A Computer For A Weyrwoman

Western Weyr - Weyrwoman's Office

Behind stout, ornately carved hardwood double doors decorated with fancy brass handles and a stout bolting lock, the Weyrwoman's office is a sanctum of paperwork, bureaucracy and lots of red tape. It is here that much of the running of the Weyr takes place — where the meetings of the domestic side of the Weyr are held and daily matters are handled between the Senior and her juniors as well as the Headwoman's staff. The walls, painted a cheerful soothing shade of sage green, are adorned with paintings and tapestries of life around the Weyr. To one side, a large desk of skybroom wood holds court, piled with paper, and file folders — the heavily padded chair behind it meant for the comfort of the working weyrwoman, along with chairs for visitors and guests set in front of it. Part of the desk is curving away, this holding a small computer that can be used for word processing and file entry. Along one wall, a row of short bookshelves hold scrolls, books and other means of record keeping; the oldest and most fragile of the relics being kept behind glass casings. Hand-woven carpets cover the floors, buffering the feel of hard stone and giving a softer feeling to the room. A sideboard on the wall opposite the entrance is kept stocked with drinks for refreshment, and a comfortable couch with a side table and an ornate reading lamp can be found in the middle of the room.

Zi'on has been to Landing now a few times. After talking with Kiley he talked to a few of the other computer crafters and got a couple of offers on building a computer for Western's weyrwoman. And now he's insisted on Kiley being there when he tells Enka about the computer, and to look over the specs. Maybe he's afraid that Enka won't want one or something? Or maybe he's just looking to make introductions. Either way, he's insisted Kiley drop everything to come and knocks on Enka's door. "Enka? You asleep in there?" He snickers a bit.

That repeated thudding sound you hear? The one that sounds like someone continually banging their head on the wall? Well, thankfully, Enka is not trying to give herself a concussion by doing that, but the goldrider is leaning back in her chair, facing away from the doorway and repeatedly throwing paperwork at the wall closest to her. Take that, evil finances! At the sound of the bronzer's knock, she swivels the chair towards the doorway, looking composed and entirely too innocent. As if! "No," she remarks, "was just tryin' to figure some sums out." Yeah, right … /trying/.

Kiley has, quite literally, dropped everything to come with Zi'on evident in the fact that she carries none of her materials with her. The woman appears flustered, even as she shifts uncomfortably behind the bronzerider. There's a soft murmuring from behind him, mostly to herself as fingers make to pull the chain of the bracelet that resides around her wrist. The charm shifts around as fingers work to avoid twisting the chain and breaking it in the process. "Maybe.. She's not here. We can come back. After we have the computer.." The woman breathes out, giving the young man a wide eyed look. "Wait… Why would she sleep in the office?" Fidgeting becomes more frequent as they wait. There's an audible squeak as the woman appears in the doorway, her hands dropping away and quickly hiding behind her back. "Ma'am." There's a polite nod in greeting as cheeks color visibly and there's an obvious attempt to compose herself.

Zi'on peers into the office and raises a brow at the weyrwoman. It wasn't the first time he's caught her throwing papers around in frustration. Hopefully she wouldn't be tossing a laptop across the room! "Well… I got some good news!" He heads into the office and pulls Kiley in with him. Tucked under his arm is some paperwork, likely the specs of the couple of computers that he had worked out for Enka. "Don't be nervous, Kiley. Kiley this is Enka, Enka, Kiley. Kiley is a computer crafter! I thought maybe since the finances and stuff were so bad maybe a computer might help out. Since it will do the sums for you, and can store up some of the papers and all." He waves the spec sheets about. "Kiley can help us figure out what you need."

Enka wouldn't throw a laptop across the room, honest! Why, look at that old desktop computer off there in the corner, the dusty one that's probably been sitting around since Western Weyr was first founded. It's totally not getting used anymore. So clearly the goldrider probably would treat the electronics pretty darned good. If she uses it, which she probably would if it was something cool and snazzy and fancy rather than some old antiquated word processor. "Nice t'meetcha." Enka greets Kiley with a wry smile, her brows quirking up at the sight of the specs sheets the bronzer's flapping around. "If it can do the weyrs finances without me messin' up and costin' us seventy-five herdbeasts, I'd love you forever, Zi'on. Seventy-five herdbeasts is a lot of money wasted if I can't get these numbers right," she chuckles wryly. "And I'd probably love you too, Kiley. Let's see what you got there."

Kiley is pulled along, no squeaking at this point in time as she gives Zi'on a little helpless look. "I am nervous because I wasn't expecting to…" She trails off and quickly straightens for the introductions. Cheeks color a little darker and she clears her throat a bit and inclines her head. "And you, ma'am." A quick glance towards Zi'on for the spec papers he flaps about before she's taking a curious glance around the office and mainly to the paperwork and filing cabinets, letting out a soft hmm in consideration before attention quickly returns to bronzerider and weyrwoman. "Shells. Seventy-five herdbeasts.." The woman presses her lips together in consideration before easily settling her gaze fully on only the weyrwoman. "We could easily get one that stores all the paperwork and does sums and then saves those into a record as well.. Just so you can pull up previous records and tally what you currently have so that you keep a good supply and never have more than what is necessary. You could get rid of paper entirely, really. But then we'd need two just so one contains all the records.." Musing out loud, she tilts her head in consideration. "But, paper can be efficient in combination with a computer."

Zi'on hasn't ever noticed the desktop. Maybe they could get that working? Even if Enka didn't use it, someone else might if they put it in the records room. Or maybe A'ven wanted it. Zi'on was still going to get her something new and snazzy that would help her keep things in order. "Kiley programs the computers, so maybe you could commission her to program you something to help you keep all the finances and such in order. That way it'll be easier than… all this." There's a nod to Kiley. "Yep, just like all of that." He puts the spec sheets down. They're mostly the same, both basic computers. One has a printer thrown in. Both are probably at the high end marks-wise about how much someone would pay for a basic desktop setup. It's not surprising though since Zi'on probably told the crafters this was for a weyrwoman.

"Aint my fault," Enka's not really trying to defend the hypothetical loss of seventy-five herdbeasts, which in themselves would be a substantial portion of the diet of the Weyr's draconic deizens, but she's still going to speak up about it. "I can do all the other things that a senior's gotta do, bein' diplomatic with the holders, makin' sure everyone's got enough to eat, but shards and shells, you ask me to add five and seven and I'm goin' to get fifteen no matter what." So she's not perfect, that's at least a relief, eh? She leans forwards, arms braced against the desk as she eyes the specs sheets closely, and then turns her attention to Kiley. "That really would be good," the goldrider quips, "if I could be gettin' somethin' that does all the math for me. I ought to carry around a calculator too, but…" she trails off, a quick hapless shrug before reaching forward to tap the specs sheets. "Is this a good printer, or just standard?" The prices? Well, she's looked at that, but they are rather insignificant in the long run. She is a weyrwoman, after all.

Kiley nods along with Zi'on's statement, though her attention is starting to drift around the office once more, ever curious before attention is drawn back to the two and she looks over towards the spec sheets as he places them down. She looks to Enka and smiles at the woman, "it is a lot to do, what senior weyrwomen have to do. Just, some people can't do the math and further calculations. It is something you understand or something you struggle with." She leans in just a bit more, scanning the specs again and then considering the woman. "You could easily carry a laptop around that does the sums and then you can pull up the records to check what was previously ordered." There's a pause as she reads over the specs of the printer, "that one is rather standard. But standard ones tend to be good. I know they've got ones with a bunch of other features, but.. I don't know too much about those. You wouldn't really need anything but a standard if you're just printing the records out."

Zi'on grins a bit at Enka. "Ya still need more juniors. But I think this'll help a lot in the meantime." Even if one of the weyr's golds rose tomorrow it would still be quite a long time before another junior was impressed and able to take over some of the duties. The bronzer will let the ladies discuss things. Clearly Enka has used a computer before, the bronzer… not so much. "I don't think these are laptops… I can get those priced out, too. Those're for traveling with, right? Maybe that would be useful, I dunno." There's a nod about the printer, but Zi'on is scratching his head a bit. "I was hopin' to surprise you, but I think it might be better if you helped pick it out." He admits to the weyrwoman.

Enka makes a face at Zi'on. "You know, and I know that this Weyr's down to two whole goldriders, yours truly along 'em, but I'm not goin' to bribe, beg or steal anyone away just for the sake of puttin' her to work. And if we should be so lucky to get one from the sands, well, that's puttin' the cart before trhe runner. I'll just take this computer in the mean time." So nyah, or something like that. As if the bronze needs to keep reminding Enka about that lack, no? "Would a laptop be better over a desktop?" she turns to the expert in these matters — Kiley. "I can see how carryin' one around might make it a little easier, or should I get both?" Both together might be costly, but if they would mkake the goldrider's life easier, it might be worth the price. Zi'on gets a cheeky grin. "Surprisin' mke might be a nice thing for little presents like flowers and cookies, but on somethin' this big, I think you're right." Especially since it's the weyrwoman that holds the purse strings.

Kiley shakes her head, "these are just the desktops you were asking about. But, we could easily get specs for those ones as well." This time, she warns him with a single look before she looks between the two for the talk of goldriders. No commentary pops out, simply observing before the question comes towards her. "Preference is really the key. A laptop will allow you to travel about more easily rather than being in the office constantly. But if you get both, you can carry the laptop with you, update everything and then come back to the office to update those records. That will also allow others to use the desktop in the office as well and you can keep both constantly updated. Having two record places, and three with the papers? That keeps you from losing everything should anything happen to the laptop or desktop. And if something does happen, it isn't too hard to get a computer crafter to come and fix things." She quiets are a moment, taking a deep breath and then tilting a look towards Zi'on as the weyrwoman addresses him, smiling to herself and nodding her agreement.

Zi'on frowns at Enka. "I know… that's why the computer…" He says a little meekly. He certainly doesn't want to argue with her, just wants to help! But he should probably keep his mouth shut, so he tries to do that, instead. Zi'on is going to insist on paying for one of the computers as a present for the weyrwoman. He smiles a bit at Enka. "Yeah…" He waggles a finger at the old desktop. "Can we maybe try to see if that one can work? Or is it just too old?" He rubs his head a bit. "Maybe a laptop would be better, then you could work at home or whatever sometimes."

Enka isn't inclined to argue either. But hey, he brought it up, right? the sudden meekness from the bronzer gets a look from the weyrwoman, and she shakes her head a bit. "I do appreciate it, Zi'on, really do. Especially if it means I'm not makin' mistakes with the Weyr's finances. Could be an awful bad thing if that happens." Although considering she's managed to keep from running the place into the ground and bankruptcy now for almost four turns now, she can't be totally incompetent. She turns a little to regard the old desktop, and shrugs. "Last time I turned it on, all it could do was word processin' and was awful slow. I'm not sure what good it could do." Maybe the kiddies in the lower caverns could play games on it? Start 'em young! "Could you get specs for a laptop?" the goldrider asks, trading glances between Kiley and Zi'on. "I'd like to look at all my options."

Kiley doesn't rat out poor Zi'on, keeping her mouth shut except to add, "he could have just grabbed whatever he found." A smile is given towards the bronzerider before attention is drawn over towards the computer that he points out. Her eyes consider it but her hands clasp tightly behind her back, keeping herself in place rather than wandering on over and playing with it. Her gaze flickers back towards them as she considers the woman's words. "Sounds like it has been here for Turns. May be a little more difficult for it to have more added to it, looks more like the older models that we don't use much anymore." There's a slight tilt of her head as her gaze drifts back over. "Could see if one of the computer crafters want it. Maybe they'll give a cheaper price for the parts inside." Attention returns to the two and there's a nod towards Enka for the question of pricing. "We could. All options should be explored to see what you'd be most comfortable with."

Zi'on is suddenly aware of how tall he is and slumps a little bit. "Yeah… I just don't want to see you stressed about things anymore." He decides to distract himself by gathering up the papers Enka was flinging against the wall earlier. The bronzer certainly doesn't think Enka was doing a -bad- job by any means. But a computer might be more reliable than a weyrbrat. He nods to Enka about specing out laptops as well. "Yes, ma'am." There's a grin to Kiley. He shrugs about the unused computer and looks to Enka to make a decision about it. "I can haul it over if you want."

The bronzer /is/ tall. Enka's got to crane her neck up a little to see him better. "Thanks," she comments, watching him as he picks up the papers she'd been so merrily abusing — via wall tossing — "I appreciate it. I don't want to stress out more than I absolutely have to. I'd probably end up gettin' frazzled and start yellin' at holders.", Oh dear, think of the Weyr relations then. And a computer would be ever so much more useful than a weyrbrat lackey. Probably more trust worthy too. "If they want it, they could probably have it," the goldrider answers Kiley, tipping her head towards the old desktop system in the corner. "Sort of a trade in thing, maybe?" Well, that's one way to get a little bit of a ndeal,right? "Do you want me to come to the Hall to get the specs on the laptops, or…" there's a pause there, enka clearly waiting for some offer of some kind.

Kiley returns Zi'on's grin easily, inclining her head just so. Attention briefly settles on the tossed paper before she looks towards Enka. "It certainly can help reduce the stress, having everything organized and having things be easier. And laptops can be used out on the Sands when clutches come, too." Also a plus in the computer crafter's opinion. "We'll talk to them about it and see if we can get them to lower the prices in exchange for the parts inside. Sort of like a trade in, yes." Her expression brightens briefly but there's a pause as she realizes her hands are empty. They shift back behind her back, "Zi'on and I could easily head there and figure it out for you, there's no need for you to leave if you don't want to leave." There's a glance towards the bronzerider for confirmation.

Zi'on straightens the papers up into a pile and sits them down on Enka's desk. He slides around to stand next to Enka and leans forward on the desk. He smiles a bit at Enka. "This saves me from bribing a weyrbrat maybe." The bronzer moves over to separate the desktop from its storage space and set it down on the floor. He wipes some of the dust off a bit with his hand. He nods to Kiley. "True, good point. Laptop would be good for clutch time. Kiley and I can get the specs. But you're welcome to come along if you want, Enka."

"I think," Enka muses, "I'd really like having a laptop when clutch-watchin'. I probably wouldn't sit down on the sands, never really have had to since Mir doesn't mind me watchin' from up above so at least I wouldn't get sand into a laptop, but…" she pauses, chuckles and nods. "Saves me havin' to run back and forth from my office all day, since my last assistant —" and here, there's a teasing grin at Zi'on, "went and got himself a dragon, I haven't got a runner anymore." Kiley gets a grateful nod. "If you could," she looks just a little pleading, "I've got that big meetin' with the holders soon, so I don't know if I could possibly get away, and …" another brief pause, and the goldrider finds something else to comment on. "AI thought bribin' a weyrbrat would be a piece of cake, Zi'on?" She's grinning just a little teasingly again. "Maybe I'll have to reward you instead of bribes for the weyrbrats."

Kiley lifts a brow at Zi'on's talk of bribing, turning a look between the two, making no comment as she appears entirely lost on the subject. Attention shifts to Enka entirely and there's a nod of agreement, smiling wider as the woman states the convenience of a laptop and even growing a little brighter with excitement. A look flickers between the two again and brows lift and there's a soft 'oh' of understanding as the relation clicks. "Yes. We could do that. It would be no trouble, at all." Pause, "oh. If I may ask a favor, however? I would hate to impose.. But I am doing some research, and was hoping that I could spend some time in the Weyr doing it? I was wanting to speak with people and learn about different accents and different sayings.. Every area is different and each person has a different way of saying things. I wanted to cover it all." Cheeks color as a sheepish look takes hold of her features. A chuckle follows for the weyrwoman's final statements and the sheepish look fades all at once.

Zi'on grins to Enka. "Whose idea was it to go and get him searched?" The bronzer reaches down to tickle Enka's ribs. "Anyways, he can still run back and forth for you if he's not working. Or at least give you some company while you're on the laptop." He smiles to her. "We'll get more specs Enka. Then you can have your pick of computers." The bronzer laughs. "It is. But that don't mean it'll be easy to find one good at sums and takin' care of business around here. That's harder." He grins at Enka then. "Hopefully something better than cookies, though." The bronzer looks to Kiley, a brow raising at the 'oh'. "Man, you should talk to da, then. And hear his accent. Shard it all." He laughs. "I talk like ma thankfully." For the most part. Every so often there's a little drawl that slips into the bronzer's speech pattern though.

Enka's eyes flicker briefly in Kiley's direction, the goldrider's quick enough to notice that brief look, and she smiles wryly. "A research project? How how people talk?" Well, Enka was probably the despair of her Harper teacher, since she seems to like dropping those 'g's and has never seemed to make much of a difference at improving it. But maybe that makes her useful for the project. "Wello, there's a lot of ground to cover if you're goin' to make any sort of a study, and if Western can be of any service, we're only too happy to help." she grins slightly. "Is there anythin' you need for it?" Zi'on gets a look, the goldrider's lips twitching into a smirk. "That's cause you couldn't keep your hands to yourself," she admonishes. "And your da wouldn't have wanted to hear about you gettin' into trouble. Besides, I let you keep doin' office work instead of the regular candidate chores. I'm not the one to blame for you and Suldith findin' each other." Well, in a way, she is, but like the Weyrwoman's ever going to admit to it? Nuh uh. "Company might be nice. You could carry all the papers around for me." Oh, now that's a thought.

Kiley blinks at Zi'on, smiling wider. "Then you'll have to introduce us? I'd love to meet him if he has a heavy accent.." There's a thoughtful tilt of her head before she looks back towards Enka. "Yes. I am wanting to work on a computer that recognizes what people say rather than them having to type. I need it to pick up on accents so that anyone can use it rather than have them struggle trying to express themselves when they want the computer to input something." She smiles just a little wider for the talk of the project. "It is quite a large project.. Which is why I thought a Weyr would be the best place to start, there are many more people with people from all over. I shouldn't be needing anything more than a place to stay and to impose on the kitchens for food. But, if it comes out being a huge success, I am going to try and see if I can get the Weyrs that allowed me to visit one of the computers for themselves." The chatter between bronzerider and weyrwoman brings a wider smile to her lips, amusement evident in her expression.

Zi'on smiles to Kiley. See? Enka wasn't scary, and she could come do her research at Western. Yay! He grins to Enka. "Hey now, I can't help bein' a weyrbrat. True. You've always been good at spoilin' me. I figure I owe you something." He nods to Kiley. "I'll see if I can't work that out. Or maybe one of my other relatives. Even Zor's got a pretty thick accent." The bronzer moves over to pick up the desktop. "Anyways, guess we should get to finding out more specs for you. Leave you to your sums for a while."

Enka's sitting there, shaking her head and mouthing 'bad idea' at Kiley, her gaze tilted away slightly from Zi'on in hopes that he couldn't see her doing that. Doesn't /everyone/ know that /tat/ particular bronzerider has …a …a reputation. No offense to the younger bronze, that is. She does wink cheerfully though, just in case Suldith's rider caught sight of her. "He's really got an interestin' accent. Can hardly understand him sometimes." a pause, and she chuckles. "Sorry, Zi'on, if I was steppin' on your toes there. The goldrider looks thoughtful. "A talkin' computer, you say? Shells, that would be somethin' interestin' to see. Did they have stories about one at Landing? Some wall that would talk back to you like a person might. I can get a dragon talkin' and a dolphin talkin', but computers, I'd really want to see it." She leans forward and writes something down on the paper in front of her. "I'll tell the headwoman to set aside some room for you, and you can have as many meals as you need in the living caverns." Zi'on gets a grin. "Thanks, kiddo," she'd ruffle his hair, but that might just make him feel too young. "I appreciate it." And then it's back to the accounting books. Oh sigh.

"Wonderful, thank you. As many people I could talk to would be great." Kiley certainly brightens even more even with Enka's shaking her head at her and mouthing as she does. A curious look is given to the weyrwoman, and she blinks with utter obliviousness. The computer crafter certainly doesn't know /who/ the bronzerider's father is. Though that shouldn't be too hard to figure out. "Perfect! The more obscure the accent, the better. And even the small ones need to be heard as well." Delight is heavy in her tone before she nods, "AIVAS once spoke, they said. No one is allowed into the room anymore, however.. There's certainly stories, though. I.. If I could make a computer that talked like a person.." Well, that certainly has her going off in other directions from the look on her face. "Oh.. Thank you." The acceptance and being put with food and lodging brings another smile to her face and draws her from her thoughts. "Thank you so much." A bright smile is given to Zi'on as she moves to leave the office to leave the woman to her sums and books. "Thank you, Zi'on. For helping me gain more opportunities."

Zi'on blinks at Enka. He doesn't quite catch her mouthing to the crafter. There's a peer as she calls him kiddo. "You're welcome, ma'am." He says to her. 'Old lady' might be too much, just like mussing his hair up would probably be. He doesn't seem to hurt about it though, he's clearly just teasing her. He smiles to Kiley. "Hey don't thank me. All I did was distract you from your work to talk 'bout pirates." He laughs a bit as they start to leave. "I appreciate the help though. I don't really know anything about computers."

Kiley chuckles softly, a productive distraction, at least. Though.. Pirates aren't entirely relevant. Her chuckles grow into laughter. So, shall we stop by the computer Crafthall and then pick up my things at Landing? There's a glances towards him in question for their next course of action. A skip is in her step as she walks; the woman is completely, utterly happy.

Zi'on grins and nods to the computer crafter. "Yep. We can drop this thing off and see if anything inside it is worth anything. Then get some laptops specced out. You got a lot of stuff at Landing? Or you think it'll all fit on Suldith in one go? Oh. We should find out where you're gonna be sleeping here before we leave. Just so we can find it when we got all your stuff with us." The bronzer is happy that Enka seems excited and didn't yell at him… much.

"Yes. We'll get some specs, trade in the computer for a better price. I don't have that much stuff, really. Just two bags, and they aren't terribly large. I didn't bring any books as they belong to Landing. So it wouldn't be too much if we pick it all up after we drop off the computer." There's a pause and she nods, "yes. We should figure out what room first, that way we don't get lost trying to look for it. Well, I'd get lost.." Her smile grows wider, "I think it went over well, she seems like she's eager for a computer to help with everything. I'll help her learn how to use it if she has any questions, that way she won't be one of those ones who swears that computers hate them. Which is illogical.."

Zi'on nods. "Yeah that's not a lot of stuff. Since I got my own weyr I got more stuff, so moving would be more of a pain. Though riders don't usually bring their furniture around with them." He chuckles. "Been a while since I been down in the caverns. But we'll manage I think." The bronzer nods to her. "Yeah. I think it'll help her. She's gettin' a little stressed with the financial records especially lately. Plus, well… she kind of went through a big break up recently, so I think it's sort of adding to her stress level." He chuckles. "Nah. She'll only say that about the sums."

"I have my own room at the Weyr, but.. Most of that stuff isn't technically.. Mine." Kiley chuckles softly, "guess it is the same as the riders with that. I don't make enough marks to make my own things. And I never saw the need behind it." Laughter follows, "well, we can get lost.. And hopefully find the way." She is far too happy to really worry about getting lost. "Stress is never really a good thing, but.. I think it comes with the territory, but a lot of things you can stop stressing about is good." There's a pause and she gives him an odd look. "Break ups are that bad?" Laughter for the comment of the sums, "they are tricky. But they don't have the capacity to hate, either."

Zi'on nods. "Like the furniture and stuff, as long as it's usable you just sort of keep it. Or if it's too ratty you get something else out of the stores or if you're rich buy something." He grins to her. "The caverns aren't too big really. So even if we get lost it won't be hard to get out." He shrugs a bit. "It was with her weyrmate. But uh… you didn't hear that from me. I ain't really sure what happened between them, but she don't seem angry about it. Just sad and stressed. Guess she was used ta havin' someone to come home to. They can be bad though. Never had one?" He shrugs and laughs. "I dunno. I ain't that fond of sums neither."

Kiley mhms, nodding her agreement. "Yep. And if you're gentle with everything it'll last longer, which is always good." The woman tilts her head, glancing at him curiously. Xanadu is certainly a different than Western.. I am really curious about this as well." She grins widely, though it fades as he goes on to explain about Enka. Brows lift curiously, "I see.. Kind've.. I've never had a… Relationship of any sort. I never had time.. And the someone I did start liking? It ended rather quickly, but I was never really emotionally invested in anything like that. I wasn't really emotionally invested in that, either. Computers are easier because they don't have emotions." So understanding is greatly lacking there. "Sums are easy for some people and harder for others. I love sums and calculations of all types."

Zi'on nods, then looks sheepish. "I uh… I'm probably not gentle enough. So my furniture will probably have to be replaced eventually." He nods a bit and shrugs. "Never really spent much time at Xanadu. I lived at Ista, then in Telgar, then I came here. Been to Fort a few times, too. The weather is a lot nicer here, long as you don't mind the heat too much." The bronzer nods a bit to Kiley, then grins. "Sounds maybe like you just haven't met someone that interests you, either. People aren't so bad… most of the time. I guess maybe dealing with people is like doing sums. Easier for some than others. Guess since I'm a weyrbrat I'm used to it."

"Well," she pauses to consider him, "it happens. You'll grow into being gentle." Kiley refrains from adding 'or not' to the end of that, simply smiling before she considers. "I think I'll go to Ista, too. Oh, and Fort.." The list begins to grow about the talk of Weyrs and the thoughtful expression grows deeper into the features of the woman. "I like the heat. It is better than winter." His statement causes her cheeks to color and she gives a slight shrug, "maybe that is true.. I've get to meet someone that interests me more than my computers." The talk of people has the woman pursing her lips before speaks again, "I was teased a lot when I first went to the computer craft, so.. I have a slight dislike of people. But, I've been teased less and less since then. I'm working on it. People skills, at least, seem like something that someone can improve more easily."

Zi'on nods a bit. "Yeah… maybe I should work on that." Zi'on is still a teenager! So hopefully he'll calm down as he gets a little older. "I can always take you around. I still know Ista pretty good. Fort though not so much." He grins and shrugs a bit to her. "Probably. You were teased at the computer craft?" He peers. "Why? Anyways, you're right I think. You get used to people pretty quick. Even if you feel anxious around new people, you'll be used to the regular people you see."

"You're still young." The computer crafter insists, "that would be wonderful. We could explore Fort and figure out things there. I think Ista would be the best second stop after Western." Kiley returns the grin. "I was. I was.. Fat." There's a wave of her hand, "kids find things to tease about sometimes. It happens. I don't mind people, and I calm down once I feel at ease or after talking about my craft." And the pair go off to tend to their tasks before their return to the Weyr.

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