Shoe Times

Xanadu Weyr - Shells and Stars Weyr
Nestled between one roll of the hills and the next is a cozy cottage. The foundation is made of tabby cement, the rough-ground shells that make up its bulk still visible against the surface and giving it texture and depth - as well as the occasional hint of pink or nacre amidst the white and beige. Above that foundation, the wooden walls are painted white, and the overhanging eaves are strung with dangling seashells that sway in the wind and tap together like staccato chimes.
A path of shell-fragment gravel leads from the front door to the wallow set along the cottage's leeward side, the earth hollowed and shaped for a dragon's comfort. If there were two dragons, they could watch the waves on the lake and the front door at the same time; so long as there's only one, decisions will have to be made.
Around the back side, a fairly large back yard has been fenced off to the edge of the cliffs that overlook the Caspian Lake. Sturdy posts and wide wooden rails form a small and private paddock. Built against the back wall of the cottage, there's a single runner stall, stone-floored with a split door. It has an elevated hayrack built in one corner, a grain bin and water trough in the other. There's even an old runner-shoe nailed to the door for luck.

It has been a few days since the lovely lesson at the tavern, and at least one day since Idrissa ran into Ka'el and Soriana on the way back from the lake, where she left the two to talk. It is afternoon after lessons and Rissa is busy tending to her runner. Tarhyth is there stretched out within her wallow. RedFeather's is at his stall's door, tethered in place with a rope attached to his halter, one of his front hooves rests in a shallow pan filled with water. Idrissa is looking through a box of odds and ends that she has incase a certain runner goes about getting hurt.

It's a lovely day, too! Pleasantly warm, not too hot, not raining… really, nothing to complain about. Soriana went right on past her own cottage, today, continuing down the road until she made it to Idrissa's. She got a glimpse of Idrissa and her runner along the way, so she bypasses the door entirely and comes around to the back, climbing up to stand on the bottom rail of the fence and lean in as she gives a wave. "Heya!"

Idrissa blinks and glances up at the voice, she already caught wind that someone was on the way over thanks to a certain green dragon but she didn't press the matter enough to find out who. A smile is seen and she waves back. "Hey yourself. How goes it?" This questioned while she brushes off her hands and moves on over towards the fence. "Come on over, he won't bite." RedFeathers whinnes out at that, well he could but he won't.

Dragons make good early detection systems! Except when they're asleep. Or distracted. But still! Soriana grins cheerfully to Idrissa, and hops the fence readily. She just didn't want to invade uninvited, that's all! Now that she's got an invitation, she heads right on over. "Oh, I'm good," she says, and reaches out a hand to RedFeathers when she's close enough. Hiya runner, would you like muzzlepets today? Idrissa does not get those, but she does get a smile. "What about you?"

RedFeather's turns his head to snuffle out at the hand, which he noses against. Sure he does! It is attention after all. Idrissa grins and shakes her head a moment while she leans against the bit of stall for now. "Been alright. Dealing with his foot." A slight point is sent towards the hoof in the pan. "He got himself a slight abscess from that rock. Suppose I should start putting shoes on him again." For a while there she wasn't riding much after all.

Attention's a good thing, and Soriana gives it to the runner. Or, really, her fingers do. They know how to be nice to horses without her, and that leaves Soriana to pay attention to Idrissa. She nods, glancing to the runner again and then wincing a little. "Aww, poor boy. Well, you'll be feeling better soon." She gives him a pat and a smile, then looks back to Idrissa. "It's nice you've got this place for him, though."

Idrissa smiles and nods as she watches RedFeathers, she lifts a hand to give the runner a soft scratching pet across the neck. "Yeah he'll be fine, giving him a few days of stall rest and all." There is a pause and she nods while glancing over the area. "Yeah, an't it great?" This questioned with a happy tone. "This place is wonderful, got the stall for RedFeathers, and everything. Almost like someone knew it would be good for me."

Soriana nods easily. Of course RedFeathers will be fine! He's got Idrissa looking after him. "Nice view, too." She looks out that way, then back to Idrissa. "Heh. They were probably wondering and wondering what to do with the stable, and then you showed up and they were like… finally! We can give it to someone who won't just try to make it a second bedroom." She grins.

Idrissa chuckles at that and nods. "Yup! That must be it.. They was able to wipe there hands of it all." This said with an amused tone. Her gaze flicks over to the view and she smiles. "Yup, it's a great view, even inside." There is a pause as she glances up, oh someone else is coming, a messenger at that with something in his hands, like a box. "You expecting something?" Oh sure it isn't Soriana's weyr but Rissa just assumes it is for the other.

Well, yeah. That's how these things work! How else would Mur'dah have gotten the weyr he did? These are the dregs, foisted off on those poor hapless weyrlings who don't know any better yet… and never mind that Marel's weyr or Soriana's don't fit with that idea in the slightest. Sori nods, then glances down the path at the messenger. "It's your weyr," she notes to Idrissa with a crooked grin. "Mine's down the road. And I finished my paperwork today." Well. The paperwork for today. Paperwork is never-ending.

Idrissa glances to Soriana and looks amused. "Yes.. but.. I never get anything so that is why I just assumed it was for you." This said with and shrug as she turns to go talk to the messenger. There is a brief talk, and the box is offered to Rissa whom takes it after a moment. She walks back over looking a bit surprised as she eyes that box. Oh it looks a bit fancy, all nicely wrapped. As for the weyrs, maybe they threw everyone's name in a hat and just pulled those out like a game for who would be were. Or perhaps it was like darts, the names were attached to the dart and V'dim tossed it at a map with the empty weyrs and where the dart went is the weyr the weyrling went?

Darts? Nah. Too simple. The letters came from Jethaniel, after all. He probably did some form of… advanced structural fit assessment… where there's lots of seven-point scales and ticky boxes and rows and rows of instructions to go to line 87 unless 42a is greater than or equal to line 90, and never mind that line 90 can't be calculated without an extra sub-form and gets ignored unless - well. Soriana's glad she's done with paperwork for the day? And she's still only training! Imagine when - nope. She's not gonna. Don't wanna! So instead she'll savor her freedom and go to peek at Idrissa's package. It does look nice. Soriana grins, teasing. "Do you have a secret admirer?"

Indeed, boxes and papers, and checkmarks, oh the check marks! So many.. maybe like darts in a way? Idrissa is quiet while she chews on her lip, at the comment from Soriana she is clearly blushing. "Well.." In a way she does! "Maybe?.." There is another pause and she glances to Soriana. "I sort of have a date.." Sort of? She either does or doesn't, but this is Rissa nothing is /ever/ simple.

Maybe cooould mean 'I dunno,' but… it's got a blush with it. That makes Soriana arch a curious brow and give more of her attention to Idrissa. "Well?" she asks, then grins. Briefly. Only… "What do you mean, sort of?" She thinks about it, and almost frowns. "Is this just like… the getting it over with? Because of flights?"

Idrissa blinks at that and smirks. "No, nothing dealing with flights at all. He asked before that lesson.." Oh well she sort of let it slip there didn't she? RedFeathers leans over to get hold of a corner of the package and gives it a good tug to get at the wrapper, hey that looks interesting. Rissa is left swatting out at the runner and pulls the box back. "I don't think I could do that.." The thought of it makes her nervous, and squirmy.

"So you do have a date." Why, yes, Soriana caught that! She ambles closer, tucking her hands in her pockets casual like. She gives the box another glance before returning her gaze to Idrissa. She nods. "It's… shards, I dunno if it's a good idea or not. Just. Either way. Don't let flights be… the only thing you think when you think of sex, because it's as different as… firelizard-flights and kisses." Except, well. It's dragon-flights and sex, not that Soriana knows what she's talking about on that. And greens usually mature faster, besides, so… it's the blind leading the blind. Still. "Anyway. Who's it with?" Because she must know these things!

Idrissa chews on her lip and nods a moment to the part on her having a date, well yes that is true. At the rest she gives Soriana a slight look, watching her curiously. "I don't think of it like that.. I haven't given it any thought up until the other night." She has her reason for that too. With RedFeather's left pouting Rissa looks back to the box. As far as greens maturing faster than gold's, Tahryth is still Tahryth, forever getting into things, and licking people whenever she gets the chance. Maybe maturing with a dragon is different than with a person? At the question a glance is sent to Soriana, a soft ah escapes her. "A.. guy.." As opposed to a lady, or a runner, or a canine.

Up until the flights lecture, Soriana assumes, and she nods. "Just, think about it while you've got the chance." Before Tahryth rises and thinking becomes… briefly impossible. Which could be any day now, couldn't it? That's what the dragonhealing books say, anyhow. Soriana leaves it at that, for now, and her arched brow climbs higher at Idrissa's non-answer. "Should I start guessing names?"

Idrissa doesn't per say want to think of it, it makes her think of other things. Though she'll need to at some point that is for sure. "I suppose so." Soriana always was the one who had the right ideas. Though what if the books are wrong? There's plenty of what if's after all. She peers back at Soriana curiously a pondering if she should let the other go about guessing. "Who do you think it is?" Ah, she doesn't just come up and offer the name right off the bat.

Also the wrong ideas, sometimes. Really, Soriana's just got a whole bunch of ideas of all sorts. …which, apparently, she's going to have to use for guessing! Because Idrissa can't manage to actually say a name. "Well, I don't know, do I?" she says, and gives her head a shake. Okay, think, who could… "J'o, maybe?" The brownrider seemed kinda into her at one point. "Or…" oh, what was his name? That beastcraft apprentice who used to hang out with Idrissa, y'know… "Ren?"

Yes Soriana will have to guess! Well she was the one that brought up this whole idea for guessing now didn't she? Idrissa just peers at Soriana a few moments. "Not J'o.. We haven't really talked much lately." Well there was that whole Ka'el thing, and then there was the whole her impressing thing, so yeah. As Ren's name is brought up she just peers at Soriana a moment. "Ren has a girlfriend, so no date with him." Not that could stop many from doing the whole date thing if they so wanted to. She looks a bit amused that two tries and Soriana still hasn't guessed it. "What another go?"

Soriana just laughs, and shrugs. "If you don't want to tell me, you don't have to." Because there are waaaay too many guys in this Weyr for her to want to go through an exhaustive list! Not to mention all the other Weyrs of Pern. Does she even know this guy? Maybe not! So, she'll just shift to a different question, like… "You gonna open that?" She tilts her head to indicate the box, ever so pretty as it is, and looks up again with a grin.

Idrissa smiles a bit and ponders, a slight nod is seen as she looks to the box eyeing it. "If it helps any his not from this weyr." Well no that most likely didn't help any. Though she nods and soon goes about opening the box. The paper is slowly unwrapped so not to rip it, yes that would be Rissa, not wanting to rip the paper. With that done and out of the way she opens the box once she has set it upon a small table that has a few other things upon it. Inside the box is a black dress and shoes to match, the dress itself looks well-made and a bit fancy.

That kinda does the opposite of help, in fact. "Mmh," Soriana says, and pretends she doesn't mind not knowing. Nope. Not thinking about it, because there are how many riders that visit here every day? …a lot, that's how many. She could probably come up with a partial list if she really tried, but… no. That way lies madness. She'd rather go the way where she heads over to peek curiously at the box as it's opened, sliding back a few of the objects to make room. And inside… "Well. That looks nice!" She takes a moment to look at it, then back up to Idrissa. "…it's not Xanthius, is it?"

Idrissa blushes and nods while she looks at the dress before picking it up to look it over curiously. "It's really nice.. Never been given a dress before." There is a pause and she blinks before sending a glance towards Soriana. "What? Heck no." She makes a face at the idea and shakes her head before she looks back to the dress and set it down back in the box and picks up a note within. "It's… Well… It's Zi'on.." Ah yes, the one that there was talks of someone using a knife or two on, oh and there is something in the past about an arrow too.

Xanthius tried to give Idrissa a dress once! Only that didn't end up going so well. So maybe he tried again? But… apparently not. Soriana nods to that, and returns her gaze to Idrissa's present, watching as the other explores it. "Well, it'll…" Wait. Idrissa has answered the question. (Finally). Soriana looks up to her, and a frown tugs at her lips. "And…" Idrissa said yes, apparently. After refusing him so many times. But at least she's familiar with how to stab him if things go badly? Soriana doesn't seem reassured. "Be careful."

Idrissa doesn't like the person given her the dress, so that was not going to work well at all. Looks over the note and sticks it into her pocket before she looks back to Soriana. That look is seen and she ponders for a moment. "I did say yes." Just in case there was any reason for Soriana to think otherwise. Gave up saying no it seems, or perhaps she was just curious as to what Zi'on would do for such a thing as a date. "Well.. I plan on it. I think it'll be fine, just a date." Because she's had /so/ many of those in the past, not.

So she did. Soriana continues to frown slightly, and nods. The 'just' makes her frown deepen. "Yeah, well. Zi'on… he seems pretty used to getting what he wants." Like having the stew replaced! Or… demanding kisses. Or maybe demanding more than kisses? "And I bet he's been on a lot of dates." …and more than dates. "Don't let him push you around. If you're feeling like he's not listening… call Tahryth. And leave."

Idrissa does catch that frown, how could she not? She watches the other a few moments and tilts her head slightly. "I'm sure he is used to getting what he wants, and has been on plenty of dates." There is a pause. "Do you think I'd let him push me around Soriana? I wouldn't let him push me around. I'm not going to do anything stupid." A glance is sent to the dress and she tucks it back into the box. "Just was sort of nice to be asked out…" It's been a while after all, and the last time she was out on a so called date it was with Ka'el after all.

Well, Idrissa getting pushed around wouldn't exactly be anything new. How long did it go on with Jarse? And the thing with Ka'el where she just waited for him to decide. And the way Tahryth pushes her out in front of the class when she'd rather stay back. And the fact that it's an entirely plausible reading that Zi'on simply asked over and over and over until Idrissa said yes. And… …Soriana says none of these things. Instead, she purses her lips in an apologetic moue. "I'm not saying that. I'm just saying, be careful. It's… it is nice." She smiles. "It's nice to have a guy interested in you. Just…" She gives her head a shake. "It's not stupid if you want it." The very many stupid things one could want entirely aside. "Just make sure you want it, and you're not going on the date just for the pretty dress."

Idrissa shakes her head at that. "I'm not going on a date because of a dress, or because of anything else other then I wanted to go on it." Really, her in a dress.. That is strange thing to start with. As for being pushed around, well yes that is true, just about everyone and anyone could and can push her around to a degree. This thought is different, right. At least that is how she looks at it.

The dress may actually be a metaphor for… the date. And the date in this metaphor is… well. Soriana nods, though. "Good," she says, and smiles all the way. "So are you doing it here?" Near prying eyes? "Or going to Western?" Yeah, probably more likely. Though, it could be, "Somewhere else?" Because, hey. Now that she's delivered her grim warnings to Idrissa, she can pump for details! …ideally without having to play guessing games again.

Idrissa was never very good with metaphor's, so perhaps that is why she missed that one. Still in the end she wants to go on the date, and perhaps, just perhaps she has grown a bit interested in Zi'on. "Well.. Over to Western actually. I wasn't to thrilled at the idea at first but then I figured I should get past what hapepend. Haven't been back since that party." Yes grim warnings, have to like them!

"Western's a nice place." Stabbings aside, and Soriana's assured they only happen every so often. The Weyr's probably already used up its quota for the month, so it's safe. Well. Safe from stabbings, anyhow. Wanting a date for the sake of a date instead of the person it's with… but maybe Idrissa's interested in Zi'on after all. Soriana doesn't know! "Someplace fancy, looks like." Because those don't look like 'hopping on a runner' shoes to her. "Better brush up on which fork to use, huh?"

Idrissa doesn't mind the idea of getting a date, as she said it was really nice to get asked out after all. Still she isn't that type to just go on a date to go on a date, even if well there is a weyrleader being the one to ask her out. A faint smile is seen and she nods while eyeing that dress. "Yeah.. So it would seem that I would." There is a pause at the thought. "I don't remember what is for what though. I'll have to try and remember it all now."

Hey, at least now Idrissa's got a date with someone fancier than Soriana's date! Because weyrleader definitely beats out a mere weyrling bronzerider. Soriana laughs. "Work from the outside in." Generally speaking. "And if your date makes fun of you for using a fork wrong, stab him with it." Yeah okay so maybe that's not actually good advice, but that's why she's grinning as she says it!

Idrissa grins a moment, a soft chuckle escaping her at the thought. "Alright, yeah work my way in I'll have to remember it for sure." There is a pause and she laughs a moment at that. "Stab him huh?" Now there is an idea. "I think for sure he would arrest me if I even brought up such things. You going to come bail me out of jail if that happens?" Well she has to blame someone right?

Hmm. "Try not to get arrested. It's not really a part of dates, usually." And being unconventional is one thing, but Western's jails might not be the most comfortable places to spend the night. Not that Soriana's been in one, but… she's guessing, here! "But, if you do," she grins, "against my advice," her sage and wise advice, "get arrested… yes. I'll come bail you out. That's got to count for diplomacy practice of one form or another."

Idrissa grins a moment and nods, pondering that idea for a few moments. "I don't think Tahryth would like the idea of me being in a cell either." Could a green possible dig her out? Anything is possible at this point. A soft laugh escapes her. "You all but spurred me on with the thought.. It's not rolling around in my head so you best come bail me out or I'll make sure to say it was all your idea." Because who is going to believe her of such things? "Diplomacy practice… Lovely idea.."

"Probably not," Soriana agrees. "So don't do it?" She eyes Idrissa, though she's grinning as she does it. "Hey, I mean, if you have that little impulse control, maybe you'd better stay in jail! You can make friends with the roaches, maybe teach them a few dance moves and how to use little miniature forks…" Diplomacy! More or less. Really, any form of interacting with another human being counts as diplomacy in some way, shape, or form. Posting bail included, or so Soriana assumes.

Idrissa pauses and just peers at Soriana at the thought of her teaching roaches how to dance and use forks. A laugh escapes her once more and she shakes her head. "If I had that much of a thought I'd be in a lot of trouble I imagen." Really that would make her look like some crazy person, right? "Where would I get the forks for the roaches anyway?" This questioned while she eyes Soriana.

"From the storerooms, obviously!" Soriana gives Idrissa a 'duh' look, then grins. "But, if you don't want to go to all that trouble, I suppose you can just not stab anyone and stay out of jail in the first place. It's okay, I can find some other way to practice my diplomacy. You can just go and enjoy your date."

"So.. Is there often a stash of small forks in the storerooms?" Idrissa questions while grinning. That is an amusing picture, how would one order forks that small to start with? A slight nod is seen. "Well.. I just plan on enjoying my date so your have to wait for the whole diplomacy bit until next time something goes crazy I'm afraid."

"I'll bring you some of those forks," Soriana says. "But only if you don't stab anyone." Even though Idrissa was supposed to need them because of stabbings. It's complicated? …so's diplomacy. "Oh, there'll be something. Always is." Sometimes more complicated than others. "But it'll all be good." And, she hopes, so will Idrissa's date… even if there's a hint of a thoughtful and concerned expression flitting back onto Soriana's features. She tries to push it back and just smile. "You'll have to let me know how it goes."

Idrissa wiggles her fingers at the thought of getting the little forks, is she actually toying with the idea to train such things to use them? No not really, she is just amused over the idea. "I don't think anyone would be in danger if I pocked them with a fork that size." This said with a grin seen and she soon smiles, a nod caught. "I'll let you know.. Don't worry, Tahryth will be with me." The green won't let anything happen to her after all.

"Well, that's between you and the roaches." Soriana says lightly on the matter of miniature stabbings, then nods. "I know." It's true enough that Tahryth will be there. That's somewhat reassuring, but… not entirely so. Will the dragon recognize broken hearts and regrets in time? Maybe they won't have to find out. "Good luck." Not that Soriana's entirely sure what she means by that, exactly, but… "I should go make something for dinner." Yes, she said make! Not just grab from the caverns. Soriana's getting fancy, apparently.

Idrissa shakes her head at that and grins a bit. "Great.." The thought of dancing roaches with forks is still an amusing thing. As for Tahryth.. well, she might and then she might not. The green can be rather protective at times after all. "Oh.. cooking.. Nice. Have fun with that." A wave is seen while she turns to move back over to RedFeathers to check on his hoof. "If I smell anything burning I'll make sure to come check your weyr out."

"Something like." Maybe. Ish. Or maybe Soriana will just make herself a sandwich. "I'll try not to burn anything. Don't much like the taste of charcoal, after all." She grins, and waves. "Seeya around." With that, she hops the fence again and makes her way back around the cottage and back along the edge of the road toward hers. At least she manages to wait until she's got her back turned for the thinky look to settle back on her face.

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