Post Hatching Tavern Celebration

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern


It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Satoris arrives in the Tavern shortly after packing up his things and moving back into the residential dorm. He's back in his own work clothes, with his old, familiar knot. No more Satoris-the-candidate. Once again, he's Satoris-the-Journeyman. Miner, that is. Not even a few strides into the Tavern and he's already zeroing in on whatever booze is being offered up.

A hatching. And it leaves people worn out and happy and excited and sad, emotions mingled as riders recall their own experience, those left on the sands struggling with their feelings as well. The tavern is abuzz and joining the fray is one greenrider, Lissi, her eyes bright and steps downright sprightly, jewelry jangling. Her gaze shifts back to the door, waiting, watching, not for a dragonet, no, but company, yes.

Free from the Sands! At least until Avaeth goes up. Zevida's moving into the taverns, a woman on a mission apparently. And not for booze, nope. There's a certain miner in the tavern and she's quick to spot him as soon as she enters. She's moving to him an instant.

It's only necessary that the clutch father do the rounds in the barracks, congratulating each of the new pairs, and then a round through the celebrating parents at the feast - however, there's certainly one pair of happy parents who L’ton avoided. First chance, however, the Istan bronzerider took off for the 'better' atmosphere of the Tavern, and coming in the door, he's spotting Lissi, grinning and motioning for his greenrider weyrmate to join him.

Cenlia arrives right behind Satoris, the gardener girl having picked up a bottle of ale along the way. Somewhere. Where'd she get that? Does it matter? Her four firelizards swoop into the tavern after her, taking up a free table even before she gets there. She calls over to the barkeep, saying with a lopsided grin, "I need a Flamin' Ovine!"

Satoris doesn't catch Zevida on his heels, making his way up to the bar alongside Cenlia. Apparently, they had decided that drunk was the better way to deal with the aftershock of the Hatching. He soon has a large ale in hand and settles back on a barstool, downing it at length. It's then that he regards the Tavern with pale eyes, spotting Zevida. His features pale slightly and he soon casts his glance down, at his feet, instead.

Food was originally the intention of Sigam and his pair of Istan friends, but time quickly found them in the tavern, leaning over a trio of mugs. They seem to be deep in private discussion at first, but as a series of newcomers string their way in, the Dragonhealer is quick to tilt over the back of his seat and crow a welcome. "Zevida! Congratulations! And to you." He's never met L'ton, but the man knows a proud dad when he sees one. "Quite the fine clutch!" He may just be saying that cause several of his friends impressed, but you know. Biases will be biases. "All in all a very fine bunch." His bright eyes maybe darken a bit, whether in remorse or remembrance for the last time he and Cenlia had words, but the girl seems in relatively high spirits, so he offers a wave. "Flamin' Ovine? You? Never fancied you'd like a lotta burn, Cenlia." Obviously he doesn't know her that well, eh?

Lissi's happy expression only intensifies at the sight of the bronzer, L'ton, and she claps her hands together and then takes a quick step before pausing and taking on a cool, aloof air, hard to get, riiiight. Her hands fall to her skirts and she grasps the sides, swishing them against her slowly placed steps, eye lifting as she gazes up at her love, "Oh, well hi there.." she says then she's giggling, the facade cracking like the eggs, revealing the adoring girl behind it, she can't help it. She looks to Zevida as she walks and waves then smiles at Sigam too, concerned looks for Cenlia and Satoris, "What a night eh?" she asks L'ton.

L'ton just beams more widely at Sigam's congratulations, giving him a thumbs up, before he's pouting at Lissi and moving to pull her to his side, willing or not. Leaning for a kiss in greeting, he nods, before glancing at the candidates, and the Junior. "Aye, what a night." And after a moment, he lifts his voice. "Round fer all them candidates left, on me…” The Istan says with a chuckle - at least this one will foster good Weyr relations! And then he's glancing at his companion. "What would ya have, my dear, hm?"

It's not long before Cenlia has a glass, and several bottles in front of her, though she's already downing the ale as she begins to pour the ingredients for the Flamin' Ovine. The pale liquid in the glass soon becomes cloudy white, and then is topped with yellow, then orange, then flaming red. Cen uses a spoon and dips and wiggles it until she has, what might vaguely be seen as a fluffy sheep on fire. In a glass. Well, maybe if you're sozzled. Cen is already on her way, what with the ale she's downing. Sigam's voice draws her attention, and she wrinkles her nose briefly before saying, "It's a /drink/." Obviously. Which she now grans and downs in practically a single gulp. But the free round of drinks has her grinning at L'ton, raising her empty glass in a silent toast before she's getting it refilled.

Zevida blinks as Satoris pales, and then, she's frowning and moving to slip her arms around him. "It's okay Sat…” She murmurs. Sadly, Zevi can't go around ignoring everyone so she smiles at Sigam. "Thanks." And to L'ton she's giving a nod before she's whispering softly in Satoris' ear. Chin is placed on his shoulder and she's cuddling, in public.

Sigam returns Lissi's smile with a grin and welcoming nod of his own, clapping one of his friends on the shoulder even as he rises from his chair. "I /know/ what it is," the 'healer says as he spins a seat at Cenlia's table around so he can droop himself across and around it in a manly fashion. "What's all this, then?" He twists each of the bottles to read them as she downs her drink, his own mug still mostly full in his other hand. Zevida's thanks is met with only a smile before the man turns shyly away, giving goldrider and journeyman as much privacy as is possible in a public place. "You sure don't waste time." He tries to continue conversation with Cenlia, though the words seem a little forced and awkward.

The tug draws Lissi to L'ton's side and she gazes up at him for a moment then the kiss is returned and when he looks up and around she's content to just nuzzle his jaw, looking around too. "A nice sweet mead I think…” she answers him, one arm now resting at his belly as she embraces him for a moment.”Weren't they all so wonderful? Dhon should be a proud papa…” she says softly to him. Her eyes flick to the drink being mixed and she giggles, "I dun think I'll be tryin' tha… though I bet it packs a punch…” she says with a lift of brow.

Satoris clenches his jaw slightly, hand tightening on his ale. "I should have just stayed with the mine. It would have been productive. Instead I wasted time." See? All he cares about is work! Uh. Maybe. The man exhales at length and relaxes a little against Zevida, submitting to the public showing of affection. He takes a long drink of ale. "Tell Avaeth that her children are gorgeous. I had the best seat."

"Hey…" L'ton calls out in Zevi's direction, waiting for her to look before he's plastering a silly grin on his face, encouraging her to do the same. Glancing back down at Lissi, he chuckles. "What, ya dun want… What was it? A flaming ovine?" He glances at the drink, nodding his 'welcome' to Cenlia, leading Lissi over to find a stool, settling the Western greenrider first. "A mead fer the lady, and… surprise me…” L'ton murmurs, leaning against the bar on one elbow, looking at the others before nodding. "Aye, they done real good… Not a problem at all."

Cenlia snorts at Sigam, waving an arm at the bottles, "I created the thing, should be able to make it in m'sleep by now." She's not kidding, either. The bottles contain various juices and at least ten different types of alcohol, and Cenlia grins over at Lissi, saying, "Gotta drink it fast, that's the trick. More of a chaser, really," and she sets about making another one, between sips of ale. Nope, she really doesn't waste time. She does glance at Zevida and Satoris, but she's not about to interrupt them, as she turns back to the drink-making. If she's at all disappointed about the hatching, she's hiding it well. Or not, considering the determined boozing itself might be an indication.

Lissi follows L'ton's gaze to Zevida and she's all smiles too then she giggles up at L'ton, "Maybe next… might needa mead in me 'fore I drink anythin' with 'ovine' in the name…” she says teasingly. She settles on the stool then leans against L'ton briefly and grins, "Aye surprise him.." she says with a wink to the 'tend. "Chaser eh…” she muses then grins, settling one hand in her lap, the other around her mug of mead, sipping.

Zevida sighs softly and shakes her head, "Sat…” She mutters softly, still cuddling up against him and then she's whispering again, in his ear. A slight smile, because L'ton does and then she's rubbing his back. "Will do… Think she's going to go hang out with them soon…”

Satoris is not smiling, nor does he look especially upset, outwardly. Then again, the man is usually rather stoic. He glances to Zevida, tilting his head to listen. There's a moment of quiet in which he takes a long drink of his ale. Once that's past, with a slight nod, he responds to her, glancing over briefly to Cenlia, to be certain the farmer is alright.

"I worry about you sometimes." The remark is given with a chuckle as Sigam sips at his own ale, savoring the flavor and trying not to gulp it lest his brain slowly go southwards to the Land of the Drunken. He'd had enough of that recently. "Alright, fine. What goes in it, then? You have at least a dozen bottles here." He's trying, Cenlia, really. A quick glance is given to Lissi, Sigam's lips rising in a quirky grin. "Yeah, something that's usually a dirty animal doesn't enthrall me at first either, but rumor tells that if Cen made it, it must be good." Raised eyebrows are aimed at the gardener. "Or was that another shovel-bearing lass they were speaking of?"

L'ton leans to kiss Lissi's forehead, turning to glance at Cenlia as his drink arrives - the bartender apparently having fun with the bronzerider as it’s a rather pink drink that's slide across the bar in a tall glass. A shrug and he sets to drinking it, before looking again at the farmer apprentice. "Dun ya stress ta much, ya know? Plenty more ta come… And well, much as Ah love Dhon's lil's, sometimes they just ain't fer everyone, ya know? Ain't no dragon mean enough ta ask ya ta Stand, if'n ya dun have it in ya. Ah mean, look at that Keziah, Ah forget how many time she told me she'd stood…”

Zevida takes to giving Satoris' back a little rub, shifting to look towards the others and then whispering softly again. Then, another glance around and she's making an attempt to pull the miner from the tavern.

Satoris gives a slight nod to Zevida, finishing his ale and placing the mug on the bar for the 'tender to retrieve. He gets to his feet and reaches for her hand. "I'm not going anywhere, Zevida," he says, not bothering to whisper at the moment. "I'm needed here. Wouldn't be right if I went off chasing a dream."

Cenlia downs the second Flamin' Ovine in another gulp, barely clearing her throat before she's started on making another one. But there is a slight chuckle for Sigam, the girl perhaps in relenting on her grumpiness about the whole dance thing, saying, "'S nothin' to worry about. /I/ can hold 'm booze." She manages a crooked grin, saying to him, "Shoulda seen the ovine that got in the smithy. Shards, thought it was gonna burn the weyr down when it caught on fire." There's a half-shrug for L'ton, the girl shaking her head and then saying, "Nah. Not me. I'm with Izzy, once is enough. Been without booze so long, thought I'd go sober."

Lissi grins at Cenlia and Sigam then L'ton's kissing her forehead and her eyes lid. The green gems open and fall upon… pink… and she giggles, "Oh thas right nice.." she says, nodding to the bronzer as he starts to drink, "It's good huh?" she asks, eyeing the froufrou drink. She nods her head in agreement to his assessment of unmade matches on the sands, "Jes means ya mate isna ready yet.." she says softly, then her voice trails off at Cenlia's protest, her head nodding.

Zevida smiles faintly, nodding her agreement. "True, Satoris." She murmurs, grinning slowly then taking his hand. "Glad you're not thinking about leaving." And then, she's tugging him out again, smiling much more cheerfully now.

Satoris follows Zevida, willingly, nodding to Cenlia and Sigam as they depart.

Sigam opens his mouth briefly, perhaps to protest to the girl's healthy intake of booze, but seems to think better of it. "Sure, of course you can," he says complacently, but he does look the other direction towards where Zevida and Satoris are leaving. He waves in answer, a smile tilting up the corner of his mouth before, with a head shake, he stares down at his ale. "Good for them," he comments to no one in particular, laughter rumbling in his chest. "I'm entirely sorry I missed seeing the real thing! How did it even get in the smithy?" A rather loud snort is given to her comment on sobriety, but he holds his tongue. For now.

"Ah dun even wanna know.. Everyone's complainin' 'bout Ista, but we sure as shards dun have any ovine's running everywhere, specially not ones on fire!" L'ton protests loudly, the sip of his drink causing him to make a rather disgusted look. "Shards.." He mutters, shaking his head at Lissi. "Not good." He counters, shifting to stand behind her, pulling her to lean against him as he forces himself to finish the glass quickly. "Well, now, that ain't no fun!" He protests to Cenlia, shaking his head.

Lissi gazes up at L'ton and then grins some about the ovine fire… and Sigam's comment draws a nod from her too, "Would be funny ta see.." she agrees. She giggles some at L'ton's reaction to his drink and she sips hers, "Mmmm… mine's good… wanna taste?" she asks him. He moves and she leans back into his arms easily, upturning her eyes as the pink drink is swigged down. "What a trooper…" she says playfully.

Cenlia snorts into her glass, "Buncha ovines got loose from the pens awhile back. Half of us got sent to the infirmary, too. Shardin' flamin' /ovines/," though this time the girl is sipping slower and taking the time to grimace slightly at the taste before adding more of what might be wine. She raises an eyebrow at the departing Satoris and Zevida, chuckling a bit to herself and shaking her head, "Guess I don't get to see him pass out drunk this time." And she waves over another glass and pours only one thing in it - some brandy - and sips it much more slowly. Her eyes turn to Sigam, narrowing slightly, "So how come you threatened Morlanol into asking me to that sharding dance class?" Uh-oh, guess she's not tipsy enough to have forgotten that. L'ton's mention of Ista gets a raised eyebrow, the girl saying, "Yeah, but you got something /worse/ than ovines. Ya got 'm /brother/." She makes a face, and then just downs the rest of her glass. Forget going slow.

Thea enters the tavern, slipping inside the door as someone exits. For a few moments she simply stands there, scanning the room, eyes that have gone to a shadowed green sweep the revelers there, not finding who she's looking for, apparently. For once she seems at a loss, neither entering the room nor turning to go.

M-nol stumbles into the tavern, blinking tiredness from his eyes. A family sitting in the corner, two parents and 6 kids wave to him, the dad bellows out, "Morlanol! Over here! Oh… wait… y'll have another name now…" M'nol blushes slightly, making his way towards his family, "Yeah, da, I'm M'nol now, 'cause o' Faraeth." He glances over as Thea enters and gives her a jaunty, if tired, salute, "Weyrwoman." He glances at Cen, a sad look in his eyes, then turns back to his folks.

The remarks about Ista has Sigam and his two friends up in cheers, drinks raised in an informal salute. Sigam chuckles and bobs his head L'ton's way. "Never made a sharding lick of sense to me either - both places are home!" The Dragonhealer chuckles, a noise that only grows with Cenlia's story. "Well, I am a bit sorry to hear that, but it certainly makes for a good story, doesn't it? Wow. Flaming ovines." He eyes the drink with a bit more appreciation before ignoring her newer concoctions. They aren't quite as interesting, and besides, she's asked him a question. Sigam's gaze shifts, bordering on irritation or embarrassment. It's hard to tell. "It was a sharding joke, right? Just a friendly sorta push to get him to go after something he wanted." His roving eyes spy Thea, and his mood hardly seems to improve, though he does offer a wave and a sort of beckoning gesture. "I don't suppose that's an issue?" A somewhat brittle gaze finally drifts back to the gardener, but he smiles. "Or didn't you have fun." A quick glance is spared for the lad in question, but Sigam gives the weyrling time with his family.

"Shards, that's awful.." L'ton repeats again, shaking his head, glancing around as the Tavern begins to fill up. "We should get back, Ah guess, Lissi. Less ya wanna stay a bit longer. Dhon says he's getting bored.." He says softly, giving his weyrmate a softly pat on the shoulder. The entry of the young Thea has him tilting his head, but he keeps quiet, instead offering a hand to Lissi as a mark piece appropriate to the bill is slide across the bar.

Lissi snaps from the reverie of the story as L'ton suggests they leave and she downs her mead then slides a hand into his and drops from the stool. "Damasth can entertain 'im," she says with a wink then lifts a hand to those near enough to see it. "Home we go.. I'm gettin' tired anyway.. and I'm sure you're beat, been a big day." She moves for the door, "Race ya!" she finally says, suddenly, pulling from his hand to RUN out the door hopefully before the bronzer can react.

Thea takes a step back as M'nol enters. His greeting causes her to smile warmly, although briefly as he passes and she returns his salute, answering him, "Weyrling. Congratulations." As if bracing herself for something she takes a deep breath, moves into the room, stopping by tables with celebrating families and new weyrlings, offering words of congratulations. As she nears Cenlia and Sigam, her eyes flicker over L'ton and Lissi and she gives them a grave nod, "Xanadu's greeting to you and your queens. I hope the recovery efforts go well?" An uneasy glance is leveled towards Cenlia and Sigam as she notes the tension between them, but for the moment she doesn't address it.

"A distraction fer a celebration was certainly needed.." L'ton nods at Thea, before Lissi's tugging her hand and tearing off, and the Istan is patting Thea's shoulder absently. "Back ta the grind.." He murmurs before he's hurrying after the Western rider at a quick pace.

"He /wanted/?" Cenlia wrinkles her nose at Sigam, "Sharding waste of time, that was," she grumbles at him. The girl pours another glass of brandy, though with three or four in her already, she's going slower on purpose. By chance, Cenlia spots Thea, the gardener girl quickly glancing around as if looking for a place to hide. She eyes the booze and other drinks in front of her, momentarily looking like a little kid caught with sweetroll basket, but it quickly passes as Cen seems to realize she's not doing anything wrong. Looking sheepish nonetheless, Cenlia waves to the goldrider, calling over a, "Hey Thea, you tried a Flamin' Ovine yet? Was just telling Sigam here about the one that got in the Smithy." Her cheerful look disappears momentarily as she catches sight of M'nol, the girl actually grimacing and then hiding her face behind her glass as she takes another drink. Cenlia grins at Lissi and L'ton, and then raises an eyebrow, "Recovery? Somethin' happen in Ista?" Seems someone's been spending too much time in the garden.

A wave is tossed towards the departing L'ton and Lissi, a forced smile tugging up the corners of his mouth. "Have a good night." As if /that/ wasn't assured. Yet, Sigam is one to state the obvious. "Yes, wanted, you half-witted dolt." The man's voice drops to a more private level as he leans in over his now-forgotten mug of ale. "Waste of time? What do you mean?" Sharp eyes flick to catch the flurry of incredibly awkward motions of the two candida— ex-candidates, he reminds himself. "That bad, huh?" Is that accusation in Sigam's tones? Surely not, for he leans back, the stiffness melting from his shoulders in a non-aggressive manner. This is, perhaps, so he can greet Thea properly with a half-hearted attempt at a smile. "Hey. Feeling okay? You seemed kinda green around the gills after the hatching." The man's dark gaze shifts back to Cenlia, and he sighs. "Yeah, 'quakes sent her all sorts of rocking. Went there to lend a hand myself, and to check on the family. That's where I found those two." He jerks his thumb at his buddies over yonder, who have taken to heavy flirting with just one girl, whom he suddenly pitied. "They gave me a ride back to see the hatching."

M'nol gives Thea a grin, then turns back to his folks, finding out about his sister's betrothed and his younger brother being picked to try for a wher. The boy now wanted a dragon, but M'nol convinced him to try the wher first, it might be fun, after all. He takes some time to talk to the families of other candidates as well, being generally polite.

Thea eyes that hand patting her shoulder for a second, her lips pressing firmly together but she merely nods and comments politely to the retreating L'ton, "Glad you could come." Turning back to Cenlia she tilts her head, puzzled at the guilty look on her friend's face. The girl's question has her doing an emphatic head-shake, "Uh no. One flaming ovine in my life was one too many." A keen glance flickers between Cenlia and Sigam and she takes a half-step away from their table, "Uh, sorry to interrupt your…" She trails off. Scolding? Argument? "Party." Thea chooses tact, "But I just wanted to see if you're alright Cenlia. I'm sorry your wasn't out there." She finishes that softly before hesitating at answering Sigam. "It's…complicated." Her eyes lift to scan the Tavern as she says it, "Thanks for asking though."

"I mean waste of /time/," Cenlia makes a face at Sigam, looking far more childish than her nearly sixteen turns. But she's glancing back at M'nol with a frown, which only deepens as the girl grumbles, "Bad enough." She shrugs at Thea, "M' fine. Shards, think I'm almost glad. Weyrlings don't get to get boozed." And she grins crookedly, though the expression doesn't quite make it to her eyes. And then the glass she's holding nearly falls out of her hand as she practically squeaks out, "/Earthquake?/" Definitely been spending too much time with the plants. The look on her face for a moment betrays something she'd rarely admit to, as the mild panic spreads across her features and then is just as quickly shoved down as all four of her flits set to chattering loudly from the rafters above her. It's bronze Charmer that swoops down, trilling worriedly before popping *between* without even his usual croon for Thea. "Oh shardit," Cenlia mutters when the flit disappears, groaning and running a hand through her hair.

"Oh, well that certainly clarifies things. Thank you, Cenlia, for enlightening me." A cloak of frost seems to settle over Sigam, but like a dog on a favorite rope toy, he refuses to let go, and instead resettles his teeth. "Bad enough meaning you couldn't even endeavor to get over your big fat ego and be happy that someone wanted to spend time with you? Because I'm looking around here, Cenlia, and I don't see Kire, or X'hil, or Yontal, or any other of the boys you've mentioned over the past month. But I see him." A rigid finger points very obviously at M'nol. "Now, I don't know what sort of lofty concept you've seemed to have developed about this sort of thing, but it takes more than a teasing threat from a fellow man to drive someone to ask a girl - whether he likes her or not - to a public affair. We worry just as much as you do about perceived notions and 'what the others will think.' So for him to ask you…" Finally, the wind scoots out of Sigam's sails, and he settles for a look that is part defeat, part sadness, and part scorn. "You know what, never mind. You're right, it was a waste of time - his." The Dragonhealer stands, accepting Thea's answer with a jerky nod, trying to resettle his mouth into anything but a scowl and failing. "I think I'm beginning to understand that."

M'nol continues to muddle through some conversations with people he doesn't know before making his way to Thea with a soft grin. He's about to speak when he hears Sigam's outburst and is glad that he's facing away from them at the moment because he blushes quite deeply. His family, getting ready to leave, perk up and look over, curious… far too curious… about his weyr-life.

Thea blinks at Cenlia's ire, though it's clear the weyrwoman doesn't seem to think it's directed at her, she's also not going to be confided in, either. It's a rather wan smile the gardener gets in response, "There's always an upside, eh?" She's nodding in response to her squeaked question, "Bad one. I've been taking supplies along with the Healer groups going there." The panic her friend displays has her clearly puzzled, but this seems neither the time nor place and Thea has other things on her mind. Sigam's tirade has her gaping at him, but rather than stepping into this mess, she merely nods with a glance at Cenlia then over to Morlanol. She speaks to Sigam rather than the others, "I can't find my-" She turns quickly, brushing at her eyes, "Cenlia. If you see Enkavir, tell him-" She doesn't finish, she cannot, for it ends on a half-sob. She moves with quick steps, running by the time she is at the door and on out into the night.

Cenlia grabs the bottle of ale in front of her and downs it quickly, setting it back on the table with a thunk. She grimaces, grumbling more to herself than anyone, "Sharding /Eledri/," and then promptly takes another swig of ale. Sigam's outburst is met with an equal scowl, Cenlia's own voice rising in protest, "He's a sharding /kid/!" She motions over to M'nol, not yet having noticed he's moved. Though the mention of X'hil has her face coloring significantly, her scowl becoming worse as she says perhaps louder than necessary, "/Weyrsecond/ X'hil near drank himself to /death/! Shardin' /right/ he ain't gonna be here!" Seems Kire and Yontal don't rate up there though. And particular sore spot goes deeper than that, as she glares at Sigam, "An' I don't care what /you/ think, that's for sure," despite her words, she slams down the bottle sharply on the table, causing the liquid inside to slosh. Thea's words and exit gives the gardener girl sudden pause, as she blinks, mouth open to say something, but only ends up looking puzzled.

"And just what does that make you, princess?," Sigam spits back, eyeing Cenlia with as much distaste as he has anyone. "You've got maybe, what, two years on him? Wooo. Yes. You're definitely too old and wise for the likes of him." Sigam glances over at M'nol, a glare for his family daring them to step in and try to investigate further into the matter. Only Cenlia's words regarding the weyrsecond seems to reach him, and briefly, there is sympathy there… but it's quickly hardened over by a sheet of ice. "No? You don't? Then why are you so mad, /Miss/ Cenlia? If it doesn't matter to you, why don't you just /make/ me shut up." An unexpectedly dark grin flicks over his face. "I dare you." Sigam seems just as confused by Thea's behavior, and it can be said that the man almost loses what little composure he's retaining - not in irritation, but in sudden sympathetic sadness. "Your…?" He doesn't get to finish the question - she's gone, leaving a rather flabbergasted 'healer in her wake. "Uhm."

M'nol stares after Thea's retreating form, then shoots his family a dark look as they exit, the youngest dragging her feet, barely awake. He steps past the arguing pair, giving them both a matched pair of sad looks, then turns to the bartender and asks for a glass of redfruit juice, taking a few huge gulps before muttering quietly, "Enkavir…"

Cenlia's scowl returns, Thea's sudden departure pushed aside at Sigam's dare, the girl grinning back, "You /want/ a shovel shoved in yer face?" But the girl doesn't wait for an answer - ordinarily, she wouldn't really be drunk enough by this point to start a brawl, but being left on the sands coupled with her worry for both X'hil and her brother likely have her thinking a little funny tonight. Cenlia only gives a straightforward, "Fine." And with that, the throws the ale bottle at him. And her aim is very good. Then again, she's also a little tipsy, and so looks rather startled when M'nol actually comes into view. Of course, she's not paying attention to what Sigam is doing for the moment.

It wouldn't've mattered even if Cenlia was looking right at him - the end result would've been the same. "Bring it, you sassy little wherry. I bet you hit like a gir-" The launched bottle takes him by utter surprise, hardly expecting the dare to be followed up on, and there's no time to block… So he takes it in the face with a decidedly disgusting crunch, seeming just as startled as Cenlia, only for different reasons. "/SHARDS./" As the bottle clatters to the floor, looking no worse for wear despite having smashed a certain Dragonhealer's nose to pieces, Sigam clutches at his face with an enraged and surprised snarl. "You sharding /harpy./" A string of gorgeous swears follow the words, combined with a sudden watering of eyes and a rather painful loss of dignity. Fingers are pulled away from his nose for as long as it takes the man to realize he's dripping blood from both nostrils before they're curled into fists. His lean body tightens along the edges, as if ready for a fighting response, but… something in Cenlia's look for M'nol stops him. Turning to the miner-cum-brownrider, Sigam practically snarls. "Good luck with /her/, weyrling. I dunno what /you/ see, but I think you've something of a death wish." It would all seem much more frightening if his words weren't lisped, and with another soft oath, the Dragonhealer shakes his head and shoves past his Istan friends and out the door. His companions hesitate for a moment, but seem to think the 'healer is better off without them. One turns to Cenlia with a shake of his head. "Never seen 'im not hit back, e'en for a gal. Who are yeh?" This seems to be a rhetorical question, however, for he promptly turns back to his earlier flirting task.

M'nol takes another drink of his juice before the sounds of shattering glass and yelling cause him to jump back. He watches the unfolding tableau with a mixed look of horror and shame, but in many ways he's glad just to not have to intervene. He gives Cen a significant look after Sigam has stormed out, "We've seen all o' Pern t'gether, Cen. 'N' yer worried 'bout X'hil 'n' his drinkin' 'cause he wen' too far. Maybe, jus' maybe, y' shoul' turn tha' crit'cle eye on yerself fer a change." He blushes slightly and takes a deep breath before continuing, "I like ya… a lot… bu' I think y' need t' figger yerself ou' firs'." His eyes are sad, but his face has a hard set for the usually jovial miner-turned-rider, "Y' managed t' no' drink fer months an' now yer righ' back here 'gain so drunk y' jus' threw a bo'tle at someone. Is tha' wha' y' wanna be?"

Cenlia seems just as startled to have actually hit Sigam with the bottle, and the gushing blood has her eyes widening a touch. Whoops. But even so, she tenses and looks ready for a fight, only to be surprised a second time as the man instead storms out. Blinking after him, Cenlia doesn't even have the wits to gloat as the bartender fixes her with a look and promptly informs her that any more incidents will be put on her tab. She shrinks down in her chair a little, and then M'nol's words make her cheeks go even pinker, but the gardener makes a face at him, looking deflated but not defeated. "He asked for it!" she grumbles loudly, "And you don't even /know/ X'hil," that last part snapping out with a renewed scowl, though what that has to do with anything is anyone's guess. She gives the miner a sour look, stating flatly, "And I ain't drunk. If I /was/, I'd've broken more than his /nose/." And she sounds like she means it, too. But her glowering doesn't quite mask her embarrassment, as stands to retrieve the fallen bottle and look somewhere other than the former miner.

M'nol sighs, shaking his head, "Never said y' were drunk. An' I wish I knew X'hil, then I migh' be able t' find him t' talk some sense inta ya. Ya sai' no' twen'y minutes ago tha' y' didn' wan' him drinkin' 'cause he nearly drunk himself t' death. Tha's wha' I know. An' tha' y' seem t' respec' him an' his dragon. Maybe y' shoul' see wha' he thinks, since y' don' seem t' wanna hear from anyone else."

Cenlia scowls, and looks as if she really wants to be angry, or at least indignant. The problem is, M'nol's making too much sense for her. So instead she just plops back down in her chair muttering, "That's 'cause X'hil can't hold his booze." She sounds defensive, even so, scowling at one of the bottles on the table promptly taking a swig, glaring at M'nol as if daring him to stop her. Or maybe she's just cranky, who knows.

M'nol sighs again, and turns back to his juice, taking an equally deep swig. He glances up at the barkeep, then back at Cen, then his drink. Then he does the rounds in reverse. He takes another sip, finishing his glass, then turns back to Cen as he stands, "I'll have t' be in th' barracks fer a while they said. Maybe as long as a month. Please take care o' yerself an' talk t' someone y' trus' 'bou' wha's botherin' ya. There's nothin' wrong with enjoyin' a goo' drink, bu' don' let th' booze c'ntrol ya. Yer too strong t' let anything c'ntrol ya if ya don' wanta."

Cenlia rolls her eyes at M'nol's lecture, "If I /had/ a drinkin' problem, I'd wait till I was /drunk/ to do something stupid." Apparently, doing stupid things she can manage all on her own. Though his words seem to irritate her more than anything, as her scowl finally wins over embarrassment, "And I shardin' don't need /you/ telling me I need to talk to anybody," and she's rising with a hand clenched into a fist, although it's not raised threateningly. Yet. Well, he's succeeded in making her angry, anyway? "Only thing bothering me is you an' Sigam! Why don't you keep yer shardin' opinions to yourself?" And as her voice rises, there is perhaps a tinge of real anger there. But anything more she has to say is suddenly cut off.

There's a loud, sharp, "/Cenlia/!" from the doorway, as Eledri steps into the tavern, bronze Charmer tugging insistently at his shirt. Cenlia freezes, looking both panicked and embarrassed as her brother scowls at her. "What are you /doing/?!" the Computercraft Journeyman demands, taking a step toward her and ignoring everyone else in the tavern. It /looks/ as if Cen might be about to deck M'nol. Maybe. Cenlia opens her mouth as if to say something, but her face just crumples as she growls a colorful swear and shoves past Eledri, running out the door with firelizards trailing after. Eledri only spares the briefest of glances at M'nol, the computercrafter bringing his a hand up to massage the bridge of his nose as he says quietly at the weyrling, "I don't want to know," forestalling any response and Eled turns and hurries after his now clearly very upset sister. Hopefully he finds her before she can get herself into real trouble.

M'nol shakes his head slowly, pays the bartender for his juice, grabbing a warm meatroll on his way out. He gives a passing wave to Yontal hiding in the corner and seeming sporting a black eye… he hadn't noticed that before. It didn't matter, though. Tomorrow his 'new life' would begin, he just hoped Cen wouldn't end hers before he was done. He sidles out the door and into the cool night air, wandering back to the barracks where his somnolently stuffed brown was waiting for him. That thought, at least, cheered him slightly.

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