Long Forgotten Love?

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

This early evening finds Kera walking among the patients pushing a plant covered trolley in front of her. As she moves between the booth entrances, she takes a fresh plant and slips out of sight to a patient's side. A few murmured words and she comes back into sight with an older plant that needs more light. She continues her routine of replacing older plants for younger ones as she moves along the aisle.

Plant replacement is about to be replaced with controlled chaos, as one of the weyrling riders comes in, staggering a bit beneath the weight of one unconscious brownling. "A board hit him on the head," the other rider is saying, looking around for help and for somewhere to put Mur'dah, who is lolling about in the man's arms, limbs limp and eyes fluttering.

Kera starts into a room with another plant when the commotion up front gets her attention. Quickly replacing the plant on trolley, she slips it out of the way of traffic and rushes to the front to assist. Being one of the first ones, she looks the two riders over and quickly quickly directs the two towards the nearest available room. "Right in here. Help him sit please." She frowns and tries to get a look at Mur'dah's head gently for blood lumps or cuts.. "You keep this up and ya might as well just move in here. Or at least we should reserve 'your' booth." She gives a sigh and crouches down to get a look at the Weyrling's face. "Do you know where you are M…weyrling?" she steps back as the Weyrhealer's voice starts questioning the two riders. He appears at the door and moves his heads towards Mur'dah's head to examine.

Mur'dah slowly begins to come to when he's sat down, squinting against the light and groaning. His first few words are along the lines of 'owww' and 'ugggggh' and 'shiiiiiit'. Nothing earth shattering, really. "Huh?" he finally mutters. His head is intact, just a growing lump where that board hit him - and hard.

The Weyrhealer continues to gently inspect Mur'dah's head murmuring to himself and making little grunts. "You don't seem to have any new holes in you weyrling." He looks around to his apprentice "Kera, make sure he stays awake. Head injuries can be tricky. I'm gonna send a messege to the Weyrwoman." The apprentice in question nods at her orders "Yes sir." As the Weyrhealer leaves off to his task, "Mur'dah…" She crouches down and hold up two fingers "..how many fingers am I holding up?"

Mur'dah sways a little bit, eyes slowly focusing on the things around him. "Huh?" he asks, blinking a bit. "Two," he answers, before he tilts his head at her, blinking slightly. "Who are you again? You look so familiar…"

Kera blinks at the reply, her attention drifting towards the entrance but the Weyrhealer hasn't returned yet. Peering back to the Weyrling "Wow, you must have bonked yourself really good." Giving the young man a friendly smile "Right, two…..I'm Kera. Do you remember /your/ name?"

Mur'dah unfocuses his eyes again, and then he grins goofily. "Mur'dah. I'm a brownrider! Apparently." And he laughs a bit, shaking his head and then wincing. "Kera…Kera. Aren't we…?" And he trails off, tilting his head and studying her face for a long moment. "Aren't we lovers? Right? I remember…" and he trails off again, reaching for her hand.

Kera 's eyes widen at the young man's comments, her head starting to shake until Mur'dah reaches for her hand. She freezes, not wanting to make a movement that might startle the weyrling. She gives a little nod to part of his questions. "Right. You're a brownrider. /Your/ name is Mur'dah…What's your dragonmate's name?" She doesn't respond to his other questions, no idea how to reply to such confusing things.

Mur'dah takes her hand in his, turning it over against his own and then lifting it to place a tender kiss. He looks up at her lovingly, doe eyed and sweet. "Mur'dah. Yes. Kalsuoth," he says with a nod. "He's telling me his name, yes. I hear you," he says, tilting his head a bit. "And you are Kera. My…are we weyrmates? Or just lovers?" he asks, nuzzling into her palm.

Kera stares at her hand that Mur'dah is nuzzling as if it's sprouting a whole crop of tubors. Finally her own brain seems to be overloading "Lover..mate what?" She gives her head a little shake. "Okay, Take a deep calming breath." She breathes in deeply and lets it out slowly and encourages Mur'dah to do the same. "Now. You just sit here for a few minutes til your head clears." She takes another exaggerated breath and hopes he's doing the same before she goes on. "I'm not sure who your weyrmate is Mur'dah, I thought that Kalsouth was your weyrmate." Kera tries to joke a bit and prod his thoughts.

Mur'dah grins, goofy and relaxed. He does as he's told though, taking a deep and calming breath. "Will you stay with me, sweetheart?" he asks, pulling gently on her hand. Then he laughs. "Kalsuoth is my lifemate. You're my weyrmate."

Kera watches Mur'dah and can't help but start to grin at his goofiness. She finally chuckles and nods "I'll stay here and make sue you do not fall asleep." As her hand is tugged gently, she shrugs and settles on the edge cot. Her arm is stretched out towards the weyrling, since she's trying to keep a bit of distance. "You took a bump to the head Mur'dah. You're thoughts are a bit fuzzy right now."

Mur'dah nods, "They are," he admits. "They are, but Kalsuoth and you are crystal clear." He smiles at her, dreamy, almost. "I love you. You're my everything, Kera, don't ever leave me okay? I'll be better." What?

Kera 's mouth is hanging wide open as Mur'dah's statements end her chuckles instantly. "Oh dear, you really took a sharp one to the noggin didn't you." The girl may be starting to panic a bit. Her attention darts to the door. Nope, no Weyrhealer. He's still looking for.. "Oh shard! The Weyrwoman is gonna toss me out for sure this time." Kera looks to Mur'dah thoughtfully, a hint of a frown before she leans forward a bit and starts snapping the fingers of her free hand in Mur'dah's face *SNAP* "Come on Mur'dah! Snap out of it!" *SNAPSNAPSNAP*

Mur'dah is holding Kera's hand, kissing and nuzzling it as he gazes raptly at her face. Then he blinks in confusion when she snaps at him. "Sweetheart, darling…snap out of what? I don't understand…" He's on one of the examination beds with Kera sitting on the edge, and he's not letting her hand go as he kisses her palm again.

Kera lips close to a thin line as she gives Mur'dah and expressionless look. "Yea, um, about that, see You got hit on the head. Things are a bit fuzzy right now." She reaches over to give a gentle pat to Mur'dah's shoulder and tries to tug her hand free once he starts kissing her palm. "Wow!, okay that's my hand there and I'll be needing that back."

It's taken awhile to locate the Weyrwoman as she's not where she might normally be found this time of day. The offices in the administration wing are closed at dinnertime and the meal has… not really ended, but the traffic in the caverns has ebbed to the later comers and lingerers. The Weyrwoman was not among them, not in her cottage either. Someone suggested the beach, but nope! Finally she's located in the forest's edge why there, unimportant. The news shared has her running back to the central weyr post-haste and entering the infirmary breathless. "Where is he?" she asks lowly of the first healer she encounters, only to be pointed to the spot where her son is. She's striding that way, breath held expecting moaning and blood and a very unhappy young man. Instead he's… okay. She draws to a halt and just watches for a few beats, clearing her throat she says carefully, "Mur'dah? Did you have something you wanted to tell me?" Because obviously he's fine and has a girlfriend he's neglected to introduce to her!

Mur'dah frowns at her when she tries to take her hand back. "Why, my love? My darling?" he asks. And then, "Mom! Hi!" He recognizes Thea at least, that's a good thing. "This is Kera. She's my weyrmate. I…think."

Kera seems more than a little relieved to see Thea when the woman's voice draws her attention. "G'evening weyrwoman." You have no idea how glad the apprentice is to see ya. "The Weyrling got hit on the head by some lumber. He's.. very confused about a couple of things at the moment." She's still there with her hand in Mur'dah's very affectionate grasp, looking very startled about the situation she has found herself in this time.

"Your… what?" Thea's agape, staring at her son for a few beats before her mouth shuts with a little snap, her glass-green eyes flick to Kera. Yeaaah, no. She knows that's not true. "Is that so?" she asks Mur'dah evenly. Just like logic is wasted on the insane and reason futile on the drunkard, she doesn't even attempt to tell him he's thought wrong. Instead, she asks, "Why don't you tell me how you two got together, hmm? And how long you've been weyrmated?" This ought to be good! Poor Kera.

Mur'dah nibbles on the end of Kera's fingers. "I can't remember," he admits with a brief and confused little frown. "Why don't you tell her, my beloved?"

Kera squeaks and starts tugging her hand more frantically when the nibbling starts. "Okay, I really need my hand back now." She looks to Thea, a silent plea for help obvious on the girl's face as she shakes her head "I really do not know what he is talking about ma'am. Another rider brought him in saying he got hit on the head. And now your son is saying the most outlandishthingsandIhavenoideawhatheistalkingaboutReallyIdon't." Kera gets all that out in a rush and breathing hard after that, she might just hypervenilate herself at this rate.

If she faints who knows what Mur'dah will do? He might try to gather her up in his arms and kiss her back to life. And won't that be awkward. "Breathe!" the Weyrwoman says to Kera while her nod says she gets it and then she's eyeing her son once more. "How's your head?" What - she's not going to try and tell him he's addle-brained? Apparently not.

Mur'dah lets Kera's hand go with the MOST hurt look on his face. "You're breaking up with me?" Sniff. SNIFF. "It hurts," he whispers, but the breakup or his head is unclear.

Kera looks to Thea and nods to the woman as she does as instructed. Breathe, she can do that. Task completed a few times the girl turns a shocked expression to Mur'dah then an uncertain frown at his latest words. Her attention darts between the two riders "The Weyrhealer told me to stay with him and make sure he stays awake for the time being." Her attention goes more to Mur'dah now as she tries to peer at the back of his head more "You don't have a cut, but you've got a growing lump back there." She gestures with her fingers so the Weyrwoman can see.

Oh most definitely it hurts. Thea's assuming her son means his head. Her concern shows, despite the humorous situation. The memory thing is especially worrisome but now is not the time to air that. There are healers to watch out for and treat the head injury and so she leans to brush a kiss on Mur'dah's cheek. Straightening up she says to Kera, "Do whatever it takes, then please." And with that, she turns and strides out, leaving her with… an amorous brownriding weyrling. Life… just isn't fair sometimes, is it?

Mur'dah closes his eyes at his mother's kiss, still looking quite forlorn and pitiful. Pity him, his girlfriend just broke up with him. And he got hit on the head with a board. When his mother is gone, Mur'dah looks over at Kera with a lopsided smile, leaning gently back against the pillow. "Do you live in my weyr? I'll bet my weyr is amazing. It is, isn't it?"

Kera rises to stand by the bed as she observes Mur'dah's actions. With a shake of her head "No. I think you burned down your weyr so now you and your dragonmate sleep at differant friends weyr's for now." The apprentice gives a little shrug, how's she supposed to know the young man's living conditions.. "I've no idea what your weyr looked like before the fire."

Mur'dah blinks a few times. "I burned it down? How? What happened? I…wait. Am I, like…" Stupid? A clutz? "Does this sort of thing happen to me often?" he says with a very concerned frown, touching his forehead.

Kera nods a couple of times. "I do not know all the details, but I think it was an accident." Watching Mur'dah to see how he takes the news, she sighs a little as she figures out how to respond to his questions. "Well, it does seem that odd things happen when you are around." Is that her way of saying he may be accident prone? She offers him a little smile though "As far as I know, you haven't hurt anyone seriously…well other than youself if ya consider that lump you have."

Mur'dah squirms a bit in bed and sighs, shaking his head and rubbing fingers against his scalp. "Haven't…/seriously/?" he blinks. "So I've hurt people minorly? Do you live with me?" he asks again, repeating questions as his brain struggles with memories.

Kera shakes her head gently. "No, I don't live with you." Her gaze drifts around the room, stopping on the door breifly..where/is/ the Weyrhealer. Mur'dah gets her attention again as she clasp her hands in front of her. Not wanting the rider to dwell on unpleasant things. "Would you like something to drink? Or a snack?"

Mur'dah frowns again. "Why not? Where do you live? I'm sure we can work something out, so we can live together. I'm sure it's horribly lonely not being able to sleep beside me."

Kera blinks at Mur'dah single-mindedness, even if it's the wrong mind he's using. Shaking her head and trying to hide her amusement at his arrogance, Kera coughs to cover her little laugh. "Oh no, I've in the apprentice dorms…where apprentices sleep…alone."

Mur'dah blinks, hand falling limply to the covers. "You're an apprentice? So…we…have a secret romance?" Then he sits up sharply, only to groan and fall back against the pillow when the abrupt movement throws off his equilibrium. "I told my mother, the Weyrwoman! Sweetheart, I'm so sorry, I messed it up…don't be mad at me, I'll make it right…

Kera just stares at Mur'dah briefly before shaking her head, hand reaching up to pinch the bridge of her nose. "I think I'm getting a headache." She mutters before sighing and taking a slow calming breath. "Alright. Let's try something else. What did you have for breakfast this morning?"

Mur'dah frowns at her, shaking his head a bit. "Why aren't you answering me? Were we having a fight before I got hurt?" Then he blinks, brows knitting. "I…have no idea. What do I like for breakfast? I'll bet you're a great cook."

Cook! He expects her to cook! She can't help but snort in amusement over that. "I can't even bake a simple roll." Seeing he isn't gonna let it go, she reaches out with he foot and drags a stool towards her and flops down on it with a shake of he head "No, we were not having a fight. We aren't a couple, we never have been. As a matter of fact, you looked at me like I had three noses the last time we talked."

Mur'dah blinks again, baffled. "But…I thought…I remember…us on the beach…and kissing. Beautiful nights making love under the stars…" Blink. "We're not a couple? Like, ever? Not even a little bit?"

If ever someone looked like a gaping fish out of water, It's Kera right now. Her face resembling a redfruit as she open and closes her mouth a few times…speechless. Finally managing to find her voice again, Kera shakes her head quickly "I do not know /who/ you are remembering weyrling, but it certainly isn't me." And she certainly doesn't need anyone overhearing him declaring such things either.

Mur'dah shifts, frowning a bit. "Are we friends?" he asks then, struggling to comprehend what he's being told by her, and what his brain remembers (or doesn't). Add to that what Kalsuoth is telling him and it's no wonder he's confused.

Kera considers the question a few seconds before giving a shrug in reply. "I don't know if I would call us friends exactly. More like acquaintances. From my observations, we don't have much in common. I spend my time with books, patients and buckets. You, with your dragon and fellow weyrlings." She pauses and glances around with a thoughtful expression before peering back to Mur'dah. "Would you like me to find one of your friends for you? Maybe they can explain things better." Almost as an afterthought she tosses in. "Or some fresh air to help clear your head?"

Mur'dah perks up a bit. "I have friends?" /That/ seems to cheer him up considerably, and he nods. "I'd really like to see them. Since you and I…aren't…anything. It'd be good to see people that know me. Maybe I'd remember them."

Kera smiles when Mur'dah seems to cheer up a bit finally. "I think you have lots of friends." She reaches up to scratch along her eyebrow as she thinks a few seconds. "I do know you have a sister." She chuckles at some memory of her own.. "And apparently she looks like you. I've not met her myself yet though." She rises to her feet "Are you sure you do not want something to eat or drink? I can bring something back after sending the messege for you."

Mur'dah grins, "I know I have a sister. Marel. We're twins, but we're not identical." His head nods, looking very pleased that he remembered something. "Water would be good. Am I going with you?"

Kera holds her hand up and urges Mur'dah to stay on the bed. "You take a few minutes to close your eyes and rest. I'll just go send a messege and get your water." Offering a little smile, she nods and slips out the entrance, pausing long enough to peer up and down the hallway before slipping out of sight.

Mur'dah just nods, closing his eyes and relaxing back against the pillow with a low sigh.

What was supposed to be a couple of minutes turns out to be more like twenty. Kera comes hurrying back almost out of breath and is pushing a little trolley in front of her. Nudging it to the side of the bed, she pours a glass of water and sets it to the corner of the little table. "You must be very popular in the kitchen. When I mentioned you, the cooks started loading up this trolley for ya with things she said you liked." Kera gestures to a few of the little dishes.

Mur'dah had dozed off in her absence, and when she returns he sits up a bit with a hopeful look. "No one came with you?" he asks, looking past her before he sees the trolly. "Shards and shells and Faranth's egg sack," he swears without heat - happily - before reaching for some of the food. "I am? It looks like I am!"

Kera nudges the trolley closer to Mur'dah so he can reach whatever he wants. "I couldn't find them so I left a couple of messeges." Settling back onto the stool she nods agreeably , fingers flickering towards the differant things. "She said you always ask for these things." A hint of a shrug is given as she finds herself leaning forward and sniffing curiously at an odd looking dish. "I've no idea what this is though."

Mur'dah reaches eagerly for that. "It's a nut and pastry dish, with sweetner in it. It's really yummy, you want to try some? It's sticky though, so be careful."

Kera eyes the curious dish and nods agreeably. "Certainly smells tasty enough." Offering a little grin she grabs one of the little plates and adds a little portion. After tasting, and savoring it briefly, she peers back to the weyrling. "What exactly is the last thing you remember before coming being brought to the infirmary Mur'dah?"

Mur'dah shakes his head at her after a few bites. "Nothing…really," he says with a frown. "I…remember growing up with Marel. My Mom, my Dad. Hey, how come my Dad hasn't come to see me? Do you know?" he asks, another frown creasing his brows. "But, like…I don't remember anything else. I obviously impressed but I can't remember the hatching, or weyrlinghood…"

Kera frowns at what is remembered and shakes her head as she looks towards the door. Nope. Still no weyrhealer. Her attention goes back to Mur'dah, and she takes a bite from the snack in order to stall while she thinks. "I know some of your friends. There's Ka'el and M'kal. And Soriana and Idrissa too." She pauses a moment trying to gage Mur'dah's reaction to those names. "Do they ring any bells for you?"

Mur'dah shakes his head with a frown. "No…none of them," he admits, and he starts to fidget a bit. "Do…you think I'm…my memories are gone? Like, forever? Because…" That'd be horrible.

Kera shake sher head quickly, eyes widen a little "Oh no. Don't think like that. I don't know what's gonna happen. I'm in wayyy over my head." The girl offers a weak little smile "I think the Weyrhealer is trying to track down someone who can better help you. So they'll have you all fixed up and back to your usual tricks in no time."

Mur'dah squirms a bit on the bed and sets the food aside. "I think I need to be alone for a while," he says with a sad looking frown. "See if I can't…figure things out on my own…"

Kera watches Mur'dah and sighs a little as he seems to not take things very well. A little frown is given at his request and she simply shakes her head "I'm afraid I can't do that Mur'dah. I've been given orders to stay and keep an eye on you." From both the Weyrhealer and Weyrwoman herself. She sets the little plate aside and takes up the little notebook from her pouch. "You rest and I'll write up my report." The girl offers a little smile "Perhaps when you wake, your friend will have gotten the messeges." A nod given at that beffore peering down top her notebook and scribbling.

Mur'dah rests, and though he doesn't sleep he does stay quiet, mulling over things in his own head and linking strongly with his lifemate. And slowly, over the next candlemark or so, memories begin to come back to him. "I remember Ka'el," he murmurs at one points, only to lapse into silence again. Fascinating him, as his memories seem to slowly trickle back in. One thing leads to another, to another, until he seems to have recovered all of his memories.

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