Morning Exercise and Renegade Thoughts

Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

It's mid-morning and the fog has yet to lift, casting a misty glow to the world. Visability is fairly low, sight going only a yard or so before it disappears into milky-ness. Standing on the edge of the lake, the cold water lapping at her bare feet is Keziah. She is presently skipping pebbles off into the mist, wautching it swirl over the ripples. Alosynth is off somewhere else at the moment, sleeping off her weekly meal.

mirai is wandering the beach, a bit farther up from Kezi-mama. Her two hounds are following her through the sand as she stoops to pick shells up from the beach, one here, one there…..

Hidden in the mist is the figure of one weyrling running over the sand dunes, his tracks as they came from the barracks now being used to guide himself back in the decreased visibility. The man had done such a training exercise every morning, along with a variety of other tasks to get into the best possible condition a man could on the world of Pern. The fact of the matter was that he extended his run further each day, now it was stretching the length of the beach. His footprints in the sand, visitors to the beach would see. But the man himself, not yet. Although a hound or a dragon might hear the faint thuds of his footprints against the sand.

Keziah certainly doesn't hear the thud of footprints in the sand, course it could be she is concentrating so intently on the pebble throwing, oh but wait she's turning towards Mirai and her canines. It's that maternal sense perhaps, since it's hard to see her through the swirly mist.

Mirai doesn't hear the steps either, but the two canines turn towards the noise, and Berrit, the large one with three legs, lets out a single deep woof in the weyrling's direction. The tiny little hot dog of a canine, Rico, bounces in between the front leg of the larger and just watches. Mirai herself stands straight with a pearly pink shell in her hand and stares into the white mist in the direction the animals are staring.

A dark silhouette eventually breaks through the mist where the animals are looking, becoming visible at a rapid pace. The figure marks a man and once the fog swirls enough to reveal him, it is a young man, jogging at a quick pace, a near full out run, one or two strides from it. He barely has time to register the presence of others on the beach before he passes him, passing by Mirai and her canines with a side glance, keeping his stride going. He was dressed only in shorts, with a bandana tied in a skully cap was wrapped about his head, and a brass ring necklace bouncing and chiming against his chest with every foot pad into the sand. He isn't about to stop either, determination written on his face as he passes by the girl and her dogs… not yet seeing Keziah, despite the fact that she could likely see him by this time.

Mirai easily recognises the lad and an adoring grin slips onto her face as she giggles and tucks black curls behind her ear. She nudges her large canine gently and wraps her arms around his neck. "Oooooh, Berrit…. its /Ers/'lan." she practically melts into a puddle of adoring child. Ah, that puppy love stage. "Isn't he so cuuuuuute?" Yes, she's sighing in the poor canine's ear, kudos to him for dealing with her so silently. However, Rico chases after the lad's heels, barking at them one at a time, her attention centered on these "wonderful" heels.

At the sound of the bark Keziah is turning towads the direction as well. Though since the canines are staying in place she doesn't look too worried. As the figure becomes visible she closes her eyes a little and murmurs lightly under her breath. Still she doesn't say anything as she just watches for the moment. That is until she hears Mirai and she just groans. "Oh sweet Faranth, Mirai. Control yourself." A pause "And call in Rico. Not smart to do to a weyrling." she notes as she looks around for the possibility of a nearby brown.

Zhaoth is indeed right along behind Lan, breaking through the mist at a jumping leap with stretched out wings, taking a bit of a glide before he starts loping along again. It seems the brown enjoys the exercise as much as his rider, that or it is Zhaoth on the heels of Lan that is keeping the young man going. The fact that there's suddenly a dog nipping at Lan's heels, causes the rider to try and dodge it, side to side stepping, grunting as he looks back, "Oy..! Geeet…" he tries to wave a hand at it, resisting an urge not to kick. Zhaoth for his part picks up his speed, a growl heard, the intent slamming the minds of those in the area, « Good enough ta eat! Going ta get it. » Maw open, teeth showing, the dragon's talons rip through the sand dunes, sending a spray behind him. He's fast. It looks as if the dog is doomed! The only thing that saves it from certain death in the maw of a brown weyrling, is the fact that Ers'lan skids in his abrupt pivot, dives, and scoops the thing in his arms as he rolls to the side, clutching it under the pit of his arm. Where it once was, Zhaoth lands, disappearing in a wave of sand as the brown snarls as if biting down on something. Ers'lan pants a little, wriggling dog in his arm more or less, releasing it promptly. "Zhao…" he breaths out the word, the brown twisting back with a puffed out chest and proud stance, letting his mind channel to everyone once again, « Good work Ers'lan. You did well. We must try that again. » The dragon looks towards the canines, with Lan extending a plead of an arm, "Nay. Narh with them." This is when the former-sailor looks around, on one hand and one knee, "Sorry bout that. He be liking ta test me time ta time. Didn't hurt yah canine, did I?" A sudden flash of concern toward Mirai, before he considers Keziah, finding a blush on his cheeks for the first time in Turns.

Keziah seems to have her attention caught by the dragon and the little glides. "Are you nuts?!!" she explains and pebbles are tossed down to ground by her feet. "Just because you're allowed to hunt them in the feeding grounds doesn't mean they can hunt on the beach." She stomps towards Ers'lan. "Not to mention risking your dragon by letting him glide a bit before he's been inspected and cleared for it? Wings up, wings down, wings out even. Yes. But supporting him? Not yet." She stops and takes a deep breath and holds it… and holds it.. and holds it….

Mirai blinks a couple times and then shakes her head, her black curls bouncing a little as she gapes and then squeals. "Ricoooooooo" the girl starts running after the little animal, with the three legged beastie on her heels. As Rico is miraculously saved by Ers she simply wiggles around and yelps, her wide blue eyes searching for Mirai, and then once released, the little thing rips off towards her girl. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I didn't hear her take off…." her face is red as she scoops the little animal into her arms as the canine rips through the sand with her tail tucked behind her. She glances anxiously at the canine in her arms and then sets the poor thing on her feet and watches as Rico hides behind her ankles. "Oh /thank/ you, thank you! You're my hero! You saved her!" The young girl looks up at Ers'lan with wide, innocent eyes and just clasps her hands together under her chin. "How can I ever thank you? I love my Rico." Then she blinks and opens her hand, glancing at the pink pearly shell. Lightbulb…. She blushes and waves it at him, "Please, please, please take this. I want you to have it." she waves the shell at him and only then peers at Kezi-mama… Her fault…. Maybe now would be a good time to hide.

So much for discouraging the puppy love. Ers'lan looks pale at the reaction from Mirai, as if realizing finally who she was and what he just did. What was worse though, is the sudden rebuke from Keziah. That's what has him wince. "T'was our fault fer your canine almost … well…" Zhaoth looks proud, not really interested in eatting the dog, mind, but watching them nevertheless. The man nods at the shell, still showing red cheeks, knowing that the reddness is crawling up his neck and to his ears for Keziah's words. He shimmies a little in the sand, drawing his eyes back toward her, "He be fine. He be handlin it. He be narh doing it iffin he narh be strong enough. Didn't know we be needin clearance fer him ta be leaping around…" Sweat beads down his face, his chest still panting, sand clinging to him from where he rolled to save the dog. Caught red handed, he hangs his head a bit, as if waiting for the axe man to do his job. Zhaoth just sits down on the beach, looking quite thrilled by everything, until Keziah stomps toward his lifemate. That's when all of them can hear Zhaoth's mindvoice, charming with the gold and crimson silken waves, edgy with the background of steel on steel, « It wasn't a risk. I am in good working condition. We are ahead of our group, stronger, because we train when others sleep in the sun. We train when others play games. We train. We are strong. »

Keziah just eyes the dragon and lets out a woosh of breath before she even remotely turns blue "Don't encourage him." she states simply to the dragon. Course, with Mirai going off on hero worship now, Keziah seems to be developing an eye twitch. Least it's not a cheek twitch like V'dim? "Mirai. This is why you need to train your canines better so that they don't become a dragon snack." A little harsh? Maybe, but poor Keziah's just about had a heart attack. "Yes, clearance. After the wings are inspected to make sure everything is well developed." A glance over at the dragon "A risk it is." And then her green emerges from the mists. « It is a risk. Flight training starts on the grounds so no innocents get hurt. » Comes the soft rumble as the green slips over towards Mirai. "Ers'lan, it's best not to tempt V'dims wrath at the moment." she notes quitely as she wanders over to Alosynth and drops to the ground next to her and leans back. "Mirai, is Rico okay?" she does ask however.

Zhaoth snaps his head up and to the side, a defiant gesture much like a runner beast could be seen doing. Eyes start whirling with glints of red, calmed back to blues and greens by a murmur or two from Ers'lan, clearly the dragon taking better orders from his rider. Ers'lan keeps on a hand and a knee, letting his heart beat calm from the run that was interrupted, a hard thing to go from an hour or more of running to a dead stop without any cool down. Lan keeps his face down, eyes closing with a hand lifting to wipe away some of the sweat dripping from the bridge of his nose. Zhaoth is the one that extends his wings, head cranned to look at each one in turn, before snorting, « There is nothing wrong with my wings. » Once he folds them, he crosses them at the pinions, looking like a general again as he stands on all fours, neck curled, trying to puff out than rangy bony body of his. Ers'lan lifts his chin a bit, eyes opening to peer out the corner toward the scolding Keziah, "Aye. T'will narh happen again until we get approval." Zhaoth makes a disparaging noise, snapping his teeth loudly together in his disapproval. Lan heaves a few more deep breaths, lifting his face toward the offer of the pink shell. He wasn't supposed to encourage it! There's a flash of his temper seen in his features then and a mischievious sneer in Keziah's direction. He reaches forward for the shell, murmuring, "Thank you…" for the imparted gift.

Alosynth croons softly « All in good time. » Keziah nods a little at Ers'lans words. "There have been weyrlings in the past who thought they were ready before it was time." She murmurs quietly "One in my own class. They were still grounded when the greens had their first flights. And not as punishment, because of injury. I don't want to see that happen to Zhaoth." She looks at the brown and his snapping. "I'm already at risk oof having a couple of weyrlings shipping out. I don't need the injuries too. Please?" Alosynth croons softly and wraps her tail in around Keziah. The greenrider takes a deep breath and then it stops again as she watches Ers'lan take the shell. Or rather the sneer on his face. It's the sneer that gets her. Not even noticing the mischief behind it. "Mirai, don't you think it's time you went and ate breakfast?" she asks, her voice dropping several degrees as she just stares at Ers'lan.

Mirai squeals cheerfully and does a little dance in the sand before heaving an adoring sigh. Quickly, since Ers'lan is still on knee and at her level, the little girl dances forwards, pecking his cheek with a kiss and then, blushing heavily, goes ripping off towards the caverns without another word, her eyes bright and her canines, both of them, following her as quickly as they can, barely keeping up with the girl as she dissappears into the foggy morning.

Ers'lan listens with an arm arranged over his knee, head still bowed as he catches his breath even now, the run having gone on long enough to really cause the man to pant, even if he was well beyond being in shape. It is likely that he was up before the morning sun and that the fog didn't even stop them from their exercise routine. Still, he is aware of the fact that he was caught with Zhaoth straining himself in front of a weyrlingmaster. Her words of warning do not go unheaded, even if they cause some of his tempers to rise, sharing the irritation from Zhaoth. "I be promising thar we be asking V'dim ta 'inspect' Zhao's wings before he be trying it again." This, he says with a stern tone, as if to reaffirm that notion with Zhaoth himself, the brown still chittering his teeth. Then, after he accepts the shell from Mirai, he doesn't know how to react as the dancing girl manages to put a kiss on his cheek and then sprint away. The only thing he can do is rapidly turn toward Keziah, leaping up on his feet, hands pleading, "Shells Keziah! I reckon I did narh know…t'was in good humor I be taking the shell…" Now he's in deep crap. His previous blush increases ten fold.

Finally Briana has awakened and having been informed of their release from the barracks, has let Sahazyth lead her out, past the weyrling beach onto the normal beach. Both have taken their renewed freedom as a chance to get some exercise and coming along running along the beach. No doubt the gold rushing her past the other weyrlings on the further beach. The pair slow down as they come upon the people, the gold giving her brown clutchsib a warble of greeting while Briana offers a wave to his rider. There is a more sheepish look offered to Keziah. For a moment Briana stays in close to her lifemate until Sahazyth finally nudges her towards the humans.

Silence. Silence dark and sinister and the greens eyes start to whirl quickly when Keziah watches her daughter plant a kiss on the weyrling and then run off. Her eyes follow Mirai momentarily and then she's looking back at Ers'lan. Still she doesn't say anything. As Briana enters onto the scene Alosynth is shifting her attention and croons a greeting to the gold pair. Keziah gives herself a little shake and then she smiles at Briana. Albeit it really doesn't reach the shadows in her eyes. "Hello dear." she says simply and continues to sit there on the sand embraced by her dragon and tail. She doesn't glance back at Ers'lan, instead she turns her attention back out to the mist enshrouded lake. There is the slightest twitch to her eye, one that seems oddly echoed by ALosynth's tailtip.

Ers'lan starts to dust off the sand that had clung to his body, for the diving roll he took earlier to save Mirai's pet. Zhaoth looks eager to continue with their running, especially when Sahazyth comes into view. The brownling pair have been at it since before the morning sun even showed and still Zhao wants to press on. Lan gives the brown a little purse of his lips. It seems he contemplates remaining behind with running away from the situation. Gulping, he nods to Zhaoth. "Um… We be going now…" yes, before Keziah can think to whip them or something! He starts to back away from the greenrider, turning a quick look to Briana, almost a hapless look, before his feet start to pick up a pace.

Keziah watches as it's Ers'lans turn now to walk away. She bites her lower lip a moment and then swallows a few times. She hangs her head a little, her hair falling forward to cover her face. Which perhaps is a good thing since it's likely she's not at her best. "Oh Alo." she murmurs softly, her voice just a little bit shaky.

Briana works a moment to catch her own breath before giving a wave to Ers'lan as he departs. She watches the brown and the weyrling head off before looking over to Keziah. "Are you alright Ma'am?" She asks in a soft voice, this whole affair causing her to take a couple steps back it seems. "Sorry about all the mess, I should have said we weren't ready…" She gives a little sigh and fidgets with her hands.

Keziah takes a deep breath and gives a little bit of a nod "Yeah, perfectly fine." she murmurs softly. Lying through her teeth perhaps. She takes another breath and then brushes her hair back from her face and wiping at her face at the same time. "I'm no good at this job. Too emotional and not smart enough and I shouldn't even be telling you this. How are you two doing?"

Briana pages: sorry alts weyrmate just informed me 'he needs space' because of what has been happening in weyrlinghood.

Briana bites her lip at Keziah's words, even to her it is clear she is lying. The girl moves over to where the weyrlingmaster sits and looks down to her. "You are fine Keziah. I would not be here if it weren't for you. That means a lot to me. I should never have let them bait me up in the Yokahoma and then they wouldn't know what I was. I suppose they have right to be angry at me…scared of me." She says as she settles into the sand across from the woman.

Keziah glances up at Briana and smiles softly "I can understand them being afraid. Kefai…" she shudders a little and doesn't really revisit back on that time too much. "And I guess fear can breed anger, but. I dunno. One could say a dragon chose you, but one chose Kate as well. But what I've seen of you. I don't fear you. Maybe your father if he comes here, I've already had one bad run in with renegade father. I really don't want that again." She sighs a little "I am glad you are here though. I think we need you. I just hope we don't end up using you." she murmurs quietly.

Briana settles in cross legged as Keziah speaks of the histories of the Renegades here. "Kate…he called me that the other day…can you explain it? There isn't just one band of renegades…I didn't recognize the names. Kefai?" She asks as she places her hands upon her knees. There is a slight nod about her father, "Yeah…he promised he wouldn't come back if he impressed…I hope he keeps it." Though she frowns at the part about being used and nods slightly, having feared that as well it seems."I know…to have to choose between family, people you have spent half you life with and loyatly to the weyr…" She starts and cants her head, "Not all of us are bad people…some..just don't belong in weyrs."

Keziah glances out to the lake "Well, Kefai. Kefai's got this following. He believes that Thread is going to return and he's been gathering followers. He tried recruiting me back when I was a young apprentice. He belives everyone else deserves to die. He's corrupted the lot of them. Kate is his daughter. No one's been able to catch them and keep them." she frowns a little "Least not that I've heard. Though I fear I've tended to shy away from the subject. It was rather disturbing being in that cove of his. And all those children…" she shudders a little "He'd been umm busy." She goes quiet "Is your father known for keeping his promises?" she asks quietly. "I do hope you aren't forced to choose."

Briana listens quietly to the tale, a most serious expression upon her features. "And she impressed a gold and they left the weyr?" She asks putting in pieces considering she has not heard of this Kate about. "I promise I won't do that." She lets bare fingers drop to the sands before her and the fingers drag through it and then let sift through them. "I was two turns old when I first ran on this beach. Xanadu was a home to me when I was a toddler, before I had to go back." She looks up to Keziah, "Then when Ista raided our camp…I begged my Ma to let me stay when they all escaped. I stayed for while until I was …collected once more." She wipes the sand onto her pants. "Then last turn Ma finally was able to get me out again and it was by my choice I left and hers. She ain't one of the fighters. She just…well she was taken there before I was born and ain't never been comfortable in weyrs since, from what she says..nor before. She just..she is good people and raised me the same." At the comment about her father, she gives a little shrug of her shoulders, "He is one of the bad men…I don't know." She looks over to Sahazyth, "He gave his blessing for me to stand, but after hearing about Kate and her father.." She sighs, her brow knit with concern.

Keziah nods softly "It may be that he gave his blessing in hopes that you would get a gold." she murmurs quietly "And he thinks that he can control you." She sighs a little "Or maybe he just doesn't care. It's hard to say. But I could imagine that even the regular rennies wouldn't mind a few dragons under their control. I really don't think Thread is coming. It's been a long time since he started spewing that nonsense." she notes quietly. Though there is just a hint of worry there. "Still, people will probably always wonder. I mean, he could use your mother against you or something. Hold her hostage in return for your umm 'generosity' of bringing your gold to them."

It is clear that her thoughts never turned quite to these thoughts. Briana draws her knees up under her chin, wrapping her arms around her legs. Sahazyth comes up behind her and lowers her head upon the girl's shoulder, sensing Briana's distress at these thoughts. «I will never let them hurt you.» She pledges and Briana lifts a hand up to the golden cheek as she leans her own head against it. "I .." She starts before swallowing, "Others have impressed here from our group and they haven't been.." She starts before biting her lower lip, "My uncle wouldn't let that happen, he promised he would protect my mother." But there is clear concern upon her face as she takes in the words, "No wonder they hate me."

Keziah shakes her head a little "I think a gold would be more of a prize. Golds control the other dragons." she hmms a little "Be better to control one of them first before getting in the other colors." she notes softly "And hope they never get a hold of some decent sands" she sighs softly "I dunno, I'm just grasping at straws. " she shakes her head "This really is kind of a gruesome subject." she notes quietly.

Briana nods to Keziah, biting her lip thoughtfully for a moment as she rests her chin back down on her knees. "I suppose I just never thought of it that way. How would anyone trust our commands with those thoughts in their heads. No wonder they freaked out." The last words cause her to look up and give a little nod, "Yeah, but I suppose I need to know this…I need to prepare for this. It may never happen that they try it, but…" She sighs softly and gives a little shake of her head, "Better to know its a possibility and be prepared then not know and get taken by surprise." She looks towards the general direction of the barracks, " I do to prove myself to them?"

Keziah follows Briana's gaze towards the weyrling grounds and the barracks and then sighs "For some of them. I don't think anything that you do will prove it to them. I don't know really. Can't really convince someone against their will. I suggest you talk with Thea about it though. Perhaps she has some ideas. I'm just a greenrider, I really don't know all that a goldrider knows." she hmms a little "I think all you can do is just be you and do your best to protect the Weyr to the best of your abilities." she then glances towards the Weyr proper "I should go check and see on Mirai. That girls goin to be the death of me."

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