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Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

All is calm in this early evening in the infirmary, thankfully. Only a couple of of the cubicles are occupied, signaled by the closed doors. Kera is on duty this evening seated at a side table with a couple of books spread out in front of her. Might as well study between her rounds of checking on the patients. Which it is time to do just now. Marking her place in notes, she rises and quietly moves towards the closed doors, slipping into each room briefly before she's back out again and moving on. When she's done, Kera starts back towards the little side table near the front.

c-rus has newly arrived in Xanadu. Literally just arrived. And what is the very first thing that he does when he gets here. He doesn't want to unpack or take a tour…nope he wants to see the infirmary. His infirmary! It thankfully won't too difficult to find. The rest of the place he'll get a gander at as soon as he sees the place where he will be spending most of his time for the forseeable future. He walks through the door and takes a breath of the infirmary air, all of them smell the same, and sweeps his eyes over the room. It's certainly not what anyone would call a thing of beauty. Nor is it the paragon of medical technology. But it is /his/ infirmary, and that makes it special, "Hello beauty.." he says to the room, as he gives the wall a nice pat, "We are going to have so much fun together." He half spins around and grins. The infirmary has cots…ooooo cots, and curtains…nice color, and wow…medical stuff, "Ha!" And there is a desk! His desk! Nice. He sort of hops over to it and plops himself down into the chair. Kera goes largely unnoticed. The healer is off in his own little universe.

Well, there's another one that's gone and bonked his head, or too much ale. At least, that could be what goes through Kera's head when she comes down the corridor to her little desk to see a man talking to the furniture. And is he..caressing that desk? Why do the head trauma cases always show up on her duties shifts. With a cheery smile the girl steps forward "Excuse me sir. You shouldn't be disturbing the Weyrhealer's things." Her gaze is looking the man over for sign of obvious injury. "I'm apprentice Kera. If you'll follow me, I can get you comfortably into a room and the Weyrhealer on duty can see you as soon as possible."

Cyrus is pulled from his reverie by the sound of a person talking to him. Unfortunately he really wasn't pulled out soon enough. He sort of missed the important part at the begining. He did catch catch Kera's greeting though. And apprentice this is excellent! He has an apprentice. Or he will, as soon as they can have a chat about it most likely. The part about the weyrhealer is a bit of a surprise. He wasn't aware that there was another healer posted here. Maybe they made a mistake. He would totally like to meet this person though. He pops up out of the chair and grins widely, "Thats absolutely fantastic! It's nice to meet you Kera." he says, forgetting for the moment to introduce himself. He follows after Kera. Maybe the staff have a room of their own. Sort of a lounge. Lounges are good he wants to see it. He had his regrets about being assigned to a weyr. It wasn't really his top choice, or even his second or third really but might as well make the best of it.

Kera steps back as the man jumps up from the chair quickly, but turns and moves towards the first available patient room. Gesturing the man inside, she takes up the blank sign chart board and follows him inside. "Alright, What injuries of ailments bring you to the infirmary today sir. If you give me your name, I can go ahead and get your file." She has pen poised above paper as she waits for the patient's name.

Cyrus begins to get the idea that this might not be the lounge. It's all patienty and stuff. This is confirmed by the rest of what she says. A large grin crosses his face. This is funny. This is really funny. For a moment he is half tempted to just come out and tell her who he is, but how often do you get to go undercover and see how your staff works when they don't know you are the boss. Never! You just can't pass this up. Might be really interesting to see how she deals with difficult patients. Healers are, after all, the most difficult of patients, "I never felt better in all my life." he says as he takes a seat in one of the chairs, "My name is Cyrus." She probably hasn't heard he was coming. And if she had who knows. Either way he'll see how far he can take this.

Kera waits patiently til she has a name. Eyes brighten a bit as she fills that portion of the sheet in. Now we're getting somewhere. Turning her attention back to the man, brown eyes scan the man from head to toe as he proclaims his good health. tapping the pen against the clipboard absentmindedly, her expression turns rather curious. "That's good news that you feel so well sir. If you have no injuries, do you have an appointment to check on a past injury Mister Cyrus sir?"

Cyrus is going to have /so much/ fun working here. He can tell already, "No. No past injuries either. And I don't have an appointment." he says with a grin, "Though some have told me in the past that I'm a bit mad." he says with a twinkle in his eye. That isn't exactly a lie either, he has been told he is mad by more than a few of his patients, and by some of the other healers, but if you can't be a little mad sometimes you aren't properly enjoying life.

Why didn't she switch shifts with that other apprentice when she had the chance. But nooo. She figured to get in a couple of candlemarks to study during the hopefully calm shift. If she thought Weyrlings declaring their love for her was unsettling, now people are walking in and declaring themselves quite mad. "Alrighty then." Glancing down to the sheet she needs to fill in, the girl simply smiles and shakes her head with amusement. Go with the flow and don't unset the patients. That's a golden rule in the infirmary. "..noted…mad…past.." might be heard muttered from the apprentice before flashing the patient she's checking in a smile "Then how can we help you today mister Cyrus?"

That is the question isn't it? How do you help your patients. He sits back in the chair thinking about it for a moment before he hops back up out of his chair and grins, "I think I'd like to run this infirmary." Which is again quite true, "I've been giving this a great deal of thought and I decided today to come in and take over management of this place. With it's cots, and curtains, and medically stuff…" he says with a bright grin, "And you can be my apprentice. You up for that? A little bit of adventure into medical science? I promise that it will be fun…" well not always fun, got to check than, "…well not always fun really sometimes it will probably be really boring in bits, but the rest of it should be fantastic!"

Kera watches the man expectantly, as he sits then jumps back up. The apprentice is sure to take a casual step closer to the door, gaze checks and yep! the path is clear. Looking back up to the man as he declares his intention, she frowns, head tilting a bit as she eyes the man a bit more closely. Finally she blinks and smacks her hand against her head. "Oh shard. Excuse me a moment mister Cyrus." Kera darts out of the room quickly, rushing towards the front desk and she starts ruffling through papers. Finding the one she wants, a quick scan has the girl muttering to herself before she rushes back into the room with a very upset expression. "I'm so sorry for the confusion Journeyman Cyrus. There was a mistake on the messege about your arrival." She waves the page like a shield "We weren't expecting you for another sevenday."

Cyrus isn't offended in the least. Certainly not by anything that Kera did or said. She seemed to be rather put together. Thats a good sign. She's young, but she'll grow out of that, "Thats just fine." he says with a chuckle, "A little bit of confusion is a good thing sometimes." Now alot of confusion is another story, but a little bit is very good, "What do you say? You ready for a voyage into medical science?" He knows that she won't say no. Obviously she cares about her job too much to do that.

Kera lets out the breath she was holding and nods with an agreeable smile. "In small doses perhaps." A little chuckle is given as well as another nod while she moves around the room, tidying up whatever was dislodged while she was trying to checkin the newly posted Weyrhealer. Smoothing out the bedsheet. "As long as the water isn't too rough, I'm game for a nice little cruise." Kera gestures back towards the hallway. "Welcome to Xanadu Weyr Journeyman Cyrus. Would you like to look the infirmary over?" She starts off taking a few steps down the hall and glances to see if he follows or not "We currently have three patients, each are recovering from their injuries, minor ones from the charts."

Cyrus follows Kera back out into the hallway as she gestures, "Thank you. It should be an interesting stay." He doens't plan to stay here forever, but for the time being its looking like he will be here for awhile, "And we'll try to make the trip as smooth as possible." Of course he knows that he can't always make good on that. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it, "I'd like to have a look around I think." He won't bother the patients, especially if its just minor stuff and is going well. There are more important fish to fry at this point in time, "Lets see what you have to show me." he says to Kera.

Kera smiles with a quick dip of her head as she agrees with Cyrus's suggestion. Leading the way along, she points out the occassional buckets full of water and chuckles "Some of the Weyrlings made the last Weyrhealer start keeping buckets at hand every twenty feet or so. He claimed they were firehazards." The apprentice giggles over her shoulder to Cyrus at that before stopping at the file cabinets. Tugging a drawer open, she rifles through a couple of folders. Plucking out the last half dozen files, Kera tuckes them under her arm and leans her weight against the heavy drawer to close it. "Here are the patient charts for the last sevenday." She passes over said files then goes on "And these are treatment and observation reports. There is a large desk up front and an office down that hallway there for you as well."

It seems that this is a very hopping place sometimes. There will no doubt the a great deal to do and plenty of time to meet everyone. He takes the files from Kera and begins to glance through them, "I see you all have been rather busy. Thats excellent! No sense in having things be boring now is there?" Obviously there have been some very interesting moments recently in the infirmary lately, and he will certainly have to meet everyone involved, "I can't wait to get my feet wet, but for the moment I better go grab my stuff and unpack a bit. I'll pop back in tomorrow and get started in in earnest. Its been good to meet you Kera. And we should have a great time working together." he says as he makes his way back out the door, taking the files with him to read.

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