Pre-Graduation reconciliation!

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a stone wall and low rolling hills can be seen to the north. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests to the southwest or ore from the mountains to the southeast are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

The grey clouds above Xanadu has threatened rain for most of the day, and it's been doing so off and on. Currently, it's one of those 'off' times, and things seem to be clearing a little. Patches of sky can be seen here and there, and the sun glitters upon the droplets of water that have beaded upon the spring grass and leaves. The breeze is cool, but not uncomfortably so, and as Ka'el and Kanekith make their way through the clearing, a soft squelching sound can be heard as dragonfeet sink into the soft mud. "Wipe'm before we get home.." Ka'el says idly, his mind on too many other things to put too much care into muddy paws. He's on a mission. Blue eyes seem as clouded as the sky as he moves through the meadow, passing different weyrs and trails to weyrs as he seeks a specific underground one he's yet to investigate.

It's upon the ledge of one of the rare subterranean weyrs that Xeosoth basks in the vain hopes that the clouds will simple break up and go away so that he can enjoy the sun, despite the fact that he's been assured that only the morning sun will actually touch his ledge. He's determined dang it! It's from the depths of his weyr that M'kal emerges to peek out and see what the weather is. Out late with some sweeps along with the Galaxy wing he's slept in much of the morning. Knuckling his sleepy eyes he simply stands out in the open and peers blearily over the meadow, his gaze automatically going to a particular brown rider's cottage out of habit. All is quiet on that front though, the inhabitant most likely out in her garden or perhaps at the flower shop.

Kanekith's head rears up, sensing and catching sight of his blue clutchmate. Though not particularly loud, the bronze makes a noise in his throat, a rumbled greeting to the basking male while feet continue to squelch in the mud. Ka'el's attention also turns, eyes settling upon Xeosoth and, soon enough, the emerging rider. Unspoken words have Kanekith veering off towards grassier areas of the meadow. To … wipe his feet, apparently, if the way he now drags his paws instead of lifting them is any indication. Ka'el continues towards M'kal's weyr, and he lifts a hand up to wave his arm as he nears. "M'kal!" 

One may perhaps snicker at the sight of the full-grown bronze wiping his feet and using much of the meadow to do so. However after Xeosoth's cheerful greeting to the bronze gets M'kal's attention his gaze sweeps from dragon to rider and therefore he misses the antics. A slight frown touches his expression that he quickly tries to hide as he lifts a hand in greeting. "Heya…Ka'el." Xeosoth leaps up, having given up for the moment on the hopes of sunrays striking his ledge and he glides over to join Kanekith in the meadow.

Kanekith doesn't mind Xeosoth's presence. In fact, since hatching Xeosoth may be the only dragon, other than Isyriath, that Kanekith hasn't minded and (dare we say it?) has gotten along with! Maybe its their calm auroa or thoughtful nature that keeps the usually bristly bronze at peace. In any case, Xeosoth is welcomed, and he goes about showing him the offending mud that he has been instructed to clear himself of. Ka'el's arm lowers once he reaches M'kal's place, giving the ledge a once over. "Got you under a rock, huh?" he says, slowing to a stop. "Not worried you'll be flooded out if it rains too much, are you?" Not that it ever rains in excess upon Xanadu, but anything can happen! It's small talk. If he noticed that frown, he makes no note of it.

It's easy to like the easy going blue who now sprawls out in the grassy grass and shows proper concern for the offending mud. He'll also offer advice on helpful ways to rid of it. Mud is, after all, most clingy and Xeosoth can't stand the stuff personally. Shifting eyes from the blue with a patient look he manages a grin towards Ka'el. "Yeah..not too much worry I don;t think." Least not yet! We'll see if he's bunking with Marel during the rainy season however! "Want to check it out? I've not had many visitors yet. You'd be the second." he's trying to be nice. After all M'kal's generallly nice to everyone!

"Yeah, sure," agrees Ka'el with a nod. His interest in M'kal's weyr seems genuine as he looks at it again. "Never been in an underground one before…" he admits with a vague smirk. "Imagine it'd be like a cave.." Hopefully much unlike the cave they saw with the betweened fellow's remains inside! Shudder. Buuuut no one would be so cruel as to give any one of them a dead guy's weyr, right? Even if Mur'dah did get sort of shack.. He makes a mental check on Kanekith, who is doing just fine and is taking Xeosoth's expert mud-ridding advice. He smirks vaguely, focusing forward ahead. "Wanted to talk to you, anyway," he admits to the bluerider, standing aside so he can be led within.

"Yeah?" is that a hint of wariness in M'kal's tone? Maybe. He certainly seems to be trying to hide any uneasiness he's feeling. After all this /is/ the same guy he hung around a bit before candidacy, during candidacy and then…well weyrlinghood struck. Is it all so different not because Ka'el's riding bronze and M'kal's on a blue? Simply nodding he turns and leads the way inside.

Xanadu Weyr - Xeosoth's Nanook Nook
     One of Xanadu's few subterranean weyrs, while this one isn't technically below ground, it is within the shelf of rock that protrudes over the meadow forming the meadow ridge. Rather than taking the path that crests the hill leading to the top and the observatory up there, by taking a path along the side formed by a long ledge that skirts the side and follows the gradual rise of the edifice, one will find several ledges and manmade cave openings. Xeosoth's is one of the first and therefore lowest in elevation. Still the ledge provides a nice view of the meadow, the paddocks, the forests beyond and a bit of the mountains that rise behind the deep forest. Sunny in the mornings, by midday the ledge is in deep shade and remains so for the rest of the day. Following the tunnel in, one finds a smallish cavity enclosed in stone perpetually cooled by its position on the north side of the ridge. The wallow, a depression formed in the rock, is just the right size for a large blue to sprawl in or a blue and green to cuddle in comfortably together.

Ka'el has that effect on more and more people nowadays. That edge of wariness. A hint of distrust. Like when one is dealing with an unstable bomb that may or may not explode at any given second. Cut the blue wire? Or red? He follows M'kal inside his cavern weyr, or at least the dragon portion of it. Even so, it's no less interesting! "Woah. Kanekith'd never fit in here.." he says with an emerging grin. "Well .. maybe. If he really sucked in his gut." Yeah, about that talk. "Your spot further in?" he guesses. "…Is it like, caveman dark in there, or did they at least hook you up with lights? I hear they can get stingy when it comes to lights."

It's a quick pause in here to show off Xeosoth's portion of the weyr before M'kal's continuing onwards and inwards to the really cool part! "Yeah, Xeosoth's a larger blue actually though he fits in fine. Just him and the three fire lizards who insist on sleeping with him." the trio of fire lizards are actually gone now, most likely out at the waters or something. M'kal spares a glance to the wallow that Xeosoth has insisted fresh hay be spread so that he doesn't have to sleep right on stone and then simply steps in further with a running commentary about the lights. "Oh yeah, plenty of lights. You'll see."

Xanadu Weyr - M'kal's Glacial Grotto(#4057RJh)
     A simple wooden door set on iron hinges leads deeper into the ridge to the human quarters. Modest in size, this dwelling consists of but two rooms: a sitting room and a sleeping room. To make up for the lack of windows the chambers in this dwelling have electric lighting installed overhead, recessed behind a cleverly-cut stone ledge that allows illumination to be directed up and onto the vaulted ceilings, gently casting the pure white walls in a subtle bluish tint. The space is devoid of much furniture, but the natural stone floors have been sanded to velvety smoothness. With in the front room two chairs and a beat up, uneven table now sit as the only furniture. Peeking into the sleeping room will reveal a single bed and chest.
        The north slope position of this weyr ensures that the temperatures are comfortably cool turn-round; never too hot, never too cold.

And inward they go! Into a cave that most definitely has lights. No windows, but enough lights that windows likely aren't necessary! Hopefully M'kal isn't claustrophobic. He steps in, looking around. "Woah.." he says, looking up at the celing, then to the smoothed walls. "Definitely don't have to worry about a leaky roof.." he says. A cave-in, on the other hand.. he meanders towards one of the walls, looking up at the lights above. "Look. I'm sorry about what happened durin' our last lesson," he says off-handedly. Nonchalant.

Naw, M'kal quite likes his little hobbit-like hole in the ground. Reminds him a lot of Ista actually with the whole living in a volcano thing. Not much furniture but then it's a bachelor pad. A gesture is made towards a chair that one hopes will withstand the weight of another human…perhaps. He himself leans against the smooth walls and crosses his arms. "No leaky roof…" he agrees and luckily doesn't consider the possibility of a cave in. That would no doubt have him bunking in the barracks next to Mur'dah in a blink of an eye. "Oh…um." he seems surprised at the seeming out of the blue apology. "Oh." he repeats. Clearly he didn't actually expect the bronzing to be apologetic. "Um…" yes, he's already said that too. "S'okay.. I mean I was pretty mad at you but then I suppose the others were too." like Soriana. "You didn't seem like Ka'el, ya know?" he ventures. "The lesson sucked but…damn. Poor Darce!"

Eyuck, don't even get him started on Darsce! He can already feel disdain rising, but he pushes it away for the sake of M'kal. Because this is about M'kal, not Darsce, even though Darsce is a large part of the reason why he's here today. "Yeah well.." he moves over to that offered chair, though doesn't immediately sit. Talking is easier when his feet and hands are busy. "It'd be easier to be like Ka'el if I knew who Ka'el is supposed to be, you know?" He glances over at him. Maybe he doesn't know. Irritably, he seems to be the only one having issues! Maybe it's a bronze-riding thing? "Kale was easy. I've been Kale since I was born. I knew what I wanted and who I wanted to be an' how to get there. Now it's all thrown in the air, and I feel like I'm just grabbin' at whatever I can."

M'kal stays where he is for a moment though he does glance to the other chair. Sadly there's no ale bottles to offer to help seal the broken friendship. Wait…what? "You're still the same aren't ya? I mean…" he pauses as he puzzles this out. Instinctively he reaches out for the link that's always there with Xeosoth. Heaving a sigh he surges forward to plop down into the other chair. It creaks ominously before deciding to hold the sudden weight. For now. "We are all the same but…different?" he ventures. "I mean I dunno. I'm pretty much the same. I've the same goals with …well a twist I guess. I won't just be working in the infirmary but I'll be out rescuing people. It's the same yet different." he stops his prattling with a sudden snap of his jaw closed as he looks at Ka'el perhaps differently then he did after the catrasphic lesson.

Ka'el's head is given a little shake. Is he the same? "I'm not. I can't be." He watches him wistfully (and perhaps just a little apprehensively because not even he seems sure of that chair is going to hold up or fall apart!) and he listens without interruption to M'kal's plan. "I feel differently about some things now than I did before. Things. People. Some things are the same. Some things might never be the same, but.." Rambling. He pauses, giving his head a swift shake. "I came here to be a smith," he says, changing tactics. "I came because I was frockin' awful at farming but good with my hands with nuts and bolts and metal. I wanted to come here, get good at it, and go home and work with machines. I could still help that way. Now, I only have one more time to go home before I never go home again. Dragonriding isn't something my family has ever .. will ever believe in."

"It's…different." M'kal agrees with reluctance in his tone. "I mean…I grew up hearing stories of my however many great grandmother who got to fight thread and now…everything's different. Being a rider means different responsibilities but it's all I've ever known. The way things are now I mean. I wouldn't give up Xeosoth ever so I just simply adapt to the differences. I can't imagine…well I never visited home too often anyway. They have their lives and I have mine." he peers intently at Ka'el. "Dragonrider isn't just something to believe in though. It's just the way things are. Never forget your family and perhaps they will simply come to accept you for you. And that bronze of yours. But stay true to yourself. Don't let Kanekith's feelings become your own." he pauses, realizing he's spoken so much so he ducks his head, chagrined. "There's plenty for you to do though as a smith. I see no reason why you still can't make things." he adds.

Ka'el fidgets with the back of the chair he's yet to sit in, grasping and ungrasping at the wood. "I wouldn't give up Kanekith for anything," he stresses. "He's everything. I know he's rough sometimes, but I wouldn't change him. Dragonriding is the way things are, but not to everyone. Growin' up, all we were taught were the bad. How dragonriders were soulless, mindless people who act as animals do." He pauses, mouth downturning to a frown. "It's why I wanted…why I was hoping for a rider for that lesson. Somebody who'd been through it and could tell me I'd still be me, whoever that is, after, and I won't have this… emotionless, inhuman creature inside that's just waiting for the next dragon to rise." He wrinkles his nose briskly and releases the back of his chair. "I didn't come to unload all that on you," he says apologetically. "Sorry. I just wanted to say, sorry for ruinin' the lesson for you. And I'm not tryin' to be an asshole."

M'kal does his own fidgeting in his chair, making it creak with every movement he makes. "Hey…..there's no reason to apologize. We
M'kal does his own fidgeting in his chair, making it creak with every movement he makes. "Hey…..there's no reason to apologize. We're all in this together, right? Like our own small family. The changes…well I suppose I just assume that after graduation it goes back to normal but with dragons to do our chores?" he hazards a guess. "The lesson…I aint worried about that. I'm just worried about you to be honest." "We make our /own/ fate. I'm ready to take any challenge." a pause. "You still thinking about joining Galaxy?"

"Worried about me?" Ka'el grins a little, rubbing at the back of his neck. "At this rate I'll be locked up in a loony ward. Everyone's worrying about me." Though it isn't like he hasn't given them good reason to. His new goal? Be normal. "You're right. We kind of are like a family." And family frightens him. Darsce was right too. He has been pushing them away, though in his backwards way of thinking, it's easier to push them away then wait to have them push him out. But he doesn't want that. "Galaxy, yeah. I'd like to make weapons and improve on devices that might make parts of the job easier."

Creeeeaaaak. The chair protests. Perhaps M'kal needs new chairs. Stone ones? Might be safer yet a tad more uncomfortable. "Yeah, Galaxy…" he grins lopsidedly. "I want to join it. Xeosoth likes that he'll need to keep up on exercises." silly blue. "You can make weapons? Think you could make me a good dagger then? Ers'lan says I'll need one. In case trouble happens when we're checking out the caravans and stuff. I can pay you in marks or perhaps we can barter something."

Ka'el grins. "I've been makin' daggers for turns," he says, sounding more confident now than he has since arriving. "haven't made one in a while.." he admits. "Kiena and I've been workin' together a little since she got here, but it's been slow with weyrlinghood and all that. How about I make you one as a graduation gift?" he proposes. "Can't rightly charge you for one since I'm a little out of practice. I'd feel like I'm cheatin' you. .. Deal?" He extends a hand to him. Maybe he'll throw in a sturdy metal chair too! M'kal could always throw a cushion on it for butt-comfort.

M'kal beams at that suggestion. "Deal." handshake to confirm. "I'll search around and see what I can find for your graduation gift." making his way to his feet. "I've not seen your place yet either, need anything for it?"

"Yeah," Ka'el says, "Ale." A weyr can never have too much ale! He grins again and jerks a thumb to the door. "Better get going. Make sure Kanekith hasn't torn up the meadow." Which is a definite possibility when dealing with a bronze! Another grin. "Don' worry about havin' to give m a gift, though, really. Bein' free from V'dim is gonna be gift enough to all've us." He laughs, making his way to the door. "I'll see you. Last flight formation practice today." It's the light at the end of the tunnel!

One can almost see the gouges rent into the poor meadow from the efforts to get the mud off. M'kal offers an easy grin. "Well I still want to get everyone a little something. Maybe drawings for everyone." another grin surfaces. "I know…last flight formation!" cue cheer here. "I'll see ya then. Clear skies."

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