Cabin Fever

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

It is early evening in Xanadu, the infirmary for once quiet, a lull in the activity that usually hums about the place during the day has quieted and the lights have been dimmed. There is but one Healer sitting at the far end of the room, working on some paperwork and by the look on his face, he's ticked, studiously ignoring Thea, who is sitting up in one of the cots looking mutinous herself. She's propped up against pillows against that headboard, her arms folded, fingers tapping, dark brows lowered over icy-green eyes that are staring holes in that healer. Above her clinging to that headboard is Ruin, eyes fixed upon his person with a delight, soaking up her ire with pleasure. Not happy, is this weyrwoman, it's plain to see. Her silent message? Not. Sleeping.

Phylicia has only just arrived at Xanadu a little earlier in the day, leaving the young teenager a bit out of sorts which is obvious by her tentative steps around the Weyr. She sticks her head into the infirmary, two large manuals clutched to her chest as if for protection as she shuffles in, peering at an occupied bed here or there, her honeyed complexion paling just slightly as she sets eyes on the glaring Thea. "S..Sir..?" She tries gently, turning her attention to that healer sitting at the desk.

A puff of cool air and a spritely cheep announces the arrival of Sigam's blue firelizard, Calelir. The teeny beast backwings once, twice, and then lands himself neatly on Thea's headboard. Blue-green eyes are whorling, mist-laced neck stretching out so he can better eye the human. Chaa! The noise is close enough to Sigam's barking laugh that she'll hopefully get his message - the Dragonhealer is coming! The Dragonhealer is coming! One if by land, two if by sea!! … Wait, what? Nevermind. Mere moments after the appearance of Calelir, Sigam scurries into the Infirmary, looking rather harried. His eyes flick immediately to the healer's desk but, spying the unhappy man and Phylicia instead of the quibbling matron that'd tended him, he seems to relax. "Hi." Matching the general aura of the Infirmary, the Dragonhealer keeps his voice quiet, ignoring the glare he's probably getting as he approaches her bed. "You doing okay?"

Rei is at the infirmary finishing up the last of her duties, which involves picking up some first aid kits for the weyrling barracks. The box they've provided for her though is a bit too large and she can't see where she's going over the top of it. Instead, she's relying on Geo, her flat-nosed bronze, to navigate for her. And he's doing one heck of a job, taking a nap on top of Rei's head. There's a bit of a grunt from Rei as she bumps into a wall, and nearly tumbles into Phylicia. "Oop, sorry!" The greenrider decides to set the box down for now and peeks into the room as well. "Thea?"

A fair of four firelizards precede the arrival of the young brown rider. They find perches near Calelir on the beds and chitter at him, is there anymore snow? M'nol looks haggard, but mostly happy. He grins at Thea, ignoring any dark look she might shoot his way, and settles on a nearby cot, offering her a cup of klah, "How ya doin', Thea? I put Faraeth freshly numbed to bed a li'tle while 'go and though' I'd check in on ya."

The Healer lifts his head at the sound of Phylicia's call, his face clearing not one bit - he's a grouch tonight, thanks to Thea. He beckons the girl forward with a little hand motion, eyeing her manuals. Thea, flicks a glance at Phylicia herself with a brief nod, but her beef isn't with the girl so her eyes swing back to that Healer. Stare-glare. It's not workiiiiiing!!! (he's ignoring her, in otherowrds). As firelizards abound at Xanadu, a blue firelizard flittering in doesn't distract Thea from trying to pin the healer into *Between* with her eyes. But Ruin, on the other hand, growls at Calelir as he lands on the headboard that the bronze has claimed as his personal throne to reign over his kingdom of misery. Thea is distracted by a familiar voice, a turn of her head releases the unfortunate healer so she can return Sigam's greeting. Her glower fades, but her tone is vexed, "Better. Slept all last night and all day today." There's a pause, "Why'd ya dump me in here?" She nods at Rei with a tired, "Yeah? Hi Rei." The arrival of four more chittering firelizards has the weyrwoman scrunching down in bed just a bit with a slight grimace and a mumbled, "Do they never sleep?" But she can't be grouchy with the Weyrling. He brought her klah! She accepts it with a grateful half-smile. "He's doing better?"

A high pitched squeak emits from Phylicia's mouth as she's nearly run over by Rei, but manages to quickly scuttle out of the way. "Sorrysorry!" She manages to get out without getting run over again. "Do … you need some help?" She ventures further to the older woman, healer manuals still clutched close to her chest, but a quick glance back at the seated Healer makes her put the manuals down on the edge in a clear space. "They told me t'put my things away…" She starts off with an explaination "… but didn't tell me what t'do afterwards." There's a small amount of whine in her voice. Aw, the poor lost apprentice. The sudden amount of flurry in the infirmary is noted with a startled blink and look-around. Ye gads, invasion!

Calelir gives Ruin a withering look that plainly says 'I will eat your bones and toss your hide to the crustaceans.' The blue gets what he wants, and right now, he wants this perch! The bronze can either share or fight him for it, he expresses through a soft hiss. "Cal, be nice," Sigam chides, but there's no real intent to stop the blue - he already doesn't like Thea's bronze. To Thea he says, "I'm glad to hear that. You definitely needed it." A glance is spared for Rei as she makes a spectacular bump into the wall, but before he can offer aid, Phylicia has set down her manuals. Sigam shrugs and returns his attention to the 'sickie.' "You fainted in the Annex. What did you expect me to do, take you home with me?" A disbelieving eyebrow is arched, lips scrunched off to one side in a 'yeah right' expression. It clears into a real smile as M'nol appears with a cup of klah for Thea, one hand reaching out to tousle the boy's hair if he'll allow. "Hey, kiddo. Takin' good care of Farry, hm?"

Rei giggles a bit to Phylicia. "Oh! Um, maybe a little later? I think I might enlist M'nol to help me haul some of these back though, thanks. I told them a few first aid kits.. apparently they think the weyrlings are going to be attacking each other during lessons or something." She slides in towards Thea. At least her strange bronze wasn't awake, otherwise he might be collecting a pile of scalpels or something. After fluffing the weyrwoman's pillows, she eyes all the healers and leans in to whisper to her. "So… what have they got you in for?" You would think this is prison or something, the way she's asking. But then Sigam goes and clears it up for her. "Ooh. Maybe you should take it easy for a bit, hm?"

M'nol gives an honest grin to Thea and Sigam both, allowing the latter to ruffle his hair before nodding, "Yeah, he's doin' much better. I've been takin' him down t' bathe in th' sea an' putting th' numbweed on like ya said an' it seems to be feeling better." Agate and Bloodstone both give a series of chirps to Ruin and Calelir, clearly saying 'we're all friends here.' M'nol gives Rei a sidelong glance, "Firs' aid kits?"

Thea's eyes flick to the squeaking apprentice, a brief smile of mild amusement curves her lips. She's seen this reaction from newcomers a lot, likely, so Phylicia is assumed to be such. "Welcome to Xanadu, I'm Thea." As look towards that Healer at the desk shows her he's busy ignoring the lot of them. Yep, he's peeved. Ruin hisses back to Calelir, ignores the other firelizards and launches himself to find a higher perch. Thea sighs and eyes him, "Don't know why he didn't just go wild." Then she raises her mug to sip, eyes moving to Sigam and she spurts her mouthful of klah as his question. The vestiges of the scowl completely disappear as she snickers, wiping the droplets off her lips with the back of her hand. "You could've dropped me off at my place." Her voice actually has a slight whine to it! Her pillows get fluffed, Rei's attentions receive a small smile, "Hey thanks, Rei." A look darted towards that Healer and she mutters her rebellious answer, "Keeping me a shardin'prisoner, for rest!" She listens to M'nol, nodding at his recital of Faraeth's care. "Glad he's doing better."

Phylicia seems to be stuck behind Rei at this point in time, the woman grabbing her attention and thus gets pulled into the small crowd around Thea. Which is just as well, considering the Healer has turned his cold shoulder to even her. For the time being the young girl just stands there like the quiet observer she can be sometimes, hanging just a few feet back from Rei, not really standing close to the bed. Her face tells others that she's a bit intrigued, but uncertain what to do about it.

Sigam watches, curious, as Calelir gives a snort of good riddance and then waddles along the headboard, trilling quietly to his friends. Don't worry, he had the situation totally under control! "What fun and misery is there in the wild," the Dragonhealer says with an eyeroll, finding a seat for himself. The sputtering of klah has him smirking rather deeply, eyebrows raising. "With my luck, you would have woken up the second I put you on the bed. Contrary to popular belief, I /like/ my face how it is. Don't need women rearranging it every week." His arms cross behind his head, smirk turning into an impish smile. "Besides. They make you take a break here. You're gonna need it." A nod is aimed Rei's way, glad someone else agrees with him. "Good. I'm glad his wing strain clearing up quickly, and that you listened. Sometimes weyrlings think better than their 'healers and make it worse." Isn't that right, Rei? "Prisoner? Poor baby," he coos unsympathetically before glancing over at the apprentice Healer once again. "You can join us, you know. We don't bite, honest." His wolfish grin begs to differ.

Rei smiles to M'nol and nods. "There's bound to be some scrapes and bruises. The kits there in the barracks were getting a bit old, and a lot of stuff was missing from them." Then she pats one of Thea's hands. "Well, since you're here, may as well let them wait on you, right?" There's an apologetic smile given to Sigam, as he seems to be the one baring the brunt of Thea's frustrations. Hey, she tried! She does nod in agreement with him. "It's true." Since Thea was introducing herself to the healer girl, Rei waves her over. "I'm Rei, Dalriath's rider. Don't be scared! We won't bite you, at least." She giggles a bit.

M'nol grins a little bigger, "Wouldn' think o' not listenin' ta a 'healer when I'd barely seen dragons 'fore I was searched. These four," he indicates the flits, "were hardly preparation fer dealin' with somethin' as big as Farry." He chuckles softly, "I think Faraeth hates th' restrictions more than I do. He wants t' run an' play with th' others, but he can't spread his wings as much as he'd like to to play." The boy's speach has definitely improved since his impression. He refrains from teasing Thea long with Siggy, instead choosing to wave to Phy as well. He gives Rei a grimmace, "S'ppose tha's important." He turns back to Thea with an impish grin, "You shoul' make 'em get ya whatever ya want. Seems like th' only perk to this place."

Phylicia bobs her head to Thea, looking between all of these new people. "'Licia…" Comes her hoarse little reply before she clears her throat and tries again. "I'm Phylicia." Is supplied at an audible tone this time. "If y'don't mind me asking… /why/ are you puttin' up such a fuss, ma'am?" She asks, looking at Thea nervously. Since the junior doesn't want to be here, why should Licia go unscathed for the question?

Thea does an eyeroll of agreement with Sigam and a muttered, "Tell me about it." She eyes that smirk of his askance, "I only arrange faces with good reason." An eyebrow raises at his comment about going to need rest, "I am?" She ignores the dragonhealer's cooing tease coolly as if his jibe doesn't bother her, but Ruin gives her away from on high with a goading chitter of mirth. At Rei's pat, Thea looks down at her hand, her lips firming in a bit of irritation and then back up at Rei, "M'not a puppy!" Someone has caaaaaaaabin feeeeeeeeeever. She lifts that mug again, sipping as M'nol speaks, "What I want, they can't get me." Her eyes reflect a passing sorrow that is hastily pushed down. She smirks at Phylicia, ignoring her impertinent question. Instead, she contradicts Sigam, "Don't let him fool you, it's not his bite that should scare you."

"Ah, poor Faraeth. He'll be back in commission soon enough, and then he can do all the romping he pleases." There is a smile in Sigam's voice as he speaks of the brown, nodding to M'nol's trust of his judgement. It's obvious the 'healer has a soft spot for the weyrling pair. Sigam returns Rei's sympathetic look with raised eyebrows, a teensy pout pursing his lips. Yes, pity him! He's got it so rough! "Phylicia. I'm Sigam," the man offers, raising one hand from behind his head to tilt in in a wave. An incredibly sly and suggestive look is angled towards the goldrider, but the teasing words he'd like to say to her facial rearrangement claims aren't at all suitable for the kiddies, so he opts to twitch his brows instead. "You are. I'll be writing to you about it later." His dark eyes flick up to give Ruin a little glare, carefully avoiding Thea's gaze as she speaks to M'nol. It is a short-lived adversion - all too soon, he's blowing a raspberry right at her, eyes oh-so-maturely crossed before a rather enchanting smile is angled Phylicia's way. "She's right. It's my charming good looks." Smiiiiiiile!

Rei smiles to Phylicia. "Hello, good to meet you." There's a chuckle at the younger healer's question. Rei wrinkles her nose at Thea. "I can see that, more like a caged feline." Then to Sigam. "It's not just the weyrlings who don't know how to follow a healer's instructions it would seem." She gives a nod to M'nol. "Injuries are a part of weyrlinghood, alas. Though we always hope to keep them minor of course. Someone is bound to get a poke cutting meat or the like." The greenrider blinks at Sigam, and chuckles at him. "Oh Faranth…"

M'nol gives Thea a lopsided grin, "Yeah, bu' they could at least bring ya some ice cream or summat." He gives Phy a wave, "M'nol, brown Faraeth's…" he pauses, considering the right term, "partner. His partner." He nods to Siggy, cocking an eyebrow, "He'll live. He jus' tends t' whine." He chuckles softly, remembering not that long ago when the brown had been complaining about his whining. "I hope noone gets too hurt during our class," he nods to Rei, "I like my friends."

Or maybe the Dragonhealer's attentions will send the poor apprentice Phylicia running back for the hills and the Healer Hall. Her brown eyes widen a little bit and she takes half a step back before pausing, some thought or other flitting across her face. "You're right, ma'am." She says as she looks to Thea and Rei as well, before her lips quirk in a small smile. "His bite isn't what should scare me." And she pauses again, turning an impish smile at Sigam. "That face is pretty horrifyin'." The healer apprentice seems ready to duck and take shelter somewhere, should her 'joke' not go over so well. She starts to inch away anyways, thinking maybe she'd be safer over by M'nol, the other one near her age.

Thea eyes Sigam with no small suspicion at that suggestive look he's wearing and she warns in duclcet tones of warning, "Don't even think of trying me. You wouldn't like your new looks as much as you like that new nose job you're wearing. I'm not quite the artist Cenlia is." She rolls her eyes at Rei, refusing to give her any more shots. "Hello, still here. Following directions. Just not liking it." Gentle or not so, sarcasm in her sweet tones. "Ice cream. Can have them get you some tho, M'nol." Phylicia has her laughing outright, her eyes sliding back towards Sigam, "Maybe a facial rearrangement might be in order after all? Can't have you scaring off all our new apprentices."

Sigam can't help it - he laughs, a sudden loud noise that he has to fight to control in the generally quiet Infirmary. There is a 'shh!!' from the direction of the Healer o'er yonder, but the Dragonhealer seems intent on ignoring him. "I wouldn't dare think of it, dear Thea. I am the epitome of a gentleman." HAHAHAHA. I mean, what? "Apparently, Rei. People just don't know good advice when it hits them sometimes." The words are said with heavily rueful sarcasm, one hand coming down to press against his chest as if mortally wounded. "Ah well. Whining is better than throwing a fit." A sharp look is given to the retreating Phylicia, and again, that tongue sneaks out. "Thhbt. Aren't you just the pot callin' the kettle black!," he teases back, watching her inch away. "Oy now, I'm not that bad. Don't listen to a word she says!," he pleads, pointing a finger at Thea. "I don't scare /all/ the new healer apprentices. Just the ones that deserve it." CoughChatoncough.

Rei nods to M'nol with a smile. "You guys don't seem like troublemakers, so I don't foresee any issues." She chuckles a bit to Phylicia. "Ouch. Now now, let's not let this spiral downwards." She shrugs to Sigam. "You can only do so much, I suppose. Anyways, I should be getting back to my duties. I'll see you all later. Hope you're feeling better soon, weyrwoman." Though the last bit sounds a tad forced, given the weyrwoman's attitude. She nods politely to everyone, then excuses herself to continue dragging out the box from earlier.

M'nol gives Thea an odd look, eyebrow cocked, "I don' want any ice cream, my ma jus' always said it made her feel better when she was sad." He shrugs, clearly not familiar with the female attachment to ice cream. He spares a sidelong glace for Sigam as well, "Gentleman?" he snerks a little, then, "That guy was pretty weird. Why was he in Thea's face, anyway?" He spares a smile for Phy, she was kinda pretty… wait… where were those thoughts coming from? He gives a little shake of his head, then waves as Rei leaves, somewhat glad he's not going with her laden with first aid kits.

Phylicia's impish smile dies down to just a normal shy-ish smile at this point in time as she watches Rei leave. "Honest sir, I don't cause a lotta trouble." On a normal basis at least. And she shifts her weight around a little bit, obviously trying not to be a total recluse from day one. It just makes it that much harder to break the shell later on. "Just enough to keep things interesting…" She lets the thought trail off.

Thea blinks a little at Sigam's laughter, rolling her eyes at him, "Someone's had a little too much klah this evening." For some reason as he mentions advice hitting one, her eyes flicker on his nose and she tries not to smirk. Rei's good wishes have the wyerwoman giving the retreating assistant weyrling manager a small wave, "I indend to." There's another black look sent towards the healer over there as he's shushing them. She yawns suddenly, her eyes swing Sigam's way. He didn't see that, did he? M'nol's comment has her giving the lad a crooked smile, "Works up to a certain age." Thea isn't privy to the Weyrling's thoughts, but she notices his smile for Phylicia and that smile widens just a bit. "With that approach to life you'll never be bored here, Phylicia, I can assure you." It's a dry-voiced observation.

"Gentleman," Sigam says in a growl towards M'nol, though a smile is on his lips. Leaning forwards, the Dragonhealer shrugs. "He was in her face because he could be, presumably. I think that's how he works." At the mention of 'sir,' Sig visibly winces, head shaking. "I'm no sir. Save that for K'vin. It's just Sigam, Sig if you're feeling peevish." He chuckles low, eyeing Rei as she stands to leave. "Ah, shards, yeah, what's the time?" A glance at the time piece has him grimacing, even as he glances back to Thea. "Not enough klah, you mean. I get the late shift again." Rising, he brushes off his pants, missing the goldrider's yawn, which is incredibly good for her - otherwise, the ridicule would have risen up like a newborn phoenix! "I should get going. Take care of yourself and obey the healer, Thee." He winks at her even as he's backing away. "Have a good evening ladies, M'nol." With a whistle to Cal, he makes his exit at a jog - obviously, someone's late.

Agate, Bloodstone, Tourmaline, and Jasper trill a chorus of good-byes to their little blue friend. M'nol gives Sigam a lop-sided grin and a wave, "He was pretty weird…" He turns his attention back to Thea and Phy, "You sound tireder than you claim Thea, an' with Hisolda back y' coul' enjoy a few days off." He smiles for Phy again, "Welcome to Xanadu, Phylicia. Trouble-making of the right sort doesn't seem to hurt ya too much." He winks, remembering his first month and subsequent encounter with Satoris, then chuckles, "Just be glad you're not a miner."

Phylicia offers M'nol a wider - truer - smile than the one she gave earlier, one that tends to light up a person's face more. "Never get yourself int'more trouble than you can get yourself out of." She tries for the wise-tone, but somehow fails, since she's more amused than snotty. She watches as Thea yawns and steps away to go retreive her manuals off the healer's desk, making another stop by M'nol as she smiles at Thea with a wave. "Y'know, I don't got a clue where the kitchens are..?" She offers without making any sort of grab for a hand to get visitors out. Plus, she really /doesn't/ have a clue where the kitchens are, and her stomach rumbles audibly to prove the point.

Thea merely snorts softly at Sigam, but whether it's at his assertion he's a gentleman or it's for his need to flee, she doesn't really define, "That's right, run while you can!" She calls after him, in a muted voice so that Healer doesn't glare once again. "Day off. Yeah, but M'nol," a hand waves to the room in general, "This isn't exactly the place to spend a day off, y'know?" She half-laughs at Phylicia, "Yep, thank Faranth for that, Miners'll throw rocks at ya." She scoots down in the cot, "M'nol, be a gentleman and help the lady find the kitchens, hmm?" She's pulling the covers up to her chin, giving the pair a sleepy look, adding on yet another yawn. "T'was the dragonhealer that wore me out."

M'nol grins and nods to Thea, "True, you should be where ya can really relax." He favors her with a soft glare for the miners-rocks comment, but there's no malice behind it, then he turns to Phy, "O' course, Thea, I'll get her down t' th' laddle-wielding fiend." He chuckles, "Joking. Let's get you some food, Phy, and a room in the caverns. Ya can' sleep in th' guest rooms forever." He willingly moves to lead her out, glad Thea's resting, even if it's not her ideal place.

Phylicia spares a hand from clutching at her manuals to wave a hand in the direction of the craft complex. "They got me sleepin- … what?" Is what Thea can hear as the two walk out of the infirmary. "Ladle-weilding..?" A faint sigh can be heard in the distance. "Is this whole Weyr kooky or something?"

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