Stalking the Wild Bargain

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places.
The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watchdragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond. At the far edge of the clearing, beside the trail leading to the forest sits a clocktower.

Having checked on all the places she thought to find her target on this early afternoon, Kera comes stomping away from the living caverns. Stomping is an exaggeration of coarse. The girl is wearing a pair of sandles that look as if they would shake apart if she stomped too hard. The appentice makes the rounds, sticking her head into shops and other businesses that she passes during her search. As Kera makes her way, slowly across the clearing, she spots a group of dragons, and after squinting her eyes, she sighs and shakes her head. Nope, those don't seem to be the ones she's looking for either.

On a usual day, Soriana can be found… well… actually it kind of depends. Sometimes she can be found back in the weyrling barracks for some lesson or other. Sometimes she can be found tucked in the admin hallway for other sorts of lessons. Sometimes she's with the rest of Pulsar doing flight exercises. Today… she's in none of those places! Okay, well, this morning she was, but not since lunchtime. Not since her escape, because half-restday, here she comes! Well, goes. As soon as she figures out where it is she's going… because it's not really a restday, exactly. It's a practicing-betweening-day, which are like restdays except you have to go spend them somewhere else. She should have left right after lunch, but… she hasn't, yet. She dropped by the Annex first to see how things were doing, and she's only just now emerging from there into the sunlight. Luraoth's still inside, talking to one of the dragon-patients, but she'll be along in a moment.

Kera continues with her search, gaze narrowed as she tries to block out the bright glare of sun and peer across the distance. Not having any success, she glances down, blinking as the bright glare makes her eyes water a bit. Swiping an annoyed hand across her watery eyes to clear them, Kera blinks a couple more times, as her sight adjust, she spots Soriana floating along without a care in the world out of one of the entrances. Doesn't that weyrling know I've been searching for her all morning? Half my restday? Pfft. Of coarse not, I've not gotten to her yet. "Soriana!" Is called out excitedly and the apprentices quickly starts trotting, closing the distance between herself and goal.

Know what? Nah. Soriana was busy knowing other things! All sorts of worlds and cares and… …her name is being called. Did she forget a something she was supposed to care about before she left? Or is there a new something she's supposed to know? Either way, she blinks against the brightness, focusing her gaze on… a figure charging toward her. Who now? She smiles, anyway, even if she doesn't quite know what's going on yet. Oh! It's Kera. "Hey." One question answered, more to come. "What's up?"

Kera slows her steps to a brisk walk then stop a couple of paces from Soriana, grinning that she finally found the other girl. "Hi Soriana. Been looking for you all morning." Kera chuckle and reaches up to wipe her eyes one more time. "I've a little problem. Well, not really a problem, just an issue. See, you'll be graduating soon, and the apprentices have been chattering on about a Gather after with dancing, games and stuff." Kera fidgets a bit and flicks her fingers towards her clothes. "I need a new dress, I grew more than I thought the past turn and my dress doesn't fit anymore." She gives a nervous little shrug "So I wanted to treat myself to a brand new dress. Only, I don't know any dressmakers." Kera flashes a hopeful grin "Do you know a good dressmaker?"

This is definitely seeming to be a smile-at-it situation. Kera's been looking for her! She has a problem! Soriana nods slightly, keeping that smile in place as she waits for the problem. Er, the issue. Does that mean she has to file a different report? Please say she doesn't have to file a report. Graduation, yes. Another nod! And… right, a Gather sort of thing, celebrating that these weyrlings are being unleashed on Xanadu as full riders. And… Soriana is not yet seeing the problem here. At least, not a problem that'd be brought to her. She's just one of the weyrlings! Her leash is still in place! So there's definitely some inquisitiveness to go with that smile, and then… "Oh!" That's hardly a problem at all. A new dress? That's more of an opportunity. That's easy. Her grin widens with relief. "Well, there's a few weavers here," she gestures vaguely to the craft complex, "One of them could, probably…" But, hmm. 'Some weavers' is about all she knows, because Soriana is… not exactly a fashionista. But! She can solve this problem. She's supposed to be doing betweening practice anyhow. "But… if you want something good…" Luraoth's thoughts reach out. First to Isobeth, asking for permission to take a passenger between (and go to Ierne with her), and secondly… to Seryth. Thea comes back with bags from dressmakers at Ierne sometimes! So she must know, « Where is the good place for clothes? »

Kera finally manages to finish explaining her problem, even though Soriana tells her it's /not/ a problem. "I did try the weavers." is muttered "They told me to look in the weyr stores." A hint of a shrug is given and watches the weyrling a moment when she trails off. Kera leans forward a bit, eyes lifting expectantly as she waits for Soriana to finish what she was gonna say. Finally she gestures a slow rolling motion with her hand hoping to encourage Soriana to finish her sentance. "Yes.. I do want something good…"

« Clothes? You want to wear clothes, Young Luraoth? » How odd young dragons can be, but they ever aspire to try the delights their riders taste. The answer from Seryth seems louder than what might be her normal 'distance' from her clearing or the beach - or even from one of the far off hold fireheights where she oft waits for the Weyrwoman to conclude her visits. She seems 'right there' and in reality, she is. Just padding into the clearing beside her rider is the senior queen with harness on. Thea is not dressed for the office but in a light sleeveless summer sundress of white linen that offers no protection against the chill of *Between* but she's clearly going somewhere. The floaty material is brushing at the tops of her calf-high boots, while in her hand dangles a pair of sandals and her leather gloves. Her flight jacket is draped over her other arm, her hair is braided and wound around her head but she has neither goggles nor helmet. She seems headed for the cavern while Seryth stretches out on her belly with a long-suffering sigh, preparing to wait an indefinite length of time.

Right, Soriana didn't finish her words out loud. The hazards of trying to carry on two conversations at once! She drags her attention to Kera, and grins. "…how do you feel about taking a trip?" Luraoth's thoughts return laughter, a dancing of harness-bells set on pink riding straps that settle against her body. « Not for me. » Those straps she's wearing (though they're hardly pink or belled, in reality) are all the attire Luraoth needs. « For a friend. » She shows an image of a human, features vague like a mannequin, twirling to make a floofy orange dress swirl like sunlit clouds. Soriana glances to her dragon. Hmm. Well, maybe she can figure out another way to get the information. Like… heeeey. That's Thea! So, like going direct to the source with her question. Besides, Soriana is fairly certain there's no pleasant beaches in the caverns. So! She takes a step in that direction, lifting a hand to wave. "Thea!" And so the trend of people chasing down people with questions continues!

Kera's curious gaze slips to a confused one. "Take a trip?" A tiny shake of her head "I just need you to point me out to a good dressmaker." Canting her head a bit, she watches the weyrling til she's lost the weyrling's attention once more since Soriana seems to be looking off somewhere else. When she calls out /that/ name the apprentice may start looking a few shades paler. Hesitantly looking around, the apprentice visibly cringes and starts edging her steps around, trying to stay out of the Weyrwoman's line of sight.

The laughter of summer rain falls mistily amidst Luraoth's sunlit swirl of cloud figure, « I see. » There's a thoughtful pause. « Ierne has many shops where Thea buys some of her clothes. » Tranquility is mingled with faint futility even though orange hues of Luraoth's dress-figure are briefly tinted a in rainbow shimmer, « We're going there someday. If I can pry her away. » Good luck with that, she seems to say as her rains withdraw in a curtain to dance across the hills and away towards the west where the gold wants to go. Thea is used to hearing her name called and while she might otherwise pretend not to hear it on this day, the fact that it isn't panic-stricken nor screamed in frustration does much to pause her step. Ah! It's one of her juniors! A smile lights her face and she waits, returning Soriana's wave. She doesn't see Kera - apparently she's managed to duck behind Soriana just in time.

"I'll take you to one," Soriana assures Kera brightly. She's just got to figure out the details! Which is a little problem - an issue - that she's working to resolve… though Kera may be wondering otherwise, as Soriana strides (not runs, nope. Running is for if things are actively on fire! But there's a trick to a stride that can make it very fast) toward her senior. Neither panic nor frustration! In fact, there's a smile on Soriana's face… though she hasn't noticed that Kera's working on becoming invisible. She does hear Luraoth's answer, and it makes her grin briefly as she finishes closing the distance. Opportunity! "I heard you were going to Ierne today?" Thirty seconds ago still counts. "Would you mind some company? You see, I'm to practice betweening, and Kera needs a new Gather dress…" Soriana gestures to where she expects the girl to be, only to have to blink and search for a moment. Uh… where'd her company go?

Kera opens her mouth, but nope, tis too late, Soriana starts purposely away, leaving her the apprentice standing there speechless. She waves her arms and shakes her head a couple of time "Nono, don't te.." But it's too late. Soriana is already getting the woman's attention. So she's left standing there, head darting this way and that as if trying to figure which way she can escape. No graceful way out, so she simply starts making hesitant steps towards Soriana and Thea. Kera's expression is currently startled as her gaze goes to the weyrling, and pretty much anywhere but Thea herself for some reason. "G'afternoon Weyrwoman." Kera mumbles out as she studies her own toes intently.

Things burning? On her restday? Please say no. Thea has known people to run at her smiling only to burst into tears and try to claw at her. Those likely to do so usually tend to want to do that after she's been away and returned, however, so she's serene as she awaits Soriana. "You heard… already?" The Weyrwoman shoots a narrow-eyed over-the-shoulder look back at Seryth. Apparently she was not in on the exchange with Luraoth. Seryth humms smugly. She might have to tattle more often if it gets her rider away from Xanadu faster! The Weyrwoman doesn't need much time at all to consider the request. "I'd love some!" Is that… relief in her tone? The smile Kera gets is the same quality as the one Soriana got - warm and genuine - before it edges to bafflement. "Hello Kera," she says easily even though she's now also peering at the apprentice's toes. Is there… something awry down there? It's only a momentary wonderment before the cavern entrance is given a longing look, then a shrug. "If you two are ready. I'm about to head out." Quick! Before she gives in to old habits and embroils herself in last-minute things.

Oh, so this wasn't a long and established plan? Soriana just grins innocently - it's not like it isn't obvious what must have happened! In fact, she glances up to Seryth and grins. Nevermind a goldrider conspiracy, it seems there's a golddragon conspiracy. One to get their riders to have fun… and it's working! "Great!" she says. Oh, and here's her company! Soriana looks… perplexed, for a moment, as she takes in Kera's expression. Uh. What? This is not such a scary sort of idea. It's just a shopping trip! With somebody who actually knows what she's doing, instead of Soriana… who mostly just tries to remember which colors she's been told look good. Hardly scary! So Soriana gives Kera an encouraging smile before returning her attention to Thea and grinning. "I'm ready." So's Luraoth, padding up behind her rider. Soriana looks to Kera. "I've a spare jacket. You can ride with me o-" She was going to offer a choice, but actually, to judge from that expression, Kera would ever so much rather ride with a weyrling than an experienced rider who happens to be Thea. And Isobeth won't mind, especially not with Seryth there to double-check coordinates. "-kay?"

Kera chances a glance up from her toes and flashes a quick glance to Thea at the woman's greeting. She gives a quick dip of her head, no doubt flashes of her last encounter with the Weyrwoman running through her head. Attention darts between the two riders in confusion a moment, then she starts getting the plan. "OH, you mean…leave the weyr.." A thoughtful frown cast towards the infirmary before she shrugs "Well, it's my rest day.. so I don't think I'll get in trouble." Kera finally nods and seems to be starting to relax again, even if she seems to be waiting for Thea to pounce. "Well, if ya are sure Luraoth doesn't mind, that would be great." The girl gives herself a pat down, making sure she has her marks in place as she follows the riders, hurrying her steps to keep up with them.

Thea likes to do her pouncing after a good long stalk, so beware, Kera. Be very ware! Her last encounter with the apprentice, while over her son holding hands with Kera and declaring his undying love for the young healer doesn't seem to be on the Weyrwoman's mind at all today. In fact, she seems the opposite from predator-mode. Dragon conspiracy might not worry Thea too much as long as they don't get the steward in on it too! Or her Weyrleading son! Though Seryth gives a muffled sort of surprised, Mrrrrwuh? as her rider turns on a heel and heads back to her side. V'dim is given an update via Isobeth from Seryth that she will be with the Ierne-bound weyrling and then Kera and Soriana get a chuckle. "I know a few clothiers who give very good deals." And she, being weavercraft, knows quality material. She slips into her jacket, wriggles fingers into her gloves and pulls herself up onto Seryth while the gold heaves to her feet. Clips snap but no goggles and helmet are donned - bad example, that - before the gold launches and flaps heavily to rise and wait to share the coordinates - or at least check to see that Luraoth knows them.

Trouble? Nah. "It'll be fine." Kera can just claim the weyrwomen dragged her along! Who can argue with an excuse like that? Luraoth chirps, tilting her head down to look at Kera. Of course she doesn't mind! …and of course a looming golden head won't be disquieting in the least. Soriana grins and nods to Thea, then steps back to Luraoth and reaches up to get her spare jacket - which turns out to be her old one, rolled up and tucked in a small bundle on the straps. After that one visit to Eastern when the rain just would not stop, she's decided it's a good idea to have a backup… even if it's a little tight on Sori lately. It should fit Kera well enough, at least for a short hop, and Soriana gives it over, then gives Kera a helping hand up onto Luraoth. "Is this your first time?" she… only now thinks to ask, as she works to get the healer settled and strapped in while Luraoth crouches patiently and waits for passenger and rider both to be ready. Sori does put on her helmet and goggles, despite that example, and after Luraoth confirms with Isobeth again what they're doing (hey, the lecture took!) she takes the image from her rider and checks it with the one from Seryth before wings are spread in readiness to launch into the air and soar away!

Kera moves in Soriana's wake til she's at the young queen's side. The apprentice gives a respectful dip of her head to the chirping queen before accepting the spre jacket. "Thanks, it'll be fine…just a minute right." Kera's uncertain laugh and a quick shake of her head in partial answer to Soriana's question. A quick glance around and she notices the Wewoman already up and about. Hurrying, Kera manages to get into place with Soriana's help and nods "Yea. First time taking a trip on a dragon." Glancing down, she's trying to judge how far the ground is. "You don't mind if I grab onto you do ya?" She ask the Weyrling hopfully. Are these straps big enough?

Ierne Weyrhold - Marketplace
A wide square full of shops and stores and sidewalk vendors of all types. Mostly Traders who specialise in certain items or Crafters who wanted a place in which to market their wares. Due to the WeyrHold being a major trade center, its an ideal place for something like this, open all turn round rather then just people selling during gathers.

Seryth is content to glide in a wide circle over Xanadu, observing her weyr. It's possible they only make one circuit before the other pair join her in the skies and then, coordinates confirmed they pop *Between*. Poor Kera - that's got to be quite an experience doing that for the first time? Not that Thea knows or she might have prepared the teenager with a word or two. Thea likely assumes that anyone having studied at the Healer Hall has already experienced it to arrive in the south. They arrive at the island hold to a much earlier hour thanks to the time zone, an early morning sun bathing the beaches golden. It's early for shoppers and so dragons already here are local for the most part, which seems to please the Weyrwoman immensely. Her gloves are peeled off and stuffed in the pockets of her jacket which is then shrugged off and stowed in Seryth's straps. Feet wriggled out of boots and sandals donned and then she's swinging off of the patient Seryth Catwoman style, out and around the head-held-high gold. Dusting off her hands, the last thing she does is remove her Weyrwoman's knot and stuff it in her dress pocket before turning to the others, her seagreen eyes dancing merriment and a touch of mischief. "Shall we? I know a shopkeeper who makes pretty dresses, inexpensive but well-made, and he won't cheat you."

Luraoth's size may make it harder to get on in the first place, but at least it means the rise from the ground is slower than it would be on a zippy green or blue. More time for Kera to adjust to the sensations of Luraoth's muscles moving under her and the wind blowing against her… not that it still doesn't seem to happen quite fast, for a first time. The straps are secure, even if they seem far too small to a first-time passenger, but it's with a smile that Soriana nods. "Sure, you can hold on." She lets Kera get a good grip before they launch, and tries to remember what the proper reassuring patter is. Maybe if she copies it well enough, Kera will forget that she's riding with a weyrling! "So… first we're going to get up in the air, and then… we'll between. I'll tell you when." Will it help? Maybe. It's part of the reassuring patter, anyhow. "When we do, don't panic," that's how you know it's bad, when they have to tell you not to panic, "and focus on counting to three slowly. Okay?" It's too late now, anyway! The straps are in place, and they're rising into the air, coming level to Seryth. Luraoth checks her coordinates again, as the weyrling dragons have been drilled to do - especially after Mur'dah's escapade! - and then counts down for Kera with both voice and a raised hand in case the wind carries her words away. "Three… two… one… between!" And then nothingNothingNothing… SOMETHING! Not just any something, either! Ierne. A bustling and cosmopolitan Weyrhold. A familiar sight, for Soriana, but she nevertheless tells Luraoth to take a slow glide in and let Kera appreciate the sight. Once landed near Seryth, Soriana unbuckles herself quickly and turns to see if Kera needs help. "Welcome to Ierne!" A grin, to reassure her it's all good and she's not dead or frozen by between or anything, and then she'll get the two of them off Luraoth and get gear stowed before nodding to Thea. (Just Thea. After all, there's no fancy knot anywhere, now is there?)

Kera barely waits for permission to grab onto the weyrling before her arms not quite clamp around Soriana as best she can. Listening to the instructions, she nods "Okie." Trying not to look down now, Kera takes a calming breath closes her eyes tight. Then there is jarring, then very cold. Her eyes are still closed though, and she keeps them that way til it feel like the wind got warmer. Blinking, she follows Soriana down to the ground and offers back the borrowed gear. Chuckling at Soriana's welcome. Following her to Thea, the apprentice still doesn't seem quite as ease, yet. As the two younger follow the older "It doesn't need to be anything fancy or anything like that." Kera says that now, but who knows how she will react once faced with pretty examples. Peering back to Soriana as she tries to match the weyrling's steps. "I wonder what pretty colors they will have." Did she just giggle?

Thea is impressed! The look she gives Soriana is clearly an approving one for her passenger-transport skills and preparation of a first-time *Betweener*. Look how well she did! Nothing Fancy? "On an apprentice's allowance? I hope you're not!" says the not-Weyrwoman. She smiles for the teen's enthusiasm and leads the way to the square where avenues of shops line the way. Open for business, even this early, the aroma of fresh-baked goods and klah wafts through the area. Early shoppers are out, though not in great numbers and so they don't have to fight through a crowd to get to the little shop on one of the back streets. Into the open door Thea leads, and there are pretty frocks in all colors. The shopkeeper is a rotund little man, with sharp but kind blue eyes who flutters towards them with a welcome and bids them browse.

Maybe it's all the practice from the times Soriana was a passenger and there was someone else sandwiched between her and the rider getting the easy introduction… or a hard one. Maybe she just didn't want a shriek of terror in her ear. Soriana grins. "It can be nice without being fancy," she says as she follows along. So glad Thea knows where she's going! Though, Soriana does point to one of the bakeries along the way. "They do a really good almond roll," she mentions off-handedly. Then there's a shop, and she smiles to the shopkeeper and gives him a little wave before turning her gaze to the clothes. Oh so many clothes! She heads for a rack, and her gaze gets a distracted sort of look as Luraoth starts chiming in.

Having never been to Ierne before, Kera's attention is all over the place as Soriana and herself play follow the leader with Thea. Nodding agreeably with the Weyrwoman's question "Uh huh. But I've some marks saved up and some my parents sent me for my turnday a few sevendays ago." Very quickly, it's obvious she would be getting lost without a guide the girl chuckles, pausing her steps briefly to peer into a shop window here and there before hurrying to catch up again. "Maybe if we have time we can get a snack from there before we leave." As they enter the shop, Kera's attention slips from one wrack to another as the shopkeeper greets them. Soon she's among the wracks, pausing to feel the material of dress that catches ehr attention before another dress catches her attention just as quickly. "Wow, so many to choose from."

"Oh and the Firepit has some great barbecue," Thea tells both girls with a laugh added when Kera mentions a snack. "I never leave without trying something." As for the shop, Thea has bought dresses in here and though the fancy knot comes with a significant salary, she's never worn it here inside this establishment. She's dressed simply today, bare feet in plain leather sandals and their arrival garners not excessive attention or pushing towards the more expensive merchandise. There is, perhaps the method to her madness right there. Instead of wandering towards the formal rack where fancy, glitter dresses hang, she's looking amongst the bright spring frocks, taking out a pale orchid, dual-layered with the underside silky and the upper sheer bearing tiny images in a floral motif. The neck and capped sleeves consist of sweetly-knit ivory lace as does the hem of the flounced skirt. "How about this one?"

And, as Soriana so often does, she's watching Thea to figure out how the senior Weyrwoman does things! Lessons aside, it's most of her education. She learns things like the best barbecue - the Firepit, huh? - and how to get good deals at shops. Her knot's still there, but Xanadu weyrling? All it really says is that this is someone from out of town… who probably doesn't have much money. Soriana takes a moment to look through a rack of pink gowns of assorted lengths and hues (Luraoth likes the color) before shaking her head and drifting over to check out what Thea's got. "It looks… floaty," she says with a laugh, glancing over to Kera to see what she thinks. This dress-shopping is for her, after all!

Kera steps a bit further along the wrack and pulls out a simple looking dress in a sundress design. Smiling, she eyes it a moment then replaces it on the wrack and looking over a couple more before spotting something that makes her pause. Holding it up for the others to see, a shocking shade of yellow is the main cavas of the dress "Is this color anywhere in nature?" The apprentice flashes a cheeky grin to Thea and Soriana before quickly putting the visually offensive dress back. All this talk of sweet rolls and barbeque makes the apprentice's stomach rumble a bit. The girl quickly fakes a little cough and glances around with a shy smile. Turning her attention to the dress Thea is eyeing, Kera nods agreeably with Soriana "I like those lacy sleeves. Sorta, light and airy."

Thea might do (and has done) some things in an unorthodox manner that might, sadly, cause regret down the road. But she's got good intentions(?) regardless of where they say that paved road leads. "She won't sweat in it," she says to Soriana with a light laugh before gaping at the yellow one Kera has. "Maybe in the bioluminescent… things that make glows work?" It's a guess on her part. The dress is draped over her arm as she reaches for another, this one is a plain fern green sisal, the fine material plaint and soft, the stapless cut bodice-hugging only to flair gracefully at the skirt. "How about this one?" she asks causally. "Or… do you have a favorite color?" Neon yellow maybe?

Soriana nods to Thea - her example of what to do! Fear for Xanadu's future? - about the heat and sweat. "That'd be good!" Actually… huh. "Are we going to be wearing riding leathers?" And sweating like mad? Please tell her no. She'd rather wear almost anything else, including… say… Kera's eye-catching dress. Maybe. "I think there's a poisonous tunnelsnake with stripes like that," she offers, and laughs to Thea's suggestion. "Maybe. If you could look at them long enough to see." As for Kera's tummy-rumble… well, fortunately for her, Sori had lunch before she came here, though… maybe she'll have lunch again before heading back! The time jump's about right, and conveniently enough, lunch tends to be cheaper than dinner. Soriana looks back to the racks, and pulls out a yellow one! But… this one is a pale yellow, scattered with tiny white flowers and with a big saffron sash around the waist. Soriana… isn't sure what to think about it, so she looks at it as she tries to figure it out.

Kera can't help but chuckle and nod at Thea's mention of the bioluminescent dress. "I think that is exactly where it came from…Oh!" Spotting a pretty shiny blue material, she tugs it off the wrack and holds it up to herself. Pale pink accents, and embroidered flower buds and leafy vines around the neckline. "Tunnelsnake yellow…nah, don't think that would look good on me at all. 'or anyone really'" That last bit muttered so the shopkeep hopefully won't be offended. Peering over the wrack towards the others, Kera's eyes flick back and forth between the two woman as she herself continues along the dresses Notcing a deep green wrap dress, she plucks it from the wrack and holds it up thoughtfully.

Probably ought to fear for the little hills and chasms that is bound to be Xanadu's future? Maybe? "Faranth, no!" says Thea with a shudder at the thought of sweltering in leathers for the ceremony. High Reaches to the core, this one. "Wear something pretty and comfortable that you can dance in or get soaked in the dunking booth and drip dry in the sun afterwards." She drifts along the rack, flashes a bright look and a grin to Kera, "Tunnelsnake yellow would get you noticed, for sure." Probably with undesirable results though. "Those are both lovely," she says of their selections. "You should try something on," she encourages them. Fluttery-man is drifting closer. At least he's a pleasant sort and not pushy. But if they need help, he'll most gladly give it.

Oh, good. "Yes'm!" Soriana says with a broad grin. Except… oh, that probably means she should pick something for herself, too. Not that she doesn't have clothes, but… well. As occasions go for something new, it's hard to get better than this. So she hmms, returning her gaze to the racks. "I'm not sure it'd work on me," she says of the pale one she found, but… "Oh, that's nice," she says of Kera's green one. "Are you going to try it on?" Because if the healer doesn't… Soriana will! She likes green… even if Luraoth keeps suggesting she should try the layered pink one with the ruffles that's one of the endcaps. So far, Sori's refusing, but… her gaze keeps darting in that direction despite her mental protests to the dragon that it's… well. It's very pink, is what it is!

Kera grins over to Soriana "Well that should be a relief at least. About the leathers I mean." At the mention of a dunking booth, the apprentice tilts her gaze to Thea "OH? What other types of things might there be? Any kind of races? Or contest?" Kera's excited looks to Thea hopefully before darting to Soriana and back. Dresses! That's right. Looking at the two in her hand, She holds out the green one to Soriana with a little shake of her head. "It's pretty, but I don't think so, I never look very good in green." Catching Soriana's expression, Kera smiles and offers it out "You wanna try it on?" Kera drapes her blue choice across her arm and walks towards the young queenrider. She does get distracted on her way by a couple more dresses. After adding another choice to her arm, she moves to wait her turn to try things on.

Thea will be happy to pull out frock after frock in various colors and styles, maybe even slyly waving a far-too-short number that would barely hide the wearers underclothes before slipping it back onto the rack with a grinned 'didn't think so'. Unless one of them reaches for it, then she'll hand it over with a lift of brows and a 'you are braver than I' sort of comment. "Well, let's see, there's usually pie-eating contests, dancing, feasting, games, harpers, the traders will be selling wares…" Maybe runner races, though she doesn't mention those, most likely because she's hoping they don't. "You'd look like a lovely flower," she comments to Soriana, eyes drifting to the pink ruffled one the weyrling keeps eyeing. Helpful, isn't she?

Yoink. Soriana will just give that green dress Kera found a try, then! And… the skimpy one makes her grin, but she shakes her head. Not this time! Maybe if she comes back with Ka'el sometime and wants to make sure he's paying attention. Though, she will try on this red one here. Red's close enough to pink, right Luraoth? …no? Fine. Soriana laughs to Thea, and shakes her head as she eyes that pink concoction once again. "Pink's not my color." It's all… girly. "Besides, it looks like it'd melt if it got wet." Because doesn't it just look like some sort of fancy pastry? As well as a flower. But… okay, maybe she can compromise a little and try on… there. How about that one? It's got pink on it. A soft rose pink, even, as a bodice between creampuff sleeves and flared skirt of autumn-leaf brown. That's pink enough, right? Good. Thank you, Luraoth. Soriana will try it on for you.

Does she still have all her fingers after near light speed snatch? After a quick wiggle and counting of her digits, Kera is quick to nod at Thea's flowery words, "I bet Ka'el would think so too. You should at /least/ try on the pink one, tis why we're here afterall isn't it?" Looking to Soriana with an amused grin, a wrack of loosely knotted scarves, one in particular, catch her attention. Kera is quick to make her way over to the out of the way wrack and tugs out one that finds very pretty then moves back to her place. Seeing a curtain open in the back, the apprentice points out it out to the Weyrwoman "Rooms open, you go ahead first if ya like We…ma'am." She almost slipped, but she did catch on that no knots where to be seen from the riders right now.

Is that the quiet sound of laughter over where Thea has drifted at that dress-yoinking? Oh yes, it is! She waves a hand to Kera, "Nono, you guys go ahead. I'm just looking." Her entire purpose for coming in here, is them, not her. Sad-face from the shopkeeper will not sway her, either. She has plenty of dresses. She'll be here, going through dresses until they've found something and then she'll accompany them somewhere for a snack, unhurried and pleasant until the time comes when she must drift away to the errand that brought her here in the first place.

"I thought we were here to find you a dress!" Soriana retorts to Kera with a grin. But, fiiine. She'll try the pink puffy thing on. "Just this once!" The shopkeeper can just hang it back up afterward, unbought, and blame Thea and Kera (and Luraoth). And so she'll try on dresses, some serious and some just for the fun of it. The shopkeep may not be entirely happy about the amount of dresses that need to be re-racked, but he'll certainly make a couple of sales to Soriana, so he should be pleased enough that he won't bar the door next time she stops by. Then a snack, and then once Thea's gone off, Soriana will take Kera by a few other places (and only a very brief visit to the Dragonhealing School, though it's a wistful one) before taking her back to Xanadu before bedtime.

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