Gossiping Dragons, Miror Mirror!

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Despite the weather, Vivian is still doing her exercises currently she's doing her usual, running along the beach, no bare feet this time with the snow lying on the ground and some still actually falling the beach is still somewhat clearer, but it's still very damp out here. Kelioth is lying on the sands, trying to make herself into a snow dragon through the simple effort of not moving and letting it fall on her.

Several dragon-lengths away, M'nol is doing pushups why Faraeth watches. The dragon's eyes follow his motions. Up. Down. Up. Down. M'nol is counting them quietly to himself, "25… nnnng… 26… nnnnng…. 27…. nnng…" Faraeth is settled into the snow to watch, even if his focus is on the somewhat distant green. With a touch of deep purple velvet, he speaks to her, « Does yours whine as much as mine does? »

« Mine doesn't whine, she's too nice for that, very pretty. » Replies Kelioth with her usual vivacity shining through. « She gets all damp when she does this though. Smells different. » Off in the distance Vivian either hasn't heard or isn't paying any attention as she continues on her run.

M'nol continues doing pushups, his shoulders and biceps beginning to strain more and more. Faraeth blinks and gives a draconic rumble, the velvet fluttering quickly in the wind, « Yours is pretty. Even mine thinks so. » M'nol falls from the push-up position he's in and gives Faraeth a glare before resuming his set, « He says just 'cause she's pretty doesn't mean he has to like her. I don't know why not, though. It is true, as much as I like this white stuff, it does make them all smell the same. »

Vivian is still a long way off and Kelioth is remaining perfectly still. « What is there not to like about her? » She replies back to Faraeth with a mental shrug, her defences only snarl a tiny little bit. « It's a strange smell, but I prefer how she smells after she's been to the baths. It's a different kind of wet. »

Faraeth gives a mental shrug in return, « Something about another girl he likes. He dreams of her sometimes. » An image of Cenlia flits across his mindscape, « Doesn't want to… confuse he says. » Near the chatty brown, M'nol continues his quiet count of pushups, "nnnng… 46… nnnnng… 47… nnnng…. 48…." Mostly ignoring the pair's conversation so long as it didn't imply anything he didn't like.

Kelioth emits a snort physically and mentally at the comparison. « How could he confuse that one with mine, Mines is much prettier don't you think? » She tells the brown with a mental flickering of laughter.

"nnnng…. 49… nnnng…. 50!" M'nol stands, wiping his hands off before sitting down the other way and beginning a set of sit-ups. Faraeth snorts, « I do not know. They are certainly not the same. Yours is pretty and clean. The other enjoys the dirt. Not the same at all."

Kelioth continues to lay where she is, she's not having much luck in the snow dragon stakes, she's warm, snow is cold and it's melting on her. « Mine doesn't like dirt or mud all that much, she likes to wash it off as soon as she can if she gets dirty. Just like oiling my hide. She always likes to clean up afterwards. »

Faraeth whufs loudly, « Yours is never dirty. Mine thinks that's wierd. He doesn't like girls who have to be clean. Even if they're pretty. At least that's what he says… » M'nol continues his sit-ups

Kelioth gives up and stands up, shaking off what little snow has collected on her and stretches her wings out. « He doesn't know what a good thing he's missing out on then. » Slightly huffy now that it's emerged that someone may not like her precious pretty thing.

Faraeth stands as well, shaking the snow from his wings before exhaling deeply, sending a large swath at Kelioth, « He doesn't. You're pretty. » If M'nol were still doing pushups, he would've fallen over, but instead he just emits a quiet, "Gah! Stop that, Farry" before going back to his work out.

Vivian is off running in the distance, despite the snow falling, it's mostly melting on the ground though thanks to the salt content. Kelioth is shaking off some snow from her wings and stretching out. « I know that, but do you think so as well? » She preens at the brown.

Alosynth is chasing after snowflakes and splashing through the slush. "Alosynth, take a care about others." Keziah remarks dryly as one passby of the green has the slush splashed on her. "Not all of us have hides that are impervious to the weather." she notes. Alosynth chuffs lightly, since Keziah isn't all that upset and she's having fun. Then the green spots Kelioth shaking off the snow. « You know what? »

Kelioth turns her whirling gaze onto her green sibling when she speaks. « That I'm pretty and that mine is as well. » She explains ever so evenly. « Faraeth's thinks mine is pretty as well, but gets her confused with another one he dreams about, that just seems strange. » The green seem a tad confused about that part of the conversation but forges on anyway. « What about you? »

Alosynth stops in her tracks a moment as she listens and then finishes walking the rest of the way « I guess you are. » she replies with the tone of one who has not really thought about that issue and then she's thinking « He dreams of one? Odd ». Alosynth sits down in the slush at that and thinks about. « Faraeth dreams? No, maybe His dreams about another. But who? »

Kelioth beams a wave of affection towards her sibling at the compliment. So like her lifemate in that regard. « Faraeths one, he dreams of someone, a girl. » A recycled image of Cenlia appears. « He dreams about this one. » She confirms, « But he said she's dirty. »

Alosynth absorbs the image and mulls it over « Dirty? » is quietly asked « She doesn't look dirty. I'd know. » Which judging by the slush and mucky sand dripping off of her isn't far from the truth. A glance back towards where she's lefr Keziah in the dust so to speak. Keziah herself has found a secluded place to catch a nap, tucked up against some rocks and driftwood.

Kelioth gives a shrug of her shoulders, trying to mimic a movement her lifemate regularly performs. « He said she was, his likes her that way, nice and dirty. » She clearly doesn't get it or the connotations that's conveying but they are baby dragons after all. « What do you want to do? » she asks, changing topic.

Alosynth continues to mull this over and then gives herself a bit of a shake. « Well maybe he likes her skin nice. » The smaller green curls her tail around her. « Mine was talkin about mud with yours about it and skin. » She gives a nod, satisfyed that this covers it then looks out towards the water. « Swim. I want to swim. You coming? » she asks as she heads for the water.

Kelioth likes getting oiled but so far that's the extent of her experience other than getting mud washed off of her, the series of images that flicker through her mind a quick display of washing and oiling before she's looking to ocean, cold, salty and wet. There's only a moments hesitation before the green answers « Yes, that should be fun. » And with that she bounds off towards the waters edge. « Race you! »

Alosynth bugles brightly and she too starts off running. Course it's not so much the winning that matters to her as just the sheer exhileration of racing. She spreads her wings out as she gullumphs across the slushy sand and snow, leaving deep tracks behind before the water slows hers down as she enters into it.

Kelioth races off across the slushy sands towards the shore and it's with a similar bugle that she jumps and lands in the water, diving headlong into the surf. Meanwhile Vivian has finally started getting closer, still running along the shoreline back towards the dragons and Keziah.

Alosynth swims through the water, undulating playfully. Keziah stirs at the splashing and the bugling and she sits up to watch the greens playing in the water. Nothin' like good clean fun. She looks around and then notes a Vivian running back. « I love the water! »

Vivian runs on and on, though she starts to slow down as she approaches. A hand lifting in a wave towards Keziah before she glances out at the dragons playing in the water, Kelioth sweeping a wing towards Alosynth to send a wave of water towards the other green.

Keziah returns the wave with a smile added in. Course that smile wides as she watches Alosynth getting splashed. The green is certainly enjoing herself as she returns the favor after having cone head first into the small incoming wave.

Kelioth is perfectly happy to frolic in the water with the other green ducking and diving through the waves of cold water. Vivian slows and finally walks the last little bit towards Keziah. "They certainly appear to be enjoying themselves." She comments, head bobbing towards the greens.

Keziah chuckles a little and nods "THat they do. And water is a good sight cleaning than slush is." Course she then looks back up the beach "Course, getting her back clean. I'll be glad when they can fly." she murmurs as her attention goes back to Alosynth "She does love to play." Alo is trying to backwing in the water, though she more ends up splashing herself and going backwards.

Vivian nods her head with a faint smile. "Definitely, though I can't wait for our normal weather to come back." She mutters, ever so slightly starting to steam in the cold air after her run. "I think I'm going to leave her to it and go find the baths."

Keziah gives a nod "I agree. I don't mind snow. As long as it stays snow. This slush and ice. Not so much. Course, least I'm not havin' to worry about avalanches. Don't miss that about Reaches." she remarks with a smile.

Vivian shakes her head with a sigh. "I can only imagine, we've only ever had rock falls and cave-ins here. This is really the first time we've had this much snow since I can remember."

Keziah glances up at the sky "I hope this isn't going to become the norm. I've gotten used to life without a ton of snow." she remarks with a grin. "Still it has made for some interesting entertainment.' she notes gesturing towards the greens splashing around in the water.

"I certainly hope not. It's bad enough as it is." Replies Vivian, a quick glance back to the playing greens before she waves a hand. "I'm going to find some warmth before I freeze." She explains before turning to head off indoors.

Keziah gives a nod and another wave "Take care." she notes and goes back to watching the greens.

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