Getting Stories Right

Xanadu Weyr - Harpers' Workshop
Through the labeled double doors is this spacious cavern set aside for the Harper craft. It's been completely sound proofed inside and out, but even after hours sometimes you can just pick up muffled voices in song, or instruments being practiced of someone burning the midnight oil. Inside, the large area has been divided up into several smaller places, also behind doors and have been sound proofed. A library of books and records stand upon the many shelves to the left, containing such content as music and Pernese history, law, and even sheet music. There are several access points at the long tables here for laptops to connect to data bases all over Pern, as well as to plug them in for a recharge. Long rows of chairs are pushed up against them. Silence here, is required.
Along the back wall is yet another space, and behind the double doors is a classroom for the practice of Storytelling. The chairs here are comfortable and upholstered, pillows are available as well for sitting on the floor. A projector is available for visual aid, with a white screen that pulls down should anyone need it.
The final space to the right of the entrance is likely the largest. All along the longest wall instruments hang free or on shelves for anyone of the craft to use. Guitars (both acoustic and base), flutes (including recorder and reed), violins, and lap harps. There is a few drum sets, and some standing harps as well. There are stands for music, benches for sitting, and even a corner where repair and maintenance supplies can be found.

It's been a drizzly sort of day, the spring weather warm enough but a light rain falling on and off. Fortunately, the Harper's Workshop is sheltered from the elements. Some people are just returning from their lunch breaks now… though some are still out, and others are already here. Among them is Soriana, sitting in one of the comfy seats near the storytelling area with one of the books from the Harper Archives. She's got a somewhat distant look to her gaze, eyes drifting unfocused from the page in between sentences.

Uck, drizzly days. No matter how much she tried to stay a perfectly happy person, be an absolute joy to be around, Zalulia can't help but despise drizzly days. Not raining hard enough for her to really have fun and dance around in the rain, but wet enough that she would feel uncomfortable if she went out there. Like a drowned wherry, that's what she would feel like. So the harper had resigned to studying her craft for the day, although it took her quite a while to get down there. Procrastination at it's best. When she finally enters the tiny harper is sulking, for there is no other way to accurately describe the look on her face. Slowly her blue eyes scan the room before she finally settles her gaze on Soriana. With a raised eyebrow she called from across the room, "the weather got you inside as well?" Without waiting for a response she walks toward the other girl, where she proceeds to lean against a wall and gaze at her.

Those drifted eyes stay away for a while as Soriana holds a silent discussion, but as a voice reaches her ears, she lifts up her head, blinking as she brings her thoughts back to the present. Her shirt's still a little damp from when she arrived here - because she didn't bother with her jacket, what with it being warm - but she's been here long enough that it's mostly dried. Once her eyes are willing to focus on things more than six inches from her face, Soriana offers the sulking harper a smile. "Mmh? Oh." She laughs. "I suppose. I didn't quite think of it that way. I mean, I've meant to get here for a while, but with the rain… today certainly seemed like a good day for it."

She nods at her words, the sulking look on her face beginning to lift slightly at the conversation. Zalulia has always liked talking with people, although some say that once she gets started she likes talking a little too much. But hey, what's wrong with talking? She certainly doesn't knot. Without it everyone would just be one giant lump of silent misery. No one likes lumps of silent misery. /No one/. So here she is, starting what could easily be a flood of talking. But it just so happens that the flood is nothing but a drizzle when she begins. "I while, huh/ You must be pretty busy. I mean, if you are a harper. I'm an apprentice harper myself, trying to get my journeyman knots, so I'm in here almost every day." She pauses before adding, "Zalulia, at your service."

Talking is a thing! A good thing. Or so rumors (a form of talking) say. Soriana nods to it being a while, then laughs and shakes her head. "Not a harper. You've just got a good collection of stories here." She lifts up the book she was reading a little - a collection of semii-historical tales. "Much better than reports and statistics." She grins. "I'm Soriana. Senior weyrling, at the moment." Though graduation looms ever closer! "Luraoth's rider. I'm just on lunch break, for…" she glances up at a clock "…well, a little longer, at least. It's nice to meet you!" She extends a hand.

Ooh, yes, rumors are a form of talking! In fact, people wouldn't even be able to be angry about talking without talking. Now, Pern is not Earth, so Pern does not have Earth shows, such as Doctor Who, or shows at all for that matter. But if the show Doctor Who existed on Pern somehow and Zalulia watched it she would compare not being able to talk to being one of those enslaved worker-Oods. The circle must be broken, and so people must talk. But alas, it does not exist on Pern and so she could make no such comparison. Instead Zalulia shakes Soriana's hand, the small smile on her face turning to an all-out grin. Her voice is light as she responds, "I'll admit, the stories we've managed to get a hold of are wonderful. Anyway, nice to meet you too!" Soriana of Luraoth… she thinks she's heard that name before, although she can't quite put her finger on it. Oh well.

And so it never was. Soriana's handshake is a friendly one, and she nods. "They really are. Luraoth likes hearing them too… sometimes I end up finding out parts I never knew before just because she hears them and asks questions and then I go reading something else." She grins. "Someone could spend all day here, except I suppose you Harpers'd probably kick them out eventually so you can actually have your classes." She's smiling, tone light. Soriana, Luraoth's rider… yeah, there are rumors. They come with the fact that Luraoth's gold, but the weyrling seems just as happy to not have Zalulia noticing that just now. "So, working on journeyman, huh? Is that when you pick your specialties?"

A small laugh leaves her at the weyrling's comment about getting kicked out. With a small shake of her head she responds, "well, /I/ wouldn't kick you out, it can get rather boring being on your own and I'm not a big fan of classes." If she were big into the rumor mill Zalulia would probably know exactly who Soriana and Luraoth are. But half of the time she can't find rumors she's interested in and the other half of the time she actually has trouble finding it in general, so she really isn't a big rumor mill person. At her question the redhead scrunches up her face in thought before slowly responding, "I'm…not…sure. I'm not exactly the most focused person out there. I'm sure I've asked before but by now I've either forgotten or had zoned out when I was told. Either way, I think I might want to specialize in singing whenever it is I get to choose. It's fun and I'm not half bad at it."

"Oh, good." Soriana grins. "I'll make sure to sneak in when you're the one keeping watch." And never mind all the other harpers around. "Oh, some classes aren't so bad. There are, I admit, some that make you want to fall asleep, but… harpers are supposed to be good at all that sort of stuff, right? Making people listen and entertaining them." So hopefully they'd bring that to their own classes, right? Soriana listens about the singing thing, and nods. "Seems like it'd work! I don't know, I just know that they start listing specialties at some point…" A shrug. "Singing, though… sounds like a good one!"

Although she does not laugh this time the grin does not fade from Zalulia's face. It's clear that she's enjoying this little meeting, drizzly day or not. At the other girl's words about the harpers she shrugs before responding, "you'd think. It just seems like they made sure to save all the boring ones for me at times. There's one man that will start to talk, trail off, and expect you to either read his mind for wait for five minutes for him to start again." She pauses before adding, "I think so too, I mean, that's why I'm choosing it. But hopefully nothing goes wrong." Her eyes widen before she says in a low, conspiring voice, "I heard that this one girl didn't do something right and lost her voice completely, lumps on her vocal cords they said. She can't even speak at all now." Okay, so maybe she knew about /some/ rumors.

"Really?" Here Soriana was dreaming of a world where all the teachers were as funny as those Harpers who stand up at feasts and have the whole Caverns laughing. But no. She is disappointed, yet again, by the real world. Oh well. "So, how's that mind-reading coming?" she asks with a crooked sort of grin before letting her expression turn more serious as she nods. "There's always things that can happen, whether you do things wrong or not. The best you can do is hope they don't and deal with them if they do." A pause, and a half-grin. "Well, and don't do things wrong if you can help it."

There's a wispy quality to Zalulia's face as she responds, "how's my mind-reading coming…" She then fixes Soriana with an intense look that she hopes can pierce right through to her soul as she whispers in a low, mock-frightening voice, "I'm using it right now. I know your secrets. I know your soul. /I know what you did at exactly this moment last turn./" With that little show of creepiness the look melts off her face as she bursts out laughing, incredibly amused by her own antics. Once her laughter calms down a bit she adds, "and thanks, I'm certainly not planning on doing anything wrong."

Straight to the soul! Like that. Bam. Pierced! Soriana arches a brow. Weeeeell? What great visions of the past dance across the scape of Zalulia's inner mind? What shocking truths shall herein be revealed? What's. On. Her. Mind? There's a half-grin tugging at her lips all through it, and when Zalulia laughs, so does she. "Dull, isn't it?" And she winks. "If you are going to do it wrong, make sure you plan extra carefully so it doesn't go any more wrong than you want." She lifts a finger. "Not that I'm telling you to do things wrong. The opposite, in fact. Do things right and proper. Got it?" A grin.

An amused snort leaves her as she exclaims, "Soriana, I must say! Your mind is a labyrinth, hardly dull at all!" Shards, she's starting to turn red thanks to that lack of oxygen entering her with all the laughing. It feels great and horrible all at the same time. When her body does finally allow her to breathe she is actually reduced to gasping for a few breaths. She then straightens up, or tries to anyway, and remarks, "if anything goes wrong I'll make sure it'll be on my own terms. Although I intend on doing stuff right. Right, no promises about proper though. After all, if /everything/ was done the proper way and /everyone/ acted proper I think the world might be a pretty boring place."

"I'll leave proper or not to your Harpers," Soriana says with a laugh and a wave of her hand. "Just make sure you get the right part worked out, and that's all I'm gonna care about." She grins. "Fun, though. I like that. Twisty or not." Maybe a game of Twister? Who knows.

Ooh, games of twister are always a good time. Zalulia begins to open her mouth, probably to start rambling on about one thing or another again, when a very deep, very loud, very annoyed voice calls for her. With a wince Zalulia exclaims, "and there's someone to worry about the proper part! Gotta go, see ya around!" With that she bounds off, going in the exact opposite direction of the voice.

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