Jammin' in the Caverns

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in its own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as have walls hung with numerous tapestries that provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt. The stone is carefully leveled but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area is the one near the Kitchens, where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. It's plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr, instead feeding people in shifts as they come off duty. On occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are borrowed from all the other areas.
There's also a big fireplace set into the western wall, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, the largest an archway to the northeast that leads outside. Near it there's an alcove with hooks for coats and shelves for muddy boots. A tunnel to the east goes to the infirmary, and a set of stairs just a little south of that lead up to the offices and administration area. To the south, a long and sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs. The kitchen is off to the southwest, while the residents' quarters are reached by tunnels going west, deeper into the cliff.

There's a slight commotion in the kitchens! Not a big calamity, mind you. Not enough to disturb the flow of dinner, but enough of one to have summoned the Weyrleader, for … whatever reason. Maybe a rider .. dropped dessert or something? There's the sound of something a'clatter. A pot falling to the ground. Truly, the kitchens really aren't the Weyrleader's territory, unless he's particularly hungry in the middle of the night. But he can be seen swooping in there with knitted brows to take care of something or another. Other than that, it's a perfectly fine spring evening! It's a bit on the chilly side, but warmer days are certainly ahead for Xanadu. For now though, there's still slush to be seen, melting a little more each day, and the nights remain cold. Dinner is being served, as has been mentioned, and it's only those who are near the kitchen's entryway that send curious looks that way.

Not the desserts! They're important. So really, it makes sense that Ka'el is there taking care of it. Soriana… is just now emerging from the resident hall. Why was she back there? Why, to get Skyler! So, that's why she has him now, held in her arms. He's looking about at the caverns with bright blue eyes. Hello, world he sees every day! You're still an interesting world, so he's still looking at you curiously. Soriana looks to him. "So shall we get dinner here?" Skyler… ignores her. There are things to stare at!

Kera is making her way back to the table she left her stuff, that bring her satchel and hungry lizards. Lifting her tray a bit to get it higher than those seated already, she pauses her steps briefly to half turn towards the commotion. Not being very close, nothing much more than a muffled clanking is heard so she continues on to her table after a few seconds. "Glad we already made it through the line." is muttered to herself.

Meanwhile, Innes is… skulking in a corner of the caverns. Well, maybe not so much skulking as lurking with her head down, hoping that no one spots her mess of red hair and realizes that their (somewhat) faithful Junior is in their midst. She's keeping it on the down low. But even the most subtle of Inneses have to eat at some point, and so she makes her way around the edge of the toward the promise of edible things.

With Ka'el's arrival into the kitchen, the sounds of calamity grows louder. And there's a shout that sounds suspiciously like Ka'el, and a shriek that's too feminine to be him. And the source of all this calamity? Why, he comes bursting out of the kitchens now! It's…it's…a monster! .. Okay, it's not a monster, but it surely is a strange looking creature! Its hide is splotched with globs of sticky purple and a deep red, which clawed feet leave smears behind as he scrabbles out of the kitchens. Only two hind legs can be seen, for the uppermost portion of the pudgy creature from beyond has been stuffed into a large jar that probably was once filled with jam (most of which is likely in his oversized belly now). Head and torso are stuck within, leaving only his bottom half and goo-splattered wings free. Oh, and there's a tail too. A tail that's wrapped around a pastry that he's holding hostage as he blindly flees away from angry voices. Ka'el's out a few seconds later, glaring after the firelizard. "Nugget!"

…and there's yelling. Flailing. Soriana arches her eyebrows, looking toward the kitchens. Skyler does too! Because there are… oh, wait, there's something bright red… wait, no, there's something better than that. There's a purple splotched lizard! Skyler giggles and claps his hands. Yay! That's funny! …Soriana just stares. At Ka'el. At the firelizard. At… "Kid," she says to Skyler, "you had better not be getting ideas for dinner tonight." …not that he needs them. He already has a lot of ideas when it comes to being messy.

Kera plops down at the table where two hungry lizards chitter excitedly, "Yeayea, just a minute." Hurriedly putting two meatfilled bowls in front of the duo, the noices from the kitchen get more urgent and shrill, causing Kera to lean back to peer towards the kitchen door. Eyes widen she she gets a look at the source of all the excitement and she can't stop the laugh that leaps out of her. Quickly stifled, but it did slip out. Looking around to gauge everyone else's reaction to the sight, Innes is spotted lurking around, and Soriana with the little man himself by the food. All are flashed a quick wave through the crowd, before her attention goes back to the Weyrleader herding such an odd creature. Her meal forgotten for the moment.

Innes screams as the 'lizard comes barreling out of the doorway she's approaching with all of her attempted stealth. Just one sharp, piercing shriek before she clamps her hand over her mouth and glances from side to side. No one heard that come from her mouth, okay? Okay. Especially not those familiar faces she has spotted, who don't need to see her spooked. She watches the flapping creature with dismay, already calculating whether she has to deal with this or if she can pass it off to someone else… when a Ka'el appears shortly on the heels of the monster. Hurrah! She's off the hook. And with that cheerful thought, she calls out to him, "Need any help with the ferocious beast?"

It is funny, isn't it Skyler? Too bad dear ol' dad doesn't look overly amused. In fact, now that his rampant, jam-covered, jar-stuck firelizard is out of the confines of the kitchen and into the masses where folks can gawk, Ka'el looks downright embarassed! But…heh. Calm, cool, and collected. That's in the job description, right? And so he, with all the dignity he can muster, quickly walks forward just as Nugget runs head first (or would that be jar-first?) into the leg of an unsuspecting resident. "Ack!" The poor man nearly loses his plate! Ka'el winces, but maybe help is on the way? Hearing Innes, he points. "You take the left, I'll go to the right, and we'll cut him off!" Maybe? Nugget's already on the move again, wings flapping to help hurry him along, which sends globs and globlets of jam everywhere! Well, within about a six foot radius. Make it rain! .. jelly.

Soriana is not going to go chasing after that firelizard. She already has her arms full of a Skyler who… could probably cause even more chaos if she actually let him free. She is going to watch, though. …and laugh? Maybe. She doesn't actually laugh out loud. Skyler does, but she doesn't. "…or painting." Maybe if it stayed on the paper, but not like this! She glances between Innes and Ka'el, who hopefully have this under control, and drifts toward a spot that she hopes is out of the way. It might not be - that depends on where Nugget bump-flees next - but it's an attempt. An attempt that, as it turns out, is near Kera, so Soriana nods to her. "Hey." And more firelizards, but these ones are behaving, so Skyler doesn't think they're nearly so interesting.

Kera will pretend that Innes didn't just go all girly, complete with that high pitched screechy scream. For now at least. She'll save it to pull out of the hat later. Watching the not so little jelly-filled-Nugget flap jar first into some poor resident, she winces. Noticing Ka'el and Innes attempting to circle around, she starts to rise to help, only to sink right back into her seat when Soriana and Skyler are closer. Waving them over with a grin, she tugs her satchel out of the way. Her lizards aren't nearly as interesting as jelly glazed Nugget, too busy stuffing themselves. "G'afternoon Weyrwoman. And you too Skyler." She wiggles fingers towards the baby and makes a wierd face before peering back to the kitchen, and the Jar flapping around. "He's always mentioned that little one had a problem, but til now, I had thought he was exaggerating."

Help is on the way! Theoretically, at least. Whether or not Innes will actually prove to be helpful is anyone's guess, but she's determined to try on the heels of that embarrassing scream. If she stops the flying menace, it will completely make up for her moment of blind panic. "You got it!" she calls back, taking off for the left as instructed. For the moment she's avoiding that jelly storm in the heat of the chase, but cutting off the fleeing 'lizard will likely end in a sweet, sticky kind of victory. That is, if this plan even works. She leaps over the seat of a chair that's pulled out a bit too far and nearly takes a tumble when she hits the ground on the other side, but gathers her feet under her again and races on in the quest to cut off Nugget's escape.

Poor Nugs. All he wanted was a snack! Is it his fault that jam happens to be (one of his many) favorite human snacks? And is it his fault that these silly humans store jam in these containers that are obviously too small to get in to? If they were more accommodating, they'd put them in big jars for ease of firelizard access! And now everybody is angry at him! He just wants to get away, but unfortunately, he can't see very well out of this jam smeared jar. Everything looks distorted and there are legs and chairs and tables he keeps running into, which jostles his poor head. He can't even think to Between himself out of the situation, his mind is so scrambled! And so he just keeps moving forward in hopes that a miracle will happen! Ka'el is right on his heels, deterred only by people and furniture obstacles in his way. "Sorry! I apolo- Excuse me!" The Weyrleader can feel his face growing warmer with each apology, but…lo! Innes is getting in position! Nugget is .. mostly heading in her direction! Just a few more feet and she'll be able to… "Grab him!" .. Chirrup?

"Good afternoon," Soriana answers Kera, then eyes the firelizard jammed in a jelly jar a moment more before adding, "I think." Those weird faces don't hold a candle to a purple firelizard, and so Skyler barely givers the green rider a glance. Sorry Kera! "Little… oh! You mean Nugget." Big fat Nugget. "He's…" What to say, what to say… "…very Nugget." Skyler giggles. "Nu!" Soriana makes the mistake of taking her eyes off the firelizard for a moment. At least she still has hold of Skyler. "…so yeah, Ka'el probably didn't exaggerate." Pause. "…about that."

Kera chuckles at the understatement of calling Nugget little, but nods anyway "Compared to the dragons." Turning her gaze back on the spectacle, a few winces cause her to cringe as the glass armor Nugget has acquired clanks against a couple of table legs. Leaning back a bit more from the table trying to see the floor area better, nearly impossible from where she is though. "I think Innes might have him cornered." Her head cranes up trying to see over the gaggle of other seated heads. "I bet the bathing caverns will be full of grumbling soon. It looks like he's flinging some sorta bubbly filling all over the place."

Innes dodges around some poor woman attempting to make her way over to refill a mug of klah without bothering to excuse her rushed passing. The firelizard is pretty hard to ignore, after all, and Ka'el is doing enough apologizing for the both of them. She's off the hook! Her rather relentless pursuit is what puts her ahead of the flying jelly (now with extra firelizard!) and she spins around quickly to face the oncoming storm as she realizes her position. There's certainly no way that the ends well for her, but the young goldrider stares down her sticky destiny with grim determination. "You so owe me for this!" is her hollered battle cry as she lunges for airborne menace.

He's trapped! Even with jam blinding him, Nugget can make out the form of some blockade in his path, but he notices far too late to try to dodge! Firelizard claws scrabble against the stone floor as he tries to backpedal, but it's of no use. Ahhhh! *caught!* The Caverns can rejoice, for the jam-covered firelizard is now secured! And he's only left…a little…disaster in his wake in the form of jelly splattered faces and tables, jelly-pawprints on the ground, and just a few overturned chairs. Heh. No harm, no foul…right? "Thank Faranth!" exhales Ka'el as he sees that he bronze menace is restrained, likely leaving a bit of jam love on Innes in the process. Ka'el grasps him from behind, holding down his wings. "On the count of three, you pull the jar and I pull the body. Ready? One…two….three!" Yank!

Kera looses sight of what's going on through the crowd as more and more people begin standing from their places to get a better look at the dinner theatre. When a round of clapping and cheers sound off, she assumes Ka'el and Innes succeeded in getting a hand on the sticky situation. A short count off is heard, but the outsome unseen from across the cavern. Will Nugget be free? Will he forever be stuck inside his very own display case? Curious greenys wanna know! Hopefully the glass won't crack and damage the poor hungry guy. Glancing back to her food, she notices Minimur sample the gravy pooled on her plate "Heyyy." A quick but gentle finger bip on his muzzle backs the brown fromher plate.

Jam love is certainly one word for the mess that's plastering itself over Innes' shirt right now, making a trip to the bathing caverns later certainly necessary. Why did she volunteer to help, again? Oh right, that girly scream of hers. "Isn't the Weyrleader supposed to know how to keep a firelizard under control?" Her expression is deadpan as she speaks. However, she does do as he suggests, grasping onto the slippery jar as best she can and yanking on three. Yank… yank… THUD. That, of course, would be the sound of Innes falling backward and hitting the ground hard with the jar still in her hands.

"Isn't a Jr. Weyrwoman supposed to help the Weyrleader regardless of the situation he's in without asking perfectly reasonable questions??" retorts Ka'el as he pulls on Nugget's hind end. Puuuuull! … *plop!* That's the suctiony sound of a firelizard being pulled out of a jar, and Ka'el staggers back a few steps but thankfully stays on his feet! Nugget chirps in victory. He's free! His whole body is given a wiggle while he's held out at arm's length. The bronze hardly looks bronze anymore! And he's sticky. And he still has that pastry held in his tail, nom! "You little…" He's given a glare by Ka'el before plopping him on the ground. Without the jar on his head and the angry voices, he's happy to stay right where he is, especially when he notices that pastry. Chomp chomp. Rolling his eyes, the Weyrleader moves over to Innes, offering his hand. "Are you alright?"

Crash! Bang! Thud! Soriana's mostly staying out of the way. Sometimes this means not having a view, either. These are the sorts of sacrifices that must be made! But, fortunately, Nugget is caught and released. Soriana… shakes her head slowly. "Someone will be scrubbing the floors, more like. Lucky for the candidates the eggs hatched!" Or else guess who'd probably get the job? But no, they're all either weyrlings or back to their regular lives now, and so Nugget's trail of destruction will be a job for the drudges. …maybe they'll at least get some pastries for their trouble? It only seems right! Cook can take it out of Ka'el's pie allowance for having let Nugget cause this mess. The sounds quiet, and Soriana leans to get a better look. "Think it's safe?"

Kera shakes a scolding finger at her brown "Careful brat, else you'll liable to find yourself in a jar too." Only question being will he eat himself into one like Nugget, or will his bratty self be stuffed into one to keep him out of trouble. She does reach out and gives Polgara a gentle scratch as the young lizard eats, then relents to give the gravy thief attention as well. Manging to grab a bit from her plate, her attention drifts back to Ka'el and Innes when the Weyrwoman wonders outloud. Frowning when only Ka'el is spotted "Maybe? Where did Innes go?" From Kera's vantage, she can't see what Innes got dumped onto her butt.

Innes arches a brow and tries to look ever-so-cool as she surveys Ka'el, but there's a hint of a smile tugging at her lips. "No," she corrects knowingly, "A Jr. Weyrwoman is supposed to inform the Weyrleader of his mistakes and gloat over them." Perhaps they need to go over her job description again. With the hubub abating slightly now that the societal menace has been contained (and distracted by pastry), she's free to actually take in the damage. Yikes. It could certainly be worse, but she doesn't envy the poor drudges left to clean it up. She takes Ka'el's offered hand and clambers to her feet, wincing slightly. "I'm fine, yeah. I mostly just bruised my…" Uh. "Dignity." Yes, that's what hit the ground a moment ago. She glances down at her shirt, and upon finding a glob of jelly there she scoops it up with her hand and makes a swift attempt at reaching up to pat Ka'el on the cheek. "Job well done there, friend."

Ka'el helps to hoist Innes on to her feet, releasing her hand once she's up and stable. She's bruised her…? Oh yes, dignity. Sure. That's it. He gives Nugget another glare, even though the bronze is happily chowing down and licking jam off of himself. This has been a productive experience! He should do it again sometime soon, yes? His attention turns back to Innes just in time for him to get a cheekpat of jelly! He rears his head back and away from her sticky touch, wrinkling his nose and grinning at the same time. "Ass," he says with a wicked smirk. " … That's what you bruised, isn't it?" he tacks on belatedly, an innocent look on his face. "Come on. Napkins, that's what we need. Wet ones. And a mug of ale.." They deserve it! He heads back in search of one of those materials, probably the ale, and spies Soriana, Kera, and Skyler. "You missed all the action."

Where'd Innes go? Soriana shrugs, which clearly means that she fully believes her Junior is engaged in productive and responsible actions meant for the good of the Weyr as a whole, and doesn't bother to actually say that part aloud because it's so obvious. She grins to Ka'el as he comes over. "Yeah, you know, I think I'm okay with that." Skyler flails. "Ba!" …apparently he's not so okay with it? "You don't need to be covered in jelly," Soriana tells her son. A moment, and then she adds, "Or anything else, either." Another moment. "…except your clothes. And yes, that does include your socks." Just in case he was wondering or hoping he could get away with things.

Kera sees Innes's head pop back into view after Ka'el helps her up. "Oh, there she is." With her friends reappearance, the mystery of the missing Junoir is solved and she glances back to her plate, managing a couple more bites. The Weyrleader's arrival gets a nod and quick salute. "Is Nugget alright sir?" Eyeing the jelly mark on his on his cheek, she grins and lowers her gaze back to her plate. Probably amused by the Soriana's reluctance to let Skyler get all sticky.

Innes narrows her eyes at Ka'el's little… slip of the tongue. "Yes, ass." She's a bit less vague as to how she's directing that word. Still, she's grinning as she says it. "You… hop to it," she says absently as she looks down at her shirt, studying the damage. It's not as bad as it could be, but the thing is still sticky with jelly and likely to leave the bits of her underneath the cloth sticky as well. Ick. "I'm just going to…" Whatever else she was planning to say is lost to mumbling. When she ceases to stare at her messy appearance and glances around again, it seems that she has been left behind in favor of other familiar faces. She makes her way over, awkwardly holding her shirt a few inches from her body to keep herself jelly-free. "Hey there. Enjoy the show?" Skyler is given an uncertain look, but she's not going to let one little boy keep her away from the party.

Ka'el was assuming Innes would follow him! They both need towels. And ale. See, he's not stingy! Granted, his attention goes first to Skyler, who is looking rather jam-free at the moment. "Everyone needs to be covered in jelly at some point in their lives. Might as well start him off young, yes?" he says as he taps at his sticky cheek with a few fingers and wiggles them towards mother and child. Feeear the jelly! "Hello Kera, and he'll be a firelizard who'll not be sleeping in his nice and comfortable perch tonight. He won't be so alright once he figures that he's banned from the house. Otherwise, he's unharmed, thanks." The greenrider is given a smile. "You wouldn't happen to be looking for a new firelizard, would you? One of the bronze variety? Slightly jellied?" He glances to Innes, then flags down a drudge, already armed with cleaning supplies, to request wet towels. And ale. Please and thank you.

Soriana the UnJellied smirks to Ka'el. "I think I'll survive." But is that without the jelly, or with? As for Skyler? "Ba jajuje!" What does it mean? Soriana looks at him, then back up to Ka'el. "…and if you do, you can give him a bath tonight." She grins. Skyler… is undaunted by this prospect. There's an Innes to flail and make incomprehensible syllables at! So he does that… and Soriana lets him. In fact, "Pretty good show," she agrees. "But I think grape might have been a better jelly. More… vivid." She grins. "Keep it in mind for next time." Which there won't be because Nugget will learn his lesson, right? … Skyler's laughter at that concept is probably correct. Or maybe the kid's just laughing just because. "Don't let him in the office, either," Soriana adds to Ka'el.

Kera eats most of her meal as the conversation goes on, Innes receiving a grin and nods "What I could see of it at least. Makes me glad I was wayyyy over here." The junior's speckled clothing is eyed with a gentle shake of her head. Good think you were in the right place at the right time to lend Nugget, and Ka'el.." She dips her head towards said man with a smile before peering back to Innes "..a helping hand." Gathering up her dirty dishes and the now empty meat bowls, her sweetroll is wrpped and stuffed away in her satchel for later, before she grabs her tray and rises from the table "This seats open if anyone wants it." And prewarmed too it that helps. A sympathetic frown slips over her features, though only marginally for Nugget's punishment, but gives a gentle shake of her head "Oh no sir, I've enough stomachs to keep fed thanks." Her gaze slips to Minimur and Polgara briefly, the pair grooming their claws of meaty leftovers without a care in the world. Wondering how to keep out a creature that can *between*, she wisely keeps that thought to herself. Wiggling fingers to everyone while grasping her tray "I suddenly wanna take a bath." Hard not to eyeing the sticky people gathering around. "Think I'll go do that before it gets too crowded with sticky people." An amused wink flashed around and she's scurrying along the aisle, whistling shrilly, which causes Minimur and Polgara to take to the air and flap along in her wake.

One can never assume that Innes will do anything! That was Ka'el's mistake. Skyler's flailing is… somewhere close to terrifying. The little thing is looking at her. It's making noises. Someone, make it stop until he's at least old enough to use real words. She looks away quickly, fixing her gaze on Soriana instead. "Yeah, well, I'll trust you to pass on the message to Nugget about the grape. You live in closer quarters." Even if the poor beast is going to be spending the night outdoors. Kera's departure is met with a wave, and a, "Next time it's on you, Kera." As a drudge reappears to bring back the requested drinks and towels, she's quick to reach for her ale. Chugging may not be ladylike, but she's earned it.

Hmmm. Jelly Skyler and then have to bathe him? Bath time can be rather hit or miss. Sometimes, he's a little fish and loves the water! Other times not so much. Is it worth the risk? "Next time, Ky.. when we have the correct type of jelly." This doesn't seem to disappoint the rather entertained and vocal child, and his laughter causes Ka'el to laugh. At least Nugget's antics were good for something. Soriana's addition to the poor bronze's punishment is nodded to. "I'll have Alloy get on that. The only responsible firelizard that I have. He'll keep him out of both places." Kera's departure for a bath is met with an amused look from Ka'el, but he merely nods to her, sparing her a tease. When cleanup arrives, he grabs a towel to wipe sticky fingers and his cheek, then claims an ale for himself, not quite chugging his down. "Rarely a dull moment. I owe the kitchens a few jars and more than a few apologies. And Innes, I commend you for risking life and limb and jumping in without hesitation! You showed true bravery. Real commitment to the welfare of the Weyr." And he even manages to keep a straight face! Mostly.

Soriana wiggles fingers in a farewell (a helping farewell?) to Kera, then nods to Ka'el's plan. See? Keeping out a betweening bronze is easy. All you need is another bronze… or a gold. If Alloy's powers of dissuasion aren't enough, Haruhi is all too willing to throw her weight around. The… mental kind. The physical kind, Nugget may well have more of, but that's not the point here. Well, it kind of is. If it weren't for all the things he does to gain that weight, they wouldn't all be here and having this conversation. Not even the parts about proper selection of jelly for burrowing. Soriana grins to Innes. "I'll do that." Maybe. Skyler isn't dissuaded in the least by the fact that Innes is uninterested in engaging with him. Some people just play hard to get! So he's learned in his not-yet-a-turn of life so far, along with many other things that don't include being covered in jelly. Not yet, anyway. The time will come. The time of grape. And Skyler… is looking forward to it? Sure, we'll go with that. He's enthusiastic, anyway.

It doesn't take long for the ale to disappear at the rate Innes is drinking it. And although she doesn't slam it down and holler for more (as tempting as that may be), she does set it down on the table beside her with a thud. "Ahh." She reaches for the wet towel, holding her shirt out with one hand while she brushes it down with the other. Does jelly stain? Might be good to know. It's certainly leaving some funny-colored spots on her shirt for the moment. She tries her best to get all of it off… is that some in her hair? Her nose wrinkles in disgust. Rubbing the towel over her sticky hair only does so much. "Yes, well, you know." She's doing an equally good job of keeping a straight face. "I'm a trustworthy guardian no matter the circumstances. I'm nothing if not dedicated and hardworking when it comes to Xanadu's safety and welfare. That's my number one priority at all times." And not her own safety and welfare, as it may occasionally seem! Seeing as she's… slightly less sticky, she finds her way to Kera's abandoned seat. It's a bit close to the enthusiastic boy wonder, but she's still trying to ignore that.

An edge of Ka'el's lips curves as Innes speaks back to him. So noble of character she is! So selfless! So…full of it! He snickers and gives his eyes an exaggerated roll before taking another swallow of his ale, abandoning it then. "Good to know the Xanadu's in such capable hands," he says to the Weyrwoman Junior, rubbing his fingertips together a little to test for stickiness. There is none! But, like her, there's probably still speckles of it left to get cleaned off eventually, and the thought of a warm bath is actually sounding pretty good on this cold night. "I think I'm going to follow Kera's lead and clean myself up," he says, ruffling at Skyler's hair a bit before reaching for him to relieve Soriana. "It may be safer to take dinner at home. I feel glarish vibes still coming in from the kitchens. Like heat waves aimed at my head… They may try to poison me," he kids, giving a look to the serving line. "And it's near time to try putting him down, anyhow, eh Sori?" Responsible parents being responsible! Even if the thought of throwing jelly around was at tempting one just moments before. One can't always be responsible! "Sorry to abandon you, Innes. I'll see you at breakfast tomorrow. No jelly on any toast or biscuit!"

A trustworthy guardian. "…does that include babysitting?" Soriana's probably teasing. …probably. Just like there's probably some jelly on Skyler now, as she hands him over to his father. Were Ka'el's fingers clean? Yes. Does it matter? …no, not really. He's a baby, he has mess-attraction powers. It comes with the job! Just like… "Take good care of the Weyr, huh?" Soriana says to Innes. She's being left with responsibility! Official Person In The Caverns To Complain To About Things That Aren't Important Enough To Rouse Someone Else, on duty Until She Goes Somewhere Else. It's a very important job. Soriana would do it, only… she nods to Ka'el. "Yeah." It's almost Skyler's bedtime… or at least almost time to begin the putting-to-bed ritual. "We've got… something… at home." Soriana hopes, anyway. She lifts a hand to wave it to Innes. "Enjoy your dedicated time hard at work." Now she's definitely teasing. That, or it's a very serious grin. "See you tomorrow." During working hours. And without jelly.

Nobility practically oozes from Innes' pores. Or maybe that's just the jelly she hasn't yet managed to wash off. "Yes, you can trust me with the entire Weyr. Nothing bad will happen." She does, however, blanch at the thought of babysitting. "The entire Weyr, minus Skyler." But hey, that leaves them with significantly fewer responsibilities, and only a moderate chance that their entire home will be turned to rubble. Hooray! "I wouldn't dream of putting any jelly on your toast tomorrow," she says oh-so-innocently, even going so far as to put a hand over her heart to swear. He can make his own guess as to what state his breakfast will be in tomorrow. As her companions make to depart, she flicks one hand in a quick wave. "Have a good night, you three." Which leaves her… as the highest authority in the caverns. And there's still jelly lurking. "Now that I think of it…" That skulking idea she had when she got here? Yeah, she had it right the first time.

Maybe only half the Weyr will be rubble. Victory!

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