Avaeth Checks on the Weyrlings

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks

A long and roughly oblong cavern, about a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.

It's afternoon and the dragons should, more or less, be awake. Feeding time was hours ago and now is additional oiling time. Avaeth is the first in the barracks and she's crooning a loving greeting to all /her/ little ones and settling down nearby so where she can watch them and Zevida's following shortly after, grinning all the way.

Faraeth croons back to his mother, but his body language makes his distrust of the others clear. He's separated from them by a good dragon-length as M'nol rubbs oil into his dark, glowing hide, being surprised as it begins to lighten as it dries. Faraeth's insistence on distance leaves M'nol shouting to the others. Just before Avaeth enters he manages to yell out, "I hope Cen's doing okay, wha' with no' impressin' an' then th' drinkin' an' all." He gives a sharp, oily salute when Zevida enters, "Weyrwoman, thank you fer visitin' our humble abode…" It would've been suaver without the accent…

Alosynth is watching the her clutch siblings as Kezi oils her up. Every now and then she looks back as if pointing out spots that Kezi moves to the spot. As Avaeth comes in Alosynth creels brightly, but she stays lying there. After all, it itches and Kezi's got the right spot, so she ain't moving. Keziah glances up and tosses out a salute, flinging a bit of oil accidently. Least it gets only on Alo who twitches her head as if trying to see where it went.

Nyunath seems quite calm, even closer to the other dragonets. He would be still as the desert stone if it weren't for the slight shifting of his wings now and again. Avaeth's arrival, however, changes that much. His head tilts slightly and he croons in return, tail lashing sideways to nudge against R'owan's leg. "Hey, easy there." He laughs, trying to straddle the long appendage to get it oiled. "Did she get herself properly sloshed?" Ro' asks, raising his voice in an attempt to get it to carry over to the miner, and then a lower comment to his dragon. "Alright, I need to see those wings." Nyunath twitches them, but remains still, watching the larger dragon. "Yes, you'll get big like that. Someday."

Avaeth lets out another croon as she moves to poke about the barrack curiously at each of her hatchings. Faraeth is first and receives a gentle nuzzle of her nose should the younger one not move away. Projected to the room at large, « How are you all? Clean, fed? » The ever curious mother shifts to greet Alosynth next, crooning and then venturing to Nyunath and gently nuzzling him as well. Each one earns an examination from the gold before she settles back, pleased. Zevida just laughs softly and nods at the Weyrlings. "And how are you all doing? Don't mind Avaeth, she'll be checking in quite a few times for a few months or so before she thinks they can handle being on their own with you lot."

M'nol grins to Zevida, projecting to Ro, "She was so drunk she threw a booze bottle at Sigam an' nearly tried t' figh' with me, too. It was pretty bad." Faraeth cringes a little, but does let his mother touch him before responding, «I am fed and mine is a good bather!» It is then that the pile of sopping wet clothes in M'nol's hamper come into view. It seems his worst fears have come true on that count. He favors Zevida with a second grin a slight nod, "It's good t' have vis'tors. It c'n get quiet here when all th' dragons're sleepin' an we don' wanna wake 'em."

Nyunath seems more than happy for the attention from his dam, his tail twitching once more before his rear end settles. "I just oiled that you know." R'owan commets, his face showing a momentarily exasperated expression. « I am well. We are well. » He replies with a happy rhythm that echos in the thumping of his tail. "Come on now, I need your wing." The dragon finally, reluctantly spreads the sunset sail so that his rider can start to oil it. "We're doing alright. Takes a bit of getting used to, though." He scrubs at one wing joint, peeking over the sail towards M'nol. "Not sure what's up with her lately." He shrugs.

Keziah gives a nod "Good." she replies, though she seems a little preoccupied. Course, it's gonna take a bit of getting used to havin' someone else there in her head. Alosynth on the other hand seems to have no such troubles « We are well. » the green projects as she follows the gold with her eyes. Kezi suddenly snorts and then coughs. "Sure." she doesn't elaborate on what must have been said.

Zevida lifts her brows slightly, "hm.. Well, glad I left the bar when I did then.. Not Impressing can leave one.. Empty and lost. I know Satoris would have done the same thing if I hadn't asked him to come talk with me." A sigh and she shakes her head before grinning at M'nol. "I remember how it was in Weyrlinghood. Though, I got into my fair share of trouble." A soft chuckle as Avaeth continues to watch her children with pride. « Good, that you are all fed and well taken care of. Good good. » She's pleased, to say the least, watching each one carefully. The Weyrlings get a smile from Zevida, and Kez earns herself a slight chuckle before she shrugs. "Cenlia'll get over it and go about her business. It's just getting used to the fact that.. It's over. I'm sure her lifemate'll be on the sands sometime."

Keziah glances up at Zevida "I think I'll the first to admit, that her lifemate could very well be out there still." she murmurs and smiles at Alosynth. She still from time to time looks a little shell-shocked. Though she has stopped pinching herself, especially after Alo started asking her why she was doing that.

"Makes me glad I didn't go to the pub at all." R'owan replies, shaking his head lightly from side to side as he does another once-over of his dragon's wing. He seems a little disheartened that his friend was taking things so hard. Of course, his concern echos to Nyunath who reaches over to nudge at the boy's side. "It's okay. It doesn't work like that." He smiles at the dragon, and then moves over towards the other wing. Dissatisfied with this answer, the bronze lifts his head. « Why did she not find her one? We have ours. » He stretches out his other wing, waiting for his rider, but his whirling eyes search Avaeth.

M'nol nods to Zevi, though he speaks to Faraeth, "Farry, spread yer wings, willya? I need t' oil those too." Faraeth snorts and M'nol gives him a somewhat joking glare, "D'ya wan' yer wingsails t' crack when y' ge' bigger?" Faraeth snorts again, but willingly spreads his wings, inching even further from the others as he does so, but allowing M'nol to begin oiling.

Zevida grins and nods at Kez. "You were also a candidate in my class, too. Glad you finally found her." Zevi's looking to Alosynth and examining her before she's nodding. "Fine one she is, can't say how glad I am for you." And to R'owan she nods, "and of you. Was glad to see you Searched, now you've got bronze." A grin and she's looking over his bronze as well and nodding her agreement to the pair. Avaeth tilts her head slightly, « because, little one. He or she was not there for her. Not in my eggs. »

M'nol sighs a little, working the oil into all of Faraeth's nooks and crannies, "I think her parn'ers ou' there, I jus' worry tha' she'll drink herself t' death 'fore she finds it an' then they'll both be 'lone." He moves on to the area under the wing and Faraeth makes a whining sound, causing M'nol to giggle, "He says it tickles."

R'owan's face turns a bit red as he rubs at the back of his neck, looking slightly sheepish. "Certainly wasn't expecting this guy to find me." He says in a lower tone, reaching his hands up to lift the dragonet's wing, which casts him into shade. "I'm glad, though. Just wish Cenlia were here with us." He admits. This, of course, causes Nyunath to stare towards his dam once more, tail twitching. « I don't understand. We are here. Why is her's not here? » The drumbeats of the dragon's mind pound heavier. "Easy, Nyu." He pokes at the hatchling's wingsail. "There can only be so many eggs at once. Otherwise the queens would all bloat up and we'd have to roll them around the weyr."

Alosynth lets out a sigh of relief as all the itches are found and fixed and then lies out on the ground, unmindful of the dirt the oil attracts. Kezi groans "I'm gonna have to clean you all over again. What do you mean why?" she laughs and then shakes her head as she flops onto the couch instead. Who needs the cot at the moment. She does nod to Zevida "I remember." she notes. Course, how could she forget that particular candidacy? Alosynth glances over towards Nyunath « When the little one is ready. They'll be there. Like we were ready this time. » Course, she's still little herself, but that's besides the point.

Zevida shakes her head, "doubt she will, M'nol, she'll get over it." A nod towards R'owan. "Don't think anyone expects it. I still remember my reaction with Avaeth. Saw her on the Sands when she hatched and was thinking: She's got some nice colors. Regrettin' not bettin' on 'er." An exact quote even, "then.. Next thing I knew, she was there.. Before me, wrapping me in her wings and all could say was her name. Shells, still such a big experience." Her head shakes and Avaeth tilts her head slightly. « Because, little one, like you match your rider.. None of your siblings matched her. But, one day.. One will. » R'owan's comment earns a snort from the gold and her wings ruffle. Keziah and Alosynth receive a laugh from the woman and she nods, "would be hard to forget. What with the feline attack…"

R'owan's usual boyish smile shows from beneath the shadow of his dragon's wing, working the oil in there. However, more-so than either of the dragon's explinations, the bronze seems to accept his rider's. He bobs his head just once. "I was so caught up watching Tali impress that I didn't even see Nyu until he was bumping me in the chest." He explains, emerging again from beneath the silvery-pink wingsail. "Totally missed seeing Kez or Mo—M'nol impressing." The little bronze seems content with his oiling, letting his wings fold backwards. "Sorry about that." He manages, running a hand through his tussled hair. "Any itchy spots?" He asks of the dragon, who simply stares at his rider as if that were an answer.

M'nol nods, "I hope so. I know there's a dragon ou' there fer her, bu' jus' as much as i' wasn' here, I don' think she was ready ye'. She's been too focused on goin' back t' th' garden. Sometimes she seemed t' wan' tha' more." He sighs, switching to the other side's wing, gently stroking Faraeth's eyeridges as he passes. Faraeth, sensing his bonded's distress asks, «Why is he sad? Shouldn't he be happy? He has me!» There's almost a proverbial chest-bump in the last comment. M'nol nods to Ro, "'Snot a problem, I doub' y'll be th' las'. I didn' see you 'press either an' I did almos' miss Farry here. I glanced a' wha' ended up bein' Ru — R'zel's brown an' suddenly he was there." Faraeth gives a discontented snort and M'nol pats his side affectionately, "Don' worry. I only had eyes fer you. I was jus' lookin' a' th' others t' see how nice they looked an' who theirs were, promise."

Alosynth shifts until she's sitting up, unmindful of the dirt stuck to the oil on her side and nudges Keziah who nods "That's true, you did have to get my attention didn't you." she wraps her arms around the green "None of us were paying as much attention." Then there's a bit of a sidelong glance at Zevi and she simply says. "Yeah. Them."

Zevida grins slowly, "yeah, the Hatching can be a bit.. Busy, so much going on. Even from the sidelines, it's hard to keep track. But, we had a good clutch. Great candidates." She's nodding proudly and Avaeth puffs herself up slightly. "Yeah, but.. It doesn't always happen the first time. It's hard to pay attention to just one dragon, too. Have to watch them all so you don't get mauled…" She's shifting to lean against Avaeth.

M'nol nods, finally getting out to Faraeth's wingtip, "Yeah, 'twas so confusing. It seemd like ev'rythin' happened all at once. Bu' D'son managed t' ge' m' whole family down. I didn' 'spect anyone more'n my folks. My li'tle brother go' picked fer th' newest wher clutch. I can' wai' t' here if he gets one. In some ways gettin' a wher's harder than 'pressin' a dragon."

Taking just a fingerdip of oil, R'owan reaches up and rubs it into one eyeridge, causing the bronze's first layer of eyelids to close in contentment. Even so, his mind still manages a small rumbling drumbeat like thunder towards Faraeth. « He cares. Mine cares. » Then, the bronze lowers himself down into a laying position, curling his feet underneath him before letting his mouth stretch in a wide yawn. "I can't argue with that. Most of my friends found lifemates. But it's bittersweet." He doesn't comment on why, but the boy flops himself into the dirt next to his dragon, taking a load off his feet for a moment or two.

Keziah continues to lay her head on Alosynth "It is a little sad knowing those that were left on the sands. I know how they feel." she murmurs quietly "It's not an easy thing, and I wouldn't say it gets easier as time goes on. You just deal with it differently." She hmms a little and then nods as she runs her hands along Alo "It's okay love. You came when you were ready. I didn't mean anything against you.".

Avaeth picks herself up and warbles a soft farewell to the hatchlings as she turns to leave and Zevida sighs. "Well, it was nice catching up with you. We'll be back in a day or so, I imagine." There's a wink and she's turning to leave as well. "Paperwork and the like." And off she goes.

Nyunath's head slowly lowers down, curling around his side as the contented feeling of being full and washed and oiled settles into him. Unfortunately, it also has the same sort of effect on his rider, who leans slighly against one bronze shoulder and mutters his own sort of yawn. He stays awake just long enough to watch Zevida leave, and then lets his eyes drift shut. "Think I'm going to catch up on some shut eye." His words slurr together a bit, obviously not having gotten much rest, not that any of them have.

Keziah is all but sleeping herself, even if she is leaning on Alosynth who is still on the floor. Course, after a moment, the dragon climbs up onto the couch and arranges herself next to Kezi "Sounds like a plan." she yawns and continues to hold onto Alo. There's an absent wave for Zevida and then she's asleep, the wave just sort of flopping down. Kerthunk.

M'nol waves partingly to Zevida as she leaves, putting the finishing touches on Faraeth's oiling before the brown settles into his couch with a quiet whumph, giving the other hatchlings an appraising look before resting his head in sleep. M'nol grins, nodding to Cen, "Yeah, I'm 'xhausted. Can' wai' 'til they c'n hun' fer themselves." He settles not into his nice clean cot, but instead into Faraeth's dusty couch with the brown, sighing contentedly.

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