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Xanadu Weyr - Clearing

A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a this and sharp border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the mountain where, high above, Xanadu's Star Stones and the ever present watchdragon sit on a lonely peak. Directly south is a massive tunnel, fully wide enough for even the largest dragon to fly down. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the Caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the Infirmary is a human sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Tavern. Southwest lies the low ledges currently belonging to Xanadu's queens while north and west a broad path cut by the side of the cliff leads to the Feeding Grounds and due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr.

While with Dhonzayth no longer tied to the Sands, L'ton has no official reason to be at Xanadu Weyr, it seems that he's here never the less. The tight quarters of Ista - the presence of all those refugees - is enough to drive even him crazy. For now, though, the blonde, long-time Weyrsecond of Ista Weyr is in the clearing with the brassy bronze Dhonzayth on this sunny morning, enjoying the chill in the air.

Jessamin trods silently out of the resident's quarters, a faint smile turning the former Candidate's lips upwards. While it does not quite reach her eyes, one is left to wonder if, perhaps on better days, such might be the case. A familiar, overflowing sewing basket is hugged against her slender form, both arms wrapped around it to prevent the contents from spilling. Three flits wing through the air in her wake, one brown, one blue, and one green, chirruping and trilling merrily in the chill air of morning at Xanadu. Her smile fades somewhat as her eyes light upon Dhonzayth, and she averts her gaze from the great bronze dragon. Her steps quicken, hurrying towards the Caverns unless she is otherwise stopped.

Its a gentle rumble from Dhonzayth the bronze's nose extended as that slender form goes hurrying away, the brassy bronze a bit confused as his tail snakes across the ground in an attempt to hamper her escape. L'ton's attention is caught as well, and he's joining in, a quick pace carrying him to her side. "Hey now, where ya off ta in such a rush?" He asks with a grin, reaching for the basket. "Lemme get that fer ya, looks heavy.."

Dhonzayth's tail is indeed successful in hampering her escape, sending her sprawling on the ground with a little "Oof!" Her basket is sent flying, colorful scraps of fabric and varied sewing notions strewn across the ground in front of her. Humiliation is bad enough, but when it is the bronze rider one faced on the Sands just a day or so before…. "It's alright, I had it in hand." Jessamin's voice is muffled a bit as her face is to the earth; she pushes herself up, drawing her knees beneath her so she is at least not sprawled in a very embarrassing manner.

The sound Dhonzayth makes then is a rather pathetic one, the bronze actually looking apologetic, dropping his head to the ground near Jessamin, one faceted eye lidding as it whirls with touches of gold and orange. "He says he didn't mean ta trip ya, just ta keep ya from running away.." L'ton murmurs, moving to help Jessamin right herself, blushing a little himself, before he's busying himself scooping up the various escaped pieces of fabric and notions. "Ah.. Ah really am sorry ta.."

Jessamin offers L'ton a bit of a smile, tucking escaped locks of honey-gold hair behind her ears. She reaches out to gently scritch Dhonzayth's eyeridges, trilling softly for a moment. "It's alright, I shouldn't have been hurrying away like that." Try telling that to her flits, however. Their jaunty song has changed quickly into something distinctly annoyed, even a bit angry, as they settle on the ground a short ways away from their larger cousin. "Guess things are still a little fresh. I'm sorry for running."

Dhonzayth croons softly at the scritches, golds and oranges turning first to green, then to contented purples. Eyes slowly lid as the dragon tunes out the angry sounds of his smaller cousins, though L'ton keeps an eye on them just in case. Quietly, he watches the seamstress, nodding at her words. "Ah.. Ah know it can't be easy, but it'll be alright. Besides, this way ya aren't stuck in the with the Weyrwoman's daughter." L'ton tries to joke a little to cheer Jessamin up, leaning to tap her nose as if she's a child. "Ya have plenty of time infront of ya yet, ya know?"

The calmness of their greater bronze cousin calms Jess's flits down considerably, more so when they see she is unharmed. A stray piece of bright yellow cotton catches their attention then, which they nip at as it flutters in a chill breeze. "True. I think I won a bet on that, actually. One mark saying she'd Impress green." Her smile widens at the thought, and she chuckles softly. "It'll do my heart good to see her doing some honest to goodness work for a change." She lets her hand move reluctantly away from Dhonzayth, and pushes herself to her feet; bits of grass and dirt cling to her skirt and tunic shirt, which she tries to brush away. "I know there's plenty of time. Been this route once before." She looks up at the rider then, tilting her head to one side. "Name's Jessamin. And you are…?"

Dhonzayth croons a little bit more as Jessamin's hand leaves his eyeridges, eye slowly opening again to peer at her, leaving himself sprawled out on the ground. "Ah'm sure it will. Ain't sure how she ended up so spoiled, Ah mean, my lil Zip, she's daughter of the Weyrsecond and ain't no where near that bad!" He waves a hand, and leans to pick up Jessamin's basket for her. "L'ton, and Ah'm sure ya know, but he's Dhonzayth." A pause and a chuckle. "He says hello again.."

Jessamin spares a bow for rider and dragon alike, the formality of the past days not yet worn off. "A pleasure to meet you both, though I never expected it to be away from the Sands." A croon of dismay is ill-hidden, as a tear near the hem of her top becomes painfully apparent to the seamstres. "Shards, that'll have to be fixed soon." The talk of family has her smile fading somewhat, though she is at least distracted from the state of her clothing. "Weyrsecond? Of which Weyr?"

Even the lightest steps are accompanied by the jangle of anklets as Lissi makes her way through the clearing, having parked her /ride/ a ways away. The green follows with equally dainty steps and swish of tail, much like the rider's skirt, swaying with her natural gait, what a pair. The greenrider brightens to see L'ton and Damasth certainly croons a greeting for the bronze then Lissi lifts a hand to wave, smiling at Jessamin as well, "Hi, love," she says to the bronzer, then a nod and, "Hi there," for the girl as well.

"Of Ista.. or, rather formerly of Ista. Ain't no more, ta many other things that keep me from doing them justice.." He murmurs, with a slow nod. "And, with all them extra people there now, ain't no fun ta try and be organzing that. Ah dun envy them one bit." He says, before the sound of bells and a familiar voice has his attention turning, and he's looping an arm over the greenrider's shoulder. "Hey love.." He murmurs, before glancing from one to the other. "Lissi, love, this is Jessamin. Dhon's a klutz, and sent her flying.." L'ton says with a grimace, before nodding back to Lissi. "And, Miss Jessamin, tis Lissi, my 'mate."

Jessamin bows also to Lissi, offering the other woman a smile. "Well met, both of you." Even as she reaches to pluck her sewing basket from L'ton, she stiffens, at the mention of Ista and the troubles there. Her voice is low, taking on an almost startling intensity. "How bad is it there? I've heard some rumors, but with the Hatching and all, not much definitive."

Loeashia is taking her time as she heads down from the meadow. Mainly because she's looking around and getting the lay of the land. She spies a small group of people in the clearing, one of them with a sewing basket. Well. Then talk of Ista reaches her ears and there's a bit of a frown that crosses her face "Things still bad out there?" she asks as she closes in on the group.

Lissi snuggles up to L'ton's side and smiles, one arm curling at his middle for a fond embrace then she looks to Jessamin and offers a hand. "Nice ta meet ya Miss Jessamin," she says, her eyes upturned, expression open and friendly. The expression dampens somewhat at the mention of Ista's troubles and she rests a hand to L'ton's back, brows furrowed, "I havena heard either.." she says, her gaze shifting to her 'mate as she waits for him to answer. Her head turns to the new voice and she smiles in greeting but then nods a little and makes a sort of cringing face, glancnig to the bronzer.

"They… They're still working but… Tis been a few days, ain't.. much hope for them that are still missing, ya know? But… Ah've heard that it would have been worse, if'n it had been at Ista Hold itself…" L'ton offers solemnly, frowning, and squeezing Lissi's shoulder. A glance is stolen back at the young woman before he's slowly offering her the backet back. "Do… Do ya have family there?" L'ton finally asks slowly, bracing himself for the answer.

Jessamin just shakes her head. "Not any longer. My father passed in a runner accident a few Turns back. Between that and my younger brother missing, my mother didn't have the heart to go on for long after." She sighs softly, glancing back towards the Hatching Arena. "There was nothing more to keep me at Ista then. It's as well I was Searched to come here. But with all that's happening there… it's hard to ignore."

Loeashia gives a little nod to Lissi in return and her attention is on L'ton. Or well, his words. She shakes her head a little "No major aftershocks?" she asks after a moment "I couldn't find anyone who knows. Those at the Weyr though, they're safe. Right?" she asks.

Lissi sighs a little and nods as L'ton explains and her frown softens as she listens to Jessamin talk of her family, or lack thereof. "Sorry ta hear that.." she says quietly, then she nods to Loeashia, "S'far as I've heard.." she says, a brow lifting toward L'ton, he likely has more up to date information. Damasth gives a quiet croon and then sidles up to Dhon and Lissi glances to the pair, grinning, before her attention goes back to present company, human company anyway.

Dhonzayth's head lifts to nuzzle the little green, content again, having lost those coveted scritches, though this is certainly an appropriate substitute. "Aye, me ta, Jessamin, losing one's family ain't easy.." He murmurs, and then glances over his shoulder at Loeashia, shaking his head. "Ain't no major aftershocks. Rumbling, aye, and some lil ones, but.. nothing near as bad as the first. So fer, ain't nothing wrong with no one at the Weyr but short tempers from tight quarters."

Jessamin almost reaches out to scritch Dhonzayth's eyeridges again, but pulls back once she sees he's found attention from the green. Instead, she cradles her sewing basket closely, sparing a glance towards the ground where her three flits nip and tear at the bit of yellow cotton that has become their toy. She cracks a little smile, recalling another incident involving flits and fabric, before returning her attention to the three riders. "If that's the worst that's happened, a few short tempers, then they're fortunate. But what of the Holds?"

"Oh blast.. I'll be back in a minute…" Lissi murmurs, her eyes following a young man toward the caverns. "I gotta ring fer him.. and I need ta catch 'im before he takes off again.." she explains as she pushes up to kiss L'ton's cheek then turns and grasps her skirts, running. "B'net!" she calls out, skirts and long hair trailing out behind her.

Loeashia purses her lips and frowns "I heard one hold is completely gone." She shakes her head "All those lives lost." she starts to say and then Lissi's sudden departure makes her lose track of her train of thought. Again with the headshake, more for herself than anything.

"T'would be worse if'n it weren't summer. Lots of 'em sleep outdoors, anywhere they can, ta try and stay cool.." L'ton comments softly, blinking as Lissi goes running off, before looking back at the other two women, a slow nod. "Aye, they're *all* in the Weyr now. Shards help us if'n one of them golds decides to take off.. though, might help them start repopulating, even if'n Ah'm not sure where they'll go." Dhonzayth nudges the green before he's snorting softly at Jessamin again - never too much attention.

"Why, you little attention seeker!" Finally, a laugh is drawn from the seamstress, Dhonzayth's demand for a good scritching met in full. She keeps her basket tucked in one arm, and reaches out with her other hand to pay due attention to the great bronze. A glance in Lissi's direction is spared, along with a shrug, before a bit of a nudge draws her attention back to her scritching duties. She shivers a little at the mention of golds rising. "It's not when the golds take off. It's those days and weeks -before- that you have to worry about. If tempers are short now, I wouldn't want to be there then!"

Loeashia can't help but snerk a little "Oh yeah, the way them golds broadcast and them holder folk not being used to it?" she smiles and then she watches the bronze and then nods to Jessamin "Well, depends on the gold rider as well." she notes and then chuckles. Course, then there's your green riders. Them males, worse than a ram in a pasture full of ewes sometimes."

Dhonzayth just makes a happy rumble, the sound reverberating through his body even as his tail remains twined with the green. L'ton chuckles softly at the mentions of the golds rising, and the time leading up, with a nod. "Aye, some of 'em are done right beasts going inta it too. At least with a green ya can sorta tune them out. Though, did take some getting used ta… Maybe its a good thing the rest of us are stuck together instead of with them." Awkward!

Lissi wanders back from the caverns at a slower pace than she went in, grinning as she sidles up to L'ton again. "There now.. business handled.." and she pats her satchel. "Sorry 'bout tha' but I'd rather nae have to track him down later."

Jessamin's cheeks are pinkening somewhat, with the talk of dragons in flight in such a way. Evidently, she hasn't been… immune. But, this does not keep her from her duties, in which her flits now begin to take part; leaving off with their fabric scrap, the blue and brown crow-hop over to Dhonzayth, while the little green makes her way over to her larger, leaf-hued cousin instead, with mincing little steps. Aren't we both beautiful, she almost seems to say. Jess can only shake her head. "Careful there, you lot…"

Loeashia chuckles "Yeah, it was something to get used to. I'd forgotten. It's been so long since I was first exposed." As if it was an illness or something. Though perhaps it could be. A glance for Lissi "Certainly saves time." she notes.

Isn't it, in a way, an illness? Uncontrollable reactions and all… As Lissi rejoins them, L'ton grins, ruffling her hair a little and looping his arm, even as he winks at the blushing Jessamin. "Ah, see! The Holder knows… Ah bet ya'll a mark each that come next summer, them holders be popping out babies left and right.." The conversation a little lighter, he shakes his head at Lissi, "Na worries.."

Lissi grins some at the little flits and smiles up at Jessamin, "Damasth won't hurt 'em, she's used ta mine.. and a playful lass herself.." she says with a nod, and to prove it the pretty green lowers her head and whuffles toward the blue and brown. A brow lifts toward Loeashia, "Exposed..ta.." and she looks curious, then almost childlike as the bronze plays with her hair, a hand lifting in protest. "Took me a long time ta get it jes right.." and she grins, "Ok so I dinna really work on it but.. still.." she says as she reaches up for his hand as the arm drapes, lacing fingers with his.

The blue and brown are a bit closer to Dhonzayth, but not so far off from Damasth so as not to have their wings pushed back a little by that puff of breath. The little green dips her head near Damasth's eye, tilting it this way and that as if to follow the swirling hues. It's rather comical sight, especially when the little flit flops to the ground, as if made dizzy by her efforts. Jessamin squirms just a bit at that wink, her lips curling upwards and her basket pulled to her just that much tighter. "I don't suppose any of you would be able to point me towards someone in the Weaver craft? I'd rather not sit about idle while waiting for the next clutch on the Sands."

Loeashia chuckles softly "Exposed to Weyrlife, golds flying and the feelings that seem to overwhelm you. Course, it gets easier over time." Then her attention is on Jessamin "Weaver craft? Well, I'm sure I can help you with that." she notes with a smile "What are you needing?"

Dhonzayth is intrigued by the little brown and blue, snorting at them just a little, staring at them with an odd look on his face, turning to stare at Damasth instead then. A laugh and a shake of his head, and L'ton looks back at Lissi, smiling, and giving her shoulders a squeeze before fingers are folded. "Not that two ta prolly care anymore, anyway, with yer greens." Yes, L'ton cheated and asked Dhonny for Loeashia's 'mate.

Lissi giggles some at the littler green then nods at Loeashia, "Oh aye.. can be verra confusin'.." she says, agreeing. She leans into L'ton and grins, squeezing his hand, "But, it gets better.. did fer me anyway.. she's risen twice.. first time was dern near chaotic.." and she laughs.

Jessamin looks away from L'ton and Lissi, instead focusing her attention on Loeashia. "Well… I know there'll be other chances at Impression, but I'd rather make good use of the time on my hands learning more about the Craft. I'm just not sure who to ask." A stray breeze blows a few errant locks down in her face, which she promptly tucks behind her left ear. "Maybe you could point me in the right direction?"

Loeashia hmms a little "Well, I could teach you things." she notes "I am a journeyman in the craft. Though I do more weaving then most other things, but I know the basics." There's a smile for L'ton "Oh, not really. Not anymore." she chuckles "Course I've also learned to be around those I don't mind being with and all."

"Shardin' greens.." L'ton says with a wink to Lissi and Loe, before the other two dissolve into talking about Weavers and Weaving. A shake of Lissi's shoulder, and he leans. "Hey, there's someone ya should meet. Ya'd probably like her, ta.." And he moves to steer Lissi away, after a polite nod of his head to the other two. "T'was nice ta see y'all. Remember, miss Jessamin, just keep yer chin up.." Dhonzayth croons softly, echoing his rider's tone.

A sweet smile is directed at Jessamin, even if she isn't much looking at Lissi and the greenrider nods her head, "Good ta be workin' and doin'.. when ya mate finds ya they find ya.." she says with a nod, it's that simple in her mind. She looks up to L'ton and gives him a curious smile, "Oh aye?" she asks then she's waving to the other ladies, "Nice to have met ya'll.." and she followes her 'mate.

Jessamin waves to Lissi and L'ton as they depart, a smile for both upon her face. "Nice to have met you both, and I'll remember that." She shifts a little bit uncomfortably, before turning back to Loeashia. "That'd certainly be a start. There's some I picked up from my mother before she passed, enough to make something of a living. But not as much as I'd like to know, right from square one." She tilts her head thoughtfully. "Where do you think I ought to start, then?"

Loeashia waves at L'ton and Lissi "Nice meeting you as well." she replies and then turns her attention back to Jessamin "Well, first question are you wanting to be a Weaver or just pick up skills and such?" she asks after a moment "I can teach you either way, but the latter doesn't include craft secrets."

"Just pick up skills? Thanks, but if I'm going to put the time into learning, I'm not doing this half-hearted." Her smile broadens somewhat, her mood lightened further by the prospect of moving forward in -something-, even if it's not on the way to being a rider. "It'd be a waste of my time and yours if I weren't to be a Weaver. And frankly, I'd welcome the challenge."

Loeashia gives a nod "Well, I'm glad my worries about wondering what I was going to do with myself after closing up my shop were for nothing. Thank you for that. So, we just need to get you set up in the craft then." she notes as she looks Jessa over "How many turns do you have girl?"

Jessamin says "Eighteen turns. Never too old to learn." And, if Jessamin's needle-pricked fingers are any indication, her years have not been idle ones. "What needs to be done to be set up in the craft?"

Loeashia chuckles "Wasn't gonna say you were too old to learn, more like you're old enough that you shouldn't be a nuscience. Well, to keep it formal, should send of a letter to the Masters." she notes and then scratches her head "Should tell 'em I'm taking you under my wing as well. Ain't much had time for an apprentice, but I think it'll work out. Course, there's other weavers here I've been told, so perhaps you may wanna work under them instead. Best bit would be to pick everyones brains that'll let you."

Jessamin nods slowly, taking in everything that is said. "I think one of the junior Weyrwomen here has Weaver roots, but I'm not sure if she's formally of the Craft. I could ask her advice as well." She nibbles her lower lip thoughtfully. "Other than that, I haven't run into many formally of the Craft, truth be told. It was starting to get more than a little bit frustrating." She nods again, at mention of a letter. "Is there anything you'll need to know to be able to tell the Masters? I'm not too sure how this goes."

Loeashia hmms a little "What prior training you have had. Makes it easier and such to know that kind of background. That way can move on quicker. And though it's not neccasary at this point. If you've an idea on what you want to focus on." she says after a moments thought. "Oh, and your name, Jess something, wasn't it?" she asks. She wasn't paying that close of attention to L'ton addressing the girl "And I'm Loeashia, though, you can call me Loey if you wish, and my green, who is currently napping is Marisalath."

"Just what my mother's taught me over the years. She was a seamstress at Ista Weyr up until just before she passed. I guess you could say there's something of a gap in my training. Working with the fabric after it's created is one thing, but I've no clue about the rest." Jessamin chuckles softly, with a bemused shake of her head. "Jess is fine, though my name's Jessamin. As for a focus… well, I know I've got something of a passion for quilting, but I wouldn't mind learning more about dyeing and fabric printing and design and such. The technology's here, and it only makes sense to learn everything you can."

Loeashia gives a nod "Well, I can certainly help you with those, and even teach you some tricks of having the printing coming from the weaving. Takes more time, but it's well worth it in marks when done well." she notes with a smile. "I've some examples that are likely on their way here. Sold them about a sevenday ago to a trader who had a client here in Xanadu that was wanting something like it. He's a few days out from what I understand. Though they're spoken for, he generally doesn't mind showin'"

Jessamin grins widely now, the anodyne of taking on a new challenge doing its work upon her. "Should be interesting to learn. Probably more durable in its way than other sorts of printing." She tilts her head thoughtfully, taking a moment to rummage through her basket; the piece of fabric she withdraws is saturated with a deep goldenrod hue, with crackled, veiny, random swirls printed on it in white. "I haven't seen much fabric like this. This came from something one of the aunties left when she passed. Found it in storage when the Candidates were looking for their robes. Do you know how something like this could be made?" In another time, in another place, something like that might have been called… batik.

Loeashia takes a close look at the fabric and then gives a nod "I know a bit about it. It's a dying technique. What's done is you put something on the fabric, in the design that you like, usually using wax, but there's a paste as well that works wonders and it prevents the dye from absorbing into the fibers. Generally, you're working with multiple immersions and reapplications to get the design you like." she notes "It can be time consuming, but makes for some beautiful fabrics."

Jessamin nods, looking at the fabric in her hands with new fascination. "I bet it does. I could just imagine a length of fabric done with that kind of technique, with flits or dragons swirling around on it for the pattern." She smiles, gingerly folding the scrap, humble though it is, and putting it back in her basket. "This is just making me evem more sure that I'm making the right call, looking to enter the craft."

Loeashia smiles "Course, there's also ways of using something very much like a stamp, though it's more like it's on a tube or a roll. You keep the designs themselves covered as the fabric is moved through. So you can get long sections done fairly simply and then you dye it. Course, sometimes things get missed or not applied wuite as well, but it just gives it character. Some people will even use thread and such to prevent the dyes from seeping in." she notes and then she's glancing towards the meadows "Ahh, Marisalath is up and she's complaining her bracelet itches. You'll have to excuse me." she notes as she turns to head towards the meadow again.

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