Even though she's being guided, the apprentice still sways and wobbles. Looking at Soriana a minute she blinks and looks at the other girl again. "Stop doing that." She makes a little back and forth gesture with her hand to the goldrider, making Kera's balance tip even more and she reaches out to grab the water dispenser to steady herself. Peering up to Ka'el she snorts in amusement "Oh you too huh?" She makes the same little side side motion, a bit too exaggerated. "Very funny moving back and forth like that you two."

Soriana's dress… is not so lucky. Hopefully this stuff won't stain! At least now she doesn't have any booze for Kera to grab? Even if her attempt at steadying the apprentice was… not so much a success. Well, they're here now, so… water. Yeah. She eyes Ka'el for a moment as she fills up the mug, then offers it to Kera. "Here. Have some water." Go on. You'll be sorry in the morning if you don't! Well, actually, Kera will probably be sorry either way, but Soriana will make sure she at least ends up safely in her own bed tonight! Somehow. And then go rescue her giftbox from the safekeeping of her mother where it got left for Graduation Partytime.

Oh no, Sori's dress! Ka'el cringes a bit as the liquid is spilled on her, but they press on! He holds onto a swaying Kera as Soriana secures water for her. "We'll stop movin' here in a litle while," he promises. Oh yes, the world will stop swaying once she passes out. All will be good then! Til she wakes up. "You..are wasted.." he says, sounding more amused than he probably should be. Oh the stories! Now he has ammunition. Things worth blackmailing! Mwuahaha! But through all his amusement, he is very watchful and doesn't let go of the girl. No falling on his watch! As as for her bed? He'll help to get her there because that's what friends are for! :) Throwing you in bed when you're drunk, and not complaining about doing so. Love!

Kera's head seems to be working a bit slower when she tries to turn it to look at Soriana. Blinking at her then down to the mug nudged to her hands. Taking another sip she sighs,…pouts? "De other tashted better." She takes take a few sips though, she's practically under order to do so from the Junior Weyrwoman. Eyeing her friend's dress, she frowns a bit and blinks a couple of times as if trying to make her eyes work properly. "M'shorry bou your dressh…I'm'a fix it……Thank you Shoriana..and you too Kake." She nod sluggishly and lets her friends' help her to her room with very little troouble. That doesn't mean she didn't stumble a few times along the way.

Oh, good! Kera has entered the pliable stage of drunkeness. That makes it much easier to get some water in her and get her off to bed. Soriana waves off the concerns about her dress… or, well, she would, but she's kind of using those hands to keep Kera from falling down. "It's fine," she says, and other things like, "Later." and "Tomorrow." (Which is when the hangover will be.) and "Have some more water." (Which will hopefully make the hangover milder.) She also says, "Goodnight!" once they've got Kera in a cot which… is hopefully hers? Assuming she can still recognize it. If not, well… that'll be someone else's problem, because once Sori and Ka'el have her tucked in (and passed out, though not so passed out that they have to worry about her) … they leave again! As they depart the dorms, Soriana carefully shuts the door behind them… then turns to look at Ka'el and … heh. She grins.

This likely isn't the first time Ka'el has cared for a too drunk friend. He was an apprentice himself once upon a time, and apprentices had to watch out for each other! So he's careful not to make too big of a scene as they escort her out. No need to alert healers that may get her in trouble. And then, she's in bed, either hers or someone else's. And then the two new riders are outside of a closed door. Ka'el looks at Soriana who is looking at him, and he grins, sheepishly, and gives a shrug. "She'll be fine," he says confidently. "I've seen people far worse off." Another grin is given to her. "Nice work Junior Weyrwoman Soriana.." He pauses, eyes flitting to the wet spot on her dress. "Wanna change out of that? I've got the escort thing working for me pretty well right now."

Soriana nods her agreement. "She's breathing fine." And she's on her side! Which, well, dragons may not get drunk (please nobody experiment), but they do get gastric distress and acid reflux. Also Soriana's checked a few (non-dragon) healer books from time to time. She gives her head a little shake, and starts to walk off - back to the party - before pausing and looking down at her dress. Oh. Yeah. That. It's… a rather noticeable splotch. Irregular and just a little sticky, because that was a sweet girly drink. "Yeah." Junior Weyrwomen should not be showing up to the party smelling of booze and with stained dresses! Sigh. "…I hope it'll come out." The dress is, after all, brand new from Ierne.

"You forget. You have Xanthius at your disposal," Ka'el reminds brightly. "Until he goes back to .. wherever it is he's livin' now." He can hardly keep up with the comings and goings of his friend. "He's good at that kind of stuff. There's probably not a fabric he doesn't know some secrect trick about getting stains out of. You picked the best day to get spilled on." He smiles encouragingly to her, offering his hand, and secretly a little glad to have at least the time it takes to change into a new dress to have her to himself. "I didn't emphasize enough how nice you look in that dress. Everything happened really fast."

"I suppose I do," Soriana says, and takes Ka'el's hand with her own. "And he'll tell me how it coordinates with half my wardrobe while he's at it." She gives a wry smile, but then her fingers squeeze his lightly. "Okay, Galaxy Wingrider Ka'el. Your first assignment is to escort a Junior Weyrwoman to her weyr and back again." Can she even do that? The chain of command for a wingrider should go through his wingleader up to the Weyrleader. Junior Weyrwomen don't even get involved. …details. Soriana's also glad for a chance to go for a walk, and she looks sideways at Ka'el as they start off. "Yeah?" She smiles, then looks where she's going again. "It did. I mean… I'm glad we weren't standing there forever, but…" Now they've gone and graduated. Just like that.

Yes, well .. that is a possibility when one deals with Xanthius. Ka'el only gives her a somewhat apologetic look and refrains from confirming or denying her statement regarding his longtime friend. Her command, if it can even be called that, is responded to with a grin and a pause to salute with his free hand. "Yes ma'am," he answers. "Round trip to the coastal road and back. Understood." Footfalls lead them out of and away from the craft hall, back outside where the lights from the still going party are easily seen from where they are. Music drifts in the air, floating in the breeze, as is the smell of food and the sounds of an overall good time. "But.." he says, echoing her as he looks her way. "..Now it's over. I know how you feel. It's like, we went through all of that…Candidacy and Weyrlinghood, for turns, and now it's over. A walk across a stage and done." Silence for a few yards, then, "I don't think it'll be the way Mur'dah's thinking it will be. The way he talks, it's as if we're all moving to other weyrs and we'll never see each other again. I don't think that's how it'll be."

"Yeah. It's… I guess I feel different than I did last night?" Though Soriana doesn't sound very certain about it. "But I don't feel that different." Silence, then, the two of them moving together comfortably, and her voice, very soft. "Maybe I should." She bites the inside of her lip, then gives her head a small shake, glancing back to Ka'el again when he breaks the silence. "It won't. We'll still all be here… at least… if we decide to be." She looks away for a moment, and frowns. "We just… we'll have to make the time to see each other. It won't just happen. But… I've still got friends who aren't- weren't- weyrlings."

"Maybe you only will once you're in it," says Ka'el. "You know, once you're neck deep in weyrwoman stuff. Maybe that's when you'll feel the change in you. When we all start feelin' different." Today Ka'el and yesterday's Ka'el don't feel like two totally different people yet. But who knows what next month's Ka'el will be like. He squeezes her hand lightly. "I'm not worried about not seein' anyone. You're right. We'll make time to see the ones we want to see. Shards, I've got friends in other weyrs now. If I can find time to Between and visit them, I'll sure as shell have time to walk down the road nd visit one of you." His walk is unhurried as they leave behind the party atmosphere. It's still heard and seen behind them, but it's growing distant with each step they take. "Hey … I've been meanin' to ask you something since our last weyrling lesson." Weeks ago.

"Maybe I will," Soriana agrees. She's not certain of that, either, but… maybe. "I'm not letting people call me ma'am, though." Okay, she'll let Ka'el do it in jest, apparently, but that's it. "Even if it'd help me adjust." Sothere. That's her line in the sand! Drawn as she walks down the beach to see people, perhaps. She smiles. "It sorta means… being friends means more, because… it's our choice now. We don't have to all get along." …but what if they don't? The smile gets a little uncertain, and she lets her eyes wander out across the growing quiet before glancing back to Ka'el. "Hmm? What's that?"

That doesn't sound too bad to him. Forced friendships don't work, and .. does he really need everyone to be his friend? Of course not. Are some beginning to slip? … Yes, and Ka'el is failing at grasping for those drifting hands. "I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole flight thing," he admits. "I've heard what riders have to say about it, and I know some've the things non-riders feel about it…but I know I'm not really going to get it til it happens." He makes a brief face. "I say I wanna ask you something, but I'm not really sure what it is I want to ask." Brows furrow faintly for a handful of footfalls, thoughts shifting into place. "Most said they don't mean anything. Flights. When you wake up it's like someone toyed with your memories and shook 'em and tore them and rattled them around in your head, and you look to your left or right and there's someone there you may or may not know. Will it matter, to you? Waking up next to somebody that's not me. Or me, wakin' up next to somebody that could be anybody."

For the moment, Soriana will be content to grasp Ka'el and not drift from him. She nods as he brings up the subject of flights, and… well, she listens. They won't know until it happens. Yeah. He doesn't know what to ask? She tilts her head to look at him, and half-smiles, then returns her attention to the road as he comes up with more words. Meaning. Rattled memories. Not … not being herself. Waking up next to… oh, Zi'on, or N'shen, or… someone she hasn't even met. Or Ka'el, waking up next to… Idrissa, or an unknown greenrider, or Jnelle. Soriana keeps her eyes on the road. "…it'll matter," she says, quietly. "But… I don't want to let it matter." She looks over to him, and now it's her turn to search for words to explain her contradiction. "I mean…" She laughs, a brief sound. "I'm a flightbaby. Flights matter. But… it doesn't mean they're the same. I'll be doing it, but… it won't be because I'm hot for the guy. It'll be because… of Luraoth." Her steps slow a little, her eyes busy with watching Ka'el. "Because I love her." Not that she has a choice.

Flightbabies. That's .. a whole other world of mixed up feelings. One that Ka'el hasn't even thought to think about. Or perhaps, hasn't wanted to. Children fathered by him in flight. Will he even know about them? Does that /have/ to happen? And Soriana.. He visibly shakes the thoughts away. He can't handle those now. That's a different set of issues that require their own day of stressing over. For now, he'll try to figure out the tangle of words being said by her. Of things that matter but don't. His brows furrow vaguely as he looks over at her, eyes watching her profile as she continues to look forward, but they do eventually meet. Blue to brown as steps slow. "It's hard to unlearn something," he says, breaking his silence. "When we were old enough, we learned that bein' with a woman like that, matters. And if you're with a woman in such a way, it will always matter, and if it doesn't matter to you then it never should've happened. It's hard for me to think that I could be with a woman I don't care for and be alright with myself the next day." His exhale is silent as his steps slow to a stop, and he leans towards her in attempt to press a kiss to her lips. "I won't talk about it after, unless you ask me."

Soriana studies Ka'el's face. His expressions. Maybe they'll help her untangle what he's thinking. Maybe hers will help him do the same. She nods a little to his explanation. "It'll matter. But… not for the same reasons it matters when it's us. In another turn, when Luraoth rises… I'm not asking you to be okay with it. I know you … probably won't be." She leans back, returning his kiss softly. "But… it has to happen. I … won't have a choice." Simple words. Hard ones. "Neither will you. So… I might ask. I might not. I'll try not to be mad at you. Try not to be mad at me? And… we'll work it out. Because you and me, that matters."

In a turn. He has time. Time to try to be ok with it and try not to be angry. But then, he does not have time. What do they always say. Greens are the first and most frequest to rise? That could be Jnelle. … Idrissa. Anyone. Ka'el keeps his hand curled around hers, for her touch is a physical reminder of what she now says. They matter. Himself and her. "I know it has to happen. I'm just not lookin' forward to any of it. I wish I was different for you." A weyr-bred boy who wouldn'tve given this a second thought. "I'll try to be." Different. The word of the day. He gathers her into a hug then, pressing her close, stain and all, and holding her to him for long seconds, eyes closed and face nuzzling against her hair, before releasing her once more. All but her hand. He needs that hand and he continues to hold onto it as he walks her home to her weyr, then after a change, back to the party that's being thrown in their graduated honor, flight ready or not.

…not that Mur'dah hasn't given this second thoughts. Or M'kal. Weyrbred boys… and yet somehow, it's not so easy as it seems when the situation actually… well, not arrives, exactly. It's not here yet! But… looms on the horizon. Things are going to be different… and Soriana shakes her head, just a little. "Don't. You'll… we'll figure it out." She wraps her arms around him, squeezing his body close to hers. Once they've separated again - save for that hand - she glances to him with a wry smile. "If Kanekith loses… I'll be in the bar." And if he wins? Same thing, but Ka'el won't be looking for her then. For now, though, she keeps his hand held as they go to her weyr and she changes into a different dress… and if they're both a little subdued in mood when they return to the party, well… there's still plenty of fun to be had in hanging around and having quiet conversation instead of drinking and carousing. They can still keep the party going until dawn. So what if everyone else stumbles off to bed? Ka'el and Sori will be together, even if they aren't weyrlings anymore. Even if other people come and go. Tonight, they've got their friends, and they've got each other.

Congratulations, Weyrling Class of 2697.

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