Fort Hatching Feast '14

Fort Weyr - Living Caverns

This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It's still that dreadful hour of the morning but who cares? There was a Hatching and everyone is riding on the energy kicked up by the event. Who needs sleep? Ever since the humming began, the kitchens got to working and bit by bit a feast is being laid out on the many serving tables. Someone has hastily rearranged the caverns too to make for the influx of additional visitors. Standing by where the head table normally is, Th'ero is deep in conversation with some Wingriders and even he can't help but smile for the result of the Hatching.

Nyalle steps quietly into the Living Caverns, a wide but tired smile on her lips. Kayeth's mood has /finally/ eased, the gold binging on herdbeasts from the pens and then falling into an exhausted stupor on the star stones. So Nyalle…is seeking bacon. And tea. So much tea.

Kera covers a yawn as she enters the cavern, it is still very early. pausing her steps and sidling out of the way to wait for Innes. Her lizards offer happy chitters to, no doubt picking up the suddenly festive fell to the air. Giving each attention, "Oh just wait, you'll get something to eat too." brats may or may not be muttered fondly to her small pair. The visitor offers quick tips of her head to a couple of people before resuming looking for the other Xanadu Junior.

What are hatching for if not to waking people up at odd hours? Even those from other Weyrs! As such, Innes trails into the caverns behind Kera, glancing from side to side to take in her surroundings. She's probably meant to do something diplomatic and Junior-ish upon entering the caverns… but she's far more focused on her friend and the possibility of food. "I can't believe he even chose to stand after causing all that fuss," she comments belatedly, "But people are crazy."

Nyalle gets some tea and a small breakfast plate and sits at the leadership table to begin eating and watching with a yawn.

Th'ero will politely give his farewells to the Wingriders and on spotting Nyalle he will turn to greet her amiably. "How is Kayeth, Weyrwoman?" he asks, only to catch sight of Kera and Innes. He recognizes the greenrider and hails her with a wave, while the goldrider earns a respectful nod of his head. "Good morning… which it should be shortly. Fort's duties to Xanadu and her queens."

Kera falls into step with Innes, well sorta in her wake, not above letting her friend's huge knot get them a better spot in line, maybe. Brow arching, she isn't about to debate anything seriously, too many people around to take notice. She simply shrugs and lowers her voice some. "The dragons choose who they choose Nessi. Shall I remind you of Praela again?" Frowning when she thinks maybe using that example may not have been the best idea. Eye catches the wave from the Fortian Weyrleader, and she gestures with her head for Innes's benefit. She's the supposed diplomat between the two of them, so let her jump in first with the formal greetings.

Of course, that's what she's supposed to do. When Th'ero's greeting catches her attention, Innes tilts her head in return. "And Xanadu's to Fort and her queens. Congratulations on that hatching. Nice lot of weyrlings you've got, there." She glances back toward Kera, wrinkling her nose a little. That sounded official, didn't it?

"Sleeping," Nyalle says with obvious relief. "Sleeping and…not…" Pissed off? "She's herself again." Whew. She looks up and then rises tiredly to her feet to curtsey towards Innes and Kera. "Welcome, ladies, our duties. Please, help yourselves."

Abigail is making her way on into the Cavern after taking care of a few things. She smiles to a few that are wandering out and speak with her before she moves onwards to join in the rather early party bit as it were.

"I'm glad that Kayeth's mood has improved. Velokraeth tells me that she feeds well," Th'ero murmurs to Nyalle with a faint smirk before his attention turns back to Kera and Innes. That smirk turns back to a genuine, if faint, smile. "Thank you! We're quite pleased with the results. Kayeth's first clutched gold," he muses, glancing to the Weyrwoman. Now that's worth celebrating right? "And a good spread of colors between. Some surprises…" As is with any group. Gesturing to the table, he steps aside. "Feel free to take a see. Wingleader Abigail!" he greets her as she approaches. "Can I get you all anything? Klah, perhaps? Tea?" Who needs drudges? Though knowing Th'ero, he'll just call a few to task and send them off with the orders.

Kera lags behind Innes briefly, to coax her lizard pair onto a shelf perch. "You both stay here, I'll bring treats soon." A few scritches offered and reinforcing for them to stay then she catches up with her friend. Catching Innes's greeting, then the look sent her way, Kera simply smiles and offers two thumbs up as if to say 'Good job!' Turning her attention to the Fortian's she offers a quick salute and tip of her head "Xanadu's duties Weyrleader, Weyrwoman….ma'am." That last to Abigail who she's only seen around but never met.

Innes grins with her personal success, and in general good humor with the upbeat mood. "Very good for Fort, then." She bites her tongue on the subject of certain ex-Xanadu residents, who certainly numbered among the surprises in her eyes. "I hope we see as many bronzes in our next clutch." Nyalle's greeting is met it a nod, and a pleasant, "Bet you're happy to be off those sands for a while, yeah?" Abigail receives another tilt of her head, before she glances back to Kera. "Are you getting something to eat?"

Abigail smiles and nods to Th'ero. "Weyrwoman Nyalle, Weyrleader Th'ero." She offers with a polite tone to the pair. "It was a lovely clutch." Her gaze turns to Innes and Kera and she offers them both a nod. "Morning. Nice to see ye all stuck around after the hatching."

Nyalle nods with a smile for the Weyrleader. "She is. Thank him for me, he was wonderful with her this entire time. I can't imagine how she'd be with a bronze who didn't dote on her like he does." Shudder. Her smile widens. "Yes, her first ever queen, and three bronzes! A very good clutch." She smiles warmly at Abigail. "See any potential Thunderbird riders in this batch yet?" she asks, only half teasing the Wingleader. Her head dips politely to Kera. "So nice of you to be here for the hatching." She exhales in obvious relief at Innes, chuckling softly. "Kayeth is intolerable towards the end. I believe tomorrow - later today - we will be taking a vacation."

"I hope that Xanadu has as much good fortune too, in future clutches," Th'ero murmurs to Innes, polite but genuine in his comments. See? Political stuff and diplomacy isn't so hard! Helps that the Fortian Weyrleader is in a good mood and isn't feeling too overwhelmed by the crush of the crowds now filling the living caverns. "Thank you, Abigail. If they haven't been too overwhelmed, the weyrlings may come by once their lifemates are settled." Or just go back to sleep. No one can fault them that, could they? "You know how Velokraeth is," Th'ero drawls to Nyalle as he takes his customary seat next to her. Vacation? He looks almost wistful at such a thought. "How long?" he inquires politely.

Kera nods, a smile slipping over her features as she gives an agreeably dip of her head to Abigail then Nyalle. "I'm glad I was already awake." A hint of a chuckle slipped in "And I didn't wanna leave without congratulating your new Weyrlings, the ones that will manage to venture out before they pass out from lack of sleep." She cants her head to Th'ero as he seems to agree with the sentiment. Innes asking about food is given a nod, and after a quick glance among the group she coughs gently "Yea, excuse me everyone. That bacon seems very lonely." Flashing a smile she nods once more than heads towards the food line.

Innes snorts quietly in response to Nyalle's statement. "I can imagine. Kairoikyriath hasn't had her first clutch yet, but she hates to be in one place for long…" Perhaps that's a universal trait among queens? It could be, for all she knows. "But a vacation will be nice, I'm sure." She attempts to elbow Kera, although she might very well miss considering she's not looking very closely at what she's doing. "A certain weyrling, perhaps?" she questions with a smirk. Diplomacy and inter-Weyr socializing, it seems, isn't so hard… but early hour may be making her slightly delirious and more agreeable.

Abigail chuckle softly as she hears Nyalle. "I'm sure many of them would be. I was not paying attention to any of that." There is a pause and she glances to the side. "If ye would excuse me for a bit." A slight nod is seen once more before slipping off to deal with something it seems.

Nyalle smiles at Th'ero, pleased at his diplomacy. "Perhaps just an afternoon, I'm not sure. She needs to stretch her wings and it might take a while to tire her out." She smiles at Kera, nodding again. "That would help. Some of them should be here, but…perhaps they might not emerge until later today, if you wanted to wait." Going to the barracks is not an option. She smiles sympathetically at Innes. "Then I hope she mates with a bronze who can distract her. Oh?" she asks of Kera. "A certain weyrling?" She smiles warmly at Abigail and nods as the Wingleader slips off.

"I'll second the Weyrwoman on that," Th'ero murmurs to Kera before the greenrider ventures off in search of breakfast (and bacon!). "If you do not get a chance to see them today, they should be out on another. So long as they are not in lessons or exercises, M'icha does not begrudge a neutral visit to the training fields." Settling himself comfortably in a chair, his brow quirks as he glances from Nyalle to Innes and back over to where Kera has gone. Curious! He'll hold his tongue though, interested in their answers. "Sounds like a plan, Nyalle. You and Kayeth both deserve it. I'm certain that we can keep the Weyr in order for both of you to enjoy a little escape."

Kera gets through the line, her plate soon filled with scrambled eggs and no doubt too much bacon. Some of that is torn to bits and given to her lizards on the way back to where Innes and the Fortian leaders are. A grunt slips out as she makes it to Innes side in time to get an elbow for her trouble "If ya wanted bacon, ya could have just asked Nessi." Flashing a grin to her friend, she would pretend that a certain candidate turned weyrling wasn't mentioned. But that ship sails when her question is backed up by the Fortian Weyrwoman. Eyeing her friend with an amused smirk, she does nod to Nyalle and Th'ero. "Yes, Weyrling Cyrus…Weyrwoman. I think it's safe to say that few back home won't believe this bit of news." Her gaze tries to catch Innes's eye to get her to back up her words, then nods to the Weyrleader "IF they don't venture out, I can always come visit again when my duties let me."

Innes wrinkles her nose at the very thought of Kairoikyriath mating with any bronze, whether or not he can distract her. "We'll see. With any luck, she'll keep up this streak of no flights whatsoever." Because that's realistic. She glances back when Kera returns, wiggling her eyebrows as she reaches out to attempt to snag a piece of bacon off her friend's plate. "By the way, I want bacon," she adds well after her reach. "A few?" There's a scoff. "No one's going to believe it."

Nyalle smiles at Th'ero, nodding. Then she looks at Innes, her brows lifting in surprise, and she giggles. Then stops awkwardly. Wait, that was a joke right? "Ah. Well." Heh heh heh? She looks at Kera. "Ah! C'rus now, I believe? A nice blue. Oh?" She glances at Th'ero, then back. "Why won't they believe it?"

"I'll be sure to keep Velokraeth away from Kairoikyriath then, though I cannot promise anything. He is…" Th'ero frowns. How to put it politely? He can't and so he can only spread his hands helplessly. Plus, the comment is made half in jest! "We're safe for today, as he's so thrilled that he is fawning over Kayeth." From a distance, unless the gold actually welcomes his company. Showering her with praise, no doubt and doing a bit of smug preening on himself. Again, he is silent as he glances from Kera to Innes. "C'rus and Jaicoureth, if my memory serves me. You know of him?" he inquires politely.

Jai has fallen asleep for the first time, and C'rus was told that the weyrlings were allowed and encouraged to come and mingle with those at the party. He wanders into the caverns in something of a daze. He surveys the gathered group and of course recognizes all of those present. He makes his way toward the group a look of serenity on his face, "Hello everyone."

Kera nods to both Weyrleaders when they supply the name of C'rus's dragonmate. Her lips moving quietly as if trying to make it stick in her memory. Brow arches at Innes stealing her bacon, THEN saying she wants some. "There's an order to certain things Nessi. Ask 'first', /then/ grab." She's grinning as she says it though, eyes rolling when the Xanadu Junior insist that NO one will believe about the impression back home. Nodding to Th'ero "Yes sir, we've known him for a while." A quick glance to Innes and back, though at Nyalle's inquiry about why no one will believe it, she simply looks to Innes to answer since her mouth is suddenly full of bacon. Hearing the greeting, she turns to spot one of the newest Weyrlings "Gongra…" She holds up a hand and finishes her bite of bacon and tries it again. "Congratulations!"

Innes arches a brow in Th'ero's direction. "I'm thinking about starting to pay the bronze and brownriders to be across Pern the moment she shows signs of glowing. Can you be bribed?" Not that a bribe would make much of a difference to a dragon, but the rider seems far easier to negotiate with. Kera's comment regarding bacon receives a nonchalant shrug. "Cyrus… C'rus," she amends, wrinkling up her nose at her mistake. That'll take some getting used to. "C'rus got into a bit of trouble back at Xanadu." How much trouble, she'll just… keep vague. She chews on a bit of bacon, speaking around it with one hand over her mouth as she adds, "He had some strange opinions, but I'm sure it's nothing a dragon can't fix." She attempts to shrug the subject off, which is apparently a wise decision as the man in question has appeared. She lifts her hand in greeting. "Congratulations, C'rus."

Nyalle looks sharply over at Th'ero with a frown at his 'cannot promise anything'. No. She is not lending out her Weyrleader to another weyr because his dragon can't keep it in his pants. Then she sighs, rubbing a hand over her face. Clearly exhaustion has made her paranoid. Kayeth will welcome Velokraeth's company as always, though right now she's deep asleep. The Senior smiles when C'rus approaches, nodding her head politely to him. Salutes can wait, she knows they're all exhausted. "Congratulations, bluerider, and welcome to Weyrlinghood." Innes' comment has the goldrider giving her a thoughtful look. "Perhaps we will speak later," she says as she gets to her feet. "If you'll all excuse me. I need to go rest." With a curtsey, the Senior makes her way back out into the bowl.

Th'ero's brows knit together faintly when Innes speaks of 'trouble' but the Weyrleader doesn't seem overly concerned. Maybe this isn't the first whispering he's heard of it? Vagueness works and though he's still quite intrigued, Innes is off the hook for any further cryptic prying from him. His distraction comes from Nyalle's departure, as he rises from his seat to politely and a touch formally bid her a good night's (morning's?) rest. Seeing C'rus, Th'ero chuckles and smiles faintly, "Congratulations. Jaicoureth looks to be a fine blue," he murmurs by way of compliment, only to look past him and into the crowds. "If you will all excuse me a moment?" Excusing himself, he steps away from the table and into the crowds, likely to hunt down whoever it was he spied. Kimmila, no doubt and as is the pitfalls with his rank, the Weyrleader is caught in an endless tide of idle conversations after that until, feeling exhausted and a bit overwhelmed, makes his quiet escape.

C'rus sort of stumbles his way across the cavern…not drunk….but might as well be. He offers a rather interesting fluid salute of sorts to the werywoman, "Thank you. I love you." he replies without batting an eye. He then shuffles on over toward Th'ero giving him the same sort of salute, "I love you to. You are amazing…" he says as Th'ero moves off. He turns to Innes and Kera and points to Th'ero mouthing the words, 'I love this guy.' before he moves off toward Innes, "I don't know you but I love you too." Which leaves only one person to shuffle off toward, which he does. He stands in front of Kera and giggles, "Thanks…and I love you the most." he says with more certainty and affection than he ever has before.

Kera turns back to Nyalle as the Fortian Weyrwoman excuses herself. Offering a bacony salute, "Rest well Weyrwoman." she even manages a respectable curtsey in return, odd looking in boots and riding hides though. C'rus's obvious daze cause a litle grin to appear, he begins announcing his love to everyone. Brow lifts when he declares as much to the Fortian Weyrleader himself. Kera simply salutes the bronzerider as he departs "Very good clutch sir." Is called out before peering back to Innes and Pern's newest bluerider. Grinning some, she holds up her plate, offering bacon to her friends as she grabs another slice herself. "Well, maybe not /the most/. Jaycrith, Jaicreth?" She stutters over the name a couple of times then gets it right. "Jaicoureth is right up there on the list I bet." And more so every day as the pair begin bond even more.

Perhaps this discussion of exactly what kind of trouble Cyrus got into pre-Fort is something best served for a time when there aren't dozens of guests around. Innes may or may not return to Fort for such a discussion at a later date. Either way, she nods her head politely as both Weyrwoman and Weyrleader make their respective exits. Diplomatic mission: successful! The newly-minted bluerider is given an odd look as he… expresses some feelings. "We've met," she says, deadpan, all around a mouthful of bacon. "You tried to check my head out, once." And she largely ignored the attempt. "How's… your dragon?" Yeah, she's not even going to try to remember that one. Having finished her first piece, Innes reaches for another off of Kera's plate.

C'rus offers Kera something of an odd look, "We are one." he replies stating what he is sure is obvious, "Jaicoureth is with me and I am with him, even when he sleeps. Do you not know this?" The lines have considerably blurred for poor Cyrus, "I love me too." he states simply, "He loves me and I love him. Our love is one." Yep. C'rus is bye bye for the evening, "Ok." is the only reply that Innes receives as he eyes the plate of bacon. He moves toward it and swiftly attempts to snag some, apparently some of the lingering hunger that Jai experienced rubbing off on Cyrus, "Food is good. We like bacon. It pleases us…"

Kera watches C'rus a moment, gaze slipping to Innes briefly as if to get her take on the blueling's current frame of mind. An understanding smile "You've had alot change very quickly. You'll feel more at ease and leveled out soon." A quick glance to the Xanadu junior as if to get Innes to confirm her words. Bacon disappears from her plate quickly and she sets it on the table. Nodding to her sleep deprived friend she gestures to the table "Have a seat C'rus. You too Innes. I'll go get us plenty more bacon."

Innes eyes C'rus with evident skepticism. "Have you seen a mindhealer about your condition?" she asks with an arched brow, smirking at her own humor. The lines weren't nearly so blurred when she impressed, but she also had a lifetime's worth of experience around dragons. Perhaps she was better prepared. "I need more," she declares as she chows down on her next piece. As Kera seems happy to get it, she goes ahead and takes a seat as suggested.

"We are a mindhealer…We think." C'rus responds, "We have no condition. We are fine." he replies with little thought to Innes. Kera though gets his attention, mainly because she plans to bring more bacon, "We feel perfectly at ease. We are level." Yeah, uh huh. He does take the direction of sitting down though. His legs sort of wobbly anyway. Once he is seated he looks up to the pair of them, "We approve of more bacon. We believe we love it as well."

Kera flashes a slightly concerned C'rus to Innes mouthing 'be nice' to her fellow Xanadian. "I'll be right back." Slipping through the crowd, she's out of side for a couple of minutes, then returns a tray carrying drudge following her. Setting down two large bowls, one over filled with browned crisp bacon the otherwith rolls and squares of cheese. The drudge settles a pitcher and cup covered tray on the table and slips back to the kitchen. Kera grabs a hand full of the bacon and reclaims her plate, intent on stuffing one of those rolls with bacon and cheese. "Dig in, I saw plenty more up there if this runs out, or if ya want something else."

Be nice? What's that? Innes glances at Kera with an expression of absolute innocence before the other woman disappears to retrieve the snacks. "Boy, if you were fine, you wouldn't be calling yourself 'we' right now." That was… nice, right? "You ever see Kera calling herself 'we'?" As the other woman reappears, she's quick to reach out and snag some more bacon. Food! "Thanks, Kera." She grins, and snags a couple of extra pieces for good measure.

C'rus is left there…alone…with Innes….what could possibly go wrong? "We are fine." C'rus assures the woman, at the mention of Kera he cocks his head to the side and looks at Innes with that same odd look he gave to Kera, "We think Kera is beautiful….we would kiss her if we could." Let the oversharing begin. He leans in as if to tell a secret, "We love her in a romantic way." C'rus grins widely as he watches the woman return with more bacon, "We approve. We thank you." he says as he reaches and snags a handful of bacon and promptly stuffs it in his face. Table manners begone.

Kera grabs a mug of klah before plopping down in her chair. Taking her cheesy bacon sandwich, gaze flicks between Innes and C'rus, head canting to the latter, grinning at his befuddled manner. "You, are welcome weyrling C'rus." A somewhat bemused shake of her own head "That will certainly take some getting used to… So, what did I miss?" Looking between her table companions as she finally gets a bite of baconcheesey goodness.

Oh, no. No no no. Innes isn't here for this… relationship talk. "Yeah, see, I'll put bets on that blue of yours having zero interest in any of what you were just talking about. And if you had a bit of sense in your head right now, you'd know that." It's some kind of discretion that she doesn't actually repeat what he said, although the next words out of her mouth pretty much ruin that. "Kera, Cy… C'rus was just talking to me about how eager he is to violate weyrling rules." She munches on her bacon, managing to get half a piece in her mouth before she adds, "Why don't you tell her all about it, weyrling?"

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