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Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Before she's visible all the dragonets feel Seryth's presence. Thunder rumbles with the heavy weight of an on-coming storm, the pressure enough to pin each and every dragonet to the beach while lightning crackles in the command, « BE STILL. DO. NOT. MOVE. » The gold lands on the beach with a disgruntled rumble, quick to soothe in the cool rain-scented whisper of rain, «Calm Little Ones. Be calm. » Her touch surely keeps them still, but it's more of a mental embrace, comforting, loving in nature. The Weyrwoman is slipping from her back, still fastening her jacket over her office dress, and she is not so calm. Her icy gaze rips though the Weyrlings, but her question is addressed to Keziah, "What is going on?" The words are ice-cold rather than angry while pinning each Weyrling one after the other.

Stopping in her tracks, Keziah closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She really would rather have had V'dim to deal with. But at least Seryth is a bonus, as long as she doesn't eat her… Alosynth hunkers down a little in the senior golds presence. It's that ice cold voice that gets to her. Reminds her of mother. Taking another breath she turns from where she's walking to address the Weyrwoman. There's a glance at the weyrlings and it's obvious she is mulling over exactly what to say and then she swallows, sweat breaking out dispite the cold and replies "A lesson that went poorly ma'am. I lost control of the class." She swallows again "I accept full responsibility for the panic of the dragons. However." She glances back over at the weyrlings "There was a complete disregard to common curtesy and things were looking to become dangerous for the young dragons with the tempers flaring. I temporarily put them on lockdown until things could be sorted" She opens her mouth as if to say more and then just stops and takes another breath.

At the blast from the Weyrwoman's dragon, Sahazyth does go quite still though her gaze shifts up from her chosen towards the Queen eyes still whirling red with some distress. «I tried to calm them from the stuff that makes us numb…it did not work.» She says with a heat still in her mindvoice, a blend of strong spices. «They blamed her and where she was born instead of me.» Briana is still facing her dragon's side, taking shaking breaths, before numbing fingers slide from the dragons side and she lets her hands fall to her sides as she turns around to face the Weyrwoman, not yet finding the words to speak for herself quite yet.

I'srie /was/ attempting to haul P'rel off before the fighting started, Tscyleth drawn away along with his bond, the blue's eyes blood-red and whirling. But Landers' egging on in his last comment ruins any chance there could have been of coming out of this with anything but hostility, given the current friction. There is a scowl, Iess whirling around, quite abruptly letting go of Py and curling hands into fists. "The fuck did you just say?" he demands, but luckily for all involved, before any fists or claws start flying, Seryth's mindvoice has both blue and rider stilling, the latter curling suddenly around the boy. The soothing after that terrifying command has the young blue making a sharp noise of confusion, both weyrling and bond shaking badly, the latter's fists remaining clenched, but at his sides. Whatever he's getting from Tscyleth, it's at least keeping him from punching the brownrider. He stands there, rigid and silent, jaw clenched, while Tscy rests his jaw against I'srie's shoulder.

Zhaoth hunker down close to the ground and yet he never leaves the supportive stance behind Ers'lan, when the senior's gold quakes the air with her touch. Zhao looks like he is crouching for a pounce rather than standing tall now. Still, Ers'lan moves the couple steps back to put his hip up against the shoulder of Zhaoth, his one arm slinking around the beasts neck. There's only a slight brow raise for the response from the bluerider, whatever would be the retort on any given day, does not find a place here, not after the ominous presence of Thea and Seryth. There's merely a roll of a shoulder and a half glance toward the authority.

Malphath was just following the I'srie dragged P'rel though whether he was perfectly calm was difficult to say, considering his backside was all mostly anyone would be able to see. This changed however, when that thunderous boom crackles within his mind, and the young bronze immediately freezes in place. That was one way to get someone's attention. When this is followed with the softer hint of drizzle, Malphath lowers his body to the ground and cranes his neck so that he can look over at the descended queen, eyes whirling crimson and carnation pink. There comes then the softest of rumbles but it's all rather subtle. Having been let of so abruptly that he'd very nearly lost his balance, P'rel teeters a moment to regain it, and hardly has the time to react to what Ers'lan had said in the wake of their leaving. Startling instead at the recoiled boom, there is a furrow of brows, and the blond bronzerider takes silent steps away from the blueriding pair in order to place hands against the darkly etched hide of his own weyrmate. Mayhaps just for the skin to skin contact, but it at least erases all tension from both of them for the time being.

The coldness is directed towards the Weyrlings, where Thea's gaze is still affixed, rather than the AWLM beside her. A quick, sidelong look is sent her way when Keziah takes responsibility for the upheaval, one hand reaching for the woman's shoulder to give it brief, reassuring squeeze before she steps towards Briana. Puzzlement clouds the clear green of her eyes at some part of the relayed message from Seryth, but she doesn't address it, merely lifts her dark brows at first one then the other, waiting for explanations. When none are forth-coming, she stalks forward, her tone iron-hard, "I don't know what's gotten you all so upset, but you all need to know three things: One, until V'dim speaks to each and every one of you to get to the bottom of this, you're confined to quarters. And by that I mean your dragon couches. You are not to interact with one another. Period." Her gaze is steely. "Two, you're all to think and think hard about what would happen to your lifemates if you fight each other. You understand better how they will experience all of your emotions. Picture them torn and bloody, perhaps never to fly, picture them dying because- " Her voice cracks and she swallows hard, eyes glittering with sudden unshed tears. She presses her lips together and steels herself to continue. The Weyrwoman rarely gets angry, but she is now. Her voice a whipcrack, eyes blazing as she finishes, "Three if you cannot obey the Weyr's authority, you are invited to take transport to Ierne tomorrow with your lifemate where you will risk only yourselves and not your fellow Weyrlings or this Weyr. Decide what it's to be." Her hand lifts and points to the barracks. "Dismissed!"

Briana nods to the Weyrwoman, her eyes holding some moisture which she is fighting not to shed. "I am sorry Ma'am." She says before looking up to her lifemate for a moment and nodding to her, her eyes unfocused in that moment before the pair turn and head back to the barracks. Briana remaining ever close, one hand touching upon the gold's side. Sahazyth's wing mantled over her lifemate as they walk on.

Ers'lan straightens up his back, shoulders squaring, a stern expression on his face. It is a look of one expecting some reprimand. He's about to say something, maybe to ease the situation, as his mouth opens and moves like a fish out of water, only to close it and clench his jaw tight. There is a glance given to his fellows and only after Briana starts moving does he dart along behind her, looking tempted to say something, but again, restrained, eyes glazed over as if in communication with Zhaoth.

Keziah takes another breath and seems to calm a little more at the touch. As Thea lays down the law, her eyes widen a little. She thought lockdown and rations were bad. But Ierne? Dangerous that. She swallows and looks around at the weyrlings, her eyes touching upon each one of them. She is silent though, and so is Alosynth. The greens tail isn't even twitching, though her eyes whirl with a shade of worry and then there is the littlist headshake from Keziah as she briefly glances at Alosynth.

When the AWLM's failure to teach and keep things safe is apparently ignored in favor of blaming the weyrlings, who haven't yet had the training to control themselves, let alone their lifemates, something equally cold snaps behind pondwater eyes. Iess stills further, hands shoved in jacket pockets, lashes lowering at Thea. While Tscyleth shrinks back, his lifemate remains steady- steadier than he had been a moment ago, now that the blue isn't completely panicking. That last part about the weyr's authority has his gaze flicking to Keziah and then the youngest Xanadu gold, eyes narrowing a fraction before he turns a long, quiet look to P'rel. There are no words, but the bluerider gradually untenses, Tscyleth following suit if only because the other two weyrlings have left, the blue eyeing their departure and then lowering himself to curl closer around his lifemate. Iess waits until his lifemate has calmed sufficiently, fingers brushing along the blue's neck, before he turns toward the barracks.

As Thea begins to speak, golden eyes peek out from behind the girth of the rapidly enlarging bronze, watching her sneakily from the safety of his lifemate. P'rel blinks a few times at what is being said, brows tilting downwards. When she gets to the part about picturing their dragons bloodied and crippled, the former harper ducks behind Malphath and is suddenly burying his face into the warm chest of the darkly etched bronze. Swallowing thickly, he remains like this, twitching now and again, until he hears the word dismissed. It's then that he turns his head to glance over at I'srie and completely meets that long quiet look that the bluerider has waiting for him. Py blinks, straightens and a second later a wash of confusion erupts over his facial features. Brows knit, lips part, but no sound comes out. Gaping in the time in takes I'srie and Tscyleth to turn and head into the barracks, it's Malphath's gentle nudge to his shoulder that snaps the younger boy out of his reverie. Plagued still by his puzzlement, P'rel slides hands into the pockets of his pants and the two follow after.

Thea waits, arms crossed for them all to leave the beach, her face set in a mask of stoic emotionlessness. For Keziah there's a quiet and not unsympathetic, "Teenagers. Should not impress dragons." A dry chuckle follows this understatement of the Turn. "V'dim will be wanting to see you," she adds gently. Then it's back to Seryth and she climbs aboard, only giving vent to her emotions once the pair are airborne. Her tears of frustration and grief are shed into the teeth of the late winter wind out over the lake, only returning to her home and weyrmate when they are spent.

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