Weyrwoman Meets Weyrling, Film at Eleven

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Beach

With a gentler slope to the water from the main beach and the way it is cut in like a cove, this is the most sheltered spot for bathing. The sand is the same white hue, there are just as many — or perhaps more — scattered shells. From here, one has a beautiful view across the lake, a scene more often tranquil than not.

The sun is past its Zenith, but still high in the sky and a cool breeze is blowing in off the sea. In the shallows is one of the Weyrling pairs, large, craggy Faraeth and young, undersized M'nol. M'nol has his shirt off, displaying his toned and tanned upper-body, and his hair trimmed shorter now, above the ears and neater as well. His well-used shorts are soaked through and his entire body is coated in water and soapsand as he scrubbs the brown's dark hide, the color of deep rich soil in the damp. Further out, Agate, Bloodstone, Tourmaline, and Jasper are sporting in the water, sending waves at eachother and generally having a firelizard good time. M'nol gives a shout as Faraeth sends another wave of water over him as he turns, "Oi! Watch th' water, y' don' wanna drown me!"

Eliting on the beach, the picture of grace, is the yellow golden Elinath. The petite gold somehow avoid tossing up much sand as she lands, simply touching down and crooning very shortly to the youngster, her tail snaking out like a giant tunnel snake, meeting the water and sending ripples of water in the general direction of M'nol, though she quickly places her tail well away from the water and lower her head, examining the new hatchling as her rider quietly dismounts. The woman that lands on the beach is dressed sharply, her leathers appear to be meticulously cared for and she wears a large stone around her neck. Head held high, back straight and stiff she wreacks of formality, though gives off a faint klah smell mixed with a light summer flower. Hair wavy and brushed perfectly into place, she walks forward, "Weyrling." She addresses him with a small, quick nod before gazing back at Elinath, eyes half glazed.

M'nol looks up at the gold lands slightly surprised, and forgets to salute for a moment, then Faraeth bugles a belated welcome and M'nol, jumping out of his skin, falls into the water, not that it makes him any wetter. Faraeth puts his nose out and M'nol uses it to hoist himself up, patting the brown's nose with a quiet, "It's okay, I'm no' mad." Only then does he turn to the gold rider and, grinning, give a smart salute, "Weyrwoman, can I help you?"

The clumsiness is not missed by Western's weyrwoman, she walks over, her white boots just outside of where the might get wet and says, "Weyrling." Taking off white gloves and tucking them in her belt, "The proper way to greet a visiting rider is to say Xanadu's greeting western and her queens. if the rider is from ista, then I you would say Ista and her queens." At the question of help she quirks a brow, lips tilting upwards slightly and tapping her well manicured nails on her pants, "Yes you may, I need to speak to one of your weyrwomen, I have a message of importance from our Weyrwoman, Rea, and if you feel capable can you point me towards where your feeding pens are. I would wait, but unfortunately Elinath and I may be forced to spend the night, if meetings last." Everythings very well anunciated, said with perfect clarity, loudly in a slightly high pitched, sassy voice.

M'nol nods, then speaks a tad more slowly than before, but his enunciation is clearer, "My apologies, Xanadu's greetings to Western and her queens. I haven't been attached very long and I'm still learning protocol." Faraeth nuzzles him softly, his eyes beginning to whirl more quickly, flecks of red/orange forming at the edges of them. M'nol pats his nose softly and strokes his eyeridges, laughing softly, "Don' worry, Farry, I don' think she'll eatcha." He shakes his head, still laughing a tidge, then nods to Ameera again, "I'll send Agate to find Thea or Niva." He gives a sharp whistle, the tone undulating slightly between two tones, and the blue in the distance perks and pops /between/ to M'nol's side. He strokes the blue a few times, staring deeply into his eyes, then raises his hand as Agate takes flight, then disappears /between/. "The feeding grounds are up a path further down the beach," he points to where it's barely visible in the distance, "and through a few open clearings. The path's better marked once you're off the beach."

Ameera holds stiff, her hand searching backwards and almost instantly meetin Mishath's muzzle, the warmth of her dragon seems to brighten her up as she tilts her head and nods. "Thank you, and.." Her eyes glaze and she peaks both eyebrows. "Do not take it upon yourself to find the Weyrwoman for me, I did not request of you and it was inappropriate, I realize you are young, but I wish not to have Xanadu thinking I can not find the Weyrwomans office, or that I need a meer boy to contact her." Sharp, severe tone, though she's very carefully calm and doesn't lose the high pitched sweetness. Glancing down the path she makes a small motion, "One my light, just one." Elinath's eyes whirl a grumpy red and she rumbles opening and closing her wings, almost like a tantrum. Ameera's face grows hard, "Not negotiating. ONE." And the gold takes off in the direction M'nol pointed though audibly grumbling.

M'nol takes a deep breath, leaving his hand on Faraeth's eyeridges for a moment, focusing. It wouldn't be good to yell at another Weyr's weyrwoman, right? Agate pops out of /between/ again, chittering success and, after M'nol gives a wave of his hand, returns to playing with the others. M'nol takes another deep breath before returning his calmed demeanor back to the goldrider, "I'm sorry, I misunderstood your request. No offense intended, but I found it odd that you appeared first on the weyrling area of the beach and thought you needed some help." He gives a curt bow, grimacing at the ground, but smiling again when he straightens, "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Ameera turns back, watching her lifemater and paying no attention to M'nol when he continues to speak she almost looks suprised, turning on her heels and acknowledging his words with a nod. "My lifemate requested to land here so she could view the dragonet, she has a unique interest in the young ones. I expect that you will not make the mistake again, and so you have learned something. Your welcome, oh, and by the way, excuse my lack of manners but I am Ameera rider of Gold Elinath and weyrwoman at Western Weyr." Giving a small bow, it's slight, and she flips her hair back and runs her hand over her side, smoothing her jacket. A small tap of her boots and she turns, walking down the path towards the clearing.

M'nol starts to bow again, but straightens to find Ameera walking away from him. He just gawks at her retreating form for a moment as Faraeth rumbles a little discontent. After a few beats the brown snorts and M'nol starts, "Oh, right, go rinse and I'll oil you again, Farry." The brown pads out to the ocean, cleaning the soapsand from his growing form.

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