A Rumored Date

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

Zi'on has, as he promised, taken care of everything for his and Idrissa's date. Once they settled in on a day, the day before a package showed up for her. A package that included a black dress and shoes (which she would have to put on after betweening). Also detailed instructions on how to get to the Tiki Lounge. Zi'on has rented the whole place out for the night. Which makes the usually hopping lounge a bit quiet. There are still a few people bustling about. Enough to at least take care of the pair. The tables have been moved aside, leaving only one in the center of the room with two chairs. There are bottles of wine in a bucket of ice on the table and silverware but not much else. Zi'on is dressed in a nice short-sleeved tunic and dark pants. He cleans up fairly nicely! But right now he's waiting for Rissa.

Idrissa would be lying if she said she wasn't surprised over the dress and shoes that was in that package. After getting the ok to go Between it was all settled that she would indeed go. She wasn't per-say allowed to between on her own as a transport rider was coming out to Western so they went together so to speak. Though now she is on her own. With Tahryth settled at the beach, looking for sea shells and fish, and most likely new people to meet (and lick), Rissa went to find a place to change before trying to find the Tiki Lounge. Even though she was at Western before she didn't exactly go wandering during that time, so it takes her a little while to figure out where she is and soon enough she finds the lounge. There are a few moments of her eyeing that door, wondering, pondering and clearly over thinking things, which tends to be normal with her. With a nudge from a certain green the door is opened and she peers inside curiously. The dress fits her rather nicely, for someone that doesn't often wear them she doesn't look that awkward in it at least. Her hair falls freely in lose curls, and yes she does have a very /slight/ bit of makeup on.

Things seemed to all fall together in the end. Suldith is probably around someplace, right now probably flying around. He probably will come back to the beach eventually, before wandering off to sit with Miraneith. Zi'on is chatting with the harper that he's had come over when Idrissa pops into the lounge. COnversation is promptly ended and he heads over to greet her. "Hello Idrissa! I guess you found the place alright. I figured we can have a little wine, then dinner, dessert. Then maybe some dancing if you're up to it, and aren't tired of me by then." The bronzer greets Idrissa with a hug, then leads her over to the table. "Do you like wine? If not we can have something else. They can make all sorts of fruity drinks." He pulls her chair out before heading to his own. "How's the dress?"

Idrissa lets her gaze drift over the room, looking rather curious at it all before her attention goes back to Zi'on. She offers him a smile and nods as she moves along to meet him. "Hello Zi'on, it took a few moments but no problem finding it in the least." Pause, nervous, not her really.. She gives him a hug back and follows along towards the table. At the question on wine she pauses a moment. "Well, I've had a bit before. I don't mind trying some." She smiles to him while sitting upon the seat, a soft thank you heard. "It's love, fits great.. Thank you." She smoothes out a few wrinkles that catch her attention.

Zi'on smiles back to her. "Good. I was a little nervous that you might get scared to come and stand me up." He picks up the bottle of white wine, and pours a glass for each of them. "Well, we'll start with this. If you don't like it, just let me know. We'll get something else then." First thing of course is appetizers. Mushrooms stuffed with spiderclaw cake. A waitress brings out a dish of them. "I'm glad about the dress though. That's yours. Even if you don't want to keep dating me." He laughs. "So how have you been? It's been a little while. Graduated yet?"

Idrissa shakes her head at the thought of her standing him up. "The thought never crossed my mind." Alright so maybe once as fear creeped in to try and keep her from returning to Western but as you see she fought past it and came. "I'm sure it'll be great, thank you." There is a slight pause as she eyes the mushrooms, and she recalls a night trying to help Mur'dah with his weyr and how everyone got sick so to speak from some bad shrooms. Though her attention is sent back to Zi'on at the bit on the dress, which makes her blush. "Thank you.. I'm not too sure what to say." She is so not use to such things, even if it is just a dress. "Don't know why I wouldn't want to continue." There is a pause. "I mean because your nice not because of the dress.." A soft oy escapes her. "I've been good. How have you been? We all Graduate in a sevenday actually."

But it would have been so easy to stand him up. Just say 'oops I couldn't go' or 'oops I forgot' or 'gross I don't want to see you'. All legitimate excuses. These aren't bad shrooms. These are edible shrooms cooked by a cook and not some weyrling. "It looks good on you. Though I would guess just about everything does look good on you." He chuckles. "Well, we'll see after tonight and after I get a few wines in me." He lifts his glass to her then takes a sip. "Ooh, that's pretty exciting. You've already been in your own weyr for a while though, right? So I guess it's mostly just a tap into a real wing. Do you know which wing you'll be going into? Xanadu has a crafter wing, doesn't it?" But there had been some trepidation with her continuing her craft, so Zi'on wasn't sure where she had fallen on that.

Idrissa could have sure, though that isn't really her style to just up and do something like that. Seeing how she is here that proves it! At the comment on the dress looking good on her she blushes and looks to her plate once more. "Thanks.." A soft chuckle escapes her at the bit wine bit and she picks up her glass lifting it up a moment as well before taking a sip from it. It's not bad, though it does make her cough just a moment. "Yup, basically letting us know which wing we get to be in and anything else that goes along with it." She ponders that and shrugs a moment. "There's a crafter wing, I thought about sticking there or going into Comet. It is the Transport wing, Tahryth is rather eager to go looking around and meeting new people." Which well she wouldn't mind avoiding but hey if it makes her dragon happy she can grow to like it.

Zi'on chuckles a bit as she coughs on the wine. "Sorry. Are you sure you don't want something else?" He nods about the wing assignments. "Transport seems like it can be fun. Meeting new people and going places. I've never technically been in the transport wing, though I've done some transporting over the turns I guess. I started out in search and rescue though. Back when my father was wingleader. Then I became weyrleader… and I've been stuck there for quite a while now." Zi'on pops a mushroom into his mouth. "I forgot to ask what sort of food you like. So… I guess you're stuck with whatever I picked out, sorry." He grins. "We can always fill up on pie afterwards if you don't like the meal."

Idrissa shakes her head slightly and smiles at the talk on the drink. "No it's fine, really." As for that mushroom, well she doesn't mind them just brings back memories. "I don't mind the food, sorry. Soriana, Ka'el and I went to help Mur'dah fix up his weyr, he was burning some stuff and some mushrooms too. The smoke made us all sick for a few days." To put it lightly. "I don't mind most food things, though mushrooms right now I'm a bit wary with I suppose." A grin is seen. "Nothing wrong with pie." She ponders, a slight nod seen. "I went shadowing with the Search wing but not to sure if I'd be a good fit with them."

Zi'on blinks, then laughs. "I see. Burning mushrooms. Never done that, but I generally don't have mushrooms sitting around in my weyr. Nor do I generally burn things in my weyr I guess." He smiles to her. "Well that's good. I'm pretty picky myself, so… if I eat it it must be good." There's a grin from him. "I have a bad sweettooth, too. I should warn you. So… I may not finish my own dinner in favor of pie." He leans back a bit in his chair. "Well, it's not for everyone I guess. I got sort of sucked into it. But I was only a kid really, so they didn't let me do much other than sweeps and drills." The next bit is a cup of soup. Vegetable and tuber. It's good, but Zi'on barely touches it.

Idrissa grins a moment and nods, a soft chuckle escaping her. "Well it wasn't like we was planning on it. Just sort of happened." She shrugs at the thought, a hand lifting to brush a bit of hair from her face. "Sweettooth huh? I'll have to remember that." A glance is offered to soup and she offers a smile to the server. "So, how long have you been a Weyrleader then? Did you like being on Search and Rescue?" As for the soup, that is something she does eat from the looks of it.

Zi'on grins. "So if you're looking to butter me up, anything sweet will work pretty well. Pastry, candy… Even klah will do." Zi'on sloshes the soup around and might even take a sip or two. But that is about it. Instead he'll sip his drink and eat the remainder of the mushrooms. "Hm. Maybe about five turns or so? Long enough to be comfortable, but not long enough yet to be bored. Search and rescue was alright. The problem is it's either exciting or boring, in my opinion. But I had more free time when I was just a regular rider." It's not long after that their meals are brought out. Good cuts of herbeast steaks, roasted tubers and vegetables in a buttery sauce, and a bit of pasta salad. Zi'on asks for more wine glasses so that he can pour the red wine, as well.

Idrissa chuckles softly and nods, a soft smile seen. She'll have to figure out something to get him then, though what is the question. As for the mushrooms she lets him finish them off, she doesn't finish her soup though as she needs to save room for whatever else there may be. She takes another slight sip from her glass, nodding slightly. "Five turns is a while.. Sorta.." Sure that made sense. "You have some free time though right?" Well it seems that way at least. She glances to the plate of food and ohs softly. "This looks really good."

Zi'on is pretty easy to please, so whatever Idrissa gets him he'll be happy with. Even if it was a bushel of vegetables. Generally Zi'on is the one giving the gifts, he rarely receives any gifts, unless it's a special occasion. He chuckles. "Well, I'm here, aren't I? I need to have some time to decompress, otherwise I would go crazy I think. Nights like this are nice for me. Good company, good food, good music, good wine. I can just relax and enjoy myself and not worry about the weyr for one night." He grins. "Well, dig in. You don't have to worry about eating dainty for me." Zi'on starts in on the meat first of course. "Red wine goes better with this meal, but if you like the white better feel free to stick with that."

Idrissa wouldn't be that silly and give him a bushel of vegetables, still it will require a bit of thought before she just offers something over. "Well yes you are. Just wondering, the other weyrleaders that I know seems to always be busy.. The Wingleaders too. Never know how they get any free time. Though free time is a must for everyone for sure." A smile is seen and she nods. "I'm glad I could help in giving you a nice relaxing night then." A soft chuckle escapes her and she nods while picking up her fork and goes about munching on some food off her plate. "Well.. I'll try the red." Why not, might as well.

She might, though hopefully it would be only a gag gift. Zi'on shrugs a bit. "Well, I think some weyrleaders tend to like to do everything themselves. I like to trust in the chain of command. I leave most of the day-to-day to my weyrsecond and the wingleaders. Enka deals with the holders and I help a little with that. Which leaves inter-weyr for me basically on my own. Plus any of the other things I need to pick up along the way. There are definitely times where I am swamped over, but mostly I try to give myself time to relax. I guess it's about prioritizing and staying organized." Zi'on is busy eating, but he makes sure Rissa gets a full glass of wine. "Actually we might be breaking rules, letting you drink here. I guess it will be our little secret." Wink wink. "So how's your runner doing?"

Idrissa eyes that glass of wine, she only really had a few sips from the one she has, so drinking all that is not going to be possible. "They gave us drinks at or last class so.. I'm thinking it isn't that bad really." She shrugs at the thought. "His alright, stepped on a rock wrong the other day so his sort of on stall rest for a few days." She nods to the talk of Weyr stuff, which she'll not question too much on, as it is a bit out of her league. "So.. I was wondering. If you're not busy and if you was able maybe you could come to the graduation..? I mean.. If you're interested."

It'll be possible. Just might take a little while. And Rissa might be a little tipsy. Though with all the food, maybe not. He nods to her. "Good. I didn't want to get into trouble. The last thing I need is a lecture from a weyrlingmaster at another weyr. Or even at my own weyr." Clearly this has happened before. And was not fun for Zi'on. "That's too bad about your runner. I'm glad he'll be alright though." He ponders her invitation to her graduation ceremony. "Hm. Well, I'll certainly try to be there. Though… I guess I should come clean and say I haven't totally broken things off with Kiena. So if she's there it might be a little awkward, unless I can catch her before then which would be unlikely. So we may have to downplay our recent dating a bit. Sorry. I know it's not very good of me to move on, but it's hard getting Kiena's time these days."

Idrissa doesn't plan on getting tipsy, though she doesn't plan on drinking all of that either. "He'll be alright, happens with runners every now and then. Just have to think about putting shoes on him if it happens again. I don't think they would yell at you, more yell at me and demote me to a weyrling again if that was the issue." There is a pause and she glances to him curiously, a slight nod is seen. "It's alright.. I was just wondering." She doesn't have anyone else to ask. There is a slight pause while she glances to her glass pondering. Sort of funny how she gets herself in these little relationship triangles not that she brings that up.

Well hopefully Rissa doesn't get /too/ tipsy. Otherwise she won't be able to go back to Xanadu, and then she might get into trouble. Also the rumors would abound. "Well we certainly don't want that to happen. So I'll make sure you get back to Xanadu sober. How's that? Then no one will have a clue." He pouts a little at the look from Rissa. "Sorry. I told you getting involved with me wouldn't be good." Zi'on hopes this is not a love triangle! He does not want to have to worry about pleasing two ladies. He just isn't capable enough to do that. "I will try to be there, though. I'd be happy to see you graduate." There's a pause then while Zi'on eats, and the harper plays some soothing dinner music. "So." He says finally. "Ever been skinnydipping? The baths don't count."

Idrissa chuckles softly and nods a moment. "That'll work then. Sober is a good thing." At least for the moment. "It's alright.. That you did. If you can come that'll be nice, if not it's alright really." She was curious, perhaps a bit hopefully seeing how the other's all have family coming. Her own family she's still not even told. As for the love triangle she wouldn't last long with it, not after everything with Soriana and Ka'el. At the question she looks to him curiously, a slight blush crossing her cheeks. "Well, no. Save for the baths." Which is a given. "Why, do you go skinny-dipping a lot?"

Zi'on chuckles. "Sometimes it is." If they decided to get busy though… Rissa might want a couple drinks in her to help her… relax. Zi'on will be so nervous about Idrissa being mad at him if he doesn't show up at the graduation he'll rearrange his entire schedule just to make sure he can go. He wouldn't let something like Soriana and Ka'el go on that long. He didn't feel that was right. The bronzer chuckles a bit past his food. He's starting to slow down, and is mostly picking while he waits for her to finish. "Heh. No. I haven't been in a while. But for a chance to skinny-dip with you… I would jump in a half frozen lake. Thankfully the water here is a lot warmer."

Idrissa might need more than a few drinks to fully relax, she tends to be nervous about plenty of things, and half the time without even realizing it. As for being mad at him that isn't an issue, it takes a lot for her to actually to get mad at some one. She sets her fork down and lets her arms fold loosely upon the edge of the table. At the bit on going skinny-dipping she blushes and chuckles softly. "Warmer water would be a real plus for such things that is for sure." There is a slight pause as if she was thinking it over. "Maybe we can go sometime." Not that she is saying when, but maybe is better than never.

Eventually she will grow relaxed around Zi'on. But it might take a few more dates. Right now he can tell she's still viewing him as some fancy older man, and maybe even a weyrleader. It may not be an issue for Rissa, but Zi'on is already feeling nervous that she might be mad at him. The waitress comes to clean up the table. Zi'on leans back and sips his wine. "It sure is. Otherwise I might be embarrassed." He laughs. "Don't patronize me, Idrissa. I might take you serious. And then you'll be agreeing to having to see me naked. So.. should we do dessert now? Or do you wanna get in some dancing before?"

Idrissa hasn't been on many dates so she can just blame that. Would tell him she wasn't mad if she had any idea he was feeling nervous over that. "Cause of the cold water?" This questioned with an amused tone. She glances to him curiously at the laugh. "Truthful, honest. I did say maybe after all." This said with an amused tone. At the part on dancing she pauses. "Well.. I won't lie not very good at dancing. I'm liable to step on your toes more than anything."

It's better to just let Zi'on stress about it. She'll get presents or something to make up for it later. "Yes. It does things to uh… a man's anatomy. When the water is cold." Of course it might help to keep Zi'on under control down there, too. He grins to her. "Well, I might hold you to that, then. Maybe we can build a fire out on the beach… find a nice secluded spot at night." He smiles to her. "Don't worry. I'm good at leading." He gets up and offers her his hand. "Just relax and follow me. We won't do anything crazy."

Idrissa peers at him and looks amused now. "I know what cold water can do to a guy's anatomy." Not that she's seen it, but yes it is a /given/ what could happen thanks to cold water. She nods and smiles. "That sounds rather nice actually." She'd be more than happy to do that it seems. "Nothing crazy now.. Promise?" This questioned with an amused tone as she takes hold of his hand once standing up to follow him.

Zi'on chuckles. "Do you now? And how do you know?" He's teasing her now. Really, it's just a little playful banter between the two of them. At least in Zi'on's mind. He smiles to her. "Maybe next time then. Might still be a little cold in Xanadu for it. But we'll see." Zi'on does like his beach fires. The bronzer takes her out to the dance floor. Since they're the only ones here, he moves to the middle of it. Then he puts his other hand on her hip, and pulls her in. "Just put your hand up on my shoulder, and follow the rhythm with me. Nothing crazy, I promise." But it is an excuse for Zi'on to get close.

Idrissa should have known that question would come up, as for an answer she ponders it. "Common sense. Cold water makes things shrink." She figures that is a good answer. "Alright, sure. If it's a bit cold just makes better use of the fire though wouldn't it?" Though still cold water can be a problem. She follows along towards the dance floor and leans a bit closer once she is pulled in, her free hand settles against his shoulder. "Right.." Follow along shouldn't be too hard.

Zi'on chuckles. "Common sense, eh?" He raises a brow to her and grins. "I suppose it would make better use. Are you offering to warm me up after we go swimming? Or are you going to leave that to the fire?" Once they're situated, the bronzer nods to the harper. He changes from filler music to a nice even tune. Slow still, but good dancing music. Zi'on leads Idrissa, just like he said he would. Even if she falters a little, he doesn't seem to notice, and is happy to catch up on the next beat. "So what sorts of things did you and Ka'el so while you were together?"

Idrissa nods, an amused look seen and she grins a bit. "Yup, common sense." This said with an amused tone. At the warming him up bit she blushes, turning her head slightly. "I'm sure the fire would do a good job, though perhaps I could help some." Not a full yes, but also not a no. She follows through with the dance, her steps slow though while she tries to keep up, and there may be a time or two where she comes close to stepping on his toes. At the question on Ka'el and herself she ponders. "Well, hung out a lot. Actually spent a good amount of time at the beach when the weather was nice."

The bronzer just grins at Idrissa. Hey, he'll take what he can get, non-committal or not! "I hope so. I can at least help you stay warm. With more than just my jacket." Zi'on wraggles eyebrows at her. Thankfully Zi'on has a pair of boots on, so even if she steps on him there won't be any serious damage. He nods to her. Really he's fishing for date ideas. And to get a better idea of what she might like. "The beach is nice. There's lots to keep you occupied there, too. Plus the dragons like it. Though it doesn't have a ton of privacy most times. Unless you go at night." Which could be good or bad.

Idrissa is blushing once more, or perhaps she is still blushing? She doesn't even know it at this point. "Oh I bet so." This said with an amused tone and slight shake of her head. "I got him to go for a rider with me a few times when I took the runners out. Though I suppose we didn't really go and do a lot." A shrug is seen at that. "We was apprentices so not like we had a lot of options." She nods at the talk of the beach. "That's true, there's a few places back at Xanadu that isn't all out in the open along the shoreline though. Just have to know where to look."

Poor Rissa. She'll pass out if she keeps blushing like that. "Yeah? I don't know if you want me going on rides with you. I'll need a giant horse, and I won't be any good. I'll probably scare the horse or injure it or something else horrible." He chuckles and nods. "Yes, that can put a damper on things. Though you'll be a rider soon. And then the rules bend a little." At least in Zi'on's experience they do. "There are probably some hidden spots along Western's beaches, too. Maybe we ought to go exploring a little."

Idrissa won’t pass out, why? If so she would have passed out a dozen or more times by now. Well she does blush a good amount of the time after all. “Well there is a large runner, his name is Chief. He can be sort of hard to handle though. Still.. You’re a bronzer I bet you could handle him.” This said with an amused tone, a slight grin seen. She nods while follows along with him still during the dance. “Be a bit different, suppose some rules will be bent.” Like say not with the drinking bit even. At the part on exploring she smiles, nodding. “We could do that sometime. I’d be up for it.”

Hey, she might go home and pass out every night. Zi'on doesn't know! But she does blush a lot. Though it's alright, since Zi'on finds it cute. He laughs. "That's probably not such a good idea. I don't think I would handle a runner too well, especially one that is hard to handle. He would probably throw me right off. I'd much rather ride a dragon I think." Zi'on smiles down to her. "Maybe you shouldn't agree to another date with me before this one is over, hm? I could be planning something extreme, maybe. Or I might try to kiss you or do something else horrible."

Idrissa could indeed do that, but no she doesn't, unless she's been off working to much then that's different. She glances to him curiously at the part on him possibility of him getting thrown. "Yeah.. That most likely wouldn't be a good thing." Arrows, runners, seems like her thoughts are all dangerous. "I suppose so.. Maybe I wasn't thinking of it being a possible date either when I was agreeing to it." Possibility of another date didn't even come up in her mind. "How extreme might you possible make a date?" Now she is curious, at the part on kisses and something else she blushes, imagine that.

Zi'on doesn't much enjoy the idea of being thrown either. Nor would he enjoy being thrown if it did happen. "Instead I can come watch you ride. Or you can take Ezio out to ride. He knows how." That would be Enka's doing, not Zi'on's. At her mention of it not being a date Zi'on pouts. "I see. Demoted to 'just friends' already, hm?" He chuckles. "I dunno. We could go pretty extreme." He pulls her in right up against himself. Then he looks down at her. "We can start here… then I could tell everyone else to leave… and see where it goes from there." He leans in close to her, like he's going for a kiss.

Idrissa glances to him curiously at the name. "Ezio?" She doesn't know who that is. At the 'demoted' bit there is a slight shake of her head. "Well, no.. That's not what I meant. I'm not demoting you to just friends." As she is pulled close she looks to him curiously, the extreme bits causes her to blush a bit more (if that is at all possible). "Where it goes.." There is a pause as it dawns on her at what that meant. "Perhaps.. next time we can find out that.." Keyword 'perhaps' she isn't one for saying yes or no at the moment it seems. Once he leans in like his going to kiss her she is a bit surprised for some reason, though at the same time she doesn't pull back from.

Zi'on grins. "My eldest son. Mine and Enka's. She's taught him to ride." He smiles to her when she says he hasn't been demoted. At least… not yet. Yes that's right, Idrissa. Zi'on is using innuendo. It doesn't seem that she wants to commit to anything with him though. So Zi'on is getting sort of mixed signals from her. "Perhaps." Though a lot would be riding on this date. Her just staying still wasn't exactly what Zi'on was hoping for. He was rather counting on her closing the gap. But no such thing happens, so instead he whispers, "I think it's time for dessert." He smiles to her then motions back towards the table.

Idrissa is all about mixed signals, nothing is /ever/ simple with her. Lingering thoughts, and perhaps some fears thrown in there is not helping matters at all. At the whisper she nods a moment, though doesn't move just yet, instead she leans that bit closer to him. "Wait.." She's changed her mind about that kiss it seems, thought it over during that moment. Better late than never?

Zi'on, despite all his claims about being God's gift to women and such, does not do well with mixed signals. Especially when he feels like he might be taking advantage of a girl or pushing her too fast. And he's still not sure that she likes him and just isn't here for a fancy meal and a dress. Or bragging rights. "Hm?" If she's at least making the effort, Zi'on will close in the rest of the way for certain. He's been chomping at the bit for that kiss! And so he makes it a nice long one, pulling her in close and wrapping his arms around her.

Idrissa just isn't good with things like this, especially now. She really is her worst enemy over just about anything. Always second guessing herself, and just assuming the worst. She didn't come for the fancy meal, or bragging rights which is something she wouldn't do. No instead she came to be with Zi'on because she is interested in him. As for that kiss she doesn't pull away and seems actually relaxed during it, her eyes even closing for it. She leans that bit more into him and lets her fingers grip slightly at his shoulder while she keeps it as long as possible.

Zi'on is getting the picture now. And is glad that Idrissa is starting to relax a little. Apparently she's done this before? The kiss goes on for a while, eventually Zi'on ends it because he needs to come up for some air. And he stands there with a slightly goofy grin on his face. Hey, he's happy! "Best dessert ever." He chuckles a bit. "We can still get regular dessert though." He pokes her nose and then gives her a squeeze. "Or we can just keep kissing. That would be fun, too." He does tug her back to the table though. "What time do you have to be back by?"

Idrissa perhaps spends too much time with runners, there easy to spook, and can take a while to relax. Yes to much time with runners, good area to place the blame. As for the kiss, why yes she has kissed before, kissing isn’t that bad as long she gets passed that first one it seems. Air is a good thing to get, and she takes in a breath once that long kiss is over. The goofy grin he has gets a slight laugh from her, though that dessert bit has her blushing. “It was a rather nice kiss… I’m glad you liked it too.” See, she liked it. The poking at her nose makes her give him a poke back to his chest. “Maybe a bit of both or just kisses.” They can figure that out back at the table as she follows him on back towards it. “I had a few hours here before I’d have to follow the transport rider back.” There is a pause as she thinks on that. “So, another hour at least.” Just enough time for some more kisses and dessert, or just the kisses, perhaps some talking thrown in there too, have to breathe now and then after all.

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