So You Think You Can Dance?

Xanadu Weyr - Harpers' Workshop

Through the labeled double doors is this spacious cavern set aside for the Harper craft. It's been completely sound proofed inside and out, but even after hours sometimes you can just pick up muffled voices in song, or instruments being practiced of someone burning the midnight oil. Inside, the large area has been divided up into several smaller places, also behind doors and have been sound proofed. A library of books and records stand upon the many shelves to the left, containing such content as music and Pernese history, law, and even sheet music. There are several access points at the long tables here for laptops to connect to data bases all over Pern, as well as to plug them in for a recharge. Long rows of chairs are pushed up against them. Silence here, is required.

Along the back wall is yet another space, and behind the double doors is a classroom for the practice of Storytelling. The chairs here are comfortable and upholstered, pillows are available as well for sitting on the floor. A projector is available for visual aid, with a white screen that pulls down should anyone need it.

The final space to the right of the entrance is likely the largest. All along the longest wall instruments hang free or on shelves for anyone of the craft to use. Guitars (both acoustic and base), flutes (including recorder and reed), violins, and lap harps. There is a few drum sets, and some standing harps as well. There are stands for music, benches for sitting, and even a corner where repair and maintenance supplies can be found.

The harpers' workshop has been decked out for a party. Bright wall-hangings decorate the room, and the tables and most of chairs have all been put into storage to open up the dance floor. A few chairs are set up around the edge of the room, for those too tired to rest their feet a moment before joining back in. At one end of the room, a low stage holds the hall's harpers; at the moment, as people arrive, they're playing a sprightly tune designed to draw a crowd. There's a table by the door with a bowl of punch and some cups, and the doors to the main crafters' area outside stand open. Out there are more tables, more chairs, more drinks, assorted snacks… and old people. The sort who just stand together and talk instead of doing anything interesting. Things are much more fun in here!

It took ka-el little to no time to get dressed for the dance. After the day's work, he washed away the grime of the forges to make himself presentable for the evening. It was his darn hair that gave him trouble, for he had (and still has) no idea how to style it other than wake up, give it a few finger combs, and be on his way! He had a little help with that, and now here he is! Meeting up with Soriana seemed like the easiest way to go, for if he had to go to her weyr, knock on her door, see her mom and dad…well then that'd just really seem like a /date/ date and not just a simple date like this is. Two very different things! As he meanders in, he doesn't see the faces of either of his friends. He's early! Great, that'll give him time to chow down on snacks and punch! And so, like 14 year old boys of all time periods when put in such a situation of a social dance, he makes his way to the food.

Idrissa is there! Well she did say she would be after all. She tucks a bit of hair behind her ear as she glances one way and then another with a curiously look. A soft breath escapes her and she shifts to lean back a bit more upon the wall that she is holding up. Her hand nervously picks and pulls at the shawl that rests around her waist as it is something to work on keep her mind off this dance thing, right? She lets her head lower slightly, a few curls falling back in front of her face. And no, she never said anything to Xanthius about going back to him either! Which she an't!

More like Kale would see Soriana's mom and mom's dragon, since it's not like she's done as much as seen for father for, oh, years now. About all he ever gave her were two letters worth of his name. Still, she agreed to the plan of just meeting Kale at the dance easily enough, on account of she had a few more things to take care of first. Like… something to wear! The blue-on-blue ensemble was deemed unsuitable and also dull, so she talked her way into a last minute trip to Ierne and an allowance from her mother to take care of the problem. Ierne's market has many, many pretty dresses, but somehow… none of them quite spoke to her. Maybe it was some lingering effect of Xanthius' scorn tickling her defiant streak, or maybe it was just her own inclinations, but she's ended up in a form-fitting purple jacket and black pants instead of anything skirty. Just as much of a tomboy as ever? Well… sort of. Fitted garments can do wonders, and somehow, the outlines of her in jacket and pants make her seem far more feminine than before while also evoking the wher-hided rider about to leap atop a dragon. It's a good look on her, though as she makes her way through the outer room, there's a slightly uncertain look on her. She's attracting more eyes than usual, and the teenaged girl's not quite certain what to think of that. In one hand she carries a small yellow paper box with a ribbon handle - another thing she got at Ierne. She glances inside the dance hall, seeing the harpers at play with a smile, then looks around in more detail. Where is… oh. There's Kale. He's got his back to her, at the moment. Maybe she shouldn't… no, today's no different than any other day, except for how it's totally different in every way. She can totally talk to him. Easy. She'll just… well, for a start, she heads toward him. No use shouting, that's all.

Kale carefully dips the ladle into the punch bowl and lifts it to pour the liquid into the glass. Carefully. Carefully! One wrong move and it's splashtown all over his shirt! Luckily, Kale successfully pours himself a glass without spilling anything, and the ladle is set back down in the punch as he raises his glass to admire his work. Ha! Not even a drop spilled. A small yet self satisfied smirk lifts the corners of his mouth. Ah, he can so do this. Make it through the night without soiling his shirt? Piece of cake! It's a good thing that Sorianna didn't call out to him, for that surely would've been the end of his self gloating of having a mess free garment. He brings his cup to his lips to drink as he turns around to eye the main portion of the room again. Older teens dance. Harpers play. Younger teens about his age do the same thing as him, sit back and watch. And Sori! Maybe. He blinks and peers out from over the rim of his cup to who he thinks is Soriana. It is her…but far more…girlish. Weird! The cup is slowly lowered from his face as she gets closer. Er. Why is he feeling like he's watching a predator approach? He glances left (for an escape?), and…Oh look, it's Idrissa over there all by herself! All by herself? "Hey Soriana," he greets, attention back to her. "You look…nice."

Idrissa happens to be near a window and peers outside of it curiously. Her arms folding before her losely and she takes in a soft breath feeling rather out of place to say the least. Where is Soriana and Kale? Not like she was really going to bother them, as it is /there/ night but it would be sorta nice to see her friends! An while Soriana had the ability to go to Irene Idrissa made her things workable! Which she actually has to admit doesn't look half bad, or perhaps this is just her thinking as she has never dressed up like this before. She was even half tempted to dress Asher up and bring him, though she thought against this at the last moment with a whimpering and whine dog left behind at the stables here she is.

"Hey," says Soriana back to Kale as he greets her. If he feels like a predator approaches, why does she feel like she's just about to pick up a poison tunnelsnake and doesn't know which end the fangs are on? She seriously does see him every day. Though, not with his hair like that she doesn't - even if, by and large, he does look like his usual self. At the compliment, she smiles. "Thanks." Uh, uh, what now? This occasion requires conversation of a dance type, not just their usual banter. What does she even say? Why is Soriana, of all people, speechless? "Have… you been waiting long?"

Kale holds the rest of his punch, forgetting to drink the rest. Or maybe he shouldn't be drinking right now anyway because it's rude to drink something when someone else doesn't have anything to drink. Wait … should he offer to get her a drink too? Is that what dates do on…er, dates? Where's the How To book for this?? So the silence stretches. Him looking at her. Her looking at him. Til she asks the question. Oh good! Something to say! "Not really. Just a few moments really. They've done up the place nice, huh? I don' come in here much…uh, at all really. But I've seen it before, an' it's not like this." He grins a bit, then glances to his cup, seemingly remembering the offer that he might supposed to make right now. "Y'want somethin' to drink?" he asks, offering her his cup because pouring her her /own/ drink would be far too reasonable and his brain is not functioning in a reasonable way at the moment.. "Idrissa's here. We should go say hi or somethin' before her date gets here."

Idrissa would love to look into that book once Kale is done with it! Her gaze flicks around and then up towards the bit of sky she can see, hey it's a bird! Perhaps.. perhaps she should leave? Well it is a thought that has crossed her mind, hand lifting to rub across her neck a few times. She soon turns and catches sight of Soriana and Kale a moment later. She ohs softly as she looks over what Soriana has on and then eyes her own clothing which makes her tug at a free thread on her shirt. Pondering a moment she takes in a breath and moves towards her friends, a smile seen and she soon waves towards them. Though she still isn't close enough to speak with them.

Oh, okay. Soriana nods. "Yeah, it is nice. They've really… done something… with it." Yes. They really have. Oh, a drink? Sure, of course she wants a drink, because… there are drinks! Here. A big bowl of drink(s). Also, one in Kale's hand. "Uh, sure," she says, and reaches up for it with the hand that's holding the box. Erp. Other hand. Once the drink is taken, she offer the little yellow box to Kale. "Here. But don't open it 'til after," she says, before going oh at the mention of Idrissa and looking around for her. Ah, there she is! Fingers are wiggled, and she glances back to Kale. "Yeah. Well. She… doesn't have a date, exactly."
Wait. A gift? Kale saw that box in her hand but assumed it was some sort of accessory. Like a handbag or … something. Girls tend to carry things around and wear stuff just because. Like shawls and hats and earrings and random things like that. There's a moment of panic. "We didn't say we were gonna get .. gifts for one another, did we?" Did he forget? Was he supposed to give her something? Is that the custom here? Did he mess things up somehow? Is she angry? Does she not want to be friends with him anymore? Is it hot in here suddenly, or is it just him? The box that he holds in his hand is eyes with a mixture of curiosity and wariness, and so worried about it is he that he nearly doesn't register what Soriana said about Idrissa. but he does, eventually. "What? Sure she has a date. Xanthius is her date…isn't he?"

Idrissa turns about a few time trying to avoid some that are dancing, how did she get in the middle there? Still she soon makes her way on over to where her two friends are. "Hey guys." She offers with a smile and nods. Her gaze lingers on Soriana's clothing and then Kale's while smiling. "You two look nice." There is a pause as she hears Kale and a faint ah escapes her. "Well… No I told 'em I didn't want to go with him cause… Of stuff." Yes, stuff!

"No," Soriana assures Kale. "We didn't. It's just… a thing." She looks away after that, as if she's maybe not sure if it was a good thing, but now it's far too late to go back on it, so it'll just have to be whatever thing it is. Whatever mysterious thing it is. Still, at least this apparently isn't a custom… nor something the other pairing-off arrivals seem to be doing, so Kale can breathe at least a little easier on that particular count. Which is good, 'cause there's plenty of other things to worry about! Say, Idrissa's datelessness. Oh, hey there Idrissa! Sori smiles at the compliment, then makes a very Sori face at Idrissa's dancing-about explanation. "Because he's a jerk, you mean."

Just a thing. Well now he really wants to open it, but she said to wait til after. After what? After they dance? After they sit down? Surely not after the dance is over because that's just far too long of a wait. Kale nods a little, and if the box is small enough to slide into his pocket, he slides it in there. Idrissa's arrival sparks a smile and the forming of a compliment on his lips. She looks nice, and she's in a skirt to boot! But certain news has him forgetting to actually speak those words and the thanks to her compliment, and instead he focuses on a lack of Xanthius. "What kind of stuff? He said he was comin'. I thought he was coming with you!" His eyes glide over to his own date as she interjects her own information. A jerk? "No, he isn't. He isn't, really," he says quickly, glancing around for signs of the not jerk, but he's nowhere to be seen. A breath is exhaled as he looks to Soriana. "Now what are you goin' to do?"

Idrissa can dance around some things at least! Just you know not dance very well.. "No, he wasn't coming with me." She murmurs out softly to Kale while letting her gaze settle upon floor a moment. "After what he /said/ he is a jerk indeed an I don't want nothing ta do with the likes of him." She offers softly and a shake of her head. Her gaze flicks from the two and she offers them a smile. "Go on an dance an stuff, I'll be around an all." She'll escape if she get the chance is more like it. Though of course not right away.

The box totally fits in Kale's pocket, though it gets a little squished and makes a bulge there that ruins the line of the garment if he'd been aware of his garment's lines in the first place. Details! Soriana's just as glad to have it tucked away and not taunting her with whether it was a good idea or not, and she turns her attention to the discussion of Xanthius, jerk? Yes/No circle one. At least the two girls are in agreement on the matter! Soriana nods, then hmms. Dancing does seem like fun, but that'd mean abandoning Idrissa out here. Torn! She is assuredly torn, and hesitates up until the harpers change their tune to the intro for another dance. A circle dance, one that not only lacks in partners but mostly consists of going left, right, and kicking with increasing speed. Excellent! She grins. "C'mon, we can all dance this one!" Sori fumbles the cup of punch a moment, then puts it down untouched. There are more important things!

Kale will have to get to the bottom of this later. For now…he'll focus on himself. His date. And Idrissa. Much like Soriana, the thought of abandoning her all by her lonesome while they're off dancing doesn't make him feel very noble…buh, oh how the harpers save the day! The change of music has him perking, and a grin stretches over his mouth suddenly. "'ey, I know this one!" he comments excitedly, because there's no better feeling than actually knowing what the hell you're doing during a dance! Once Soriana's cup is set down, he grasps her hand and then Idrissa's in the other and heads out onto the dancefloor, grinning as he waves around people and claims a spot for them in the forming circle. He wastes no time in jumping in with the others that are already doing the moves. Hop! Kick left! Hop! Kick right! Circle to the left!

"No..Its alright really. I'll just be over there." Idrissa offers, her hand lifting to point towards the spot and is grabbed by Kale after the talk of him knowing the song. Which she sorta recalls. A faint meep, and soft ecuse me's escapes her as she is /dragged/ through different people whom are dancing. "Sorry.." Is offered to a girl that is eyeing her as she nearly steps on the someone's foot. She shifts and moves about looking at the others to try and figure out the dance steps now.

Soriana has Kale's hand in hers as they run out to the circle, and soon enough her other one is grasping the hand of a gangly techcraft apprentice. It hardly matters! The point of it is the dancing. Easy enough, at first - even if you don't know it, you can pick it up from watching other people and being tugged along by the held hands. This wa- nope, that way now! And kick! The kicks are important, because that's how you get the being-stylish points! Sori laughs as she dances, part of the big circle - though there's a few smaller groups doing it solo because they feared the chaos that the big group will devolve into as the music gets faster. Which it will. It's already starting to; the drummer that gives them their beat is increasing the tempo, edging it just a little faster with each repeat of the song. Faster… and faster… and faster….

And it's getting trickier and trickier to stay with the tempo. That's the fun of it! Kale's kicks are getting wilder the quicker they have to be performed, and at one point, he goes left when everyone else goes right, knocking himself right into Soriana. Oops! His laughter is all the apology she'll receive for that thought, for he's soon yanked the /right/ way and the room goes spinning as someteen bodies pull and kick and hop and laugh. There are near tumbles here, there, and everywhere, Kale included, though he finds his balance again before too much damage can be done! Faster and faster, how much faster can they go! The poor fiddler is going to break a string!

Idrissa follows along, as if she has a CHOICE.. She is held by one hand from Kale, and the other that girl whom she nearly stepped on a moment ago. So around an around they go, where they stop no one knows! At least that is how Rissa feels at the moment. A soft laugh soon esapes her, she has to have good balance skills for riding and working with runners right? Of course! So.. why did she just stumble and almost trip, it is a mystery! Though she is able to keep herself from doing a face plant on the floor at least.

Who will yield first, the dancers or the harpers? Who will have to give up? When Kale tumbles against her, Sori just laughs back, continuing the dance. And left! And right! And - yeeeep, no time for a kick, she'll just stumble along and - keep dancing! Some of the dancers are starting to drop out, the circle shrinking as flailing hands reach across to rejoin the loop. The harpers are skipping some of the adornments on the tune - just the core notes, the quick pace of the drum matching the thump of feet. Gotta keep dancing!

Around them, onlookers and dropouts clap to the brisk pace of the song, adding to the frenzy of sound. Kale feels like he's merely running now. To the left! Then to the right! Then stop! To the right again! "Woooah!" is said as he's yanked to and fro like a ragdoll, but a happy one at least. The scenery is a blur of color. Dresses and skirt and trousers and pants of all hues blur and mesh to a kaleidoscope of confusion, and at a point he squints his eyes closed to keep his eyes from crossing. They can't go on much longer! The harpers /must/ give up soon! Kale is not going to drop out before they end with their flourish! It's how you win this dance. Can you survive to the end?

Idrissa hasn't had a stumble or near stumble since the one. She grips at Kale's hand and they get pulled one way and then another while she kicks and sways among with the music that is being played. Though she certainly hopes the harpers or the ones that are pulling her about stop because she is starting to get dizzy!

Soriana is laughing, or at least she would be if she wasn't busy panting from all this dancing! The circle is a small one now, sweaty and teetering. They are the final competitors! They are the ones that will not give up! Just a little more. Just a little longer! Is this the last time through the song? No! The harpers manage one - two more, before the drum gives its triple-thump and the other instruments echo it in the ending. Ha-ha! The harpers yield. The dancers win! Soriana stumbles to a stop as the circle half-lurches sideways, dancers realizing over scattered moments that it's actually over! Now, to make the room stop spinning and regain their breath…

Dizzy! Thank /goodness/ it's over! With the final strum, Kale's hands release both Soriana and Idrissa, and he teeters left and right, willing the world to stop spinning. Please…stop…spinning! He laughs and laughs, eyes squinted and heart drumming briskly in his chest. What a workout! He stumbles to the left, pinwheeling into Idrissa who he has trouble focusing on. "Hey! There're two've you!" he laughs, indeed seeing double. His poor eyes! With a wide grin, he gives his eyes two hard blinks to focus them. Phew. One Idrissa. That's good, because he was starting to wonder which one of them he should grab onto to steady himself, and it would've been a terrible them for him to go leaning on the one that actually wasn't there. Thus! He slings his arm around the real Idrissa and leans. And ah look, Soriana is close! His other arm is slung around her too. Ah, crutches. Just what he needs! "Ya made it through the whole thing! Y've won!"

Idrissa does indeed teeter back and forth, her head spinning around a mile a minute. "Who..brought the firelizards?" She mumbles out as she stumbles a moment and has to lean against Kale in the process. Her hand lifts to rub across her eyes a moment to try and stop the spinning it seems. "Oh my goodness.. I think I'm gona be sick.." She erps a moment and catches herself and soon peers over at Soriana and Kale to see how they got through it.

The harpers take a quick break for the sake of their poor aching fingers, now that they've worked the dancers into exhaustion. Soriana laughs, reaching over and thumping Kale's back with enthusiasm, then over at Idrissa's shoulder. "Yeah! We did it," she declares, then widens eyes at Rissa. "No bein' sick! Here, uh… try sitting down!" She starts steering the group over to the side of the room where there are still some chairs not taken up by panting ex-dancers.

"Don' be sick on me," protests Kale who eyes Idrissa, who does seem to be looking a little…green around the gills. As for him? His world isn't spinning anymore, and other than a little lightheadedness, he's fine! The thump to his back is regarded with a grin, and he moves with the girls over to the seats. "I'll get 'er a drink!" he declares as he makes a detour to the punch bowl. He's thirsty too. Might as well get them all drinks! But that will require some balancing and careful walking on his part. Pouring three cups isn't difficult, having set the cups on the table before pouring them. But…carrying? He manages to get all three within both of his hands, and he all but tiptoes with them, eyes wide, carrying them as if they were bombs.

Idrissa waves a hand slightly. "I'm fine…Once everyone stops spinning that is." She blinks a few times and oh, a chair! An she takes over a seat and is rather happy indeed to be sitting. She peers after Kale and then looks to Soriana. "I don't remember you talking 'bout that dance yesterday." This said with an amused tone.

Soriana grins to Idrissa once they've got her seated down, and stands by her. Hands go flutter to fan herself after that exertion. "I said there were circle dances!" she insists. Because that totally prepared Idrissa for this, yes. As Kale comes back with drinks, she looks at the three precariously balanced cups, and darts over to relieve him of the most dangerously placed one. That, clearly, was her drink, and she downs it eagerly! Ahhh, cold sweet fluid. Perfect! The harpers, now that they've recovered, have started to play again. A slow song, to draw people out to the floor again despite being tired. A slow… romantic… dancing-together sort of song.

Phew! Once one of the drinks is taken, Kale feels /much/ better about walking with liquid in his hand. The second cup is given to Idrissa, while he sucks down the last one himself. Mmm, punch! There's just something about punch that makes you want to go back for seconds and thirds. "C'mon, it wasn't so bad was it?" he teases to Idrissa as he leans against the wall near the chairs, eyeing that punchbowl greedily. One more cup, then…uh oh. Music. Slow music? Kale eyes the dance floor where pairs are beginning to, well…pair up. Older folk. Teens. All getting close, intertwining fingers, wrapping arms around one another… Erg. Cue spotlight on him! He swallows and eyes Soriana, a prickling feeling beginning to tingle the back of his neck and down his spine. Is he supposed to get /that/ close…to her? Last time they were so pressed together, it was by total accident! And it was…awkward. He drinks some more of his drink, which consists of like, two milliliters, and thus is left with nothing else to use as a distraction. "Uh…you want somethin' to eat?" .. Yes. Eat. Food. Yes.

Idrissa grins at Kale. "Naw it wasn't that bad.. An I guess your right Soriana." She offers with a slight shrug before taking hold of one of the cups an takes a quick sip from it. At the sound of the slow song she eyes her friends curious like. "An't.. You two gona get to dancing?" She questions with a faint grin seen. Well its a dance, and its a song, and there suppose to /dance/. An Rissa will make sure to poke them into it would seem. Another sip of her cup is taken as her gaze flicks about as if looking for someone.. Hopfully he won't appear!

It is, in fact, a slow song. With slow dancing. This is what they're supposed to do, right? Sori looks out over the dance floor, then to Kale. "Uh. I'm not hungry…" Then to Idrissa, and then back to Kale. Yes. Dancing. It's not all athletic and jumping around. Sometimes… sometimes, it's romantic. Now… is one of those times. Better get with the romance! She puts down her cup, and reaches out a hand to catch Kale's. "Yeah. We are." Now it's her turn to drag him out to the dance floor… and Idrissa's to be left behind. It's okay, she's done this before. Admittedly, not since she was a little kid and the dragonriders were dancing with her 'cause she was cute, and never with a boy she actually, well, liked, but… she's done this before. She knows how to do it. All will go well. She hopes.

Not hungry? Dang. Ok, well…that's ok. They can just sit here quietly til the slow stuff is done and they're back to the fast fun stuff that everyone can do togeth-… Huh? As Idrissa suggests that they get out there, Kale can see his window of opportunity to sit this one out diminishing quickly. And then he's grabbed and yanked away, back to the dancefloor that once seemed so friendly and inviting, but now just may be his doom. He clomps out there, feeling suddenly clumsy and large as he comes to a stop and stares at her. "Uh…" When in doubt, do what everyone else is doing! The bad thing about that is, based on relationship status and intensity, everyone's doing something marginally different! Weyrmates are superclose, some with arms looped around waists, some with just one arm around the waist while the other hand is holding that of their mate. Some of the younger crowd are pretty close too, though they're holding each other in different ways. Hands on shoulders. Arms looped around shoulders. What the hell? He looks at Soriana now, a feeble, "I have no clue what I'm doing" sort of grin snaking over his lips. And so, instead of just standing there like an idiot, he thrusts his hands out at arms length and puts them on her waist.

Idrissa grins slightly at the look from Kale, at least no windleader is going to swoop in and stop him from getting close to Soriana, right? She finishes her drink and sets her cup upon a table, hands folding upon her lap as she watches her friends with an amused look.

Soriana takes a step in closer to Kale once he's got hands for her waist, but not so close that there isn't still, y'know, a good handsbreadth between them (and that's the breadth going across all the fingers, not the one where you turn it on its side and just have about the thickness of a finger sort). Her own hands go on his shoulders (on them, not like around them), and she smiles in an encouraging way, 'cause she sees that expression of whatnow? Fortunately for him, she does know what she's doing, and in the moment of truth… it even manages to not fly out of her head utterly. She takes a slow, swaying sideways step, sort of… using her hips against his hands and her hands against his shoulders to suggest a direction. To guide him. To, well, if you want to put it that way, to lead, in the back and forth rock that is slow-dancing. No wingleaders emerge to stop them. Maybe they're all busy dancing themselves.

Close, but not too close. It's an easy closeness. One that doesn't have Kale going into wide-eyed shocked deer mode. And besides, this is supposed to be enjoyable, and now that he's slowly getting used to it…he's realizing that it /is/ enjoyable. The harpers really know what they're doing, and the melody that they play is soothing to even the frayed of nerves (such as his own). The beat is an easy one to find, and gradually even Soriana's gentle guidance isn't needed in order to keep his elementary side to side movements in time with the tempo. So yes, with his mind no longer reeling over what he may be doing wrong or what he should be doing that he might not be, he's making room for it to notice details that he hadn't before. Her clothing, for instance, and how it hugs her in ways none of her other too large tunics ever did. The details of the embroidery on the front of the jacket. The sun-streaked hues of her curly hair. "You look .. really nice in what you're wearin'," he compliments, voice a little low. "You look different. It's a good kinda different though."

Just close enough to smell that bit of… boy-smell. Fresh-washed and fresh-sweated boy. Soriana smiles to Kale as she sways with him, side to side and drifting a little without really looking at anything besides, well, him. A few more bits of his hair have started sticking up, but it's still mostly neat. And his eyes… they really are blue, aren't they? Like blue-blue, like his shirt. She smiles more at his quiet words. "I'm glad," she says back in the same soft tones. "You look nice too. Not like, different, but… like you. And that's good." She ducks her head slightly, glancing down to his chest instead of in those eyes, and one hand steals up to brush lightly against his hair.

Kale grins a little, eyes rolling just slightly. "Heh, I wasn't sure about all've this dressin' up, really. I almost jus' came in what I wear usually but…I don' think you would've been too happy if I came covered in ash," he says, smirking after. It surely would've turned some heads, if nothing else! His grip upon her hips tightens slightly, not in an uncomfortable way, though it seems as he becomes more sure of himself, his actions how more confidence as well. The dance floor moves beneath their feet as they move around, not staying as stationary as before, and luckily not bumping into anyone in the process either. As her hand moves, his eyes follow until her fingers move out of his line of vision. The touch to his hair has his face growing faintly warm, and he averts his eyes momentarily, though they soon sway back to her face. "I'm happy you forced me to go with you," he says, playful, yet sincere at the same time. "You're havin' fun with me, yes?"

Idrissa didn't /really/ think she'd get through the night without seeing him … did she? Oh, Xanthius is here. He's been here, mingling with boys his age. Boys older than him. Girls his age. Girls older than him. Yes, he is a social one, which likely isn't surprising. He /did/ say that his sole purpose for being here was to be seen yes? And he's being seen. From his suave style to perfectly tailored suit, he steals the eyes of many just by passing. Blonde hair has been lightly gelled and swept away from his face, allowing just a few strands to hang before his eyes. Stylishly on purpose, of course. His date is a girl of fifteen with bronze skin and bright hazel eyes. Her dark hair has been styled in many loose ringlets that are pulled back, and a green studded hairpiece has been placed within her locks. Her dress is likely one of the five that was not presented. It's simple yet elegant, a floor length pale green satin gown that shows off her thin figure and subtle curves in a tasteful, super cute way. Jeweled earrings match, and she seems to be simply /glowing/ as she roams the dance floor with her hottie richboy date, who seems quite the dancer. And ah, Xanthius sees everything, for though he seems to be enjoying his last minute date, he does lock eyes upon Idrissa as they waltz by, a tiny… /tiny/ hint of a smirk apparent on his mouth.

Idrissa thinks more punch is in order.. At least that is the thought that crosses her mind when she stands up heading towards the table. Her gaze lingers on Kale and Soriana a few moments before she glances back to where she is going. As for Xanthius she doesn't catch sight of him until passing and she lifts her head slightly to look at him an his date. She doesn't frown, a smile is seen along with a faint nod as she moves off not seeming to give much thought to him and his /date/. Doesn't bother her! She would still rather be by herself then with him it seems.

"Well," points out Soriana with a grin. "You did threaten that, if I didn't wear a dress." And here she is, in something that's certainly not a dress. Even if it does maintain the spirit, and besides, it's not like she /agreed/ to that condition of Kale's. She smiles, stroking her fingers softly against his hair (they've got a mind of their own! Honest!) as she dances with Kale and moves through the crowd. Xanthius doesn't even get noticed by her, and why should he? She has better things to occupy her attention. At the mention of the forcings, she laughs, then nods. There's grin about her mouth and earnest about her eyes as she says, "Yeah. This is nice."

"Aye, I did didn't I? Well I suppose you're just lucky I hadn't known before that you weren't goin' to wear a dress, else I would've come straight from the forges to here. The floor would be a mess of black by now if I had." But Kale must say, dress or not, Soriana is still pulling off a feminine look. He really has no room to complain! And so, he doesn't. Plus, any complaint he would've had even in jest wouldn't make it past his lips with her fingers moving as they are. It's such a simple touch, yet an intimate gesture that he's realizing he likes very much. He finds himself leaning into her touch a little, a subconscious thing perhaps, as he seeks more of it. But, upon realizing it, he rights his head and grins a little, sheepishly, as the song slows to its conclusion.

Xanthius isn't noted by Kale either, and the blonde doesn't make any effort in making his presence known to his friend. He can see he's /obviously/ busy. At the song's end, he unravels his arms from his gently flushing date, lifts her hand, and bows a little. "A moment, please," he says, to which she giggles and nods, moving to head to a gaggle of girls to report every single detail of their dance. Xan chuckles to himself, then turns to stride towards Idrissa. Whether she wants him around or not doesn't seem to matter, for he invites himself in her space, stopping when near. "It's unfortunate you didn't find me before today. I think we would've made a lovely pair. The dress is more fitting for you than her, I think. But then again, it was purchased with /you/ in mind." A pause. "Maybe next time, if you're kinder. You'll save me a dance tonight, won't you?"

Idrissa hears the music start to end and she turns blinking to look at the owner of the voice that is suddenly near her. There is a pause as she looks to Xanthius and listens to what is said and casts a faint glance towards his giggling date. "No.. I think it suits her just fine." Her bright gaze flicks back to Xanthius, an she smiles. "I personally like what I have on." There is a pause once he bring up her being kinder? "I have been kind..and nice as I possibly can when dealing with you." A slight shake of her head seen. "No, I won't save you a dance. I'm a tomboy remember? We don't dance too well." She turns and gives her head a slight toss, hair following with a slight flick of her hand while she leaves, going /thata/ way, away from Xanthius.

Straight from the forges! Soriana laughs, and then she simply dances with Kale in silence. She's run out of words again, but she doesn't mind, this time. It's just nice, being like this. Oh, is the song over? Well, why'd it have to go and do a thing like that? She hehs, and slips her hands down from his shoulders to rest by her sides. That's right. Dance is over, and now… "You wanna get that something to eat?"

It is too bad that the song has ended. It's been fun dancing with her, and Kale actually thinks that he wouldn't've minded being a little closer than what they were. But as it is, the song is over, and to keep things varied, the next tune is jauntier. As her hands slip from his shoulders, his slide from her waist, though one reaches out to take hers in his. "Yes," he answers with a faint smile. "Food an' then another dance." He moves away from the main floor with her now, eyes lifting to seek Idrissa, but she's no longer where they left her. Hm. Maybe she went to the food too. He's not worried. They'll eventually find her again, but for now he seems mighty focused on Soriana and despite the fact that they're now in a less crowded area, he keeps a hold of her hand as they move to the snack table. Food and conversation, then more dancing! Now this /is/ a party.

Xanthius seems nothing but amused by Idrissa's reply, and the amusement all but dances in his eyes as he looks her up and down. He has no comment for her clothing, though her comments on her being a tomboy does have him clicking a tongue, like a parent whose child has made a poor choice. "You should start thinking for yourself, Idrissa," he calls to her back. "You let your friend guide your thoughts. You showed no ill-will towards me until she passed judgment!" his voice elevates at the end only because she's walking off, and even after he still looks as if he's partaken in some joke. Ah, but there are greener pastures elsewhere and more fun to be had! And so he turns too, heading back to his group and eagerly awaiting date. And the dance goes on!

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