The Short Part's Not All Bad...

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

The sky overhead is a clear blue, with puffy little clouds drifting along, and the sun is bright. Altogether, it's one of those spring days that bring the promise of a summer to come, and that promise is what has brought Soriana to the beach. Surely the water's getting warm again? The snow's certainly melted, why can't the waves catch up with the program? She's hopeful, but she does have a shade of realism, and that's why she has a blanket draped over one shoulder, just in case she starts to freeze. On the other shoulder perches her tunnelcat, and he chirps cheerily to her as she hops her way down the stair.

Wandering up along the beach with her Green, K'as has a light blue tunic on and a simple pair of form fitting breeches on. Her shoes are slung over her shoulder and she walks barefoot along the beach. She eyes the water wistfully. "Hmmm." she vocalises.

Idrissa has followed along with Soriana down to the beach like normal. A yawn escapes her and hand lifts to rub across her eyes a moment. "Maybe I should have taken a nap instead of wandering the beach." Her boots are off and off somewhere near the steps to keep them from getting wet. A large silver-tanish color dog is a few steps ahead of the two girls, his nose sniffing around over the wet sand. Soon enough Asher has caught a scent of someone new and is troting off heading towards where K'as happens to be!

Soriana laughs to Idrissa. "Nah. There'll be plenty of time for sleep later!" she says. Isn't that always the way of it, when you're young? She grins, then looks to Asher as the canine goes heading off. "Oh, huh…" she says, and peers off in that direction to see… a dragon! And also a rider. She hmmms, considering, but neither looks familiar… at least from this distance. "C'mon, let's make sure Asher doesn't get into trouble…" she says, and heads off after the dog.

A dog huh? K'as isn't so sure about the canine persuasion and so she stops and moves over to Helheakth's side and moves to slide up on her dragon's foreleg. "Well, hmm." She looks down at the perhaps now arrived canine. "No, Helheakth. Just a strange dog is sometimes.." She gives a soft laugh. "Okay yes, I'm scared of dogs, hush." She says, pushing against the side of her dragon as she sits comfotable up from the canine below.

Idrissa peers after Asher and errs softly. "Do you know that rider?" Is questioned while looking worridly after her canine and she quickens her steps. "Asher, come back." She calls out to the door. Asher pauses while tilting his head a soft wruff offerd to both dragon and rider, tail wagging about but at the voice calling his name he turns and trods back towards Sori and his owner.
Helheakth's rider, huh? At least, if Soriana overheard that right… well either way, definitely not someone she recognizes. She shakes her head to Idrissa, then continues on a bit and offers the rider a cheerful wave. "Hallo!" she calls up, while the ferret on her shoulder peers fearlessly up at the green dragon and chirrups!

K'as eyeballs the dog for a few more moments and then slides back down off of Helheakth's foreleg. "Hello!" She calls out in a cheery, chipper voice. She's rather short for a fully grown woman.. barely five feet tall. "How're you? I'm K'as, of Western. Greetings and all of that." She says. "This is Helheakth."

Kale is here…for intel. Indeed! The idea sparked by conversation with Idrissa sounds more and more plausible (and more and more fun!) the more the teen thinks about it. And, like many other things in life, the key to a successful anything is planning! Gathering information! Intel. He trots onto the sand holding his notebook, his hammer, which is becoming a usual accessory, hanging from a beltloop. As he trods down the sands, he's already making notes, though is paused by the sight of a large dragon down the way. Ooh, dragon. He glances lift and right before angling his walk that way.

Idrissa takes hold of Asher's collar once the large dog is back by her side, the over grown pup is clearly curious of the new rider and dragon but he will listen! "Hello!" Is offered back with a friendly tone, though she makes sure to keep her distance seeing how she has Asher and the new rider didn't seem to eager to see a dog bounding up to her!

"Oh, I'm good!" answers Soriana with a smile. "I'm Soriana, and this is Idrissa." She waves a hand back to indicate the other girl. "Both of Xanadu. It's nice to meet you, K'as, Helheakth." Rider and dragon both get a polite nod. The approaching Kale gets a glance and a grin, but then she returns her attention to the greenrider. "Western, huh? Congratulations on the hatching!" She grins. "So what brings you to Xanadu?"

"Oh thanks.. Not my Hatching of course." K'as grins, teasingly. "You can come closer, honest. I wont bite as long as he doesn't." She nods to the dog, giggling a bit. "It's nice to meet you both. Oh, just to relax. Long sevenday of work, so I thought I'd just pop over and see what was going on." Helheakth leans over and eyeballs both the two ladies who are close and wuffs air at each, giving a little draconic hello.

Dragons are biiig. Scary? Eh…he's not going to use that word, but they sure are large. And this one is a green! Kale's approach slows considerably the closer he gets to the trio and dragon (and dog and tunnelcat!), waving a hand to them all. "Good day!" he offers as he rolls his notebook up and stuffs it into a back pocket of his trousers. "..No risk bein' eaten if I come closer, eh? Figure I'll ask…jus' to be careful. No offense to you or your dragon," said with a grin.

"He won't, promise." Idrissa offeres to the comment of her dog biting. "Might slobber you to death.." She glances over and smiles to Kale while giving him a wave back. Her bright gaze turns back to the rider and dragon and she smiles while nodding and moves a closer, a slight finger wiggle of a wave offered to the dragon. "Hello K'as, Helheakth." She doesn't seem at all fearful of the dragon. "She's beauiful." Which is directed to the green, well Rissa thinks just about any animal dragon, dog or runner is beautiful or cute so her friends most likely arn't surprized!

Soriana laughs at the 'of course', and nods. In a teasing tone of her own, she replies, "If it had been, the dragonhealers would want to take a very close look at Helheakth." She grins up to the green, her hair further tousled by dragonbreath. Kale gets a grin, but his hesitation gets a roll of her eyes. Sure, dragons are big, but they're so very harmless. …Quick, which of these teens was born to a dragonrider? Yeah, that's right, it's Sori. Though you'd get half credit for guessing Rissa.

"Oh no.. no.. she only eats boys after she's gone up on a flight." K'as says, grinning mischeviously towards Kale before she nods towards Idrissa and Soriana. "OH now you've gone and done it." Helheakth huffs at her rider and crooons softly towards Idrissa and leans her head down for skritches. LOVE ME! She practicaly begs.. "Really Hel?" She huffs and climbs up over the Dragon's head. "You are so vain." She does give her dragon a hug as she passes over and lands down onto the ground, wobbling towards Soriana's direction. "Woooah!"

Hey. Soriana isn't going to roll her eyes the day she mets the /one/ dragon with the /one/ rider who's not so harmless .. and she gets eaten. He'll have his I told you so's ready .. even though she'll be dragon meat and won't be around to…tell so. K'as's comment inspires a smirk from Kale, who lifts his hand to rub at the back of his neck. "Good ta know.." he remarks, grinning as he indeed joins the other within dragon chomping range. But the longer he watches Helheakth, the more unlikely it seems that she chomps down on anything! Human wise, anyway. What a big pup! The rider's dismount earns applause from the teen. "Bravo!"

Idrissa doesn't worry about being fearful of dragon anymore! Now get her around a gold or a bronze an she will be more cautious as well, here HUGE, no hat the green here is small mind you. An after working wih runners so much big animals don't worry her as much as it perhaps should. Amusement is clearly seen in her green gaze as Helheakth lowers her head down, and she giggles while lifting her hands to scrtich and pet across the greens head. "Aww, its alright. I love giving dragons scritches. Especially beautiful ones." This said whie she winks. An for once Rissa doesn't seem that shy, maybe because K'as isn't from this Weyr. Or maybe being tired has overrided her skyness switch! Asher has flopped down a good distance behind the people and the dragon and a yawn escapes the pup, someone seems tired.

Soriana grins as Helheakth goes for the lovin', and reaches out to pet at the green's neck as Idrissa provides affection to the big creature's head. "A dragon must look her best," she says, and grins. Nope, these girls aren't helping with the green's vanity, but hey. Why should they? As Soriana hangs around and is dull, Inkfoot scrambles down off her shoulder and scampers around the dragon's feet as he sniffs around in the sand.

"Thanks." K'as offers to Kale as Helheakth just laps up the attention. "Oh Faranth.." She looks at her dragon. "Really?" She shakes her head back and forth slowly. "I wonder about you sometimes." She offers, her eyes flicking towards the grouping. "So going to swim? I was thinking about it, but I have no idea how cold the water is." She eyeballs her dragon. "Don't even think about it."

Kale somehow refrains from dragon patting, though the large beast does get an amiable grin from him. Hopefully she takes no offense to his lack of contact. Hs eyes turn to the water as swimming is mentioned, and he ohs, as if remembering his purpose here. "Not I," he says as he seizes his notebook from his pocket again, uncurling it. "I'm here on business, but I wouldn' put it past Soriana an' Idrissa to be here to swim. I think they're part dolphin," he says with a sage nod.

Idrissa has little problem going on petting and scritching at the green's head. A soft chuckle escapes her and she places a soft pat against Helheakth's head. "The water is warm enough for a swim. Well at least it was for Mikal the other day." She smiles at Kale and eyes him playful like. "I could get Asher to drag you into the water so you can find out?" This questioned with an amused tone. "Well I did sorta grow up on a beach."

Soriana looks out to the waters, and frowns. "Well. Last restday, it was still pretty frigid," she admits. But hope springs eternal! Maybe, in the last few days, it's suddenly turned warm again. Maybe. At Idrissa's comment about Mikal, she just snorts. "Only because Dillum was egging him on. I saw him shiver." Inkfoot, meanwhile, meanders over to Asher and dook-chirps! up at the canine.

"Oh that wouldn't be good." A pause. "My Suit is far more of the warm kind of variety." K'as giggles at the small gathering. "Which means not a lot of cloth and a whole lot of exposed skin." She winks. "Which would cause me to shiver my prodigious booty off."

"Ha, you can't get Asher to do anything to me," Kale retorts with a smug expression, arms crossing. "Plus, he fancies me well enough. He wouldn't do me harm at all. Probably, he'd slobber all over ya jus' for tryin' to make him do somethin' so foul to someone as kind as me." He tasks and shakes his head, doing his best to hide a grin, but utterly failing. "Mikal was swimmin' when spring barely started," he snickers to Soriana. "He may be part seacreature too." At K'as's comment, he grins a bit. "At least you wear a suit."

Idrissa ahs softly as she hears Kale, alright so he sorta does have a point about Asher! The dog peers tiredly at Inkfoot, a soft 'wruff' escapes him, tail smacking against the ground. Rissa looks over to Sori and then the water humming. "I guess that makes sense about the water, I can't imagen Mikal telling anyone now when it comes to betting." She will be staying dry thank you!.. Well if she has a thought on the matter.. Asher can always be 'talked' into other things..

"Nah, worse. Mikal's a boy," Soriana says to Kale, despite his also being part of the Male Gender, and ignoring his other comments. She grins, continuing to pet the green dragon, and laughs to Idrissa. "He's bad's a Bitran." She nods about the cold. "Might be smarter to wait." A moment, while she tries to remember bits of lessons and overheard gossip. "Isn't Western in a tropical zone, anyway?"

"Well, modesty is for visiting." K'as offers. "I don't know about going naked on a public beach..might cause a stir." K'as offers, laughing before she nods. "Yeah, but it has winters just like here. Not as cold.. not like Fort." She grumbles at the very mention of that word. "Plus I'm used to Western.. "

"Aye. It /may/ cause a stir, eh?" Kale agrees, elevating his voice a little and pointedly eyeing Soriana. For whatever reason. Hmm! He cracks a small grin. "An' what do you mean it's worse because he's a boy? Uh…" he gestures to himself from head to toe, pointing out the fact that he is too! "If it's better for ya, I can stop seekin' you out as much? I don't wish to bother you with uh…all've my boyishness." Because that's a real word! At the mentioning of K'as being from Western Weyr, he ohs. "That's why y'look unfamiliar. Are ya here makin' deliveries?"

Idrissa points at Kale. "It would cause more of a stir with him." She says with an amused tone. Alright, maybe with her too. A glance is sent to Kale. "boyishness?.." A faint chuckle escapes her and she shakes her head. Asher is busy sniffing at Inkfoot, trying to go nose-to-nose with the ferret, HI is what the dog seems to be saying!

Soriana just grins to Kale, and sticks out her tongue. Boys! So unreasonable. "I'll forgive you," she tells him. All this nonsense about appropriate beach wear just makes her shake her head, grinning. Inkfoot, meanwhile, is playing tag with Asher's nose. At least, that's presumably what he'd call it - bouncing in to nose, darting back out of the held dog's range, and just generally being a brat!
"Well I think I'll keep from embarassing anyone." A shake of her head to Kale.
"No, just visiting." K'as says, reaching up and combing her fingers through her hair. "I'm cursed with being too short with too many curves.." A pause. "And no, it's not a benefit.. my back kills me all the time." She huffs, sticking a tongue out at the trio impishly.

Kale makes a face at Idrissa. Boyishness is totally a word! … now. Mwuaha. He looks back to K'as now, apparently interested to hear a little about the other Weyr and why she's here. Just visiting? Xanadu? "Too bad y'didn't visit a little while ago," he says, brightening a bit. "We had a dance. Y'might've liked it," he says, trailing off there as he considers her backache comment. He watches her a moment, seemingly not connecting the dots. It takes him a moment, but…oooooh, now he gets it! He glances at her chest (well, /she/ brought it up!) then glances away with a grin. Er. Not a grin. Hide the grin! "Oh." That's all he has to say about that. Boyishness indeed.

Idrissa grins as she looks to Soriana and Kale, she soon enough looks over to K'as and titls her head not seeming fuly sure what she could possible mean. Though soon enough Rissa blinks and she ohs as well. At least she isn't staring at the rider's chest like a certain person! "Ya the dance was sorta nice." For a dance an all.. Asher sniffsniffs out at Inkfoot, a forepaw lifting to shake and poke at the ferret!

Oh, the dance. Sori glances to Kale and smiles at the mention of that, then back to K'as. "Well, the being short part's not all bad, at least. You… don't hit your head as often!" Okay, so maybe she's stretching (hah!) but whatever. The girl grins, and gives the dragon another few scritches to fill time while her ferret wraps himself around the canine's paw and wrassles fiercely.

K'as laughs. "Leave it to a lad to stare." K'as teases, "Ah, I've had them since I was young.. I've gotten used to them mostly." A pause and a look of horror. "Just hope I don't get pregnant ever." She giggles. "It wouldn't be so bad if I was taller, but." She huffs, patting herself on the head. "Nope.. not growing anymore." A frump. "Oh, that would of been fun." She giggles. "You could stack two of me on top of each other and I couldn't hit m'head." She laughs softly.

Stare? Who's staring? Definitely not Kale! … er, anymre anyway. But this is an interesting topic! Although a certain wingleader may disagree, Kale has no interest whatsoever in pregnancies or making babies, but her comment sparks curiosity. What'll happen if ya were with child?" he asks, glancing from girl to girl to… girl to… dragon girl. Wait a second. How is it that he's always surrounded by womenfolk? "Oh! Wait I understand. You'd topple over from all the frontside weight, eh?" Big bossoms plus big belly equals and fallen women. Heheh. "Well perhaps your dragon'll help keep ya upright. You could jus' ride her everywhere an' never get off."

Idrissa peers over at Asher and Inkfoot, her canine squealing out slightly as his paw is grabbed and caught by the wrapping of the ferret. One would think the ferret is /killing/ the huge dog. A soft oy escapes Rissa but she looks back to K'as and Soriana, how did this conversation get started.. Well you know the conversationa about back aches, and getting pregnant an so forth. She looks to Kale and figures it must be his fault, well he is a boy! An let us not bring up stuff about certain wingleaders, yes? A glance is sent towards Kale, whom she just peers at. "You can totally smack him if you want.." This said to K'as while she grins.

Soriana laughs about the question of pregnancy. "Well, just keep takin' long hops between, and that problem takes care of itself. Otherwise… well, one'f the greenriders here had /triplets/ after her dragon rose!" Sori's eyes widen, just to express how seriously weird and practically unthinkable that is. It's totally babies! She, too, nods her gracious agreement that Kale can be freely smacked.

"I might, I might," K'as says before she stretches some and rubs her nose. "Well, since we're not going to go swimming, I think I'm going to head on into get something to drink. You are welcome to join me, of course?" K'as offers, holding her hand up and fanning it towards Kale like she's going to smack him, but she laughs. "He's a lad, he's thinking with the wrong body part." She teases as she looks to the trio.

"Heeey," protests Kale at the smacking comment, giving Idrissa a glared look. What'd he do? It's a real problem, isn't it? Poor unbalanced big chested pregnant women! It's probably an epidemic that he doesn't know about. He looks to K'as, as if making sure he hasn't really offended her in some way. There's a smack coming his way! He ducks a bit, but seeing that it's just a feint, he grins and straightens. "You all think so little've me! I'm thinkin' with my brain parts, is all." Really! He hasn't even looked at K'as's chest in like .. two minutes. And, to show that his mind isn't /solely/ on bosoms, he opens up his notebook and jots down some things. Hopefully about beach parties and not about chest sizes. "Good day to ya, Miss," he offers the departing rider, grinning.

Idrissa grins at Kale all innocent like. "You can't figure out that what you said might be..bad?" Oh yes she KNOWS that look! "Think about what you said and your see why we suggested the smacking." She grins and nods to K'as. "Well I suppose so. An thanks for the invite but perhaps next time. Have a good stay." A slight wave seen and she peers at Kale trying to see what he was scribbling down..

Ferrets is fierce! Especially Inkfoot. He chirrup-dooks and wrestles with the big dog, before suddenly flopping back onto the sand and staring up at Asher. Chirp! he says. Soriana, meanwhile, laughs and shakes her head at Kale being… well… a boy. See? This is why Boy is worse than Sea Creature. …and yet, strangely, also compelling. They're so weird. Seriously. At the invite to come for a drink, she glances to her friends, but… well, if they're sticking here, so's she. She grins cheerfully and waves instead.

Kale leeeeeans away from Idrissa and hides his scribbles, as if what he's jotting down is super secret stuff! Which it isn't, but he can always pretend. He snaps his book closed and smirks at her. "Nothin' I said wasn't true," he says smugly. "It isn't my fault women get … distorted when with child." Better them than him! He gives K'as one last wave before she's gone and then looks back to his friends. "I'll share my notes with you two when they're ready. Not ready yet, so you'll have to wait."

Idrissa smirks while peering at Kale and gives up trying to find out what he is writing! "I'll find out later.." She points out with a slight grin. Hearing Kale she smirks slightly before leaning over and gives him a hug! "Distorted huh? Your all caring words there Kale, one of a kind poet.. Ever though about being a Harper?" Ok well NOT really! As soon as Inkfoot lets go Asher is up on his paws and racing off the other direction. Idrissa just blinks as she watches before a sigh escapes her. "I better go grab him.. At least he is heading back towards teh Weyr." A slight wave is sent to the two.

"There's true, and then there's what's smart to say aloud," says Soriana to Kale with a grin. Not that she's any good at the distinction herself, but that doesn't mean she can't lecture him about it! As Asher darts off, Inkfoot takes a few bounds after him, then decides… nah. He's got more important, ferretier things to do! Like… scamper back to Sori and chirrup to be picked up, which she does after waving to Idrissa. "Good luck!" she calls to the other girl, then gives her own pet a scritching. "And when're you going to be ready, huh?"

Kale is hugged! "Don't you know that I"m a harper on my rest days?" he teases as he's squeezed. "But shhh, tell no one. I've a secret name I go by an' costume an' everything. No one knows who I am." He grins once he's released, and then there goes Asher, bounding off! "See you!" he says to her, waving. "Ya need to train your canine to stop runnin' off an' leavin' you in the dust!" Heh heh. to Soriana he makes a face, nose wrinkled and eyes crossed. "Wasn't my fault she brought up her bosom and pregnancies! I hadn't even noticed it…them..whatever til she said it," he says, with eyes still crossed. "They /were/ a bit large, eh?"

Oh, sure, Kale. Pretend you didn't hear the question about when you'll be ready. Soriana sees how it is. Hmph! And, boylike, return to the subject of breasts. Such boyishness! "Well, yeah," she does say, because it is true, then grins. "You're just lucky you're in a weyr now and not back at a hold, or she /woulda/ smacked you for sure." Well. Not that the subject would have come up, but anyways.

XD Kale's player apparently went blind at that part of your pose and didn't see the question! But yes, he doesn't answer…cuz he's being secretive and such about party plans. Or, perhaps he has no plans at all! Or he just has his head filled with images of women's chests, who knows. "If I was back at a hold, I wouldnt've even /said/ anything about chests," he admits with a snicker. "I think weyr life is changin' me. I don' know if it's a good or bad change yet, though."

Soriana laughs, and nods. "Bound t'be good. I mean…" she waves her hands in a 'just look around' sort of gesture. It'd be more impressive in other areas, perhaps, but… oh, look! Way down the shore, almost out of sight! There's a green dragon cuddled under the wing of a blue, their riders nowhere to be seen. See? There's dragons and stuff here, it's all good. Full of improvements! Or something. Also, on further consideration, that water is definitely looking on the cold side. No swimming for her yet. It is a nice day, though. So! "Y'wanna go see if anyone's up for a game of kickball?"

Ah, definitely a good change! Kale follows her gaze waaaay down yonder to those dragons on the beath. "Yeah, guess you're right." Plus. Being on the weyr has gotten him (almost) used to all sorts of things! Like swimming with nude girls. Talking about breasts. Being accused of adultery. Oh yes, fun times! And kickball is just going to make things that much more fun! With his plans stuffed away in his pocket now, he nods. "Aye, an' prepare to get your arse /whooped/" he goads, rubbing his hands together in a diabolical way. Mwuahaha! "Let's go. Last time a bunch've us were playin' in the clearing."

So many fun things to do, not do, contemplate doing, think about doing and then get cold feet, almost do, would have done except for attacking wingleaders, might yet do around the weyr! Truly the world is full of possibilities, and soon, if these two get their way… kickball! Soriana laughs. "Says you!" she retorts to Kale, and starts on up the stairs two and sometimes three at a time. All they need now is the rest of a pair of teams! Or, y'know, they'll improvise.

Also, a ball. That would be useful.

Kale has balls.

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