Fun in the Snow

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

Mama…what's all that white stuff? And that's pretty much the attitude that Alosynth is thinking. Seems at sometime during the night, it started to snow and has kept snowing. Piles drift around and flakes still fall in mindless abandon. Kezi is wrinkling her nose and goes back inside for a coat and then she's off running behind Alosynth as the green heads for the beach. She's laughing and giggling as Alosynth slides through the snow and barrels into drifts. She's having fun.

Nyunath isn't far beyond the other hatchlings, watching the falling snow with curious eyes. His tongue sneaks out to catch one. « Cold. » R'owan is a step or two behind the small bronze, his hands shoved into his riding jacket pockets and his breath hanging in the air as he kicks a rut in the snow with his boots. "Of course it is, silly." « What is it? » The dragon's voice beats steadily, lowering his head down to shove his nose right into a pile of white. "Snow. It's what happens when it gets really cold and the rain freezes." Lifting his head, still with a pile of white on his muzzle, the bronze seems to accept this, happily trundling forward, looking at the marks his paws make in drifts.

Faraeth snorts and the snow, doing his best to put as little of himself in it as possible, «wet… but not in a good way…». M'nol giggles, tromping through the snow behind his dragon, "Jus' wait til we get to th' water, Farry." then he turns to the others, "why now?"

Thea walks the beach, hands in pockets and head down, the new-fallen snow making creaking noises beneath her feet. Seryth is by her side, keeping one wing half-furled in a bit of cover for her lifemate and friend. Every now and then a soft croon issues from the young queen, whose eyes whirl a dim yellowed distress. The sounds ahead cause Thea to raise her head and blink. Did she walk this far? Her face is pensive, her eyes rather unfocused, but the sight of newly hatched dragonets at play draws a reluctant smile to her face. Seryth's head lifts and she gives a low chuff of pleasure. "Alright, we will." And the pair move onto the Weyrling Beach proper, the weyrwoman calling a deliberately cheery greeting to those there. "Hello. How's life as Weyrlings treating you all?"

Why now indeed, Sigam's thoughts echo M'nol's words, even as he takes the most greivous roundabout route through the weyr ever, just to avoid the great banks of snow. It's not like he's dressed in gather best or anything - the chill sea water is up to the ankles of his boots - but it seems the Dragonhealer just isn't up for piling through the high drifts… A fortuitous decision, he realizes, as he happens upon the weyr's newest batch of young riders. "Weyrlings!" From the depths of his hood, a little blue head peeks out, chirping excitement even as Sigam trots through the sloshy sand mix, face lit up in a smile beneath the light bandages that healers still insist he needs to keep on his nose. "Lovely weather, isn't it?" His dark eyes shift to regard Thea with a certain level of seriousness, but he brushes it off with another grin for the young dragons. "They seem to be growing well."

For all the slickness that winter weather might cause, Alosynth is moving quite gracefully through it, even if it isn't at all lady like. For she's off after Nyunth scattering snow as she does, and then she watches Faraeth and then starts to head his way « Come on! Race ya! » she encourages the brown and then is off racing down towards the water. Keziah on the other hand, isn't quite so graceful through the snow and takes her time though her eyes are on her green. However, race is forgotten as the pair seem to spot Thea and Seryth at the same time. Keziah offeres a wave and a grin "It's going fairly well." she notes and Alosynth is sliding to a halt and comes to a sit without hardly any trouble, oh how Kezi envies that grace. The green tilts her head one way and then another as if determining the possibilites of the gold and playing. Keziah then gives a nod to the dragonhealer as he makes his way over. "They are, aren't they?" she replies. She stills has that wonderous look about her, as if not quite believing it all, but not denying it. Nope. Not her.

The voice of Thea is enough to cause R'owan's head to lift from watching his young dragon's antics. Uh oh. "Hey, Thea." He offers, although his hand reaches back to rub at his neck sheepishly, the way he often does when feeling a bit chagrined. "It's… going okay." He hesitates, obviously not asking what he wants to. "Err. You don't hate me right?" Beat. "You know, because I impressed a bronze?" Where exactly did the boy get that idea from? Still, Nyunath lifts his head, tilting it curiously as he looks towards Thea. As if picking up some sort of worry from his rider, the bronze steps forward, tail swishing in the snow, reaching his head out towards the Weyrwoman. Still a bit nervous, Ro' glances towards Sigam. "Aye, growing a bit too fast. Think I'm going to miss them being this little someday. If it weren't for the poop."

Faraeth snorts at Alosynth, but does pick up the pace to follow the pretty green, using his young wings to give him little bits of lift on his jumps. M'nol speeds up a little, following after him, but pulls up to wave to Thea, "Hey Thea. It's… tiring, how're you doin'?" He gives Siggy a nod but a somewhat dark look, "Bathing dragons in the snow… tha's all I have t' say."

The voice behind her startles Thea, her head turning to spy a wading Sigam and a brow lifts. "Little chilly to be wading." She observes drily, but there's a hint of a smile for her friend before turning back to the group on the beach. Seryth, gives Thea a gentle nudge, then bounds forward, careful not to collide with the smaller hatchlings. She half-crouches with a small bark-like chuff of greeting, her eyes awhirl with glad green now. Her muzzle lowers to flip snow at them playfully and she blows at the same time, causing a mini-blizzard. Thea follows at more sedate pace, her eyes roving over the dragonets with an assessing study. Her first up-close view, so she must do so, after all. She smiles at Keziah, "They sure are." R'owan's question draws a blank stare, "Huh?" There's genuine puzzlement in her look at her friend. "Why on Pern would I?" Then there's a bronzen muzzle nearby and Thea draws her hands out of her pocket, pulls off a glove and offers Nyunath a scritch under his jaw. "You're a lovely one, you are," She says softly. "Doing alright." Her answer to M'nol is brief, perhaps evasive. But that's Thea.

[DTU/Project] Nyunath and Alosynth sense that Seryth Rainwater trickles down a wet rock softly through the words, «I welcome you to the world, Little Ones! It is wonderful in all of its seasons.»

Keziah grins at Sigam. After all, she's used to people playing with her understatements. Alosynth bugles as Seryth starts to play with them and then she's bounding through the snow, gleefully playing and rolling in it, scattering more snow at it's flung left and right. Keziah gets a facefull and blinks and then picks up some and tosses a snowball at Alosynth and hits her broadside. The green skitters to a halt again, her eyes whirling in playfullness and curiousity at how she did that. Keziah grins and holds a finger up to her lips and she gets snorted at and then the green is off after Faerath and out to the water again. Keziah eyes Sigam and then M'nol "He's a man?" she asks as she peers at the boy and then grins oh so innocently."

[Dragon/XAW: Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach] Alosynth is silent and then soft golden hairs touch the mind, as soft as a silky feline rubbing it's head across your face but it quickly becomes more furry as if a ton of kittens has descended « It's glorious, it's wet it's fun! »

Relief finds a way onto R'owan's face, lighting a little bit more with that boyish expression that's been missing with all the chores and running around that candidacy and weyrlinghood have forced on him. "Thank goodness." He smiles slightly, and then lifts his shoulders with that same sort of nervous shrug. "Figured you seemed to have a thing against bronzers before. Maybe Nyunath is just so cute you can't be too upset as his rider, right?" He smiles towards the dragon, who's eyes lid with contentment at the scratch under his jaw. Then, the blowing snow from the larger dragon distracts him and his head moves away, lifting up onto his haunches to reach his forelimbs out at the whirling of white. "He likes you, you know." The boy says for his dragon's sake, who seems completely absorbed in the snow-globe that the weyr has become. Ro's eyes, though, remain searching. "You holding up?"

Faraeth gives a startled squeak as Seryth begins blowing snow around and hi-tails it back to M'nol, eyeing Seryth distrustfully, «You're not mom… How'd you get so big?» M'nol sighs with a soft chuckle, stroking the large brown's nose, "Silly Farry. Seryth won't hurt you. She's nice. I'd show you, but.. yeah." He has his arm up, shielding himself from the blown snow as well. Somehow, he manages to give Sigam a dark look, "Didn' say I wasn' gonna, 'pressin' doesn' mean I have ta like it so long as I love him, tha's enough." He sighs, giggling slightly as Alosynth bounds away from Sigam's examining hands, then says, "You can take a look a' Faraeth, if'n y'd like. I think it'd do him some good t' ge' used t' other people."

Thea chuckles over her shoulder at Sigam, quipping drily, "Well toes you use more than other bits, so you don't want them frozen, either trust me." She can't help but smirk M'nol's way, lifts a brow at Sigam's words to the new Weyrling, "He… is?" Echoing Keziah's question. "Must toughen up, my young friend, M'nol." A thumb jerks towards the Barracks where the Weyrlingmaster's staff are likely to be, "They'll expect you to be stoic and uncomplaining is all." R'owan's explanation clears little of her confusion. A tiny frown wrinkles her brow. "I dunno why you ever thought that." Then Nyunath's rearing like a runner and Thea takes a half-step back. An unconscious movement, likely brought on by the association of former unpleasant events. Her head turns to R'owan and there's a genuine smile, "He…does?" At his question, her smile evaporates and she ducks her head to kick at some snow, her dark hair swings forward hiding her face. "Trying." It's a low-voiced answer meant for his ears alone.

Sigam's grin for the goldrider borders on feral - someone's in a right mood today. "But you can put extra socks on your toes…" He lets the statement dangle, turns, and merely eyes the space in front of his hands where Alosyth used to be, having sworn that he had- He shakes his head and tells himself to never mind, watching the romping green with ample amusement. "Oh, ouch. That was cruel!," he laughs, head rolling towards Keziah with another glance spared for the agreeing Thea. "'Course he is. His body just hasn't caught up yet." See what I mean? Support and belittle… Calelir, spying the draconic on-goings, struggles out of Sigam's hood, bent on playing with the 'big kids.' The Dragonhealer grimaces, but doesn't stop the teeny blue as he whirls a circuit around Seryth's headknobs. "He's gonna get himself eaten one of these days," the man mutters, but it is a smile that he aims towards M'nol. "Fair enough. I don't think I'd like it either." Accepting the boy's offer, the 'healer takes a step or two in their direction before raising an eyebrow at Faraeth. "Well, come here, then. I'll do this on your terms the first time." Sigam extends both hands palms up and flicks his fingers in a beckoning manner.

Alosynth comes to a stop. No one else is following her. She snorts and trots her way gracefully back to the group and then flops into the snow in boneless abandon. Keziah looks a little sheepish at Sigam "I'm sorry, the snow has her excited." she remarks and then moves over to the green as she comes back and runs her hands along her hide. Alosynth eyes are divereted to the little blue and whuffles at him. She casts a glance at Thea, but she's not sure on what to say concerning Enk, she's about adviced out at the moment. Not that any of her advice has ever helped her anyways. A glance towards Sigam again after another look to her green and a nod "She says you can look if you'll play with her." she notes with a grin.

As Nyunath's feet touch down on the ground again, he turns back to look between R'owan and Thea. "You just startled her." The boy explains to the bronze, who blinks the coverings over one eye and then bows his head towards the Weyrwoman as if in apology. He glances over his shoulder towards M'nol, a smirk spreading on his face. Slowly, Ro' lowers a hand to settle it on his dragon's head, lightly scratching at the eyeridges. "Guess it's just your reaction to a few bronzers we know." He lifts his eyebrow, but doesn't say the name that usually sets the woman off. However, his face remains concerned, taking a step forward and reaching one arm out tentetively, as if he were going to place it over the woman's shoulders. Was he nearly as tall as Thea now? Growing like a weed, this one. Nyunath watches the two for a moment longer, and then turns his head to look at the fun that Alosynth is having. He debates, and then decides to play instead. Bounding into the flurries, he fans his wings a bit, rooting around in the snow with his nose.

M'nol steps back so he's no longer shielding Faraeth from the view of others… not that his slight form really could. He strokes the brown's eyeridges softly, "C'mon Farry, stand and spread your wings so the healer can make sure you're nice and healthy. There's a beat, then a snort from M'nol, "Okay, so he can look you over since you're obviously healthy as a dragon." He grins, continuing to stroke his eyeridges and nose. After a few moments, Faraeth slowly stands to his full height, spreading his wings full. Even as a brown, he's only a little bit smaller than Nyunath, his wings giving the impression that gravel could fall from them at any minute. Though he consents to allowing Sigam to inspect him, he tries to keep an eye on the 'healer at all times.

"And you can't…?" Thea half-laughs and waves away an answer from Sigam. She doesn't want to know. Ruin, hovering on a nearby branch, screeches his disappointment. There is not enough gloom here for him. He pops *Between* to seek it elsewhere, likely to wind up in the Tavern or the Infirmary. Faithful Shep pokes a brown head out from under Thea's hair where he is curled around her shoulders, giving the bronze a 'good riddance' chitter that ends on a protective growl before snuggling back under his warm cloak of hair. Thea lifts her head to watch Alosynth head back noting to Keziah with a half-smile, "She has a lovely movement to her. No clumsiness at all." For a moment she idly watches M'nol and Faraeth as Sigam inspects the brown. Then Nyunath lowers his head, she reaches a hand out to him. See? No worries. As the young bronze bounds off, Seryth rises from her semi-crouch to gallomp beside him, flipping at the snow with a wingtip now and then. R'owan explains and a light dawns in Thea's eyes, "Oh, ha! You mean X'hil and R'oc?" She dissolves in a fit of laughter that has a slightly hysterical edge to it and thankfully it fades rather quickly. She headshakes emphatically, "Not all bronzes, just those two. Well, R'oc maybe, but I don't hate X'hil. He annoys me, but that's it." It's a look of surprise that she gives the hand that curves around her shoulder before she glances up at Rogawani and she's returning it with a one-armed hug of her own and a muttered, "Thanks." For a half-second her shoulders shake, but the emotion is stifled with a cough as she steps back, eyeing his height asking him with a gruff growl, "Who said my little bro could grow up so fast?"

"I can't," comes a purred answer from Sigam, sealing the conversation off from further discussion completely, even though he's laughing. A dismissive hand is waved at Keziah's comment, accompanied by a knowing smile. "Don't worry, I understand. I was just surprised when I turned 'round and she was gone." The smile broadens as he watches Nyunath finally join the green in playing, wincing only slightly as Calelir screes and zooms over to headbutt Alosynth's nose, likely hurting himself more than her in the process. "I appreciate it, but let her have her fun for now. I'll play and inspect another day, yeah?" Normally, he'd be all over the offer, but poor Faraeth is finally giving in, and Sigam's attention is diverted, eyes lit up with childlike glee. "I do this for a living, kiddo," he murmurs reassuringly to the wary dragon as he ducks under the wing, giving only a moment's appreciation for the interesting coloration before gentle hands are testing the wingsail's elasticity, pushing, pulling, and poking in a way that's purely investigative, but also perhaps a bit ticklish. The 'healer begins to mutter to himself as he follows the wing back to its battens and proceeds to brush hands along Faraeth's sides. What he's saying, only the nosy brown would know. Something about leeches?

Alosynth blinks at the little blue and then she's whuffling at him and rolling on her side in the snow. Keziah grins "Yeah, you may wanna do it while they're not enjoying their first snowfall." she remarks with a quirky grin even as Alosynth is up and bounding with a bugle to the firelizard to keep up. Nyunath is targeted again and is after him, snow flying and flinging everywhere. Keziah hmms a little at Thea "She does, doesn't she? I thought hatchlings tended to be a little clumsy." she murmurs "She's always been easy on her feet. So graceful and almost elegant, she likely would be too if she didn't act so much like a little boy that's been cooped up inside all day." she chuckles a little "Not that I'm complaining, I love her dearly. It's just, not what I expected. Though then, I'm not sure really what I did expect."

"Glad I'm not on the short list of hated bronzeriders, then." R'owan quips easily enough, laughing with the genuine good grace that he normally has in such situations. "Not that I really ride yet. Nyunath's still a bit young for that." Young -and- curious, the small bronze seems quite happy with the company of the larger gold dragon, bunching his legs beneath him as he leaps towards one of the clumps of snow whiped up. He snaps at it with his jaws, ending up with a mouthful of snow. He only lets the hug linger for a moment, and then draws away, lifting his eyebrows. "You know if you need anything, I'm here." It's spoken lowly, before a small smile spreads on his lips and he hooks his thumbs into his belt. "Hey, come on now. I can't be short forever you know." All smiles, Ro' steps back and shrugs his shoulders. He turns to look back at the others, watching Sigam's inspection of M'nol's often aloof brown with momentary interest. His own dragon seems to be quite content to enjoy the snowy day, and avoid the searching eyes of the dragonhealer. Reaching his nose down into the snow, Nyunath throws a clump up towards Seryth.

Faraeth whufs at Sigam, sending a light layer of snow at him, and emits a soft rumble. M'nol strokes the dragons' nose and says to Sigam, "He says that tickles and he may be forced to kick you if you don't stop. Just sayin' what he said." He gives Thea an appropriately sad look, "I'm sure he'll come back 'ventually. Mebbe he's like Cen an' needs some time t' think af'er th' hatchin'." It's a statement, not a question, he knows he too could've ended up despondant and lost without Faraeth.

Thea half-snorts in a laugh at Sigam, not likely to open a can of worms by keeping it going. Instead she's watching his inspection of Faraeth with sharpened interest. Her eyes wander to the romping dragons. It's a thoughtful look on her face as Keziah speaks of Alosynth, "Ah… how is it in there with Vivian? I don't see here out here today." Absolute curiosity and nothing else s in her tone. R'owan gets a nudge with her shoulder and a mock-growl, "Yeah keep it that way, boy." Her half-smile to him tells she thinks he's neither a boy nor in danger of being on that list. Her eyes slide towards M'nol and she merely shrugs a noncommittal, "Could be." There's a flash of moisture in her eyes as she turns to watch the dragons once more. Seryth trills her joy at the young ones, then speeds up, leaps into the air and comes down a short distance away with her wings outspread. KA-WHUMP!!! The snow billows out from under her belly-flop in a tidal-wave of white.

"I did pick a rather rotten day to want to be nosy," Sigam agrees with Keziah, his usual nose-wrinkling grin hidden by bandages, even as he fights off a wince. Note to self: scrunching bad. "Ach, hey!," the Dragonhealer laughs, giving Faraeth a playful slap on the shoulder as he finally crawls out from under the wing, black coat now liberally frosted with flakes (cereal, what?). "Aww, he said that? Come now, Faraeth, it's not that bad. I've been told that under the arm is much worse." Mischief again lights up the man's features, but before he can even consider making good on the threat, a somewhat distant voice calls his name. The stranger approaching is likely only familiar to M'nol, and is one of the riders that accompanied Sigam to the hatching. "S'time ta go," the man comments to the Dragonhealer, tossing him a little bundle that Sig is quick to hide. Sharp eyes, however, might discern the flash of Istan knot colors. "Right, well, guess that's my cue. Guess I get to pick and poke at you later, buddy," Sigam chuckles, patting Faraeth's side before giving the others a lopsided salute. "Weyrlings, Thea." And then he's off, jogging through the snow, and hopefully not into the waiting jaws of trouble.

Keziah is silent a moment before she answers Thea "It's been. Interesting." There's a little smirk "I almost get the feeling that she's resentful that Alosynth's smaller. Though she's not said anything directly." she notes and then smiles "I think she's just been more preoccupied with Kelioth, but then we all hae been a bit with our own. Otherwise, she's no worse than some of the others." Course Keziah hasn't had as much trouble with Viv as some others have. There's a glance for Ro "Ahh, you can't be short forever? I am.. why can't you be?" she teases playfully. She too watches Sigam with Faraeth. After all, one of these days he'll be looking over Alosynth. She thought she was worrisome about someone else lookin over her critters. it's more so with Alosynth now. Then as the dragonhealer is called off, she looks towards the other rider and then she gives her head a shake and peers curiously in the other mans direction and then looks thoughful before it slips her mind as Alosynth calls her over. The green is trying to make a snowball, though it keeps falling apart. "Not with your mouth, try your front feet, but not the claws so much. Just push at it and roll it." she suggests as she gets the makings of a big snowball going. Or maybe part of a snowman.

Thea's eyes flash upon that tossed bundle and for some reason one of her hands slip into her pocket, fingers moving around to pat something in there as a look of relief passes over her face. "Later Sigam," she calls after him, eyeing the stranger thoughtfully before her attention returns to Keziah with a mild, "Hmm. That's interesting. I was just thinking that it must be quite a switch for her to be living in the Barracks, is all. But then again, it's a big switch for all of you." There's a dry chuckle at R'owan's comment, quipping to him in a moclk-voiced old auntie tone, "There is no try, only do." But he's off to collect Nyunath and she must only nod, "Soon, sure. Just have Nyunath bespeak Seryth and I'll come." Seryth seems to have had enough of a romp, rising and shaking the snow off before padding over to lie with a bit of a flump behind Thea.

M'nol watches the series of leavings seriously for a moment, then chuckles at some silent comment from the great brown, "Yes, y' c'n pu' yer wings down now, Farry. Why don' y' go play wi' Alosynth, I'm sure she'd enjoy th' comp'ny." There's a beat, then he speaks again, "Because it's good fer ya to meet new people, now go." Faraeth makes a big show of dejectedly walking off towards Alosynth, but soon begins rolling snow as well, perhaps a snow dragon will emerge. M'nol approaches the girls, "I hope I'm no' short ferever, pers'nally." He glances after Ro, then back to the girls, "I haven' seen much o' Viv'an since th' firs' nigh'. I think she's 'voidin' me." There's a slight grin on his face at that comment.

Vivian is preceded out onto the beach by Kelioth, the little green stepping daintily through the snow as she makes her way slowly towards the others. Vivian is wearing an old flight jacket, her arms wrapped around her as she wanders along behind the green, still in a daze; Just like she has been since the hatching.

Keziah shrugs a little "I've never really moved out of the craft dorms and I've slept plenty with the critters, so barring them being dragons, it's not too bad." she remarks "Though I think it is a shock for Vivian. I mean, she didn't have to move down with the candidates, so there was no preperation for her." is she feeling sympathetic for the girl? She scratches her head a little and then snorts mid scratch at Alosynth "Nah, I don't need oilin." she remarks with a smile as she green sits back and surveys her work of the lopsided ball of snow. Then it's forgotten as Kelioth is spotted and she's running for the other green, the snow flying up and flinging everywhere. After all, whats a little snow and slush to her? It'll wash of.

Thea backs up to one of Seryth's curled forearms and hop-pushes herself to a seat on it, scooting back so she can lean back against the great golden chest behind her. As she does it her eyes lift towards the shore and she spots Vivian and Kelioth. She lifts a hand, calling a hello, while behind her Seryth trills a welcome to yet another hatchling. "Was thinking that, yeah." It's a rather somber agreement the weyrwoman makes with Keziah's statement, her eyes follow Vivian with a bit of concern in the green of her eyes. M'nol's comment draws a snicker and a half-joking, "Can't say I blame her if that's the case. You caan be annoying when you want to be." Her smile belies the words tho and she's quick to add, "You'll grow. One day it's all squeaky-voice and zits and the next you'll be all growly and studly - or at least tall and gangly. You'll see." She winks at the boy.

M'nol shrugs, then giggles at Kez' comment to Alo about oiling before continuing his thought, "I've always shared rooms with a' leas' 4 others, so it's no' new t' me. 'Specially since th' whers of'en slept inside on col' nigh's back home." Faraeth continues rolling until his own lopsided ball rests next to Alosynth's. He ponders for a moment, then begins to pile more snow around them. M'nol glances up when Alosynth bounds away and sees Viv coming, suppressing a quiet 'ugh', he turns his attention back to Thea, "She's 'nnoyin' too sometimes." He says it quietly, so Viv can't hear, then he continues more loudly, "I don' know if I'll ever ge' tall. M' folks're both short an' I've always been too." He shrugs again, "Doesn' matter, though."

Alosynth slides to a stop, more because she doesn't wanna bowl over Kelioth and potentially hurt her. « Playing! » comes the furry swirl across the minds. « Snow is lots of fun. » she adds, not seeming to mind the touch of disdain. In fact she ignores it much a like a pesky little brother would to an older sister, even if she is slightly older than the other. Keziah watches the two greens and judging that there's not going to be any problem she lets it be. However, she does glance to Vivian "Vivian." she says simply and waves to the girl "How did Mars work out for you?" she asks one a subject completely different than dragons."

Thea tilts her head to one side Considering M'nol. "Sometimes part of growing up is ignoring the annoyances of others." A gentle smile, tinged by sadness tugs at her lips, at his next words, "You're right, the size of a man is not measured in inches but in his character." Her eyes give him a rather pointed look, "Be tall on the inside." She watches the interplay between Kelioth and Alosynth with neither alarm nor amusement, again a concerned glance towards Vivian that lingers there. Not much she can say to Vivian, some things just need time. How well she knows this! She quirks a brow at Keziah, with a silent nod off approval at her approach to Vivian.

Kelioth lowers her paw back to the ground again at the replies she receives and it's almost with a delicate shrug that she crouches and pounces playfully at the green. Vivian glances round when she hears her name and it's with a very definite attempt to focus that she looks at Keziah then the others. "He's a beauty." She replies. "Rides like a dream. Could have done without the rest of the camp mind you, but the ride there and back was good."

Keziah gives a smile and nods "I'm glad you like him." she notes with a smile "I always did like placing runners with people who can appreciate them. Saddens me when I had to deliver ones to people who could care less." she shakes her head and watches Alosynth, who is pleased to no end as Kelioth decides to join in. And then all of a sudden the green drops and goes for an itch on her back, rolling over as she does. « It itches!! » the green exclaims as she tries to reach it and doesn't quite and Keziah is off hurrying after her to relieve the itch and then to guide the green back to the barracks "Note to selk, jar of oil on hand at all times." she murmurs as she scratches Alo's rump even as they head back quickly. She waves over her head and calls out "Sorry!" and then hurries to run after her green who takes off running for the barracks.

Thea nods to M'nol, "Good for you! Never forget that as you grow older. Sadly, many do." Her eyes sharpen as the boy speaks - she's noticed his speech improvement. Not knowing about Ameera's visit she can't comment to that, but she does question the dream, "Oh? That's kinda different." She's not close enough to join the girl's conversation, but some of the tension and concern leak out of her shoulders as they talk and Kelioth begins to play. Keziah and Alosynth run off and that hand scritching the hindquarters give clue to the sudden departure. All Thea can do is chuckle, "All this brings back so many memories." As Vivian is left alone, she calls, raising her voice a little to carry, "Hey Vivian."

M'nol grins, nodding a little, "Yeah. They tol' us tha' we might share dreams with our par'ners, but… I can' figure out wha' it migh' mean." Faraeth continues to pile snow over the two big balls, prodding and shoving until the general form of Seryth's head emerges. He calls out to Kelioth again, « Wanna make a snow dragon? » Apparently, whoever M'nol most mistrusts, he trusts… he is a weird dragon after all.

Vivian simply nods her head by way of reply. "He's nice, how does he perform on sand?" She starts to ask, but it's just then that Keziah is running off to deal with Alosynth. "I'll speak to you later, maybe." She murmurs before she heads over towards Thea and M'mol with a faint yet absent look on her face. "Hi there." Kelioth is far more talkative as she bounds off through the snow skidding to a halt when Alosynth runs off and it's with an ever so slight stamp of her paws into the snow and a snort before she runs at Faraeth. « But we are dragons, we don't come in snow do we? »

"Do they have to mean something? I never give credence to dreams," Thea, ever the practical one, points out, "Could just be it was your dream and your brother was on your mind, hmm?" Her eyes wander towards where Faraeth molds snow. "Huh. Would ya look at that. Just cracks shell as few days ago and he's an artist already." By the look on her face, this is a new one to her. As Vivian walks up, she gives her a sideways look, trying not to be obvious by staring, "She's really a beauty," Thea offers carefully. Behind her Seryth snorts softly, using a wingtip to flick snow playfully towards the two hatchlings.

[DTU/Project] Kelioth and Faraeth sense that Seryth speaks with the sound of rains falling on a lake, a bubbling, light and musical laughing sound that infiltrate the words «Why not little one? Weather makes fun things like rain and mud too. Much fun to romp and play in.»

Faraeth continues his discussion with Kelioth, as M'nol grins watching them play, "Yeah, he's… unique. When I oil him he won' stand within 20 feet of th' others, but out here he can' get enough off 'em." He thinks for a moment, "I s'ppose it doesn' have to mean anything. My ma always told me t' search for meanin' so I didn't miss it if it was there. But y' coul' be right. I shoul' hear any day now if m' brother got a wher egg and tha's a really big deal fer a miner." He nods in agreement with Thea, "Your Kelioth has gorgeous colors, Vivian." Wow, he said her whole name, he must be being nice.

[DTU/Project] Kelioth and Seryth sense that Faraeth speaks with the gentle brush of velvet and silk, a soft wind, and a hit of lilac « We don't come from snow, but we can use snow to play and make things. I want th make Seryth, since she's here. But she's so big. I can't do it alone. »

"Yes she is." Is the simplest of replies from Vivian to Thea and M'nol. She still seems somewhat in a daze, her mind definitely somewhere else as she comes over and sits down on the ground next to them in the snow. Kelioth decides to bound round Seryth, where she starts to shovel snow over the golds tail.

[DTU/Project] Faraeth and Seryth sense that Kelioth's mind reaches out with the dulcet tones of youth. « I'll settle for burying this one and see what she does. »

Seryth chortles her amusement at the hatchlings low in her throat, curving her head to watch the attempts. It would likely take the whole barracks full of hatchlings and a heavy snowstorm to bury her, so she keeps as still as she can to help them out. Thea, turns to watch them for a moment, a small grin curves her lips before she turns back to the pair in front of her. She eyes Vivian with more than a little concern before she answers M'nol, "Well, then if that's how your ma told you to think of your dreams then by all means…" She shrugs, then asks Vivian with some curiosity, "You sleeping ok in there?" Her chin juts towards the barracks, "No dreams of Kelioth tuning into a wher for you?" A faint attempt at humor.

Faraeth bounds over to join Kelioth in her attempt to bury Seryth, his tail swishing back and forth in the snow and he bounces towards her. Since Kelioth began at Seryth's tail, Faraeth tries to begin at her front feet, accidentally spraying Thea down with snow as he does so. M'nol shakes his head at the dragons' antics and nods to Thea, "I usually do." He doesn't say anything to Vivian just yet, not having much to say, but he does chortle softly when Thea's attempt at a joke comes out. Hopefully Viv doesn't take his chuckle the wrong way

[DTU/Project] Kelioth and Seryth sense that Faraeth speaks, the rich purples an reds of silk and velvet flowing past, « I never thought of that! What better way to play with her than to coat her in snow! »

Kelioth continues to enthusiastically scoop snow up against the hide of the golds tail. Vivian sitting in the wet snow, the old flight jacket still wrapped tightly around her, arms not having moved from where they are hugged to her. "I've been sleeping fine, I get plenty of work keeping Kelioth nice and pretty just how she likes it." She replies, her tone is devoid of it's usual, well anything really, no derision, no flirty tones, no amusement, nothing. "I don't think turning into a wher would be very useful." She adds softly. "Is that what you want? A wher?"

[DTU/Project] Seryth and Faraeth sense that Kelioth's vividly bright tones bubble out as she works hard at her chosen task. « It's not playing, it's a job and we have to do it well. » She instructs the larger brown, a commanding tone slipping through to reinforce her words.

"Ack! Hey, hey there! M'nol, caghpff-" Thea pauses to spit out s a mouthful of snow, "Call him off!" She ducks, raising an arm to block the flying stuff, laughing helplessly as she addresses Faraeth, "Work on the other end, will ya?" Seryth lends her some aid, swinging her head around to gently nudge the younger towards the back with Kelioth. As she works at brushing snow out of her hair, she listens to Vivian's reply with growing concern, "Bet he wants it badly, but for his brother." The girl's lackluster tone causes her to go very still, finally she says it bluntly, "Vivian. You're not yourself and I really don't blame you, but I'm worried."

Faraeth snorts at Seryth, but allows himself to be redirected, but only so far. He begins on the dauntless task of throwing snow up Seryth's side, most of which comes back down on top of him. M'nol giggles, but he does give Faraeth a look and there's an indication of a message changing minds before he nods to Viv and Thea, "I'm still waitin' t' hear if my brother act'lly got the wher egg he was given th' chance for."

Kelioth continues at her task, she's a really hard worker it would seem, putting every effort into the task at hand while Vivian continues her 'chat' with Thea and M'nol. "I wouldn't be worried. Everyone thinks I deserve her." She murmurs softly her lack of tone making it pretty much impossible to ascertain whether that's been congratulations or well deserved gloating. Her entire world has been shattered and the bond of love between her and her lifemate is overwhelming the natural defences that have been shattered by her life plans going somewhat awry.

Thea nods, "Waiting seems to be the majority of time spent in life I'm finding, M'nol." There's a brief flash of pain in Thea's eyes as she says that. She breathes a sigh of relief as Faraeth moves away, then she is silent, trying to digest Vivian's meaning. Her tone is objective, as if merely making an observation, "Well, hmm. What other people think hasn't really ever concerned you has it? I'm guessing it doesn't matter now, either except… nothing seems to matter. Your… spirit seems… crushed. It worries me. Can I get someone for you? D'son or… your mom?" She shrugs, accentuating her perplexed take on the matter.

Faraeth continues to shower himself with snow, though some of it is sticking to Seryth's hide at different points. M'nol is quiet, thinking for a moment before he speaks, "I think y' do deserve her, but tha's not a bad thing, nor an insult." He glances over at the two weyrlings for a moment, then back to Viv, "Everyone who impresses earned th' love o' a dragon, an' if anyone deserves to learn wha' tha's like after your years, it's you. Green or gold really makes little difference. I'd've been jus' as happy if Farry was a blue or a green. An' on th' bright side, it means less paperwork for you in th' long run." He gives a grin, hoping it cheers her. He doesn't have to like her to know she's in pain.

Vivian's head bobs a little as she listens to Thea and M'nol, she doesn't appear to be paying all that much attention to what's being said, staring off into the middle distance. Kelioth is just digging into her task, very much putting absolutely everything the little green can into the task. Something that's been said, or perhaps a combination of things seem to have found their way into Viv's head but not in a good way as a tear trickles into existence and rolls freely down her face. Even though nothing is shown on her face, something's happening in her head because Kelioth stops her task, her head raising and a croon of concern emits from the baby green as she casts her head around to find Vivian and bounds over.

"Shells." It's a muttered curse of both concern for Vivian and a self-deserved kick in her own backside as Thea slides off of Seryth's foreleg, takes two swift steps towards the other woman and offers a gentle pat on the shoulder if she will allow it. "M'nol, I don't think a pep talk is what she needs, although I know you're only trying to help." To Vivian all she says is, "I'm sorry." There is a wealth of genuine concern, apology and empathy in the tone for one who has also just had all her dreams crushed as well. "I'm likely gonna regret the return to your normal self, Viv, but I'm gonna go have a word with your ma. She'll know…" Whatever the confused Junior would say is left unfinished as she turns and strides back towards the Weyr. Seryth rises, causing a min-avalanche from the snow piled round her. With a mournful croon of farewell to the little ones, she follows Thea, casting one more look over her shoulder at the hatchlings before they round the corner.

M'nol gawps slightly, "I… I…" He goes silent, flummoxed by the queenrider's admonishment. Then Faraeth is crying out as he's half-buried in snow and M'nol turns to help un-dig him. Then suddenly Thea is gone. M'nol glances around furiously, but focuses on un-snowing his brown lifemate.

Vivian sits for a few more moments, oblivious or completely ignoring Thea before she pushes to her feet to wrap her arms around the slightly distressed green. "It's okay my love." She murmurs softly to Kelioth. "I'll speak to you both later." She adds to M'nol and Thea, her tones ever so polite as she leads Kelioth away towards the barracks again.

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