Iroha's New Job

Xanadu Weyr - DragonHealer's Annex

An entrance way which would allow admittance to even the greatest of Queen Dragons leads into a chamber which would house half-a-dozen of the same size. To one side is a shallow pool which constantly clears itself of grime and is used is washing wounds. Nearby is a shelf with a generous supply of clean bandages and clean sheets upon stone shelves. The other side of the chamber is taken up by an alcove with multiple banks of computers to house medical records and help to diagnose illness and injury in the Dragons who come for aid. Within this alcove is a small medical laboratory where medicines and herbs can be prepared and experiments can take place. The far wall houses two dozen Dragon couches, each separated above by a rail which supports a thick curtain allowing the patients an option of privacy as they rest and recover.

While the majority of the snow has vanished from the Xanadu landscape, the cold winds still blow this afternoon. Inside, however, warmth is plentiful, and Marte is in the dragonhealer's annex, a young blue from Kilaueth's clutch also settled in the examination area. The worried weyrling lingers nearby as Marte slowly has the blue extend his wing, walking its length with a careful eye.

Iroha's been a ghost, for all intents and purposes, since the hatching. Always the little workaholic during candidacy, though with free time often spent hovering around the edges of the Annex, ready to fetch and carry, run messages, take notes if anyone had a need for an extra pair of unskilled hands. If any became familiar with her, her absence would likely have been noted, though probably assumed due to she'd returned to her home Weyr. Which isn't actually the case, because, well, here she is! Not one to want to interrupt when important things are taking place though, the dispossessed Istan finds a place where she can stand and watch without being in any paths of foot traffic, a bit of a sympathetic smile offered for the weyrling whether they're paying attention or, likelier, not.

The young red-headed Eiryn shifts from foot to foot, looking over nervously at Iroha and offering a shy smile, before she blushes and drops her head back down. "We were just doing exercises, ma'am.." The girl starts, Marte shaking her head with a sigh. The closest lingering body - in this case Iroha - is motioned to, the brownrider turning to look at her with a tilt of her head. "Numbweed, please?" She asks lightly, while she helps the blue fold the wing back to his back. "It would seem that its merely a pulled muscle, this time at least.." She starts, Eiryn now shifting nervously once more.

The sympathy is warmed with friendliness, but Iroha keeps her mouth shut. No chirping, at least not until she's bobbing her curly head with a "Yes'm," for Marte. She knows her way around at least, trotting promptly to collect some numbweed and return it to the human/dragon trio. Green eyes slanting back towards Eiryn, a little bit of 'buck up' in her voice for her murmured, "Hey, don't worry."

Eiryn smiles a little more at Iroha, mouthing a 'thanks' to the other girl before glancing at Marte, nodding slowly. "Yes'm.." She murmurs, and then loooks back at her feet, face red. Marte motions Iroha over with a grin, "Since I think our poor weyrling feels to guilty, help me get this on his joint muscle? Marte motions at the area in question, before she's grabbed a paddle to slather the salve on, rather than numb her own hands as well.

"Shouldn't feel guilty," Iroha notes, even as she's moving as if that request were more an order. Of course being on the outside, her words may not mean much. "You're taking care of him, not trying to hide it for fear of getting in trouble, so." Watching Marte carefully after she secures a paddle herself, waiting for the woman to lead so that when she joins in, she doesn't get in her way accidentally. Starting at the opposite side of the area indicated, careful and gentle.

Adseth croons softly as the numbweed begins to take effect, the pale blue sighing at the relief from his pain, while Eiryn seems to relax as well. Its a rather quick process, with Adsath still only a fraction of his final size, and Marte's giving it a final once over as she steps back. Gaze resting on Eiryn, she shakes her head. "Make sure he rests it, at least today and tomorrow, and then only stretches. Come back by, and we'll okay you if its rested properly. Just remember not to push it." Marte's gaze then turns to Iroha, nodding. "Thank you.." And there's a long pause and Marte seems confused as to a title.

Iroha steps back, offers a bright grin across to Eiryn. Listen to the dragonhealer, see, and everything will be okay! Her own assistance rendered, she continues a step further, ready to clean up and return things to their proper places so that Marte can move on to more important things than tidying. "Iroha, ma'am," the girl offers before the pause can stretch on too long. She hasn't got a title, or a rank, so it's just the name. "You're welcome. Is there anything else you need, while I'm here?"

Eiryn nods to the dragonhealer and the helper, flashing Iroha a bit more of a smile before she and Adseth are quietly removing themselves back to the Weyrling Area, leaving Marte to glance at Iroha with a slight tilt of her head. "Iroha, hm?" And then she's shaking her head, glancing around the infirmary which is mostly quiet, before her gaze rests back on Iroha. "You're not a dragonhealer apprentice.." Marte says slowly, a questionning tone to her voice.

Iroha nods at the reiteration of her name, and since Marte's continuing to speak she doesn't scamper off. Shifting her weight from foot to foot, not impatience but just a complete lack of the ability to hold still. "No ma'am, I'm not a student." Daringly, "Yet." Green eyes are steady even if her smile is a little nervous. It's only taken her almost an entire Turn, starting at Ista and moving to here, to wind her courage up. "I mean, I've gone through the candidate lessons, twice. And helped out a bit here and there. And I read. Whatever I can." Her teeth click as she snaps her mouth shut before she can wander off into a truly delirious-sounding ramble. Twitch.

"And why not?" Marte asks with a bit of confusion, looking at Iroha with a tilt of her own head. "I've seen you hanging around.." And then she motions to the Annex, and back at the Iroha. "And, you don't seem like you've just been here to steal medicine to sell to get some marks in your own pocket." The brownrider teases Iroha, and then nods. "So, why aren't you?"

Iroha ducks her head slightly, but with her hair twisted back away from her face the intended hide-behind-tumbling-curls doesn't happen. Drat. Sheepish, all the way to twisting the toes of her right foot against the floor. But she made promises and plans, and boy does honesty suck, "Was afraid I'd get turned away. So I never actually asked…." Her cheeks are turning a nice shade of pink for that admission. The crazy teen'd jump off a cliff without hesitation - probably has, if the water at the bottom was deep enough and rock free - but can't ask to be allowed to study? Although, following the admission, "I can't pay for lessons or anything like that, so." She'd have to be a charity case, yay.

"We have enough work, here at the Annex, Iroha, that an extra set of hands is never turned away. And, if you've read as much as you say you have, there's no reason you can't be given a trial, right?" Marte tries to reassure the girl, with a chuckle. "Tis why we have sponsorships, Iroha, and not as if you wouldn't earn your keep. And, with the Weyr to support us, we aren't as constrained by.. costs as the others." Marte nods her head to the office at the back of the Annex, that overlooks the incubation chambers and contains a shadowy figure. "Tell her that I'm taking you on as an Apprentice, she'll get you a knot." Marte turns to go, before looking back at Iroha with a tilt of her head. "Unless you don't want to."

"It's just our own little infirmary at Ista and then with all the candidate duties…." Iroha starts to explain, but shuts up as she realises she's just making excuses again. "I didn't know about sponsorships and even the-" Polite, would be waiting until Marte actually finished talking before she's replying. Of course now she's at a loss for words, a gape directed at Marte that's transforming into a grin. "You… really!? You mean it? I.. oh.. -thank you!- I'll be a good student, I promise I will. I…." For a moment, she looks like she might hug the older woman. But then she's whirling to scamper for the office before any second thoughts can see the offer rescinded. Giddy doesn't even cover it.

Marte can't do much else but laugh, shaking her head as the girl goes scampering off. "I have the early shift, be here on time." Marte calls after her, before, quite amused, Marte's heading out, shift over, new apprentice got, and weyrling treated.

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