Fixing Vivian

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Out on the beach Vivian can be found, with her arms wrapped around her little green. Viv is looking dishevelled to say the least, given her usually pristine condition she's positively a mess, her hair is undone and bits are sticking out of her usual neat bun. Her eyes look empty and tears stain her face as she's curled up on the snow with her new lifemate.

Inimeth cruises by overhead, looks down and spots the pair, turns to come back towards them and lands a little way away, letting out a soft croon. D'son isn't long after, bundled up to his nose in jacket and scarf and hat and everything. The Istan is really not partial to this cold stuff. He comes to a halt, feet crunching a little in the snow, just a few paces back from Vivian and Kelioth. "Vivi?" he says quietly while a green tendril of thought winds gently towards Kelioth from Inimeth, questing, but not intruding.

Kelioth is the first to react and for a long time the only one to react to the presence of the bronze and his rider. A gentle croon of concern drifts across the snow towards the bronze, her own thoughts open for all nearby to feel and see. Misty clouds obscure her thoughts as they drift through a vast empty wilderness. The baby green having problems trying to convey the feelings of lose and emptiness that her lifemate is feeling.

Inimeth pads a little closer, extending a nose to the little green. So sad! That tendril curls closer, offering sun-warm comfort. « Hello there! You're Kelioth and I'm Inimeth. It's good to meet you. Though your rider is so sad! Maybe mine can help? » And Dels steps closer too. "Vivi …" he starts again and takes a breath. "Can I come close? I don't want to offend her."

Kelioth's response is one of hope, her tail flicking towards the bronze as she doesn't want to move her head too much because that's where Vivian is clinging onto. The tears have stopped it's just the stains on her cheeks that are left for now but as D'son gets closer she does finally look up, the blank expression the most worrying part as instinct kicks in to provide a fairly cold sounding. "Hi there D'son, how are you doing?" A hand absently moves from around Kelioth's neck to run down her leg, a vain attempt to smooth out snow soaked skirts.

That blankness elicits a drawn in breath and as Inimeth conveys what Kelioth shares, D'son throws some caution out the window and walks right up to the weyrling, reaching with the aim to draw her into his arms. "I'm just fine Vivi. Worried about you. But fine. Talk to me?" He says quietly and tilts a look over at Kelioth to see how she's handling this. Inimeth comes over a little closer still and hunkers down alongside. Companionable. « He'll try to talk to her. » The bronze says confidently. « They're good friends! » Which … is glossing over a lot.

Vivian looks up at D'son from where she sits in the snow. A faint smile on her lips as he reaches his arms out to her, "Did you change your mind?" She asks, even failing at the attempt at flirting. She does move though, shifting into his arms, it's where she always wanted to be wasn't it? Kelioth moves a little to snuggle up against Inimeth, mimicking their lifemates to a certain extent as she asks. « Will he fix her, she seems broken when she's not taking care of me. »

Those arms close warmly around the weyrling and D'son lifts a hand to smooth down draggled hair. "/Vivi/," he says with slight emphasis but laughs just a little. "You're a /weyrling/," he says softly. Inimeth croons as Kelioth snuggles against him and drops a wing down over her protectively. « He'll try for sure! He doesn't like to see her so sad. And I'd like you both to be happy. » D'son draws Vivian up against his chest and drops his cheek down atop her hair. "You know I'm so proud of you, don't you?" he says quietly, hand still moving along her hair and then down to her back, comforting.

Kelioth cuddles in, her tail twitching against the side of the bronze, her head turning to watch the humans. « I want everyone to be happy. » She adds, her contribution to the fixing of Vivian. "I know I'm a weyrling." Replies Vivian, a slight touch of her usual disdain appearing in her voice. "I'm not stupid, I've realised that the lovely green dragon cuddling into Inimeth is mine." She tells him as she snuggles in against him, it seems more of a reflexive action than her usual machinations.

"There's rules, that's all," D'son says and clears his throat. "And she really is lovely," the Weyrleader compliments Vivian with a smile, looking over at Kelioth herself. "How have things been? I've stopped by but missed you every time." He's not letting her go and doesn't seem put off by that snuggling in. Inimeth curls comfortingly around Kelioth all the more too. « Oh me too. I hope they get it all worked out. »

Vivian nods her head a little. "I know there are and she is." She sighs and her arms come round to clasp onto him, her grip tightening as she buries her face into his chest. « Who are you? » Kelioth asks the much bigger bronze. « What do you do? »

She doesn't say anything, and maybe clueing in, D'son doesn't ask anything else, he just holds. Inimeth is chatty though, mind bright with the fresh scent of lavender and those curling tendrils in his mind touch gently again. « Inimeth! I am D'son's and he is the Weyrleader. We lead together! »

Kelioth 's mind touch starts to clear as she melds with Inimeth « Inimeth. » the green croons the name back at him, the moon coming up to start banishing the mists in the wilderness of moorland, a brighter future. « Why does she rain? » She asks him as Vivian starts to sob into D'son's chest, hands clutching tightly to him as the flood gates open into the warmth of his embrace.

« Kelioth », Inimeth plays along, sun-dapples brightening as that moon comes up and the mists clear. And then Vivian is crying again and Inimeth blows out a long breath, a little warm breeze to share with the greenling though. « D'son says it's because it's just a very tough time for her right now. She will get better. » D'son's arms tighten a little and he still doesn't say anything, just rocks back and forth, hand soothing at Viv's back as she weeps.

« Am I that hard to deal with? » Kelioth asks Inimeth, a large black cloud passing over the landscape of her mind. « Is it something I've done? » She seems saddened by the process her lifemate is going through. It's a long time before Vivian calms enough to speak. "Some say I deserve everything I've gotten. But everything went wrong, but I don't want to change anything." She trails off in more sobbing.

« Oh no! Well. I don't think so. You seem perfectly lovely to me. I can't see into her head to tell you though, » Inimeth has to admit. D'son just waits until Vivian's ready then listens as she speaks. "It's good you don't want to change anything, Vivi," D'son says quietly, hugging again then leans back so he can see her face. "Did it really go /wrong/?" he says, trying to meet her gaze. "You're a /rider/ now, and that's really great. Does it really matter what color she is?"

Vivian shakes her head, face not leaving his chest. "Everything I'd been training for is ruined though, I was supposed to be taking over from my mother though and now I can't do that. That was my everything." She cries, though at least she's getting it out now, though what may be left behind afterwards may not seem like much of an improvement. « I hope not, I don't want to have caused this. » Pouts Kelioth, that black storm still clouding her mind.

Inimeth gathers comforing sunlight, flowers in a field and soothes some more. « I don't think so. D'son seems to think that she loves you very much. She's just — disappointed that a plan of hers won't come about. » D'son gives up on eye contact and runs a hand over Vivian's hair. "Oh Vivi. But — can't you have a different everything? I mean think about it, now you've got so many possibilities open to you. THey might not be the ones you planned on, but there's so many different things you can do."

"Probably." Admits Vivian eventually. "But I've had my sights set on that for about 14 turns." She explains to him, still clinging on for her life. "It's a lot to take in." She's hit that nice and lovely whiny lifes not fair stage. "I wouldn't want to harm my baby though, It's okay Kelioth, you've not done anything." She says aloud, still not used to that inner commentary yet. « It's okay. » Replies Kelioth as she continues to snuggle up against the big bronze, the sparkle returning to her thoughts. « I'll need to give her a new plan, what do you suggest? » She asks Inimeth, though she's not cottoned to the fact she's not managing to broadcast to everyone. "I can hear you, you know." Vivian adds with a genuine smile appearing for the first time as she lifts her head to look over at the green.

D'son listens, nodding. "That's a long time," he says slowly and takes a breath, smiles a little as Vivian comforts Kelioth. "It's good to let her know that. She's really worried. Though I bet you know that," Dels says to the weyrling. Inimeth is very happy to snuggle and promptly says: « You could try exploring everywhere. Or going for wingleader someday! Or managing a business. D'son said that. » Dels chuckles a little, gives Viv a squeeze. "Ah shells, there's a smile, that's good."

"Everything just went so wrong for all the right reasons." Replies Vivian as she plops her head back down against his chest for the time being. "It doesn't help that I'm sure half the weyrlings hate me as well. That I can deal with, I just need time to adjust and get my head back in order again." She tells him, pushing up and away so that she's facing him again when Kelioth twitches against Inimeth, rolling onto her side in an attempt to rub her back against the bronze. "I suppose I'd best go back to the barracks and get that seen to before someone sees what she's doing to your Inimeth." She leans forward to give him a kiss. Lingering a few moments longer than she should if she gets the chance. "Thanks for listening." She murmurs as she gets to her feet, soaking wet skirts falling around her legs, causing a wince from her. "Come on you, lets get going." She tells Kelioth, "Bye Inimeth, thanks for coming." She adds her own farewell to the bronze to go alongside the cheerier farewell form Kelioth.

"I'm sorry, that must be tough Viv," D'son says quietly. "Though you know … maybe give everyone a chance to /not/ hate you?" He smiles as she draws back, lets his hands drop down to his knees and then tilts a look over at the dragons. "Uh … well you know. It's just baby affection, right?" The kiss lands, though D'son turns his head just a little, so it doesn't quite land on his mouth. And then he doesn't pull away either, but there's no encouragement given, just a light pat of his hand to her arm. "Sure. Just have her bespeak Inimeth if you need anything, okay?" He rises then once she's up too. "And go change, before you freeze," the Weyrleader adds sympathetically. Inimeth noses fondly at Kelioth one more time. « See, a lot better, right? I'll see you soon and you can talk to me any time. » Dels waves then retreats back to the bronze to lean thoughtfully against him for a bit.

Vivian just nods her head and shoos Kelioth back towards the barracks. "I'll speak to you later." She says, lifting her skirts to help with the walking thing as she heads off. The green bounding up after a last little nuzzle at Inimeth. « We'll talk about that plan later. » She tells him before she runs off after Vivian.

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