On Pets and Yummy Boys

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow

A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

Though there's been snow it's long since melted away, leaving sogging areas here and there along with some puddles through the area. Nice big splashable puddles that one black, curly coated is running through, chased after or maybe that's jsut followed by Zafirah. She's laughing and jumping through them, getting herself muddy and all sopping wet.

mirai is also splashing through mud puddles, only her companion is a funny looking red and blue avian with one wing, perched on her shoulder. They're coming from the other direction, and the girl's eyes are on the ground, watching the water splash away from her as she bounces throgh them in rain-weather gear.

Who needs rain gear? That defeats the purpose of getting wet. Zafirah's canine see's the other curl or maybe it's the avian and he goes running off barking at the two of him. "Colby! Come back here!" she calls out to her canine "Colby! Come!" After a few more barks, the canine trots back over to Zafir, dripping wet and tail waggin'. "Hey!" she calls out to Mirai.

Mirai looks up as she hears a voice calling her. She waves a little and tries to hush the loudmouthed avian on her shoulder. "Shards and shells!" Yes, that was the bird, Lilan, cussing yet again. "Hey," she responds, offering a grin as she bounces forward. Ah, but Mirai is one of those girly girls… no getting soaking wet in nice clothes for her.

Zafirah can't help but snigger a bit at the avian "That's some mouth he's got there." she remarks as she looks the avian over. "What happened to him? she asks as she looks at the missing wing, or well lack there of. "Names Zafi." she offers in greeting.

Mirai giggles a little, "Yeah, he's a foul beastie. But I still love him." she comments, reaching up and clamping the birds beach shut for a mere second before releasing it. "Mirai," she offers a grin then glances at him. "I dono, found him in the stables one day all broken and alone and cussing like that and brought him home and fixed him up. Good thing Kezi-mama likes beasties."

"Aww, the poor thing. How longs have ya had him? Does he bite?" She asks as she reaches out a finger. Colcy is sitting down now, watching the avian and whining softly here and there. "Yeah, guess that's a good thing. Don't think me mum would care much way or another. Me foster mama might though." she says with a grin "Dunno if I'd wanna subject Senky to such a bird. Mum might teach him words. Phaili would likely teach him to steal socks."

Mirai considers the avian a moment and nods. "Yeah, poor boy. Have him about six months, I think." she glances at him and shakes her head. "No, he doesn't bite." She grins and pulls the bird from her shoulder, perching him on her wrist and eyeing the one winged bird a moment. "Alo encourages him to cuss. Through Kezi-mama of course." she giggles.

Zafirah can't help but giggle at that as she reaches to pet the feathers "Maybe he used to be a sailors. Like that new weyrling. Have you met him yet?" she asks with a tilt of her head. "I wish I was a cool pet like that. Though Colby's sweet. He's the smartest canine ever."

Mirai gives a silly little sigh. "Ers'lan. He's soooooooooo cute." she giggles quietly. Yes, puppy love. Then she looksat Colby and grins. "He is cute. Lets see. I have two cacnies and three felines, but they're ones that I've found and fixed and healed or mama-Kezi has…" she comments throughtfully. "Except Rico. Rico's my baby, I loves her. htey're all hiding in the stables right now." she comments, then grins.

Zafirah shakes her head a bit in bemusement "That's a lotta critters. I just have two firelizards and Colby." she hmms a little "So, are you going to take care of beasties too?" She asks and then she grins "I'm gonna see about getting me a wher. I wanna blue one. THen we'll go exploring caves and finding all sorts of goodies."

Mirai giggles and shrugs, "I dono, critters are nice." she comments, thinking about this for a moment. "Hmm, whers are nice, but I think someday I want a boy." Yeah, she probaly thinks of them like critters too….. Lilan makes an uncomfortable noise, but for the moment is simply quiet and doesn't mind the touches from the two girls.

Zafirah hmms a little as she tips her head some "A boy. Hmm. A boy would be nice. I knew a nice boy once, then he was taken to Ista and I've not seen him back since." She sighs wistfully at that. "Course, he may have been related to me too. I never got around to asking, but he had a zee name too." She smirks a little.

Mirai giggles, "I think Ers'lan would be a good boy." she comments with a grin. Yes, its most likely this puppy love will only embarrass the poor, poor Weyrling. She cuddles her bird closer to her, trying to keep him slightly drier now that they're just standing there in the damp. "Alla you have Z names?" she asks curiously….

Zafirah gives a nod "Yeah, it's something like a tradition. THough it's funny, Zani has a Z name too but he's not part of the shiptons. Mum say's it's because X'an used to be a Z name, but he's not Shipton either. He's oh what was it. Bitran. Was of the Blood even. Course tradition says that my kids should have E names. Kinda weird, but I guess it works as we weird way not get caught up in a relationship with someone of the same generation by surprise. Just haveta investicate things." She smiles a bit at the though of Ers'lan. "He his kinda hot, thoise muscles and all. Though I'd think he's more a man than a boy."

Mirai giggles and shrugs, "Meh, boys, men… all the same. Kinda collectable, right?" Probaly the works of Keziah and Alo. Yanno, exactly the opposite of what Kezi and Alo do…. Yeah, lets blame them. "Weird. I think I'd hafta name kids something cool, with weird names…Or more traditional. I dono, no opinion really.

Zafirah grins "Well, I kinda like my name. It's pretty nifty. Least mines a girl name. Not like Mama's was. Gram and Gramps are jsut a little odd. Met them once. It was, I dunno." She shrugs and then hmms a little "Collectable? I guess. I think I'd wanna be with one. I dunno. Dad's been with a ton, but then he's rider. A bronzer even. So I don't think that counts. And mother. Hmm. Mum does collect, guys and girls."

Mirai giggles softly and then looks up, moving Lilan back to her shoulder. "I'm sorry, I hafta go now. Alo says mama-Kez is looking for me." she notes, then grins. "Maybe we can play soon or something?" she asks and then cheerfully waves as she starts bouncing away through puddles. "I'm sorry!" she calls back again before disappearing.

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