You've Gotta Be Kidding Me

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It's a foggy day upon the beach, which makes the place look kind of eerie. Like in scary movies where there's a still lake with a creepy mist over it and the killer is lurking somewhere around, waiting for the perfect moment to jump out and murder someone. Fortunately, (hopefully) there are no murderers here. Just Ka'el. Kanekith is off hunting. He enjoys the challenge of the low vision, and so Ka'el lets him do his thing without much interference. It's a cool afternoon that's creeping towards evening now. He stands near the shoreline with the hands in the pocket of jeans, staring out to the misty water. Graduation. It's mere days away now, and that, coupled with lots of other things, has turned Ka'el into a very thoughtful young man.

Even with it being a foggy day at the beach it doesn't seem to have kept Idrissa away, nor Asher whom is following at her side. The canine has on his harness with matching bags filled with a few things. Rissa wanders along walking across the wet sand and barefoot at that, the water is a bit cold but it doesn't really bother her. Asher catches the scent of someone in the area and is off heading in a quick trot towards where Ka'el seems to be. A few soft barks escaping the large canine once he reaches the bronzer, his tail wagging about. Rissa merely follows along not seeming too worried about where the canine may head off to, and soon enough catches sight of the person whom has gotten the canine's attention. "Hey.." Is offered while she peers curiously at Ka'el.

*Pop!* Alloy appears from between and flies a brisk circle around Ka'el's head, eliciting a grin from the bronzer who lift his hand up. Plink! A chain is dropped from clawed feet to human hands, and Ka'el lowers his palm down to eye the metal. "Nice job. Thanks.." he says before a bark brings his attention up. The chain is pocketed and Alloy lands upon Ka'el's shoulder to peer down at the approaching dog. "..Asher?" Ka'el's brows furrow before he grins, kneeling to rub at the dog's head, causing Alloy to take flight again. He's not getting too close to that thing! "Are you loose? Or.." No, here comes Idrissa. Spying her, he gives Ash one more pat before he rises again, brushing off his sandy knee. "Hey," he greets in return. Haven't seen you in a while." Not since … well, it has been a while! Even though it's the tail end of it, weyrlinghood still keeps them busy. "Been sending graduation invites out?"

Asher shifts and leans into the attention, yay pets! Soft little wruffs escaping him and he wiggles while leaning into the attention, eyes closing and his tongue hangs out from his mouth a few times. Him lose? As if.. "Naw, he doesn't go far. He knows to stay close for food and all." Idrissa offers with an amused tone once she pauses next to Asher. At the invites she peers to him curiously, a slight shrug seen. "No, no one to send them too. Sort of pointless." Not fully true but hey, this is normal for her. "What about you, send any to your family?"

"Right. Like the time you lost him," Ka'el reminds with a vague smirk that gradually melts from his face. He rolls his eyes. "Family? Heh, right. I imagine it now. Xanadu's mail dragon lands on da's property with an invitation to the weyrling graduation of a son they hadn't a clue was a weyrling in the first place. … That'd go over well. Death and damnation." He smirks mirthlessly, then shrugs. "But yeah, I delivered a few in Fort to some friends. Sent some around here, too. Mostly to the guys in forge. Couple others." He exhales a breath. "Doesn't seem like it's all ending. Kinda surreal."

Idrissa ahs softly at this, pausing while she looks to the canine that seems rather relaxed sitting there next to Ka'el like his done countless times in the past. "Yeah well.. Mostly why I didn't send one home. Not that my mother would care other than to have more ammo to use on me." She shrugs at this. "I asked a few to come, just figured asking out be easier than going through sending stuff." Sure that works. Her gaze drifts out towards the waves watching them crash upon the sandy shore. "Just feels like it was yesterday out on the sands."

"Going myself was far more fun." Not counting the sick dragon experience. And the blueberry juice cleaning. But, other than that, Fort was great! But, speaking of family.. "Gave one to Kei'lan. He's probably coming." He hopes. He fingers the chain in his pocket then pulls his hand out again to give Asher's head another scritch. "Doesn't feel like yesterday to me," he says, head shaking. "Feels like that was eons ago .. but an eon doesn't feel as long as it should. Not that I'm not glad in a way," he says with a sidelong look to her. "In other ways .. not so much. It'll be different."

Idrissa nods at that. "Oh I bet.. Haven' t been to Fort yet, maybe I'll get to go at some point. BeastCraft hall is over there after all." Roadtrip.. Airtrip.. One of the two! "I bet he'll come, his always seemed nice." The few times she met him anyway. She sends a glance back towards him and nods, a faint smile seen. "Yeah.. It'll be different for sure. With a lot of things." There is a pause, and she ponders where to go from there. "So, you still want to get into search and rescue stuff?"

"Too many things," Ka'el agrees. "M'kal says for him, things won't change much. I don't see how they wouldn't and haven't already. I can maybe count on one hand the number've things that have stayed the same since Impressing." He holds up a hand for emphasis. "I'll probably need these grains of sand to count the changes." He glances out to the fog again. Still no murderer appears. "Does it feel like that for you, too?" He lowers his hand down. "I don't know what else would make the most sense for me," he says in response to search and rescue. "Or Kanekith. He hates transport. I'm not really interested in learning policy and politics. The only other thing I'd be happiest with is going back to crafting."

Idrissa is quiet now, her gaze watching Ka'el a few moments once she can pull her gaze off the waves once more. "Perhaps it didn't change much for M'kal but.. It's changed a lot for me and you and others I'm sure." She lets her arms fold in front of her and soon her gaze lowers to the ground to watch it. "It felt like everything changes to me…" A long time ago, not that she comments on that. "Everything changes for a reason, some good some bad." She glances off, this time to the sky which isn't really seen thanks to the fog. "I hope you both get to be there. I thought about it but figure I'll just try and still to transport. Tahryth enjoys meeting new people." Rissa? Not so much.

"Hopefully more good than bad," Ka'el ventures, watching her now. Alloy has flown off, disappeared into the fog and possibly betweened somewhere where the sun is shining brightly instead of being shrouded behind mist. "Transport's good… Tahryth'd be good at it, if she can kick that habit of licking everyone she meets." Maybe she has. Who knows. He hasn't actually talked to Idrissa in ages. "So, y'know, this whole graduation thing's got me thinking. We're .. done after that. With everything. It's like, for the first time, we're free. No one's giving us orders, or checking straps, or watching curfew." He vaguely tilts his head at her. "Are we friends?"

Idrissa isn't answering the bit on 'good and bad', just better off to not talk about it. She chuckles softly. "Maybe she will at some point.. But not yet. She keeps trying to lick people she meets." There is a slight shake of her head. "She did it over at Western the other day, luckily the few people she met didn't freak out and run off." She pauses a soft oh escapes her. "I got something for you, sort of.. A turnday present but I suppose it is a bit late." Well she always did remember those now didn't she? She makes her way on over to Asher and looks about in one of the bags before pulling out a green wrapped present. At the questions she glances to Ka'el wondering what to say before she offers him the package. "I thought about it for a long time. I do want to be friends with you still, if you want to be… I won't lie, it's awkward being around you and Soriana at the same time. I'm not mad but it's just different now."

Ka'el quirks a brow. "A gift? For…" What. But she answers that question. Turnday? Another brow lift. "Early or late because my turnday was…a while ago." Like, half a turn ago, almost! He glances at that box as it is offered to him, and he takes it nearly hesitantly. It's awkward getting a gift, especially for his turnday after he didn't get her anything for hers. Not that hers has come up yet, but still. Gift-giving never has been his forte. He gives the present a small shake. "Nothing that's going to explode, is it?" he says half-jokingly. "You … went all the way to Western, just for a gift?" he asks as that dawns on him just now, and he lowers the box to look at her in question. "And..heh, yeah. I get that about Soriana and me. I feel the same, I guess. But I don't know what to do to fix it."

Idrissa shrugs slightly. "So.. Maybe early then?" She questions with an amused tone. "Naw it isn't going to explode, promise." The object within the box is a bit heavy, like well book heavy. "I didn't really go for the gift. Though while I was there I had to get you and Soriana something." There is a pause as she ponders, seems Soriana didn't tell him so perhaps that is a good thing? "I went for a date over there." A slight shake of her head is seen while she glances to him. "I don't know how to fix it, might not be fixable other than with time. I thought maybe space would help but, doesn't seem that way." When he opens that box there will be a book, bronze colored wher leather, the book itself is like a personal journal of sorts.

"You went all the way to Western for a date?" Is Western a date-worthy place? Ka'el doesn't even remember if he's ever been there. Was there a party or .. something there once? He snerks to himself, though keeps a straight face as his next thought, although joking, probably could be considered mean. "Who'd you go with? J'o?" he assumes, brow faintly quirking. He keeps a hold of that box, not opening it just yet, though he does give it another slight shake. He doesn't hear anything.

Idrissa didn't really want to go to Western, she didn't have a good past experience there after all. She ahs softly and is quiet as J'o name is brought up. Oh.. Really..? "No, not J'o." There is another pause as she ponders if she should bring up whom it was. "It was with Zi'on actually.." She just came right out and said it, there over and done with. Right?..

Not J'o? Well .. that's surprising. Ka'el would've thought the guy would've swooped in like the scavenger he is. His expression is vaguely curious now, though not so much so that he'd ask again. None of his business and all that, right? And surprisingly enough, he doesn't seem overly concerned. He's just an ex, after all. An ex who’s had enough time since their breakup to not go through that unreasonable jealous phase. But when a name is spoken, there's confusion on his face for a second. Zi'on? Why does that sound familiar? .. Ha, it should, considering weyrleaders are people they've been tested on! He does dig him up out of the far reaches of his mind after a few seconds, and his present is momentarily forgotten. Pause. Then, incredibly, laughter. "You're jokin', right?"

Idrissa has no one swooping in to sweep her off her feet, so she doesn't think that would happen. She watches Ka'el those few long moments while he seems to think it over and then he laughs? Well she wasn't expecting that. There is a slight frown seen. "Yes.. Zi'on, why would I joke over that?" Just so happens that he is a weyrleader and that guy that got stabbed by that arrow of hers.

Not joking. That makes it less funny, but Ka'el still laughs, taking a step back as he does so. "Because," he says, eyes back on her and laughter dying away with sudden abruptness. "I thought you had more sense." A mirthless smirk follows. "So, is he your new boyfriend?"

Idrissa just blinks, and then blinks again while she watches Ka'el, unsure what to say for a few long moments. "I suppose I don't if that is how you see it…" She frowns, what he said clearly hurt, and the laughing doesn't help. "A date doesn't mean his my boyfriend."

"With Zi'on /clearly/ it means somethin'," remarks Ka'el. "Or at least, he wants somethin'." He gives her a look. "Come on, Idrissa, you're not serious are you?" he asks, brows lifted. "Everybody knows about that guy. Shipton, right? Jus' sayin' the name has kids comin' out of the woodworks. You're gonna shack up with him? He'll be on to the next one before you blink an eye! Doesn't his weyrmate live here? Or ex-weyrmate turned weyrmate again. That alone should tell you somethin'."

Idrissa shakes her head slightly. "A weyrmate that never made any time for him, someone he tried to work it out with and it just didn't work out." She just watches him, a faint breath escaping her. "A date doesn't mean we're /shacking/ up with one another Ka'el." At least not in her book. "Maybe I thought it was nice that someone wanted to ask me out, nice that someone seemed interested in me and wanted to get to know me, and for me to get to know them." That is what one does on a date after all, get to know one another. "He is a Shipton, and has some kids. Doesn't mean he has them coming out of the woodworks."

"Is that the first weyrmate or the second or third one you're meanin'?" flippantly asks Ka'el. "Gah, don't be so dense, Idrissa. You can't be as naive as you act. Wake up! You're not fourteen anymore but no one would know it from how blind you make yourself out to be. He's twenty somethin' turns old. He's a weyrleader. He goes from girl to girl, probably lookin' for ones like you who'll feel an inkling of pity for him so he can bed you and move on to the next heartbroken victim he can find." Blue eyes roll. "I get you want to date someone. You're pissed that Soriana's dating and M'kal's dating and Marel's dating and you're not. But is it worth bein' desperate enough to let yourself go to someone who'll use you just because he gave you a smile? Hell, he flirts with everyone. He flirted with Soriana too." Probably more times than he even knows about! He snorts, shaking his head. "I'd hardly care if this wasn't the exact same reason you were so upset with me. Wasn't it you that said I chose Soriana over you? Don't you think you deserve more than being second or third or fourth to anyone? … I did."

"I didn't say I was pissed they was dating, I also didn't say I was out looking for someone to date. I said it was /nice/ for someone to seem interested." Idrissa says once Ka'el is done. "I'm also not as desperate as you so seem to think. I know he flirted with Soriana, I was there." Flirting is different than acting upon something. "This is not the same between you and me Ka'el.. Yeah I did say that.." She's quiet for a moment just watching him, a slight breath escaping her. "I guess I'm just that dense naive stupid person, that's blind to everything around her. I still try and give people some amount trust for some reason." Maybe at some point she'll stop. She is starting to think that would be easier.

"That's the funny thing, Idrissa. You don't say anything. You never do. But for those things? You don't have to." They do say actions speak louder. He shrugs dismissively. "Good luck with that," Ka'el says, tone as dismissive as his actions. Zi'on is definitely not his problem. "But don't come cryin' when he does what he's known for doin' with women with more status than you. I know you, Idrissa. You get caught up in things. You say this now, and next thing you know you'll want more from him than he's willin' to give, and you'll be right back where you started. You shouldn't toss around your trust like that, especially to those who don't hide how untrustworthy they are." He's trying to warn her, he really is! In his own .. blunt way of saying things. He eyes his gift package, and lifts it up, wiggling it bit. "Thanks for the gift." Which may likely remain unopened. A smirk. "See you at graduation. See ya, Asher." He turns then, holding the gift behind his back as he moves further down the beach, melting into the fog.

Idrissa warn her, yeah.. He has a funny way of show it. "I trusted you.. After everything I still trust you. Your right, if I never trusted you I'd never have gotten hurt." The status bit hurts, back to the whole greenrider bit. "Don't have to worry about that Ka'el. I'm rather sure I'd not come to you for anything." She doesn't try to stop him as he goes, doesn't comment on graduation or the gift just watches him go. There is nothing else she can come up with to say, which again is just like always. Once his really gone, or at least as gone as she can tell she turns and moves off heading homewards with Asher at her side.

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