Flamin' Ovine! (Or, Iro's First Drink)

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern


It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

The hustle and bustle of the day is over at Xanadu, which meant that the hustle and bustle of the Wanderin' Wherry was just getting started! K'ael strides into the tavern and heads to the bar to order himself a nice pint of ale and a sandwich. There's some squeaking and squawking from the bronze flit on his shoulder until he also orders up a plate of fritters for him. He takes a seat while he waits for his food to be ready, sipping at his ale and looking around the place.

Cenlia ducks into the tavern, out of the cold, two of her firelizards huddled close on each shoulder. Goldeny-bronze Charmer and midnight-blue Rogue peer about with interest as Cenlia shrugs off her coat - worn and patched, the garment is several sizes too big and looks as if it came from the depths of the storage caverns, which may not be far from the truth. The girl takes a moment to look around, waving with a smile for Beldar and calling over, "Klah, ale, an' a sweetroll," before she plops down at the bar, letting out her breath as if she'd been holding it against the cold outside.

Lacking in flitterbugs is one former gardener/candidate/busybody, Iroha's entrance unaccompanied by either flurries of wings or demandingly hungry chirples. Though it's an apology, not food, she's here for, still she shrugs out of her jacket. Not so badly worn as Cenlia's, but almost as too-large, looking like a cast-away flight jacket. Without looking around, the transplanted Istan marches determinedly over to the bar… which of course means she'll be passing by people she knows. Yay! "Oh, hello Cenlia!" Grin. And, a little further on, "K'ael! You're here again." Bigger grin.

K'ael smiles to Cenlia as she comes to the bar. Pommel chirrups to the two filts she's got with her. A friendly one, he is. When Iroha makes her entrance he waves to her. "Hey Iro. Yep, here again. Thought I might run into you here." Then he motions to Cenlia. "A friend of yours?" He extends a hand to the other gardener girl, giving her a dimply grin. "Hi. I'm K'ael, Azaeth's rider." Then to Beldar. "Whatever these two are having, on me. You girls hungry? I can get a plate of meatrolls."

Cenlia waves a greeting to Iroha, with a, "Hey," at her and K'ael both. Charmer croooons at the nearest people, sneakily inching down Cen's arm to perch on the bar, and streetching his neck this way and that. Crooon. Crooooon. Cenlia determinedly ignores the firelizard's attempts at attention, instead shaking the bronzer's hand and grinning back with a, "Well met, I'm Cenlia." And as Charmer nudges at the girl's elbow, Cen turns back briefly to the flit with an, "Oy, greedyguts," but she's nodding, "Meatrolls sound good." As her ale and klah arrive, the girl proceeds to mix them carefully, taking a sip and grimacing, before adding more ale to the klah.

Trotting past to offer first a hug to K'ael, there's a bit of a cocky tilt to her grin. "You maaaay have to start looking elsewhere," she lilts, bouncing. "Next time you visit." A happy nod, "We were candidates here together. She's a gardener, too!" Ignoring any and all crooning, fluttering firelizards, as always. "I'm always hungry," as he well knows. She's not going to turn down free food. "Ew," is noted when she turns back to Cenlia and her drink mixing. Before she gets on to the more important, "How have you been? I've not really seen much of anyone." (Iroha)

K'ael chuckles a bit at the bronze flit that isn't his own. "Well then. Aren't you just the friendly little fella." After a nice shake of hands with his owner, he gives Charmer a little headrub. Followed up closely by a hug for Iroha. "Nice to see you, too, Iro." He grins and nods. "Ah, a fellow gardener and candidate. Alright then, meatrolls it is. Why don't we find a table?" He lets the bartender know there's some additions to the order, then that they're moving. He picks up his drink and finds an empty table for them to sit down at. "So uh.. what exactly is that you're drinking, Cenlia?"

Cenlia grins at Iroha, chuckling and adding yet more ale to the klah, "'S not that bad. Helps with hangovers maybe." Charmer crooooons at K'ael. A new friend! Cenlia moves to the table, carefully carrying her drinks, "Can get more booze down with some klah in me. Gotta practice. Me an' Satoris still got a drinking contest t' do." She smirks a bit, plopping down as her sweetroll arrives. Saying to Iroha, "Been alright, bored with the gardens all snowed-up. Haven't seen you around much?" as she gets seated and then has to defend her sweetroll from Charmer. Looking up, Cen gives both Iroha and K'ael a lopsided grin, "Hey, you ever tried a Flamin' Ovine?"

Iroha can't hide it, her nose wrinkling as she grumbles just a touch, "Do they -have- to join us?" The friendlier ones are apparently worth more suspicion, green eyes narrowing dubiously as she trots after them to the chosen table. "Seems like a good way to ruin good klah, but then I've never more than tasted beer before. It's… different." Someone needs to corrupt her, clearly. Back to the bronzer, then, "Are you here on errands again? Or just here?" Pulling out a chair she flops into it, glances back across to Cenlia and grins her crooked grin. "I went into hiding for a while, but I'm better now. What do you do with yourself this time of year? I'd go crazy-" er "-if I couldn't work." Pause and blink. "Flaming… Ovine?" That would be a noooo.

F'yr makes her way into the tavern, apparently the destination of choice for the short brownrider these days. Except this time she doesn't seem to be considerate enough to stomp out her boots, looking like she's had a tiring day working anyway. "Sharding… cold…" she mumbles, rubbing at her arms under her jacket before glancing around the tavern. A curious tilt of her head is given to familiar faces, and it's that way she heads with, of course, firelizard in tow. A passing waiter gets an order from the girl before she flops into the nearest seat with a weary "Heya."

K'ael blinks a bit. "Helps with hangovers? Really? Hm." The bronzer isn't sporting a hangover right now though, but maybe he'll try it later. Tomorrow, perhaps! K'ael blinks a bit. "A drinking contest? How old are you?" He was from Ista after all, kids weren't allowed to dirnk until sixteen there! "Ah that's right. All the plants must be going crazy with the snow here." There's a grin to Iroha then. "Yes. They do. Maybe if you got one of your own you'd warm up to them a little. And I'm just here, today. I was bored." Once their food arrives Pommel helps himself to a fritter. "Er… A flaming ovine? Is that a drink? Can't say I have, no." There's a nod to F'yr. "Hey."

Cenlia smirks at Charmer as the little bronze, unperturbed by the lack of attention from the other gardener, continues to croon. Cen grins at Iroha, "Should try some, it's alright." She waves to get Beldar's attention, saying in the meantime, "I mostly been tending the greenhouse. There's some herb pots I got growing inside, too," but the girl shrugs, "Dun mind some time off, 'specially after all them chores we had to do." There's a flicker of a frown across her face, but it's shoved down soon enough, the grin returning. Cenlia's grin widens, if anything. Someone to corrupt? Buahahahaha… ahem. "B'miel's always got some party or other," Cenlia says, giving K'ael a smirk, "Almost sixteen turns. How old're /you/?" But she's nodding as she calls over her shoulder to the barkeep, "Gonna make some Flamin' Ovines!" and at the look she gets from Beldar, the girl adds hastily, "Swaer, I ain't gonna break anybody's face this time!" F'yr's arrival is greeted with another smile and a, "Hey," as Cenlia takes a big bite of sweetroll, leaving Charmer and Rogue to sneak into the table toward those fritters.

Iroha's look can only really be described as horrified for K'ael's suggestion. "Oh no. No no no no. It was one of those horrid little creatures that tore up my flower bed and got me banned from the Hold garden for a whole season!" And that, for those paying attention, is why she cannot stand firelizards. When the food arrives, she snatches up a plate and curls up in her chair, balancing in on her knees and curving her hands around it protectively. No thieving, grr. "Not allowed to drink at Ista," she explains for the other girl, her lack of drinking experience. "Not until you're sixteen, anyway. No one ever would tell me why. It just," and she can do a really good impression of snitty Holder matron, "wasn't done." At odds with her voice is her cheeky grin. Though her expression damps right down, suddenly, and she takes a large bite of a meatroll rather than speak.

F'yr is quick to snag a bite as well while she's waiting on her order, passing little bits off to her firelizard on her shoulder before taking big hearty bites of the roll herself. "Drinking is overrated," is her opinion on that matter, glancing between one young teen and the other that would have been too young to drink elsewhere. But then something seems to perk her attention, and she tilts her head over towards Cenlia. "Who's face did you break in? Sounds like the kind of party that'd be better to be 'round than sitting in this stuffy tavern. Looks like it's the place everyone goes to when they're bored or cold." Herself included as she gets just a simple hot klah mug set down in front of her.

K'ael grins back at Cenlia. Iro was nearly sixteen. Old enough to corrupt. At least a little. He wouldn't be able to go overboard with her, since he was supposed to be looking out for her, after all. "B'miel? Heh. I'm old. Twenty-four now." He frowns a bit at his old age, then peers at Cenlia. "Uh. Are you sure this is safe? My face is my livelyhood." Pommel at least is nice enough to share his plate of fritters with the other two flits. K'ael chuckles to Iroha. "Not all of them are horrible." He nods in confirmation with Iro's story about not being able to drink. "No one ever told me, either." His brow wrinkles at F'yr. "So are you bored, or cold then?"

Cenlia quirks an eyebrow at Iroha, "Tore up a flower garden? Hunh, worst mine ever did is steal some guy's underpants," and she doesn't bother explaining /that/ as her eyebrows go up, "Sixteen? Shards, sounds awful stuffy." She turns her grin towards F'yr, "Get enough booze into just about anybody, and it's fun to watch," and then she shrugs lightly, smirking a bit, "Threw a bottle at Sigam. He was askin' for it." To K'ael she nods and says, "B'miel's a greenrider in Nebula Wing. Knows where all the best parties are, all around Pern." But she waves off the question of safety as a number of bottles arrive, instead starting to mix liquids in an empty glass, "So long as you can hold yer booze," and there's a slight snicker from the girl.

"Yes," stubbornly, "they are." Iroha makes a face at K'ael, oh-so-very mature and little sisterish. Bleah. And her laugh, that psychotic-sounding cackle that fills the air and bounces off the walls no matter how hard she tries to modulate it, rings forth directly after the face pulling. It cuts off as abruptly as ever, too, with an audible click of her teeth. Oooops. "Yeah, the first Turn I managed to beg the head gardener into letting me have control over a patch. I don't know what got in there, but someone's flit - or maybe flits - tore it up something awful just as the seedlings were sprouting. And it was -my- fault, somehow." Even after how ever many Turns, the story makes her pout. Stupid head gardener person. She blinks then as all those bottles arrive, going a little gape-jawed even. "What in the blazes are you doing?" Stare.

"Not /everyone/ is fun with too much booze," says F'yr to Cenlia, shaking her head lightly, and then she looks at the other girl for a moment before grinning toothily. "Nice job on that nose. Checked it out the other night," she says with a giggle, giving her open a poke before lifting the mug to her mouth. Pain towards others seems to lift the brownrider's mood a little. "Bet he was asking for it, though I didn't get the details. Course I'm all about direct contact. More personal, I told him. Right, Mike? It ain't like your face hasn't been broken in many times already, it's a surprise a the shape of a fist hasn't stayed there." She points a finger to the bronzer's face before frowning a moment and then shrugging. "Both."

K'ael blinks. "Stole some guy's underpants? What in the shards for?" He shrugs to Cenlia. "I was eighteen or so when I got to Ista, so I never really was affected by it." He nods to her. "Just a strange name. R'miel is my brother." There's a bit of a blink at the number of bottles that arrive. "You sure this is a good drink to start off Iroha's career with? Anyways, who is Sigam?" K'ael sticks his tongue out at F'yr. "You take advantage because you know I can't hit you back."

Cenlia blinks at Iroha, and her …laugh. But then Cen wrinkles her nose, "Sure it was flits an' not a canine? Shards, if that happened here…" she thinks a moment, "…I'd probably end up re-planting," and there's a lopsided grin at Iroha, "Shoulda seen the mess the ovines made in the garden. Shards, I'm glad there's always candidates around to help out," and her grin falters, just for a moment, before she's looking back down at the bottles, mischief in her eyes, "I'm making a Flamin' Ovine." The liquid in the glass is quickly turning cloudy white, but another bottle being poured creates a layer of yellow, and another few types of juice and booze have it fading into a layer of bright orange, and then finally red. Using a spoon, Cen dips and wiggles, creating squiggles of color where the layers meet. It might, perhaps, look like an ovine on fire? Or maybe a cloud with a flaming mohawk. Either way, it's colorful. F'yr gets a giggle, Cenlia saying, "Sigam's lucky I didn't have m' shovel," though she eyes K'ael's face a moment, curiously, the way she might eye the shrubbery. "Sigam's some dragonhealer here. Thought he was alright till he stuck his nose where is didn't beling," but Cen's in too good a mood to sulk over that, instead grinning and shrugging, "M' brow flit, Trouble, he gets into everything." And that's as much explanation as she gives, instead looking surprised for a moment and eyeing K'ael more critically as she says, "R'miel's bother? Really? You any good makin' pastries?" Her voice is absurdly hopeful.

Iroha blinks, too, "Wait, what, my career? Who told you!?" Misunderstanding, yay! She is not talking about drinking careers, that's probably obvious, and she assuming K'ael's not, either. But the fierce look that's being directed to the bronzer gets transferred to Cenlia, softening slightly as she nods. "Definitely flits. They, it, whatever, left scrabbly little footprints in ever patch of dirt that wasn't torn up." Soon enough she falls into silence, though, listening to the other conversations and watching in utter fascination as that drink layers colours. Wooooow.

F'yr blinks at Iroha's outburst, pursing her lips toughtfully at the younger girl before turning back to Cenlia and the concoction. "That doesn't look too safe," she comments, sitting back with her klah in between her as if the drink might burn her. "Aw, don't say that. Sigam's at least a good guy. Well, the few times I did meet him that is." She gives K'ael a snort over the rim of her mug, taking a big gulp of the warm drink to help warm herself. "Take advantage of you? That what you say? And who said you can't hit back, I always thought you just enjoyed taking a beating at the end."

K'ael just sort of… stares as Cenlia mixes all those things into one glass. "That tastes good? Or just looks pretty?" It looks like the sort of drink that would make a grown man cry, really. "Ah. You should introduce yourself to him, Iro." Then he blinks at the other gardener. "What? What did I do? Told me what?" There's a chuckle to Cenlia's inquiry about pastries. "Alas, no. I can't bake at all. Maybe I can convince him to make some though and bring them along next time." There's a grunt for F'yr. "If I hit you back I'd break you."

Cenlia shakes her head, "Any flits mess up the garden here, I'll take a shovel to 'em." By the fritter plate, Charmer peers over at Cenlia and croons. The girl waggles a finger at the firelizard, adding mock-threateningly, "Or ask one of them shiny dragons if they want little snack." Charmer just lets out what might be close to a purr, apparently unfazed by this. Getting another empty glass, Cen nudges the Flamin' Ovine towards the center of the table, "Who wants to try it first?" She grins lopsidedly at F'yr and K'ael, "Nobody's died from one yet. An' I been drinkin' 'em for sevendays. Tastes alright, more've a chaser, though."

Iroha lifts her eyes from the crazy-coloured drink, "I like it." Based just on hue alone. Shiny! "I'll probably meet him eventually… oh! You mean you don't know?" This has the teen bouncing in her chair, swinging her guarded plate off her knees and back on to the table. She has to clamber to her feet to dig through her pockets and pouches, and finally "Ah!" Beaming fit to break her face, she holds out a little circular patch for K'ael's inspection. A dragonhealer's patch. "Thank you." Simply, and will probably fly over his head, but that's all he's getting in company. It's back to peering at the drink, and the flits, and Cenlia, and finally, "K'ael will!" she cheerfully volunteers him. Because she's annoying like that.

F'yr wrinkles her nose up at the drink, shaking her head to Cenlia. "I don't drink," she says, her way of refusing the drink. Well, she didn't drink, but she definitely wasn't going to touch that thing right now. She waves her hand at K'ael since he was the only person left anyway, her eyes catching Iroha's new patch. "Finally, Iro," she says with a giggle. "Congrats on getting that up now. Guess I'll be seeing more of you." While she had a congratulatory smile for the girl, her face falls at the reminder and she distracts herself by rolling her eyes at K'ael. "I'd like to see you try. You wouldn't even get close."

K'ael gives Charmer a little rub for his effort. He was cute! K'ael liked cute things. A lot. That's why he hung around with younger gals and had three flits and four cats. "Heh, I'll keep my flits with me while I'm here, then. So they aren't buried alive or something." There's a blink to the drink, then he turns to Iro as she present her patch. "Hey! That's great, Iro!" The thank you is blinked at, yep, right over his head. He just grins at her. "I'm glad you decided to stick it out. Nrk!" Then he's being volunteered for the… drink thing in the center of the table. He finishes off the rest of his ale, then moves to pick it up. "Alright then… here goes." He takes a long sip of it, wrinkling up his face. He swallows, then coughs a bit.

"Wish I had some tuber ale," Cenlia says, eyeing the bottles on the table, "These'd go pretty good with some shot glasses of tuber ale, and works bettern' water or beer." But she's snickering as Iroha volunteers K'ael, though the dragonhealer patch gets a raised eyebrow, Cen saying to the other gardener, "Guess I ain't gonna see you in the garden much, then." Still, this calls for celebration, and Cen starts pouring liquids into a new glass. Charmer croooons happily at K'ael, and even Rogue is stretching out his neck hopefully. She watches K'ael swallow the Flamin' Ovine, unable to conceal a giggle at his expression, "Shoulda seen the ovine that actually caught on fire. Thought it was gonna burn the weyr down."

Iroha happily puts the patch safely back in a different pouch from the one she found it in. Her chuckle is almost worse than her belly-laugh, a wicked little sound as predictably K'ael's clueless. Ain't he cute? "Thanks, but probably not. I won't be going near the major injuries for Turns yet. I'm probably going to be spending most of my time in classrooms at first, anyway. I need to learn how to use a -computer.-" From technophobic Weyr to technological haven, ack! Across to Cenlia, a big ol' grin, "Oh, you can't get rid of me that easily! I need to beg a little plot somewhere. K'ael gave me some seeds from his folks before I came down here, some flowers and grapes even, and I really want to grow them." From fellow plant-lover back to bronzer, "So, is it safe for me to try?" Ah ha, so there was a plan behind the volunteering.

"Guess that's true," F'yr answers with a little bit of a pout. "'Least you're getting to do what you wanna do, and maybe they'll let you poke 'round here and there between the busy work." She smirks as she watches K'ael's reaction, amused, while she gulps her own non-alcoholic beverage.

K'ael coughs a bit to get his throat cleared. "That's uh… interesting. I guess I'll finish it off unless Iro wants to try it?" Or was she getting her own glass? He grins to Cenlia. "I can get you some. Well, get some for here. I mean, I've been doing transport runs, if Beldar agrees I can probably get some here." He gives the blue a scritch, too, peering at Iroha confusedly. Hey, he'd been trying to get Ista to introduce some technology into its routine, but his techcrafters kept running off back to Landing. He slides the glass to Iroha. "I guess. It might burn a little, though."

"If you need to learn to use a computer, 'm brother Eled's a computercrafter here. He's kinda stuffy, but he can show ya how to use 'em - 's his job now I guess," Cenlia shrugs and then grins a bit at Iroha, "Got plenty of space in the garden. Can set aside some beds if you want, come spring." Cenlia finishes creating the second glass of Flamin' Ovine,grins as she sees K'ael handing his to Iroha, suggesting, "Should drink it all in one go - easier to swallow that way." Not to mention easier on the tongue. Cen then beams at K'ael, "Shards, could definitely use some tuber ale here."

See now that? Was a dumb thing to say in front of Iroha, Cenlia. Because this girl? -Will.- On an almost empty stomach with no tolerance for alcohol what-so-ever, being teetotal by necessity up until now. "Iro does want to try it," she confirms, giddy and happy and reckless. "Would you? Oh that's great Cenlia, thanks!" Her final words, before she does indeed snatch that glass up and tip it back, and back, and… oh heck. Glass comes back down to the table with a thunk, green eyes going wide as her hand claps over her mouth. Whirling, tripping, and then running out the door. Oh heck oh heck. Urp. She won't be coming back either, instead slinking off to her cot after her stomach is emptied.

"Well, I knew that drink looked evil," F'yr says with a frown instead as she watches the younger girl drink her booze. But at that reaction, the brownrider hops up from the table immediately, rushing after Iroha to make sure that the girl is alright. At least Fy got to finish her mug of klah before going after the girl, not even pausing to say goodbye to K'ael or Cenlia.

"I have techcrafter repellent on me or something. First Aryll went back to Landing, then Chaise, too." K'ael chuckles. "I'm sure your brother would be safe though, as I don't plan on wooing him." He looks to the swirling glass of death. "All in one go? I don't-" But Iroha is going for it! Then… running for it. He blinks a bit and gets up. "Iro-!" Then plunks back down. "Bleh. I hope she'll be alright." F'yr seems to be heading off after her, anyways. K'ael eyes the drink, then picks it up to show it who is boss. He comes of coughing again, but thankfully doesn't spew.

Cen blinks, looking a bit sheepish at Iroha's reaction to downing the drink, and watching the other girl flee the tavern while Charmer chirps and tilts his head curiously. Rubbing the back of her neck, Cen furrows her brow, mumbling, "Sure hope she's alright…" Watching F'yr race off as well, Cen can only shake her head, but there's a second Flamin' Ovine sitting in front of her and, well, waste not, right? Cen tips it back and swallows the entire glassful, only clearing her throat a little as she thunks the now-empty glass back down. "Shards, might be too sweet," Cen muses, though that likely isn't the main problem with the drink. But, seeing that K'ael is still sitting there, she can't help but grin crookedly and ask the bronzer, "Y'want another?"

K'ael shrugs a bit to Cenlia. "Heh, she has a bit of a weak stomach? Maybe next time we'll try her out on some wine… Hopefully it doesn't spoil her off it, like the pie-eating contest." He stares a bit as Cenlia downs the other drink. "Shards." He's feeling less of a man, now! So when Cenlia asks he just… nonchalantly shrugs. "Sure, why not?" He eats some meatrolls in the meantime, and asks a waitress to bring him another ale and a glass of water. Just in case.

"Pie-eating contest?" Cenlia raises an eyebrow, though she seems to consider a moment before saying, "Wine's a good start, 'specially fruit wines. Ain't strong, an some're no worsen' juice." While she gets to work on another Flamin' Ovine, she grins at K'ael, saying, "Gonna try an' make is less sweet this time. Figure it might go down easier." Riight. As if anything could make such a drink go down easier.

K'ael nods. "We had a pie eating contest for the candidates when Iroha was standing. She beat the pants off everyone, but ended up hurking up the pies. She won't eat sweets now, heh. Obviously we uh… compensated for her size and all. I think she might like wine. As long as it's not too sweet." He watches her mix the drink, giving the flits little pets. "Uh. Whatever you say. You knew my brother then? How long have you been at Xanadu?"

Cen quirks an eyebrow, tilting her head to the side and saying, "Won't eat sweets? Shards, that ain't any fun," or at least, it isn't to Cenlia, whose love of pastry is second only to her love of booze. "Winning ain't worth gettin' sick," the gardener girl decides, though she grins at the mention of K'ael's brother, saying, "Been at Xanadu a couple of turns now. Was gonna trade R'miel a bottle of peach brandy for a tray of pastries, but never got around to it." She sighs, lamenting the loss of pastry, though her expression quickly shifts into mischievous as she says, "Was this one time, had a whole swarm of trundlebugs end up in m' bed. Got them in places nothin' ain't /ever/ supposed to go," and she scrunches up her face at the memory, "Got mosta m' clothes off before R'miel hauled me off to the bathing caverns and dunked me. Dunno what he was doin' in just his shorts, but shards, thought Thea was gonna die laughing." Cen snickers about the incident /now/, but at the time it was properly horrifying. Charmer and Rogue croon happily at K'ael, and it's not long before Cenlia's other two firelizards, booze-brown Trouble and bright blue Mizzle make their way over as well. If the bronzer's not careful, he's going to get mobed by the flock of them. Cenlia doesn't notice the arroval of her other firelizards, instead finishing off the final layer of the next glass of Flamin' Ovine, and dipping the spoon to make squiggly-flame designs in it.

"You know who also doesn't like sweets? One of your weyrwomen. Thea." K'ael states matter-of-factly. He doesn't elaborate though, that'll be up to Cenlia to ask about. "Oh? Maybe I could help facilitate the transaction. For a fee." Then he wrinkles his nose. "Ew, sharding trundlebugs. I hate them. Heh, who knows with Ram. Him and Ysa were probably having tumbles someplace random. I caught them once, in the records room at Xanadu." He blinks as more firelizards show up. Thankfully his other two were just one step above wild, and didn't usually travel with him. He provides them all with scritches, but there was only one plate of fritters, so it's first come first serve. "You're really going to town on that thing, aren't you? You do want me to drink it, right?"

Cenlia's eyebrows go up, "Thea dun't like sweets? Hunh." She does grin though, telling K'ael, "I can pay ya in booze," and then her eyes fairly sparkle with mischief as she tacks on, "Got a whole keg of homebrew fermenting. Give it a few sevendays, and it'll be ready to drink." She lets out a snicker-snort as he mentions R'miel and Ysa tumbling, the girl saying, "Ysa did show up right then too, though R'miel was actin' funny, like he didn't know who she was." As she finishes making flamey-squiggles in the drink, she slides it over toward K'ael, saying, "Gotta practice. Figure if I don't, m' brother'll get bettern' me." She starts on creating yet another one, even before she finishes speaking.

K'ael nods to her, all serious-like. "Yeah. I mean, I was very sweet to her and she didn't seem to like me." He chuckles. "What, you keep your brewing station in your dorm room or something? Growing the tubers yourself? Crazy girl." He blinks a bit at her. "Huh. Maybe memory loss runs in our family. I got clunked in the head once real bad and lost my memory for a couple of weeks. It was horrible. I cried a lot, because I couldn't remember who anyone was." He takes the drink from her. "It is a contest?" He takes a deep breath, then goes about downing the ovine. Following it up by some ale and then water.

"Sure she wasn't all proddy?" Cenlia asks, raising an eyebrow at K'ael, "Thea was threatening to shoot X'hil with her crossbow if his bronze flew Seryth." There's a pause, Cen actually frowning slightly, "Shards, hope Sir Kinseth didn't catch her. Was bad enough when X'hil broke quarantine and Thea was mad at him. She might actually shoot him this time." But the grin soon returns as she says, "Ain't in the dorms," and there's a wink, just before she swallows the Flamin' Ovine she was maving. Yep, the entire glass. A slight clearing of her throat, but she's ack to work on another one, saying, "Hunh," as her only response to the memory loss. She watches him down his drink, then nods, "Eledi's outta practice. But he's been gettin' back into drinking since he got back from Ista."

K'ael blinks. "Oh right. She was proddy." Then he laughs. "Why? X'hil is the weyrsecond here. Plus his bronze sired my Azaeth, along with D'son's bronze. Seryth should be so lucky. Of course, he was at the beach with us when she did flew. Azaeth caught though. I think he wanted me to get thrown out of Ista so he could fly some different golds, honestly." He blinks to her. "Where do you keep it then? I can keep a secret!" The bronzer sticks to his ale for now, letting his stomach settle. "I'm out of practice, too. It's not in good form for the weyrleader to be stumbling around drunk." Though he wasn't weyrleader anymore! And already on his way to drunk.

"Huh, really?" Cenlia's eyebrows go up again, "Shards, Sir Kinseth's old," and she grins a bit, not really meaning it. But then the girl laughs, "Thea was mad 'cause Seryth wanted Sir Kinseth - /only/ Sir Kinseth - to fly her." She continues to snicker, "Shards, he caught her last time, but they were in the infirmary at the time, an' I think everybody was dosed on fellis." There's a pause as Cenlia peers more sharply at K'ael, "Weyrl-" she blinks, and then giggles. Of course she'd probably heard his name somewhere, though she might not rememebr it now. But she grins, "Well, better you than X'hil. 'Least you ain't stuck workin' with Thea afterwards." But she just grins and doesn't answer about the still, instead saying, "My friend Izzy's got stuff brewing too. Should be a good party when m' turnday rolls around." She finishes making the next Flamin' Ovine and slides this one toward K'ael too, starting on creating another one immediately.

K'ael chuckles. "I suppose he is, sort of? Azaeth isn't that old really. Still a kid." Some kid though! "Ah, heh. See, my Azaeth doesn't just chase for the girls. He likes to beat out the other dragons, too. You know, prove he's the best bronze around and all that egotistical stuff." He grins to her. I mean, he was awful young to be an ex-weyrleader anyways. "Maybe he'll give Kilaueth a run for her money next time she flies." He chuckles. "Heh, no, I'm not. I get to go back to being a slacker. When's your turnday, then? I'll have to make sure to bring you some pastries then." The drink is eyed, then downed. He wasn't going to let some teenager out drink him! But the bronzer is really starting to feel it.

Cenlia laughs, "Bet Sir Kinseth wasn't happy about that," though she continues to grin as she says, "Well, Sir Kinseth's the best getaway dragon on Pern. Ain't no dragon as good at that as him." Unless proven otherwise, of course. But she pauses in her drink-mixing to tilt her head at K'ael, saying, "Shards, D'son looks younger'n you. And Weyrwoman Niva is…" Cen shakes her head, her holdbred sensibilities likely finding /that/ situation a tad unsettling. Bet hey, it's not like the weyrleaders are weyrmates or anything, and so she quickly moves off the subject, instead asking, "How'd you lose your knot?" She's assuming he lost it, of course. Though she continues, saying, "M' turnday's in a couple of sevedays," and the mention of pastries has her looking positively gleeful. Finishing making this Flamin' Ovine, she downs it with another throat-clearing, and starts on another one, her movements just a bit less coordinated now. But still, for her size, she should have been well and truly sozzled by now.

K'ael chuckles. "No idea. The best getaway dragon, hm? I'm not sure Azaeth's ever really been a getaway dragon to anyone besides myself." He nods. "D'son is younger than me by about four turns or so." Then he laughs. "Weyrwoman Niva isn't /that/ old. I've slept with older riders than her, for sure." Meaning: Dels could have it worse. A lot worse. He chuckles. "Fought too much with the weyrwoman. I'm sure you've met Ysa before. She can be pretty bovine-headed. A couple of sevendays! That's exciting. Sixteen was a long ways off for me, now. Which sounds horrible. I'm old."

"She's old ennough t' be my ma! At Least!" and from the way Cen looks at K'ael, possibly his too. Though the horrified expression doesn't last long, the girl instead frowning a bit and saying, "Ysa? She really that bad?" There's a pause, the girl pondring a moment before saying, "She likes booze. Brought us all Igen Firewater when we'd gotten stuck in the infirmary after the ovines got out." One thing for sure, Xanadu's certainly not dull. Though apparently Cenlia hasn't seen any worse sides of Ysa, the girl saying, "Was sorry she left. She seemed pretty swell, even after she chewed out X'hil for breaking quarantine." And there's a slight grimace, likely in sympathy for the poor, oft-yelled-at weyrsecond. But there is booze, and thus Cen's mind turns to more pleasant things, the girl eyeing K'ael with a grin. "Shards, you are old," Cen agrees cheerfully, putting the finishing touches on the latest Flamin' Ovine and sliding it his way.

K'ael laughs. Yeah, Niva was old enough to be his mother. "Heh, unfortunately Azaeth has caught the dragon of a woman old enough to be my grandma. The first gold he caught." The bronzer shudders. He shrugs. "Just different. Not exactly my type of weyrwoman, I guess. Didn't like a lot of what I had to say, even though I was weyrleader before she was weyrwoman." His brow furrows. He likely wouldn't be confessing his issues with a stranger if he wasn't… tipsy. Then he gasps and shakes his finger at Cenlia. "You're not supposed to agree with me… you young… whizpermapper. Flippersmasher… whippernasher!"
[Xanadu Weyr] Satoris flails… My one coke glass just fell off the counter.

Cenlia makes a face, shaking her head and muttering, "Shards," at the idea of him bedding a woman old enough to be his grandmother. So scandalous! Well, in a hold, anyway. "Huh, how long were ya weyrleader?" Cenlia asks, her most recent attempt to mix a Flamin' Ovine turning out more pink than flamey. Whoops, guess someone's getting a bit tipsy, as she apparently pours too much of what might be redfruit juice into the thing. The girl bursts out giggling at K'ael, "Ya mean whippersnapper?" But after a moment, as she slides the latest and swfully pink Flamin' Ovine toward him, she says, "Think X'hil's older though, by a turn maybe." But this has her pausing, a slight crease on her brow as her slightly muzzy mind tries to recollect, "He told me awhile back how old he was…"

K'ael finally gets around to picking up that drink, and drinking it down. They went down a lot smoother when you were drunk! "Uhh…" Is his response when she asks him how long he was weyrleader. He counts on his fingers. "Three turns, or so." He holds up two fingers to her. Then he peers to the latest drink. "Ew, that's red." Whatever that means. "Yeah!" He exclaims, a little too loudly because a lot of people look over. "That's what you are. This looks funny." He peers at her. "You spikin' my drinks, miss? X'hil impressed a long time ago though. When he was just a lad. Hah. A lad. A tad of a lad."

Cenlia giggles at the man, grinning at his answer to how long he'd been weyrleader. The girl peers at the pink drink, then smirks, "Yep," in answer. How does one spike an alcoholic drink? Who knows. But apparently she can. Or at least Cen pretends she can, already starting on another Flamin' Ovine. She nods about X'hil, "Impressed when he was twelve turns, shards," she rememebers that at least, adding on, "Impressed th' day after he wash searched!" She sounds rather impressed, though it might be the booze, as she downs yet another glass of… well, this one didn't make it to the Flamin' stage, and ended up being just very colorful as she knocks it back. There's a burp that escapes, which sets her to giggling, the saying to K'ael, "Shards, ya really can't hold yer booze. Dunno what is it with ya bronzers…" Well, all the ones she's gone drinking with have passed out long before she has, at least.

K'ael didn't know how you spike an alcoholic drink, either. But he apparently thinks Cenlia can! He nods to her. "Yeah that's what I've heard. The luck on that guy or something." He giggles when she burps as well. "Hah, that was a good one. Do it again." He peers down at the glass that keeps refilling itself. "I think… I may had too much ta drink. Is your bed big enough for both of us?" What a pickup line! "Cause I think I think I have to sleep over. If it's not I can just… crash on the floor or somethin…." In his chair, because that's what it looks like he's about to do, wobbling back and forth like he is.

Cenlia doesn't bother making another Flamin' Ovine - she just takes a swig of the nearest bottle - redfruit juice, fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately. As requested, she lets out another burp, but the girl just doesn't have the skill for belching, this one weaker than the last one. Alas. Cenlia snorts at his glass, and delibarately refills it if it's not empty - although she's still holding the bottle of redfruit juice, so at least it can't be too bad. The girl blinks at the question about the bed, saying thoughtfully, "Dunno, don't think we'd both fit," without so much as a blush. Either she really is getting drunk now, or she's used to this sort of behavior. Given that it's Cenlia, the latter's probably more likely. In any case, the girl watches the bronzer, snickering at the wobbling and suggesting helpfully but still cheerfully, "Better sit down b'fore ya pass out."

K'ael giggles even harder at the second, smaller burp. It was just funny to him, that she would do it a second time. He leaves the refill of redfruit juice alone, apparently cutting himself off. Though he picks up his ale instead, thinking it's water. There's a frown to her when she says they won't both fit. "What if I laid on the bed then you laid on top of me? Or is that not comfortable?" He shakes his head. "I can't I gotta… go to sleep. Or something. A'for I pass it out."

Cenlia finishes off the bottle of redfruoit juice - all gone! Ah well, since K'ael's not touching his glass of red stuff, she nabs that one too, and downs it about halfway before she pauses, blinking an eyeing the thing suspisioucly with a mumbled, "This ain't booze…" But she's distracted by K'ael's suggestion, the girl apparently giving it serious thought as she nods, "Could work. Dunno though," and she peers at him, "You ain't all bony are ya? Shards, worst thing t' try an' sleep on top of somebody who ain't got no meat on 'em." Waaaiiit, how would Cenlia even know that? /Why/ would she? But an idea seems to strike her, the girl looking rather pleased as she exclaims, "I know! Thea's rug! Could sleep on that. Ain't too bad. Had to sleep on it when Thea took away our cots." She nods happily, and grabs another bottle - this one definitely some type of booze, and downs it in a few gulps. Well, /now/ she's got to be drunk.

K'ael blinks at Cenlia as she calls his drink not booze. What was he drinking, then? He peers back at her. "I'm not all boney, see!" Then he proceeds to lift up his shirt to show her. K'ael spends… a lot of his free time working out, and he has the muscles to prove it. He's all rippley! He doesn't ask why she would or wouldn't know. He knew that bones hurt. Then when she exclaims that he could sleep on 'Thea's rug' he starts laughing for perverted reason. "Haha. Well, okay." He at least has the sense of mind to put down some marks before stumbling out. Who knows if it's enough or not.

Cenlia peers at K'ael, and she definitely seems to be admiring the… view? Hey, she's drunk! She nods in agreement, "'Least y'ain't boney!" This, it seems, is met with much approval from the gardener girl, who nabs the remaining bottles as she gets up and wobbles after the bronzer. "Wait'll you see the rug," she grins, mischief written all over her face, though she doesn't know why he's laughing, instead grabbing her jacket and shrugging it partially on as her firelizards flutter after.

K'ael at least has the presence of mind to know he's too drunk to be betweening. He doesn't though, have enough to realize he shouldn't be going home with a fifteen turn old girl. So off he goes. He also doesn't realize that he's put down all the marks in his wallet, and essentially bought all the bottles for Cenlia and then some. When they get to the room and he spots the rug he peers at her. "Nooo more flamin' ovines…" Then he flops onto her bed and passes out. Ha! Now she has to pick whether she wants to sleep on a bronzer or on a flamin' ovine.

Cenlia continues to down bottles and is unfortunately too sozzled by the time she gets to the dorms to care about a bronzer in her bed. She snickers at the ovine rug, and then flops right onto the bed, bottles clinking as they tumble onto the rug. Also, she steals the blankets. How evil. It's too bad Eledri has his own room off in the craft complex, because what a thing for a big brother to walk in on, really.

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