Weyrling Graduation

Xanadu Weyr – Meadow

A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a stone wall and low rolling hills can be seen to the north. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests to the southwest or ore from the mountains to the southeast are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

With the spring weather balmy but not too hot due to a light cloud cover, final preparation for the graduation have finally been completed with last minute touches from exited and flustered workers. Gather and game booths dot the meadow, a dance floor occupies a large part, surrounded by tables and chairs. The harpers' dias doubles as the stage for the graduation and that is where the weyrleaders, wingleaders and weyrling staff seem to be congregating. Off out of the way loaded food table groan with all sorts of goodies and treats, both hot and cold, watched over by anxious and proud kitchen workers and bakers. Overhead dragon appear, their bugling to announce themselves, adding to the general chaos before landing in the clearing to dispense their passengers. People, both dignitaries and family members are swelling the crowd while children dash about, darting amongst the adults.

The Weyrwoman has been in the thick of things since early morning but somehow she's found time to slip away and change. The dress is, for the most part, casual rather than formal and so she's in an emerald sundress and sandals, her hair in a casual upsweep. She's watching the crowd, happy, nervous… and immensely proud of this group, not a little overwhelmed and on the verge of bursting into tears because two of them belong to her.

Mur'dah walks slowly towards the meadow, in his gifted set of riding leathers. The scent of mint has finally faded mostly from the jacket, and he wears it proudly once again. While Kalsuoth, freshly washed and oiled, goes off to lounge with the other dragons, Mur'dah looks around and then locates his mother. Approaching her slowly, with an almost sheepish smile and quick look around (no one is /watching/, right?) he offers her something held in his cupped palms. Aww, he brought her a corsage to match the flower he wears in his lapel. No doubt this was Marel's idea, and the flowers legally gotten rather than dug out of someone's garden.

Make way for Kanekith! The excitement in the air is tangible to the bronze, which only causes his usual strut to be kicked up a notch as he walks. His bronze hide is so clean it looks nearly polished. This is thanks to Ka'el, who is looking rather polished himself in a suit that looks far too fitting to have just been picked up off of a shelf. Or out of the storageroom. Hello everyone. Wussup ladies. Kanekith is in his element: The object of attention! It's like hatching all over again, but now he's bigger, bronzer, and more handsome than his newly hatched self. He files in with the other dragons while Ka'el figures out where he's supposed to go while at the same time searching the crowd for faces.

It's been a looong day of waiting for M'kal as from the ledge of his weyr he was watching the preparations. All. Day. Long. When he wasn't hanging there then he was chillin' in front of Marel's cottage to watch the same thing. Once it got closer to time he sprints back to his own weyr to change. Now he emerges onto the meadows, clean clothes thrown on. Xeosoth is most likely perched on the Star Stones so he can bugle out greetings to all visitors to the weyr. He too gleams brightly with fresh oil. M'kal will move to join the other weyrlings, taking a spot right at Marel's side.

Flowers seem to be the preferred way for Thea's sons to show their affection for their mother - as N'shen slips through the crowd with a stealth that belies his sturdy six-and-a-half foot frame, he pauses to tuck a flower behind Thea's ear, amusement sparkling in his green eyes. "It's almost time," he murmurs, soft baratone rumbling as his gaze darts out over the growing crowd. "Did you ever think they'd grow up so fast?" All of the Weyrlings - or two particular Weyrlings, one of whom is approaching now? "Little brother," he greets Mur'dah warmly.

Having arrived just a little while ago on a Blue, Angelique dismounts in the clearing and the blue rider who brought her here is seen headed to the clocktower. Angelique herself comes to the Meadow. Standing a bit on tip-toe she looks around for a familiar face, in particular a certain bronze weyrling.

There's a lot of everyone here! Also everything. Soriana arrives from the direction of the coast, and she's not wearing her riding leathers. In fact, her attire isn't suited in the slightest to hopping on Luraoth and soaring off. She's wearing sandals, for one thing. For another… she's wearing a dress. Or maybe it's just a long tunic in disguise? But, no, it seems far more fitted. Must actually be a dress. As dresses go, it's a rather plain one; a medium brown in color, fitted around the top with a scooped V of a neck and short sleeves and then with a flared skirt that flutters slightly in the breeze. Adorning that skirt is a bit embroidery, bright threads of blue and green picking out a pair of fancy feathers. Just because. Otherwise, it might be too plain. Soriana smiles as she approaches the crowd. What a crowd! A gather crowd, and more. A graduation crowd.

The light skirts of Marel's vivid-pink dress brush through the grass as she clips carefully across the meadow from the direction of her cottage, the small heels of her black leather ankle boots adding but two inches to her height. She's curled her hair and pinned strands of it up in a style meant to look vaguely messy from the outset, perhaps just so that when the breeze catches at it, she can't claim that it's all been pulled out of place. She makes little fuss of seeking out the rest of her class, slipping through the crowd as if she's /not/ deserving of any attention at all, and shoots a sidelong smile at M'kal as he moves to stand beside her.

Kera joins the numerous assorted weyrfolk that make their way towards the meadow. Like many others, she wears a new dress. Bright blue with pink accents in a sundress style. Stepping across the thick grass in her equally new sandals, the apprentice finds a place near the back that her right in the line of smells coming from the food tables. Mmmm. Maybe she shouldn't stand here afterall. Spotting some faces she recognizes, a smile and wave is offered across the distance for now.

Anoryn keeps quietly to herself as she wanders through the gathering crowds, pausing now and again to offer greetings to those she knows and others that she does not but extends the curtesy all the same. The assistant weyrlingmaster has forgone her usual riding leathers in favor of something far more comfortable for the day's weather. Dressed in a white blouse-like tunic belted about her waist above an ankle length sky blue skirt of light fabric that all but hides the black leather sandals on her feet. Greyed hair has been left unbound, falling in smooth waves past her shoulders. Blue eyes roam constantly and though her smile is small, it is warm and there is no denying how pleased the greenrider is.

Found her. "Amazing." Finding anyone in this growing crowd is a feat worth celebrating. Ka'el says excuse me's and pardons as he weaves through folk, grinning at congratulations and claps to his shoulder and finally coming to pause near his Fortian friend, Angelique. First thing's first. "I'm so sorry. I was supposed to fly in and get you. I didn't realize how much stuff there was beforehand to take care of. And my brother came in, and another friend as well who wouldn't let me go before measurin' every inch of me…" For the suit, one hopes. Exhale! "Forgive me? I'm glad you still made it." (re)

Thea opens her hands to accept what Mur'dah is offering her, with a feigned wariness for nostalgia's sake rather than the fact she doesn't trust him. Aww! It's not a toad! (yes, he tried that when he was a kid). She won't bother to wait to make sure no one is looking before she rises on tiptoes and brushes a kiss upon his cheek and sniffs. "It's lovely," she whispers eyes brimming while they look at him, then seek out Marel to mouthe a silent 'thank you, Love' across the heads between them. Feeling fingers in her hair, she turns and there's N'shen. She lifts a hand automatically to feel the flower, her smile growing as she shakes her head. "It-it- They were just born yesterday," she answers. They're all conspiring to make her cry, aren't they? Only once does her smile waver and that is while waving at the arriving weyrlings a hello and a 'come closer' she spots a familiar figure on the outskirts, a reclusive bluerider who has at least made it outside his weyr to witness this event.

Idrissa is running a bit late, there was plenty of reasons she could come up with if anyone asked, not that she thinks they will because she is there. As far as what she is wearing it's not a dress, a light sea green blouse that is well fitted for her form, and buttons up the front, sleeves to her elbows, the ends having a slight ruffle on them. A light reddish brown skirt that has green thread throughout the stitching, and sandals that have a slight bit of heel to them too offer her a bit of height. Her hair is down, hair curly and with a thin bit of green ribbon threaded through a few curls. She glances over the area curiously, slipping by a few people as she moves along, taking in the ones here but never fully staying in one place for long until she manages to catch up with the other weyrlings.

Mur'dah endures his mother's kiss with good grace, even returning it before he smiles at N'shen. "Big brother," he replies, offering him a brief handshake. Then he's turning, and he moves to his sister, offering her a hug before he extends his hand to M'kal. "Hey." I'm okay with you dating my sister, so you guys have fun and you be nice to her or I'll be upset. The brownling tries to convey /all/ of that in a single word and a handshake. Good luck understanding it all. Looking around, he waves to his clutchmates, grinning at them and nodding his approval at the outfits Sori and Idrissa have chosen. "You guys look great," he says, drifting towards them in the crowd. "Should we, like…get on stage or something?"

Zi'on doesn't normally make it a habit to attend the graduation ceremonies of other weyrs. But he was invited to this one, so here he is attending one for Xanadu's latest batch of weyrlings. The Western Weyrleader is in his formal weyrleader attire and such, in this case a plum tunic and a pair of crisp black pants. His first stop is to say hello to the weyr staff, which includes Thea. Though he doesn't linger too long, as it looks like she might burst into tears and he's wearing his favorite shirt. Anoryn, too, is given a wave and a greeting. Then he starts searching for the reason he's here. And that reason would be Idrissa. At least being tall gives him some sort of advantage, and once he spots her he weaves his way through the crowd to catch up with her.

Soriana makes smiles and nods and hellos to various people, including a hug and a few quiet words with her mother, and then ends up with her fellow Weyrlings. Here they are! Well, some of them. Mur'dah's comment makes her smile, and she plucks at the side of her skirt in - nope, not a petulant tug, it's a curtsy type thing. Because she can do that. "Thank you," she tells him, then glances to the stage and shrugs one shoulder. "Eventually?" She's sure she'll end up there, but… she's in no rush, really, and first she looks out over the crowd again. Hopefully nobody has stage fright? …oh, and speaking of Idrissa, there's Zi'on.

M'kal reaches for Mur'dah's hand as it becomes evident what the brownings intentions are. It's a firm grasp he gives perhaps with the intentions of conveying his own acceptance of Mur'dah's acceptance and consequent unhappiness if M'kal makes Marel unhappy. Whew, too many M names there. He too says a simple. "Hey." it also means gratz on getting to Sr Weyrling so that you can graduate with us. So much unspoem language here! "Stage?" he blinks, looking around. "Uh…"

Angelique, still on tiptoes, spies Ka'el as he wiggles through the crowds towards her. "Oh hey! No worries. I got a ride with A'dar…I think he went to go check on some clock tower?" she doesn't seem certain she understood the blue rider correctly. "Big day for you anyway though, so no need to apologize. All ready to move up to wings and stuff?" she tries to recall what the next step for a weyrling is but to be honest she's not too certain so she's generally winging it here. "Forgiven." she tacks on belatedly.

Marel rocks up onto tiptoe to reach arms in her mother's direction in a phantom hugging gesture, no matter who sees, smiling all the while. She's not ashamed! When Mur'dah moves to hug her, she wraps her arms tightly around him, burrowing in against his shoulder for a moment before she lets him go and steps back, watching the exchange between her twin and M'kal with a guarded wariness that soon becomes relief when no words of warning pass from Mur'dah to M'kal, faint smile lighting her features again. Shaking her head as the weyrling bluerider mentions the stage, she reaches to take his hand, meaning to thread her fingers through his. "Not yet," she says lowly, calmly. "Not until we're called. Bad form. Don't look too eager."

"And tomorrow, they might make you a grandmother. Again," N'shen adds, grinning. After all, he already performed that particular task. "But for now, I think the fact that we're about to add some real talent to our wings is enough for me." The Xanadu Weyrleader reaches out to place a gentle hand on his Weyrwoman's shoulder - and presses a handkerchief into her hand with the other. "It looks like the balance of them are here," he muses. "Shall we get this party started, so we can get the party started?"

Snippets of conversation float Thea's way - Mur'dah's 'hey' being one of them and she - again - has to swallow a lump. So much like his father. But then her smile, albeit her more professional one, is back to greet Zi'on - and other visitors who approach and sidetrack her attention. Everyone is in a rush to get that done before things start, it seems. N'shen's comment pops the bubble of wanting to weep - for now - and she laughs. "They just might!" Not that she minds, but they'd better wait a few turns! His thoughtful gesture almost undoes what his humor did, her fingers close 'round the handkerchief gratefully. "We should," she says with a little nod and steps up onto the platform to await him calling the ceremony to order with pride for him - her Nash all grown up and being Weyrleader - shining in her eyes too.

Ka'el blinks once and grins at Angelique. "A'dar? Huh, he comes an' goes once every turn. Yeah, he keeps the clocktower when he's here." Built it or something. As for being ready, he laughs. "Ready or now, here it comes, huh? We'll learn today where we're to go. Keep your fingers crossed it's not Transport and Delivery wing for me, else we'll have a loud an' unhappy dragon on our hands." Not that Kanekith is looking terribly unhappy now as he stretches his wings for a group of kids to awe at. Ka'el shakes his head then glances about for his clutchmates. They're gathered! "I think I've to go." He looks back at her, flashing a smile. "Cross your other fingers I don't trip up there. I'll see you after!" He waves, bustling away, but not before pausing to wave at Kera. "Hey!" And then he's off, back to the weyrlings. "Hey M'kal, Marel," he greets. A grin to Mur'dah, then Soriana and her dress. "You look incredible."

Idrissa catches what Mur'dah says and smiles, oh and blushes there a bit too. "Thanks Mur'dah, everyone looks great.. So many people came out to it." This said while she peers over the groups here and there. Then there is the talk of getting on the stage and she lifts her head a touch to peer at it a moment while pondering. "Ah.. No.. I'm totally fine with waiting on that one." Being on stage means being center of attention after all. As Ka'el wanders over to them she sends him a slight glance though her attention is soon pulled away. It won't take to long for her to catch sight of Zi'on on his way over, which does make her smile. A wave is sent before she moves away from the few others to close that bit of distance. "You was able to come after all. Thank you." She does seem generally happy to see him.

Anoryn will wave back to Zi'on, a quirked brow emphasizing the curious look she tacks on with her greeting to the Western Weyrleader. Right on the cusp of that however, her attention is being drawn away again as she is waved over to a small cluster of folk: parents or relatives, perhaps and she joins them with a broadening smile, head lowered slightly in discussion. Hopefully she's saying good things!

Mur'dah whispers something to his twin before he lets her go, glancing down ever so briefly as Marel and M'kal's hands twine, and then he's looking around. Over /there/ somewhere. Yeah. Fascinating stuff over there. Like…Ka'el! "Hey, have you seen Darsce?" he murmurs to his bronzeling friend (?????). Smiling at Sori, and then Idrissa, the brownling glances around at their little group. Ka'el and Sori, Marel and M'kal…and he offers Idrissa his arm. "Want me to be your escort?" But then she's moving off to be with Zi'on, so Mur'dah just looks back at Ka'el.

Mur'dah mutters to Marel, "We're… going to outlive… love…"

Kera smiles as her gaze drifts around, the jumble of voices all blending together so that none of the conversations she can hear make much sense. Smoothing down her new dress, she plucks a stubborn bit of dried grass off the bottom hem and flicking it away. Notcing Ka'el's wave, she grins and dips her head his way before he rushes to catch up with the other weyrlings.

Soriana gives Zi'on a slight nod, if she happens to meet his gaze. It's the smile of hey hi acknowledgement, and then she returns her attention to her fellow weyrlings. Oh, hey! While she was looking out at one bronzer, another arrived. "Hey Ka'el," she says with a smile, but then she glances at Idrissa in time to catch some of that… whatever it is. Sigh, but, no! No sighs today. She smiles. "Thanks," she tells him. "You look…" consider… "dashing." Yes. That's a good word for him tonight! She glances to Marel and M'kal, and smiles to them. "I hope it's not too much longer. The food smells good!" And she's not about to risk spilling something on herself, yet.

It's always fun going to a party where you don't know anyone. But given that this is the first major event that has taken place since his very recent arrival, its probably in the healer's interest to attend and make the rounds. Might give him a chance to meet all the various people that he will be working with in the near future. Cyrus quickly scans the large gathering and recognizies only Kera. The rest are a mystery to him, but a mystery is fun to unravel. He makes his way toward the apprentice and gives her a smile, "Hello there." he says.

Ka'el is totally fascinating, yes! He blinks at Mur'dah (definitely a friend at this point in time!) and quirks a brow at his question. "Darsce? Not today, no .. Figure she's around here somewhere." Or fashionably late or something. It'd be highly unusual for her to miss out on an opportunity to flaunt herself. He glances out at the crowd again, breaking out into a grin as he spies a familiar pony-tailed young man who shares a few similar features to Ka'el himself. Kei'lan! And beside him, a smug looking blonde guy. "Your favorite fellow's here," he says sidelong to Soriana, nodding towards Xanthius who fingerwaves from the crowd. "All thanks to my dashing looks are to be sent to him."

It is time. "Weyrlings, places." N'shen's voice raises above the general babble, and Taozyuth helpfully lets out a sharp bugle, earning him a glare from the Weyrleader as Nash rubs at his ear. Catching the Weyrlings' eyes, he gestures for them to cluster near the edge of the stage, so that they'll mount the stairs and cross to him as he calls each in turn. "Everyone else…" Trailing off, he waves a hand in a vague gesture towards the cleared space before the stage. "Mingle there." Yeah, public speaking is not really his forte. "Weyrwoman?" he asks, offering Thea his arm with a smile.

Marel's gaze follows after Mur'dah for a second or two, her lips parting to utter something that she never quite gets out, but she must think better of calling after him and contents herself with making sure that he's okay (though why wouldn't he be?) before her attention is drawn elsewhere. "Caveman," she greets Ka'el, completely and utterly deadpan. It would be a better, more honestly dismissive act were she not to aim to hug him close a moment later. "Don't be a stranger," she murmurs to him, loud enough for any interested parties to hear that she's not making some sort of out-of-the-blue pass at him after all this time. "Mama and N'shen are usually unfailingly efficient," she answers Soriana with a wry smile, about to say more when the Weyrleader gives his summons, and so she makes to obediently head nearer.

M'kal's fingers entwine with Marel's. Certainly he's not rushing to go up to the stage. He falls silent as serveral conversation seem to be going on around him. He does though hear N'shen's raised voice as so he moves along with Marel, and presumably the others too but he's not holding their hands, to stand where they need to at the corner of the stage. Nervous much? Maybe a little. He shoots a what he hopes is a casual glance around the crowd.

What! Anoryn doesn't remember Zi'on? Clearly some greenriders really can't remember all their flight winners. Not even the famous ones, or something. There's a wave to Soriana, who he does in fact make eye contact with. Though he's distracted soon after by Idrissa. "Ah, yeah. I'm here." He chuckles. "I'm not sure how long I can stay though. I figured I ought to at least make an appearance. Anyways… you better get up on stage if you want your knot." He winks. "I'll be watching." And then he makes his way over to the standing spot for the crowd.

Soriana's smile is entirely untroubled by Marel's greeting of Ka'el, not even in the way where people sometimes pretend they're not troubled. Her attention returns to the conversation at Ka'el's talk of people, though. "Oh?" Soriana says to Ka'el, tilting her head and following his nod to… "Oh." She regards Xanthius a moment, then returns the wave. And a smile, even! Though this one qualifies as troubled, but only a little. The one for Kei'lan beside him isn't. Y'know, for comparison. "I'll pass them along," she says to Ka'el. But! They are summoned to the dais. "…later." She glances back to Marel at her mention of the efficiency, and grins. "For which I am ever so grateful." And then, she makes her way with the others to their place at the corner of the stage. Ready? No? Time to fake it anyhow.

Yeah, it's not really the Weyrwoman's thing either, and she's so glad N'shen is willing to do it. After jerking, startled at Taozyuth's bugle, the bronze gets a grin from her and her son gets a formal curtsey before she takes his arm and moves to where they're supposed to stand. She's right beside 13 yellow-wrapped shoebox-sized packages and a low table with the same number of crisp vellum envelopes. This is it, right? There's no going back now!

Kera can't help but chuckle as she watches a couple of young weyrbrats sneaking around the sweeter selections of the food tables. As the mini sweet bandits succeed and run off with their sticky goods, her gaze follows their path til she spots Cyrus. Brightening a bit more she waves as he approaches. "Hello Journeyman Cyrus.." Whatever else she was gonna say is cut off by the pronouncement that things are beginning. Lowering her voice so that it hopefully doesn't carry too far, she murmurs towards the Jrmn Healer. "This should give you a good chance to put faces to files."

Awhug! Ka'el is happy to wrap his arms around Marel and bearhug her back, responding with an "Ooga" and grin as he lets her go. "To you, never a stranger," he promises, expression warm though he soon ruins his heartfelt look with a prehistoric, "Ungh, ooga, *snort!*" Shh. It's a secret language! Grinning, he turns back quickly towards the weyrleadership. Taozyuth has a very commanding bugle! Uh oh. is it time? He swallows down nervousness and keeps that smooth, calm, dashing exterior as he moves along with the others, keeping near Soriana as they line up. Graduation time! Thumpthumpthump, goes his heart.

"Is it too late to go between without asking and get demoted?" Mur'dah might be heard to mutter as he makes his way to the edge of the stage.

Careful, V'dim heard that!

Anoryn does in fact remember, her memory hasn't begun to fail in the slightest! Her curiosity stems from seeing Zi'on here, though she's sharp enough to make the connection once she glances away from the relatives she's conversing with to spy out where the Western bronzerider had gone. Grimacing for Taozyuth's bugle, she can't help but laugh gruffly before making her hasty farewells to the startled folk. Then it's off to the mingling spot to watch, the greenrider trying to edge herself a prime spot at the front or near enough.

Cyrus nods to Kera. He has had a chance to read through most of the files. All of them rather interesting. Xanadu seems to have its share of interesting moments that have happened over the last couple of turns and its likely to stay that way. Job security is a wonderful thing. When the annoucement is made he sort of hangs back off to the side to watch the events unfold.

Idrissa keeps her smile and nods to Zi'on. "I didn't figure you could stick around long." Still the thought that counts and he did come. With a wave she turns and is off towards the others once more. "See you later." Is said back to Zi'on. Once back near the other Weyrlings she peers curiously back to see whom all has showed up seeing how she was gone for those few moments. The interaction between Ka'el and the others is caught, which makes her frown just a touch before there goes the bugle and she is looking off to see what it may have been for.

Standing up at six foot three inches, This man is big, very big and by the look of his tanned skin, he spent a lot of time outside in his earlier days. His blue eyes shine brightly in the middle of square face, just above a strong nose and some parched lips that the man is often found licking and a cascade of white hair frame his face just nicely. Janan is very muscular, with broad shoulders and a strong torso narrowing (just a bit) down to his hips and then his long legs, just as muscular as the rest of his body. For the moment, this man is wearing some lose black pants and a shirt which has the first button taken off.

Standing between Thea and the Weyrlings is N'shen, at his side a table with thirteen wingrider's knots. Beneath each knot is a patch, positioned so that there is no way to tell which wing device is embroidered on each. Beside the table is a young sprite of a girl, a smudge of dirt already decorating one cheek - though at least she managed to keep her pale blue sundress relatively neat. As the Weyrleader steps beside her, she bounces on her feet and he lays a restraining hand on her head. "Settle, Alishe," he murmurs, before raising his voice. "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Xanadu's Weyrling Graduation. Today, thirteen Weyrlings will join the ranks of our wings and take their places among Xanadu's riders. Some will take up transportation duties, others will serve as search and rescue, and a few may even have the dubious pleasure of learning how not to be a diplomat under me. In the interest of moving this along in a timely fashion, I ask that you hold your applause until all of our Weyrlings have received their knots. Without further ado," and he pauses, reaching out to take the knot handed him by his daughter, "I call Soriana."

Someone mutters, "I wouldn't think you'd need to be diplomatic, under him…"

Soriana falls quiet as the speechifying begins. There has to be some amount of speechifying, efficient or not! But it's a very short speech. Barely enough time for her to come to terms with the fact that she's standing here, in Xanadu's meadow, with her fellow weyrlings, that she impressed with, that she's spent so much time with, and now, now… oh wow, now they're all going to graduate and move on and… also, now, her name is being called! Blink. She glances back and forth along the row of those fellow weyrlings, offering them all smiles before… she leaves them. The second blink, the one that comes on the steps, is the one where, shardit, she's not going to have any tears in her eyes. Nope. Not her. And she's going to walk right across that stage, and she is going to smile (oh, she's definitely going to smile, even if it's bittersweet) and come up to N'shen and Thea and accept her knot.

"Soriana joins the ranks of our queens in Nova wing, under Thea," N'shen announces as he offers the knot and the patch to the goldrider with a bright, congradulatory smile. At his side, Alishe bounces and beams at the weyrwoman. "Congratulations, junior weyrwoman." As he sends her on to Thea, he looks back at the table and indicates the next knots. His daughter, brow furrowed with concentration, collects the knots and patches and hands them off to her father. "Xanadu's Galaxy wing is in charge of search and rescue, and plays a vital part in ensuring the safety of Xanadu and her holdings. It requires a brave and stout heart to wear the patch of Galaxy, and it is my honor to welcome M'kal, Ka'el, Jnelle, and Reina to the ranks of Galaxy's wingriders."

Mur'dah applauds while he waits his turn, watching his fellow weyrlings graduate and…weyrlinghood is over. It's with mixed emotions that Mur'dah shifts over, standing closer to his sister.

Waiting beside N'shen, the Weyrwoman watches as Soriana approaches and receives her knot. She's taken one envelope and one of the packages, both of which are handed to the newly-knotted junior, first a hug and a whispered congratulations from the woman as Thea, then a smart salute and a "Welcome to Nova wing Junior Weyrwoman Soriana!" Behind them on the stage, Sorrin is proud enough to burst, most likely and Esiae, well if she's behaving now, don't let that fool you. Something will likely explode randomly later. "Open it later," Thea whispers to Soriana before turning to gather up the next package and envelope.

Ka'el inhales a breath and lets it out slowly. This is the real deal. Official sounding speeches have commenced. Soriana's gone, off marching across the stage to receive her knot to join the ranks of Nova. A weyrwoman … weeeird! He's grinning, though. All he has in him are grins this day, and his eyes turn back to N'shen as he continues. Galaxy. He holds his breath, and when his name is called, it's Kanekith who exhales a trumpeted call of triumph! Raar! "Shhh!" quickly hushes Ka'el. Geeze. He grins crookedly and heads proudly on up with the other new Galaxy members towards the leadership. Lavish Jnelle. Quiet Reina. And longtime friend M'kal. He beams at all of them.
"WOOHOOOO! BRAVO, KA'EL!" from the crowd, a super-proud older brother who is hushed by Xanthius, the tailor. "He said /afterward!/ You're gonna get us kicked out before the party even begins.."

Thea gives hugs, salutes and gifts to each in the order they are called. If M'kal looks nervous? She puts it down to graduation jitters. She knows nothing of his personal life, why would she? Having kept a distance while her own children were in the Weyrling program, she's got a lot of catching up to do. Bwahaha! With his gifts, Ka'el gets a murmured, "Be good to my junior." Warning or well-wishes? Maybe both! All of them get warm, wide smiles. She is so very proud of them.

Soriana accepts the knot and patch from N'shen, and smiles to him. "Thank you," she says, though she's not using the talking-to-crowds voice or speechifying. Is she supposed to? Well, official ceremony or not, she's got to say something. She glances down to little Alishe and smiles to her, too… then continues on to Thea. Smiles, yes, smiles, and a hug - even if that package might dig into Thea's back slightly in the process, because Soriana only has so many hands and far too many things to hold - and then she shifts them all to one hand so she can return the salute. Formal salutes are allowed to have grins with them, right? They'd better be. Maybe it's being up on stage, maybe it's all those beaming faces, but for the moment, Soriana's just… enjoying it. She nods, and… nope. No words. Just a grin as she heads off stage expeditiously (but not rushing) and turns to watch the rest. She takes the last few steps down without really seeing them, her head turned to watch Ka'el. Fortunately she doesn't fall down.

Kera keeps her voice low as she tries to point out people she knows the infirmary has files on to the newly arrived Jrmn Healer as she claps softly. "M'kal might be appearing in the infirmary more to try continue lessons now." She points him out to Cyrus then to another young man. "Ka'el, hasn't had many visit to the infirmary recently. He cheats at games though." She chuckles with an amused shrug. "Soriana doesn't seem accident prone. So I think her file is relatively small."

Cyrus does recognize the names being said. The weyrlings certainly seem to have had an interesting time going through the program. They all survived for one, and no one seems to have seriously injured themselves. By all accounts a sucessful time. He nods to Kera as she takes a few moments to explain various people as they cross the stage.

Except for a little mushroom smoke taking them trippin' but hey…

As each new wingrider approaches, N'shen hands them their knot and patch with a congratulatory smile. And if his gaze lingers a bit longer on M'kal than the rest, well - surely the Weyrleader has reasons that have nothing to do at all with his personal life, right? Right? Ahem. Once Reina heads towards Thea to receive her gift, N'shen clears his throat. "Many consider transport to be a soft job, however, there is more to being a member of Comet wing than simply delivering the mail. A Comet wingrider must be trustworthy and discrete, clever and swift. A transport rider not only must handle sensitive documents, but may be called upon to deliver time-sensitive and vital materials to far-flung holds or even assist in rescue efforts by ensuring that the right personnel are delivered where and when they need to be. It is my pleasure to call Mur'dah, Idrissa, K'asin, Alcas, and T'bor to duty with Comet wing."

This is Kanekith's graduation, too! Remember that, people. He'll remind you, oh yes, as he stretches his wings and cranes his neck and overall tries to get people to look at him as Ka'el crosses the stage. But at least he's not trumpeting anymore, and he settles down once Ka'el is through. "Yes ma'am," is the young bronzer's answer to Thea, soft yet meaningful as he salutes her and probably shakes her hand instead of hugging. And with his gift and badge and knot and all that awesome stuff in tow, he heads off stage, waving to the familiar faces he has in the crowd before departing to make room for Comet! Phew! "Congratulations, junior weyrwoman," is mouthed/whispered to Soriana as he turns to look at the others who are crossing into Comet Wing.

Mur'dah motions for the others to go first, so he can be the last one up onto the stage. Accepting knot and patch, he offers his brother a manly back-thumping hug, and then on to his mother for a kiss and a hug. Graduated. Shards and shells. And Idrissa is in his wing too! That's great! Though he does glance back at his sister once before he crosses over to the other side.

If those steps had been a little more uneven, Soriana might have been giving the healers some work to do! That's the problem with graduating, it's hard to watch your friends while you're doing it. But… at least she can watch the rest, now. She reaches over for Ka'el's hand and gives it a brief squeeze before returning her hand to the important job of not dropping anything… and her eyes and ears, oh, they've the most important job of all! They're watching her friends walk across that stage.

Someone say accident prone? Idrissa can be, though she hasn't managed to get hurt unless one counts the mushrooms along with the few others. She watches as the others go on up to the stage, an if anyone of them looks nervous she does. A glance is sent over the ones that is left with her and then there goes the next wing being called. She'll follow the others on up to the stage, biting down upon her lip to keep herself from being too nervous. Warm smiles are offered to both Thea and N'shen along with a soft thanks. Though she won't linger long on stage unless stopped that is for sure.

What? Where's the 'I'm here to sit on a blanket with you and take you adventuring' amoruosness, Ka'el? Gone in a puff of smoke! The Weyrwoman will snort quietly at the wish to keep her at arm's length, but respect it, allowing him to get away with just a handshake. But she is no less proud of him than she is any of the others. She's ready again with gift and envelope - for Mur'dah first as he approaches. She wipes her eyes though, before giving him a tremulous smile, brightly pleased, bountifully proud. She can't help it - from the blue-dragon suit-wearing tot to this - a full-fledged brownrider! She oofs a little at his hug whispers something to him and then it's to the next, the next and then Idrissa. "Well done," she says warmly to her, the hug offered and given if taken.

Thea mutters to Mur'dah, "Your father… him later?… is…" ("Your father is there, looks hungover but sober. Go see him later? Tharen is around also." to Mur'dah.)

Kera waves to those passing by on stage that she knows, and claps as each is presented with their new knots. When Mur'dah starts up, she grins to Cyrus "That one there I think has doubled his file in the short time I've been assigned here." A couple more pass over the stage before Idrissa is called up. "It may take a while to read through her file. Best I've managed so far is to just scan the highlights." This all said to her Jrmn in a low voice of coarse.

Mur'dah hugs his mother, stiffening slightly at something she says. He murmurs something back to him and then crosses the stage, offering hugs to his former wingmates. "Well, guys…it's been great. Keep in touch, yeah? I'll have a party when my weyr is done. No smoke, I promise."

Mur'dah mutters to Thea. ("He is? Uh. Okay. I love you, Mom.")

Marel is and has been very self-contained for all of the proceedings, applauding politely and not with excess, not even for M'kal or her twin, whose gaze she seeks out as he seeks hers, whatever thoughts she has in the minutes that tick by entirely her own. Her hands knot before her, fingers twisted into awkward shapes, the only outward sign of any worry or concern, her shoulders squared and head held high.

Mur'dah's hug is returned with interest - there might be some cracked ribs in there, somewhere. N'shen's eyes are suspiciously bright as he watches his brother approach their mother and his gaze lingers until the last of the weyrlings wanders off the stage. Clearing his throat sharply, he turns back to the table and the last three knots resting upon it. Alishe gathers them up and hands them to her father, her fingers lingering on one before she passes it over. "It's easy to assume that Quasar wing has it relatively easy - after all, how many situations call for a trained diplomat? Ah," he adds, waggling a finger, "but that's the sticker. Every time a contract is signed, every time a deal is made, every time there is a disruption in the channels, Xanadu Weyr's diplomats must ply their trade. We are the mediators for the holds under our aegis, and we are the first line of defense for the Weyr herself. A Quasar wingrider must be clever and sharp, logical and precise. He or she must be prepared to stand their ground on legal points, and know when to give and when to push. Fortunately, I think our new wingriders will help make up for my own deficits in that regards. Marel, J'myn, Carolin, stand forth and take up your places among Quasar's wingriders." Behind him, his daughter bounces delightedly when her aunt's name is called.

Ka'el laughs…no wait, he's supposed to be quiet. No laughing! So he smirks at Mur'dah. "Hey, Comet Wing, you're not movin' to outer space, an' neither am I or any've us. .. Shards, we're neighbors" he says in a whisper, his grin bright. "We'll still be together!" Ish. Just not doing drills and such together. Or taking tests (hooray!). He glances back to the stage. But hey, they're not all done yet! Marel's still over there, and Carolin and J'myn. He looks over at the other twin, his caveman tamer. Then to N'shen as he begins again. What's left? Oh…oh yeah. Quasar! "Perfect. That's perfect for Marel."

Oh, there's that bittersweet. Soriana nods to Mur'dah, returning his hug with a warm squeeze (hopefully that box isn't easily crushable) and nodding again after. Her lips quirk wryly. "You know where to find me." Being a junior weyrwoman. It's a role that spends more time around the Weyr (and in the office!) than most. Yay for being easy to find? The stage draws her attention again, and Marel's assignment gets an approving nod. "It is," she agrees with Ka'el, and… yeah. The grin's returning as sweet predominates.
Mur'dah grins, applauding and whistling, loud and /obnoxious/ for his twin. "That's perfect for her. Have you seen her weyr? It's…perfect. Yes."

Idrissa offers a smile to Mur'dah and then to the others that she is now standing next to. A soft chuckle escapes her and she nods to Mur'dah. "I'll offer to help, but just make sure there is no fire around." One time was plenty after all. She looks back to the others as they are put into Quasar wing, she smiles and nods agreeing with those placements like the others.

Where others might bolt up onto the stage, Marel remains standing perfectly still when her name is called, fingers knotting all the more tightly as she forces herself to exhale. Could she have possibly convinced herself in the past minutes that she was going to be left behind? Feet finally move into action and she makes to head up onto the stage to meet N'shen and Thea, though she gives a tiny little wave to Alishe, she's still almost painfully composed as she heads to collect her knot, as if she doesn't quite know how to play it - whether she should continue to be so formal in-front of all these people or dare not to. Maybe she's inadvertently proving herself right for her new wing. In the end, she settles for a smile edged with relief more than anything.

Thea watches as the remaining three approach, but let's face it. She's got eyes only for Marel while she's knotted. Aaaand here go the tears again! Her throat is tight but her smile is wide and fiercely proud. Of course her handkerchief is damp but who cares? She's able to keep from losing it completely while her only daughter is knotted. She keeps the box and envelope until after the hug this time - if it's not avoided, kissing Marel's cheek if she doesn't duck away from it and whispering, "I know you'll do well, and I hope you'll be very happy. You let us know if you're not, okay?" Trying to hold her daughter's eyes with mock sternness, to not 'just soldier through' if she's not. She's in N'shen's wing - who wouldn't be happy with that? The others, of course are offered the same - hugs and salutes before she looks to N'shen, flushed and triumphant. They're all full riders.

Thea mutters to Marel, "Your… didn't… miss… he's sober,… looking… for… wear…. him… Tharen… here… the crowd…" ("Your father is here watching. I didn't think he'd miss this. I'm pretty sure he's sober, though he's looking worse for the wear. Go see him later? Tharen is here as well… in the crowd somewhere.")

Mur'dah reaches out his hand toward his twin once she moves down the stage, leaning over to murmur and then point to a few various folks in the crowd. "We need to go, but…go with me?" he whispers, not so muted that the rest of their classmates can't hear.
As the last of Quasar's newest riders goes to meet with Thea, N'shen rubs a hand over his throat, his gaze lingering briefly on his sister before he looks back out over the crowd. "Please join me in congratulating Xanadu Weyr's newest wingriders!" Short, sweet, and to the point - and he begins the applause by clapping his own hands together before him. As the crowd joins in, he glances towards the Weyrwoman and jerks his head towards the dance floor. Time to get the party started, indeed!

Kera continues her murmured commentary to Cyrus, grinning at a few things she relays to the older healer. When Marel is called up, the girl frowns a bit with a small shake of her head "I think her file is small, thankfully she doesn't seem to take after her brother in /that/ regard at least." She claps for the newest annouced riders, her attention darting quickly to a group of excited weyrfolk who start clapping wildly.

"Is it alright to whoop and holler now?" asks the usually poised Kei'lan to his blondie companion. Xanthius eyes the situation. "Wait for it.." he advises, looking to the Weyrleader. Waait for it…. A-ha! He nods. "Now you may act like a fool."
"WOOOP! CONGRATULATIONS RIDERS!" Kei'lan applauds and whoops and hollers, eyes keying in on his brother, who he hollers loudest of all for. Oy…brothers!

Marel has few qualms about hugging her mother whilst up on the stage, her embrace suddenly becoming tighter at not her first words, but the others that go mostly unheard by others, her head lifting from Thea's shoulder to warily scan the crowd. "I promise," she tells her when she draws back from their hug, awkwardly balancing box and envelop as she reaches to grasp at one of her mother's hands. That's for the not soldiering on; she's too hesitant about the rest to form proper words about that. Another crack forms in her facade and, before she leaves the stage, she flings her arms around N'shen and then promptly bolts before she can get embarrassed about anyone staring at her as she does so. She's a little unsteady on the steps and so all but falls against Mur'dah as he reaches for her hand, uttering a hushed, "…Must we?" Not that very second - that she'll spend clapping for her former wingmates.

Soriana smiles to Marel as she comes off the stage, but it's a brief one before she looks away, back up onto the stage. Huh. It's just got the weyrleadership, now, because… graduation is over. It's time for them to applaud for… well, not themselves, but each other. They can definitely applaud for each other… and she does!

Mur'dah catches his twin easily, and nods. "Yeah, we have to," he says quietly, glancing around again. No, not that very second, but soon, and he's /not/ going without her.

Ka'el laughs and applauds with everyone else, the same grin he had when he walked across stage refusing to leave his face. They're graduates. Riders! He seeks out his brother within the sea of faces out there, and he waves to both him and Xanthius, rolling his eyes exaggeratedly. And then he claps for his friends that he's surrounded by while glancing at his new know a bit .. surreally. He's a rider? Yeesh. He's a rider! And so is everyone else. And one's a weyrwoman! And when would be a good time to get a drink because this day can only get better with food and ale!

Thea's fingers squeeze back to Marel's grip, "He loves you still as best he can," she whispers past the lump in her throat. It's hard to let her go and for a moment she gazes after her, then recalls herself to pass out those remaining gifts, hugs and salutes. Then she's clapping briskly with the Weyrleader, proud, so proud (did she say proud?) and happy. Her gestures a hand in an airy, 'go party-hearty' to them all with a great big grin on her face. Then she'll accept N'shen's arm and head to the dancefloor for that first formal dance and make the rounds, congratulating and being congratulated for a class of riders joined to Xanadu.

The gifts:

In the envelope are two gift cards - one worth a five mark piece ($100 US) good for any of the establishments - both dining and shops at Ierne. The other enables a free three day stay at Ierne's finest Inn with meals included - the swank Weeping Willow. Both are signed in the formal signature of Xanadu's Weyrleaders and stamped by the Steward authorizing the transfer of funds to cover them.

In the boxes - each gift is identical - a heavy glass snowglobe with 13 tiny baby dragons just emerging from cracked shells upon a bed of pink sand - each of the colors corresponds to the clutch this group impressed. On the base of the globe written in gold script: Sahazyth and Orionth's clutch and the date of the hatching.

Partying continues here

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