Filling the Emptiness

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

Vivian is inside, scrubbing away at Kelioth's hide with a brush, taking off all the flaky skin from the growing green. She's actually working hard at it as well, though that's something she did even just after the hatching. "Yes I know it itches there, give me a chance, you may be small but you still have a lot of hide to get round." She snaps good naturedly at her crooning lifemate.

Keziah is pulling off her coat as she steps into the barracks. "Just hold one." she notes to the green as she looks over her shoulder as she heads for their couch. "I do not want to have to wash the whole floor." she remarks as she comes back with some towels. "Just step there and there, that's it, now to get this muck off your tail. I swear, you find more reasons so splash in puddles then a little boy." she notes as she green noses and whuffles "Yes dear, I do love you." she remarks as she picks up the towels. She catches a voice and then glances over with a thoughtful look. She smiles and nods her head as she heads over to investigate while Alosynth gets herself settled on the couch. "She's looking good." she notes to Vivian

Vivian continues scrubbing away at Kelioth's hide only the briefest of glances going back over her shoulder to check who it is that's speaking. "I hope so, I've been at this for long enough." She replies, her words are harsh enough, but the unmistakable hint of affection for the green shines through despite her best efforts. "Yes I'm talking about you." She taps the green on the neck with the brush and received a playfully indignant snort of derision from her. "She decided she wanted to know what slush was and how it felt when she rolled in it, now she wants cleaned back to perfection."

Keziah chuckles 'That you have. I'd be worried iffen you hadn't the hang of it by now." At the mention of slush there's an affectionate glance towards Alosynth "She insists the mud feels good on her hide and that it has to stay wet for the best results." she hmms a little as she looks over the larger green "I don't Alosynth is gonna ever catch up with her." she remarks

Vivian snorts and shakes her own head. "I was meaning just this time." She explains as she drops the brush down into a bucket of oil. "Mud is over rated, even that good stuff you can buy from that spring, well unless you already have really bad skin I suppose." She shrugs her shoulders delicately, not that she has a problem with bad skin of course. "I don't think there's that much between at the moment. But they sometimes shoot right up as they grow." She doesn't seem all that fussed, or if she is, she's not letting on.

Keziah heads over to Alosynth who's stretched out on her side, tail hanging over the side. She lays against the green who looks towards Kelioth her mind all soft and furry « Don't you like the slick way that mud with all the clay in it feels? » Keziah snorts and just shakes her head a little "I can't wait to introduce you to swamp muck. Oh the smell of it. « Is it as bad as trundlebugs when they're squashed? It's a very interesting smell. »

« I do but I like the really clean feeling I get after my Vivi scrubs me and oils me. » Kelioth replies back, bright shafts of sunlight catching sparks of green in her mind. "No you are not double checking the trundlebug thing, you've done that already." Vivian warns the green. "It stank and it wasn't pleasant." She waggles a finger at the green before she walks over to the oil bucket.

Keziah chuckles at Vivian "It's such an unforgettable smell isn't it?" she remarks and jsut shakes her head. She watches Vivian and starts to say something and then she ees Alosynth for a moment and the green just looks back at her. She then snorts and shrugs. Now, whatever that was about. Who knows. "So she's squished one has she? Was it accident or on purpose?"

Vivian shudders a little at the memory of that smell. "By accident I hope, it was rather sudden." She replies as she collects the brush from the oil bucket and walks up to Kelioth, "A quick scrub with this lot and then that's you for the evening you hear me?" She wags the dripping brush. « I know, once I'm looking perfect you can go and get yourself looking better as well, then we can sit here with each other. »

Keziah laughs "Well, that's lucky. Alosynth did it on purpose « It was a dare. They didn't think I would. It's only a little bug. What's the bog deal and the smell does come off. » Keziah snorts and waggles her finger at Alo. « What's the fun in just sitting? » Alosynth asks curiously.

Vivian gets to work with the oiling of the greens hide. "I think she was intrigued by it." She replies with a sigh, « It was an interesting smell, not that I want to smell it again. » Sniffs Kelioth. « But we can sit and look pretty together, do you like pretty things or just bugs and mud? I'll get her to read something as well to help her stop thinking of … » There's a dull thud as the green is thumped. "I can hear you as well you know." Vivian growls, though it doesn't stop the flash of imagery of a large bronze in the distance, an indistinct rider on top.

Keziah blinks a moment or two as she watches Vivian thump her green. Alosynth chuffs lightly as she peeks her head up. « That's not Nyunath. » The green starts to ponder, running through here head all the bronzes she's seen so far. "Leave it Alo, it's not important." She notes as she watches Vivian « But why would she be thinking… » "Alo…" The green seems to almost hmmph and then « Pretty is overrated. It gets in the way of fun things. » Alosynth says instead. « And nothing wrong with mud or bugs, I mean bugs are just bugs. » The green gives the impression of shrugging.

Vivian goes to scrubbing the oil furiously into Kelioth's hide. "I don't want you talking about him." She growls quietly, but perhaps not quietly enough. « What's wrong, you smiled when he was there. You are very pretty when you smile. I want to see you happy like that all the time. » Her lifemate is still at an age where she hasn't learned to focus her mind to just Vivian.

Keziah gives a little nod and then is thoughful for a moment and she shakes her head and pets Alosynth "Yes, I do have you." she murmurs softly and smiles "Isn't it wonderful having someone who cares about your happiness?" she asks softly as she caresses the green. "Just complete, unconditional love."

Vivian continues scrubbing, the previous harshness of her actions softening again as she releases a deep sigh, her head bending to touch against the greens hide a whispered apology on her lips, the wave of warmth that emits in a burst from Kelioth's mind proof that something else a touch more intimate passed between the pair. "It is nice, to have someone who genuinely cares for you, there's no better feeling." Her tone conveys a bit more than she probably wants, a touch of bitterness from that sentiment.

Keziah lays her head on Alosynth and nods "I think I'll have to agree on that. Someone who knows you're there and not just a part of things around them." she murmurs quietly. "No matter what. They are always there for you. Sometimes you don't realize what lonliness might be until you have something to fill a space."

Vivian nods her head in response to those sentiments as she scrubs away, rubbing all that oil into Kelioths' hide. "I suppose, but I've known how empty life can be." She murmurs, a gentle nudge and a croon from the green reminding her that she's there. "Yes dear, I'm almost done, then I'll be heading off for a good bath, to get this mud of yours off me." That seems to pacify the green for the moment.

Keziah hmms a little as she watches Vivian, catching a little bit more of an insight to the girl as she continues to caress Alosynth who is now finally drifting off to sleep. "A bath does sound enjoyable. I may have to partake in one of those myself sometime today. If anything to just relax. I though chasing after caprines was work."

"It does, especially just now with all the work these little darlings are giving us with all the constant scrubbing, oiling and feeding." Sighs Vivian, it is a tiring time in these first few months. "Wash all the cares and dirt away."

Keziah gives a nod and a little yawn. "I think I'll take a nap first, then a bath." she murmurs and then glances over at Vivian "If you ever need to talk about anything. And I do mean anything. I don't care if it's a debate on why the sky is blue." This here is said with a look towards Alosynth and a small smirk "I'll listen and answer to if wanted or needed or if I have one." she tilts her head a little "After all, we're all in this together. Best to work together as well."

Vivian offers up a bit of a shrug at the suggestion. "Bath for me." She murmurs as Kelioth drops of to sleep. "Then back to try and catch some shut eye for myself as well." She puts her brush back in it's bucket and moves everything away from the possible twitching of limbs. "I'll remember." She says quietly, unsure as she grabs some fresh nightclothes and stuffs them into a bag before she heads off out the door to the baths.

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